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The Irish People Are Once More Under Zionist Attack.



Europe is apparently drifting towards Russia, or so they say. Well you can take it from me, that nobody ‘drifts’ towards anybody without the direct order from above. Russia, ever since the days of the Zionist funded coup d’etat, has always been the ‘secret weapon’ of the “Democratic’ Zionists, let us not forget the part Russia played in the Rape of Germany and Eastern Europe, which has lead to the total control of Europe by the Zionist European Union.

The Russian News channel, RT, which has been called “The Bullhorn of Propaganda” by the Americans, is indeed that very thing, it broadcasts a non-stop cartload of rubbish about Hitler and the Nasties, while never mentioning their own ‘dark murderous past’ from which they were “liberated” in the 1980s, as was Germany, in 1945? However while excusing themselves, they throw out an unending pack of lies about the Germans. One can only wonder as to why they never mention their own ‘death camps’ while making sure the Jew tale of Auschwitz, which was fabricated by Stalin’s team, is never questioned.

In the modern world, Jews can be Zionists, when it suits their current agenda and Jews when they seek extra funding or sympathy, or an as yet undefined colour, when they need to distance themselves from those nasty little past secrets, like their complete control of the Slave Trade, leaving the “Real Whites” to carry the can for that one and of course exempting themselves from their current calls for a White Genocide. They all look pretty White to me.

The Zionist Jew control of the International Media, a fact of which they openly boast, allows them to completely whitewash the fact that not one of the crimes, of which they accuse the Germans, can be borne out by facts, while their “Zionist scapegoats”, are guilty of unimaginable crimes against humanity, under yet another of their pseudonym, Communism or as it is currently referred to, Communitarianism, crimes far in excess of anything they dreamt up against the Germans, while at the same time attempting to hide the Jewishness or Zionist identity of the War Leaders, Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt and their lackeys Eisenhower, Ehrenburg and Morgenthau all of them Jews.

Eisenhower’s Rhine Meadow Death Camps, starved to death, one-and-a-half-million, “Disarmed Enemy Combatants” after the Wars end, while the “Allies of Evil” allowed the Georgian Jew Stalin, to take seven-million German prisoners to the Gulag Torture Death Camps, from where a mere few thousand ever returned. The German people were Savaged by International Jewry during World War Two and yet the Jews are still claiming “their own tragic unique victimhood”, in such a selfish manner, that anyone could be forgiven for believing that no one else suffered in a war, which was initiated by Jews and which served only the interests of Jews, a war which cost the lives of an estimated eighty-million people and many million more whom lost limbs and a tiny, ever decreasing number of Jews. The “alleged” tally of four million Jew victims at Auschwitz has been reduced to one-million of all people and the actual number of Jews is “unknown”. One can only wonder from where the number four-million claim was dreamt up in the first place,  never mind the question as to why the overall claim is still six-million Jew deaths.

Morgenthau, a Jew, quite openly called for the annihilation of at least thirty million Germans after the war. He achieved ten million, “Ten Million Deaths”, before he was forced to call a halt because of an outcry made by other States, which corresponds with the City of London’s attempt to starve the Irish to extinction, when supplies to feed the starving Irish, arrived from France and all the way from the Irish people in the United States, embarrassing the “City” into calling off the project but not before five million Irish people died of starvation, while another six-hundred-thousand were sent into slavery in the United States, where they outnumbered the Black slaves, that is of course, between you and me, mustn’t startle the Negros.

Nothing much changes in the Zionist routine, Churchill starved millions to death in Bengal during the war, which can be added to the Zionist/Communist/Jew death roll, while the world stands idly by as Palestine and Yemen are being crucified in the interest of Israel, as the rest of the Middle East lies in ruin and millions have died. Not much sign of pity from those professional victims in Israel, while the Jews Peter Sutherland and Alan Shatter have once more kicked off the attempt to destroy the Irish people, this time through the medium of mass Black immigration.

Picnicking Through the Revolution.

russian poster by Mikhail Cheremnych, Rosta Window #81 (Quickly Repair Agriculture), 1920Stenberg, Vladimir & Georgy Open Subscription to the Journal New World, 1926 Soviet Poster - Dmitri Moor - 1st of May Poster Warning! Our Homes Are in Danger Now!--Our Job Keep 'Em FiringPoster We're Fighting to Prevent This

Let those amongst you, whom like myself, have wondered how a small group of people could possibly have taken control of Russia, find a comfortable couch in front of some News Channel or other, open your sandwich box and a bottle of beer and settle down to watch events as they unfold in the USA.

Like Russia before it,the USA has been completely infiltrated by Jewish Bankers and Industrialists. All of their minions have been carefully placed in positions of power and authority. The USA witnessed a reception for the spokesman of the King of Israel, in the recent past, which should have made the blood of the average American run cold in his veins. He instead joined in the baying along with his politicians, they have truly learned to love Big Brother.

Not too long ago, Sen. Joe McCarthy carried out an illegal attack on those whom he felt were members of the Communist Party of the USA. McCarthy himself was astonished to find that the Government of the USA, was itself deeply involved with Communism and was indeed hand in glove with the Soviets, who were themselves merely puppets of the same Shadow Government.

All of this was a ploy, it was too soon after the end of World War 2 for the truth of the war to be disclosed. Therefore, Stalin and the Soviet Union, the recent allies of the West, were again being demonized and McCarthy destroyed.

The plan had been for Stalin,  undercover of the war in Europe, to invade and conquer the countries which surrounded Russia. This plan had been thwarted by Hitler, after he had been warned that Stalin had a large army on stand-by to launch this invasion. Hitler fully understood that Germany would be on the hit list.

Hitler was amazed that the Allies did not come to his aid in order to prevent this attack but instead took the side of the Soviets. General George Patton was murdered by the US Government to keep his mouth shut, as he too was aware of the truth. Patton, who was a thoroughly decent man and very popular with his troops, has since been subjected to an obscene barrage of misinformation.

Before the war had ended, the bankers and industrialists, whom had been the real force behind Hitler and the Third Reich, were already making plans to rejuvenate the installation of a Pan European Government,  which they would control.

Using the excuse of the holocaust, they avoided any criticism or opposition to the installation of a Zionist Government in Germany. They proceeded to blame Germany for every atrocity which had taken place during the war. This included demanding the payment of billions of dollars to Jews, which is still continuing to this day. So for the second time in twenty-five years, the German people were carrying the blame for an Elitist provoked war.

The US Government was well aware of the plan to set-up a controlled European Union, they were in possession of a document which laid it all out, “The Red House Hotel Report.” They took no action as they were already part of the plan.  www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1179902/RevealedThe-secretreportshowsNazis  They have now overseen the installation of The North American Union, with Canada and Mexico without mentioning it to the people. Unknown to the majority of the population, America has already constructed the Gulags, which are waiting for the people, as did the Jewish controllers of Russia, where some say, that as many as 100,000,000, were exterminated.

With all of this going on, the people of the US, in general, believe the word of an elected President, who holds them in such disdain, that he feeds them rubbish, such as the slaying of Osama Bin Laden,  and the disposal of his body into the sea. The average Joe in the US will argue until blue in the face, that this is the truth. People this stupid can not be helped out of their hole.

However do not worry too much America, you are not alone, this is being rolled out all across the Western World. We are meat as they say. Welcome to the Neo USSR.