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Murder Inc, Controlled Both World Wars



The sanctimonious soothsayers, whom are making use of the anniversary of the end of the Great War, to warn us that we must learn the lessons of the past, to avoid repeating the same experiences in the future, yet even as they preach their twaddle,  they continue to hide the reality of both World Wars from the People. I can assure those people, that as we currently have the very same Ruling Elite, which has already created Two World Wars, that in order to change the future we need to expose the problem for what it is, and to take away the power to declare war from a bunch of rich men, whom have already bought everything which was for sale, including Royal Families.


We should be teaching children in school that there was no menace to overcome, in either World Wars “we were the menace”. What was achieved by the Great War? Who was threatening Europe? Perhaps the main aim was the seizure of Palestine? The Second World War was fought by those whom had been placed in Power in Russia,  even as the Great War was raging. After which the Russian Communists were of course the threat and yet they were quite deliberately used to fight against the  new threat,  to Communism that is,  of Adolf Hitler and unless that truth is explained to the People, we will be sent scurrying into yet another World War, once more fighting an imaginary enemy for an imaginary friend

Commentators are swamping the airwaves with rubbish about how the butchered millions of the Great War saved our freedoms, from who or what, I wonder? There was no existential threat to Europe, the youth of Europe was quite deliberately murdered, by the million, in a huge “firing squad” against which they were forced to expose themselves, for no better reason than to be coldly gunned down.

This “Great War” was cynically used, as a means to simply carry out the cull of European youth, in readiness for the Second World War, which was already in the planning, and which was to be unveiled twenty years later when the same hidden hand, would deliberately provoke the War, this time claiming it to be to save Europe from the non threat of Germany.



Young woman, Irma Grese, who worked in a couple of Camps during World War Two, who was lynched out of hand, to shut her up.


The first step in learning the lessons of both “World Wars” should be to find out who or whom gave such ridiculous orders to serving soldiers, whom were treated like victims of the famous British hangman, Albert Pierrepoint, who could hang a man or woman in a few seconds.




Hundreds of thousand of European White Youths, were mowed down, within minutes of arriving at the “Front”, in the Great War, without so much as firing a shot. Both World Wars were fought against, White Christian People, and we are now facing the “Last Battle” and we are, to this day, denied the right to know by who or whom we are being destroyed. Many people, know exactly who the enemy is, or at least the identity of the “frontmen” of the controlling group, however, control of that truth, is in the hands of those whom have been hiding that truth from their own people for the past one-hundred-years.

They are now telling us that both of the States, Russia and China,  which were forced into being, by those whom gave us both World Wars, the installation of both of them, involved the massive genocide of untold millions of innocent people, both during and after,  both coups d’etat, are now,  quite suddenly finding themselves announced as the threat to the Freedom of the Whole-Wide-World and in order to resolve this threat, we will all be obliged to accept, a total surrender to the control of the unknown creatures, whom provoked all this slaughter, down through the decades and whom are now promising to “save us” and not to be at all worried about the known results of allowing, those like them, to “save anyone, never mind allowing them to take control of all and everything,

Even the celebrations of victory in both World Wars is a form of justification for the wholesale murder of millions of people, without so much as a thought for the children whom were burnt alive, while under bombardment by Allied Bombers, whose main purpose was to kill as many innocent people as possible. There is nothing glorious about winning a war which was fought in the name of a pack of lies, using nightmarish, terroristic bombing campaigns, against people whom were already defeated, in both Germany and Japan, where a cease-fire was delayed to allow the dropping of two Atomic Bombs and the Fire Bombing of Dresden. Oh yes, the Allies were indeed on the “Right Side” of history, just so long as they are writing it.

Rise Above The Nasties Under The Bed.

Russian television news, is now in lock step with the disgusting war against White people, which is evident on all of the Fake News Channels across the United States and Europe or wheresoever White people justifiably protest against any and every attack on their White Race, protests which are now automatically described as White Supremacists, Fascist, Extreme Right Wing, Nationalist or neo-nazi.

