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Violent G20 Protests In Hamburg.


The violence against those whom pretend to be discussing the future of Europe, scales new heights, as the protestors are joined on the streets, of Hamburg by looters, a group which apparently included a rather mature looking chappie, who quickly pocketed something in one of the looted shops.

While other protestors cling grimly to the false idea of man-made global warming and climate change, both of which are merely a covert means of destroying what is left of European industry, by outlawing the means of production which continue to serve in China and India, but strangely, not in Africa, where a growing, unwanted and unnecessary surfeit of the population, is being paid to come to Europe and not to India or China, where the jobs are to be found.

There is already massive unemployment and hidden poverty in Europe, which is allowing itself to be over-run with those seeking a better life, in a region where they will find only low pay, virtual slavery and a life in a high-rise box, which will of course be ameliorated by the ownership of a ‘smart-phone’ and access to ‘snap-chat’ whatever that might be. Welcome my friends to Bolshevik Heaven.


The Riddle Of Jeremy Corbyn.

The Riddle Of Jeremy Corbyn.

The British can sure of one thing, Jeremy Corbyn is not too concerned about what those, by whom he was elected, want or expect. He is more concerned with power, and the possibility of introducing International Socialism across the world. Make no mistake about it, this is Communism, with the so-called Elite in control.

His Shadow Finance Minister, has already floated the idea of the government, giving everybody a monthly salary, which will deliver a fairer share of the wealth to everybody. This will eventually lead on to a state where that is all you will get.

This will then become a credit which will have to have been used before the end of the month otherwise it will be wiped from your account. This will ensure that you cannot have savings. Should you transgress, your account can be blocked making your life impossible. This is the wet dream of Socialism.

Corbyn, like the rest of the Members in the House is being disingenuous, he knows full well the aims of the Fabian Society, which correspond with the philosophy of The Milner Group, which has already surreptitiously, taken control of our lives,  through the use of our money and labours. Corbyn is a farce.

What is more he is in full support of the main plank in the agenda of the Elite, the lie of man-made climate change, which will of course be solved by restrictions on the poor.

The Carbon Tax, which Corbyn supports, will do nothing whatsoever to change the weather, it is no more than yet another means of degrading first world life, down to the level of the third world, instead of improving life for those, whom have never ever made the slightest attempt to do it for themselves.

As a politician, Corbyn should be fully aware of exactly what politicians are voting for in documents like Agenda 21 and 2030, however he has yet to explain whether he intends to support a document, which will forbid human beings access to the open country-side. Banish private transport apart from bicycles and make the ownership of your own home illegal.

You will not be allowed to raise your standard of living above that of the controlled norm. Childbirth will depend on Government permission. Accidental pregnancy will involve a mandatory abortion. All of these monstrosities are being planned for your future, after the end of the fast approaching Dark Age.

Any one who has spent a few minutes reading history, both ancient and modern, will appreciate that what I am suggesting has already been a reality, for most people since the dawn of time.

There have always been those whom believe that they were born to lead and all that bull-crap. This has lead to war and mayhem, from which the people have gained nothing. They have allowed themselves to be used in order to agrandir the lives of a bunch of fakes, who have no more than an illusion of power.

Corbyn has accidentally disclosed the absolute lack of importance in the role played by elected Politicians. He recently had a revolt by ‘senior’ members of the Labour Party. These are the mainly brainless idiots, who occupy the Front Bench in Parliament and a place in the Shadow Cabinet.

When they resigned and tried to get rid of him, Corbyn did quite simply choose equally capable idiots from the Back Benches to fill the roles of the ‘senior’ prats, most of whom, when they did have this ‘power’ took the UK into illegal wars and were so stupid that they did not spot the collapse which was on its way in 2008 and in response to which, Gordon Brown broke the Bank of England to pay the debts of gamblers in the banking system and did then introduce austerity. Well done.

The Conservative Party, with their Front Bench intact, promised to sort out the mysterious ‘deficit’ in short order. They failed to do so and installed ever more severe forms of austerity, all of which was to suppress the fact that Britain was on its knees, and everybody must be stripped of their wealth, never again to be able to afford a house and totally dependent on the State.

There has been a conspiracy to export British Industry to the Far East and China, to make sure that when the reality of the true, engineered, situation in Europe was exposed, there would be little left to suffer from the collapse of the European economy.

Where were the Fabian Socialists, while that was going on, I wonder? Perhaps they were doing what they have always done, deliberately provoking those wars, which distracted attention from the cold, hard events on the ground.

Now that the collapse has arrived, so-called alternative substitutes like Corbyn, are being presented as the solution to the problem, by slyly introducing the British to the naked theft of their few remaining liberties, into the hands of same gang which has been destroying the lives of the working man, since the days leading up to the Industrial Revolution.

As were all previous revolutions, the Industrial one was a rich mans’ revolution, which stripped the workers of their remaining rights and which drove the British out of the villages and into those Dark Satanic Mills, in which they were worked to death.

Only to watch the rich close down, those mills as the Industry was moved to Asia, where the cheap labour was to be found.

The chosen solution, to this sudden surfeit of workers in the UK, was two World Wars, which pitilessly slaughtered millions of young men, the finest in Europe. So we have come full circle and once again we are being manipulated by the rich.



This time around the rich intend to destroy our very civilisation, once again through the medium of cold-blooded warfare, hiding behind which they will once more destroy European Industry, which can later be re-started with an obedient Migrant population in place.  Migrants whom have been driven from their own warm and cosy lands, into the Arctic and the coming mini-Ice-Age, by the very people, whose ancestral lands will soon ‘belong’ to the incomers. This is sheer madness.

The Neo-Industrialists in India and China, are already greedily marking out Africa, where the resources are to be found, for the same Bankers whom once raped and robbed Africa and turned China into an Opium Den and India into a land of cotton and cheap clothes.

While at the same time, the bankers are paying the fighting age population of Africa to come to Europe and having been bussed into Libya, they are being picked up in the Mediterranean Sea and brought into Europe to destroy it.

Be sure, the immigration explosion into Europe is a war. This current war was declared in 2001 after a mysterious attack in New York, which was so complicated as to have been way beyond the capabilities of those whom were the ‘chosen’ guilty perpetrators, against whom there has never been one shred of evidence produced, proving that they did indeed commit the attacks.

Using this event as the excuse, Western Forces, under NATO and the controlled Arab States, under the Arab League, have set about the massacre of the Middle East.

The British, are even now, supplying the weapons which Saudi Arabia is using to destroy Yemen, having done the same thing in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, while the brain-dead British are unable to see the connection between the behaviour of their politicians and the coming Civil War.

