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General Strike In France: February 5th



          Call For General Strike In France



The Gilets jaunes have declared themselves to be prepared for a General Strike on the 5th of February. There are calls for Emmanuel Macron to resign and for steps to be taken, which are designed to bring an end the illegal control, which private bankers have been allowed to maintain over every aspect of the European Economy, through the ridiculous decision to allow the Rothschild family, the former employer of both Macron and Theresa May in the UK, to take control of the European Central Bank, into which twenty-six members states of the European Union, have been annually dumping hundreds of billions of Euros, the earnings of the Peoples of Europe, in the form of Interest, payable on an “impossible to repay” debt of interest, on money which came out of thin air, while the people of Europe have been strangled by austerity measures,.which were put in place to make even more of our money available, to pay the “Deficit” all of which came out of social programs. Our politicians were and are fully complicit in this Grand Theft and they have willingly allowed it to continue.