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The Noose Tightens Around Clinton’s Neck.

Americans Cry Out For More Blood, They Refuse To Give Peace A Chance.



The same mainstream media, which steadfastly refused to investigate the obvious inconsistencies in the 911 event in New York and the matter of a small hole in the side of the Pentagon in Washington, which was initially reported as ‘without a trace of an aircraft which allegedly struck the building’, only to be swiftly edited to suit the government’s agenda, an act which itself implicates the government and the media, in the attacks, were the same media which relentlessly furthered the ‘Lone Wolf’ version of events, when President John Kennedy was assassinated, a crime for which Lee Harvey Oswald was accused, up to and including the ‘magic bullet, nonsense, have now, under orders from their monopolistic owners, created a storm of hate against Donald Trump, to the point where they are calling for his assassination, relying on their own Fake News as justification for this treason.

The new face of protest across the United States, is turned firmly against change, unlike previous generations which stood up to the warmongers, the new breed cannot bear to see their long trail of murderous, corrupt and lying elected politicians brought to book, they instead prefer to believe the words of those whom have brought the world to its knees and who would prefer the delightful wife of a rapist bastard, who is herself guilty of the horrendous death of an American Ambassador, amongst other crimes, in the White House, with her scumbag husband alongside her, to a man whom the entire people of the world with a brain in their head, are more than capable of differentiating between this man Trump whom calls for a ninety day ban on immigrants and another who cheered on the wholesale slaughter of millions of Muslims.

These juvenile crazies, instead of helping Trump to rekindle the soul of America, they choose instead to side with the true racists and bigots who destroyed the World Trade Centre for profit and then raided Afghanistan, pretending to be in search of a man whom was already dead, before the piece de resistance, Shock and Awe, rained down on Iraq, where the folk were still burying the five hundred thousand children, whom died as a result of the glorious deeds of the United States and NATO and their sanctions.

You pieces of shit, whom spray young women in the face with mace and club those with whom you disagree, with baseball bats are in good company with Hillary, she can be proud of you. You truly are the docile result of a chemical lobotomy, which has rendered your brain into soup.

So go ahead, sing out the praises of the scourge of the Muslims, with a bit of luck you can get them back into power to finish off their slaughters. Up Yours You Assholes! Watch the video and snigger this is what you are standing up for.



The Evil Empire Strikes Back.

  Queer Days In Washington         


                    The Evil Empire Strikes Back.

The response to the shock of “Brexit” in the United Kingdom and the mere possibility of a similar shock in the United States, with signs that Donald Trump, could, just possibly break the political mould, the internationally controlled mainstream media, has unleashed an unprecedented storm of attacks against Trump, while presenting nothing but warnings of doom and gloom in a future Britain, after Brexit.

The average viewer of British media, could be forgiven, should they believe, that Hillary Clinton, was under investigation, by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, simply for having used Yahoo.com, to send classified information to her staff and that it was all a lot of fuss about nothing.

There has been no discussion about the contents of eMails, which were released by WikiLeaks, which Clinton had illegally deleted, but which had already been collected by several sources, having ‘hacked’ into her mailbox. These eMails included Top Secret information, which had quite clearly fallen into enemy hands. That alone is justification to condemn Clinton to a term in prison, not a term in the White House. All of that before we even mention the catalogue of criminal activity, which implicates Barack Obama and the entire Establishment in Washington.

This exposure of the behaviour of those surrounding the Clinton’s and their Foundation, which has been used to ‘launder’ payments made to a host of top people, has created total panic in Washington, obligating the maximum of support for the Clinton campaign because should Trump win, he could blow the dome off of the Capitol. The New York police Department, is calling this the biggest case corruption in the history of the planet, it is that serious.


Even as I tap out this drivel, I can hear Sky News, admiringly talking of the magnificent efforts of Hillary and having virtually ignored the huge crowds which have been turning out daily, in support of Trump, they are showing the ‘enormous’ crowd which has turned out in New York to greet Hillary, in her home town. All of the mainstream media stubbornly refused to show the crowds at a Trump rally, that is the measure of the truth provided to the electorate during an election campaign in the Greatest Democracy on Earth.