The brutality of the British, has been diabolical and shows in clear images, the depths of depravity, to which, British and European Politicians, many of them Jews, are prepared to sink.

They are obsessed with violence and pain. Even mass executions demand a bit of torture prior to death.

Never forget, these people in ‘power’ recently told us that they had captured Osama bin Laden, in Pakistan, he was the most wanted man in the world, they killed him and tossed his body into the sea, and everybody believed them. If you can believe that you can be made to believe anything.

The Hidden Foundation of Our Rulers.




The Hidden Foundation of Our Rulers.


I would suggest, with some justification, that those of you whom regularly read my stuff, will be as well aware of what is going on in the world as I am.

You may have noticed that in recent times, I have hardened my tone on certain subjects, I do so, not to upset my faithful readers but to try to shock the casual visitor to my Blog, into a waking state of mind.

For example, for some time I found myself to be ‘self gagged’ on the subject of immigration. Along with most folk I accepted that a few foreigners, whatever their religion or colour, amongst us, was a good thing. However I gradually came to notice, that as time went on, I was becoming a ‘rare’ White Christian, amongst thousands of people of other Races.

When I tentatively began to ask of others whether they had noticed the same thing, their immediate response was to call me a Racist. I found it to be verboten, to so much as ask the question as to why France should allow itself to be swamped with people from the Maghreb, particularly when there was no work available for them when they arrived?

I found there to be a wall of obstruction around the entire subject, which denied any freedom of discussion.

The evidence of my own eyes told me that there was an agenda of some sort in operation. I soon discovered that most of those whom I had previously treated as friends or colleagues, were so far removed from my point of view, that it became impossible to have any sort of intelligent conversation with them, out of a fear that it might drift towards ‘Gay Marriage’ or some other beyond the bounds stupidity.

As with a lot of other things, I believe that occult propaganda has already, quite deliberately, destroyed marriage and the traditional family. There is ample evidence in support of this claim in the writings of those like Theodore Adorno and others from the Frankfurt School, at Columbia University, in the USA, to where it was reestablished, after the collapse of the Stasi in East Germany.

The Tavistock Institute in London has also carried out deep research into the best method of destroying the family, they decided on the use of the Welfare State, which was used as a replacement for the part played in family life by traditional fathers.

I am not too bright, I take a long time to absorb the reason for subtle changes which are quietly introduced into daily life. It took me a while to notice, that while I was prepared to question some of these changes, when they did finally come to my attention, others showed no interest whatsoever and simply accepted, without question what was placed in front of them.

One of my first problems was with abortion, this was a phenomenon which arrived, hot on the heels of the relaxation of divorce laws. On one occasion, in front of a load of women, I asked, why abortion was not simply referred to as murder or the killing a baby, which is what it is?

I have never, in my life, witnessed such an uproar coming from a pack of women in support of such a horror. All of the excuses were brought to the fore, ‘It’s not yet a baby’ to which I responded is a sprouting seed a plant? The argument continued in this vein, whatever was said against abortion there was a stock response in support of it.

It became clear to me that the excuse for this mass murder of babies, was part of the plan to reduce the population of an over-crowded planet. Job done, we have dutifully slaughtered god knows how many millions of babies in response to this dictate, only to find that those whom suggested this culling are now telling us that there is a demographic problem across the Western World, which can only be remedied by the importation of folk,  whom are obsessed with sex and have need of three or four wives, with which they are going to create anything up to twenty babies, and not a word about abortion from our leaders.

Now it does not take a smart person to understand that to even maintain the population level, a family needs to produce at least two babies and preferably three. So the assumption was made,by one and all, that there was a way of using the numbers of people who were already available, to carry out the tasks necessary to maintain society,  as the numbers were being reduced. It soon became clear that this was not so and there was something terribly wrong with the advice about reducing the population, and now the stupid questions began about who was going to pay our pensions and all that rubbish. Had nobody ever considered this before suggesting population reduction?

At this point instead of urging women to have a few more babies, which is a simple and quick solution, we were informed that the only means of solving the problem was to bring in these brown or black people from the Third World.

When I was young there was no such thing as a job that nobody would willingly choose to do, you accepted whatever was available. Nowadays these ‘undesirable’ jobs are to be found everywhere, because immigrants will do them for nothing, but they stay on when the job is done and there never seems to be any question about who will be paying for them.

In the process and apparently unremarked by the media, major cities across Europe have a majority of immigrants: that is the reality. White people are in flight, soon there will be nowhere for them to flee.

The lack of young White Europeans, thanks to abortion and ‘family planning’ is proving to be a disaster. We have been lead to the end of the road and even now there are unnecessary abortions taking place, without a word of warning from any Politician.

Women are choosing to freeze their eggs, so as to make it possible to have a baby even after they stop ovulating, ensuring that they will be having no more than one child, in order to continue a career.

What is even more serious than that, they will not even be sure that the egg implanted in their womb will not have been modified in some way. They are going against nature, which is never a wise thing to do.

We are all being manipulated into a corner, soon there will be more old people than in past times, because Europe has not been involved in a genocidal war since the end of World War Two, which explains why, despite the failing health of Europeans, through diseases like diabetes and cancers and other things, which were rare before the world was introduced to the monkey genes, in Polio vaccines, in the 195O’s, the result of which is a sick but living group of old folk. Overall, general health has plunged, we are far less fit and well than were our grand-parents.

The next step on the road to serfdom, is to take away our private transport, in the name of Sustainability, the meaning of which is whatever they want it to mean.

We have just witnessed in Europe and the UK, a number of referenda, The results of which have been found to be unacceptable to our rulers. In Britain there is a form of pandemonium at the moment, with the Scottish Nationalists unhappy about a vote to remain in the Union with Britain and now a with the vote to leave the EU.

While in the UK, all three Parties in Parliament and those minor Parties alongside them, want to remain in the EU, while the people of Britain for whom Politicians work, do not. So there is pressure for another referendum.

Alongside that one, Jeremy Corbyn, was elected by a huge number of members of the Socialist Party as Party Leader, a result which did not please a load of brainless twats on the Front Bench of the Labour Party, who forced a second referendum, which Corbyn duly won but which has not been good enough for those whom forced the issue.

On top of that, Corbyn, the brother of a top climatologist, has announced that he intends to ban ‘fracking’ for gas, not because it will poison the underground water, but to cut down CO2 emissions and to force people to use unreliable, renewable energy in a land which lacks sun shine and wind and against the professional view of his own brother, who will explain to him that cutting down CO2 emissions will do nothing to change the weather and that it is quite normal to have an increase in CO2, AFTER a warm period and never BEFORE a warm period, so Jeremy’s suggestion is crap and he knows it to be crap. Which is yet another reason to watch Corbyn carefully.

