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Is Politics A Mere Sham While Godfathers Hold The Real Power?


The problematic question, which needs answering, is whether the Rothschild family, which recently funded the election of attack dog Emmanuel Macron in France, while supporting the machinations in the United Kingdom, which lead up to the Brexit referendum, which saw to the exit from power of Rothschild Man,  David Cameron, who was replaced by another ‘friend’ of Rothschild Theresa May, is in favour of Brexit or not.

Most of those to whom I have posed the question as to whether they approve of the election of Emmanuel Macron, tell me in no uncertain terms, that the election result was totally rigged, through the manipulations of the controlled media and the carefully released documents, which presented the most serious candidate in the recent election, François Fillon, as a thief, for doing exactly what every other politician has been doing forever, leaving the preferred candidate of the People, Marine Le Pen, as the opposing candidate, whom could be cheated out of the race, claiming it to have been because of her ‘fascist’ approach to immigration, without a murmur from those whom have been trained to accept that whatever claim may be made against Le Pen is the honest truth.

The Rothschild family has provided many of the well-known, top politicians in France for decades, much in the manner of Goldman Sachs, which is also a part of the Rothschild’s stable , which has given us the majority of top Economic Ministers and the Governors of the European Central Bank, the Bank of England and of course the Federal Reserve. Not to mention previous Presidents of France, including Georges Pompidou and now Macron and Prime Ministers, the likes of Edouard Balladur. So to suggest that he holds some degree of control over European affairs, is not stretching the imagination to breaking point.

In view of the enigma, of David Cameron having been allowed to call a referendum on whether the UK should remain in or leave the European Union, the result of which was allowed to stand, without any apparent rigging – unless that is the ‘real’ majority voted to ‘remain’ – while the combined forces of Parliament and the Media, are attempting to dilute the result, to the point where should they get their way, the United Kingdom, will find the ‘Brexit’ vote to have been a waste of time as nothing will change, so what is being kept from us?

I was told by British News outlets, that British tourists were being offered as little as 80 centimes of an euro, for a pound, on arrival in Europe. I questioned some British holiday makers and asked them what the exchange rate had been, they claimed it to have varied between 110 centimes and 115 centimes, which is lower than it was a while back, but 115 centimes is a lot better than the reported 80 centimes and they seemed quite happy about the rate, presumably, because like me, they were prepared for the worst.

So what is the purpose of all of this chicanery? Will ‘Brexit’ finally be thwarted through the usual means of a second referendum, or will it be carried out, giving the impression that the British voter has won a victory, when in fact it was the desired result all along, which will simply clear the way for the British to lead the remains of its Empire in yet another Union, who knows?

When one compares the alleged influence on International affaires, of the Rothschild banking family, one can only wonder if the Rothschild’s are themselves mere front-men for the real rulers of this planet. Like the Italians, it could well be that they are being blamed for the crimes of others.

Adolf Hitler, the alleged most brutal human being of all time, often referred to Jews in a truly objective manner,

The struggle for world domination will be fought entirely between us, between Germans and Jews.  All else is facade and illusion.  Behind England stands Israel, and behind France, and behind the United States.  Even when we have driven the Jew out of Germany, he remains our world enemy.

– Rauschning, Hitler Speaks, p. 234

Hitler was also opposed to the construction of a Jew State in Palestine, claiming that the Jews did not want Israel as a homeland in which they could live, but simply as a base from where they could set up and run their International criminal organisations, without fear of interference from International justice. Events have shown that he was right on the button.

The people of the world find it difficult to believe the actual truth about Hitler, even as they daily watch the true War Criminals, continue their slaughters, long after the death of Hitler, the man who almost single-handed gave us Workers Rights, which having been copied in past years, have long been thrown back into the dustbin of history and the working man is once more in chains without a hope, while the Communism, from which Hitler and Germany fought so hard to save us, encroaches into every aspect of our lives, threatening to consume and destroy us.