The average Joe has been duped into taking part in an election, having throughout the campaign been saturated with reports of allegations againstTrump, none of which have been found to be factual, while no mention has been made of the serious accusations against Hillary Clinton.

These allegations against Trump have been embedded into the brains of us all through the means of repetition of questions suggesting the allegations to be true,such as a question demanding of a passer-by “Do you believe that the claims of sexual abuse made against Trump will harm his campaign?” Over and over again. Yet strangely, not a word about Hillary Clinton’s connection to a huge paedophile ring in Washington and alleged photos of her in bed with her lesbian partner, Huma, along with a small child. Why no disgust and exposure of that one, if mention is to be made of allegations?

Everything that Trump has claimed about Clinton and her coterie is true and the American people are voting for an animal, should they vote for Hillary Clinton. She is a woman who is so greedy, she helped steal donations, paid into a fund to help the people of Haiti. Like God she is always in need of money.

Half of the Washington establishment, is running scared and ready to ‘bug out,’ should Clinton lose the election, to States which have no extradition treaty with the US.  This ‘bug out’ includes the Clintons and Barack Obama. The Bush family already own half of Paraguay.

It is ten o’clock in the morning here in France and far to the north, the British Establishment is attempting to undo the result of ‘Brexit.’  While to the West, in the United States,  the rigging of the election has already started, ignored by the Media, who still insist it to be no more than a ploy of Trump’s to excuse his coming defeat.

Here in France, where recent elections were rigged, to deny the Front National their rightful victory and preparations are under-way to ensure establishment victory in next years Presidential elections, in which the Front is sure to gain the majority of votes and still ‘lose.’

In the States, Clinton is promising ‘open borders,’ while in the UK the British have just voted to close the borders. In France the Front National will close the borders, in Germany, the AfD will close the borders, in Holland Geert Wilder will close the borders, in fact all across Europe there are increasingly strident calls to close all borders. So what is Clinton up to, in the USA?

One of the Sky disinformation reporters, Sam Kiley, who spends a lot of his time in Israel, this morning criticised Trumps Wall as being a waste of time, however, in keeping with the rules of the Jew controlled Sky News, he made no criticism of the wall which is currently being built-in Palestine to exclude the legitimate people of Palestine.

In Sweden, the immigrants are falling out of love with twenty hours of Winter darkness and the snow and ice and as members of the EU, they have already started to relocate further South.

In recent times I have attempted to explain, particularly to the British, French and Americans, that their sympathy for immigrants is misplaced and that because of their own lack of action against the bloodthirsty, illegal slaughter of millions of innocent people in the Middle East, which have been financed with tax-payers money, they have put our culture under threat and not from the immigrants themselves, but from those whom are profiting from a deliberately contrived crisis. Do you feel no anger when a Jew tells you the following?



Have you all come to hate yourselves so much that you are prepared to commit mass suicide? The modern slaughters, carried out by Jews, was financed by the Central Banking Families of Europe and the United States of America and resulted in the genocide of sixty-five-million Christians in Russia. These are the same people who are looking you in the eye and telling you, straight in your face, “We intend to wipe you out.” Are you dumb and stupid or what?

Believe me, Donald Trump is not putting himself through this night-mare to suit a hidden hand. He is exposing the hidden hand. Why do you suppose that a Sky reporter asked a women who had just stated there to be electoral fraud, in the USA, if she had evidence of that? Why was the allegation not good enough? Why have there been no Sky News investigation into the claims?

Barack Obama himself, urged illegal immigrants to go and vote for Hillary, he said they did not need any form of identity and they would not be traceable by the Police, after having done so. Is that not evidence enough of vote rigging. all of these clips are available to journalists, why I wonder do journalists never find their way to youtube?