His henchman, the Shadow Finance Minister, is quoting John Lennon and talking about the Labour Party standing for real Socialism and it is no longer necessary to whisper the word. He is also promising equality for everybody, that would appear to interfere with the possibility of improving your situation, that I suppose in the neo-Socialist UK would be frowned on.

He also praised the generous donation of a Council House, which improved his own and his brothers lives, when they were youngsters, does that suggest the idea Social Housing for everybody? After all property is theft except of course for the Elite and their chums. He forgot to mention that equal shares for all, means no more than the minimum necessary to sustain your life.

With only renewable energy available, the ‘smart meter’ in your home, will be turning off appliances on a cloudy day, while making nighttime a matter of going early to bed, with no need to turn off the lights.

The whole world now knows that oil is not a carbon fuel, it is a product of the planet and is available everywhere, there never has been a risk of shortages, that was a lie, to justify higher prices. Now-a-days oil and Carbon are being used to deny us, having reduced the population, to enjoy certain privileges which would not have been possible for a larger population.

Sadly we were duped and lied to on a massive scale, it was only White folk who made the effort to reduce their numbers and apparently it was all for nothing, apart that is, to get rid of Whites and to make room for those whom could not keep their one eyed snake in their trousers and who will more easily controlled by the Communists in power.

The Truth About Theories And False Claims.




The Truth About Theories And False Claims


There is currently a truly bitter struggle taking place on-line, mainly on youtube. A dispute which demonstrates, graphically, the disparity between the claims which are made about 21st Century knowledge and technical achievement, and the absolute inability, despite the availability of all of this modern  knowledge and equipment, for champions of the status quo, to present any more evidence in support of their firmly held theory a “globe” earth, than are those  whom have come to “believe” in a flat earth.

This whole business is fascinating, it involves the so-called truth of science, versus the religious beliefs, of those whom quote the Bible, in support of their claims. It is frankly impossible to decide which of the two groups should be declared, in the “evolutionary” sense of the word, to be creationists.

However hard it may be to believe, there is no evidence, which has yet been delivered in support of the earth being a globe. It is in fact a theory. In support of this “theory” we are offered claims that it is a “scientific” theory, which is completely different from a mere “theological” theory, who knows why.

Everything in science, it turns out, is supported by one of these type of “scientific theories,” which I have been assured on numerous occasions to be so “near” to the truth as to be “almost” the truth, so it follows does it not, that they must be true? Well not for me or those whom actually seek the truth.

Before taking on the onerous task of discussing, not for the first time, the problem of these two theories, globe or flat earth, I watched a clip from a lecture addressing another theory, “The Holographic Universe.” What I was seeking was an idea as to how this subject was being approached by academia. I selected a clip of Leonard Susskind,  a well known Jew physicist, whom when still young, modelled himself on Albert Einstein. In current jargon, I believe that would be referred to as a Red Flag. Einstein has long been outed as a fraud.

Susskind was making all sorts of scientific claims, in support of his argument, every one of which, was in fact, pure rubbish, which is scientifically referred to as “theory” but which was being delivered with an air of having some sort of factual basis. This lecture was being delivered to University students, without maintaining an element of doubt as to the certainty of the theories being delivered.  While enduring this type of lecture, the claims simply go into your head uncensored.

I no longer accept anything on faith. This is why I am looking very carefully at the business of a Flat Earth, not because I am too bothered – because whatever it is it is – but because I do not take kindly to being constantly presented with total garbage, which should I refuse to accept,  I am referred to as a “Theorist,” the wrong sort of theorist for sure. This in keeping with the bastardisation of our language, we are expected to understand two meanings to the word theory, one being indisputable, while the other is ridiculed.

There are those whom suggest that we are being distracted by the discussion of a Flat Earth, by those whom are diligently destroying our way of life,  while watching and laughing at us take part in a useless discussion, with no possibility of either side producing the killer punch.

That is simply not true, because what has already happened, during the course of this debate, is a general acceptance that we did not go to the moon, for example. This is evident from the lack of photographic evidence of the earth itself, taken from the moon or indeed on the way to the moon.  The Moon rocks were fossilised wood readily available on earth.

There is not one example of a photograph of the planet earth, from space,  in existence.  Should you find one for me I would  be more than willing to apologise for my claim, which I make having spent hours on-line in search of such an image. Many claims are made and links provided but no real photograph only composites.

The alleged genius Einstein, gave us no proofs, only theories. Every time he ran into trouble with one of his theories, he produced yet another theory to correct the problem. In order to prove the theory of gravity, he was obliged to produce the theory of relativity, without which gravity does not conform to the theory which we are expected to believe.

So one theory is supported by another theory, neither of which are in any way supported by fact and this is the sort of ammunition which is used against the theory of a Flat Earth.

Susskind was no different, he was making use of the theory of Black Holes, to illustrate the theory that information cannot be destroyed. He explained exactly how a Black Hole functions, even as the debate about the very existence of Black Holes continues to be debated, it is apparently very much like an external Hard Drive, that’s right we are now in the realm of an external Hard Drive replacing the tape recorder as an illustration of the continued existence of information, even as it theoretically flows into a Black Hole.

Do you see where I am going with this? Susskind is a propagandist, he is leading us to believe what it has been decided we should believe,  either in the absence of truth or indeed to hide the truth.

The only truth, in which you can place your trust or belief, is in what you see around you. Not the City or the traffic, but in a quiet place in the country-side, that is where truth is to be found. A place where you can watch the ants and spiders and hear the birds singing and catch a glimpse of a Deer in the distance, that is truth. While involved in that experience there is nothing else in the world that matters, you have to physically return to that mess.

I have a dozen cats. I have just experienced the annual Cat Wars. My big ginger Tom Cat is covered in blood and his ears have been ripped and torn, while he endeavours to fight off the daily attacks from itinerant Tom Cats, following the scent of available sex, back to my cats who are on heat.

Even the litte sister of my big Tom has been ritually raped by several Toms and she displays numerous traces of the bites which are used to make sure she sits still while being raped. This is a whole civilisation living right under our noses, delivering  an almost unseen view of the rituals of Wild Cats.

The other cats never relax, sometimes a strange Tom will jump on to the table, on which I feed them,  to eat with them, they all flee in panic, even big Ginger. All of the wild Toms are my cats, they all know me, so they will approach, but they never stay, they have chosen to live in the wild.

