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Golden Dawn Gains Strength In Greece


Being slightly blind to the reason, for the fear attached to the alleged threat of the Far Right, which is dramatically referred to as Nazi or Fascist, as if a few Nationalists, in Greece are likely to do what it was claimed, by the Bankers, that the German National Socialists were intent on doing, way back in the mists of time, seems to be such a ludicrous idea as to be beyond belief.

It is Globalists, not the Nationalists, whom have taken control of the World, the Nationalists are simply trying to take back, some of that power. The real threat comes not from the Right but from the Extreme Left as in Communism, which is the code name for The New World Order.

Will Greece Lose Its Nerve?

For if you make a man too fearless, so as not even to fear the gods, he is not brave but mad, but if you make him afraid of everything, he is a coward. To be brave, then, a man must not either fear everything or nothing

The wise words of Aristotle are extremely relevant in these “days of total fear”  into which we have been manoeuvred by a coalition of governments, all of them working to the same agenda, whatever they may claim their political position to be.

A British politician, today on Sky News, explained to the British people that there would be either a Labour or Conservative government after the coming election, such is the measure of control, under which the British people have been chained for the past one hundred years.

I waited in vain for the stooge, Murnaghan, to ask the simple question, are you suggesting that there should be no other government in the UK apart from the Jewish controlled Labour Party or the Jewish controlled Conservative Party, both of which would be subservient to the unelected Jewish Politburo in Brussels.

The people of the land of Aristotle are today going to the Polls in the land which gave us Democracy, where the people are being warned that a vote against the governing clique, would lead to chaos and that should the Syriza political party win a majority, in the election, they will soon find that they will have no choice over their response to the current ills, which have been forced onto the people of Greece, other than that which is being proposed by an unelected panel or Politburo, in Brussels.

This is modern democracy in action. One could be forgiven for asking the simple question, “That being so, is there now any point in holding elections?”

We have just witnessed the disgraceful obscenity of the Billion Dollar Bash at Davos, where a band of thieves have been deciding OUR future.

They came screaming, out of the skies into town, in their Lear Jets to get down to the business of how to increase their own personal fortunes at OUR expense, while the “Free Press” continues to peddle the “Fear Factor” which leads the Workers of the World into ever deeper misery.

The “Fear Factor” is of course the twin of the “Guilt Factor” which is daily reinforced by the Jewish controlled Media.  The use of guilt is to forbid any discussion of the simple method of dealing with the fiscal problems of Greece.

I have just listened to a diatribe, by an elderly Jewish women, about how her family had been forced to leave their home in Poland and had been taken to Auschwitz. Where having descended from the train, they were stripped, had their heads shaven and then sent into a room, which looked like a “shower” and she saw men throwing tins of Zyklon B, through square holes in the ceiling, the screaming was indescribable.

She explained that she never again saw her father.  Both she and her mother,  miraculously survived Auschwitz, only to be sent to Bergen-Belsen,  where on arrival, she witnessed the living dead, walking eerily around the compound, dressed in rags and as thin as skeletons, with a stench of death in the air. Her mother died in Bergen-Belsen she did not explain from what cause.

All of this garbage was allowed to be broadcast, without a single question as to the truth of these claims.  For example there was no Gas Chamber at Auschwitz.  Should there have been,  how exactly did she and her mother survive? What did they do during their time at Auschwitz?  Why did they leave Auschwitz, was it because the Russians were coming?

This old Jew has spoken out after the attack on Charlie Hebdo, in which a couple of Jews “may” have been killed, we have yet to be presented with the bodies.  She was not inspired to speak out against the atrocities, which are a constant feature of her folk in Israel, which killed two thousand souls in Gaza and left many more with horrific injuries, in the recent past.

She told us how dreadful it had been to be evicted from their home, while failing to even notice that there are thousands of Jews still living in the homes of Palestinians who were driven into exile around the time she was being liberated from Bergen-Belsen.

Anne Frank was in various “Death Camps” and she managed to survive them all, she eventually died of typhus, as did thousands of others who had never been anywhere near a “Death Camp.” So why is the Charlie Hebdo episode being used as an excuse to dig up all of the boring old rubbish about Hitler?