It is the Mainstream Media which is working for a hidden hand, they will attempt to control your decisions to the bitter end. They even control the Pollsters. Such is the power of the Press, it would be difficult to find, in the ranks of the general public, any real understanding even of World War Two. Most people still believe Saddam Hussein really did have weapons of mass destruction and was a threat to the UK and the USA. Lord help us.

The House Of Cards Is Tumbling Down.


The House Of Cards Is Tumbling Down.

The wholly controlled International Media, in all of its forms, is ignoring the truth concerning Hillary Clinton. A truth, which Donald Trump is daily pumping out, to the joy of those with ears to hear but to the chagrin of the criminal cabal, which has, for generations, been allowed to literally get away with murder, in the wholly rigged system, which passes for Democracy, in the United States of America, where even the Supreme Court itself has been contaminated.

The “Alternative Media” has also been forced to join the tirade against Trump, suggesting him to be a wholly controlled Mafia asset, having been telling us for years that all of the Presidents and all of the President’s men, have been under the same control. Begging the question, ‘ Should that be so, what difference will Trumps election, make this time around, SNAFU wot?’

Amusingly, a well-known site on-line, Veterans Today, which is being run by a bunch of patriots, fully funded from their own pockets, has been spinning all sorts yarns about Trump, during the past twelve months, to the annoyance of myself and many others, whom have all posted comments, questioning their attitude to Trump, whom apart from anything else, has been wonderful to watch.

Despite all of the uproar, Clinton is guilty. Not simply for putting secret documents at risk, but for Grand Larceny and criminal fraud in the affairs of the Clinton Foundation and on top of that, her decision not to send aid to assist the besieged US Ambassador, Christopher Stevens, in Benghazi, simply because he was about to speak out about his belief in Clinton’s arms deals with terrorists.

The Brow-Ha-Ha at the moment is about Comey, the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s decision to take another look at the Clinton eMail saga. Clinton’s election team is whimpering that this is out-of-order. He had no right to do something like this, so close to an election as it might hurt Clintons’ chances. To wheel out a dozen women, to make allegations against Trump, just before the same election, was out of a call of duty I suppose.

There is evidence that the FBI staff were baffled by Comey’s decision not to indict Clinton for her original negligence, which itself justifies a term of years in prison. The fact that her eMails were indeed hacked and copies are available to one and all, is evidence enough of the seriousness of her offence, even before the real reason behind her deviousness has been exposed. She and Slick Willy do have ‘previous’ having ‘sold’ American secret Super Computers to China.

There are direct connections, on Clinton’s private eMail account, to Barack Obama, whom did, hiding behind a ‘funny name’ which demonstrates that he was aware of the existence of Clinton’s private server, which he has denied. The computer itself was the property of a paedophile, whom did, along with a Royal Prince and Slick Willy Clinton, spend time on ‘Treasure Island’ a paradise for paedophiles, where the same Slick Willy was allegedly filmed having sex with a thirteen year old child.

Hillary Clinton has suggested that she will be putting Slick Willy in control of the US economy, should she be elected. That would be the same Slick Willy, for whom she hounded those women whom had been raped by Willy, when she had managed to win a short sentence for a child rapist, whom she had defended in Court.

Is this what the American voters are seeking? Perhaps they are voting for Hillary’s membership of a secret Witches Coven in California. Maybe they adore her for her belief in late-term abortion, Obama believes that as long as the umbilical cord has not been cut, the baby has yet to be born and thus, may still be treated as prey.

Or perhaps they admire the facility with which the Clinton Foundation laundered the fund for Haiti. Or maybe the smart way Clinton managed to trick hundreds of thousands of dollars out of those banking chappies in return for a five minute speech. Never mind, despite all of that nonsense, the boys from Veteran’s Today, are determined to get her elected.

I opened up their site yesterday, to checkout, whether the Editor in Chief, whom had suggested I read a post, which would explain why the ‘boys’ were against Trump, which I had dutifully done and which had left me unimpressed and I did then leave another comment. To my surprise, I did this morning, on opening Veterans Today, discover that the comments were closed, on all of the offending contributors postings.

