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The Hundred Year War Rolls On And On.

Despite all of the strange, belligerent talk and the seeming nonsense, with which he sometimes bores us, I have maintained my faith in Donald Trump. However, when he tweeted that the people of Iran, whom he claimed had taken enough of the bad management of the Mullahs and that the United States, was keeping an eye open for the sort of government bad behaviour, similar to that which had already lead to the destruction of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria, I did experience a slight shiver of doubt.

A reaction which was most probably experienced by the Iranian people, whom are surrounded by those others, whom have already experienced the end result of being ‘saved’ by NATO. Iran has recently helped to save Syria from the imposition of a Puppet Government, favorable to Israel.

Israel appears to be prepared to destroy every country in the region, however many lives their greedy aims may cost, while still constantly reminding us of those poor Jews whom suffered as a result of another War inspired by Jews themselves.

This obscene hypocrisy, which is fully supported by all of those ‘Israel Firsters’, in Western Christian countries, whom casually send in the bombers,  to slaughter innocent people, while building Museums in the name of Jews who suffered during a war,  which they had declared, while choosing to ignore the under-handed cynicism of the Jews attack on the USS Liberty, during yet another conflict which was initiated by the Jews.

I am constantly accused of bias towards the Jews, bias which I am absolutely certain is no greater than my deep-seated bias against the British. I try very hard not to be over biased in my bias against anyone. To me claims of bias seem to be an excuse,  used mainly by the guilty, to avoid their blatant guilt.

One would have thought that to be hailed as a member of God’s Chosen People, would be an honour, but no, it is only an honour theoretically and should that honour be imposed on, for example, Winston Churchill, there are instant cries of derision from all sides, suggesting there to be a problem with being a Jew.

The whole business is weird, to say the least, when all else fails, the final slur against Hitler, is to claim he was a Jew and yet when the same claim is made about Churchill it is denied, why?

The same thing applies to Joseph Stalin, or should I say, Joseph David Djugashvili, a Jew name which is endowed with the Biblical forenames, Joseph and David.

The Americans’ claim never to have had a Jew President, when in reality it is hard to find one who was not a Jew.  Franklin Roosevelt, was a Jew on both sides of his family. His real Family name is Rosenvelt a full-blooded Jew name as is that of his Mother Delano, which is of Spanish Jew origin.

The obvious reason for these disputed claims of origin, is to conceal the fact that World War Two, was not only declared against Germany, by International Jewry in 1933, it was also fronted by a whole gaggle of Jews. It was quite simply a Jew war of attrition against Germany. All of it financed by Christians, with money borrowed from Jew Bankers, a debt which is to this day still being repaid.

During The Great War, the Jew Winston Churchill, was castigated for the catastrophic death toll of the Anzacs during the Battle of Gallipoli, which was caused by Churchill’s inept and ridiculous decision to send those brave men into such an ambush.

If only that was so. Sadly in reality, the aim of the Jew/Zionists was to destroy three Empires, the Russian, the Austro Hungarian and the Ottoman Empires, the Ottoman Empire being of the greatest importance to the Jews,  because they were determined to win control of the Middle East which was, at the time,  controlled by the Ottoman Empire.

The stand-off at Gallipoli was to distract a large part of the Ottoman Army, to weaken it on other fronts, while waiting for the Americans to arrive, to lend a hand in the destruction in Europe, along with thousands of Jews who would head straight to Russia to kick off the culling of Christians.

So the tragic losses of the Anzacs was a ‘Price Worth Paying’ to enable the inhabitants of Chatham House, to post the Balfour Declaration to Baron Rothschild, which ceded Palestine into his hands. The British ‘gave’ Palestine away. Just like that!

British control of World War Two was bizarrely given to this ‘incapable’ man, Churchill, who just a couple of decades before had been responsible, through his ‘inability’ for the massacre of thousands of men, in a defeat of such huge proportions that he was sent into exile, only to be recalled and to become, Britain’s favourite man of all time. Ask yourself how could that be possible?

Are we now expected to believe, that the Quest for the seizure of Palestine, control of Russia and the building of a ‘Greater Israel’ has nothing to do with the destruction which is taking place all across the Middle East, with Israel, right in the centre, untouched by the chaos, apart from suffering from having a few stones, thrown at armed soldiers, by children, is totally unconnected to events during, The Great War, World War Two, the Jew invasion of Palestine and several wars, in the region of Israel, carried out by Israel, in order to grab more land, or is it more likely that we have been in a non-stop Jew inspired war, ever since 1914?