Well it just happens that Adolf Hitler had found the German economy in the same dire straits as is the Greek economy at the moment. Hitlers first act when he was elected was to refuse to continue the payment of the German debt.  He then set about issuing his own money, which was based on an hour of labour.

The available labour pool was obliged to work for their social security, if they had no real job, they helped with the construction of the autobahn or other public works.  In this manner Hitler solved all of Germany’s economic problems within five years.  Anyone who believes that the Central bankers want the Greek people to know about this, please raise your hand.

The people of Greece are still being told that the austerity measures, under which they have been suffering, lead to growth.  This is a direct lie, there is no connection whatsoever between austerity and growth, austerity has seen to the privatisation of anything of value in Greece, including several islands, austerity has diminished Greece and has achieved nothing but theft through Usury, the same brand of theft which is still robbing the British.

The European Central Bank has just announced its intention to print money, They disingenuously describe this as “Quantitative Easing.”   Instead of passing this printed money directly into the hands of the people, who could then spend it into the economy to boost the recovery, they are giving it to the bankers, without any obligation on the part of the bankers to make cheap loans to hard pressed small business.  The bankers are of course using this windfall to play poker on the Stock Exchanges.

There is a documentary on-line worth a watch, “Gray State” in which  a contributor explains how the Elite contribute nothing, while stealing all of our ideas. He suggested that should you invent a gadget that looks like a winner, the rights of production will be snapped up by an investor of some sort, who will make a fortune from your ingenuity.

This is partly true, however it misses the most important point, the greed of the inventor who sells his idea for an offer he could not refuse.  These  local inventions, then,  instead of providing a good living for a family, they are being used to enrich the already disgustingly rich.  This is a case of Primary Greed, nourishing  the morbidly greedy.

The current business model depends on growth. The giant supermarkets are a perfect illustration of the stupidity of this concept. In order to grow, they must go after the business of their competitor. In France this approach has seen to the disappearance of several major Hyper-Market chains.  The excuse being that big is better.

The lie of this is being demonstrated by the ever growing popularity of Lidl, Aldi, Ed, Dia and other chains of cut price supermarkets. Dia has already been snapped up by a hyper-market chain, once again diminishing choice.

In the US this unbridled greed has led to the total dominance of groups like WalMart and McDonalds whose unquenchable greed has obliged them to treat their workforce as little more than miserly paid skivvies,  by legally flouting all of the traditional responsibilities of major employers.

In the UK a couple of telephone companies are going to disappear into the pockets of those who already control the bulk of the cell-phone business, a business which has created a necessity out of something which is in reality of little use, and which is now a bigger weekly expense for the average family than is the food bill.

This is why unregulated monopolies and other forms of naked capitalism, which are endemic in the European Union, is fatal for countries such as Greece and the other so-called pigs.

It is no more than a form of Communism, which is being used to “privatise” all utilities and arable land into the same greedy claws, along with water, to which only human beings are being denied free access and of course resources such as oil and gas.

The entire Middle East has been desecrated to suit the greed of a tiny number of oil hungry people, who have already been allowed to snap up thousands of politicians for peanuts to do nothing but facilitate illegal wars on those states with a natural resource for which they hunger.

So faced with this reality, I would be surprised if Greece is allowed to elect a government which might threaten this cosy status quo.  The nationalisation of a Central Bank is an absolute no no, however free and democratic we may claim to be. The owners of the Central Banking system are, after all, the very people who now own everything. Which is the well-known and certain destination of unregulated capitalism.


The penalty good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.  Plato.




William Hague Laughably Warns Scotland Of Problems Over Entry Into EU.

Keir Hardie, a Scotsman and  a genuine working class man of the people, and judging by his stated wishes a dreamer.  Strangely all three of the most recent Prime Ministers of the UK, Blair, Brown and Cameron, also  have Scottish roots and of course they are all Jews. The next Prime Minister of the UK, will most probably be yet another Jew, Milliband, who will be able to enjoy a bit of banter with Bercow, the Speaker who is also a Jew. Christians cannot be trusted with an important job like running the UK, can they?

