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Gaza And The Struggle With The Mainstream Media.

Press TV can no longer be described as a “News Channel,” now, that for most people, it has been relegated to the status of “Alternative News,” on-line. However it is still doing its utmost to present us with an honest view of current events.

Last evening, on their excellent, News Analysis programme, they had a group discussing events in Palestine. Just to set the scene for those whom may be reading this: It has been accepted that the current hostilities were kicked off by the murder of a young lad, playing football in the street with friends, whom was shot dead, from an Israeli aircraft.  This was followed by the murder of a Hamas official, whom died with an agreement from Israel in his hand, accepting a ceasefire, by a missile which struck his car, killing him and a child.

To all parties, apart from Western Politicians and the Mainstream Media, it is as clear as day that ever since nineteen-forty-eight, Israel has been conducting a genocide against the Palestinian Peoples.

Last evening, the invited commentators were agreed, on this brief presentation of events, apart from one guest, a familiar figure on Press TV, the rabid supporter of Zionism and all of the excesses of the Israeli regime, Charlie Wolf.

Wolf is the commentator, whom during Cast Lead, suggested that Hamas fighters, were standing in front of Journalists, with guns pointing at their heads, forcing them to report only News  which suited, what Wolf refers to as, a terrorist government.

He repeatedly claimed that Hamas had rockets hidden in Mosques, Schools, Homes and even in UN premises, which provided Israel with an excuse to destroy…well anything.

Wolf is a long time friend of George Galloway, whom is no friend of the media in the UK, where he is considered to be corrupt. Galloway, has recently used the status, with which he has been endowed, through his connection with Press TV, where he has two weekly programmes, Comment and The Real Deal, to present himself as the Muslims man, in a recent election in a Muslim packed area of the UK, in which he was elected.

Galloway denied that the Rothschild Family played any part in the content of the Balfour Agreement, which paved the way to the Zionist takeover of Palestine, in reply to a comment from a caller. That simply is not true, they were heavily involved. Callers are never given the opportunity to reply to Galloway’s declarations, that is apart from those whom are preening him.

Galloway also painted a false view of Gadaffi in Libya, a man whom was a supporter of Palestine and whom helped many other countries in Africa with funds, which did not carry a debt of compound interest from the Rothschild controlled IMF. Everything else which we think we know about Gadaffi, came through the Mainstream Media, so why was Galloway so keen to justify the attack on Gadaffi by suggesting that even if the attack was wrong, Gadaffi deserved it?

We have become used to the idea that it is not what the mainstream media reports which counts, it is what they do not report. The same holds true for the Alternative Media, which is just as suspect as is any other source of information.

So why did Galloway, whom was a YouTube superstar, thanks to his obsequious greeting of Saddam Hussein, having watched the invasion and destruction of Iraq, which was justified through the use of lies and deception, not stand up and declare himself to be totally opposed to an attack on Libya based on what the Mainstream Media and the Zionist controlled British Government, with the aid of the Zionist controlled French Government, chose to tell us about Gadaffi?

Now that there is yet another murderous attack taking place against Palestine, which the Zionist controlled media is telling us is in response to the launching of Hamas rockets, which Shimon Peres, the Butcher of Palestine, claims are deliberately aimed at innocent Khazar children, why is there no discussion of the role of Hamas in these operations. It can not have been unnoticed by many supporters of Palestine, that the election of Hamas has cost them dearly.

The Murdoch Press, through the mouth of its Khazar owner, asked the question, why was the Jewish controlled Press not giving Israel greater support? Well he may well have been caught out by this announcement of the control of the Press but to suggest that they are not giving Israel their total support is ridiculous.

Palestine knows exactly what to expect from the Press, however there has never been any real discussion, not by Galloway or the media, about the claim which was made by Ron Paul, that Hamas was set-up by Israel.  The policy of Divide and Rule, is the ploy most used by the Zionists. Wherever you look in the world you will find the tragic results of this scheme. The most recent being Sudan.

One need only glance at the fashion in which Palestine was carved up to realise that it was done with an eye to the future. A future which is now staring us in the face.