While the people of Israel, and their mouth-pieces in the European Union and in the Government of the USA, are calling for all Western Countries to open their doors of immigration,  to those fleeing victims of Israeli inspired wars in the Middle East, a British Politician was forced to apologise, on bended knee, for the hurt she caused to those tender souls in Israel, by suggesting that the Middle East problem could be better solved by sending the Jews to Texas, where they would find plenty of room. British Jews positively hounded the MP for her Hate Speech.

Sometimes all you can do is shake your head in bewilderment. These folk do not give a shit about the feelings of anyone other than themselves.

The True Depth Of Fake News.





         The True Depth Of Fake News


The idea of the blatant ‘fakery’ of the media, is no mere theory, it is a provable fact. As with the supporters of all theories, those whom choose to ‘believe’ in the idea of a free and fair press, need look no further than the world-wide media complicity, in the reporting of a stupidity, like the size of the crowd at the inauguration of Donald Trump and Trumps’s justifiable response to the ‘lies,’ which were transmitted all over the planet, lies, which should leave us all wondering about what else they are lying about.

The most minimal amount of research, into the presentation of the News, across the media, in all its forms, quickly demonstrates the power of the Editors. A ‘censorial’ position, which automatically denies the Journalists’ their own freedom of expression.

I was personally banned from the pages of a well-known newspaper, when an editor, having read what I had chosen to write, found my position to be extreme and distasteful and that I would henceforth be denied access to their pages.

The editors response came as no surprise whatsoever to me, simply because I had knowingly, taken a risk and entered the ‘forbidden zone.’ In a trustworthy media, there should be no ‘forbidden zone,’ an entity which infers that there are deliberate lies of omission taking place, on a daily basis, all over the media.

I am sick and tired of hearing about Trump’s past peccadilloes, which amount to very little, a fact that leaves the press floundering around, muttering claims of his past bankruptcies and the lack of information about his tax returns, which are all in order, whether the press choose to report the opposite or not.

Alongside these trivial claims against Trump, there is a mountain of evidence against the Clinton Crime Family, which is being completely ignored. The same press, which paraded a women in front of a massive presence of the Media, giving her plenty of time to claim, that her whole life had been completely destroyed by Trump, whom had allegedly touched one of her covered breasts with his finger, a claim which zoomed around the planet, without any supporting evidence, even as the woman herself was admitting that she not going to pursue the issue.

This, while the far more serious, treasonous, claims against Clinton, which included the ‘allowing’ of an American Ambassador in Benghazi, to die a brutal death, to cover up a Clinton scheme to send Libyan arms to terrorists in Syria,for personal profit,  are being totally ignored. Worse than that, they are being presented as not worth investigating.

Hanging over all of this garbage, is the question of ‘Just how long, has this deception has been going on?’ The most important events in modern European history, are occluded by a cloud of unknowing, surrounding the ‘real’ reasons for monumental events like the two World Wars.

These issues are never given the coverage which they deserve, not out of kindness but to cover up the complicity of politicians and others, in both Wars. The result of this lack of exposure of these events, denies the people of Europe a proper understanding of current events, which are all connected to those events which kicked off in Nineteen-Fourteen. We are all still being herded towards a brutal, monumental culling.

1914 was the opening of a dark chapter in the history of the White Christian Race, a period which should be quite rightly referred to as an epoch of infamy, comparable to any religious slaughter in history and yet the subject has yet to be broached by the lying, controlled and censored mainstream media. Any documentary offered by the media is inevitably in total agreement with the previous lies and disinformation. 

The reason for the mystery surrounding the necessity for the Great War, is perfectly clear, to many historians and yet their evidence is continually ignored and is presented as being of a trivial nature. The reason for the war has been described as being no more than an argument between the Royal Families of Europe, when in fact the actual reason, dare not speak its name, for fear of the public reaction.

This ‘trivial war,’ lead on to a Bolshevik Jew, coup d’etat in Russia and the unreported summary slaughter of sixty-five million Christian people. Quickly followed by the slaughter of massive numbers of Christians in Armenia.

It also destroyed the Ottoman Empire, which lead to the ceding of Palestine to the Jews, an unjustifiable act which lead to the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of the indigenous Peoples.

That was two victories for Jews, their third victory was finally won by imposing a blockade against the German people in 1919, which because of a media black-out, is yet another atrocity, which is virtually unknown, which killed a further nine-hundred-thousand Germans, forcing them to accept responsibility for a war, which had delivered to Jew interests, exactly what they sought.

