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The McCann Saga Labours On.

The British Cops, we are told, are searching a plot of wasteland in Portugal, with all of the latest gadgets, in a new attempt to find, the body of a child, while the McCann’s insist that their child is still alive and in the hands of those whom deal in the White Slavery business or indeed some other form of trading in young children.

We are being told that the police are acting on information, which has led them to believe that the chosen site is worth investigating. The information appears to be that which we have known of for some time, namely that a man carrying a child was seen rushing through the streets at about the estimated time of Madeleine’s disappearance.

The description of the man was uncannily similar to Gerry McCann, however it is not clear if the man whom was seen with the child was also carrying a shovel.  This would have been an essential, I would have thought.

We would now appear to be presented with a scenario, which would suggest, that an intruder disturbed Madeleine and panicked.  Then instead of simply making a run for it, he decided to kill her. This immediately transformed him, from being a burglar into the most hated status of being a child murderer.

He then, instead of finding a large travel bag or suitcase, in which to hide the dead child, he chose instead to walk across town, with the child in her pink pyjamas, clearly visible to one and all, to a piece of open ground, where he scratched out a deep enough hole to bury the child.

Should he have legged it, the police would have taken no action, as nothing had been stolen from the apartment, it is doubtful that they would have done anything if the place had been stripped, however, here we are seven years on and they are still trying to nab him for murder.  This despite the fact that the McCann’s have denied the presence of blood near the window and the smell of death in the airing cupboard.

So what are we dealing with? Was Madeleine killed after she was taken? If so why? Job done, they had the child, surely they would not have taken her simply to kill her? Should remains be found, would it be possible, after all this time to decide by whom she had been killed?

This investigation is either to prove the unprovable or indeed to present a form of evidence which would corroborate the verdict of the Portuguese Police while at the same time letting the McCann’s off the hook.

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The Alternative Media Conspiracy.

Listening to the Alternative Media online is becoming a disconcerting business. A loud-mouth has made a recent appearance,  with a style which appears to be modelled on that of Alex Jones, meaning that you do not let a guest finish a sentence, you accuse them of some offence or other which is not too clear to the average listener and then “let him go.”   to be joined by a guest from the UK, who I have only seen one time on UK TV, where he was questioned about his invitation to join the Infowars Team with the aforementioned Alex Jones, to which his response was that he had accepted the invitation like a shot.

In the meantime the reputation of Jones seems to have taken a tumble and the alacrity with which the invitation was accepted, has been swept under the carpet, For  this current show, along with the Boss Man, he now denigrates Jones, along with most of the other un-unified alternative media hosts.

The difference between the host and his guest involved the theory of Dr Judy Woods, that the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre, had been destroyed by some form of  Free Energy, in tandem with the power of a hurricane, which was behaving in a strange manner, just off the coast of New York, at the time of the attack and the belief or misleading assertion, of Steve Jones, that the towers had in fact been deliberately destroyed through the use of Thermite or thermate, take your pick.

The show host was accusing the caller of being involved in some sort of MK Ultra attack on his dearly held belief that Dr Woods was the purveyor of reality, this was based on his belief that the caller was speaking in a calm, purposeful manner, as did all of those people, like Steve Jones, whom were involved with MK Ultra. He accused the caller of deliberately dismissing Woods ideas because he was involved in some form of collusion with Steve Jones, to undermine what she was suggesting took place that fateful day. Are you still with me?

The caller was attempting to coax an answer from the host, as to why he was suggesting that he, the caller, was opposed to Dr Woods, what he got for his trouble was an earful of abuse. His attempts to explain that he in fact supported Dr Woods were completely ignored, he was now a “Shill.”

We are now being told that we cannot trust Architects and Engineers, Jim Fetzer, Steve Jones, Alex Jones, in fact the only trustworthy hosts online, at the moment, are Pete Santilli and his chum Patrick Henningson.

This morning, I tuned the wireless to Rense, his guest was Michel Chossudovsky, the subject, the manipulation of Youtube, to hide pertinent clips, such as, Russia Today’s exposé of 911, which was, of course, continuing the jaded old story that it was all a controlled demolition. To where can you turn for the truth these days?  No matter I digress.