When the Zionists carried out 911 and then proceeded to demonise the Muslim world, as in past times they had demonised the German people, while carving up Germany, they were preparing the excuse for the attacks which followed against the entire Muslim world.

Are we to believe that any sixteen year old boy, appears to be able to find his way to Al Qaeda, yet the most powerful, security forces in the world have never found any trace of them. They are not looking for them because they know exactly where they are, in the pocket of the Zionists.

The strangest of all the strange behaviour of Galloway, was his statement, on one of his Real Deal programmes: When you need an expert, you go to where the experts are to be found. His source was Chatham House, The Zionist Headquarters in the City of London and the Head Office of the CFR, RIIA, and the various other constructs across the world, all of which are controlled by the banking elite and whose declared objective is to take control of all of the worlds resources.

A Savage,Dripping With Blood, Claims To The UN That He Is A Man Of Peace, And Nobody Walked Out

Today, I watched in astonishment, as the latest Butcher of Palestine, Benjamin Netanyahu, claimed that he and the rest of the savages in Israel, believed in the Rights of Man and freedom of speech, liberty and whatever else came into his sweep-head, which as a psychopath, he would be guessing would make the assembled ranks of representatives of the so-called United Nations, believe him to be sincere; not surprisingly there was no mass exodus of the disgusted.

This vermin should be excluded from the UN as he and the State for which he preaches is in breach of dozens of UN Resolutions and is continually avoiding the signing of the non proliferation treaty on the nuclear weapons, to which he claims Iran is not adhering, quite apart from the continual slaughter of the people of Gaza.

For this man to be suggesting that others, pose a threat to the security of the Middle East is so ludicrous as to be beyond belief. Israel is the main threat to us all. He is however, of course, no more than a drunk spewing his bile into the gutter of history, he is simply a puppet, speaking for the real criminals in the City of London.

He is in the process of finding an acceptable excuse, to start another war in the region, which will give his runners in London the opportunity to destroy and contaminate yet another country, simply because they can.

I find it difficult to understand, why I am supposed to find the behaviour of these animals acceptable, on the basis of something which they allege happened to them during the last war, which I am forbidden to research, under threat of prison. The City of London provided the excuse to destroy Germany, in exactly the same manner as Netanyahu is attempting to employ now.

The British signed a treaty with Poland, They ordered the Poles to attack the ethnic Germans, living in the Free City of Danzig. They then urged Hitler to protect his people in Danzig. Hitler took them at their word and entered Danzig, which was not and had never been part of Poland. The British immediately claimed that Hitler had invaded Poland which he had not and they declared war on Germany.

The Jews in the City of London, were well aware that the Jews in Europe would be rounded up and placed in detention centres, as were the Germans and Japanese in the US. This was normal, as world Jewry had declared war on Germany.  My personal opinion is that the Typhus epidemic which swept through the region during the war was deliberately disseminated in the detention camps and factories which used slave labour, many of which were Jewish owned, in an attempt to kill as many Jews as possible, in order to implicate the Germans in mass deaths. German efficiency, in delousing the prisoners as they arrived at the camps, showering with carbolic soap and fumigation with Zyklon B and the provision of clean clothing, kept the outbreak at bay, until the last days of the war.

Of course, they were at the same time, busily killing millions of folk, whom they had already saved, presumably, to kill later. The evidence of this struggle against Typhus is available on-line. It demonstrates quite clearly the efforts which the Third Reich were prepared to make to save life.

In any case these events occurred before I was born. I am more concerned with current events. Right now there is a savage genocide taking place in front of us and the likes of Netanyahu are the cheerleaders of this crime.

The Jews demanded that the German people should be considered as guilty as their leaders, for the crimes which they claimed were perpetrated during WW2. The German people are still paying the Jews for the crime which cannot be discussed. The Jews are not paying reparations to anyone. They have scourged the people of Palestine. They are truly people with no soul. They bombed the UN food compound in Gaza, during Cast Lead, quite deliberately. They bombed a school which was flying the UN Flag and was a safe zone for children. These people are from Hell. Am I anti Jew for having no respect for this band of vermin?

