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The Hundred Year War Rolls On And On.

Despite all of the strange, belligerent talk and the seeming nonsense, with which he sometimes bores us, I have maintained my faith in Donald Trump. However, when he tweeted that the people of Iran, whom he claimed had taken enough of the bad management of the Mullahs and that the United States, was keeping an eye open for the sort of government bad behaviour, similar to that which had already lead to the destruction of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria, I did experience a slight shiver of doubt.

A reaction which was most probably experienced by the Iranian people, whom are surrounded by those others, whom have already experienced the end result of being ‘saved’ by NATO. Iran has recently helped to save Syria from the imposition of a Puppet Government, favorable to Israel.

Israel appears to be prepared to destroy every country in the region, however many lives their greedy aims may cost, while still constantly reminding us of those poor Jews whom suffered as a result of another War inspired by Jews themselves.

This obscene hypocrisy, which is fully supported by all of those ‘Israel Firsters’, in Western Christian countries, whom casually send in the bombers,  to slaughter innocent people, while building Museums in the name of Jews who suffered during a war,  which they had declared, while choosing to ignore the under-handed cynicism of the Jews attack on the USS Liberty, during yet another conflict which was initiated by the Jews.

I am constantly accused of bias towards the Jews, bias which I am absolutely certain is no greater than my deep-seated bias against the British. I try very hard not to be over biased in my bias against anyone. To me claims of bias seem to be an excuse,  used mainly by the guilty, to avoid their blatant guilt.

One would have thought that to be hailed as a member of God’s Chosen People, would be an honour, but no, it is only an honour theoretically and should that honour be imposed on, for example, Winston Churchill, there are instant cries of derision from all sides, suggesting there to be a problem with being a Jew.

The whole business is weird, to say the least, when all else fails, the final slur against Hitler, is to claim he was a Jew and yet when the same claim is made about Churchill it is denied, why?

The same thing applies to Joseph Stalin, or should I say, Joseph David Djugashvili, a Jew name which is endowed with the Biblical forenames, Joseph and David.

The Americans’ claim never to have had a Jew President, when in reality it is hard to find one who was not a Jew.  Franklin Roosevelt, was a Jew on both sides of his family. His real Family name is Rosenvelt a full-blooded Jew name as is that of his Mother Delano, which is of Spanish Jew origin.

The obvious reason for these disputed claims of origin, is to conceal the fact that World War Two, was not only declared against Germany, by International Jewry in 1933, it was also fronted by a whole gaggle of Jews. It was quite simply a Jew war of attrition against Germany. All of it financed by Christians, with money borrowed from Jew Bankers, a debt which is to this day still being repaid.

During The Great War, the Jew Winston Churchill, was castigated for the catastrophic death toll of the Anzacs during the Battle of Gallipoli, which was caused by Churchill’s inept and ridiculous decision to send those brave men into such an ambush.

If only that was so. Sadly in reality, the aim of the Jew/Zionists was to destroy three Empires, the Russian, the Austro Hungarian and the Ottoman Empires, the Ottoman Empire being of the greatest importance to the Jews,  because they were determined to win control of the Middle East which was, at the time,  controlled by the Ottoman Empire.

The stand-off at Gallipoli was to distract a large part of the Ottoman Army, to weaken it on other fronts, while waiting for the Americans to arrive, to lend a hand in the destruction in Europe, along with thousands of Jews who would head straight to Russia to kick off the culling of Christians.

So the tragic losses of the Anzacs was a ‘Price Worth Paying’ to enable the inhabitants of Chatham House, to post the Balfour Declaration to Baron Rothschild, which ceded Palestine into his hands. The British ‘gave’ Palestine away. Just like that!

British control of World War Two was bizarrely given to this ‘incapable’ man, Churchill, who just a couple of decades before had been responsible, through his ‘inability’ for the massacre of thousands of men, in a defeat of such huge proportions that he was sent into exile, only to be recalled and to become, Britain’s favourite man of all time. Ask yourself how could that be possible?