My Blue Beauty.

This is one of mine, he vanished with his mother long ago, what a beauty? This Morning, by accident, I found out where this fella had been hiding out, god knows how he made the trip back.


Sometimes I take a pee in the garden. One day I noticed that it was the day when all of the ants in the garden fly away. As they were emerging from their nests, I noticed that my pee was raining down on them like brimstone from the heavens. I quickly redirected the flow.

There is some internal signal, which,passes between the colonies, which on a particularly humid day, delivers an order,  that they should sprout their wings and fly away. I watched enthralled as the wings sprouted in front of me and the ants flew away to who knows where.

I began to wonder about these events, my cats and the ants, and of course the birds in the trees and the boars digging my garden. What could they all see that gave them their own particular vision of reality.

Did they believe themselves to be in some matrix of their own, with mechanical devices, which we perceived as wings? I was simply having a pee, thinking about their existence, did they, I pondered, ever wonder about mine, could they see me and what did they make of me was I no more than a bigger insect?

I could have a theory about this facet of our alleged holographic universe and the ants relationship with Black Holes, should I so choose, or I could simply dismiss it all as a waste of time and continue with the relatively unimportant chores, with which I was occupied, when I found myself to be in need of taking a holographic pee.

The unanswered questions are surprising and what is more, instead of simply ignoring them as being silly, it may well prove to be more intelligent to look into them, whether it be to prove, as you have been educated to believe that the Earth is a globe or indeed some other shape.

There is no doubt about it we have been deliberately encouraged to believe certain things which it is perfectly clear are total lies. There are no two ways about it, events such as 7-7 in London, were never properly investigated. The most horrific attack ever carried out in the UK and there was not the slightest attempt made to dig out the masterminds behind it. The perpetrators were already being identified, long before any evidence had been produced which even pointed towards them.

People whom had lost their feet, as the bomb blasts roared up through the floor of the train, were not even called to give evidence at an Inquest held after the attacks.  Nobody had seen a backpacker.

What should be asked, with great urgency, is how far up the chain of command these irregular sinister crimes can be traced. Did Blair the man who refused an inquiry or indeed any investigation other than the staged claims made against four young Muslim lads, order that there should be no proper investigation, to save his own skin or to obfuscate the identities of those shadowy characters who have total control of idiots like his good self and the fact that the real power rests in the heart of the City of London?

The number of “theories” with which we have presented is endless and we have been pressurised into believing them. Should you doubt that, explain to yourself,  why those around you may believe that CO2 is a green house gas, and that it has some sort of magical effect on the weather and that if we all cough up a little bit more tax, our leaders can solve the problem.  Sounds fishy to me. 


More Examples Of United Nation Lies.

Take a look at the body language of this woman.  She talks of solutions for a non-existent problem, solutions which will deny us all access to adequate supplies of electricity, in the name of cutting down CO2 emissions.   This, full in the face of all of the ‘real’ evidence which shows quite clearly, that higher levels of CO2 are beneficial for the planet, the deserts bloom and the rain forests thrive.

This is the lie which they are using as the excuse to impose their real aim, that of a Carbon Tax, which will throw us all into poverty.

This spokes person talks of connecting dots, which has lead to her believing in her own garbage. Why does she ignore evidence, such as the ice-cores, which demonstrate, quite clearly that CO2 increases after the warm periods of the past and are quickly followed by a cold period, a fact which is supported by the cycles of the Sun.

Her whole manner suggests that she is fully aware of her attempt to mislead the public into submission to the dictates of the Zionist controllers if the United Nations.

A ‘souped-up’ version of Agenda 21 will soon be announced in an up-coming event in Paris.   This get-together will deliver the coup-de-grace of the United Nations aim to destroy the industrial base of the United States and Europe in the name of cutting CO2 emissions to zero.

The Zionist conspiracy will then set about cutting down the population of Europe and the US, which will have the added bonus of reducing the aspirations of the remaining dumbed down survivors, making them happy to work in the manner of their fore-fathers in the early days of the Industrial Revolution, as virtual slaves.

Agenda 21 is the Communist Manifesto for the 21st Century, do not be fooled by the claims that it is for your benefit.  Take a look at what the Bolsheviks did,  when they were allowed free rein in Russia and China and behind the Iron Curtain during the years which followed World War Two, nobody knows exactly how many Europeans were actually slaughtered.

Wake up and make sure that you are not on the next hit-list.

The BBC Prepares The Ground For Future Erroneous Reporting.

Before the New Year has been celebrated, the BBC has already introduced us to its intention of continuing the deception of the Public.

Steve Jones, a man whom considers himself to be an academic, whose opinion should be accepted, without question and whose advice has already been taken up by the BBC, on matters of reporting science news, has now informed the BBC audience, that should he have his way, it would become unnecessary to present an opposing point of view, to that of his own.  He described the opposing position as “madcap,” likely to present a false balance, in any discussion such as Man Made Global Warming, where he tells us that “The Science is Settled.”

However it was noticeable, that in keeping with current parlance, he spoke not of Global Warming, but of Climate Change.  One is obliged to ask of him, in a subject which was “settled,” why the change?  Could it be because there has been no sign of Global Warming, for the last fifteen years?

Jones is also an Evolutionist, whom along with others, would like to see all opposing points of view banned. He signed a petition, which sought to refuse Pope Benedict the right of a visit to the UK. He has also suggested, in all seriousness, that Religious people should be banned from Medical Practice. He is of the opinion that only Evolutionists, should be taken seriously.

So where does that lead us? Where does that leave me? Would Jones suggest that I must accept all of the unsubstantiated rubbish, which he and those like him, would force down the throats of a gullible public, or risk a prison sentence, as is the case with the unsubstantiated tale of the holocaust?  Will he soon be calling for restrictions against Bloggers?

What Jones is up to, has nothing to do with Science, it has more to do with manipulation.  When it suited the manipulators, they presented us with “God.” A God with a fierce and cruel disposition and should we transgress, we would be condemned to Hell.

To modify the belief in this God, in no way undermines the ideas of the Creationists, it merely removes the image of a being resembling Barry Gibbs of the Bee Gees, sitting in a big chair, with the idea that things are not quite as we thought they were.

Evolutionism, has no more support in reality, than does Creationism. Those like Jones, whom seek to enlighten children away from a belief in the super-natural, are still madly searching for the proof of their own “theories.”

However, real science and the ideas of Quantum Physics, which support the “theories” of plusieurs dimensions and levels of existence and a reassessment of time itself, are leaving the Luddites, such as Jones, way behind in the Science of the Meaning of Life.