Of course Gaza is not the only victim of the City of London in the Middle East, we have already witnessed at least two million Iraqis killed by sanctions and an illegal invasion by the Coalition of the Guilty. A million casualties in Iran during a proxy war with Iraq. Probably more than a million dead in Afghanistan. God only knows how many dead in Pakistan. Some say at least fifty thousand killed during the humanitarian bombardment in Libya. Plus of course the murder of Gadaffi, under orders from Nicolas Sarkozy a Jew. The UN talks of at least thirty thousand deaths in Syria, this was of course paid for by France the UK the US and Israel. Saudi Arabia are being named as the Patsies, along with Qatar and the Dubai where all the Jewish royal families are in control.

The City of London has a long history of genocide, they in fact invented the Concentration Camp, during the Boer War, which was started by a lie. They managed to starve to death, thirty-five thousand women and children in these camps.  At the end of WW2, they starved over one million German prisoners of war to death, in the same style of open air concentration camps, which were employed against the Boers. These genocides are of course never mentioned, like the French involvement in the Rwanda massacres. In fact you are likely to be locked up for simply mentioning the fact that they even took place.

Sadly,  the United Nations is controlled by all five of the most brutal regimes the world has ever seen. The British, French,Russians, Chinese and the US, all of which are controlled from the City of London. Between them they are responsible for more death and destruction, than all of the regimes from history put together. We in fact are a part of a truly dark and unpleasant chapter of events, over which we have repeatedly failed to take action. We are all responsible.

William Hague Turns My Stomach.

Make what you will of the above video clip.  I do not believe that Hague utters one word of truth to the journalists whom recorded the event.

It has become a struggle to watch and listen to British Foreign Secretary William Hague, as he croaks his way through controlled media questioning, on controlled media outlets.

He and his cohorts, Cameron, Clegg, Osborne and the rest of the coalition, truly are the progeny of that shameless, warmongering liar, Tony Blair.

It has become clear to all whom have eyes to see and ears to hear that this man is a ghoul. He displays no trace of shame or chagrin over the appalling results of his illegal attack on Libya, where the lives of the people, to whom he brought the British form of freedom, have become a nightmare.

Though not in Government at the time, he gave his wholehearted support to the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan and will, when necessary, give his total support for the invasion of Iran.

Hague supported the change which was made to UK law, making it possible for Jewish War Criminals to visit the UK without fear of arrest, for their considerable crimes.

With the clear and damning evidence of British War Crimes in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, freely available for all to see on-line, it is hard to believe that Hague can expect the British public to accept yet another contrived excuse to destroy Syria, in order to place an amenable puppet in power and set-up a Rothschild controlled Central Bank.

Hague is the mouth-piece for a Government of genocidal murderers. During the past twenty years, millions of Muslim people have been slaughtered by the so-called humanitarians in the UK Parliament. They have as yet, not produced one iota of clear evidence that Muslims committed any attack against the West.

Hague and the rest of the criminals, whom lend their armed forces to NATO, are prepared to kill as many Syrians as necessary, without compunction, to get rid of the recalcitrant Syrian leader Assad and in the process will continue the policy of total contamination of the region with Depleted Uranium, which in the long-term will wipe out the Syrian People.

This is becoming a race against time. Europe has not far to go before the total collapse of the monetary system. Before that happens the Central Bankers want World-Wide control of the issuance of money and debt. Syria is an obstacle to this aim.

The countries of the European Union are at the moment being prepared to be Privatised, in return for bailouts, which are being given straight to bankers to pay interest on previous loans. Everything else has long gone, all that remains, which can be used to pay this interest, is the Country itself. When this happens there will be no where left to hide.

The twenty-seven governments of the EU have been hand-picked and paid for? They have carried out their task to the letter. One and all they have deliberately destroyed the livelihoods of their people and have allowed even the farms to be taken away.  Once productive countries such as the UK, can no longer produce enough basic foodstuffs to feed the people.

Even college students have been burdened with debt, for which they will be held accountable until the day they die.

The options have all run out, there is nothing else available to the Bankers except to go to war.