Are we now expected to believe, that the Quest for the seizure of Palestine, control of Russia and the building of a ‘Greater Israel’ has nothing to do with the destruction which is taking place all across the Middle East, with Israel, right in the centre, untouched by the chaos, apart from suffering from having a few stones, thrown at armed soldiers, by children, is totally unconnected to events during, The Great War, World War Two, the Jew invasion of Palestine and several wars, in the region of Israel, carried out by Israel, in order to grab more land, or is it more likely that we have been in a non-stop Jew inspired war, ever since 1914?

While the people of Israel, and their mouth-pieces in the European Union and in the Government of the USA, are calling for all Western Countries to open their doors of immigration,  to those fleeing victims of Israeli inspired wars in the Middle East, a British Politician was forced to apologise, on bended knee, for the hurt she caused to those tender souls in Israel, by suggesting that the Middle East problem could be better solved by sending the Jews to Texas, where they would find plenty of room. British Jews positively hounded the MP for her Hate Speech.

Sometimes all you can do is shake your head in bewilderment. These folk do not give a shit about the feelings of anyone other than themselves.

Jews Hate Christians. Wake Up!




         Jews Hate Christians. Wake Up!

They are once again turning up the heat to force Europe to commit to Renewable energy. Once more we are being told that ‘we’ are responsible for the weather and that this year is going to be the hottest year on record. Even as Donald Trump is telling the truth that Global Warming is a fraud, and is, proposing to reintroduce coal-fired power stations in the USA.

One thing is certain, there is no way Europe or the United States can fully function on Solar or Wind energy. Even when Europe has been completely stripped of all heavy industry and is a fully fledged service economy, with five or six hundred million people, in need of electricity, renewables will not be capable of generating enough energy,  to make it possible for every household,  to use washing machines and keep food cold in freezers, both day and night.

This reality will become clear within a very short time, should there be a few cloudy days and cold nights. A friend of mine, who was running a small computer repair workshop, with Solar Power, had need of two and a half tons of batteries, as back up for his panels and even then he occasionally had need of the grid. There is no way that a factory can function uniquely with Solar Energy.

In Europe the farce of reducing our Carbon Footprint, by sending European production overseas, has impoverished Europe by design.

It is a cold-blooded attempt to destroy the White Race. This is not hyperbole, this is happening and has been happening, for more than a hundred years. It is not by accident that the Middle East has been laid to waste and the victims encouraged to come to Europe. This is all part of the strategy to eliminate White people, in their own heartlands, having destroyed the homelands of the Muslims.

There is no justification for all of this slaughter. Christians are, as usual, being used by Jews to do their dirty work. They are the ones pushing for a mix of Brown, Black and White folk, apart from Jews themselves of course, who have announced that they will remain pure, in readiness for their role as Kings of the World, in Greater Israel.

What’s Going On?

The White Race is being deliberately smeared, unjustly, by the heinous acts of The Lords of War and their minions in “Democratically?” elected Western governments. Europe is now accepting refugees from across the Middle East and North Africa, who are being presented with an open door in every country in the European Union, which was set-up and is controlled by those whom created this refugee problem in the first place. Can we expect a show of mercy from these folk?

There have been no mistakes made in the Middle East and North Africa, the continuing slaughter has been long in the planning. Every death or mutilation has been to order.The results of these butcheries is now coming home to roost.

The UK and its murderous allies in NATO, have no compunction whatsoever about continuing the blood-letting. As during the First Great War, the “Allies” quite deliberately allowed the genocide to continue until they had achieved all of their aims.

Having allowed the “cannon fodder” barely enough time to catch their breath, they continued their agenda, with World War Two,  which included the theft of Palestine and the destruction of the German people and thus was laid the foundation of the desire of the Zionists, to claim the entire Middle East as their domain, from which to rule us all, we are about to allow this desire to come to fruition.

The Peoples of Europe have never experienced this much vaunted “White Privilege,” as is claimed by those of other Races, we have in fact hardly known a moment’s peace, when our children were not being despatched over-seas to fight for their lives against people with whom they had no quarrel.

