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The Whole Wide World Watches As The British Destroy Their Democracy.


In recent times I have been warned by various on-line giants, that they would be closing me down if I transgressed one more time, by using certain terms, which in their opinion were too controversial, a claim which frequently referred to the use of the word Jew.

In the main these threats came from those on-line organisations which are actually owned by Jews. Should these “Jews” be innocent of all the allegations which have been laid against them, I would have no problem with accepting these warnings and I would make every effort to be more even-handed in my references to these innocent Jews..

However it has become clear that they are themselves not being even-handed in the use of their ability to censor out, mainly those things which refer to the actions of Jews, while they are totally unconcerned about the publishing of total lies which support, what certain people refer to as Jew issues, like the Israeli barbarity in Palestine for example.

This on-line censorship is not uniquely against popular sites like Infowars and Alex Jones, even minnows, the likes this site, are affected, while the full-time liars, whom refer to themselves as the “mainstream” which are in fact no such thing, as they too are controlled by Jews, including most of the printed press and therefore should the on-line boys be allowed to continue to censor me, while there is nobody with the power to “de-platform” the BBC or Sky News when they are caught broadcasting outright lies, is a state of affairs which stinks of corruption and this Jew power, over the virtual entirety of the News media, needs looking into, instead of which the politicians are using this private control of the media as a covert system of censorship, which is denying us all our “freedom of speech”..

In the States everything which Donald Trump has claimed about “Fake News” from the likes of CNN, has been endorsed by the release of the Mueller report which has laid bare the lies and the deception of the US citizens, by this joke of a media, which it has recently been claimed, by the Courts, that according to law, they are not obliged to report the truth, which suggests, quite clearly that only “opposition journalists” are being censored.

My posts are based mainly on the reports of News outlets, which are freely available by satellite or online. I try to present my own opinion of what is presented, mainly on Sky News or RT, I rarely watch anything else. I do not present a long list of links to other sites because I feel that to do so would in some way influence those whom are quite capable of finding their own way, to a site, which would perhaps support or deny what I have written.

In the above episode of “CrossTalk” I was both surprised and happy to hear a form of support for a view which I have held and written about for some time, that of a collusion between all Political Parties in the UK House of Commons to scupper “Brexit”

I have gone even further than that, by suggesting that the collusion goes all the way through the controlled media, where there has been no serious discussion about a “No Deal” Brexit, which was clearly the only deal which would deliver a clean break for the Brexiteers.

I have never been convinced by the two chums George Galloway and Jeremy Corbyn, both of whom while presenting themselves as being Friends of Palestine, in other ways take part in actions which just a smidgen of research, into the files of the Fabian Society, of which they are members, would show them to be completely on the wrong side of History, or maybe for them, it is the right side to be on.

Galloway for example, in front of a bunch of University students explained how he had been well looked after by the Jew community in South Africa; to convince the students that he was in no way anti-Semitic, during the time he had spent in South Africa fighting against apartheid, thus expressing what a thoroughly good guy he was.

He did however, on another occasion, in a most disgusting manner shout down a White South African, who truthfully explained how he is now condemned to live in a shanty town, under a Jew controlled government, by asking him if he had preferred living under the Boers and finally abused the caller by referring to him as a “Nazi murderer” before cutting him off.





Corbyn for his part is described as a “Friend of Hamas” which he must know is wholly controlled by Israel, how could he have failed to notice that the entire leadership of Hamas was safely out of harms way, in the Gulf States, during the 2008-9 massacres in Gaza, which the Israelis claimed to be a response to Hamas rockets?

Theresa May allowed six-hundred-thousand immigrants to enter the UK in 2016 and three-hundred-thousand the following year, a feat which pleased Jeremy Corbyn and his chums, as this is the policy which he endorses, that of there being no such thing as too many immigrants apart of course, from the White ones.

Corbyn is currently being presented, along with Galloway as being against Israel but not against Jews in general, which is disingenuous, I believe that they both fully support the Jews and are nothing more than controlled opposition, otherwise why would they remain as members of the group which set up the International Socialists with funds from the City of London, or are we expected to believe that they are both unaware of this well-known fact?



Welcome To The Moronocracy.


 We have been so dumbed down by our education, that while we are quite prepared to accept that should we board an aeroplane in Norway and fly to Singapore, that when we disembark, because we live on a “globe”we will be standing at a ninety degree angle from the angle at which we boarded the aircraft and that all the way back to Norway there are millions of other people, none of whom are standing at the same angle as one another, unless they happen to be anacrobat standing on the shoulders of a team-mate and that further on, those same acrobats will be hanging upside down and the man standing on the others shoulders will not fall off.

As with all things, those whom are prepared to believe this stuff, have never really thought about it in any critical manner, so should it be suggested to them, that in fact reality suggests that we are living on a flat surface, which makes more sense, the opposing indoctrination kicks in, suggesting that there is absolute truth of the “Globe” model and in some cases threats will be made against the “criminal idiot” who dared to question what we all know to be true.

