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The Miracle Of Sandy Hook.

It is perfectly clear that Robbie Parker, the father of Emilie, is playing the role of a bereaved father, in a clip which was filmed in advance, during a drill which had taken place at the Sandy Hook School.

There is another photograph showing some of the children escaping with their hands on the shoulder of the child in front of them, with their eyes shut. This was taken during the same drill.

What we are dealing with is yet another case of an event occurring at exactly the same location as a drill.

We have seen this phenomenon in New York, on 911, in London on 7-7, in Oslo on 22-7, in fact it is hard to name a similar attack which took place where there had been no drill.

The Sandy Hook incident is taking on the appearance of a “Drill too far,” they are now attempting to present the “drill” as the event. Those whom are playing the role of bereaved relatives are finding it hard to remember their lines, as are the police, whom forgot to turn off the cameras in the helicopter while they were running down possible accomplices, whom have since disappeared and taking the alleged murder weapon, out of the boot a car, which turned out not to belong to the supposed killer.

With so many parents role-playing, it is impossible to say whether we have been presented with any parent of any child whom was actually killed.

I have no doubt that when we are presented with photographs or film of the inside of the school, every trace of blood will have been erased, along with all of the security camera films and of course all of the dead children. Strangely there has been no evidence of bereaved parents clamouring for access to their dead children.

The only person whom appears to have been given access to the dead, is Barak Obama, whom was filmed with the ghost of six-year-old Emilie Parker on his lap.

14 Dec 2012 – A teacher’s son killed his mother and 20 young children, many of them in her class, Connecticut school shooting: massacre at Sandy Hook leaves 20 children dead Connecticut school shooting: the aftermath in pictures

The above is just a sample of the disinformation which was circulated in the aftermath of the event at Sandy Hook.