The BBC presenter, made no effort whatsoever to take Jones to task. No mention of the lies, which were told by the Climate Research Unit, in order to bolster up the bogus claims of “warming,” which of course was completely ignored by the BBC, which sat on the released E Mails, and have never discussed them. Is this what Jones would call a “Madcap” idea? Jones has described Creationism as anti-science, would he therefore describe his acceptance of CRU lies, as part of the legitimate scientific process?

While those of us, whom are still travelling along the road towards enlightenment, Jones is part of the vanguard of opposition, attempting to prevent the awakening of the masses. He is indeed part of the problem. He will never discover a satisfactory proof of his theory of Evolution, he will however, continue to present it as fact.

The BBC, has persistently given this man a platform, from which to present his false doctrines, none of which have been proven beyond doubt and none of which stand up to scrutiny. Any request for an explanation of even the tiniest of questions concerning Evolution, are ignored. The BBC has ominously, put many of his editorial beliefs into practice.

For example, there has been discovered a tiny creature, which moves itself around with a form of propeller, which is powered by a form of elastic band, which in  turn has need of a system to wind the elastic band.  How can the need of all three of these devices, in order to make a viable creature, be accounted for by Evolution?  How did the creature survive during the millions of years necessary to “evolve” all three devices? Questions such as these will be lodged in  a dark place, like the CRU E Mails.

What we are coming to understand, is that there is no substance to life. It is becoming more and more clear that all is an illusion.  What we have yet to discover, is what powers this illusion.  The biggest obstacle to this search, is the continued misdirection of those such as Jones, whom are so sure of their own credibility or perhaps, so well paid to misdirect the rest of us, that they would glue us in  the past and try to prevent a massive revolt, against those, whom for Centuries, have controlled us with lies.

Saint George Battles The Hitler Gene.

Having already infected many politicians and so-called Dictators, the Hitler Gene now appears to be loose in the world around us.  Luckily, the swaggering, humanitarian warriors of Saint George, the well-known slayer of dragons, are on hand, to once more go boldly into the breech, with no regard for their own  safety or comfort to rid the world of the Hitler like menace, Carbon Dioxide.

Carbon Dioxide has in past times, been thought of as being one of the most important gasses, with which the planet Earth has been blessed. It was once thought of as being the most beneficial of all the gasses for the promotion of plant  growth, Market Gardeners had pumped copious doses of Carbon Dioxide into their greenhouses to increase the yields of their crops, apparently unaware that by doing so they had created a massive change in the weather.

The United Nations invested millions of Dollars in “baksheesh,” which was liberally sprinkled amongst  scientists, whom had been instructed to declare the World to be warming, because of this alleged effect of Carbon Dioxide on the Earth’s weather. The electronic mail which had passed between these men of letters, suggested that despite a lot of manipulation, the temperature refused to rise and persisted in declining. This would suggest to those of normal intelligence, that the Carbon Dioxide could therefore not be responsible.

Well they would be wrong, apparently the mail which had passed amongst the scientists, which appeared to be quite clear, it was all in English, was not quite as clear as it appeared. It was in fact in Scientalese, a language which inverted English. For a scientist, up is down, increase is decrease, so it follows from this, that to “hide the decline,” should be read as “do not hide the decline.”

The idea that the World was warming, as we had been told, has now subtly changed, despite the fact that it had been getting colder, for many years, which it continues to do, we have to accept that it is in fact, getting warmer and colder at the same time, which is being caused by this new Hitler Gene, encased in Carbon Dioxide, which is now responsible for all and everything that is wrong with the planet.   Problems which can only be solved by wearing a sweater in bed, to reduce Carbon Dioxide production, giving up our cars and of course, paying extra taxes.

I was intrigued by this capacity of a kindly simple molecule to change, in an undetectable manner into something else. which was highly dangerous and would probably end up killing us all.

As I pondered this enigma, I was introduced to yet another example of this phenomena, of inexplicable change occurring unnoticed and without warning, when a Black women in Kenya, explained to the world that a white English woman, had been involved it an attack against a shopping Mall in Kenya. This was explained  while the attack was still in progress. A statement which was in total contradiction with a statement which had been made by the Kenyan Government.

Samantha Lewthwaite, the woman in question, is now better known by the DC Comic Cut name of The White Widow. The exact source of this nick-name is unknown, however it probably come out of the foetid depths of the CIA or Mossad.  This is the girl, who was apparently married to one of the 7-7 Patsies, whom was gunned down in London’s Docklands, probably by the same band of scum, whom pumped eleven dum-dum bullets into Jean Charles de Menezes, in the London Underground, as he lay, unarmed on the floor of a Tube Train.


Samantha was also pregnant at the time, with her second child, one of the reasons  her husband had accepted a days work for the group, which was carrying out a drill on 7-7, for which he was to earn a days pay. She was in no way involved with any group of lads from the North of England, whom were the alleged bombers on 7-7. She was just an ordinary young mother, who was about to be infected by the Hitler Gene.

Samantha, disappeared from her home in the UK, some time ago. She may have kept in touch with her family, however they do not appear to have made any comment as to her whereabouts or even whether she is still alive. Nevertheless, the award-winning liar from Sky News, Alex Crawford,  announced to the world, on the early morning News programme, that she had discovered the whereabouts of Samantha, in Kenya. Surprise! Surprise!

What is more, Samantha now has a fourth child. She was living in what appeared to be a luxury apartment, overlooking another shopping Centre, where we were assured she spent hours, mingling with thousands of people, whom were quite unaware that the “joint was being cased” for as long as eleven months, in readiness for a possible attack. Finally of course, the  Westgate Mall was selected and four men attacked it, all of whom were killed.

The Sky Liars, not only discovered the whereabouts of Samantha, they managed to dig out witnesses, whom verified, from photos which they were shown, that the woman whom had lived in the apartment, with four children, was indeed the person in the photos. We did see the photos. She then abruptly disappeared, this happened in 2011, which would be two years before the attack on the Westgate Mall.

Finally, the Coup de Grâce, Sky News found Samantha Lewthwaite’s Laptop.  And what do you suppose they discovered on her Laptop?  You are not going to believe me when I tell you. They found that she had downloaded the Mujahedeen How To Make A Bomb Book.   On top of that, Samantha, whom looked just a little bit chubby, facially that is, had downloaded weight reduction and Body Building programmes? Crawford assured us that someone had attempted to destroy the computer but had failed. I suppose they had no matches, so they chose to leave it where two years later, it was found, still intact, with all of the damning data, still available.