In point of fact, this dispute is without proof on either side and yet it is a perfect model of the manner in which we have been controlled. When it was decided that children should be educated to believe in the Globe Theory, explanations were necessary, to account for the twenty-four hour period between sun-rises, which involved an accurate knowledge of the circumference of the globe, in order to calculate the speed, of the now necessary rotation of the globe, and an explanation as to why we were not all thrown into the depths of Space as a result of the centrifugal force created by a globe spinning at twice the speed of sound.

The following screenshot is indicative of the state of denial of those whom oppose the suggestion that the Earth is not a Globe. They simply refuse to even take a look at the claims made by the “theorists” of the Globe Model, insisting, without being able to offer a shred of proof in support of their claims, that the very idea of a Flat Earth, is so ridiculous as to be not even worth proving it to be false..





So what is my point? Having presented myself as the sort of sick and sorry cretin, who dared to take a look at the supporting evidence of the Globe Theory, only to find that there is no conclusive evidence whatsoever available to the public and that when I discovered that the “theory” of the rotation, was based on a pendulum, swinging back and forth across a bed of sand, a motion, which I was informed, that should the pendulum swing for a long enough period, it would eventually trace a line in the sand at ninety degrees from the original trace, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt, the Theory of Rotation, my brain nearly burst asunder trying to figure out, to what the pendulum was attached, which would not be turning with the rest of the building, as the Earth rotated? Don’t worry I am sure there is a theory available which will account for this “fact”.

All of that leads on to the main thrust of this post, which demands more “proof” than the simple, unsupported claims of those whom have a vested interest in deception. The phrase “By Deception we Make War” springs to mind. This would be the motto of a group which was once known as Murder Inc.

At the end of World War Two, as the Red Army swarmed across Europe, they paused at a small town called Auschwitz, where the Germans had installed a work camp, which was filled mainly with Polish people. For an “unknown” reason, the Russians transformed an air aid shelter, which had contained, showers and toilets, into a large chamber, making some small holes in the ceiling, which served no obvious purpose at the time.

They then built a tall chimney alongside this once air-raid shelter to no purpose, as it was attached to nothing, it was simply for show. Then, it was announced that four million Jews had been gassed in this once air raid shelter and cremated in the crematorium in a space next to the alleged gas chamber. Many Germans were tortured and hanged as a result of these claims. Many more people have been hanged during the following decades, accused of participating in an event which has been shown to have been slightly exaggerated, which necessitated reducing the claimed deaths of four million Jews to a figure of one million of all religions whom died in the camp.





Despite all of the objections to the original claims, which have surfaced down through the decades, George Galloway, who is fully aware of the facts, can get away with addressing a caller in the following  foul mouthed manner. It would appear that the most important ingredient of truth appears to depend on who or whom is mouthing that truth.











 The above are the bare facts of a situation, which to this day, condemns those whom refuse to accept the original claims and thereby making a mockery of any future claims on the same subject, to prison, a fate which will soon face those whom claim the idea of a globe earth to be even more ridiculous than the idea that the earth is flat. It all seems to be a game of however far-fetched a claim might be, it can be accepted as truth without problem should those whom push these “truths” have access to children at a very young age.

Evolution is yet another fable presented as fact alongside the idea that a “Big Bang” in “nothingness”, which is a completely unimaginable concept for all thinking people, out of which came all and everything, and our children are brain-washed into believing this nonsense. It comes as little surprise therefore, when a very large building simply falls to the ground, that the majority of people will simply take the word of those whom have a vested interest, that it only appears to have been deliberately demolished and on the same day a huge aeroplane can disappear into a very small hole, at exactly the right position in the Pentagon, to destroy certain important documents, which implicated certain people whom just may have had an interest in the destruction of those documents.

I was listening to the radio this morning, to man who was posing the question as to how we were meant to resist an all out attack, on the White Race, if we were unable to name the origin of the attack, which on the surface appears to be a perfectly reasonable demand.




 There are many people on the above clip, Blacks Jews and Women, all of whom claim the right to bad-mouth White men and yet should a White man, alter any of the above claims, which are quite openly made by Jews, changing the word White, for Jew, they would be arrested. Galloway, who presents himself as a squeaky clean truth teller, would not dare to even make mention of the filth expressed in the above, by the very people whom have seen the innocent hanged for nothing and whom are currently allowed to slaughter the innocent in Palestine, with impunity, while defending the brutal terrorist Nelson Mandela and his vicious wife Winnie, knowing full well that Mandela was a Bolshevik Communists and the Bolshevik Communists Jews brought down the White people whom built South Africa and whom had a perfect right to call it their homeland, while Blacks are allowed to stream into Europe and America and all other “White” countries, to suit an agenda which those like Galloway choose to ignore.


The Alternative Media w/ Farren Shoaf – November 17, 2018 Hour 2





Rise Above The Nasties Under The Bed.

Russian television news, is now in lock step with the disgusting war against White people, which is evident on all of the Fake News Channels across the United States and Europe or wheresoever White people justifiably protest against any and every attack on their White Race, protests which are now automatically described as White Supremacists, Fascist, Extreme Right Wing, Nationalist or neo-nazi.