Goldman Sachs Takes Britain By The Nose Towards Destruction.

The British people most assuredly must be the least informed electorate in Europe. They have a Jewish dominated Parliament, which unanimously handed the control of the British economy into the hands of Jewish Bankers.

The new British Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mark Carney, today announced that as inflation remained inside of the desired band, there would be no increase in interest rates. This simple act of stupidity, exposes the true aims of the government, which is to create a housing bubble, which will deliver massive profits for the Bankers.The ultimate aim of all this to make it impossible for the average family to buy their own home, this is a fait complet as I write in London, it has been decided that the riff-raff need nothing better than a Communal existence, in blocks where only your bedroom is private.

Mark Carney, is a Jew and he gives the Jews an almost Full House, in the positions of power in the UK. He joins the Three Stooges, Miliband, Clegg and Cameron, the “Leaders,” supported by George Osborne,  the Finance Minister and Vincent Cable, the Industry Minister, plus the Commons Speaker, John Bercow. Jack Straw, the man who took the UK into Iraq and Afghanistan, still takes his seat in the Opposition benches, all of them Jews.

Those who have not yet committed themselves to a life-time of debt, in an effort to repay an enormous mortgage, may well dive in head first, with the helping hand, which is being offered to those whom are eager to create debt, through the sale of houses,  but which is being portrayed as a “Help to Buy” scheme, with which David Cameron has been pumping up the “bubble” which only he is unable to spot.

At this moment, should a young couple in London choose to buy a home, at current market prices, which I understand to be somewhere in the order of 250,000 pounds, it would take all of their salary for ten years or more, simply to repay the capital. Cameron’s chums in the Banking World, would demand at least the same again for themselves in interest.  This would suggest that finally, a Mortgage, has come to mean exactly what it says, it will be to the Death.

The struggle which this would involve, has not been helped, by yet another scheme, which has been surreptitiously passed in Parliament, allowing the government to steal any spare cash which you may have lying in your bank account, to “Bail-In” banks which are” too big to fail” as they say. Cyprus, it would appear, was no more than a dummy run. This step has been taken by all of the Central Banks including the ECB. One can but ask the question, as to why these “Big Banks,” are still being allowed to take control of smaller banks, which are allowed to fail?

The final cut in this farce will arrive, when Carney finally decides that enough flies are stuck on the sticky tape for him to notch up interest rates, at which point, the debt slaves, with a 250,000 pound mortgage will be faced with an up to a 3% increase, compounded, on an already frightening monthly payment, which will lead to bankruptcy for many and the loss of their home for many more.

The European Union, which has taken over the day-to-day running of the UK, has taken an extremely serious decision, which could well herald the end of a long-time favourite of the British, whom have, for generations, enjoyed a tin of Cling Peaches and a tin of evaporated milk, for a Sunday tea-time treat, while listening to the radio.  The EU has banned the importation of Mangoes from India, which are in fact Cling Peaches. Not many people know that, according to Michael Caine. I suppose that means that the British will just have to make do with the stand-by tin of Apricots or Bartlett Pears.

While Carney was telling straightforward lies about the British Economy, the man whom sold the Royal Mail at a Car Boot Sale price, Vince Cable, at a price which allowed an executive of Lazard’s, by whom he had been advised,  to snap up vast quantities of shares in the Post Office, which he immediately sold when the value, as he had expected when he advised on the sale price, went through the ceiling, he made an eight million pound profit on the deal.  Cable is expected to call on Lazard’s services in the future, when he starts the Privatisation of the National Health Service, when he should be calling in the Serious Crime Squad to arrest a certain William Rucker, for the crime of insider trading.

So there you have it, Goldman Sachs, a Rothschild agent, has seen to the training of the team, which has been placed in charge of the economies of half of the world, claiming that they are more capable, than are democratically elected governments, of sorting out the mess, which was deliberately created by the “Too Big To Fail” criminals,who have created austerity, with the help of Jewish politicians, as a means of destroying White European Society.

