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Welcome To The New Chinese/Bolshevik Empire

The British and American people have either been so dumbed down that they cannot see what is staring them in the face, or they are totally barbaric, without a care for anyone but themselves. Having slaughtered between them anything up to one hundred million people during the past hundred years, they can still find room in their heads, to believe themselves to be caring, sharing people, yet they apparently believe that the people of Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen and Afghanistan deserve what they are getting from the coalition of filth called NATO.

In the above clip, the ‘illegals’ are howling about the White Supremacists, whom have kindly financed them, in a manner which was never available to them ‘back home’ which is why they came to the USA illegally in the first place.

I find it difficult to understand why so many White people, appear to be prepared to allow their homelands, however they may have been obtained in past times, to be not only over-run and taken away from them but to finance those whom would do exactly what they accuse the ‘White illegals’ of having done in past times.

Huge numbers of the so-called White invaders, were sent to America as slaves, they had no choice, of course we only ever hear the tales of the failed Races, the Blacks and others, whom even before they were brought to America, from the poverty-stricken, cannibal infested lands of Africa, were living an extremely precarious lifestyle, which improved massively when they arrived in America, despite the fact that they had to ‘work for the man’, as we all did and still do, apart that is from those same parasites whom have been educated to believe that I owe them a living.

The Blacks in South Africa, have failed miserably to take advantage of the magnificent construct which, through the same sort of mass immigration, into South Africa, which was cultivated by peaceful White farmers, whom stole nothing from the Blacks, because the reason they settled where they did, was because it was an empty land. The Blacks came hunting for a free lunch and in the end six million Whites, were expected to take care of forty-million Blacks.

Left to his own devices, the Patron Saint of the Blacks, Nelson Mandela, quickly sold off the Gold and Diamond mines to the very White Bolshevik folk, whom have already raped Africa of much of its wealth, in past times and whom are now encouraging the Mexicans to move out of Mexico, to California, which will very soon be a barren waste-land. When that day comes those illegals will find that the Bolsheviks in Mexico will be less tolerant, when they attempt to return to Mexico and of them claiming that Mexico belongs to them.

Mexico is also a failed State by design, just as is South Africa. Mexico is being cleared, as was Ireland, and as is Africa and the Middle East, in front of our eyes, to make space for the ever-expanding New World Government, which does not include those like the Blacks, Arabs and Native Peoples in its calculations.

The New Age will be installed with the monopoly of all and everything in private hands, not as those whom believe in the rubbish, that Communism will Nationalise all and everything into the hands of the People, we are being forced into the hands of Banking Oligarchs, with a trained, private military Police Force, manned by psychopaths, whom are already gunning us down with impunity, as is happening in Palestine, with arms donated to Israel by White controlled countries.

Most of the destruction of the Middle East has been carried out by Private Armies, dressed for photo shoots in black robes and carrying ridiculous flags, pretending to be what they are not, when what they actually are is a malignant force of sheer terror, which was employed all across the Muslim world, in an effort to drive as many people from those lands, as possible and to render the lands unlivable so as to prevent the return of those refugees.

My African friends tell me that Africa is now crawling with Chinese people, whom are, of course, unselfish generous folk, despite already being under the control of the Bolsheviks, whom in the past raped Africa, whom are laying roads and railways and all of that cuddly stuff, to help the African Peoples, when in actuality they are laying the foundations for the continued stripping of African resources, which will be transported by the New Silk Road, which is now called The Belt and Road, all the way to the Bolsheviks, huge, Industrial Monopoly, in China. Chinese projects should more accurately be called Bolshevik inspired with the New World Bolshevik Order in mind.

The World is set to become a group of privately controlled Unions. The British are expected to head the remains of the old Jew/British Empire, while Africa will most certainly come under Bolshevik control, as most of it is already, while the United States will be left to rot, having been deliberately educated to be stupid, as has much of Europe, which is already sinking into oblivion.