These hyperbolic claims, do this year 2018, just happen to coincide with the one-hundred-year anniversary of Armistice day, marking the end of the Great War and the eightieth anniversary of Crystal Night in Germany, both of which have lead to an opening of the floodgates of lies about the Great War, which ended with an “Armistice” and not the defeat of Germany, which has been claimed, while no mention is ever made of the murder of a young German politician by Jews, which kicked off a relatively small reaction, called Crystal Night, which broke windows, but which is believed to have involved the murder of many Jews. in Germany, an event which has now had the “Poor Jew treatment” suggesting it to have been some sort of monumental event.

No mention is ever made of the brutal attacks which were being made in the Sudetenland, where thousands of ethnic Germans were being tortured and slaughtered as pressure mounted on Hitler to take action to save his people from attack, on the Sudetenland, even as the ‘poor Jews’ were being protested against in Germany and as the Bolshevik Russians, under the control of Jews, made ready to invade and destroy Germany, in a war which had been declared by Jews, against Germany in nineteen-thirty-three.

It is understandable that Russian Jews, American Jews and British Jews, all have rather a lot of diabolical, murderous and unjustifiable behaviour to keep a lid on, even as the descendants of all those Jews whom, died during World War Two, are now allowed to brutalise the people of Palestine, for no good reason whatsoever, apart from their intention of stealing all of the land of Palestine for their own nefarious aims, while all International News outlets allow them to get away with it, while the Jews, have themselves recently concocted a list of things which can not be freely expressed about Jews, a desire which spits in the face of the very idea of freedom of speech, while the Prime Minister of the illegal State of Israel, is calling for the destruction of the last country, in the Middle East, which is on the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) list for destruction, which was also written by Jews, Iran, where the people were already forced to fight a war against Iraq, which cost millions of lives, which they won, to suit International Jewry.

While full in the face of all this nonsense, Jews, in enormous numbers, are openly calling for the genocide of White People. I find it hard to believe that the only people on this planet, whom are not aware of this disgusting idea, coming from the mouths of those whom claim to have been so badly treated, in past times that their very genome has been affected, which means that the German people are obliged to pay “holocaust survivors” families til the end of time, for an offence, which we are told we must never even investigate.

Jews are now demanding that lessons, on how to prostrate yourself before a Jew, must be part of the curriculum in Schools all across the The White European World, where incoming Muslims, from the desecrated Middle East, whom have similar emotions about Jews as do Jews about Germans, German school-children have already been “de-nazified” and inculcated with a belief that they are dirt and that everything was their fault and so they must keep their heads bowed and do as they are told, by the Jews whom have controlled Germany since the end of World War Two, while clear-headed Muslims are fighting back against the Jews whom pour hot lead into the kneecaps of kids in Gaza while International Jews do nothing about it.

It seems to be that wherever you look, whether in Ireland, Palestine, South Africa, Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Russia, Eastern Europe, Jews have been and are responsible for a lot of misery, which is never given mention. While the English carry the can for the Genocide in Ireland in the 1850s, behind the scenes, then as now, the Rothschild controlled City of London, called the tune, while now, hidden behind the scenes of the entire White Christian World, there are a disproportionate number of Jews in positions of power, all over the place.

I am not that hot on maths, however a little voice in my head tells me that should the Jews be less than two percent of the population of the United States, that to find them over represented across the board of all Media outlets, Film Studios, Banking Companies, Arms manufactures, Water supplies, Land ownership, the bulk of Gambling, Prostitution, oil pumping and Drugs manufacture, is simply not possible without some form of criminality being involved.

Black people for example, are twelve percent of the population of the USA, they appear to believe that to mean, that every business in the USA is obliged to contain at least twelve percent of Blacks on the payroll, an idea which would be impossible to enforce because there are simply not enough Blacks to fill all of that number of jobs.  Working age Blacks are probably not more than three-hundred-thousand and they would suffer badly if it was suggested that all Basket-Ball Teams were obliged to include sixty-five percent Whites. There are already more Blacks than Whites being accepted into Universities in the USA because of affirmative action, which even worked in favour of Pocahontas.

The same goes for politics, with a democratic system, the candidate who gained the most votes takes power, which means that all those whom voted for someone else, are out of luck, unless you happen to be Black, at which point you can shout Racism. Not the sort of Racism which allows for a Black Music Awards and the same thing for Films, which is fine or the kind of screeching about Black Lives Mattering, while they are killing themselves but blaming White Cops. Before we even mention Rape and Murder if which the three percent of the population,  Black adult males are responsible for fifty-two percent of murders, yes that is the FBI figure, incredible as it may seem, while Black talk of White Supremacy at the slightest opportunity, well we are certainly not supreme in the art of Rape and Murder. Blacks rape thirty-three-thousand White women annually, while it is hard to find a White man who has ever raped a Black woman. I am not sure what that says about the allure of Black women but it must say something.

There are endless calls to restrict gun ownership, so why not start where the problem lies in the Black Community? Blacks are responsible for forty-two percent of murders, so to forbid Blacks to own guns would reduce the murder rate by a significant amount.

