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Prayers Will Not Save Us Now.

I wonder why the British Government would not dare to allow the British people a referendum on whether they would support putting a stop to immigration? They could perhaps ask for a yes/no vote on the question “Are you in favour of handing the United Kingdom over to immigrants?”

Any response other than the ‘correct’ one, would naturally invite a cacophony of criticism and accusations of Neo-Nazism, Racism or Hate Criminalism, or any other slur, which could be used as justification to disallow any alternative point of view to be voiced. Similar things were said about Ukip, simply for preferring to maintain a distinctive British environment.

In the United States, African-Americans are already complaining about those ‘Africans’ coming into the States, from Africa, whom they claim are ‘Not Slavery Survivors Like Us.’ Blacks live in fear of losing ‘their most favoured minority’ status, should too many foreign Blacks arrive. As are the Jews in Israel.

Pakistani Muslims have already demanded and won their own State, from which they now flood into the UK, and are the most vociferous in the claims of their Human Rights, which are thin on the ground, back in Pakistan.

Sky News chose to re-broadcast the same three video clips, purporting to show Muslims involved in certain activities against Whites and Christianity, one of which, it has been suggested, ‘could have been fake.’ which Donald Trump had re-tweeted,  having themselves just finished accusing Trump of giving a far wider viewing of the offending clips.

Sky News had themselves been playing film, ‘allegedly,’ which in Sky News terms, when it concerns their own actions, means ‘proven’ evidence, of events during NATO’s brutal destruction of Yugoslavia. This was in response to the guilty verdict in a Kangaroo Court, which has been busily accusing members of the Military Resistance in Croatia and Serbia of Crimes Against Humanity, and the filmed suicide of one of the accused, who proclaimed his innocence as he was swallowing a bottle of poison.

Sky News presented that report, alongside a claim, that the man Thomas Mair, whom it was alleged had killed the Labour Party MP, Jo Cox.  Mair, a man whom they described as a Neo-Nazi, who allegedly cried out ‘Britain First’ despite there being no evidence of him having said any such thing, to connect him with ‘Britain First’ which had originally tweeted the clips, retweeted by Donald Trump, to smear Britain First as ‘Neo-Nazis’.

Sky News referred to the group, ‘Britain First,’ as a ‘hate filled organisation, while part of their report was of an American Jew, being hypocritically allowed to talk of Racism against Muslims, without criticism, in a land where all sorts of ‘Terrorist’ crimes, have been laid at the door of Muslims.

I can personally,  openly support Muslims without fear of being called a hypocrite,, because I have my doubts about the accuracy of all of these alleged Muslim crimes, but the mainstream have no such excuse. I am a ‘conspiracy theorist’ according to them. Their silence, about the validity or otherwise of the real source of the ‘Terrorism’ is responsible for all the anti-Islamic rhetoric, so on whose side are these Muslim supporters?

Mair was found guilty, without any conclusive evidence against him, in his own Kangaroo type Court, where he was convicted without a word being presented in his defence. His conviction is already proving to be ‘unsafe’.

In France, where there are millions of Muslims, with thousands more arriving annually, there is chaos. There is also a gagged attitude of the French people, to what is taking place. The subject is spoken of in whispers, with anxious glances at passers-by, who may have heard a word out-of-place.

Serious people, in Government, both local and National, are talking of Balkanising France, to create a Muslim State. This with ‘Muslim-Land’ just across the Mediterranean. Even my sympathy for the Muslims, whom have been driven out of their lands, will not allow me to accept the reality of simply importing millions more Muslims into France, which is almost devoid of industry and where I live it is particularly difficult to find work, so all the incomers from the Maghreb, are content to sit around, as if on holiday, with Social Security and free lodgings. I feel that France would be better off, sending them home and paying them to stay there.

To suggest that the Muslim immigrants, be forced return to their lands of origin, is sacrilege and yet they have no intention and what is more, are incapable of integrateng in France. Muslims will not integrate, wherever they are to be found, as do Blacks people,  they create problems, even in Myanmar a land full of Buddhists.