Next on that list was total control of Germany, a fact which has never been discussed by the media. The lust for control of Germany had been won at the cost of the deaths of the cream of European Christian youth, The covert Bolsheviks in Germany, were then thwarted in their attempted coup d’etat, when the German people fought them off, stalling the attempt of the Bolshevik Jews, to install Bolshevism Communism in Germany and after that across Europe.

Germany then started to suffer at the hands of the International Bankers, who through the same trickery which continues to this day, destroyed the German economy, creating hyper-inflation, under cover of which, Jews bought Germany for peanuts, using the strength of the Dollar to so do.

At which point Hitler and the National Socialists, threw a spanner in the works, organising a Germany First regime, by taking control of the money supply out of the hands of the Bankers, yet another subject which is never broached by the media, and started to make Germany Great Again.

The immediate response from the Jews was to declare war on Germany, in 1933, the first act of which was to install the same form of blockade against Germany, which had been so successful after the Great War. That fact has also been forgotten by the media.

Hitler overcame all obstacles and despite many attempts to force him to war, facts which have also been forgotten by the media, Hitler refused to take the bait. Neville Chamberlain, the British Prime Minister, was in agreement with Hitler and he stood up in support of a peace treaty signed with Hitler. He was accused of appeasing Hitler, because nothing was going to be allowed to interfere with the British desire for war.

At which point we arrive at the biggest secret of all, the coup d’etat in the United Kingdom, when Jew interests carefully placed the ‘drunken bum’ Winston Churchill, into the unelected position of Prime Minister, after Chamberlain had been kicked out.

From that day on the whole world was dragged into a war which was under the total control of Jews. Why has history never explained this simple fact to the people? Why has the media never investigated events surrounding the road to war, choosing instead to continue the lies against the German people?

Having been responsible for World War Two, in which an estimated sixty-million people lost their lives, without counting those millions whom were slaughtered in Germany and behind the Iron Curtain, after the end of the war, why do we continue to mourn the deaths of an ever diminishing number of Jews, most of whom died of disease, as if it was written in stone, that the very scoundrels, whom had declared the war should have come out of it unscathed? Jews never, ever, take responsibility for any of their horrendous crimes, whether they be in Palestine, Armenia, Russia or Eastern Europe, while all of these crimes are normally totally ignored by the ‘Fake’ Jew controlled media. What a surprise.

The Jews seized control of Russia, where they proved totally incapable of running the economy. They relied on covert monetary help and wheat, from the United States and Britain throughout the Soviet years, to survive. In Israel, they have shown the same lack of ability and to this day they rely on ‘blackmail’ payments from Germany and billions of dollars annually from the US and Britain, yet another unreported reality.

Jews could well have supported themselves out of the continued riches gained through the theft of money from the pockets of the poorest people in the world, through the imposition of their Compound Interest on loans, however greed does not allow that sort of weakness, greed on the scale of the Jews can never be satisfied.

When World War Two finally came to an end, Britain’s favourite politician, Winston Churchill, the man whose misunderstood act of sending the Aztecs into the cauldron of Gallipoli, where they were slaughtered by the Ottoman military, in order to aid the complete destruction of the Ottoman Empire, by dividing their forces, which handed control of the Middle East into the grip of the French and British, allowing the gifting of Palestine to Rothschild, was then instrumental in the construction of the European Union, yet another suppressed tale.

Churchill was also responsible for the murder through starvation of millions in Bengal, where he commandeered foodstuffs to feed the British Military, during the fighting against the Japanese, leaving the people to die, even as the food rotted away, as the British, finally had no need of it.

Jews live in fear of a widespread awakening to reality and the media is desperately trying to conceal this reality from us all. They have been doing this throughout our lives. When Donald Trump pointed a finger at a journalist from CNN and accused him of ‘very fake News’ he was telling the truth, whether you choose to believe him or not. Jews of course, own CNN.

Even today it was announced that the European Union is continuing talks with Canada about the CETA Treaty, which is exactly the same formula as were TPP and TTIP treaties which have failed. As usual the Jews who control the Corporations, which seek complete power over National and International Governments never give up.

The hidden controllers of the European Union, will, when the puppets in the ‘public’ Commission, finally allow the passing of CETA, seek ways and means of ensuring that the UK is forced to accept a part in this cold-blooded attempt to enslave us all. The Peoples of Europe have already taken to the streets in protest and yet they are getting no serious information from the media. Most people, while being well aware that Donald Trump uttered the word ‘Pussy’ have no idea about CETA.