I  would be wasting my time to make mention of the fact that in all White Christian Countries, all immigrants are encouraged to vote for their own kind, whether by colour, religion, or any other identifying marker, while White would be ‘sent down’ should they dare to call for Whites to Vote Whites.

White people are already massively outnumbered across the world, so to enforce rules which allow us to be replaced in our own homelands qualifies as genocide. “Jews are at the centre of this and they will be resented for the part they played” So I am told by a Jew called  Barbara Spectre and yet to mention this will soon be anti-semitic and illegal.




Man of the people George Galloway summed up the attitude of the Iranian People on Press TV, an organisation, which as does Russia Today, censors contributions to the comment section of their activities, when he chose to ignore the truth of a South African, who was tricked out of his homeland by a concerted attack by a certain Joe Slovo and a contingent of Communist Bolshevik Jews, whom with the help of the Masonic Jew De Klerk, convinced the Whites, whom built South Africa, that they would be well treated by a Black Majority, which has already called for their genocide, while South Africa slides into chaos. The Jews succeeded in their main aim of grabbing the Gold and Diamond reserves for themselves, despite St Nelson’s promise to Nationalise them.

As he does on all of his other outlets, Galloway simply shouted the caller down and then spat bile in his face and called for him to be turned off as a Nazi murdering sympathiser should be. Galloway is a creepy little fart of a man.


War, War, War? Yes Please! Apparently.




There were lies told to trick us into all of the recent illegal attacks against innocent countries in the Middle East. Wars which have murdered at least ten million innocent people during the past fifteen years. We are now aware that we were lied to about Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction, Osama bin Laden was not living in a cave in Afghanistan, neither Assad nor Gaddafi were going to massacre their own people, and there was no attack against an American ship in the Gulf of Tonkin, so why should it come as any surprise to find that Hitler was tricked into going into Poland, to rescue ethnic Germans, whom were being slaughtered by Bolshevik Russian Jews, in order to provoke a response from the Germans and that having rescued those Germans, Hitler did not make any attempt to occupy Poland and he actually warned the British, that the great ‘enemy’ of the Christian world, the Atheist Bolshevik Communists, were massed on Poland’s border, preparing to invade Europe.

However the Bolshevik Communists were simply another arm of the Bankers International killing machine, which having murdered sixty-five-million Christians in Russia, they then set about the rape and slaughter of the German Christians, twenty-million of whom were summarily murdered. The Russians then slid off home, with all of Eastern Europe in their back pocket, with the blessing of the wholly controlled British, French and American governments, whom then pretended the Communists were suddenly a major threat all over again. Only a fool could believe such nonsense. The truth being the whole world was rallied against Germany, in order to suit the covert aims of those whom would control the world, those suffering from an insatiable greed and envy and a psychopathic desire to control all and everything.

The Russians now have another role, whilst being the avowed enemy of the West, they have become the darlings of those whom have seen through the lies and deceit of the controlled, belligerent governments of France, Britain and the United States, while at the same time, cooperating on the International Space Station hoax, and the ‘independence’ of the BRICS countries, all of which are controlled from the City of London.

They also have a character called George Galloway in their ranks on RT, where he has his Sputnik program, on which he frequently tells us that “we” should be paying reparations to the Blacks whom presumably he believes were enslaved by the “British” people, or indeed that there is some form of group responsibility and guilt involved in this idea, and yet the word Jew fails to pass his lips, as being the group which was responsible for buying the Blacks in Africa, from Black Slave Traders and transporting them to the United States on ships, owned and crewed by Jews, where the vast majority of those Blacks were bought and used by Jews, that is according to the Jews themselves, whom made no secret of their Slave Trading, at the time it was the norm. They also made use of hundreds of thousands of Irish slaves, a long forgotten fact.



Galloway, has now taken up the case of Jeremy Corbyn, who is accused of anti-Semitism. George knows everything and yet he appears to have a grudge against the idea of National Socialists, which it would appear, according to George, were vehemently anti-Semitic. He is apparently prepared to pepper his argument with unproven rubbish.

The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who I have known for 40 years, remains an icon of that tradition (support for Jews) as were his parents before him. His own mother fought at Cable St in London’s East End against Britain’s Fascists in 1936 – defending the huge Jewish community then there, under the slogan ‘They Shall Not Pass’.

Yet, if you google the word anti-Semitism today the first name which will pop-up is not the name of the architects and mass-murderers of Hitler’s “Final Solution” but the name of Jeremy Corbyn.”

Back in the day, anybody or any group which was concerned about the possibility of a war against Germany, which was being pushed by Jew interests, was fair game to be described as anti-Semitic. The Cable Street episode which Galloway mentions, was organised by one of Britain most “hated” politicians, Oswald Moseley, who was a Fascist Socialist, back in the days before Fascism had been deliberately presented as something to fear. Moseley responded to the claims of anti-Semitism which were made against him thus:

“More drivel is talked about the Jews and anti-Semitism than most subjects; both ways. The anti-Semitic view that all Jews are born wicked, or that all Jews should be the sacred objects of the system, seems to me equal nonsense. I am neither an anti Semite, nor a sycophant of Semites. The attitude of our movement, has been consistent and intelligible throughout. We have never attacked any man on account of his race or religion and we never shall. But we attack any man, whatever his race or religion, who acts against the interests of Britain or Europe; particularly Britons who ought to know better than to serve alien interests. It is a straightforward attitude, which has been formed by clear principles.