 I hope my Scottish chum, Cuthulan, is keeping up with Hague’s blathering against Scottish Independence.

Today, I came across the most astonishing claim from Hague, when he warned that a liberated Scotland would have to renegotiate the right to enter into the circle of  that miserable bunch of bankrupt, dejected, unemployed, downtrodden jerks, whom were forced screaming into this EU mess, by “Democratically” elected politicians, whom disregarded the “No” decision of the voters, in every single instance where a vote was taken.

There is no way that the Communists whom have control of the EU, would “ALLOW,” Scotland to remain on the outside. Everyone must join. Alex Salmond, the Prime Minister of Scotland,  understands this full well. He is obliged to plead for entry, no exception will be made  for Scotland.

In reality Scotland could probably demand payment to enter the Union. The EU is even now,  paying a fortune to force the Ukraine into the Prison of the Communist States of Europe.

The people of the Ukraine, should they join the Union, will very quickly find, as did the Irish and as will the Scottish, that they had a very limited taste of freedom, before being sold back into slavery. Look what happened to Ireland, Greece, Spain, France and Italy, how much evidence do you need?

I hope everybody was suitably impressed by His Exalted Majesty, Von Rompuy, (Dictatorial) President of Europe.

Take note Scotland and the Ukraine, this is to where you are headed. Remember that the USSR is no more, The United States of America is doomed and the European Union, which is a modern version of the Roman Empire, will go the same way, as did the others. STAY FREE.

Up To Our Noses In Election Lingo.

It crossed my mind that you might be interested in how far off the mark I was in my prediction about the last Presidential election in the United States. Romney against Obama.

What on earth makes Sky News believe that folk in the UK have even the slightest of interest in the ludicrous election farce which is being endured by the jaded American public.

At least fifty million eligible voters will not be shifting off their butt, many of the others are so dumb they believe that their vote will change something.

The first thing that should be changed is the language which is used, which has nothing whatsoever to do with what is going on.

Apparently this is going to be “a tight race,” it will be “too close to call,” the “battleground” will be in the “swing States,” it is “going down to the wire.”

All of these clichés are trotted out, in no particular order, in every report from the front line, where all of the press are hunkered down, in anticipation of the thrilling wait, into the early hours of the morning, or in some of the “swing States,” which are the only results which count, it could be in ten days time, before the meaningless result is announced.

The two contenders, Barak Obama, the illegitimate son of a Marxist purveyor of pornographic photographs, mostly of Obama’s Jewish mother and Mittens Romney, a Bishop of the Mormon Church, which is determined to destroy the US and well-known asset stripper, present a grim image of the lack of talent in the ranks of either political party.

Romney will have an easy task, as Obama has brought the US to its knees, where, with head bowed, it waits for the final chop. That it should come from a Mormon would be in some way poetic.

The unwitting American voter is in fact voting for its own executioner.  Neither one of whom will be given any control over the decision of when the axe will come down.

America is finished. It will very soon be little more than a Third World Country. It will not be alone, Europe is in even deeper turmoil. In Greece, the Parliament has just been handed an eight hundred page Bill, laying out the proposals, which must be accepted, before they can receive another poisoned loan from one of the Rothschild banks.

The thousand page Bill is the latest Democratic ploy, which is used to ensure that lazy politicians, whom will shudder at the sight of such a document, will simply sign and hope for the best. However, experience has shown it is never for the best.

Greece, the cradle of Democracy, has sunk so low, that even the new political saviour, Syriza, is in fact just another controlled bunch of puppets, which has no intention of doing what needs to be done. Democracy under the control of Political Parties has always been a sham, which is why the whole world is in the same mess.

Greece has been set-up as the guinea pig, to test out the new policy of privatising a country into the hands of Jewish bankers and their Zionist lackey’s. The Greek economy has been deliberately destroyed, the folk whom set-up the European Union and the Euro, knew exactly what they were doing and things  are going along nicely.

Should the Greek people manage to force a new election and put Syriza in power, like the Arab Spring countries, they will find that they have simply elected “the government,” they will then have to find the energy to go back out into the streets and start all over again. This will continue until the are beaten into the ground. The Shadow Government never gives up.