Millions of Whites are still living in squalor, forced, as are those in Third World countries, to rely on the charity of the State, unable to grow as much as a bunch of carrots to eat, to sustain the health of their children, having had all of the available land, “privatised” into the claws of the Elite, whom have no better use for it than to hunt and destroy Nature.

The British, as is usual when there is dirty work to be done, have a group of Jews in control of things.  Listening to George Osborne calling Bashar al Assad  “brutal” and “demonic,” is nothing short of  disgusting and way short of reality and the truth.  Assad has far less blood on his hands than have both of the main political parties in the UK, whom, not to mention, Korea,Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia and now Iraq, Somalia, Libya, Syria and Yemen, also formed a coalition with the great beast Joe Stalin during World War Two.

A General from Portsmouth, I believe he is called Russell Parry, has just claimed Assad’s regime to be like that of  Hitler and I am quite sure he was not suggesting that Assad was a nice character, however this is hyperbole gone wild.  Assad did nothing to justify what is now taking place in his country.

During limited demonstrations, during the contrived “Arab Spring” which were built up out of all proportion by the Western media, paid mercenaries opened fire on the police from behind the crowds, provoking a response, during which a few people “may” have been killed by either side.

This is exactly for what corrupt journalists, like those from Sky News, were waiting. That is about all they can claim against Assad. The claims that he used gas was debunked by the UN and the rest is just unsupported crap. No mention is ever made of Mossad interference in Syria, in order to produce this excuse for war.

Even as the destruction of Syria is ongoing, the plans are being laid to deliver the same barbarous onslaught on to Lebanon, as if they have not already suffered enough.  We must remember that parts of Lebanon have been book-marked for Greater Israel.  Are we all going to stand by and watch this happen. Is it not time to put a stop to the desires of the Zionists?

Is it not time to allow the Syrian people to take care of their own affairs?  Who are the British to continually interfere in the political systems of others.  Why is Cameron still continuing his calls for war, even as Europe is being deluged with the results of his wars. Make no mistake about it ISIS is working for the Zionists.  In Libya the so-called “Free Libya Army” spoke English amongst themselves.

The “stooges” are now telling us that the British people are calling for more immigrants, well who are these British people, are they perhaps the same British people who took to the streets against the war in Iraq, or are they no more than those “ghostly” British people in whose name unacceptable decisions can be justified?

Whatever the truth of all this, the UK is in a strangle-hold of a group of people, which is working towards an eventuality, which will not benefit the British people. The government, the Bank of England, the City of London, Greater London are all controlled by this group.

It may have escaped the notice of the British, that while they have a man, Jeremy Corbyn, a member of the Fabian Society, which is under the control of the Bankers, whom is being spoken of as being “too different” you can be sure that he is a plant.  He has been given too much publicity simply for being Jeremy Corbyn.  While across the Atlantic, we have exactly the same situation with Donald Trump, who is in fact an Oligarch well drenched in connections to the Zionists. He too is being “too different.”  What I wonder, is going on here?

One thing is certain, when the bombs start to go off in the West, to excuse more blood sacrifices and IS/Daech is presented as the culprits, as was the other controlled group Al Qaeda, be warned they will be most probably, False Flags,  as have been most of the other “terrorist” attacks.








The Bolsheviks Have Us By The Balls And Osborne.

David Cameron has pledged to attack corruption, head on, in the secret talks which he will be holding with a bunch of the most corrupt people on the planet at the G7 meeting in Bavaria.

During this meeting, which will be controlled by “The Men From The Mafia,”  Cameron will make no effort whatsoever to unmask the real enemies of the people, he will instead go for the throat of FIFA.

Having already pointed his Voodoo bone in the direction of the FIFA over-the-hill mob and promising to “save the game we love,” we can be sure FIFA will never again award a World Cup, to any State, such as Russia, without clearance from the Corporative Committee which controls the world.