The stench of fear is hanging over the Establishment and when even the pillars of the alternative media are lining up to bad mouth Trump, when they should in fact, simply sit back bored, as yet another puppet is put in place, as everything would appear to be under control. So what is the problem.

Trump, despite his alleged lack of ability, has, in his charming manner, starkly exposed the weakness of the Establishment and the facility with which it can be taken down. Thanks to Trump they are already on the run. Clinton has already off-shored her cash to Qatar, where there is no extradition arrangement with the USA.


The World-Wide Fix Is Going In.


              The World-Wide Fix Is Going In.


Should the British choose the “Hard Brexit” route out of the European Union, it has been well documented that the EU would be harder hit than would the UK, if trade restriction were introduced.

For example, trade restrictions on the motor trade, of which the EU has an enormous difference in value and profit, in its favour, as very few British cars are exported to Europe, so any obstacle placed upon the manufacturers of Mercedes, BMW’s or VW’s, would be of significant detriment to their companies, so would that not encourage one or the other of them, to manufacture their vehicles in the United Kingdom?

Britain has a huge imbalance of trade with the European Union, so to call for a “Hard Brexit” could be of greater interest to the UK than would be a “Soft Brexit.” Perhaps a ‘Remainer’ could let us know how much it would cost to retain access to this open door of the Single Market, in terms not only of open borders, but in sheer cost. It could well be in the UK’s interest to insist on tariffs.

I find it hard to understand, how the United Kingdom, which has a Trade deficit and is obliged to pay more in ‘charges’ into the Black Hole of Europe, than it receives in benefits, plus the fact that it is, against all odds, going to continue to trade with the EU, whether the Politburo likes it or not, can argue for any real advantage to being in the EU, at all.

Scotland has yet to let its people know, how much it will cost to remain in the EU without the assistance of subsidies from the British, even before calculations about the overall difference between advantages and deficits can be calculated. Ever since the 1970’s the economies of the United Kingdom have been on a downward spiral and during this time all of the ‘Family Jewels’ have been ‘Privatised’ including the Gold Reserves, so when the next crash comes, and they are inevitable in a system of Fractional Reserve Banking, which needs to be spoon-fed debt on a daily basis, which will finally achieve a position where the debt is of greater importance than the value of everything on the planet, there will be nothing left to sell.

To arrive at this point, is evidence of wholesale criminality and yet, Idiots in Parliament, will allow those whom have carried out this grand larceny, whom should be in gaol, to introduce yet another monetary system of control, which will further rob the people, by whom they were elected.

This is the measure of the lack of concern for the welfare of the people, shown by politicians. The people most probably, do not understand, that there are far better

Monetary systems available, which could be swiftly introduced, so why are we sticking with a model which is designed to fail, every few years? Why is the Media not asking this question of politicians.

Even as I write, I can hear the voice of Kay Burley in the background. She is putting the ohh! at the end of every few words, because that makes an older woman sound younger. She it was, whom a few months ago, was willingly presenting a misleading clip of Donald Trump, voicing his opinion about Muslims entering the USA without any vetting.

She is now presenting a program leading up to the Great Debate tonight, between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. She has already introduced a long line of women, whom will not be voting for the evil Donald, preferring to vote for Killery and Slick Willy.

She, along with the rest of the media is presenting the coming debate as if it is all a foregone conclusion, suggesting a dozen times or more that Hillary is miles out in front of Donald, which does not actually correspond with dozens of less controlled Polls, which have been, consistently showing a 70%-30% in favour of Trump.

They were pushing exactly the same prophecy over the recent Brexit referendum, which they got wildly wrong, because even that referendum, despite massive trickery involving postal votes, failed to deliver the desired result.

They are even now intent on fooling the American people into believing, that it is a close run thing, when in reality, Clinton is nowhere, while there is overwhelming support for Trump, who can smell a rat, the TV cameras will not even allow the American people to see the huge support which he has been attracting to his rallies. The fixing of next months vote, has already started. The dead are already casting their votes.

