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May You Make Your 2018 New Year’s Resolution A Good One!



Zen Koans, which are no more than the asking of a question, directed towards the inner man, have now fallen foul of the modern, strict censorship, of a truthful response. The thought patterns of the ‘Free World” are under attack, in order to protect, the lies and deceit, which play such an important role in modern life, from being discussed.

Zen Buddhism, which was of great importance to many people, when I was a young man, has its own strict rules concerning the information which is made available to Novices. They are obliged to find their truth for themselves. My understanding of this system was, that a truth which is spoken by another, has no worthwhile quality, should the receiver of that truth, not have made the discovery for himself.

When I declared to a friend that I had received my enlightenment and that for me, further seeking was now unnecessary, he immediately asked me,  “As to what that ‘enlightenment’ referred and what had I discovered”. I replied in a somewhat cryptic manner, by suggesting to him, that he already knew the answer, but was incapable of admitting it to himself and that when he finally did so, he would understand the secret of Zen, in that flash of illumination.

All these years later, I find myself back in the same position. I have come to understand, certain things, which many people do not accept in the same manner as I do and yet, having come to understand the real meaning of discovering your own truth, I now find myself engaged in an effort to encourage others to believe, either what ‘I am saying’, or I could re-phrase that as, not to believe ‘what others are saying’, take your pick.

I recently heard a ‘shocking’ News item, concerning a Zoo. The Keeper of the Lions and Tigers, was asking the public, to bring their unwanted pet Rabbits and Cats and Dogs, to the Zoo, where they could be thrown to the Wild Beasts, as there was a desperate shortage of meat, with which to feed the animals.

Such an act, would be quite normal and in keeping, with the strange ways of Nature itself and yet, those whom by their silence, have condemned millions of people across the World, to a fate worse than death, were shocked, even horrified, that any man could demand such a brutal death for Tabby the Cat.

I would have thought, that after the ‘Zen’ like proposition, about our ‘Pets’, had been uttered, the response should have been, to have at least, pondered the notion of; ‘Is there any real difference between walking in your garden,  on a sunny afternoon, casually squashing, millions of Ants and other insects, without a care,  should  no,  it was not any different, be the grudgingly accepted response,   why does the idea of throwing a little Cat to a bigger Cat provokes such horror?

Far be it for me, to suggest any adequate response to such questions, one must arrive at ones own conclusion and so it is with all such enigmatic problems.

However, in modern-day life, we are constantly being bombarded with claims which we will be duty bound to accept,  because there are already moves afoot, to instil certain controversial ideas into the innocent minds of children in Primary Schools,  ideas which will immediately create tension between parents and children, should the parents hold different views.

These ‘truths’ however ridiculous, are being presented, I suppose we can say ‘thankfully’, by God’s Chosen People, itself a concept, with which I have yet to come to terms. Nevertheless, I will be ‘obliged, to accept and  make use of the claims of these people, which instruct me to believe there to be many different ‘Genders’ of people and not simply Male and Female. I fallaciously believed that a homosexual couple referred to two men. That silly idea, now turns out to be quite wrong. The instant I chose to retain my right to disagree, I was branded as a Fascist, a claim which had relevance to my statement, which concerned homosexual marriage.

I came across an alarming report, that adolescent boys, who were claiming to be ‘transgendering’ into women, would be allowed to sleep in the Girl Guides Dormitory tent on Camping trips.

This conundrum, was a difficult one, with which to come to terms, simply because, should these poor saps, be genuinely emotionally girls, one could presume, that the Girl Guides would be quite safe, however should these same ‘men’ be allowed to sleep in a tent with young boys, would that be good for the boys?

To me these questions go far beyond Zen. We are already living in confusion. Nothing can be accepted as truth. So how can anyone be expected to ‘know’, how you or anybody else, ‘feels’ inside? Can I be sure that I think like a man and can a man, who I see quite regularly, who is broad-shouldered and bearded, dressed in a caricatural manner, like a typical girl from the days of the mini-skirt, wobbling around in stiletto heels, ‘know’ that he feels like a woman?

The reality being,  nobody knows ‘how’ they feel and yet the clothes we wear, or the use of make-up has come to signify, what it is to be a woman, even as huge numbers of women, choose to dress in Jeans and Jumpers. The ‘look’ of a Dominatrix, in leather or rubber clothing, with a whip in her hand,  is the badge of sado-masochists, who desire a good whipping.

All of these strange desires have existed forever, many of them have been forbidden by Law, so for an educational system, to be intent on giving young male children, lessons in how to be a ‘Sodomite’, even as those whom were once referred to as perverts, are pushing for the legalisation of paedophilia, seems to me to be an ever so slightly, weird idea.

I am not quite sure as to whether my long dead Zen teacher would be in agreement with my conclusions, nonetheless I am confident in my decision that humanity itself, has fallen into the hands of desperately evil people. Sometimes the only question left to be answered is the famous Zen Riddle,

            “When you can do nothing, what can you do?”

I am quite sure that many of my readers can solve that one for themselves and they most probably already have.

                         Happy New Year!