Sebb Blatter has been bombarded with vicious allegations by politicians and Press alike and as with the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and the Chemical attacks in Syria and the brutal murders of Gadaffi in Libya, no reasonable proof has ever been presented to justify the claims, all of the above along with the accusation that Osama Bin Laden carried out the 911 attack remain no more than contrived allegations,  claims which were excuse enough to justify the murder of millions, ” in order to save them,”

Sky News, the propaganda machine, which bamboozled the British people into a state of acceptance of the illegal War Crime against the Libyan people, by appalling reporting of events on the ground, were also on hand to mislead us once again about events in Syria.  Sam Kiley, an “objective” journalist, today posed the question, during an interview, “What is being done to take down Assad’s brutal regime in Syria?” Is that him speaking or Israel, from where he spreads his bile.

His foul-mouthed Sky cohort on the afternoon News, Kay Burley, completely lied about what a spokesman from Merlin,  the company which runs the fair-ground at Alton Towers;  where an accident on a Big Dipper caused some serious injuries,  had actually said, by completely ignoring his objection, when she claimed that he had admitted that the security had been lax, when he had said no such thing and he complained that she was putting words into his mouth. For the rest of the day Sky repeated this lie.

Another Sky hack, complained that he had been stopped from forcing his microphone down the throat of a FIFA official,  when reporting the “main news of the day” from Trinidad and Tobago, believing himself to be some sort of official who can demand a response from someone who has nothing to say to him.

A non-attentive Common Purpose monitor on the evening edition of the Adam Boulton show, allowed a guest to explain to the world,  i.e. whatever percentage of the world still seeks its News from Sky, that Israel was a “Terrorist State.”

Boulton completely ignored the suggestion, which should have grabbed his attention, should he not have been aware of the truth in the claim, whereas his silence confirmed his complicity in the dis-information about the Racist, Apartheid, War Criminal, State of Israel, where more than 500,000 Palestinians have been murdered since 1948, by the Polish Terrorists who carried out the original invasion and seizure of Palestine.

And now for today’s maths problem:

I would like you to explain as to how Hannah arrived at the result which was achieved.  There are 650 sweets in a bag, Red, Blue Yellow, Purple, Green and one slightly broken sweet which was Blue and White. Hannah picked and ate the broken Blue and White sweet.   What are the chances of Hannah finding at least five more Blue and White sweets in the bag? The answer involves the number 0.30%

There are a thousand and one variations  available to test the logic of this equation,  for example, the BBC prides itself on fairness and its honest and fair presentation of current events.

So what are the chances of being allowed to ask George Osborne, the Finance Minister – on the BBC flagship political show, Question Time –  which allows the man in the street, the possibility of grilling his rulers –  a question regarding his total support for the corrupt and criminal, fractional reserve banking system in the UK. A system which allows banks to print money, a facility which should be controlled by the Government and never be allowed into the hands of criminals such as the Banking Cartel?

I can guarantee that no such question would ever be broadcast by the BBC.  Why even George Galloway complained to the Beeb that they had allowed a question to be asked of him, which he had not agreed to answer, during the careful selection of subjects before the show was filmed, which exposes the total lack of spontaneity on-screen.

Cameron is in the process of renegotiating the UK’s links to the EU, despite being told that there is no possibility of changes which would affect the right to free movement within the Community.  Cameron is seeking a change  which would stem the flow of immigrants from other EU member States, but which would do nothing to stop the teeming hordes from Africa, which include those folk whom have been bombed into the Stone Age as a result of British and French War Crimes in the region for which neither country has been put on trial.

Cameron, today referred to the British as being caring because they were pulling some of the victims of their naked aggression out of the Mediterranean.

Very few people understand the importance of the Treaty of Lisbon,  which was signed by Gordon Brown, with the full support of all other Parties in Parliament.

Hidden in the several hundred pages of the document, were plans to cede control of the Parliaments of all EU member States into the hands of the un-elected Politburo in Brussels.  A Politburo which is not only un-elected but which is also Communist.  This is all part of the long-term plan of the Bolshevik Communists, to install a world-wide regime,  which will be controlled from Jerusalem, the Capital City of Greater Israel.

The caring British are even as I write, arming and training ISIS, a group which is being used to destroy Syria, which will then along with Iraq, be dismembered and the best parts handed over to the Bolshevik Jews to build their dream of this Greater Israel.