There have been  so many important events, down through the years, which have been totally suppressed by the controlled press, that few people understand, that even institutions like the London School of Economics, is part of the overall scheme to promote Communism. It was funded by the Bankers,  through the Fabian Society, which was fully funded by the City of London and surrogate minions of British Bankers in the USA. They were also responsible for the construction and funding of The European Union.

Just recently, for the first time I heard mention of the fact that Churchill had been involved in the European Union, suggesting that to mean it to be a good idea. No mention was made of Churchill’s Jew background and the fact that he was a tool of Bernard Baruch an American billionaire. The man who covered up Churchill’s little sexual preferences, which were far more serious than those claims laid against Donald Trump. He also covered Churchill’s gambling debts and paid his alcohol bill. None of that is scandalous or worthy of mention, because everybody loves Churchill and his disgusting behaviour should not be allowed to stain his otherwise spotless reputation.

There are so many subjects, not only those politically oriented, which we are discouraged from questioning, that it has become to all intents and purposes like living in a hard line, rogue state with a form of thought control firmly in place.

We are allowing history books to be written containing references to certain things, which are plainly untrue, while the Press and other media, along with all politicians, without exception, are in full support. These false tales of historical events, will then join those other unproven fables, which have been so firmly planted into all of our minds, that to even question them invites a level of abuse which is completely incomprehensible.

It has become difficult to even mention certain subjects, not only from fear of an argument but from the possibility of Prison, such is the fear of exposure amongst the liars. We must now stand by watching Jew atrocities taking place while being gagged, as to speak out could be called anti-Semitism, when in reality it is the Semites whom are under attack, such is the distortion of reality with which we are being conditioned and which is being fed to our children.

Even as I write, there has been yet another piece of Fake News broadcasted on British Radio, announcing the death of the Blind Sheik, claiming him to have planned the 1993 attack on the World Trade Centre. When in reality he was groomed by the FBI, who provided him and his group with all the necessary to carry out the attack.

The Sheik guessed that he was being set up, so he recorded everything which passed between him and the FBI, all of which was explained in Court. He had quite deliberately parked the truck bomb in a less vulnerable position in the car park, thus avoiding a more serious eventuality. I could go on and on and on but what’s the point?

Winston Churchill? Ah Yes, Winston Churchill.

This is the “great” speech, which it was claimed had turned the “Yes” vote to “No” when it was delivered by this man Cameron, who has apparently left his teeth in the bathroom,  just before the Referendum for Scottish Independence. It would most certainly not have changed my voting  intentions.  However I have dug this out in order to compare it later on, with one of Churchill’s game changing wonder speeches, which apparently inspired the British people to fight a second Jewish World War in the space of little more than twenty years.




This weekend we are remembering the death of Winston Churchill, who is considered to be the greatest of all Englishmen.  Well apart from the fact that he does not have much serious opposition, it would be well worth while to cast an objective eye over his achievements and failures.

The above clip illustrates one of Churchill’s early cock-ups, when in 1912 he meddled with the Police and Military operation, to capture the Anarchists/Communist/Burglars, in the Siege of Sidney Street. He was severely criticised for his interference in the event later in Parliament. It was felt that his actions had been responsible for the deaths which had occurred during the siege.

Not too long after this episode, The City of London brought us the Great War which set about the carve-up of Europe and the Ottoman Empire. All of which played its part in concealing the Jewish Bolshevik coup d’etat in Russia.

Churchill’s part in all of this, was the organisation of the catastrophic campaign in the Dardanelles, in which he fed the cream of  Australian and New Zealand youth into the jaws of the Jew Kamel Ataturk’s artillery  during the epic battle at Gallipoli.

Attaturk and the so-called Young Turks, all of them Jews, went on to carry out the Armenian genocide, while Churchill faded from the British Political scene.

Little was heard from Churchill, a man whom was detested by the Irish and the Welsh and little trusted by the English, until the plot to destroy Germany and seize Palestine, once again reared its head.

When Neville Chamberlain  returned from his mission to hold talks with Hitler in an effort to avoid war, as he thought, he was greeted with cries of appeasement and of surrendering to the will of Hitler, when he had in fact reached an equitable arrangement with the Germans, by whom he was assured had no intentions of seizing any part of Europe.

Hitler had assured Chamberlain that his sole intention had been to protect the Ethnic Germans in the Sudetenland and Danzig, from the vicious attacks, by Bolshevik trained and armed, Jewish gangs from Poland, having been urged to do so by the British Foreign Secretary the Jew Anthony Eden.