Spring-Cleaning By Genocide. Are We Next?

Change through genocide, has been a long-standing method of control, in any number cases, throughout history. It was once obscured by the fog of distance and a lack of communication. It appears to extend all the way back to the days of the Neanderthal, whom are no longer with us and continues, even in the days of Twitter and Facebook.

There is ample evidence of the use of Genocide, yet all of the governments, from the British to the Turkish, which have been guilty, have denied the accusation and apart from the one case, which has been unable to produce conclusive evidence of its reality, namely that against the Jews, are never discussed. Which is a strange state of affairs, as almost all of the others can be laid at the door of governments which operated under the control of overt or covert Jewish politicians.

It would be fair to say, that in the modern world, the most blatant, cruel and extensive genocides have been at the hand of Jews, whom have taken for themselves, the role of world-wide population reduction Czars.

From the days of Napoleon, when the King of England passed control of the issuance of the Currency, into the hands of the Rothschild family, Jews have had access to huge amounts of Capital. France and other countries, through the use of credit and debt and wholesale bribery relinquished the control of their country’s currency into the same Central Banking system.

These bankers quickly accrued enormous sums of money, making them wealthier than most elected governments, without the cost of maintaining the population in a reasonable quality of life and the up-keep of the super-structure.

This wealth has been used to collect the souls of greedy, professional, politicians and to pay a murder force to take care of those whom refused the offer. This access to our wealth, has led to a situation where these Czars of Genocide have been foisted upon us and now have control of all of our institutions.

The Genocide against the Armenian’s, which was carried out by Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey, whom was a Jew, which is well documented, is presently being denied, by the current leader of Turkey, Erdogan, whom is himself a Jew.

There is a growing body of evidence of the Jewish involvement in the sacking of the Aztec and Inca regimes in South America and their seizure of vast amounts of gold. The genocide of the Indigenous population was said to be due to diseases, with which they were infected by Spanish invaders.

The Irish Holocaust, which was cynically described as a famine, was carried out by a government which was under the influence of the Central Bankers and was certainly an attempt to wipe out the Irish people, slaughtered an estimated 5 million souls. More than enough food to feed a population three times the size of Ireland’s, was forcibly taken to England.

This recipe was continued by Stalin, another Jew, in the Ukraine and again after the end of World War 2 against the German POW’s  and German people in general, accounting for 10 million deaths through malnutrition and starvation.

The Red Revolution in China was financed by the Central Bankers, where some 85 million were exterminated. The one child policy which was insisted upon, as part of the promise of investment, has been responsible for the abortion of millions of female children, leading to an excess of males and an imbalance in the population.

The use of famine is masking the reality of events across Africa. Those whom do not die of starvation are being forcibly injected with vaccines which are giving no protection but on the other hand are quietly sterilizing the population. The Zionist Drug Factories even profit from this.

The Native American Indians were culled using a variety of weapons, ranging  from being deliberately infected with diseases, such as Smallpox, to outright slaughter by Soldiers with increasingly lethal armaments, against men with bows and arrows. Like their Aborigine cousins in Australia, the Native Americans are still being persecuted for what little they have left. All of this taking place under the rule of Zionist controlled governments.

It is becoming clearer by the day, that white European man is the new target for a culling. Israel does not allow mixed marriage ceremonies in Israel. They have an Apartheid system which includes Jew only roads and living areas. Immigration of non Jews is also forbidden. The rest of us however, are being forced to relinquish our identity, in favour of multiculturalism by Zionist operatives.

French Jew, Nicolas Sarkozy is proposing that French people should procreate with immigrants, should enough people not take up the suggestion he has warned that this will be made mandatory.

All of these measures are being put in place to disguise the actuality of a catastrophic decline in the white European population. Birth-Rates are at an all time low. Indigenous white populations have been in decline for years. Every possible means have been made available to create this state of affairs, from the pill to abortion to the sterilisation of males either through choice or by toxic chemicals in plastics and food.