However you can all relax and rest assured there is no way out of this mess for the British people.  There are strange goings on these days and it is difficult to keep up to speed with events, however one thing is sure, that should Cameron appear to fail in his efforts to disengage from certain regulations in the EU and finally calls a referendum, the result of any such referendum will be rigged to suit the new agenda.

Cameron and his one time Fag from Eton, have already started to dismantle the UK into Super City Regions, each with an elected Mayor, an idea which is not on hold awaiting the result of any referendum,  because this is a dictate of the EU Politburo,  which would suggest that the referendum result will be rigged, otherwise the total dismemberment of the UK into easily controlable zones, where most of the inhabitants would be crammed into these Super Cities,  would serve no purpose.  The aim is to create disparate groups of folk locked into their own powerless ghetto.

The reality of the EU and membership of it,  is soon to be taken out of the hands of the hidden filth behind unelected Politburo in Brussels. Every member state which was offered the chance of a referendum over the Treaty of Lisbon refused the offer and yet in France, Holland, Denmark and Ireland,  the choice of the people was ignored and the Treaty signed by traitors.

One must remember that the Treaty was originally referred to as The Constitution, which was refused by the voter, they then, in the words of Valery Giscard d’Estaing,  changed a few sentences and called the document, which is of 100’s pages,  a Treaty, the acceptance of which by the people did not warrant a vote. All of this was decided behind the curtain as they say, giving no choice to the elected retards, whom have just given themselves a 10% pay hike, with permission of course

As is the case in the current bean feast in Bavaria, which is being overseen by “The most powerful woman in Europe”  Angela Merkel – whom is afflicted with an uncontrollable urge to constantly stroke the coke sniffing, bi-sexual, Black President of the US – not one of them, including the Black President, has the power to change anything.

Merkel, pretends that she and Germany have control of the EU, because they have the strongest economy.  That may be so, however it must never be forgotten that Germany is still an occupied Country, as it has been since the end of WW2. The Jews from Eastern Europe and the US did not only carry out a genocide in Palestine at the end of the war, they also swarmed into Germany in their thousands, to retake what they had lost when the National Socialists had disinfected Germany and took back what had been stolen during the Weimar Republic, which was of course a Bolshevik Communist operation.

To round-up this sad litany of betrayal and treason, one should bear in mind,  that all of the main players, in the upper echelons of the Labour, Tory and Lib-Dem’s are members of the Bilderberg group, where they will all sit down together, George Osborne and Ed Balls plotting together  the best strategy to continue the theft of the meagre funds of the British working class, while waiting for the big boys from the CFR and the Royal Institute for International Affairs to arrive, with their “For Your Eyes Only” dossiers. Hands up all of those who voted for any of them.  Shame on you.

The only way out of this situation is to get rid of them all. There is nobody in the UK Parliament who is not controlled.  Every member has been carefully vetted, making sure that they will all tow the line.  So it is no good looking to them to make changes.


I wrote this post back in 2015, when I suggested that the UK would not be allowed to leave the European Union. British politicians are still struggling to prove me right.







Hope From The Front Line Of The Revolution.

The Muslim Brotherhood were carefully nurtured to take control of Egypt after the sitting puppet Mubarak was allowed to be taken down, under cover of the Arab Spring.

During the reform of the Egyptian Government, the Brotherhood was holding talks in London with shadowy figures from the City of London and Al Baradei, the candidate of the International Crisis Group which is funded by George Soros.

Massive pressure was put on the Egyptian people to vote for “Political Parties,” which in a country which was unfamiliar with the corruption within such groups, voted for the Party which received the most publicity. This was of course the Jewish choice, The Muslim Brotherhood.

The West is now surprised to find that the Egyptians are not satisfied with the results of this choice and are in the process of recalling the government, in order to vote for another group, which will be expected to carry out their promises and to not branch off in a totally opposing direction to suit the Jewish controlled International Monetary Fund.

In “Democracies,” this is a preposterous position to adopt, the government was after all, Democratically elected, which in the terms of the “Free West,” means you are stuck with them.