In India, things are on a knifes edge because of the incoming Muslims, against whom the Hindus dare not speak a word of criticism, out of fear of provoking a modern-day massacre, comparable to those in the past, when hundreds of millions of Hindus were wiped out.

All of these things are well-known to Politicians, so why kick a hornets nest, by attacking all of the major Muslims countries, apart from the ones already under Zionist control, the outcome, of which could be quite easily foreseen?

Even now, when the ultimate aim of those attacks is evident, that is, the clearance of the Middle East and the theft of Libya’s Primary Water, plus the control of the Poppy fields of Afghanistan, our politicians never mention the subject, they choose instead to accept the aim of flooding Europe and the United States, with immigrants, actually telling us that ‘without them,’ Europe will be lost’ etc.

Most of the current batch of immigrants are not coming, from the war-torn Muslim countries, but from Africa. This is a fact which has yet to become apparent to European politicians, whom talk constantly of refugees from Syria.


The people of Planet Earth, have been fed so much crap by the likes of Sky News, that teenagers, now believe that the slaughters which began at the beginning of the New Century, on 911, 2001, were as a result of Muslim Terrorism. The total lack aggressive response from the Muslims, forced the Zionists, which is shorthand for thugs, to create their own response to their own terrorism. They are ‘them’ and ‘us’ at the same time.

The young cannot conceive of the idea that, 911 was the ‘New Pearl Harbour’ which the plotters of the current chaos, created, as an excuse to kick off their barbarism against the Muslim World, simply because the Muslims were the last remnants of resistance to the aims of the Zionists. Hitler was gone and now the Muslims must go the same way. Compare the current state of the Middle East to Germany after World War Two.

We took no notice of all this blood-letting, having allowed ourselves, as did our fathers and grandfathers before us, to be conditioned into a state of total stupor, by persistent propaganda, as we stood idly by, watching the murders in Russia, Germany, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Laos, Korea and now ten million more lost souls across the Middle East, we,  are next on the killing list and in the words of the prophet, We did nothing when they came in the night to take all the others and now there is nobody left to come and save us.

Hellstorm: The Rape And Plunder Of Germany.




The Power Of Propaganda And The Lies Of Deception.

While still a small child, I had already been fed a pack of lies, which were designed to impress me, along with the rest of the receptive children in my class, that we, that is the people of those countries which were on side with the United States and the non-German Countries of Europe, were the ‘Good Guys.’

Events behind the ‘Iron Curtain’ were never fully explained. They were not only kept secret, the fact that we had collaborated, with the hated Communists,  to destroy Germany was never, ever discussed. We were taught, that for some reason, Adolf Hitler had lost his mind and in a fit of mental derangement had launched a misjudged attack against Russia.

This ‘fortuitous’ mad gamble by Hitler, we were told, led to an ‘unlikely’ alliance between The Russian Bolshevik Slaughter-House and the brave warriors of the forces for good, which just happened to be under the control of the very people whom had manipulated Germany into a position, where a war was an inevitability and without the aid of the swarms of Russians, Germany would have wiped the floor with the rest of the World.

There were so many genuine conspiracies during the build-up to World War Two, that to understand them all and to connect them into a solid argument, which demonstrated that the Germans were in fact the ‘Good Guys,’ provokes such opposition in the minds of those whom were not even born while these events were taking place, that it is virtually impossible to hold a reasonable debate about events which shaped the modern world.

The unspoken truth surrounding World War Two, has to this day, never been allowed a reasonable airing by the mainstream media. In many European Countries, to even broach the subject could lead to a term of imprisonment, an actuality which is found to be acceptable by the general public, so deep-rooted, in the very souls of the ‘good people’ of those countries,  which assisted in the destruction of those Germans,  whom actually fought a magnificent war to protect them from the ‘real’ forces of evil.

Another closely guarded,  dark secret, is what was done to Germany and its allies after the war had ended. The cold-blooded massacres of the Germans and other Peoples in Eastern Europe, was an atrocity, so evil as to confound the ability of any historian, to present so  much as an approximation of the horrors which occurred.