It appears that Samantha wanted to style herself along the lines of Taylor Swift,

  Take your pick which style she was after.

We now arrive at the item which to my twisted mentality, was the most powerful piece of evidence of the total fabrication of this reportage, They claim to have found an Ode to Osama Bin Laden, which spoke of Samantha’s love for him and her assurance, which was described by the liar Crawford, to be a side-swipe at the West, that Al Qaeda was stronger than ever and that they would win in  the end.

Now I know hundreds of Arabs, from all across the Maghreb and the Middle East, yet not one of them believe that Al Qaeda is anything other than a tool of Saudi Arabia and the Israeli, USA, UK and French coalition of evil.  Now I am quite sure that having had her husband killed, after he had been contacted by the man from Al Qaeda, and having no doubt watched all of the alternative films, which are available online, Samantha Lewthwaite would not be writing an Ode to Osama Bin Laden.

She would probably, like me, doubt the very existence of Osama Bin Laden and like me, she would probably question the apparent strategy, of attacking only those targets which served the interests of Israel. Even the attack in Nairobi, which was finished off by a Mossad team, was designed to fabricate an excuse to attack Somalia. So how does this exact any sort of revenge for the execution of her husband?  I fear for the future of Samantha Lewthwaite.  She is beginning to resemble a Patsy herself.  She is most certainly unaware that she has in fact, been hit by the Hitler Gene,

UK: In The Grip Of The Big Freeze And The Big Lie.

George Osborne, the Eton Boy, is warning the British people that they can expect the austerity measures to continue until at least Twenty Eighteen. He is also now under pressure to solve the problem of the abnormally early arrival of a glacial Winter, by adding a Carbon Tax, to the already impossible burden of debt, which is bearing down on the shoulders of the tax-payer.

Osborne and his Eton chum, millionaire Dave Cameron, the Jewish Prime Minister of the UK, is constantly blaming the Jewish leader of the Socialist Party, Ed Milliband, for the sorry state in which the previous Socialist administration, had left the country, which had resulted in the need for such drastic measures, in order to “kick-start” the economy.

Boy George, the Jewish Finance Minister, should understand, that the highly unreliable “kick starter” was phased out many years ago. The solution involved quite a small investment in a device which is often referred to as the “starter” or more correctly, The Starting Motor.

Should any of the so-called politicians in the UK, have the slightest intention of “starting” the economy, instead of paying every penny of Income Tax, plus all of the money which is leached from pensions, health and education funds, in order to extract enough money from the pockets of the people, to ensure that the Eton Boy has enough funds to pay for the Champagne of his Public School banking pals, they would instead, use the money economised, to invest in that Starting Motor, by perhaps setting up a few job opportunities for the down-trodden British workers.

The Labour Party, under Blair and Brown, with the full support of the Conservatives, took all of the necessary steps which created the so-called “debt” in the UK.  It is all being blamed on the spend, spend, spend attitude of the people in the glory years when they were given access to cheap credit and an endless number of Credit Cards.

This is all just Chaff, to cover the reality of the gradual decrease in the funds which were available to pay the illegal interest on the British Currency, which while it is in circulation, carries a debt of interest to the Bank of England, which is a private bank, it was never Nationalised.

The slump in taxes, which were needed to finance this interest, declined, due to the fact that there was a shortfall of taxes, as a result of the transfer of British industry, to what have become known as the BRIC countries, creating not only unemployment but also this strange bird which is called a service economy.

Perhaps Osborne and Cameron believe that the British, whom despite being “Dumbed Down,” have failed to notice that all Western countries, from Ireland all the way down to New Zealand, are being put through the same austerity measures, Blair and Brown can hardly be blamed for all of that. This is all being done to order. There is no debt, that is a fraud and no attempts are being made to generate a recovery. Our rulers can afford to allow Europe to wallow in poverty. They have billions of customers for their wares in China, India and other Asian countries. Europe is finished, along with the US.

While being forced to pay an illegal debt to the bankers, the British are being prepared to pay another illegal tax, which they are being told will stop floods and snow and hail and rain and heat and cold. Yes, the full control of the weather can now be accomplished simply by paying Carbon Tax into the private Swiss bank of a chappie called Rothschild.

At the same time the European Union, which of course was designed to provide a European Market, which would shelter us from goods which were manufactured by slaves in the Orient, by restricting the free access of foreign products into the Zone, has been a miserable failure. Free Trade has destroyed tariffs and restrictions and has dealt a death-blow to Europe.

Instead of facing up to this new reality, that the EU does not work and will never work, we are being forced into an even tighter corner by bought and paid for politicians, whom claim to have the best interests of the people at heart. Europe is quite obviously a failure, from which the Peoples of Europe seek an exit. It is being being forced on to us by those whom have been seeking this outcome for the past hundred years and they are not kindly people, during those one hundred years they have carried out the slaughter of many millions of people.

It cannot have passed, unnoticed by the British, that winters are not warmer than in past years. Many must have already decided that those whom speak of a mini Ice-Age, are more likely to be telling the truth, rather than the proven liars whom are presenting the Global Warming/Climate Change tale.

There is a photograph on-line, of a house in Gloucestershire, which has been flooded so many times in the past, that the owners have raised the house on stilts. These floods have nothing to do with climate change, the River Severn has always flooded. As have most rivers in Europe, so why are we being deluged with howls of Climate Change and fear mongering? Could it have anything to do with the Free Press? Most of the Free Press is of course in the hands of Jewish companies, whom are in turn owned by Jewish bankers, whom are in turn owned by the Mystery Men.

Do not under any circumstances take my word for anything, with a computer it is possible to check for yourselves. Speaking for myself, I was amazed at just how many lies have lain dormant in my head for years, I am still in the process of digging them all out. It will soon become clear that we are in fact totally controlled by lies and have been forever. No matter where you look you will find them. Believe me just a little bit, if you are seriously seeking a solution to our current monetary problems, which like the weather come in cycles, forget your received opinion and take a look at Adolf Hitler, he once saved us from the Russian invasion and he could, even in death, save us from our current problems.

New York! New York! Look Out! Here Comes The Flood.

Here in Nîmes, back in nineteen-eighty-seven, of the last century, there was an absolutely catastrophic flood. The entire town was devastated. Bodies washed from their graves, causing problems to count those whom had been killed in the inundation. Thousands upon thousands of homes, cars, buses, all washed away. This was of course happening while the earth was still warming up. Of course back then, it was just the weather.