Hitler was unaware of the underhanded deal between the Poles, French and the British, to declare war on Germany should he dare to cross into Polish territory. He was in fact stabbed in the back by the British.

Chamberlain was quickly forced out of power in Britain as was his counterpart Bonnet in France, for refusing to go along with another secret deal, which would cede Eastern Europe to the Jewish, Bolshevik, murdering madman, Joseph Stalin, in return for his help in the destruction of Germany.

At this point Churchill, who was just a teeny bit of a pervert, who liked a bit of horseplay and gambling, had run up a fair sized debt, which he found himself unable to honour, the promise of financial help from Bernard Baruch, by whom he had long been influenced, saw him pulled out of obscurity and given the task of rubber stamping Britain into a catastrophic war.

Once the war had been successfully provoked by the Jewish controlled British and French Governments, Churchill, having sorted out his financial difficulties with Bernard Baruch, retired to his foxhole with an ample supply of Brandy and spent most of the war in a drunken stupor. He made the occasional appearance to deliver one of his “stirring speeches,” which captivated the British people.

While he was making this one I think it is fair to say that he was as pissed as a newt, or maybe like Cameron, he had forgotten his dentures.

Hope From The Front Line Of The Revolution.

The Muslim Brotherhood were carefully nurtured to take control of Egypt after the sitting puppet Mubarak was allowed to be taken down, under cover of the Arab Spring.

During the reform of the Egyptian Government, the Brotherhood was holding talks in London with shadowy figures from the City of London and Al Baradei, the candidate of the International Crisis Group which is funded by George Soros.

Massive pressure was put on the Egyptian people to vote for “Political Parties,” which in a country which was unfamiliar with the corruption within such groups, voted for the Party which received the most publicity. This was of course the Jewish choice, The Muslim Brotherhood.

The West is now surprised to find that the Egyptians are not satisfied with the results of this choice and are in the process of recalling the government, in order to vote for another group, which will be expected to carry out their promises and to not branch off in a totally opposing direction to suit the Jewish controlled International Monetary Fund.

In “Democracies,” this is a preposterous position to adopt, the government was after all, Democratically elected, which in the terms of the “Free West,” means you are stuck with them.

In the West, Manifestos have little meaning, they are simply a catalogue of lies, designed to gain election, which are quickly ditched after they have served their purpose. The elected liars, of all Parties, call these lies, rhetoric, which is posh talk for blatant crap.

Should the Egyptian people manage to force another election and get rid of the Jewish puppets, they must take care not to elect the “Puppets in Waiting,” whom are under the control of  Rothschild’s man Al Baradei. This would be as stupid as it would be for the British to vote for the Jew Milliband as a replacement for the Jew Cameron or as the French did, when they swapped Jew Sarkozy for Jew Hollande.

The Egyptian people may well be a little naive, that however, does not make them stupid . They have the sense to see through the machinations of Morsi, which has amongst other things, maintained the blockade against Gaza, by refusing to open the Rafa crossing into the besieged State. This alone is justification enough to take him out of power, without any reference to his power grab, which places him above the Law.

Israel has its greedy gaze fixed on the Suez Canal and they will shift heaven and earth to get their hands on it. The seizure of the canal is of paramount importance in the construction of Greater Israel, which will provide easy access to the controlled Gulf States and thus, of the oil reserves.

Whatever action is necessary, to bring about this desire, will be undertaken by Israel, through the use of NATO or the British, French and US, if the bulk of NATO members refuse to take part in the slaughter. When it suits, Egypt will be dealt with in the same sadistic manner as was Libya, without the slightest regard for the well-being of the people.

Listening to Sky News man Tim Marshall,  moaning that the people just do not get it, this is Democracy, this Government was voted into office for a four-year term, you cannot just kick them out, that is not the way it works. Well maybe that is the way it should work. I have been campaigning to make Election Manifestos Legal Documents for years. What is put in print cannot be later denied and if it is not put into practice, you are an illegitimate government and every country should have the choice of throwing the offenders out of office after a trial period, should they not deliver on their pledges, this is simple logic.

Those whom still maintain a few functioning brain cells, in disparate countries, such as Greece and Spain, are waking up to the fact that politicians are not working for the people. They are in fact fully functioning agents of the Elite, by whom they are held in contempt and are being used to further the aims of the Jewish dream of world domination.

Politicians are not elected to rule, they are elected to carry out the will of the people. I would have never voted for a politician whom promises Social Justice only to deliver war and death. There is no good reason why they should not be kicked out of office. All that is needed is the will to carry it out.