Why then have we been involved in clashes with Jewish interests, and why are so many Jews violently against us? The answers again are clear. Before the War, I believed that certain great Jewish interests, were trying to involve us in war, not in a British but in a Jewish quarrel: I still believe it……………….But it is beyond question, from the evidence of the period, that powerful Jewish interests were trying to produce war between Britain and Germany. They made it their business to start a war in the Jewish interest. I, and my friends, made it our business to stop that war, in British interest. That led to a head-on clash and I still think that we were right in doing our utmost to prevent that war”.

Galloway continued:

Whilst groupuscules? of the British far-right (Socialism?) kept the flame of anti-Semitism alight, together with their loyalist friends in the Conservatives – the vast majority of British people, and especially those on the left, saw clearly where racism can end up – in Auschwitz and Treblinka – determined to fight it as one of the first banners in their ranks.

For a time, Britain stood alone against the beast of fascism and it was our finest hour. Whilst Britain did not fight WWII to liberate Jews, liberate what was left of them, we did, along with the Red Army advancing from the east – an army of a state which bore the overwhelming brunt of fascist depredation.

These are the ramblings of an idiot, there is nothing in support of such rubbish, the War ‘was’ a conspiracy between British, American and Russian Jews. Galloway appears to be quite unaware of the Jew involvement in the coup d’etat in Russia and the fact that Churchill was a murdering Jew, who had also been involved in the concentration camps in South Africa, during the theft of that country by Jew interests in the Boer War. He also played a part in the destruction of the Ottoman Empire, which was a necessary part of the seizure and theft of Palestine, which was ‘given’ to Baron Rothschild, who is apparently a Jew. Case closed.

In point of fact, Britain has never been anything other than a tool of Jew Bankers and business men, prepared to send British boys to their deaths, in order to protect the assets of the Jews in the City of London. Any Jew, who is familiar with this actuality, whom refuses to stand up and denounce the behaviour of those whom call themselves Jews, whom are responsible for all the bad feelings against Jews, down through the Centuries,  are just as guilty as are the Jews whom prosper from thievery, slavery and wars and as are the Jews in Palestine whom continue the theft of Palestinian land, knowing full well that they do have any right to that land.

Nigel Farage, spent an hour on his radio show, a media outlet which is owned by Rupert Murdoch, on which the blatant lies of Sky News are presented at the beginning, middle and end of Farage’s mutterings, which last night surprisingly put him on the back-foot, forcing him to censor out certain callers whom were drifting onto forbidden territory, by condemning Jews and supporting Corbyn’s support for the “Palestinian Terrorists”, and Corbyn’s laying of a wreath on their memorial, without apparently noticing that the Queen of England herself, annually lays wreaths on the monuments of brutal British War criminals, whom have helped to ransack the World. Farage is so determined to smear Corbyn, that he is in danger of destroying his own credibility.

Today, Theresa May delivered such a load of tosh in the British Parliament, that my toes were curling with embarrassment at the number out outright lies which she calmly presented to the House of Commons. I listened with interest to Corbyn’s response, he gave the impression of having swallowed Mays tale, hook, line and sinker. He did not ask one single difficult question after her blatant attack against Russia and her intention to demand ever more action on the part Britain’s War Criminal Allies, to make sure that Russia got the message.

If Britain had not been responsible for the destruction of half of the world and the murder of millions, during recent times, one could accept her claim of Russian crimes in Syria and Russia’s connection with Iran, both of which are enemies, standing in the way of the advancement of those whom keep their mouths shut and their powder dry, in Israel, leaving their puppets to do their dirty work. I, would promise Israel, that should any attack be made against Russian Forces in Syria, during the coming attack in Idlib, that Tel Aviv would suffer dearly. That threat might well be enough to put an end to hostilities in Syria.


Digging Out The Moles #3 Galloway Again!



Tracing the Fall of Empires teaches us that they ultimately reach a point where they are too huge to control etc,  with an indolent group of ‘philosophers’ poets and architects, all ruled over by the rich, wine swilling, oversexed, effeminate morons whom marry their horse and poison their mother and whatever.  This is the official version but is it the correct one or is it all simply fake news?

After the fall of Rome, we supposedly entered the Dark Ages, a period of misery andchaos,or was it?There are dozens of prints and paintings, of teeming masses of people, many of them lying around in city streets  dying of plagues and starvation or being stretched on the rack and burnt at the stake, while Monks in Monasteries carefully recorded events, stored on ancient documents, onto illuminated parchment, which are in many cases, now the only records available. While others suggest that they changed the information on the original documents, to suit a new agenda, the originals were then either destroyed, or stashed away in the vaults of,the Vatican, take your pick. Whatever the truth, the time-line of history, was quite definitely confused by the introduction of the Gregorian Calendar.



