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The Rape And Buggery Of Children Is Simply “A Dark Desire.” Sexual Orientation.

Well from where I am standing it is neither of these things, it is a perversion and so it must remain.

The push to legalise hard-core psychopathy  is gathering pace. The Top Brass and their antics are rapidly coming to the attention of the public at large. A public which has  been forced to accept that even Princes of the realm are keeping company with paedophiles and other perverts.

If this obscenity existed only in the darker corners of the working classes, there would be no coffee table chatter about whether the law should be changed to accommodated the needs of those whom wish to impose their filth on to the bodies of even tiny babies. No society of which I accept as normal should ever be allowed to accept such behaviour as normal.

Pressure seems to be mounting across the world, to “out” the elite paedophiles, including those from the Clergy, apparently to the level of Arch Bishop, Judges, High Ranking Police officers, members of all Political Parties Free Masons and of course Royalty.

There is hardly a children’s home in Europe where the orphans have not been abused in some way or other, many, as in the current disgraceful disclosure in Canada, where young Native Canadians have not only been abused but apparently sacrificed, when these “Dark Desires” go just a step farther on, taking us back to Biblical times when Jews were prepared to sacrifice their first-born to satiate their savage god.

The European Union has long been preparing the ground for an announcement that there should be no age limit imposed on children whom are willing to participate in “Inter-Generational Sex” as if toddlers whom seem to be the target of those in the upper echelons of society, have any notion as to what they are involved with and are capable of an informed consent.

Harriet Harmon, a leading Labour Party Politician, was, between 1978 and 1982 a legal adviser for the National Council for Civil Liberties, which is now called Liberty.

At the time the NCCL was affiliated to The Paedophile Information Exchange and Paedophile Action for Liberation, which was even then arguing for the abolition of the age of consent.

I doubt very much whether those whom voted for this closet pervert were aware of her support for such filth.

There appears to be hardly a member of the UK Parliament whom is not in some way touched by this “orientation” which if course makes them liable to blackmail, which many commentators assume is the reason why they appear to be so keen to commit the UK to illegal wars all across the globe.

Even “Little Willy Hague” found himself implicated in a little touch of the other, as they say, but happily it was with a consenting adult, whom later had to be sacked from his “Job for the Boy,” as they say.

The White House has reputedly been the scene of many a “Gay” evening, which included a lot of men with the “sniffs” and a love of that “Which Dare Not Speak Its Name,” There are also rumours of paedophilia on a massive scale. Edward Kennedy, the brother of the man whom had a headache all day long, if he did not have sex with a woman in the morning, was himself fond of very young girls, he was actually lusting after a fourteen year old in front of the child’s father.

The revelation Sex Pistol front man Johnnie Rotten, that he was well aware of Jimmy Savile’s  uncontrolled sexual obsessions as long ago as the 1970s, which he was forbidden to talk about, would appear to have blown the gaff on the BBC hierarchy. It will of course be ignored. Savile was far to close to those in high places. Savile’s chums appear to have included Peter Sutcliffe, the Yorkshire Ripper, and Ian Brady, the sadistic partner of Myra Hindley, the couple whom took delight in torturing little children to death while recording their cries of fear and pain.

It would appear that we are already living in a pit of filth and fear and seems to be no good reason to slide even deeper into the slime in  order to cater to those for whom normality has become boring.

Savile’s Can Of Worms: Did Labour Politicians Support EU Move To Legalise Paedophilia?

Harriet Harman, a member of War Criminal Tony Blair’s Government, was vocal in her belief, that the law concerning paedophilia should be relaxed, this relaxation would perhaps imply the imposition of an EU proposed law, which would legalize “Intergenerational Sex.” She is at the moment attempting to back-track on this position, as she back-tracked over the war against Iraq.

This change would complement the changes which have already been made to the UK law on Sedition and Treason, in order to shelter herself and the rest of the Blair Government, which was guilty of both, from prosecution.

A change in the law on child abuse, could be used to protect those members of the EU and Blair Cabinet whom were implicated in the Dunblane Massacre and of course those highly placed individuals whom abused Hollie Greig.

For whatever reason, the Jimmy Savile saga is turning into a veritable nightmare for the top brass at the BBC, whom are running around in circles trying to find an easy target, to which they can attach the blame. It is evident that it extends way beyond the BBC and we can only guess which highly place individuals are cowering in dark places, hoping to escape exposure.

Yet another famous BBC icon has come under the spotlight, having been implicated, along with Savile, in the Haut de la Garenne, Children’s Home in Jersey’s,  extensive abuse allegations. Wilfred Brambell, whom starred in Steptoe and Son as the title character, another creepy little chap in the Savile mode, with apparently many more to follow.

As with the Dunblane case, where young lads wearing hunting kilts were “loaned out” to members of Scottish Masonic Lodges, young children from Haut de la Garenne, were “loaned out” to members of exclusive yacht clubs, where they were abused and in many cases raped. The children whom complained were locked in a cellar and beaten.

The current British Prime Minister was asked a question in Parliament, concerning a paedophile ring in Parliament itself and in Downing Street, during the term of an un-named previous Prime Minister. Cameron promised to look into it. At the time of the Dunblane Massacre, an aid to Tony Blair was said to have been named during the enquiry. Whether this is true or not cannot be verified, because of the secrecy order slapped on the enquiries findings.

With so many Masons involved in Dunblane, Hollie Greig and the Haut de la Garenne cases, I doubt very much whether we will ever get to the truth. I believe that Prince Charles himself is Grand Master of the Lodge in Kensington Palace, so we are already in the zone of the untouchables.

One thing is clear, the whole of British Society is contaminated with this sickness and with the EU intent on legalizing the sickness, normal people will have to keep on their toes to stop it.

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