Paedophilia: From The White House To Buckingham Palace.

Make no mistake about it. The ‘Mob’ is crawling out of its slime, in massive numbers, to smear Donald Trump but they are not doing very well. In the recent debate, when a smug Hillary Clinton thought she had Donald Trump up against a wall, she had a nasty surprise as did her predatory husband, ‘Slick Willy. When Trump laid bare, in front of the years largest television audience, the dirty truth about the Clinton’s.

It was a good example of why those whom have the most to hide, should keep their mouths shut about the ‘alleged’ deeds of others. However these revelations about the sordid nature of the Clinton’s’ did not even get a mention on the television News all of it being totally ignored. What does that tell you about the bias of the ‘controlled by the Mob’ media across the world?

They have now dug out some jaded old woman, who has made claims about Trump, of an event which took place before most of Trump’s supporters were even born, and about which the woman has remained silent ever since.

The passage of time has affected her memory of the interior of the plane, where the ‘attack,’ allegedly, took place, making her version of this event impossible. Plus the fact that the telephone number necessary to contact her was the number of the headquarters of the Clinton campaign team.

Hillary is allowing this event to be ‘outed” having learned nothing from the previous ‘leak,’ even as her ex-bodyguard is on television, revealing the dirt on both her and her husband, who was a well-known stalker, when in the White House. Where he freely molested the entire female staff. The episode with Monica Lewinsky was no more than the tip of the iceberg.

The latest stupidity, which is a sign of sheer panic, is to launch the man/woman Michael/Michelle Obama/Soetoro on to the TV screens of the world, she is pretending to be appalled because Trump had said to a pretty little girl, something in the order of, “You are so pretty I will be looking to date you when your older.” It takes an exceptionally dirty mind to find fault with that. It must be obvious that Trump was giving her a little compliment. Besides which, Michael has two adopted children growing up in a virtual whorehouse, without any apparent problem.

That being so, why is Obama allowing his Gay lover, one amongst many I might add, to make such statements, even as images of his good self, in a clip called “Bonergate” are surfacing, in which he is wiggling his ‘hard-on’ in front of ‘unshocked’ women. But what a dirty thing to do! Come on let’s hear the shock of the world about this bit of rubbish.

In all honesty can you believe the depth of hypocrisy coming out of the mouths of these two women? One of them a bisexual predatory lesbian and the wife of a man whom has raped and molested unknown numbers of women and allegedly children, on film, and both of them, Slick Willy and Hillary are War Criminals.

While the other is the Gay Lover of bi-sexual whom is himself of dubious character, whom has been accused by a ‘still living’ Gay partner of various strange killings of previous lovers and excessive cocaine use, who was brought up in a society where paedophilia is acceptable and where Genital Mutilation of young female children is rampant. He is of course, like the Clinton’s a War Criminal. and the current President of the Untied States.

Trump was recently forced to rescind remarks which both he and Hillary Clinton had made about the origins of Obama. Both of them suggesting that he was not born in the USA. Obama presented the world with a composite birth certificate, which did not correspond to the style of other certificates from the same period and was quite obviously a forgery. A reality clearly visible to all of those whom have bothered to give it a sideways glance.

Apart that is from journalists and other folk whom have been deceiving the world about Obama from the day he suddenly turned up out of nowhere, to be elected as President.

Most people, including me, were educated, to in some way, accept the Government as being ‘in charge’ and that they have some sort of ‘right’ to tell us what to do.

In fact they can only get away with this nonsense because they have put in place a system, which is basically two-sided, of which a hidden group has taken control of both of those sides, a system which makes it extremely difficult to bring about any change.

In the United States, Donald Trump has managed to get around this two-party stranglehold and is now standing as an Independent in all but name.