Just as they lie about the true state of the economy, they lie about the number of immigrants whom are streaming into a bankrupt UK, putting a strain on everything, from education and health care, to housing and employment, in a country where there are two and a half million fully unemployed, with a further couple of million  part-timers and of course one and a half million zero hour slaves.  There can be no excuse for allowing this to continue. If the elected British Government can not even import Mangoes, without permission from the Jewish controlled European Union, what is their purpose?

 The reality of all of this is a hidden agenda to strip the Goy of all of their power. We are even being lied to about the actual number of white people left in Europe and other Western countries with populations of European origin. What has been happening in Ukraine is the future for the rest of us. How long can it be before immigrants, whom outnumber indigenous people in parts of once White dominated European countries, do as is being done in parts of Ukraine, claiming autonomy and the rejection of elected governments of which they disapprove?

What the elite would like to do, is to destroy any country with enough clout to stand up to the Super World Government, which they are intent on setting up in Palestine, when they have finally exterminated the Palestinian people. For the last hundred years, they have been slicing country after country to ribbons, to suit their policy of “Divide and Rule.”  This has moved on a pace during the last forty years, to the point where there will soon be no country on earth with a white majority population.We are an endangered species which will very soon be at a point from where we will be unable to recover. This is White Genocide.


Cameron Is Called To The Court Of The Crimson King.

Front man for the City of London Bankers and erstwhile Prime Minister of the now, Goldman Sachs controlled United Kingdom, David Cameron has been ordered to take a look at the brand new Luciferian centre of command of The Red Shield family, in the Free Masonic, Washington DC style, city of Astana, Kazakhstan.

Cameron has unashamedly announced that he is there to procure business for British Industry, despite the fact that Kazakhstan has been held in the grip of a dictatorial government, which though describing itself as democratic, has allowed no change of leadership during the past twenty years. They claim to be a “young” democracy which is still learning the ropes.

Cameron, in common with most of his chums in the Conservative Party, do not give a toss about trivialities like Democracy, they would prefer to take total control of all of those whom vote them in to office, in the same cavalier manner as do the Bankers Government in Kazakhstan.

Perhaps on his return to the UK, Cameron might explain to the people of Britain, the exact purpose of this new Masonic City in  Kazakhstan and the part it is expected to play in the future placement of the Rothschild Central Office. Is the good Lord Rothschild on his way out of a drowning Britain. Is Astana already equipped with an underground city. Is Mr Cameron expecting to be offered a place with the Elite, when the chips are down and the rest of us start to transmute into fertilizer?

The Reality Of The Fiscal Crisis? It Is A Grand Larceny.

From Scotland, where the leader of the SNP Alex Salmond, is already plotting ahead of the referendum, which may or may not give Scotland its Independence from the Union with England and Wales, the position of the newly liberated Scotland, in the European Union.

It does not seem to have occurred to Salmond, that the people whom he expects to vote for their liberty, in a referendum, would be inclined to hand this liberty into the hands of the un-elected, Fascist organisation, which is a front for the very bankers whom have deliberately destroyed Europe and its industrial base, without the right to a Referendum which would give Salmond, the authority to make a decision on the subject. Like all psychopaths, he is already issuing dictates.

To Ireland, where the people, believe that they won a version of freedom from the British, which in effect was a false belief, the British left behind their Political system, which was already loaded with traitors, in  advance of Independence, and of course their Rothschild controlled Central Bank.

For fifty years, he Irish struggled with the burden of the illegal Compound Interest and the debt which it inflicted on the Irish people, and as a result were stuck in poverty and remained in the pocket of the Brits.

Then along came Europe. The Irish people watched traitorous politicians embed them deeper and deeper into the claws of the hidden controllers of the EU. Irish politicians were and are members of  secret organisations, where they were given their orders on how to trap Ireland.

Subsidies enabled the construction of roads and motorways. Business premises were quickly filled with foreign companies as a means of gaining access to the vast EU market. Readily available credit plunged people into enormous debt through swinging rates of interest.