Churchill, was a war-monger, yet when he died there was an out-pouring of public grief, on a massive scale, by the British, for a man, whom in his own writings, boasted of having forced Germany into a suicidal war, with the rest of the controlled world. He was responsible for the greatest blunder in the Great War, which cost the lives of thousands of troops, needlessly at Gallipoli. He was a perverted sexual deviant, whom in order to repay a debt to a Jew, Bernard Baruch, he carried out every atrocity, of which he was ordered, against the German people.

Churchill, in the manner of David Lloyd George, referred to himself as a Zionist and like Lloyd George, whom was involved in the Treaty of Versailles, he continued the furtherance of the Jewish campaign to control Europe by handing most of Eastern Europe into the hands of Jewish controlled Russia, at Yalta.

All of these antics by elected politicians, are against the wishes of the people by whom they were elected. Should the actions of the Egyptians and others put a brake on this type of behaviour, which is carried out at the behest of  unelected hidden controllers, it can only be to the benefit of us all.

To find yourself living in a world, where mass murderers like Churchill are honoured, while others whom have a charge sheet which pales into insignificance, alongside that of Churchill or his friends Roosevelt and Stalin, are denigrated, in a world where information and education is in the hands of a barbaric bunch of scum, we can only pray that others, will do what the real destroyers of civilisations  deserve, which is beyond the capacity of the Citizens of  the Free West, where the masochistic half-wits believe that they deserve everything which is thrown at them.

The Wests Collusion In The Spread Of Communism.


The above photograph, was taken at Yalta, in the Crimea, Russia. A Communist controlled State, which had been set-up after the Revolution in nineteen-seventeen.

Seated on the left-hand side of the photograph, is Winston Churchill, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Churchill first gained notoriety, during the Boer War, which was our introduction to the concept of Concentration Camps, in which many Boer civilians died. He was Secretary of Defence during the Great War,  during which he was responsible for the débâcle at Gallipoli.

His exploits continued during the war, which had just ended, when this famous photograph was taken, during which, along with his pal Bomber Harris, he had seen to the total devastation of Germany.

He also found time to steal the food crops from the people of Bengal, in order to feed British troops, causing the starvation of an estimated five-million souls.

Seated on the right of the photograph, we have Joseph Stalin, a Dictator, with a dangerously psychopathic nature, He, like Churchill, made a habit of stealing food from his own people. In the Ukraine he starved  many millions of people to death.  In all during his reign, he slaughtered sixty-five million Christians.

During the days which he had just spent in Yalta, the Stalin controlled murder and rape was continuing. Not just of Germans and Ethnic Germans whom had been trapped on the wrong sides of borders, after the Allies had carved up Europe, after the Great War, in a manner which would provide excellent excuses for more wars and barbarities in the future but of his own Military Men whom had surrendered to the Germans, any man whom did not fight to the death, was considered a traitor by Stalin and executed.

Seated between these two heroes we have Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the American Dictator, whom remained in power beyond the period which was specified in the Constitution, making sure that all of the devious plans which had led up to the war, were continued right to the end.

In the land, which would soon come under the scrutiny of Senator Joe McCarthy, which was designed to dig out the Communist infiltrators inveigled in Government, Roosevelt was funding and arming Stalin’s Army in Russia, in preparation for the Red Armies drive across Europe.

When the Germans had whipped Stalin and Russia, just as they had sent the English yelping back home at Dunkirk, walked into France with hardly a shot being fired, it was Roosevelt whom illegally saved Stalin’s skin, by sending in the US Air-force to bomb the German positions. Roosevelt had not yet managed to provoke Japan into the attack on Pearl Harbour, which he would use as his excuse to take part in the ‘real war,’ against Germany. Which had been declared by World Jewry in nineteen-thirty-three.

So there you have the photograph of the three stooges, whom had their plans turned upside-down by the courage of the German people, whom against all odds had forced Stalin back on his heels, putting an end to the Bolshevik’s scheme, which would have allowed Stalin’s Red Army, to march all across Europe to Spain and Portugal, condemning us all to a life under the heel of savages from Russia.

When this great plan did not come to fruition, these three people, one of them, a  cross-dressing, whiskey swilling, bankrupt pervert, whom was indebted to Bernard Baruch, another, a man whom sacrificed his own Military at Pearl Harbour, in order to force his country into an illegal war, while the third was simply a tool of the Elite, whom was sick enough and in control of enough psychopaths, to place himself right at the top of the dung-heap of mass-murderers.