These hyperbolic claims, do this year 2018, just happen to coincide with the one-hundred-year anniversary of Armistice day, marking the end of the Great War and the eightieth anniversary of Crystal Night in Germany, both of which have lead to an opening of the floodgates of lies about the Great War, which ended with an “Armistice” and not the defeat of Germany, which has been claimed, while no mention is ever made of the murder of a young German politician by Jews, which kicked off a relatively small reaction, called Crystal Night, which broke windows, but which is believed to have involved the murder of many Jews. in Germany, an event which has now had the “Poor Jew treatment” suggesting it to have been some sort of monumental event.

No mention is ever made of the brutal attacks which were being made in the Sudetenland, where thousands of ethnic Germans were being tortured and slaughtered as pressure mounted on Hitler to take action to save his people from attack, on the Sudetenland, even as the ‘poor Jews’ were being protested against in Germany and as the Bolshevik Russians, under the control of Jews, made ready to invade and destroy Germany, in a war which had been declared by Jews, against Germany in nineteen-thirty-three.

It is understandable that Russian Jews, American Jews and British Jews, all have rather a lot of diabolical, murderous and unjustifiable behaviour to keep a lid on, even as the descendants of all those Jews whom, died during World War Two, are now allowed to brutalise the people of Palestine, for no good reason whatsoever, apart from their intention of stealing all of the land of Palestine for their own nefarious aims, while all International News outlets allow them to get away with it, while the Jews, have themselves recently concocted a list of things which can not be freely expressed about Jews, a desire which spits in the face of the very idea of freedom of speech, while the Prime Minister of the illegal State of Israel, is calling for the destruction of the last country, in the Middle East, which is on the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) list for destruction, which was also written by Jews, Iran, where the people were already forced to fight a war against Iraq, which cost millions of lives, which they won, to suit International Jewry.

While full in the face of all this nonsense, Jews, in enormous numbers, are openly calling for the genocide of White People. I find it hard to believe that the only people on this planet, whom are not aware of this disgusting idea, coming from the mouths of those whom claim to have been so badly treated, in past times that their very genome has been affected, which means that the German people are obliged to pay “holocaust survivors” families til the end of time, for an offence, which we are told we must never even investigate.

Jews are now demanding that lessons, on how to prostrate yourself before a Jew, must be part of the curriculum in Schools all across the The White European World, where incoming Muslims, from the desecrated Middle East, whom have similar emotions about Jews as do Jews about Germans, German school-children have already been “de-nazified” and inculcated with a belief that they are dirt and that everything was their fault and so they must keep their heads bowed and do as they are told, by the Jews whom have controlled Germany since the end of World War Two, while clear-headed Muslims are fighting back against the Jews whom pour hot lead into the kneecaps of kids in Gaza while International Jews do nothing about it.

It seems to be that wherever you look, whether in Ireland, Palestine, South Africa, Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Russia, Eastern Europe, Jews have been and are responsible for a lot of misery, which is never given mention. While the English carry the can for the Genocide in Ireland in the 1850s, behind the scenes, then as now, the Rothschild controlled City of London, called the tune, while now, hidden behind the scenes of the entire White Christian World, there are a disproportionate number of Jews in positions of power, all over the place.

I am not that hot on maths, however a little voice in my head tells me that should the Jews be less than two percent of the population of the United States, that to find them over represented across the board of all Media outlets, Film Studios, Banking Companies, Arms manufactures, Water supplies, Land ownership, the bulk of Gambling, Prostitution, oil pumping and Drugs manufacture, is simply not possible without some form of criminality being involved.

Black people for example, are twelve percent of the population of the USA, they appear to believe that to mean, that every business in the USA is obliged to contain at least twelve percent of Blacks on the payroll, an idea which would be impossible to enforce because there are simply not enough Blacks to fill all of that number of jobs.  Working age Blacks are probably not more than three-hundred-thousand and they would suffer badly if it was suggested that all Basket-Ball Teams were obliged to include sixty-five percent Whites. There are already more Blacks than Whites being accepted into Universities in the USA because of affirmative action, which even worked in favour of Pocahontas.