In fact this is an area which is quite frequently flooded, sometimes severely flooded, however, there has been no flood around here in recent times which compares to the flood of nineteen-fifty-two.

Attached to the outside wall of many local Town Hall’s, can be seen a marker, where the water levels of each flood is registered. I have not yet seen one with a greater depth than that which was achieved in past years.

I quite often have a river passing through my garden after a brief shower, believe me, when it rains down here, it rains.

We also have two mythical winds, the Mistral and the Tramontane, both of which blow through these parts, with gusts of seventy to eighty miles an hour. Occasionally you might hear someone remark “Oh la la, ça souffle.” I have never seen the Mayor, on TV claiming to have never seen such a storm in all of his life. I can only assume that five feet of water in New York is deeper than five feet around here or anywhere else, which is hit by hurricanes every year. Where people regularly lose everything they own.

The response to this event, has submerged the rest of the News on Sky for the past two days. I have been astounded by the number people whom are presenting this as Global Warming/Climate Change proof. This idea has now become a religion. There is no more proof behind the claims that either one or the other is caused by Carbon Dioxide emissions, than there would be had they chosen to blame it onto the smell of coffee in the morning.

Despite the fact that the whole premise for this idea has been shown to be a lie, that is, that Carbon levels rise before a warming period, when in fact the rise comes after a warming period. Al Gore was a liar, he presented, deliberately, the graph, upside down.

Even so, it has become clear to one and all, that in fact the world is cooling and has been since nineteen-ninety-five or so. Yet the call continues for restrictions on private transport to cut down Carbon emissions, which would suggest that Carbon, not only heats the planet but cools it at the same time.

The spokespeople in New York, spoke of both Global Warming and Climate Change as if they are interchangeable terms. The only thing that does not change is the fact that whether the climate changes or warms up, it can only be bad. We must all be very afraid of the weather.

Let me just sum up what I am getting at. If in past years, we have experienced more severe weather, colder, deeper, hotter and wetter, than now,  how can we all still be here and still driving our cars?

We hear that the North Polar Region’s ice-cap has melted to a surface area not seen since some date in past years but we do not hear that sea ice in the Polar Region in two thousand and eleven broke all records for its coverage and longevity. The last record was set in two thousand and ten.

I can not figure out, despite reading a lot of articles about the “weather” how anyone who could not tell me last night, when I checked the weather for today, that it would be raining, yet they insist that if I do not stop driving my car immediately, there is going to be disastrous weather in the future which will destroy us all.

The Mayor or Governor of New York or New York State, Cuomo, assured us all that the fact that there had been a storm a couple of years ago and now the worst storm that the planet had ever seen and thanks to the gargantuan efforts of the firemen  and other organisations, thousands of lives had been saved, that this was a sure sign that Global Warming was taking place and that a similar event could be expected every year. Why should that be so?

Nîmes has not experienced a similar event in the last twenty-five years and Anduze in the past sixty years. The UK had similar floods in nineteen-fifty-two which have never been repeated, though other areas have been flooded, which is all part of normal weather patterns.

In due of the fact that Carbon increases after a warm period and it has, in the past, been at far higher levels than it is today, would it not be more prudent to increase Carbon Dioxide, which would in fact be beneficial for the planet, rather than reducing it which, in terms of it being a Greenhouse Gas, would tend to cool the planet, thus thrusting us into a far more severe Ice Age, than the mini Ice-Age which is almost upon us? Or are we to believe that paying a Carbon Tax will automatically, by the grace of God, give us an unchanging weather pattern?

Having grown tired of Sky and its lengthy propaganda report, I turned to the Alternative News.  There were several Occupy type events taking place in Canada. The first was the Global Warmers, assuring us that this Hurricane was a sign from above, that would be our last chance to take action before disaster struck.

This was the Sustainable Development group, whom believe that it is possible to force everyone onto Solar Energy, and restrict the use of private transport and accepts the lie of Peak Oil as Gospel truth. This is despite the fact that Solar Panels and Windmills are being quietly dropped as a solution to electricity needs.

In another post I explained how close to where I live, a Solar Farm is being installed. It will serve a village of five hundred people. Twenty-five thousand panels are needed. This will supply electricity when the sun shines. It has been cloudy for several days now. When the changeover is made, the village will be on restricted supplies quite quickly.

The next group of protesters assured us that this Hurricane was not natural, it had been deliberately generated by HAARP and it could in no way be blamed on Climate Change.

Next stop Infowars. The guest was the “Godfather” of HAARP, Nick Begich. I once watched a documentary about HAARP, where they explained, with the use of a carefully constructed model, how a vibration, generated by HAARP or GWEN, could cause an earthquake, they duly sent a pulse through a loudspeaker, which caused the part of the model which represented a slab of rock to slide, which was an earthquake.

I could have saved them the time and trouble, in my  workshop, when I use the column drill, all of my pots of paint fall of the shelf. Without causing an earthquake of course.

Anyway, Begich gave us a lecture about all sorts of wonders which are available to the Pentagon. It appears they can change the weather at the flick of a switch, make it rain, snow or control the Slip Stream, whenever they want. So can other people. So one is left with the impression of men in white coats, whom like Danny Kaye, clicking his fingers in “The Court Jester” battle away on  computer keyboards, with cries of “Take that,” in an effort to outwit the other, while the rest of us wonder why the rain comes down and then goes back up again.

Quite frankly I am fed up with all of the unsubstantiated claims coming from people like Begich. Control of the weather is only of use, if  you are the only one with the capability. Except of course if you intend to use uniquely against your own people or a more primitive people.

The notion that it would be used to stoke up support for Obama in the upcoming election seems a little bit ludicrous, when one has been told by one and all that the election result has already been decided.

I would have thought that this ability would be far better used to create warmth on the planet, which would give them their excuse to inflict us with Carbon Tax. It would appear however, that their capability is in fact restricted to things which may or may not have been carried out, like diverting storms. It is all a bit like Uri Geller, it all happens just as the camera runs out of film.

I am beginning to believe that since nineteen ninety-six, when it became clear that the Earth was cooling, thus throwing a spanner into the warming works, they have been making use of a very primitive tool to heat the Earth, that is vapour trails, which resemble clouds, which is in fact the most efficacious Greenhouse Gas of all. Yet despite their efforts the Earth continues to cool. I also believe that vapour trails contain noxious substances which are harmful for us and the planet.

The Destructive Power Of Free Trade, The Modern Form Of Slavery.

 This is a re-issue of a post, which I first published back in January 2012. Not much has changed in the meantime, but Trump and Brexit and with an upsurge in support for Marine Le Pen in France and various European ‘people first’  groups across the EU, are holding out a slim hope of change.’