What I had intended discussing today was the question of Press Freedom and the intention of the UK government to curtail it, because of certain misbehaviour in the recent past, which amongst other things involved the efforts of the parents of Madeleine McCann, to not only gag the Portuguese Police, whom they dismiss as inept but also the reporting in the British Press of the long list of anomalies, in the statements which they and their friends made during the days following the disappearance of their daughter.

There has been a long and depressing list of child killings in the UK, during the time since Madeleine McCanns disappearance, in one of those cases the body of the child has not yet been recovered and yet, based on the available evidence, a man has been found guilty and gaoled for the murder.

The McCanns’ however, with the aid of the alleged paedophile Gordon Brown and a cross-dresser, who assumes the name “Miranda”, when not carrying out the wishes of the British electorate, by whom he was elected to represent, though considered to be  serious suspects in the disappearance of their daughter, based on evidence, much of which was uncovered by British researchers, have never had to face any form of thorough inquest or other inquiry into the disappearance of their child and were helped out of their predicament in  Portugal by the aforementioned alleged paedophile and “Miranda”, through their high-level intervention with the Portuguese Government.

The McCanns’, whom having managed to gag the Portuguese Police Officer, who wrote a detailed account of his investigations into the disappearance of Madeleine, which reached the conclusion that she had been killed in the families apartment, either by accident or in temper, succeeded in having the book banned in the UK.

Gerry McCann, who accepts his own freedom to accuse the Portuguese Policeman of ineptitude and downright lies, about the investigation into the disappearance of his child, was today, all over the News, declaring that the British Press should be denied the right to question his account of the very same thing. In fact he demands the right to tell the Police, that there is no point in carrying out an investigation into the complete and inexplicable disappearance of Madeleine, all they need do is ask him, what happened to her. It is as if no parent has ever killed their child.

The McCann’s are supporting a group called Hacked Off, in its attempt to take control of the British Press, which is called a Free Press, but which is in fact an outlet of propaganda for the Government. So it must be understood that any restrictions on reporting will not really apply to the Printed Press, which has lost most of its intelligent readership, but will instead be more concerned with those like myself, whom attempt to write the other side of the story. Hacked Off is part of an organisation called, Common Purpose, which is attempting to take control of local government, all across Europe

Common Purpose Exposed

So having got that out-of-the-way, before I forgot  all about it, I can now finish off the tale of Santilli on Rense. ‘Santilli’s next guest was a strange mix of a man, whom having claimed to be Arab, was suggesting that Israel had a right to exist, simply because they were there. They could attack Palestinians or whomsoever made trouble for them, in defence of Israel, while the Palestinians could not do the same thing in defence of their State. This he explained, was because the USA was not about to give all of the Red Man’s land back to its rightful owner, or some such rubbish.

As is usual, in this form of conversation, the talk quickly turned to Adolf Hitler, Santilli could find no words to adequately express his disgust on finding out that  Hitler had been financed by the Wall Street Millionaires and the Central Bankers.  Even should this be so and it probably is, why should that matter to him?  Germany was just another country, where investments could be made. In fact at the time, Germany was a good prospect, it was performing very well economically.

There is a habit now amongst the vast majority of brain-washed folk,  to believe that something sinister was happening to the Jews, before War was declared, quite the opposite reality, the Jews had declared war on Germany and were in the process of installing a blockade, as had been done in nineteen-nineteen, after the end of the Great War, which resulted in the starvation of nearly one million Germans.

Is Santilli in belief of some rubbish, suggesting that the alleged holocaust was being implemented in Germany at the time?  Does he believe that the Wall Street Financiers, were investing in Hitler’s regime knowing full well what was happening?  Or does he believe that Baron Rothschild woke up one morning, to the realisation that having been crying wolf, for over one hundred years about the burning of six million sacrificial Jews, that here he was, by some tragic twist of fate paying Hitler to carry it out?  Is Pete Santilli a cretin?

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