The same goes for politics, with a democratic system, the candidate who gained the most votes takes power, which means that all those whom voted for someone else, are out of luck, unless you happen to be Black, at which point you can shout Racism. Not the sort of Racism which allows for a Black Music Awards and the same thing for Films, which is fine or the kind of screeching about Black Lives Mattering, while they are killing themselves but blaming White Cops. Before we even mention Rape and Murder if which the three percent of the population,  Black adult males are responsible for fifty-two percent of murders, yes that is the FBI figure, incredible as it may seem, while Black talk of White Supremacy at the slightest opportunity, well we are certainly not supreme in the art of Rape and Murder. Blacks rape thirty-three-thousand White women annually, while it is hard to find a White man who has ever raped a Black woman. I am not sure what that says about the allure of Black women but it must say something.

There are endless calls to restrict gun ownership, so why not start where the problem lies in the Black Community? Blacks are responsible for forty-two percent of murders, so to forbid Blacks to own guns would reduce the murder rate by a significant amount.

I  would be wasting my time to make mention of the fact that in all White Christian Countries, all immigrants are encouraged to vote for their own kind, whether by colour, religion, or any other identifying marker, while White would be ‘sent down’ should they dare to call for Whites to Vote Whites.

White people are already massively outnumbered across the world, so to enforce rules which allow us to be replaced in our own homelands qualifies as genocide. “Jews are at the centre of this and they will be resented for the part they played” So I am told by a Jew called  Barbara Spectre and yet to mention this will soon be anti-semitic and illegal.




Man of the people George Galloway summed up the attitude of the Iranian People on Press TV, an organisation, which as does Russia Today, censors contributions to the comment section of their activities, when he chose to ignore the truth of a South African, who was tricked out of his homeland by a concerted attack by a certain Joe Slovo and a contingent of Communist Bolshevik Jews, whom with the help of the Masonic Jew De Klerk, convinced the Whites, whom built South Africa, that they would be well treated by a Black Majority, which has already called for their genocide, while South Africa slides into chaos. The Jews succeeded in their main aim of grabbing the Gold and Diamond reserves for themselves, despite St Nelson’s promise to Nationalise them.

As he does on all of his other outlets, Galloway simply shouted the caller down and then spat bile in his face and called for him to be turned off as a Nazi murdering sympathiser should be. Galloway is a creepy little fart of a man.


Is The World Too Zionish? After All Zionish People Believe It To Be Too White.

Throughout the barbaric destruction of the Middle East, which has turned the region into a massive bomb crater, the United Nations was there, on the ground, in all its glory. They watched as Bush and Blair lied us all into the destruction of Afghanistan and Iraq, all of it based on disinformation and deceit, without comment. They then generously provided the ‘No Fly Zone’ excuse for Cameron and Sarkozy to maul Libya, while they calmly ignored the illicit transport of arms, from Libya to the Mercenaries in Syria to lay that country to waste.

Even before that, the United Nations did themselves massacre millions of innocent people in Korea, they sanctified the slaughter of the Palestinian people and the theft of the their property and land. This was of course, a case of hidden Zionish people, behind the curtain of the UN, turning a blind eye to the barbaric behaviour of other Zionish folk, working for an English Lord.

So what is the actual purpose of the United Nations, it has so far, completely failed in its alleged role of putting an end to war, so why do we need it? It is in fact, no more than a sink-hole for our money as is the European Union, which is also currently experiencing a difficulty in explaining exactly what it is achieving,  which could not be achieved by simple cooperation between European States, without need of a powerless Parliament costing billions of Euros.

The main connection between the United Nations and the European Union is the fact that there are rich Zionish types crouching in the shadows behind both of them. We are not allowed to explore too closely this aspect of ‘our control’, just as when the likes of the ‘Friends of Israel’ ridden British Houses of Parliament, which still supports, with millions of Pounds of aid, which is annually sent to Israel, while ignoring the War Crimes which are being financed with this ‘aid,’ without so much as a question to any Prime Minster being allowed, while the British simply accept this anomaly.

Theresa May, the current Prime Minister of the UK, who has described herself as a Jew and who like her counterpart in France, Emmanuel Macron, spent her early years in the employ of the Man Who Rules the World, Baron Rothschild, who actually owns Palestine, which he received as a gift through the machinations of two Zionish British Lords, Balfour and Halifax, in return for tricking the United States into the Great War.