In the West, Manifestos have little meaning, they are simply a catalogue of lies, designed to gain election, which are quickly ditched after they have served their purpose. The elected liars, of all Parties, call these lies, rhetoric, which is posh talk for blatant crap.

Should the Egyptian people manage to force another election and get rid of the Jewish puppets, they must take care not to elect the “Puppets in Waiting,” whom are under the control of  Rothschild’s man Al Baradei. This would be as stupid as it would be for the British to vote for the Jew Milliband as a replacement for the Jew Cameron or as the French did, when they swapped Jew Sarkozy for Jew Hollande.

The Egyptian people may well be a little naive, that however, does not make them stupid . They have the sense to see through the machinations of Morsi, which has amongst other things, maintained the blockade against Gaza, by refusing to open the Rafa crossing into the besieged State. This alone is justification enough to take him out of power, without any reference to his power grab, which places him above the Law.

Israel has its greedy gaze fixed on the Suez Canal and they will shift heaven and earth to get their hands on it. The seizure of the canal is of paramount importance in the construction of Greater Israel, which will provide easy access to the controlled Gulf States and thus, of the oil reserves.

Whatever action is necessary, to bring about this desire, will be undertaken by Israel, through the use of NATO or the British, French and US, if the bulk of NATO members refuse to take part in the slaughter. When it suits, Egypt will be dealt with in the same sadistic manner as was Libya, without the slightest regard for the well-being of the people.

Listening to Sky News man Tim Marshall,  moaning that the people just do not get it, this is Democracy, this Government was voted into office for a four-year term, you cannot just kick them out, that is not the way it works. Well maybe that is the way it should work. I have been campaigning to make Election Manifestos Legal Documents for years. What is put in print cannot be later denied and if it is not put into practice, you are an illegitimate government and every country should have the choice of throwing the offenders out of office after a trial period, should they not deliver on their pledges, this is simple logic.

Those whom still maintain a few functioning brain cells, in disparate countries, such as Greece and Spain, are waking up to the fact that politicians are not working for the people. They are in fact fully functioning agents of the Elite, by whom they are held in contempt and are being used to further the aims of the Jewish dream of world domination.

Politicians are not elected to rule, they are elected to carry out the will of the people. I would have never voted for a politician whom promises Social Justice only to deliver war and death. There is no good reason why they should not be kicked out of office. All that is needed is the will to carry it out.

Churchill, was a war-monger, yet when he died there was an out-pouring of public grief, on a massive scale, by the British, for a man, whom in his own writings, boasted of having forced Germany into a suicidal war, with the rest of the controlled world. He was responsible for the greatest blunder in the Great War, which cost the lives of thousands of troops, needlessly at Gallipoli. He was a perverted sexual deviant, whom in order to repay a debt to a Jew, Bernard Baruch, he carried out every atrocity, of which he was ordered, against the German people.

Churchill, in the manner of David Lloyd George, referred to himself as a Zionist and like Lloyd George, whom was involved in the Treaty of Versailles, he continued the furtherance of the Jewish campaign to control Europe by handing most of Eastern Europe into the hands of Jewish controlled Russia, at Yalta.

All of these antics by elected politicians, are against the wishes of the people by whom they were elected. Should the actions of the Egyptians and others put a brake on this type of behaviour, which is carried out at the behest of  unelected hidden controllers, it can only be to the benefit of us all.

To find yourself living in a world, where mass murderers like Churchill are honoured, while others whom have a charge sheet which pales into insignificance, alongside that of Churchill or his friends Roosevelt and Stalin, are denigrated, in a world where information and education is in the hands of a barbaric bunch of scum, we can only pray that others, will do what the real destroyers of civilisations  deserve, which is beyond the capacity of the Citizens of  the Free West, where the masochistic half-wits believe that they deserve everything which is thrown at them.

Cameron Lies Directly Into Sky News Cameras Without A Flinch.

This morning, on the Murnaghan programme, on Sky News, we finally saw, straight in our faces, that the entire British Governmental Establishment, is controlled by a hidden hand. Since the days of Churchill, through to Blair and now Cameron, the same excuses, for aggressive warfare,  have been presented to the British people, hidden behind a catalogue of lies and deception, which have quite obviously been generated, by a more powerful force, hidden behind the scenes.