The age-old method of taking control of territory, which served so well in the fall of indigenous Peoples in America, Canada, Australia, large parts if South America and New Zealand, is now being used to destroy White Christian European Society. When this is accomplished, Greater Israel will construct the nerve centre, through which will pass the Bolshevik Belt and Road, with a new cheap source of labour available in a Europe which has already been swamped with Third World cheap labour. Labourers whom will no longer be allowed to sit on their butt claiming Welfare.




This Brave New World will be a disaster, which will involve the culling of millions of ‘useless eaters’. It has never been a good idea to throw out the good along with the bad, the experience of Soviet Russia, under the Bolsheviks has taught us that lesson, after the abject failure of such a policy, carried out by the Bolsheviks.


The ‘one-child policy in China, ordered by those same Bolsheviks, has completely destabilised the composition of the Chinese people. The megalomania of the Bolshevik controllers is a sickness not a strength. No philosophy based on nothing more than greed and a lust for power, has ever delivered anything of lasting value. To be planning a future which involves the killing of millions of innocent people, particularly when such a policy is being proposed by those whom claim to have ‘suffered’ under such a policy, is grotesquely hypocritical, to say the least.

We are now being gagged by the Bolsheviks, whom have bought power using Usury as the means, the combination of money and greed has never failed to deliver a bunch of scum, which will kill to order, whether in Tanks and Fighter Bombers, or with more traditional methods like crucifixion and the axe.

The continued stripping of the Earth of all of its resources, which are being used to make throw-a-way gadgets, is getting us nowhere. What we should be doing is to allow small, independent communities, the right to enough land to take care of their own needs, in a form of ‘back to the village’ culture, which would allow an alternative to the drive to transform a stately old form of life, such as that in North Korea, into a neon flashing, techno-beat nightmare like its neighbour Seoul.

Africans should not be forced into becoming a ‘smart-phone’ owning culture, which will lead to a dependence on the use of the hardware of the conglomerates. The start needs to come from the bottom up, by building simple, easy to maintain homes for the people, instead of allowing corrupt leaders to sell off African resources to those Conglomerates, while using paid ‘terrorists’ to keep the people in fear and poverty, as they are being robbed.

The Chinese will change none of this, they are simply the ‘Front’ for the money-men behind them. The Belt and Road is the same old story, and the same faces are back in Africa with the New Chinese/Bolshevik Empire.  

The Jewish Bolshevik Dream Of World-Wide Domination Takes Another Giant Step Forward.

The countries which were passed into the cruel hands of Jew, Joseph Stalin, at the end of the Second World War, by the Jews whom controlled the war, Churchill and Roosevelt, enjoyed a short period of freedom, following the controlled disintegration of the Soviet Union, only to be taken back into the new European Soviet, by the establishment which was left in place by the departing Soviets.

Despite the evidence that the countries which are already members of this unelected organisation, want out but are refused the right to a referendum, despite the verdict by those whom experienced life under the Soviets, that the European Union is even more repressive, there is a rush, not only to join this Union but also to take up the Euro, which has been shown to be a disaster.

We now learn that on top of all this and in the middle of a purposely generated financial crisis, which has been generated from the City of London, the now “Free” Russian government is in the process setting up the Eurasian Union.

All of the so-called advantages, which were forwarded as reasons for joining the European Union, are being presented all over again, with the simple proviso that the problems which have afflicted the EU, will not be repeated. Whatever that means.

It has not yet been explained to the Peoples of the countries involved in these discussions, that this is yet another step, by the same Shadow Government, which has control of the EU and the soon to be announced North American Union, which has been set-up without a word to the Peoples of the US, Mexico or Canada, to take total control of the world, under Communism, a system which will bring nothing to the people apart from mass extermination.

The last step in this domination of the world by Zionist interests or whomever may be hidden behind the curtain, will be the setting up of the Pacific Union, which will be dominated by China and will include Australia, New Zealand and the Extreme Orient.

This is not mere conjecture, this is written down in plain language, Agenda 21 is all part of this scheme, as are the lies about Carbon being bad for the planet, Global Warming and Peak Oil.