We are coming to an end of one such period of Empire, and we are close enough to previous fallen Empires, to find connections between the fall of one and the beginning of the next, in order to discern the similarities and to dig out those elusive connections, the connections which have not been provided by those whom write our history books.

A good example of these long term links, is to be found in the British or Brytish Empire, which we were never told at school, was an invention of a certain John Dee, who was, a Jew and an adviser to the puppet Queen Elizabeth the First. The connection passes through the Black Nobility of Venice and the Maranos’ in Spain, through the Marano Christopher Columbus, the courageous sailor who slaughtered the indigenous people of Hispaniola and replaced them with Black Slaves from Africa. Columbus was funded, many claim by the Black Nobility, that would be the banking families, whom had salted away the riches of the fallen Roman Empire.

This was quickly followed by the rape and slaughter of the Gold Rich lands of the Incas and Aztecs and other Empires, all of which appear to have followed similar routes to their own demise, through the barbarity of their ruling class, which had a fascination with human sacrifice and the drinking blood. That said a frenzied search for gold kicked off in South America, where all the ancient ruins were vandalised in search of El Dorado, the golden man and all of it shipped off towards Spain, where pirates were lurking behind every wave, to steal the booty.

There is no evidence of the fate of the builders of the gargantuan ruins all over America, they appear to have simply disappeared, as happened to the same Great Architects in Europe, whom constructed their wonders as far north as the isolated islands beyond Scotland.

Egypt is another of these great mysteries, recent discoveries present an image of a People with a technology which refuses to conform to the image of history, with which we have been presented. It becomes more evident, by the day, that the Egyptians were actually living in the midst of the remains of a previous civilisation, which built all of the wonders of Egypt, apart from the few smaller pyramids. Evidence on the ground suggests that the oldest of the Egyptian remains, dated by the number of silt levels, left by the annual floods of the Nile, to be thousands of years older than the three or four thousand years, which it has been claimed.

So in point of fact, there is no positive proof of this famous claim of the Fall of Empires, many simply disappeared, some were over-run while others, like the British and French simply masked their activities, a ploy, which continue to this day. That leaves us with China and the Moors or Saracens or whatever and that Empire of Empires, Rome which is the preferred model, which demonstrates what we are supposed to be experiencing at this moment, in the Western World’s great Empire, which should be referred to as the British French American Jew Empire, the overstretched extent of the Empire and the cost of running it. This nonsense is no more than an excuse to keep the real loot under lock and key and to bring us, to our knees in a ball of confusion, but they can be thwarted.



Instead of electing politicians with balls big enough to sort these things out, we are cursed with a bunch of scum, whom are dancing to the tune of the thieves. We know that a few people, have, through the use of the money,  which has been stolen from us the workers of this world, been allowed to corner for themselves,  95 percent of the wealth of this world, which is exactly what destroyed the Roman Empire. So if we know this, why are we allowing it to continue?



On the News today, I heard Boris Johnson, concur with a Labour Party politician, that the choice of Russia, being given the right to stage the Football World Cup, which he claimed, was an obvious fix, and that for Russia to be given this sporting prize was as bad as Hitler staging the 1936 Olympics.

This followed a remark made by George Galloway, who in his disgustingly biased documentary, about resistance to the swamping of Britain with Muslims, tried to smear every group in the UK, which dares to present a Nationalistic view, as murderous, Nazi, Fascist, extreme Right and their leaders to be like Hitler. He used every conceivable excuse to introduce the image of Hitler into his rubbish, to the point where he even included mention of the ‘six million’ whatever that has to do with British youth choosing to fight for their right to their homeland, England.


His victim, when asked what he thought about the holocaust, pointed out to George, that he was unconvinced by the evidence, and would prefer to discuss the findings of experts whom had disputed, so much as even the possibility of the claims which had been made, but sadly that is not allowed in the UK. George made no response

All through the writing of this post, one way or another I have been drawn back to the same place, the Banks and the owners of the Banks. They are common thieves and they should be arrested, on the spot. To allow this nonsense, of debt and now the Russia business to continue, what started off as a British lie about nerve gas, which has now started to shift towards a World War, a war which will not go too well for Europe, most probably leaving it in the same state as the Empire has left the Middle East,  all of which is to the benefit of the Bankers whom seek chaos, needs to be shut down. The British should take to the streets and demand the evidence of the claims made by Theresa May,before things go too far, the clowns in the EU are already ‘convinced’ by her rubbish, how and why could this be so?

All of the anti immigrant antics in the United Kingdom, which Galloway, who admitted to being happy about the fact that the British were becoming a minority in their own land, opposed out of hand, failed to explain how his alleged support for the Muslims in Palestine, whom had themselves, been in the same position, when the invading incomers were Jews, but when the same kind of invasion, is taking place in the United Kingdom he failed to support his own people against the invasion of Blacks and others? This is seriously suspect behaviour.

Worse still, in South Africa, while the Boers were being swamped out of house and home, he was fighting against them in the company of Jews, under the control of the Bolshevik Communist, Joe Slovo and St Nelson Mandela the 33 degree, Freemason and Bolshevik Communist ANC brutal murdering terrorist leader.