In a strange repetition of history, the British, whom imposed a debt, which could never be repaid, onto America, when America ‘decided’ to leave the British Union, which ultimately lead to the construction of the Federal Reserve, which to this day is controlled by the City of London, now that the English have decided to leave a European Union, the City of London controlled European Central Bank, is attempting to enforce ‘a divorce debt’ onto the backs of the British, which can never be repaid, all of which will go into the pockets f the Rothschilds’

A two-billion-pound Great War debt with Baron Rothschild, cost the British people over twelve-billion-pounds in interest alone, before it was finally repaid in 2015. Britain now has a debt with the Rothschilds’ of two-trillion-pounds. To repay a debt of two-billion-pounds took one-hundred-years and twelve-billion in interest, how long do the British People imagine it will take to repay two-trillion-pounds and at what cost in interest? Two trillion is two thousand times greater than two billion, I think, so the actual cost of repaying the debt is quite clearly impossible. The total stupidity of Usury/Compound Interest stands exposed, naked before us, for what it is.

As for the Americans, they still have faith in the Founding Fathers and all that rubbish, when it was these same Founding Father whom tricked them into the unrepayable debt situation in the first place. A situation which was questioned by President Jackson, who closed down the illegal, corrupt Bank of America, which was reinstalled some time later as The Federal Reserve and with the complicity of every President ever since, with a ‘House’ where members spend most of their time stuffing packets of bribe money into their back pockets, it has been retained by a gang of controlled politicians with nothing to gain from doing ‘The Right Thing.’

Like the British and their proposed ‘Brexit’ from the European Union, the Americans never quite managed to break away from the British Union by which they have always been controlled. Mad King George was himself a mere tool of the Dutch Bankers, whose aim was to force the American people into debt prison.

The other ‘patriot’ who stood up to the ruthless scourge of the Zionish Bankers was Adolf Hitler, who initiated his own currency and hauled the German people out of their ‘un-payable debt situation, with the criminals, whom with the support of their bribed and blackmailed lackeys, had forced Germany into accepting the iniquitous Treaty of Versailles, through the usual means of starvation tactics.

Hitler carried out the ‘forbidden act’ of closing the Zionish Banks and created his own money, based on a Deutsch Mark worth an hour of labour. Which worked like magic, but don’t tell anyone or they’ll all want to do it.

Hitler had explained in Mein Kampf, that Germany was too Zionish. The Zionish had made use of the deliberate hyper-inflation during the Weimar Republic, after the end of the Great War, to buy most of the super-structure of Berlin and other German cities, using the power of the Wall Street Dollar, the value of which had been cunningly increased, with the direct intention of making Germany virtually worthless and therefore, cheaper than the cost of a Depression time whore.

What would Hitler make of the situation across the world, where all of the Media, Press, Radio, Film and Television, with the ‘New’ media on the Internet, already under their control? I wonder if he might feel slightly over-powered by such an oppressive presence of all of those Zionish folk, even before we take a closer look at the Political situation across the planet, where all of the main players in Britain, France, Germany, Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Canada are all under Zionish control?

The question needs to be asked of our leaders, is the World too Zionish? The only answer must be that it is, which is a situation which is totally racist and which needs to be called to book.



In the United States after an event like the Las Vegas attack, there are immediate calls to ban guns, and always by people with a family name ending with Stein or Berg. These are the very folk whom are calling for the legal arming of Jews in London, where they already have a group of armed Vigilante Police, parading around in vehicles which are indistinguishable from the real thing.

Nobody Had A Good Time During World War Two.

As a follow-up to my recent post about the Flat Earth and other misleading claims with which we have been contaminated throughout the second half of the 20th Century and on into the 21st Century, we come to the event, the truth of which chills the hearts of the liars by whom we were forced, as children, to believe that Jews were the only “real” victims of The Second World War.

Many folk, of a multiplicity of Countries, suffered horrendous massacres as a direct result of a war which was openly declared in 1933 by International Jewry, against Germany, with the declared intention of destroying the entire German State, along with every last member of the population.

The Germans were forced to wage a lone war against Russia, a State which was already under total Jewish Bolshevik control, where a cull of Christians had already murdered millions, while millions more would be expected  to march into a hail of machine gun fire from the German Army, with Bolshevik Commissars behind them, who maintained their own machine guns on the backs of the advancing Russians, ensuring that whether they advanced or retreated, they would be killed.