One of the stumbling blocks to this desire of total control is Islam. Muslims have as yet, not been completely dumbed down, as have been the rest of the Hollywood educated, once Christian world. They have shown remarkable courage and determination in their desire to retain their own special life-style, while being put under enormous and continuous pressure and illegal attack, by the “Hell-hounds,” whom would, given the chance, treat us all in the same manner.

This morning, Thursday 18th Oct,  Sky News announced that yet another FBI produced,  “false terrorist” attack was “foiled” by those whom had set it up. The selected “Patsy” was of course a Muslim, from Bangladesh. This is simply the most recent example of the continuing attempts of the FBI, to generate hatred and fear of Muslims.

Not one single “real” Muslim attempt to carry out an attack in the US, since the 911 attack, which was in fact carried out by Mossad, has been uncovered, every one of the events have been found to have been paid for by the FBI and we have never heard from the accused Muslims.

Sky, rounded off their propaganda moment, by giving the UK Security Minister, a platform to rail against the Muslim threat. The warning would appear to be, that another attack may take place, along the lines of Mumbai or 7-7 or any of the other examples of “False Flag” attacks.

At a time, when there is a veritable genocide against Muslims, taking place, world-wide. When millions, have been murdered, had their countries destroyed, been exposed to “real terrorists” whom are controlled by the very people whom claim to be fighting terrorism, watched malformed children being born by the hundred because of the Atomic weapons which are being illegally used against civilians,  these courteous people have not resorted to any form of terrorism, which is why it is necessary for the FBI to invent it.

All of this slaughter is part of the push to install a World Government, which will be in the hands of those whom brought us the nightmares of China and Mao and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic and the three abominations Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky. Both of these regimes operated to a philosophy which involved the culling of millions of people, an estimated one hundred and fifty million deaths.

This is what lies in wait for the Peoples of the four Unions, which are being installed right now. They will be shown no mercy. This is written down, quite clearly.  You have the choice, you can either laugh it off, or you can stand shoulder to shoulder with the Muslim world, we all have the same enemy.

Very soon the “Great Culling” will begin, it may start with a war against Iran, which will provide the excuse for a wider conflict, which will destroy Europe, or simply an excuse to take down the rest of the Middle East, apart of course from those States which are already controlled by Jewish Royal Families. In any case, when we come out on the other side of the conflict, nothing will be the same or will ever be again.

We are in danger of being plunged into another Dark Age, by those whom are driven by a lust for power and an insatiable desire for wealth. These people are simply parasites. They will never do anything which might be in the interests of the people, they are psychopaths, whom do not even understand the concept of love or generosity.

The Seamless Absorbtion Of The Mob Into Government.

Lenin, the Jewish monster whom kicked off the slaughter of the Russian people, including the Czar  and his family, during the revolution, allegedly explained that Communist Russia was designed to last for no more than seventy years, at which point it would be absorbed by the rest of the human community, which he expected  by that time, to have fallen under the control of a world-wide Communist system.

He has been proven to be correct. We are all Communist now, though not in the way that the working man might  have expected. The idea that Communism would pass the means of production into the hands of the workers was never the intention of Marx, he wanted to generate huge monopolies which would be in the hands of the Elite,which is exactly the sort of Communism which we will be obliged to accept, Agenda 21 will see to that.

We can take a look at recent events in the Middle East and see the sign of the Russian brand of Communism all over it. The indiscriminate taking of innocent life, the wholesale torture and killing of “Enemies of the Revolution”. We can now be sure that all of the horrific beheading of men and the posting of the video on-line, was the work of the CIA, Mossad and MI6. These groups are all privately run, working for the people whom are the controllers of the Trilateral Commission and the CFR, RIIA and all of the other Foundations.

Soon after the end of the Great War, the Shadow Government in waiting, was exploring the ways and means of taking control of the world and all of its resources. They were advised that in order to take full control of any society, the first step was to destroy the moral fibre of the people. The next step was to destroy the family structure. They set about installing this disgusting idea, in post First World War, Germany. The Weimar Republic, which was controlled by Jews, provided every kind of sexual perversion, gambling, easy access to alcohol and imbued a sense of worthlessness into the soul of the German people.