These three men have just signed a treaty, without any reference to the people whom will be effected, to turn over to Russia, what they had not managed to win during the war, the control of half of Germany and all of Eastern Europe.

While this dreadful pact with the devil was taking place, plans were already being laid to trick the rest of Europe into the European Union, whether they liked it or not. When this was achieved, and believe me it has been, Communism was renamed  Communitarianism, while the Communist Manifesto is now better known as Agenda 21.

Hitler, whom had seen the build-up of Stalin’s Red Army, waiting to launch an attack against Europe, launched Operation Barbarossa, to drive them back.  Believing the British and American propaganda, which suggested that Communism was the enemy, he sent Rudolf Hess to the UK, with the information of Stalin’s preparations, under the delusion that the British would help him to defeat Stalin.

He was mistaken, The City of London had helped to finance the Russian Revolution, along with their cohorts in Washington and Wall Street, they could hardly be expected to destroy their own Communist Capital. Hess was gaoled for life and finally murdered.

The money-men were already in the process of taking control of China, where they subjected the people to the same barbarity with which they had treated the Christian Russians and twenty million Germans.

The House Of Cards

When all of the “False Flag” preparations had been made, in order to justify the attack against Hitler’s regime in Germany, the Shadow Government launched the Second World War, which was designed as a means of placing the whole of Europe under their control. That was their aim then and it still is today.

The key to the declaration of war, was Hitler’s alleged invasion of Poland, this was a lie, Hitler took of control of Danzig, which had never been part of Poland, it was populated by ethnic Germans, whom were being deliberately persecuted by the Poles, in order provoke a response from Hitler. Nobody starts a World War, killing and maiming millions of people, simply because  of a humanitarian act, which had been encouraged by the British Foreign Secretary, Anthony Eden.

All of the deceptions which were used in order to plunge the World, for the second time within a generation, into a huge conflagration, are well documented, it is an open secret, all of the main players in the war, such as Sir Winston Churchill, have in their own scribblings admitted to forcing Hitler to go to war.

The British people whom voted Churchill as their favourite personality of all time, have no idea of the depravities of this man and the rest of his family. His father, whom died of syphilis, is considered by many investigators to be a prime suspect in the Jack the Ripper murders. Churchill himself was a cross dressing, sexual deviant. He is the man whom gave us the slaughter at Gallipoli.

Another deception is being used, even as I write about past lies, which are legion, Quantitative Easing, whatever that is supposed to mean, is in fact an enormous deception. It is simply a means of passing more money to bankers, at minuscule interest rates,which can be used to create debt, at high interest rates.

To aid the recovery of the economies of the Western World, the money should be passed to the small businessman at low or no rates of interest, bankers and their greed syphon money and value out of the economy, it is in fact a miracle that any small business succeeds with the imposition of compound interest on loans.

The Central Banking System is used to disguise the fact that there is no value in money. We were educated to believe that for a government to “Print Money” would lead to inflation. The way to reduce inflation was to raise interest rates, which would of course, increase the debt of home buyers and others whom depended on credit.

The part of the equation which was not explained to us during our years of education, was the fact that the High Street Banks, which are in the main, in the hands of the Central Banking Families, could print as much money as they liked and loan it out at interest. I will repeat that, for those whom may believe that this could not be so.

When you ask for a loan at your local bank, the money which is passed into your account, does not exist until you sign the contract with the bank. They do not give you money which is sitting in a vault somewhere, there is always more money on loan than the reserves of the bank are capable of honouring. We have all at some time or other paid interest on this “Printed Money.”

The banking system is a huge, criminal enterprise, which was set-up by “Royal Families,” the “Nobility,” and the Money Lenders, whom have been there since Biblical times. They are the ones whom cream off the profits which are the result of the labour of the rest of us and laugh all the way to the bank.

When the Occupy people speak of the 1% whom own most of the wealth of the world, they are speaking of our collective work, which our politicians have allowed to be stolen from under our noses. Blair, for example, a War Criminal, has stolen an estimated twenty-five million pounds from the pockets of the poor.

We are all living under the spell, or more properly the lies, of a determined group of madmen. They have constructed, over the years, a house of cards, with multiple levels. Each level is part of a gigantic lie. Each of these lies has been used to further the interests of this group, while they rob and impoverish the rest of us. This has been made possible by the connivance of our elected politicians.