The response to Trump’s appeal to the American people is, in some way, similar to that of Jeremy Corbyn in the United Kingdom, where Corbyn has suffered from the same back-lash from traitors in the ranks of the Socialist Party as has Trump with the Republicans. However there is a chasm of difference between Corbyn and Trump when it comes to policy,

Trump wants less immigration into the USA, while he sets about bringing the factories back from overseas, while Corbyn is in favour of more and more immigration and he is a supporter of the lie of man-made global warming and CO2 reduction,  which is designed to destroy European Industry.

Corbyn is working to a program which came from the depths of the Tavistock Institute, the London School of Economics and the Fabian Society, he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and a waste of time, whereas there is some hope that Trump is his own man.

Corbyn as are all politicians in the United Kingdom, gagged by Political Correctness, which is interfering with the legal system because it is now ‘racist’ to suggest that Muslims, in many parts of the world treat their male children as sex objects, who are free to be sodomised by adults.

Many adults whom have been reared in places like Pakistan and Afghanistan, practice this filth. Many men with this attitude to children, are now living in the United Kingdom, where there is an enormous problem of paedophilia.

A woman who was in charge of an inquiry into past cases of, paedophilia, was attacked by the press and politicians, for remarking that there was an overdose of paedophilia in the UK because of the presence these Muslim men.

That suggestion, even as the same group of heathens is already under investigation for Female Genital Mutilations, Honour Murders and the unmentionable rape of thousands of very young girls and the sodomising of young boys, is a piece of truth too far.

For letting slip this truth the woman has been hounded by the ‘appalled’ Press, mainly because of the dozens of Members of the House, whom are ‘doing as they are told’ to save being outed for paedophilia, which so rampant in the UK that even The Prince of Wales himself and his uncle the Lord Mountbatten and yes his father The Duke of Edinburgh have all been implicated.

That would be because of their longstanding association with the ‘Fixer’ Jimmy Savile, whom did himself enjoy a touch of necrophilia, in the mortuaries of hospitals in which he offered his services.

All The Rapists, Perverts, Paedophiles And Junkies, Attack Donald Trump.

All The Rapists, Perverts, Paedophiles And Junkies, Attack Donald Trump.

This morning, the only radio station which was available, because of the bad weather, just happened to be Radio Four and the BBC’s Flagship News Station, on which a dreary women was half-way through an interview with an American woman.

They were discussing why the Republican Party had not managed to get rid of this unwholesome character, and replace him with Rubio or Cruz, anybody would do. I guessed they were talking about Trump and sure enough they were.

Trump had apparently, according to the paper, endearingly referred to as The Jew York Times, in the distant past inappropriately kissed a women in a lift and touched another in some ill-defined manner.

Having given up on the BBC and NYT, I took a glance at the Independent which is now a pitiful refugee on-line, having lost its readership on the streets, they were leading on the same tale with the addition of yet another piece about Trump’s remark to a ten-year old girl, which some shocked adult thought should be made public and the gutter press agreed with her.

I then did some deep research, which I must admit, on a rainy day, is not that deep, in search of the same ‘shocked and disgusted’ type reporting about Slick Willy’s rapes and sexual assaults and the possible murder of a woman who was about to go public.

Like the reports about Trump, you could say that any editor, prepared to publish that rubbish, would jump at the golden opportunity to alert the people, about what an absolute perverted piece of crap, Slick Willy was but no, not a trace could I find.

So the ‘Gutter Press’ is quite content to allow a couple, with a long history of criminality stretching out behind them, including rape and possibly the selling of US Government secrets for personal profit,a crime for which Trump has announced his intention to déclènch an investigation, with the aim of gaoling the preferred choice as President of the ‘Gutter Press.’

No other candidate in an American Presidential election has ever been put under such a sustained attack by the combined forces of the wholly controlled ‘Press’ in all of its forms. Even down to deliberate editing, to change the meaning of statements made by Trump, in order to smear him. 



Should Trump be the first and worst of the highly sexed men whom have sought election to the White House, the attitude of the holier than thou media could be forgiven, however let us not forget that the Kennedy boys were not too wholesome and John and Robert, shagged anything that moved while Edward was reportedly a paedophile and was implicated in the possible murder of a certain Mary Jo Kopechne.