When this game is over and not just in Greece, this is going to happen all over the Western World, there will be no middle classes, there will be the one per cent and the rest of us. The rest of us will be out of work, living in Government rented property, living on hand outs from the Rulers, whom will be mostly Jews and their paid bureaucrats.

There will be no renaissance of Europe, that has been made impossible. Free Trade, Globalisation and open borders has seen to that. We are now approaching the Asian Century. This has been decided by our Hidden Rulers.

Since the discovery of large reserves of oil and gas and the availability of minerals and metals of all sorts, in the area around the Caspian Sea, the Elite have already started to construct their new homeland, which is in fact their true homeland. When the time comes these heartless psychopaths will dump the folk in Israel, whom have been contaminated beyond repair with Depleted Uranium, leaving them to whatever they can sort out with the Muslims whom have been contaminated along with them.

Never mind, it will soon be Christmas.

A Good Deal For The Elite, Will Be Deadly For Us.

I keep telling myself not to worry, very soon I will receive that all important Tweet, Email, Texto or a call to arms on Facebook. The nightmare which I can see careering towards me, will be brought to a standstill by sliding my finger across the screen of a “Smart-Phone,” wont it? Well sadly, no.

Despite all of the gadgets in the hands of the “Young Generation,” and all of the garbage about the Arab Spring and the flow of information around the Freedom Squares all over the Muslim world, nothing has changed.

Greece is still in turmoil. The police are becoming more and more savage in an attempt to beat the demonstrators to their knees. Still the European Commission and the IMF, under the guise of helpers, are pretending to help ease the financial problems of Greece by offering yet another loan, which will simply be paid into the coffers of the Deutsche Bank, in part payment of the interest which is already driving Greece into oblivion.

The IMF and the ECB, are being criticised, for failing to understand that austerity will not work. The only way to solve the problem is to increase employment, which will increase income tax, therefore making more money available to pay the debt.

This is perfectly clear, is it not? It is not the best solution, however it is most certainly an improvement on austerity. Now hands up those whom believe that the IMF and ECB do not fully understand this simple fact. Of course they understand, they know exactly what they are doing, they are flaying Greece. Greece is being taken to the cleaners. Angela Merkel, the Communist Jew, from what was East Germany, is visiting Greece in her role as Bailiff for the IMF. She will be casting an eye on the remains of Public Utilities in the battered country.

Even as Merkel is urging the Greeks to take on more debt, it is being announced that Germany itself is likely to need a bailout in the near future, as will  the UK and Spain and Italy and so on. We are expected to have forgotten that this debt became a problem when we were all forced to bail-out failed banks, which had created an enormous debt. A debt so huge that it would cost more than all of the money on earth to repay it. Experts in economics are talking of quadrillions of dollars of debt and yet nobody appears to know to whom this vast debt is owed.

Sometimes I buy a ticket for the Euro Million Lottery. I have never won a cent. Too bad, very few do win. Now why do you think that no bright spark has not simply announced to all of those unknowns, holding Credit Default Swaps or Derivatives, to simply shrug their shoulders and get on with life, had there not been a credit default they would have lost anyway.

Whom did they pay for the Default Swap?  I believe the whole business to be a fraud on a gigantic scale. I do not believe that it is possible to create a debt of that size. Nobody, however expert, appears to have the ability to explain in simple language, how this situation came about. What has become of the money which changed hands when the original deal was made?

There cannot be a politician on the planet, unaware of the criminality which is taking  place, so why are they not speaking up? Why is nobody going to prison?

Basically because they are working to an agenda. The most important part of this agenda is the desire to transform the Western World into a controlled system along the lines of the Soviet Union.

The first step in this process is to destroy our economies, which will make us dependent on credit from the private central bankers. Read Agenda 21 for yourselves, that is the new Communist Manifesto. It is all made clear. Property is theft, individuality must be subservient to the needs of the community and so on. In the US, the richest country the world has ever known, there are over fifty million people with nothing to live on apart from Government Food Stamps. Unemployment is actually over twenty per-cent, when part time workers are included in the calculation.