Listen to the cheers in the house in favour of this monster.


David Cameron, the man whom was presented at the Tory Party Conference, as the best choice of leader for the Conservative Party, having made a speech full of gibberish, which was hailed as a masterpiece by the ranks of the controlled British media, was today transformed into a clone of  War Criminal, Anthony Blair, when he made a lying statement that the Government of Bashar Al Assad had indeed used chemical weapons, of mass destruction, against his own people, despite UN observer Del Ponti’s assurance that she had seen concrete evidence that it had been the paid mercenaries whom had in fact used these weapons.

Murnaghan, a highly paid mouth-piece for the continuing aggression against the Muslim World, failed to ask the simple question, of Cameron, whether he was unaware of Carla Ponti’s claim or as Cameron in possession of other evidence and if so what was that evidence?

Cameron went on to say that Assad was, apparently responsible for the single-handed slaughter of 90,000 of his own people, Cameron, presumably being under the belief that he and the “Good Guys” had armed the cannibalistic, gourmets of the human heart Mercenaries, with magic bullets, which could detect uniquely, members of Assad’s Forces.

Cameron claimed that the ‘appalling’ Assad, had killed thousands of his own people, many with ‘appalling’ chemical weapons. Where is the evidence that Assad has killed thousands of his own people? It seems to me that this is just another case of,’If you tell the same pack of lies enough times, it will be taken for the truth,’ as it was during the build-up to the illegal attack on Iraq.

If the British people are prepared to go along with this pack of lies and deceit, which will end up with the murder of thousands of people in Syria, by the ‘Good Ol’ Boys’ from the UK, in order to set them free, that is ‘free’ to be slaughtered out of hand, in the manner of the Black Libyans, whom were condemned to a dreadful death by Cameron and his Cabal, at the hands of the blood-thirsty scum,  whom were and  are in the pay of Israel and its ‘friends,’ then they, along with their Democratically elected Government, will have the blood of yet more innocent people on their hands.

It has been a strange day indeed for those whom are following the devious misinformation, which is pouring out of the mouths of the puppets and liars, who bring us the News on Sky Television. Today we have been told that young Muslims are being Radicalised, online by a website called Inspire.

This is a site which it is claimed, was set-up by Al Qaeda. Which is most probably perfectly true, as the whole world knows that Al Qaeda is a CIA asset. No wait, today I received a Mail, which contained a reference to the real origins of Al Qaeda, which was of course Nazi Germany. Who would have guessed?

I have a fair amount of contact with many people whom have family living in the Maghreb, whom are sure that all of the Arab Royal Families are Jews. John Loftus, an American writer, along with a group which is centred in Bristol in the UK, is pushing the notion that a group of American Nazis’, along with the Saud family in Saudi Arabia, set out to undermine British control in the Middle East, after the Great War.

Loftus claims that the Muslim Brotherhood, which was the main militant Muslim group at the time, was infiltrated and finally controlled by Saudi Arabian agents. Which in Loftus’s terms, placed them all under the control of American Nazis. They then set-up Al Qaeda, presumably with the aid of Zbigniew Brzezinski, who believes that he himself, to have been responsible for Al Qaeda.

Which brings us back to Sky News reports,  that Morsi, the self-proclaimed Dictator in  Egypt, has announced that he is cutting off all contact with the Syrian Regime. He is now backing the Al Qaeda, Saudi/US/UK/Israel/France/ controlled thugs whom are being used in a proxy war, which is designed to destroy yet another Arab Country, at the behest of Israel.

Morsi,  who on top of all that, is calling for a “No Fly Zone.” over Syria. This piece of vermin whom was already in talks with the Jewish controlled International Crisis Group, in London, along with Al Baradei, while the Fake Arab Spring was kicking off in Egypt.  The ICG is the very group which was funding Al Baradei,to run as President of Egypt even before Mubarak had left power. Morsi is a traitor to his own people and he is now showing his true colours.