Back in the day, long, long ago, the people of the Western World, actually made things to sell. This will seem strange to the younger people whom may happen to read this article. They will probably have trouble digging out anything which has been ‘Made In Their Country.’

Once upon a time, in Europe, we made Radios, Cars, Washing Machines, Motor-Bikes, Televisions and a whole range of other things. The people of Europe had the skills to make these products and for a period,  after the Second World War, Europe enjoyed more or less full employment.

Then came The Common Market.  This was an agreement on trade amongst the members of this small group of countries.

Those countries which were not members, were warned that should they remain on the outside, they would not have access to the new trading group.

The Common Market became the European Economic Community, then simply the European Community, in fact for a while, in some places to this day, people are not sure what it is called, in my neck of the woods it is referred to as Europe. All of this fiddling with the name was to avoid using the word UNION, because of course it was not a UNION.

Things progressed for a while in a reasonable manner. Smaller countries like Ireland, Portugal and Greece, now called the PIGs,  were bought over with financial aid from the deep coffers of the European Commission in Brussels,  which had sprung up, unelected, out of nowhere. At the time it was an opinionated character called  Jacques Delors, whom held the reins of power and he it was whom sprinkled around the cash bait.

As the Community enlarged, European countries on the outside, began to notice that major international companies, such as Toyota and IBM, were opening manufacturing plants in member states of the EC, in order to gain access to Members markets. If it was made in Europe it could be sold in Europe.

The UK for example, which had lost its way in the Motor Industry, benefited from the arrival of Honda and Datsun whom along with Ford dominated car production in the UK. The same thing happened to electronics, old names such as Pye and Murphy vanished to be replaced by Japanese manufacturers.

Ireland gained advantage from the burgeoning computer industry, apparently because they could speak English, which made things easier for the Americans.

Things rolled along quite nicely for a while, the Common Market, EEC, EC quite suddenly became the EU. Then we began to hear talk of Free Trade.

This was of course a device to help all those under-developed countries, which had been suffering from trade tariffs, which made it impossible for the poor souls to sell us their produce, so we must do away with these barriers which restricted fair trade.

Then up pops that other word Globalisation. Another nice word, it means, sharing, yes that’s right, sharing our wealth in order to bring a better standard of living to poorer countries. What a laudable idea.

Hot on the heels of Globalisation, we have Global Warming. Now what can this mean? Well it means we will have to close all of our factories in Europe, to cut down on Carbon Dioxide emissions because it has been decided that Carbon Dioxide is killing the planet. Well of course we must do something about that, mustn’t we?

So what do we do? Well we pay the factory owners to move out of Europe to China. Yes you did hear correctly, we ‘pay’ factory owners to export their factories overseas. Wait, there is more, our leaders then guarantee, to pay any loss of profits incurred by the factory owners over a ten year period, as a result of this relocation overseas.

I have never managed to find any logic in this exercise. Right off the beam,  we were presented with a load of Cock and Bull, about Carbon emissions. On arriving overseas, these same factories can emit the same and more Carbon Dioxide as they produced in Europe because there are no restrictions on Carbon Emissions over there.

In the meantime, over here, there are no jobs and no factories and no skilled workers. But of course we have Free Trade.  So where does that leave the people of Europe and the UNION?

Well to put it simply, unless we can come up with a whole range of useful gadgets, which cannot be manufactured overseas, ensuring the jobs of European workers, we will have to compete with the slaves in China and India.

On top of that any salary will soon be losing fifty per cent of its worth, through Value Added Tax and Carbon Tax alone. On top of that there is still Income Tax and Duty on Petrol and Cigarettes and Alcohol. Then of course we have Local Taxes, in France Tax d’Habitation and Tax Fonciére, Tax on TV, and various other bits and pieces, finally ending up with the Death Tax.

To wind up this article, because it does upset me to just think about all of this criminality. All of it is based on lies and deceit. It is a means of keeping the people in misery and preventing them from progressing to a higher and better form of life. Greedy people with a lust for power are keeping us in the Dark Ages. So let us take a look at where we now find ourselves.

Now that our Traitorous leaders, without our permission, have chosen to sign Free Trade Treaties, the end result will be the inevitable loss of all good quality European Industry to China or India, where the cheap labour lives.

Should we wish to compete, we will be obliged to work for less money that is obvious, our leaders are already explaining this in subtle ways.

The very reason for the European Union no longer exists. Free Trade makes a so called Trading Block obsolete. Have you all failed to notice, everything is made in China. It is not manufactured in Europe in Chinese factories, as were Japanese cars, back in the day, it is all imported from China directly into Europe.

Who gains from all this? Well the Multi-National Companies of course whom were subsidised by us to move out.

European Politicians talk of “Green Industries” what does that mean? What “Green” things can we make that the Chinese will not make. I, personally represent a vestige of European Industry, and I have people who will secretly take a photo of my things, from every angle, to send off to China for cheap copies. That is the real meaning of Free Trade and Globalisation.

The next step will be the closure of the remaining industry,whether Japanese or local, to set up in China, in order to be able to compete with companies which are already established there. Big Name Japanese products, such as Rockefeller’s Sony are are already made in China.

You do not need to be very smart to understand that this cannot be allowed to continue, things can only get worse. The Bankers financed China. They have now managed to group all manufacturing into Asia, where the workers teem around like ants.

Through the use of puppet politicians, they have managed to chain us together with United Nations Treaties, as if the UN has some sort of power over us, it does not. It is simply another device, which was set up by the bankers after the Second World War,  in the same way as was The League of Nations after the First World War. After the up-coming Third World War, they will be setting up The One World Government.

Their minions have just signed ACTA into law, yet another International Treaty, to stop us from freely using the Internet? The Internet will soon be for the private use of the big Corporations and Banking transactions, which we will all soon be obliged to use, to buy and sell, as the Bankers are, even now doing away with cash.

Industry is not coming back to the US or Europe, that is, not until they have decimated European man and brought in a new slave population. The people of the Western World have been duped into submission by bought and paid for traitorous politicians.

There are three imperatives for Europe. Firstly dismantle the EU. Secondly dismantle NATO and thirdly dismantle the UN, all of these bodies are controlled by the Bankers. None of them work for you. Eventually they will turn on you. It is NATO which is killing us already with Chem-Trails. When called upon to do so, they will send Foreign Troops into your country to kill you.

These people are ruthless. Do not be fooled into believing that they will not do to you, what they have already done in Russia and China, where millions were slaughtered. Be Warned.