Thousands of Ukrainians, who had already suffered their own cull of millions at the hands of the Bolsheviks, were fighting alongside the Germans, in the hope of ridding Russia of the Bolsheviks.

While this continuation of the genocide of Christians in Russia continued, the Bolsheviks in London, had already laid plans to bomb Germany into oblivion.  All parties in this war, understood from the outset, that Germany could never win. Claims of Hitler’s desire to conquer the World, were mere excuses for this “planned” War. The Allies had all the time in the world to continue their carnage.

With this knowledge, the Bolsheviks kicked off the second phase of the Genocide of the White European Christian population, which they had initiated in the Trenches during the Great War.

As they had during the Great War, the “Allies” turned World War Two into a war of attrition, which they prolonged long enough to guarantee the control of Europe into the hands of the same Bolshevik Communists, whom had attempted to maintain control of a humiliated Germany after The Great War.

In the process, of the taking of Europe, there had already been attempts to force Spain and Italy into Bolshevik hands, however on each occasion they had been thwarted by the Nationalists, Franco and Mussolini, both of whom suffered the same cacophony of hate as did Adolf Hitler in Germany and in more recent times, Gadaffi, Hussein and Assad.

During the carpet-bombing of Germany, which slaughtered untold millions of men, women and children,  in a horrific, never before witnessed level of barbarity and cruelty, the true victims of this Jew declared war against humanity, were the German people, while the safest refuge, during this carnage, were the Concentration Camps, which were never bombed and where in the final stages of the war, those whom died, were victims of starvation and Typhus.


These days, it has become quite clear that there are many people with lies and distortions hanging over their heads, they would be the folk whom are prepared to deny us now, the freedom of thought and expression, while the brain-dead majority, whom have little to fear from such restrictions on their liberty, as they have nothing to say which will cause them trouble will blindly vote in a manner, which guarantees a majority, which maintains the war-mongers in control. Which is the intention of Democracy.

Adolf Hitler, once said of the BRITISH, that they believe that if you repeat a lie, the bigger the better, often enough, people will believe it to be true, reasoning that no one would try to get away with such a lie.  Even this simple observation has been turned on its had and used against Hitler, suggesting it to be his approach to propaganda.

This “truth” is evident in the Europe of today. The real conquest of Europe was achieved by the imposition of the European Union,  which is a Bolshevik construct, with an unelected group of controllers hidden behind their own “Iron Curtain” of deceit.

No serious attempt has yet been made to disclose the identities of those whom are lurking behind this curtain, while for public consumption the Prime Ministers and Presidents of Europe, act out a charade, similar to that of the over-paid, impotent,  Members of the “Parliament” in Brussels,  between them operating a system of control which is still called Democracy.  Wake-up!


What Is Russia’s Strategy In The Middle East?

Russia’s stance as a loyal supporter Bashar al Assad in Syria, in opposition to the European Union, Israel and the US, should be taken with just a touch of scepticism.

Putin is after all, the man whom ordered poison gas to be pumped into a Moscow theatre, without a care as to how many of the captive audience would be killed along with the Chechen rebels, by whom they were being held hostage.

Recent history records the end of the Soviet Union in 1989 as a victory of Western values over those of Communist Russia.

Gorbachev, the man with whom Margaret Thatcher “could do business,” managed , adroitly,  to prepare Europe for the deliberate dismantling of the USSR.  Boris Yeltsin, whom had long been described as Gorbachev’s Nemesis, replaced him, as the last President of the Soviet Union.

Yeltsin, like Gorbachev before him, was working to an agenda.  His job was to “Privatise” all of the Publicly controlled resources, into the hands of the  Oligarchs, whom were themselves no more than front men for the Central Bankers, whom had been the real Rulers of the USSR from the beginning.

The collapse of the USSR, released Eastern Europe, from the stranglehold of the Communists. Those States in close proximity to the European Union, teamed up with NATO and applied to align themselves with the EU.

This was the last link in the plan which had been in motion since 1939, the year which had seen the surge of the Soviets into Poland, with the intention of continuing the advance across the entirety of Europe. Hitler put a stop to this advance.

The end of the war saw the criminal handing over of half of Germany and the Countries of Eastern Europe, into the hands of mass murderer Stalin. The full extent of his activities is only now coming to light.