The Muslim Brotherhood was in fact set-up by Jewish and British Freemasons in the Masonic Lodges of Cairo, in the 1920’s in order to undermine a genuine Muslim Resistance group. They have been a pawn of Israel ever since.

Cameron was quickly followed on Sky News by Blair’s Death Minister, John Reid, whom spoke of all of the deposed and waiting to be deposed Arab leaders as ‘monsters,’ that is of course apart from those ‘monsters’ whom the UK and others support, they can slaughter at will, without any bad publicity from the likes of Sky News. Reid offered no good reason as to why these ‘monsters,’ to whom the likes of Donald Rumsfeld and George Galloway gained easy access, were never just executed, which would have saved the massacre of millions and the desecration of the entire Middle East.

No mention was made of events in Turkey, Bahrain, Libya, Egypt, Mali or Yemen, where the British savages have created chaos on a massive scale, either directly or indirectly, through their manipulation of events.

There are reports in the UK Sunday Independent, that Iran has despatched 4,000 troops to help Assad save his people. We can only hope and pray that this is true and that there is at least one decent country left on this sad and sick planet, which will do the right thing.

When the scales drop from British eyes and the evidence of the brutality, which has been inflicted across the world,  during the last two Centuries and always by the same sordid group of scum, whom casually blame the victims for what has been wreaked upon them, it becomes clear that the people alone can fix this swamp of misery, designed by our psychopathic controllers.

These people have had control of my mind since the day I was born. I have been fed so much pap, through an educational system which was designed to mislead and confuse rather than to elucidate children, that most of my ‘thinking time,’ is occupied with changing my stance on the acceptance of ‘theories’  with which we were presented, as if they were facts.

The character who said, ‘Give me a child until he is seven and I will give you the man,’ or some such thing, was speaking the truth. I asked a friend of mine, a type whom is referred to as a ‘Baba,’ down here, which corresponds to a ‘Hippie,’ what his generation had actually achieved?  The only thing he could come up with was ‘Feminism.’ Nothing which I said, could convince him that ‘Feminism,’ was a CIA operation and that what is more, it was responsible for the destruction of society, with the help of women, of course.

He himself, has two children, whom he left with his partner, knowing that the State would replace him as ‘Daddy.’ He has been a sort of parasite ever since, knowing that should he take on a real job, he would be expected to make a contribution towards the upkeep of his children.

He could not grasp what I meant when I suggested that he was in fact no longer a properly functioning man. He had become  dependent on State handouts, he was in fact a prisoner, which did not bother him at all.

He had exactly the same attitude as another friend, who had already decided when he was thirty-five years old, that he would never work again, this was to be his contribution to destroying the State and its power.

These are the very people whom should be standing up and taking to the streets, they are however dead in the head. Their attitude is one of ‘All I want is my smoke, my dope, my booze and my sex life.’ There is little hope left.

Meanwhile, back on Sky News, Putin is late. Little Willy Hague, has been waiting at the back gate for him, because he cannot come in through the front gate because of a demo which is taking place outside.

The reporter from Sky, along with his brand new wig or hair transplant, tells us that in all of his years of waiting for people to arrive at Downing Street, he has ever seen anything like it. Well!Well!

Cameron is hoping to persuade Putin to relax his stance on Syria and allow him to arm his thugs with more potent weapons, with which to murder even more innocent people, in his attempt to carry out Israel’s desire to install a more obedient regime in Damascus.

Putin is in another dimension altogether, playing out the role of the man whom is opposed to the encroachment of NATO into those parts of the world where they have no right to be. To all intents and purposes he appears to be building up a Cold War. I call it a Cold War, not a new Cold War, because the last one was a farce, which was used to generate the excuse to ‘pretend’ to spend millions of Dollars on a non-existent arms race, generating huge profits for the arms manufacturers. His stance on Syria is therefore perplexing, it does not fit in with the general direction of events.

There are those whom believe that we are building towards a Third World War, I hope there is another more caring reason for Putin’s obstinacy, rather than simply the following of orders which will lead to the end of the world.

To be continued………….