While now, that a genuine Genocide is being carried by those lovable Blacks in South Africa, whom like the cold-blooded savages which they are, have openly announced that they intend to rid themselves of the remaining Boer Farmers and steal their land, without compensation, under the excuse of some sort of rubbish about Africa being for Blacks, Gorgeous George is strangely silent.

As the Muslims champion, Galloway is also one of the few remaining people on earth, who believes that theJews had nothing to do with 911, that it was all done by Muslims with box-cutters.

I’ll have to stop I seem to have lost the thread of what I set out to say. It come from trying to listen to the radio and write at the same time.

Totally Racist Affirmative Action.


As a well-known supporter of equality and fair treatment for one and all and having been obliged to reluctantly accept ‘affirmative action,’ which unfortunately does not take into account, ability or any other requirement necessary, to fulfil whatever role, as a selected member of whichever group, may be deemed to have some sort of priority over others, whether because of colour, gender, sexuality or simply confusion.  I now find myself seriously upset at the sight of teams of NFL players, mocking the United States, its President, National Anthem and Flag, teams which are almost totally composed of Black Millionaires, this is an outrage.

During the last World Cup, Footballing Championship in 2016, I was prompted to watch the match between France and Switzerland. I was astonished to find there to be such a sparsity of White players, that to a spectator, watching the match,  could well have thought, that by accident, they had wandered into a match between two countries with a majority of Blacks or Arabs. This simply cannot be allowed to continue,  it is totally racist and prejudiced against the White Indigenous people. I demand equality in the choice of National Teams, in the Maghreb or Darkest Africa we find only Brown or Black players so why not a majority White in White Europe?



How many of these players, have been selected by affirmative action, which delivered two teams without a player with half the ability of a George Best or Cristiano Renaldo amongst them? This policy, which can ‘allow’ all Black teams, without question, would not allow a team composed of all Whites. Should this stupidity, we will soon find ourselves in the grip of Peters Principle, which the inevitable result of such nonsense.


I was interested a few days ago to hear tell of group calling themselves ‘Black Lawyers’ should anyone White announce membership of such a racist organisation, these ‘Black Lawyers’ would be the first to call the ‘White Lawyers’ racist.

Why was there no uproar about the staging of ‘The Black Music Awards?’ Why no criticism of the Black Power presentation at the Super Bowl? Why do Black Lives Matter any more than do those of the Whites in South Africa? Why no enormous Protest March in support of the German people, whom are constantly,  vilified through the use of terms like nazi or fascist, which are now used, out of context, as smear words?

This in a world where ‘nigger’ which is no more than a mispronunciation, of the French word ‘Négre’ meaning Black, in a French region of America, where French is still spoken, is banned?

Jeremy Corbyn, the newly, self crowned, future Prime Minister of England, made no mention, in his virtually incomprehensible speech, at todays Labour Party Conference, that despite knowing full well that the Fabian Society was involved in talks about browning out the White British back in the 1920’s, and as soon as WW 2 ended in came the Muslims from Pakistan and the Blacks from the West Indies, all of them invited by the Socialists and financed by the newly installed system of Social Security, without which mass immigration would have been impossible, Corbyn has promised to continue the flood of immigration.

Social Security was never meant for the indigenous British, which is why the current immigrants are looked after far better than are unemployed,  White indigenous British people.

Corbyn’s Socialism is International Socialism, which is the NWO. He now talks of Climate Change instead of Global Warming, apparently expecting us to believe that CO2 causes both. He talks of Democracy while seeking a way to undermine the Democratic vote of those whom voted for Brexit.


He praises a member of his ‘Real Socialist’ team, Diane Abbott, a Black politician, who I heard a couple of days ago, talking about Black flight from immigrant infested London, thanks to having improved her social position, which now allows her to buy an expensive home in a ‘better’ location,  just as her elevated salary, allowed her to send her children to private schools, while she decries Theresa May’s idea of Grammar Schools for the more intelligent poorer people. That’s British Socialism folks!

Corbyn managed to slip in an attack against Donald Trump’s bellicose threats against North Korea, apparently forgetting that Trump has yet to actually initiate any war, while he Corbyn, was and still, is a member of the Labour Party which illegally attacked Afghanistan and Iraq, after an attack on 911, which it was claimed to have been carried out by men from Saudi Arabia and Israel, without a word against either of those states from Corbyn.

He then sat in the House, as David Cameron attacked Libya and Syria, just for the fun of it, while a member of his own team,  Hilary Benn, called for ever more destructive bombings of Syria.

Corbyn is quite obviously no more than just another spoke in the wheel of the controlled opposition, along with Gorgeous George Galloway, the Muslim’s champion, who to this day, allows Muslims to carry the can for 911, something which they were not even capable of carrying out, while he watches the destruction of the Middle East. I listened to Galloway shouting at a caller on one of his shows, ‘Don’t try to tell me that Gadaffi is any sort of Socialist!’ Well whatever he was George, he gave his people the highest standard of living on the African Continent, what have they got now?







Wall To Wall Bull

                       Wall To Wall Bull.