Every western government is in league with this deception of the people. The UK, is going down the drain. Despite stringent austerity measures, things are going from bad to worse. There is very little remaining in the UK which has not already been sold off. The water system is gone, the airports, the docks, the Railways, even education is being passed into the hands of the multi-national companies, through Academies, which they fund and which will feed garbage into the heads of children.

All across the Western World, the people are using tools, televisions, house-hold gadgets, computers and just about anything you can think of, all made in China. This situation did not come about because China began to manufacture all of these things and offered them to the rest of the world at unbeatable prices, this was all very carefully worked out, with the aid and complicity of our politicians.

Since the nineteen-eighties, the Western Multi-Nationals have been investing in China and India and Brazil. All of the Chinese industry is in effect, in Western hands. Everything which is produced in China is made to order and to specifications which were provided by western businessmen. In any large Do-It-Yourself store you can find electric tools such as a wood planer, bearing the name selected by the importer, exactly the same tool can be found in another store, painted in another colour, bearing another name.

Well known brands, such as Philips are also made to specification in the Chinese factories, at a fraction of the European labour costs. Even Japanese high quality products are now made in China. SONY, for example which is actually owned by Rockefeller’s, Standard Oil New York, has out sourced most of its production to China.

It was all camouflaged with romantic terms like globalisation, free trade and sharing with the Third World. All very commendable and all a pack of lies and deceit. Globalisation was code for find the cheapest labour costs on the planet and place your order. Should the labour costs rise in that location simply look for another needy manufacturer. Free Trade, on the face of it meant opening up our markets to Third World countries to help them in the export of their goods, in reality it meant that the West could be flooded with goods made by children and virtual slave labour and imported without problem into the West.

The result of all this assistance for the Third World, has created what has become known as a race to the bottom, which will lead to the same result as does Capitalism, where all the money will eventually end up in the same hands, in the case of Globalism all of the production will end up in the country where the workers are the most desperate and worse off than slaves.

To fix this situation in place, it was decided that these emerging manufacturers, should be exempt from Carbon Tax and retain the right to build coal-fired Power Stations, while the rest of us would have to make do with limited access to electricity and rely on Solar Energy and Green jobs. This myth has just been exploded, when the US placed entry tariffs on Chinese Solar Panels, to hide the reality of trying to compete with China in a Free Trade Zone.

So with all of this in place, to suggest that the IMF and the European Commission are “Getting it wrong,” is ridiculous to say the least. They are getting it exactly right from their perspective. They are intent on using this deliberately created financial crisis to impose a new system, which will of course save us all, by giving them complete control of every aspect of our lives.

Experts on every subject display either a complete ignorance of real life or they are part of the propaganda drive of the Elite. Only today I heard at least three different experts explain how the US learned nothing from the experience of Vietnam and made the same mistakes in  Iraq. Really is that what you think? Well I prefer to believe that in Vietnam the US Military Industrial Complex made a killing. They loved every minute of it, they loved it so much they cannot get enough of it.

Do you know that they were dropping more bombs on Vietnam,  Laos and Cambodia, in a day than were dropped on Germany all through the Second World War. Have you any idea how much a bomb costs? It was not just bombs, Monsanto dumped millions of tons of  Agent Orange onto the jungle, not to mention the tons of drugs which were shipped back home to the US in the body bags with dead GIs.

They did not learn anything from the way things turned out in Libya and here they are doing the same thing in Syria,  said another expert. Well once again things came out exactly as planned in Libya, they do not have the slightest concern about the mess which they created for the people. It appears that Hilary Clinton was even prepared to select a sitting duck, low-cost, Ambassador, and lead him to the slaughter, in order to provide an excuse for something which has not yet been made clear.

We are dealing with madmen. We should not expect any sort of decent gesture from any of them.  Iraq was destroyed and contaminated quite deliberately, in order to steal the oil, which is now being sold to China at two dollars a barrel, so that the Chinese motorist is now receiving the benefit of Gas at bargain prices, while the US consumer is paying through the nose.