Then came the Euro. It was clear from the start that Ireland was not in the correct fiscal state necessary to merit entry into the zone. To get around this problem, the EU made “experts” available to hide the reality of the Irish National debt, making Ireland acceptable. Bear in mind the EU did not give a fig about the truth, they simply wanted everyone in the zone, the less suitable, the better. The object was to take control of all economies.

The Irish wanted to retain the Punt. They voted No! The Government fixed the second referendum. Step Two, the Lisbon Treaty. Once again the people said No! Once again the second referendum was fixed.

Now the plug has been pulled and the prepared collapse is under way. Ireland is back in the Stone Age and another Referendum is looming. Ireland is already in a position where it can never repay the Compound Interest on the outstanding debt, without being obliged to take even more money from the IMF or the ECB or indeed, heaven forbid, from the Brits.

By now, it must be perfectly clear to the brave people of Ireland, that they have been betrayed and there is no way out, other than a new, serious change in the monetary system in Eire. The Central Bank has got to go. The only means of pulling the country together is through the use of interest free loans to boost the economy and the availability of enough funds to pay Corporation workers and the Health workers and all other essential services. Europe must go. It is and has always been a Zionist trap.

The European Commission is already making threats, that should Ireland refuse the new Fiscal Deal which is being proposed, they will never be given access to bailouts in the future. All the better. Call their bluff. Print the bailout yourselves, without interest. It’s the same thing but cheaper.

Any money which circulates in Ireland has no effect on the rest of Europe but it can solve the problems at home. Europe has been destroyed by design, by the European Union. Things will not be getting better if it is allowed to carry on. They have given all our jobs to China and they will continue to do so in the name of Carbon emissions.

Take a look at this extract from Der Spiegel.

She (Merkel) has shown Sarkozy’s Socialist challenger François Hollande the cold shoulder, and that is unlikely to change in the run-up to the vote. According to information obtained by SPIEGEL, leading conservative governments in the EU — those in Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom — have agreed not to receive Hollande during the campaign.

Merkel secretly agreed with Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti and Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy that Hollande should be shunned, SPIEGEL has learned. British Prime Minister David Cameron also agreed not to meet him.

They weren’t just motivated by sympathy for Sarkozy but also because they’re angry at Hollande for saying he would seek to renegotiate the fiscal pact agreed among 25 of the 27 EU members. The agreement on fiscal discipline, pushed through by Merkel at an EU summit in December, is a central component of the EU’s strategy to save the euro in the debt crisis.

This is scandalous, not only because it shows a complete disregard for the Sovereignty of another EU member State, it also smacks of a form of propaganda, designed to give Francois Hollande the air of being a sort of “rebel” whom is likely to upset an apple cart somewhere.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Hollande is in lock-step with Sarkozy and all of the other fanatical Zionists of the EU. He it was whom enabled Sarkozy to sign the Lisbon Treaty after it had been rejected by the French electorate.

I have interviewed several members of his Socialist Party, they are not inclined to undo the Lisbon Treaty, using the lame excuse that it is too late, when in fact it is never too late in a democratic system, let alone in a Republic like France. The Socialists signed the  amendment to the Constitution, necessary to legalize the Lisbon Treaty without reference to the people.  The Socialists also support Agenda 21, without reference to the People.

Greece, is not being allowed to leave the Eurozone. They have in effect defaulted on their debt, however it is not being called a default. It makes no difference what they choose to call it, a fraud by any other name, is still a criminal offence.

Greece is being forced to accept money in order to pay interest to the very people whom are making the loans. All of this is designed to force Greece into the same position as are the Irish. They will never pay off the debt and the people are now being told that a fraud which was carried out by Goldman Sachs, which is a subsidiary of the Rothschild Empire, in order to give Greece the impression of solvency and an entry into the Eurozone, which is under the control of the ECB, which itself is owned by the same banking families, all happened without the knowledge of the EU.  This is laughable and criminal.