George Galloway, did today, on his Russian Today TV show Sputnik, interview a man who believes that I, should be paying him, reparations, because some past members of his family, may have been slaves.

White people in general, are being accused of this crime against Black people, when in fact very few White people ever owned or took advantage of Black people, whether in the United States, which is held to be the main recipient of whatever advantages may have been gained from slavery, or indeed in any other country.

White people, as in real White people, have in fact been made to pay for the welfare of Blacks from the day slavery ended, whether they could afford to or not.

Galloway conducted his interview, with the malcontent, without once uttering the word Jew. He did however mention the family of the before “Brexit” Prime Minister David Cameron, whom is of course proud of his Jew heritage. Cameron, like all Jews, is no longer White, they have as yet not decided how they should be perceived, never mind, Galloway informed us that the family of Cameron, would have received money from the Government of the UK, to reimburse whatever sum they may have paid, when they purchased their slaves, which would have been paid, no doubt,  from the taxes of the British public, a ‘bail in’ for the too rich to pay their own debts, I suppose.


Perhaps I am just a shade stupid, as my perception of the releasing of all of those ‘slaves’ would automatically, have resulted in a situation, much like the ‘Wall Street Crash’ in the 1930’s, of mass unemployment, homelessness and hunger, which would have presented ex-slaves, with all of the problems, faced by all colours and creeds in hard times.

Ever since those days, White people of European origins have been expected to pick up the tab by looking after all of these ex-slaves, while the Jew ex-slave owners have now presented themselves as being worthy of reparations for something that happened to them, and who will be paying all of these reparations, why White people of European origin, whether they did any harm, real or imagined, to any Jew in the first place.

Galloway never questioned the excuses made by the interviewee, as to why she should be any more eligible for reparations than anyone else for a situation in her family, because of his ‘past’ situation of slavery, which is similar to that of any White family, which has broken down, most probably for exactly the same reasons, as a Black family, without the need of slavery as an excuse.

Galloway could well have asked his guest, as to how she had determined her particular problems, to be in any way ‘slavery specific?’ For example, should I, as an innocent White person, allow my ‘hard earned’ money to be paid into her bank account, would that resolve her ludicrous attacks, based on her notion, of White Supremacy, the benefits of which I am totally unaware?

Galloway is not alone in his mission of stirring up discontent against White people, he could have gone to the trouble of researching the reality of slavery, before giving his bleating Black a pulpit, from which to preach her Racist Rubbish, Russia Today, Galloway’s pulpit, has adopted the same position, by ignoring US Governments statistics, which quite clearly show, an enormously disproportionate number of Blacks are involved in violent crime, whether it be rape, robbery, or murder, than are Whites and that ‘Black Lives Matter’ is a nonsense, that it is in fact the Police who live in fear of their lives when confronted with a belligerent Black and that by refusing to present the shooting of five Policemen, for the crime which it was, instead of reporting it as the long-awaited response from ‘hard done by’ Blacks, Russia Today is itself guilty of gross deception.

Galloway could equally well have demanded of his guest, who was presumably speaking up for those ex-slaves, whom arrived in the UK, from the West Indies, after World War Two, whether her claims of White Supremacy was extended to the superior numbers of White Irish slaves, whom were already and continued,  to work the sugar plantations, alongside the newly arrived, less efficient Blacks or is that of less importance?

While Galloway, who should be questioning his own motives, his employer Russia Today, is presenting a documentary about the “Great Patriotic War’ which is code for the Bolshevik Jews softening up of Europe, with the assistance of The City of London boys and Washington DC, while maintaining the well-known rubbish about the Germans, which includes the denial of the Holodomor, which is laid at the door of the Germans and those collaborators in Ukraine who fought bravely alongside them, to rid Ukraine of those same Bolshevik Communists, whom starved millions of Ukrainians to death and deported many of the survivors to Siberia.

This would be a good example of the straight talking President Putin, the man, whom many Americans find to be more of a man,  than is their own current President. Putin is also a man in whom Bashar al Assad has placed his trust, let us hope he has not been duped.

Speaking for myself, I consider the position of Galloway’s guest to be an insult. I am deeply offended by her Racist ideas, I am of course, being White and proud of it, limited in what I am allowed to say when faced with such garbage. I am sick and tired of being harangued by cretins like her , about their disadvantages and my imperceptible White advantages.

I will tell you outright that Galloway’s guest, should she ever receive one penny of reparations for herself and her family, she should be sent straight back to whichever African country she claims to be a native of and leave the rest of us a lot better off.

Like the Jews before her, she does not have a notion of the problems of others, like all Blacks she obsesses her own emotions while ignoring those of the German and other White victims of two World Wars, while  relevant facts which show that even in Paris, Blacks like her,dressed  in USA Military uniforms, liberating France,   were raping and murdering White Parisienne’s, a form of behaviour which will be ignored and  mean nothing to her. Black brutality is a well-known phenomenon but I am quite sure that Galloway’s guest, would not want all Blacks to be tarred with the same brush, excuse the pun, only Whites can be collectively held to be guilty, she could probably find excuses for mass murdering Mandela and cries from Zuma to wipe out the Whites, to the applause of Galloway.