Many are now certain that most of the childhood vaccines contain sterilizing agents, which has resulted in the dramatic reduction in the quality of sperm in young men. Hormones in meat and other food products have been blamed for hormone imbalances which are confusing the differences between the sexes. In short we are being wiped out without bloodshed.

Incoming immigrants are being used not only to hide the white population decline but also to provide the cheap labour of a future neo-serfdom.

There will be no help from elected politicians in our attempts to save ourselves from this fate. In the UK the Tory, Labour and Liberal Parties are all controlled. Cameron and Milliband, Osborne and Clegg are all of Jewish descent, Hague has announced his undying allegiance to Israel not to the UK.

In the US things are even worse, they are not only in the pocket of the bankers, most of the elected members go to Israel for training. As do high-ranking police officers. The CIA and MI6 are all agents of Mossad and the rulers of Israel whom reside in the City of London.

These traitors have passed the control of food and water into the hands of the bankers. They already have control of power production and the price of their other monopolistic products. Soon, through the use of Smart Meters, they will be able to reduce the availability of water, electricity and gas to any household unable to pay monthly bills, or simply to reduce consumption.

Very soon they will have total control of our food-stuffs, which they will also be in a position to ration. Food has been used as a weapon since the dawn of warfare. Starvation is currently being used to destroy Africa, which is one more reason why Gadaffi was murdered. He was in the process of “greening” the Sahara Desert, with the Great Man Made River, where he could have produced enough food to feed the Continent. This was a prime target for NATO.

We could well find ourselves in the position of Ireland, watching our food stuff being taken away, under armed guard, to a place where it will be rationed to us, whom have produced it, by the minions of the bankers, whom have stolen it.

Birth rate can recover if it is dealt with promptly, however it can drop to a level from which it will never recover. Some European countries may have already passed this limit. Italy and the UK are certainly in danger. Russia has already taken the problem in hand. In recent times there has been a gratifying spike in French pregnancies. Soon it may be a race to have a baby before your partner goes sterile.

We could well see a return of Fertility Rites and other Pagan rituals to increase the birth rate.

The Atrocity Of The Year.

The vicious attack, which was carried out against the people of Libya, was not simply an attack against a group of innocent people, it was a mindless attack on the planet itself.

The act of contaminating, with Depleted Uranium, the huge, prehistoric aquifer, beneath the Sahara Desert, is itself a Crime Against Humanity.

This was no arbitrary act, this was a deliberate attack against the people of Africa. There was no way that the “Free West” was about to allow Gadaffi to feed Africa. Africa is nothing more than a treasure-house of resources, ripe for the plunder.

Africa is being wiped out, one way or another it is being destroyed. Through the use of vaccines and disease.  Starvation and endless war. The means are of little importance. Africa must be brought under the control of the Banking Elite.

The Peoples of Europe, whom allow their money to be used by the Shadow Government, to destroy Countries such as Libya and soon Syria, deserve what is in store them. They are not only too stupid to understand the criminality of the attack against Libya, which was presented as “humanitarian” they are also too stupid to understand what is being done to their own freedom.

London experienced a riot of sorts in August 2011. Hundreds of police were in place to take control of the situation, however, they did nothing.  The Sky News reporter whom was on the spot, saw the lines of police vehicles, parked out of sight, in the streets close to the riots, and he said so, on the live broadcast that is, however on later reports no mention was made of this.

Londoners are still whinging about the damage. Family businesses, which had been handed down through the generations had been torched. Is that right? Just imagine what would have happened, had the rioters turned up with sophisticated fighter-bombers and “not so Smart bombs” as did “Our Bomber Boys” when they not only destroyed long-standing family businesses in Libya but killed the family in the process.

Imagine the chat over a pint, at half-time in the match, had they pulled “Sir, Sir, Can I Lick Your Boots Sir” Boris Johnson, The Mayor of London, out of his posh town house, tortured him a little and then finished him off with a bayonet up his posh arse. What a chat that would be.

The British have meted out this sort of treatment for centuries. They are proud of their exploits. They cry out nostalgically for the days when “This country was great.” They are the true savages of this world, not the likes of Gadaffi and his family.