The European Commission is attempting to give the impression that they were duped by the likes of Ireland and Greece, this is rubbish, they were on board with the fraudulent figures manufactured by Goldman Sachs, it was all in the planning of the contrived excuse to take control of all Eurozone economies.

None of these events were accidental, they were part of the biggest sting operation the world has ever seen. They are all involved, the politicians, the Judiciary, the bankers, the Top Cops all of them. Why do you think nobody has been called to book?

We are all teetering on the brink of a precipice. Our elected politicians will not help us out. They are traitors. They have stood silently by watching these events unfold. The People, believe that they will be better served by electing a new regime. They are due for a rude awakening. Electing another Political Party will change nothing, change will only come when they take to the streets.

So you see Scotland, you need to be wary of politicians like Salmond. It makes little difference any more whether Scotland is part of the UK or not, the Treaty of Lisbon, which Salmond apparently supports, has already linked Scotland to Norway, so very soon it will no longer exist. He is also in favour of Agenda 21, which will be the final nail in Scotland’s coffin. Your dreams of freedom will be transitory.

Hitler’s Dream.

I have the gravest doubts that the conquest of Europe and the installation of a National Socialist Dictatorship, was ever in fact a dream of Adolf Hitler.

I have not been able to uncover any compelling evidence to support this idea.

The more one studies the events leading to the outbreak of World War 2, the more one finds that most of the documents, in fact, disclose that Hitler was put under immense pressure by Britain and Poland, to carry out an attack, in support of Ethnic Germans whom were being slaughtered in annexed territory in Poland.

This is worth mentioning, as we are back in the same position now, as were the Peoples of Europe in nineteen thirty nine. The Nazi’s, that is the National Zionists are attempting to recreate the state of affairs, which existed at the time of the forced German attack on Poland.

One of the major events leading to war in the nineteen thirties, was the collapse of the British Pound. The money men have now, quite deliberately, manipulated the Euro into the same position.

The reason behind the European Crisis is so transparent, that it beggars belief. How can it be that the so-called leaders of the “Free West” can not bring themselves to demand the reason, for accusing the Sovereign States of Europe of the mismanagement of their economic affairs, when in fact the crisis was deliberately fabricated to create an excuse, to demand that the countries of Europe, enter into a dictatorship, under the control of the very bankers whom manufactured the debt?

The same David Cameron, whom is being cheered by some for having refused to accept the proposition that European Fiscal matters should rest in the hands of Germany and The European Central Bank, was quite content to place the UK into the hands of The Bank of England, which is owned by the same cartel which controls the ECB.

Whatever Cameron’s game is, it is certainly not being carried out from concern for the British public, there is something more sinister behind these events.

We have been watching these little gremlins poncing around, all of them apparently under the supervision of Sarkozy and Merkel, both of whom are under Zionist control. Where are the representatives of the other fifteen states which are in the Euro-Zone? Do they have nothing to add to the debate? Have they turned up simply for the meal?  I know things are tough but surely they could afford to eat at home.

The most pressing need for all of our elected representatives would appear to be, how to find a way around the very rules which they allegedly signed up too, against the wishes of their electorate, in order to change the Lisbon Treaty, in such a way, as to be able to claim, that there is no change, in order to avoid what is written into the Treaty, that is a referendum asking for the permission to bring in the change. This is often referred to as Democratic.

Merkel and Sarkozy have already made it clear, that whether Britain likes it or not, it will eventually be obliged to join the Euro-Zone. The only way Cameron can avoid this eventuality would be to leave the Union, however I doubt whether his handlers in  the City of London will condone such a move.

As for Hitler’s dream of a European Dictatorship, well the dream was the dream of his handlers in Wall St. They are the dreamers whom financed The Third Reich and the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia and Mao in China.

Goldman Sachs already have a man in control of the ECB, Italy and Greece and nobody has yet made a move to stop them.