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Crimes Of The City.



Thanks to our ‘elected’ politicians, our foodstuffs are in the hands of those whom search profit and not health, while our ‘health care’ is in the hands of those whom have need of sickness and our medicines are in the hands of those whom have need of ‘addicts’ all of which has been achieved to perfection. Those same politicians are now intent on allowing a money monopoly to be constructed which will create a population in total slavery out of humanity. All of which is being presented as “cool”.

Our children are being educated to be gullible, a form of learning which has been in operation for centuries, which has convinced us all into believing, for example, that there are, even as I write, people in Australia whom are upside down, but because we live under the control of gravity, there is only up on a globe earth, if you see what I mean.

The Irish have been taught to believe that the English failed to notice, that as they were stealing millions of tons of Irish food at gunpoint,  five million Irish people were starving to death. When this was pointed out to them, the British decided it to be cheaper to send the dying, starving Irish to the New World as slaves, rather than feed them.

The German Peoples, were forced to accept full responsibility for two World Wars, despite the fact they were forced into both of those wars, by those same “short-sighted” people whom are called English but whom inhabit a foreign enclave in London called the “City”, where the blame for events in Ireland and both World Wars actually resides.

Those whom seek total control of our money, an aim which has involved several genocides and the ongoing carnage of millions of those whom resist this invitation into servitude, continue to make use of a coalition of those obedient States, which are already under the total control of the “City”. This “Coalition”, is taking part in a genocide, which has been instigated by a group which has installed hundreds of Museums, in memory of their own suffering, to destroy and annihilate as many Christians as possible, while subjugating those mainly Arab or Muslim States, by whom their grand larceny is being resisted.

It should not be forgotten that Adolf Hitler and Germany were part of the group which told the quasi-English Bankers in the City of London, exactly where they could stuff their desire to enslave the whole-wide world, of course Germany was made to pay the price of this disobedience. Our gullible children are being brainwashed, on a daily basis, to make sure that the propaganda which the “City” generated to justify the horrific, barbarity which was inflicted onto the German people, remains secret, while the bestiality in Palestine and Gaza continues, with the apparent acceptance of those whom once worked for the “King of the City”. While other “quasi” people, in Saudi Arabia, Turkey and other “Royal” Middle Eastern States are eagerly destroying Arabia and there is not a trace of Hitler  anywhereto be found.

We have been educated to accept, only what we were “educated” to believe to be the truth, actually was the truth, and yet it has recently come to light that historical dates do not add up and certain events, which must have been of enormous consequence, appear to have been written out of history and that what remains would appear to have been manipulated to deliberately shroud real history in darkness.

There is much evidence suggesting that not too long ago, during the 18th and 19th centuries, Europe and the civilized world lived in peace and harmony, with Tesla type towers delivering electricity to every home, which was used for heating and lighting. During the same period there was a global event now called the Mud Flood, which laid many ancient cities like Rome to waste and buried much of the world under a blanket of mud many metres deep. The Mud Flood, it would appear, caused the downfall of the Tartarian Empire? I will have to take a deeper look at that, however the Mud Flood is very interesting.

There is what appears to be evidence of mud all over the world. There are examples of it even in Australia, showing that it occurred in quite recent times and yet there is no mention of it anywhere online. During a recent earthquake, there was film of the earth turning to liquid and flowing away. I was astonished at the phenomenon and yet it was merely mentioned in passing on the News., giving the impression that there was nothing out of the ordinary taking place. I suppose a couple of hundred years ago, it could well have been accepted as part of a massive earthquake or flooding event, which always leaves a residue of mud and muck behind and with little communication between affected countries the “big story” was never put together.

All of that being said, there is much evidence that most of our past history has been rewritten, suggesting, for example, that the only reason there is any such thing as the Dark Age is because it was created by a change in the “dating” of History which left a gap in the timeline.

Newearth takes a more open-minded look at the problem of our historical record and finds many anomalies.


Speaking for myself, I am convinced that most of what I was taught at school was bull-shit and it convinces me that the lies did not start on the day of my birth. We have been presented with lies on a daily basis and it would be closer to reality if the attitude of a total disbelief in what is presented by the controlled media was adopted.