It is quite clear that we are involved in a war of terror and the Muslim World is the selected target. To pretend that we are in danger of attack, while the Muslims have been devastated and blamed for everything, is so disgusting that it is impossible to make sense of it. Especially when it is as clear as day that Israel did 911, which was “The New Pearl Harbour” event which excused the subsequent slaughter, torture, rape and pillage, across the Muslim world by “Our Boys” that murderous bunch of scum which is used to fulfil the dreams of the Elite.

So rest assured SNAFU, as it has been all through my life. The piles of dead are no higher now than in  past years, the only certainty is that there is no threat to the controllers whom are well hidden behind a veil of anonymity. It will be you whom will pay the ultimate price to satisfy the greed and avarice of the Zionist so-called blood-line.

Election Fatigue Takes Hold.

We have just passed through a seemingly endless round of referenda and elections, all of which delivered the preferred result.

The Greek people, whom have been in the streets fighting to stop the European Central Bank and the IMF robbing them blind, to pay for a deliberate theft by Goldman Sachs and members of the previous government, have voted for a new Political Party which is promising to deliver more of the same medicine, along with a new Opposition Party, which will pretend to stand up in defence of the people, while allowing the theft to continue.

In France, where the people are renowned for their political acumen and love of philosophy, they have just seen off Sarkozy, whom was elected with a list of chores, all of which he has accomplished, including the signing of France into NATO, the destruction of the French Constitution and passing control of France into the claws of the unelected European Commission, by signing the Treaty of Lisbon and almost without notice in France, the signing of a Treaty in Copenhagen, which commits France to the acceptance of every Treaty on Climate Change in future years.

Sarkozy has been replaced by another professional politician, François Hollande, whom was groomed  in Elite Colleges, for his present role. He it was whom aided Sarkozy with the necessary political  support in order to change the Constitution, making it possible to sign the Treaty of Lisbon.

Hollande has been instantly afflicted with the deep-seated hatred of Muslim people, which has become ubiquitous amongst the political classes and he appears to be a champion of the seriously deluded people whom believe that Assad in Syria is taunting NATO to invade by committing all of the necessary atrocities which will provide the excuse. He has already promised his support in any future attack.

While all of this is going on, he has quietly changed his mind over the promised renegotiation of the Fiscal Pact with Angela Merkel the Jewish Communist in Germany, whom has just furnished Israel with six Nuclear submarines, a deal which was barely mentioned in the German media.

He also has a local battle on his hands as his current Na-Na has come out in support of the opponent of Ségolène Royal his long time partner and mother of his four children, in the election in La Rochelle. Distasteful and shabby.

Across the Med, in Egypt, things have panned out according to plan. The British controlled Muslim Brotherhood have the Parliamentary Election in the bag while the real government, the Military,  are likely to place their man into the Presidency. These are mere details, whichever way it goes the people have lost.

Down in the Gulf area, unnoticed by the likes of Hollande, the struggle goes on. Hollande appeared to find the one man election in Yemen to be democratic enough to suit him, while the Saudi invasion of Bahrain necessary to suit the US and Israel.

Nearer to home, having supported Sarkozy’s blood sacrifice in Libya, he might finally release Morocco from the chains of Colonialism and allow the people some of the freedom they deserve, or maybe he is planning to take  the Maghreb back into French hands. Once blood-lust takes a grip, who knows where it might lead, it led Sarkozy into Côte d’Ivoire, in aid of the IMF preferred candidate.

Last candidate on the list is Ireland, where the people have been destroyed by Rothschild Banks. In a referendum which would decide whether they would arrest the criminal politicians and bankers, whom between them engineered the fraudulent debt or to take on even more debt and austerity, which will leave them homeless and starving in an agriculturally rich country, where there is no need of hunger, they strangely chose to continue their own torture and destruction.  The aforementioned Rothschild will be on hand to buy Ireland by the pound for cents on the dollar, as they say and the Irish government will help him do it.

The European Union Is A Racket.

What the hell is going on?  First question that demands an answer, where is the money? They tell us it is all tangled up in Derivatives and Credit Default Swaps and all that nonsense and because of this we must stand back and watch countries like Greece, Portugal and Ireland start to starve, in order to pay off a gambling debt.