The victors of this war, whom should have been hanged for the depravity of their actions, which are even now being repeated in the Middle East, were instead lauded by the Media, which they control, as heroes.

Until the day arrives, that the people of Europe and the coalition of evil, which carried out the unholy war against Germany, come to accept that they were nothing more than ‘hounds from hell’ whom were encouraged to destroy a people and by doing so, provided the excuse to enslave and slaughter many others, whom opposed the approach of Communism – while all the time believing themselves to be liberators – face up to the reality of their huge crime, they will continue to allow themselves to used as stooges, by their less than truthful Politicians.

Perhaps, having watched footage, like the above clip, and coming to understand that in order to justify this abomination, it has been necessary to continue the black propaganda about Hitler and Germany for the past seventy years, so deep-seated is the guilt of those whom carried out these atrocities and it explains why they so blatantly continue to celebrate their ‘victories,’ on VE Day, with the German Queen of England standing in support, even as the Bankers cynical slaughter of any opposition to their schemes, show no sign of abating. They are now building up the hate rhetoric against, not only the German people but the rest of the White European Peoples, while we, just as blindly as did our parents and Grand-Parents, allow them to do it. There are none so blind as those whom refuse to see.


“The Communist desire to ‘liberate enslaved nations’ will come as a surprise to the enslaved nations of Eastern Europe, and the goal of maintaining ‘integrity of their territories’ rings strangely in view of the Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia, Afghanistan, and other oppressed nations. Like other announced goals of World War II, the Atlantic Chapter and the Four Freedoms, Stalin’s program achieved only one goal, ‘the destruction of the Hitlerite regime,’ the only government in the world which had opposed the spread of Communist aggression with its military forces. The ‘abolition of racial exclusiveness,’ which has (also) been official U.S. Government policy since 1945, was, quite simply, the Jewish Marxist goal of planned genocide of the White Race, because the White Race remained the only possible opposition to the total domination of the world by international Jewish Marxism. No African or Asiatic nation has ever mounted a successful counter-revolution against a Communist regime, nor have they ever desired to.” (Eustace Mullins, foreword to War! War! War! Cincinnatus)

As soon as Hitler had been defeated by the Western Bolsheviks, whom were quietly taking control of the United Kingdom and the United States, Russia was once more, sent into obscurity, behind the Iron Curtain, playing out its role in the ‘Cold War,’ which was itself just another banking scam, which paid out billions of Pounds, Dollar’s and Rubles’, manufacturing Atomic Weapons – which most probably did not work anyway – into the pockets of the Banking Corporation’s weapon shops.

While the war may have ended for the duplicitous ‘Allies’ in 1945, the suffering was just beginning for the German people. Like the Irish, Ukrainians and the Armenians before them, the Germans were about to suffer a ‘Biblical style’ extermination program, and an Allied ‘blood-lust’ which defies any claim, that those whom fought alongside Stalin, to be of a civilised and decent society.

The bloody history of the French/British/ Jew Empires, has long been white-washed by efficient propaganda machine, which has managed to make affiliates proud of their achievements in Ireland and elsewhere, by miraculously transforming the victims into the aggressors and what was inflicted on Germany was no different.


The propaganda on British Television News, is so controlled that there is no such thing as ‘ the other side of the story,’  I have just listened to a ‘journalist’ expressing her opinion about the sons of Donald Trump, whom apparently went on Safari in Africa, where they shockingly killed animals and took photographs of themselves with the dead animals.

She posed, the rhetorical question, what sort of disgusting people would in engage in such disgraceful behaviour?  The response should have been, the British Royal Family. The Queen and the Duke, spent their honeymoon on Safari, where the blood-thirsty Duke was intent on killing anything which moved, even endangered species.

The young ‘Princes’ are no different, Princess Diana herself complained that her sons were never happier than when they were involved in shooting, even rare birds like the Isis. The British love their Royal Family and the City of London, both of which they continue to allow to exist in their midst, like cancers.






The Truth Of Life: We Are All Living A Lie.