Eastern European ex-Communist States, have now been bamboozled into believing themselves to be free, after forty-five years under the Soviet jackboot.  However they are far from free, the European Union is under the same hidden hand as was the Soviet Union. This is evident, from the observations of those whom have experienced the European System, after having lived under Stalin and other Dictators in Russia.

Despite this, alleged patriots in the Ukraine, are fighting to join one or the other of these two despotic Soviet Blocs.

Should they choose the European route, they will soon discover, that they are strangely, in debt to the IMF, the cream of their Public Services will be privatised, austerity measures will be necessary, the Central Bank will be creaming off a cut of the wealth and the dream will become a nightmare.

So what does all of this mean for Putin? Well he still has a Prime Minister, whom was once the President, whom stood aside, allowing him to re-assume the role of President, to avoid a surfeit of Jews whom appeared to control most, if not all of the States in the EU and  which would have given a strange vision of events, should it have been Medvedev the Jew, whom was supporting Syria, in opposition to Israel’s overall plan for the Region and to then give the chop to Assad.

This puts Putin into the position, where at any moment he could turn around and demand of Assad, that he should stand down, which will allow the installation of the Israeli preferred Government in Syria, because Putin is a puppet, as is Obama, Cameron, Hollande, Netanyahu and all of the others.

Russia was the Jewel in the Crown, of the dream of a Communist World Empire, the Jews whom carried out the coup d’etat in Russia, had no intention of letting control slip from their hands. That being so, everything which has happened since nineteen-eighty-nine, has been nothing more than cinema, with the intention of embedding a belief that Russia was now, just like the West.

 Now of course, those States, which still harbour a forlorn idea that they are free, Georgia and  Latvia, Belarus and the other Baltic States,  are being rounded up, ready to be corralled into another zoo.  Putin’s job is to carry this out, under the guise of an Asian Union, along the lines of the EU, which will also be controlled by the hidden hand. He is in fact rebuilding the old Soviet Union.

This has resulted in the chaos in the Ukraine, where we are being presented with the image of a monumental struggle, between those whom would prefer to retain their current position alongside Russia, which many would diagnose as a severe case of Stockholm Syndrome, in view of the slaughter which the Jew Stalin ordered in 1932-3,  starving several million Ukrainians to death.

The Crimea, which suffered, much the same fate as the Ukraine under the Communists, when Stalin deported the entire population, was strangely handed to the Ukraine, during the liberation of those States which had been under the Soviet yoke.  The Crimea is now populated by ethnic Russians, whom  will no doubt choose to remain with Russia, when the Ukraine is passed into the control of the EU.

So the destiny of all of the ex Soviet controlled States has already been decided.  It has been carried out according to a form of Free masonic principle, which demands that the proposed prisoner must ask to be imprisoned, by doing so he exonerates his gaoler and assumes responsibility for his own imprisonment.

In the Ukraine, as in Syria, it is becoming clear that the choice has actually been taken out of the hands of the people and into the grasp of paid provocateurs, whom are being financed by the West, to create the desired solution for the Elite. They could well soon find themselves with a Jewish Government.

This is a well-tried and tested formula, exactly the same principle was used to trap Hitler into, war which like the Great War, which had ended twenty years before, was a contrived event, creating a smoke screen and excuse for the enslavement of Europe and the slaughter of some sixty million souls.

The Balkans had been tricked into war by NATO, which covered its tracks by murdering Milosevic and keeping Karadic under lock and key, denying him the right to speak in his own defence as was done to the Germans at Nuremberg, and not forgetting of course the cutting  the various Balkan States to ribbons.

Ukraine can rest assured that they will not be suffering alone. They will very soon encounter Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development. This is another underhanded deal from the Jewish controlled United Nations. The word sustainable, will be presented as a form ecological care, when in fact it is no such thing. Sustainable refers to the number of human being whom can be supported by the planet Earth.

But not to worry, your new-found freedoms in the European Union will provide you with any number of distractions, which will take your mind off the daily struggle for survival and of course the influx of immigrants, whom will take advantage of cheap house in the countryside, pumping up the bubble which will involve thirty years of Mortgage, during which time you will be obliged to pay, over twice the original value of the home you are buying to the Bankers in interest.  Welcome to paradise.