One of the biggest lies in this pack, is the lie about Adolf Hitler. A guest on The Keiser Report was explaining how the dollar is likely to collapse in the near future. He made the remark that in Germany, under the Weimar government,  when confidence was lost in the currency, at a time when inflation was running wild, the loss of confidence solved the problem and the inflation vanished, more or less overnight.

It was not quite as simple as that. The guest forgot to mention the role of Hitler in this feat.

It would appear that even guests on the Keiser Report are obliged to watch their language. Hitler did, after all, commit the deadliest of all crimes, he closed down the Central Bank and issued his own currency.

911 is another card in this pack of lies. There has never been an enquiry into this event, which has led to the deaths of probably two million people, in Iraq and Afghanistan alone. No evidence was ever produced which could show that nineteen men from Saudi Arabia carried out the attack.

All of the available evidence points to them having been brought to the USA, in order to be available to carry the can. The BBC uncovered evidence that at least seven of them, including Atta, are still alive. All of the suspects whom were arrested  were Jews working for Mossad. Direct evidence such as explosives in their vehicle, does not warrant a few days water-boarding for Jews, whereas for a Muslim the flimsiest of excuses will suffice.

The 7-7 atrocity in London followed much the same pattern. An enquiry which refused to allow evidence from eyewitnesses. Refused to enquire as to the identities of three men whom were gunned down at Canary Wharf. by police marksmen. Refused to take evidence from people whom had their feet blown off, by bombs which exploded through the floor of the carriages.

The British have a long history of cynical murder by bombing. The Birmingham Pub bombings being a case in point. They arrested a group of Irishmen on their way to a funeral in Ireland. The men were beaten to a pulp in an attempt to make them confess to the crime, which they refused to do.

They were gaoled on the evidence of a trace of a substance which could have been used in the making of the bombs, which in fact was due to a substance which was used in the manufacture of playing cards, which the men had been using on their train trip.

The British Police made no attempt to track down the real killers, as with the majority of such crimes at the time, very little investigating was carried out, pointing to the fact that the source of the terrorism was well-known.

Tony Blair, whom was warned in advance of the need to clear the decks in Ireland, in readiness for the new “War on Terror” which would be against Muslims, signed the Good Friday Agreement, with the British Stooges whom controlled the IRA and prepared to take the UK into yet another illegal war in Iraq.

And of course standing head and shoulders above all of these events where the available evidence does not support the conclusions of our politicians, is the Jewish holocaust. One would imagine that the evidence of the killing of six-million people would be sticking out like a sore thumb, in unmistakable and blatantly obvious quantities. However one would be wrong. In fact the Jews whom compiled the figures, have had to revise their calculations over and over again, to the point where there is very little or no evidence left which supports their claims.

Three million of the alleged deaths vanished at a stroke, when it was found that the claim of four million deaths at Auschwitz was not possible, as there was no gas chamber or incinerator on the grounds of the factory during the war. The figure is now one million deaths.

During the war there was a pandemic of Typhus, which was responsible for huge numbers of deaths. As with the Spanish Flu which made its appearance during the Great War, killing many millions of people across Europe, the origin of the Typhus outbreak and the death toll is never discussed. Zyklon B gas was used to fumigate those whom may have become infested with fleas, which were the main propagator of the disease.

Typhus no doubt killed many Jews which would of course have made the calculation of deaths from gassing difficult for those involved in this grisly business. I have been unable to trace a figure for Jewish deaths from this pandemic.

I am quite sure that one day all of the missing evidence will come to light. Because should this one turn out to be untrue, who knows what the reaction of the German people would be.

It is fair to say that should any one of these events turn out to have been a provable “False Flag,” the whole house of cards will collapse and our politicians will stand exposed for what they are, greedy, self-seeking scum, whom allow their young people to be used as cannon fodder in illegal wars, to sell arms for the owners of the weapon shops.

Whom can believe that the United Nations does not fully understand what is really going on in Syria, as they did when the same thing was being done to Libya. Their job is to make sure that ultimate power stays firmly in the hands of the Zionist controlled Western governments, which is the purpose of the Security Council and the undemocratic Veto, which is constantly used to the detriment of weaker countries but never to the detriment of Israel.

The joke of the week must surely be the claim that Ban Ki Moon has left the reservation, gone AWOL on a visit to the NAM conference in Tehran. The US, UK and Israel are all “shocked” by his action. I am “shocked” that they imagine that folk might believe that Ban has ever made a decision off his own bat. If Ban is there it is because the whole get-together is a farce, which will come to nothing or to give the impression that it is all part of the same Agenda 21 future, which it probably is.