I have experienced the full force of the initiation of false history regarding events during World War Two, which has lead to certain things being forced, under duress, down the throats of the whole wide world. Events which according to those whom insist on the truthfulness of their claims, according to their own figures and deep research, are shown to have been impossible and yet, Democratically elected governments across the world, which are fully aware of the truth, are prepared to allow their own citizens to be gaoled for questioning these bogus claims. So anyone who retains a smidgen of truth in recorded history is a pathetic idiot.

Murder Inc, Controlled Both World Wars



The sanctimonious soothsayers, whom are making use of the anniversary of the end of the Great War, to warn us that we must learn the lessons of the past, to avoid repeating the same experiences in the future, yet even as they preach their twaddle,  they continue to hide the reality of both World Wars from the People. I can assure those people, that as we currently have the very same Ruling Elite, which has already created Two World Wars, that in order to change the future we need to expose the problem for what it is, and to take away the power to declare war from a bunch of rich men, whom have already bought everything which was for sale, including Royal Families.


We should be teaching children in school that there was no menace to overcome, in either World Wars “we were the menace”. What was achieved by the Great War? Who was threatening Europe? Perhaps the main aim was the seizure of Palestine? The Second World War was fought by those whom had been placed in Power in Russia,  even as the Great War was raging. After which the Russian Communists were of course the threat and yet they were quite deliberately used to fight against the  new threat,  to Communism that is,  of Adolf Hitler and unless that truth is explained to the People, we will be sent scurrying into yet another World War, once more fighting an imaginary enemy for an imaginary friend

Commentators are swamping the airwaves with rubbish about how the butchered millions of the Great War saved our freedoms, from who or what, I wonder? There was no existential threat to Europe, the youth of Europe was quite deliberately murdered, by the million, in a huge “firing squad” against which they were forced to expose themselves, for no better reason than to be coldly gunned down.

This “Great War” was cynically used, as a means to simply carry out the cull of European youth, in readiness for the Second World War, which was already in the planning, and which was to be unveiled twenty years later when the same hidden hand, would deliberately provoke the War, this time claiming it to be to save Europe from the non threat of Germany.



Young woman, Irma Grese, who worked in a couple of Camps during World War Two, who was lynched out of hand, to shut her up.


The first step in learning the lessons of both “World Wars” should be to find out who or whom gave such ridiculous orders to serving soldiers, whom were treated like victims of the famous British hangman, Albert Pierrepoint, who could hang a man or woman in a few seconds.




Hundreds of thousand of European White Youths, were mowed down, within minutes of arriving at the “Front”, in the Great War, without so much as firing a shot. Both World Wars were fought against, White Christian People, and we are now facing the “Last Battle” and we are, to this day, denied the right to know by who or whom we are being destroyed. Many people, know exactly who the enemy is, or at least the identity of the “frontmen” of the controlling group, however, control of that truth, is in the hands of those whom have been hiding that truth from their own people for the past one-hundred-years.

They are now telling us that both of the States, Russia and China,  which were forced into being, by those whom gave us both World Wars, the installation of both of them, involved the massive genocide of untold millions of innocent people, both during and after,  both coups d’etat, are now,  quite suddenly finding themselves announced as the threat to the Freedom of the Whole-Wide-World and in order to resolve this threat, we will all be obliged to accept, a total surrender to the control of the unknown creatures, whom provoked all this slaughter, down through the decades and whom are now promising to “save us” and not to be at all worried about the known results of allowing, those like them, to “save anyone, never mind allowing them to take control of all and everything,

Even the celebrations of victory in both World Wars is a form of justification for the wholesale murder of millions of people, without so much as a thought for the children whom were burnt alive, while under bombardment by Allied Bombers, whose main purpose was to kill as many innocent people as possible. There is nothing glorious about winning a war which was fought in the name of a pack of lies, using nightmarish, terroristic bombing campaigns, against people whom were already defeated, in both Germany and Japan, where a cease-fire was delayed to allow the dropping of two Atomic Bombs and the Fire Bombing of Dresden. Oh yes, the Allies were indeed on the “Right Side” of history, just so long as they are writing it.