If the banks have gone bust, too bad. Nationalise whatever is left, that is not going to cost a lot, a lot less than this perpetual bail out, and start to print money for ourselves. The banking system has either failed completely, or it is involved in a gigantic fraud, either way get rid of them. I say gaol them all.

The European Union cannot account for ninety-five per cent of the funds it has received from member countries. Why are the Fraud Squad not investigating? Can you believe that? Out of every One Hundred Billion Euros which it has received from member countries the EU can only account for five billion. I smell corruption of a very high order.  Oh and by the way that is not just for one year, that is for every year since it was set-up.

Right now we have a situation where Bankers are telling us that they are in debt and in need of bailouts. In no instance has this claim been investigated. The UK Government now owns most of the Royal Bank of Scotland and yet it is still being run as a private concern, why?

Why is Cameron not using the printing press in the basement, which the RBS uses to magic money out of nothing, which is loaned at extortionate rates to borrowers.  It should be loaned at zero interest in these desperate times, why is this not considered?

Allow me to tell you why. Simply because Cameron works for the bankers. He will never even admit that it could be done.That would open the floodgates of change. That would be to demonstrate how to solve the current problems.

Why do think you are never told to whom the debt is owed. The debt is always there. It can never be paid back. Never!Never!Never! It does not matter how deep the austerity cuts go, they can never go deep enough to repay the debt. It will never be repaid.

Our politicians have kept us in an illegal banking system for generations. Basically we have been in this situation since overt slavery was abolished.  Real slavery has continued a pace ever since. The only difference, they no longer have to buy us and feed us. Even in relatively rich countries, the vast majority of people live from pay check to pay check.

Right now the Rating Agencies, which are simply Agents of the bankers are reducing the credit worthiness of country after country, this is a means of driving up the interest payable on Bonds and other debts. The poorer the country, the more they pay. That makes sense doesn’t it?

Right now Greece is at the top of the Debt List. Pensioners are scavenging the rubbish bins behind super-markets looking for something to eat. Surely, you might ask, they have used some of the billions of Euros of bailouts to pay pensions?  Well no. They have not. Greece did not see one penny of that bailout, that was paid directly into the coffers of the Bundesbank or maybe Deutchebank, that money was not to help Greece, that was just another way of giving our money to the bankers. I repeat the debt will never be paid. All through my life and yours, we have been paying this money to the bankers.

When Greece needs money, they have no need to go to the IMF or any other bank, they can simply generate their own. That is what the IMF does. Every country can do this. It is a simple procedure. It cost only the cost of printing.

Let me give you an example, across Europe there are many millions of false one hundred Euro notes. Nobody is sure of the exact number. The number is of no consequence, it does not matter? Those notes will circulate just like the real ones, one only has to be careful not to deposit one into a bank account. This is the reality of money. It is just an IOU. Should it choose to do so a Government could give money away and it would help to ignite the economy.

At the moment, twenty-seven countries are paying vast sums of money to finance the EU. Ninety-five per cent of it is unaccounted for.  It is perfectly clear that whatever the grand idea was all about, it has failed miserably. The Euro has collapsed and shows no sign that it will ever recover.

It is being proposed that each of the twenty-seven countries of the Union should hand over the control of their economies to a group of people whom can not account for ninety-five per cent of their own expenditure. It is suggested that bankers will make a better job of it. The same bankers whom have been responsible for the greatest banking swindle in history, leaving them and us flat broke, now want to control Europe’s money?

Our elected leaders have led us into a position where we are in effect using a loan to repay a debt of interest on a loan, which was taken out to repay a debt of interest on a previous loan and so on. This situation is the proof positive that we are all still slaves and if the Establishment has its way we will remain in this state.

Right now leading up to a second round of elections in Greece, the electorate is being bombarded with rubbish about it being the end of life as we know it, if Greece should default. Why is that?  They are being told that they must stay in the Eurozone. To what purpose? That if they think things are bad now, they are nothing to what they will be should you go back to the Drachma. This is all fear mongering.  The truth is they are all frightened that it will work out for Greece and the rest of Europe will follow suit. Saving the billions of Euros that is ending up in the pockets of a bunch of unelected  buffoons in the European Commission.