Europe has just been dragged through a long and tedious round of celebrations, organised by the winners of past European wars.  The winners, have set themselves up as “the good guys” who saved the world from the threat of those men of evil, over there in Germany and Japan.

Well I have no wish to destroy your illusions and self-satisfaction and those golden dreams of your past exploits but you have been standing, shoulder to shoulder alongside the real purveyors of evil, who are continuing the blood-letting and slaughter  in a vile Battle of Evermore, to which in past times, members of your own families have been sent to be slaughtered, as a blood sacrifice,  in pursuit of the aims of this cabal, which is prepared to lay the entire world to waste, to suit their madness, without a trace of  Hitler anywhere to be seen.


Those whom you blindly elected as your ‘controllers,’ are fully aware of the lies by which you are controlled, as was,  Adolf Hitler, whom like you, blindly placed his faith in the British and their famous integrity, only to be betrayed and his people destroyed in an obscene, ritualistic, abomination, carried out by the combined forces, alongside whom you recently celebrated.

The long forgotten victims of all of these contrived wars and coup d’etat are the 65 million Christians murdered in Russia, the staggering number of Germans murdered in WW2, the Armenian genocide carried out by the Sabaean Young Turks, the millions of Muslims whom are still being slaughtered and their lands stolen, while the dupes, whom are themselves on the way to the abattoir, commemorate their “achievements.”

Your rulers, whom know better, expect you all to believe that at exactly the same moment in time, there were two homicidal maniacs, intent on taking control of all and everything, one of whom announced this intention in a well-known manifesto, the other made no mention whatsoever of such an intent and yet the announced intention is ignored, while the other is continually spoken of as fact, yet never proven.

Stalin and the Communists were the true threat and Russia is quite possibly even now, the proposed killing machine, waiting to annihilate the rest of Europe. It would be foolish to be lulled into a false sense of security, the fate of Hitler and Germany should never be forgotten.





Hellstorm: The Truth Of World War Two And The Genocide of Germany

Britain and France forced this war on to Germany, and this is what was done to the German people in your name.

“This war is an English war and its goal is the destruction of Germany.” – Winston Churchill (Autumn 1939 broadcast)

“It is not the Germany of the first decade that followed  great war – broken, dejected and bowed down with a sense of apprehension and impotence. It is now full of hope and confidence, and of a renewed sense of determination to lead its own life without interference from any influence outside its own frontiers. One man has accomplished this miracle. He is a born leader of men. A magnetic and dynamic personality with a single-minded purpose, a resolute will and a dauntless heart.” – David Lloyd George (Ex-Prime Minister, UK), in the Daily Express (Sep. 17, 1936)

When the Arch-Bishop of Canterbury today spoke of the evil in World War Two, perhaps the darkest time in history, his words certainly did not describe the conduct of the Germans, they spoke to the real scourge of this earth, the Western Alliance and those whom write the orders.

We are all still under the control of these slabs of evil who created the horror in the above film and their greatest achievement was to convince the deluded dupes who fought the war, that they were heroes, the “exceptional generation.”

They were laughing up their sleeves at all of you.  You have survived the last seventy years but you will not live long enough to repay the “War Debt” the Jews start these wars and we end up paying for them.

“Hitler and the German people didn’t want this war. We didn’t answer Hitlers various petitions for peace. Now we have to admit that he was right. Instead of a cooperation with Germany, which he had offered us, now stands the gigantic, imperialistic might of the Soviets. I feel ashamed to see how the same intentions of which we accused Hitler,   are now pursued under a different name.” – Sir Hartley Shawcross, British chief-accuser in Nuremberg.”

Should you be tempted to believe, that the behaviour of the Allies in the above film, was no more than a unique aberration, think again.

Just a few short years later they were at it again in Korea, where they carried mass murder, under the banner of the United Nations, an organisation which would put an end to war.

A decade later, they were laying waste to Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos and by Christ did they have a field day?

Take a look at this clip and decide for yourselves if you can see a difference between this behaviour and what was done to the Germans.  Never fear, you could be next.