Hitler put an end to this horror and restored the self-confidence and pride of the people, restoring them to their rightful place in a modern world. Zion and its allies were not going to take that lying  down, immediately after the election of the National Socialist Party was announced, the Jews declared war on Germany. The truth of the obscenities which were carried out to take down the German people is well hidden in the deep, dark cellars where the real files are stored.

However the ideas had already been taken across the water to the US by Jew, Edward Bernays, and through the use of Hollywood and the Madison Avenue advertising companies, the same programme of corruption was soon wheeled out. Prohibition started the ball rolling.

The famous Roaring Twenties, which was a prelude to the Summer of Love and the Hippies, was called off due to the disastrous effects of Syphilis and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Where the Twenties had been successful, was in getting women back on the booze. and prepared to use the readily available drugs, such as Opium, Cocaine and Pot. This was the start of the era of the Gangster, where Cities were carved up into sections, under the control of the local Mr Big.  Initially there were gangs such as the Irish Mafia, Italian Mafia and various other minor groups, however head and shoulders above all the others was the Jewish Mafia, with the likes of Lucky Luciano, Meyer Lanksky and Bugsy Siegel in their ranks.The well-known mobster Al Capone was another Jew.

These criminals were the means used to debauch the American people, both before and after the Second World War. They provided the strip clubs, drugs, gambling, prostitution and would kill to order, as did Murder Inc.

These gangs were incorporated into the privately run OSS, during the war, and assisted somewhat in the allied landings in Italy and France. After the end of the war the OSS was shared out into three groups, Mossad, MI6 and the CIA, none of which are under the control of their governments, despite the fact that taxpayers money is used to fund them. Between them they still control the Drugs Trade, which is why it will never be legalised. These groups, one and all, are the Intelligence Department of the Money Lenders.

The legend of the “Untouchables” and Elliot Ness, the champion of justice, was a farce. Ness and his men were used to destroy “Independent” Bootleggers, the big boys were never bothered by the Police or the FBI. The CIA is doing the same thing  in Mexico, where they are involved in the wholesale slaughter, which surrounds the local drug trade.

There has been little exposure given to the Jewish Mafia, despite the fact that all of the main players, in what we were led to believe was the “Mafia,” meaning the Italian Mafia, were Jewish and during the past couple of decades, hardly any mention at all. Why should that be?

There was a good example of why this should be in the film “Once Upon A Time In America,” Max, one of the band of Jewish youths whom had taken part in the Bootlegging, robbery and mayhem of their times, progressed into politics, as part of the Jewish drive to control and ultimately destroy America.

The likes of Max, whom were prepared to murder their friends, for their own gain, a perfect psychopath in fact, would be welcomed into the arms of the ruling elite and placed where his malevolence could be put to the best use, while the lesser members of the mob, would  accept the role of foot soldiers in the ranks of the Intelligence organisations.

In this way the mob has been taken off the front pages of the Newspapers and their activities in the real “Mob” can be ignored, in order to maintain “State security.”

The real gangsters are now installed in the State of Israel, where they can not be touched, even if there was any State with enough “freedom” left to begin a prosecution. In this way the US can pretend that the days of mob control are over, when in fact it has merely been combined into the rest of the Jewish hierarchy.

This cruel, vicious, group of madmen, through the use of money which politicians have stolen from us and passed into the vaults of the elite bankers, are now so well established, that they have tentacles in every aspect of our lives, are now preparing for the Great Culling, which they have been announcing since the nineteenth century.

They will of course be culling the unsuspecting Jews in Israel, along with the rest of us. In fact the aim is to have no more than five hundred million people left standing. How this group is to be selected has not yet been made clear, maybe it depends on those whom will be taken underground when the bombs start to fall, should that be the case, I doubt if they will be selecting too many Cops and Military, whom may just get out of hand.