The British people, whom would no doubt be offended should they read a report such as this, because despite their own bloody history and their lack of knowledge of historical reality, they no doubt felt proud, when that sadistic little Zionist William Hague, told them that they had “Humanitarianism” in their genes, as he sent the bombers off to slaughter Libyan women and children.

The folk, to whom Hague has sworn allegiance, the mad dogs in Israel, have announced their intention, in matter of fact terms, to carry out yet another murderous attack against the caged people of Gaza. They intend to make it more effective than the Cast Lead attacks in 2008.  These people are murdering scum. We are witnessing a true Holocaust.

This attack will be given the support of the British People, through the acceptance of all three political parties in the UK.

What the Jews are doing in Palestine is way in excess of anything which is being done elsewhere in the Middle East by  so-called Dictators. This attack, against an unarmed, defenceless people, is being announced, even as the British and their chums are trying to drum up an excuse to attack Syria, to suit Israel.

In six months time, the Zion Olympics will take place in London.  I believe that 2012 will be a significant year for the UK.  Their elected rulers have overseen the complete destruction of UK industry.

The country has been running on credit for years. Now that the debt has been exposed, there is nothing that the Politicians can do which will turn the economy around. They are in fact trying to make things worse, while claiming to be intent on saving the economy, by paying what little remains in the pockets of the UK people into the coffers of the Central Bankers.

This act of paying an illegal debt to the bankers, exposes the UK Government for what it is, powerless and traitorous. They have no more respect for the British Peoples than they do for the Brown and Black folk elsewhere. When the time comes, they will send you all off to the slaughter. That is what war is all about, it is a simply a process by which to commit genocide.

The same people have been funding both sides in every war for generations. Take another look at the Great War, The War To End Wars, they could have just as well have sent “Squaddies” around the villages of Europe and shot all the young men, “humanely” rather than put them through the nightmare of the Trenches.

The two “World Wars” were contrived by the bankers, neither were necessary, just as the on-coming Third World War is being contrived, in front of our eyes.

The Blind Spots of the Free Western Press Worsen.

After the recent trial of the Murdoch News Corporation empire, little appears to have changed in the coverage which is given to important world events.

Despite the many claims of “Pressmen” that there are an enormous number of investigative journalists, straining at the leash, waiting for the all clear to expose the truth, while the Press Barons claim that they do not control the “News”, nothing much has changed.

The “Free Press” continues to concentrate on problems in Libya and Syria, which are the declared targets of the Globalists. They keep up the pressure on Iran and Venezuela, while ignoring demonstrations in Ireland,Spain,Portugal, France, Greece, Italy, the USA, Bahrain and Yemen.

Now, after three weeks of huge demonstrations, Israel has joined this group of unmentionables. The people of Israel have been ignored for years, giving the impression of a population who give total support to a criminal government, which has been involved in a genocide in Palestine.

Well like most people, they kept their collective mouth shut, while things were going in their favour. Now however, they are starting to feel the pinch themselves. They are still, of course, infinitely richer than their neighbours, the true Semitic inhabitants of Palestine, in the West Bank and Gaza.

No matter, the fact that they are filling their swimming pools with stolen water, have access to electricity twenty-four hours a day,  did not lead to a crisis of conscience, they have not been living in tents eating food hand-outs, like hundreds of thousands of Palestinians across the Middle East, still in refugee camps after sixty years, fleeing from Jewish death squads. Not at all, it is simply a question of the cost of living. They feel that the billions of dollars they receive in aid from the American tax payer, should be spent on them and not on defence.

The people who claimed that the Western Press is free and fair should be ashamed of themselves. Where are the Editors of courage? What has happened to the ethic of “Publish and be damned?”

Where is the outcry from the “Free Press” at the attempt to gag Press TV? Go back to sleep boys, the real news is reported elsewhere now. What makes me smile is the comment that you cannot believe what you read on-line.

I watch a few minutes of News each morning, mainly to note what is not mentioned; I too have a touch of the Palestinian problem, limited access to electricity, so I can not vouch for the output, of all News Channels. However on Sky News this morning, not a mention of the huge, week-end demonstrations across Israel.