George W Bush was a bi-sexual, junkie, he entertained his boyfriends in the White House with the full knowledge of his adoring wife. All of it suppressed by the Media.

Barack Obama tops the lot. He is certainly Gay, possibly bi-sexual, that would depend on the actual sex of the wife, whom he refers to as Michael. Obama has links to subversive groups and gangsters in Chicago.

Despite Trump accepting that Obama had been American born, there are numerous allegations that he is the bastard of a Black Stalinist Communist, Frank Marshal Davis, and the step-child of a Muslim, Obama, by whom he was brought up as Muslim, while his mother is a Jew. All of which has never been investigated by the Gutter Press.

Obama’s long time boy friend, Larry Sinclair, outed himself as Gay, and broadcasted, on his own radio show, all of the bits and pieces, including ‘coke sniffing’ and oral sex in taxi cabs, which had occurred with Barry, to avoid the fate of another of Obama’s boyfriends who died in mysterious circumstances.


So you see, as with other claims about Trump, they melt into insignificance alongside the behaviour of others whom have occupied the White House, so why is the Press being so self-righteous about Trump, even as the cover-up for others, including the lesbian Hillary Clinton, whom even Yoko Ono claims to have sexually fiddled with, continues.



The most obnoxious thing about these ‘hacks’ who present the News, particularly on the BBC, is the fact that they are themselves still being investigated, for having covered-up the behaviour of Jimmy Savile, who molested young children on BBC premises, because he was a friend of the Royal Family and many perverted politicians in the UK.

The BBC threw a few Disc Jockeys under the bus along with a few ‘Stars’ but the Big Knobs were let off the hook.  That would be the same BBC which sacked a reporter who had released proof of the ‘Dodgy Dossier’ used to justify Blairs War Crime in Iraq.

Just In Case You Have Not Seen Hillary Clinton Being Mocked.

Nice People These Democrats.



These are the folk whom are telling the British to stay in the European Union……Or Else!

Will Donald Trump Be Allowed To Be President?



Will Donald Trump Be Allowed To Be President?

While watching the Black thugs come out in force, at a Donald Trump event, I found myself wondering, what it was that Trump had said, that was so upsetting to Black people. I had the impression that he was opposed to illegal immigrants, whether they be Black, White or Brown, so why does that make Black Americans fearful, or are they as usual, being used as the Jew mouth-piece, to further Jew racism, which calls for the elimination of the White people, an idea which Blacks, as do the Jews support with gusto.

In point of fact, International Jewry has declared an open season on White people, while still calling for more museums and monuments, in commemoration of relatively minor Jew losses in World War Two, they are now in favour of the Genocide of Whites. Where are the White Patriots?

In point of fact, International Jewry has declared an open season on White people, while still calling for more museums and monuments, in commemoration of relatively minor Jew losses in World War Two, they are now in favour of the Genocide of Whites. Where are the White Patriots?

Having done so, they are now, unbelievably, whining about an upsurge in anti-Semitism. It is hard to imagine any other group of people being allowed to express such depths of hypocrisy without creating hilarity and disgust at the same time. That is the power bestowed on Jews, through the medium of Press Monopoly.

That same Press monopoly was used as the means of the mind control of the general public during the reporting of events such as the Sandy Hook shootings and the Boston Marathon bombing. which has lead to the filing of a trillion-dollar claim against the Jew controlled Press for their participation and misrepresentation of events on the ground.


I am of the opinion that the same steps should be taken against those whom reported both the Charlie Hebdo attack and the more recent November 13th attack, in Paris, of which they presented much evidence, which though of great importance, they then failed to reiterate and stress the importance of this evidence, by ceasing all coverage of any eyewitness evidence at all, in order to support the ‘official” tale.

The success of this Sandy Hook, claim will not be helped by Obama’s choice of a fifth Jew on the list of a mere nine Supreme Court Judges, which means they now hold a majority, while being less than two per-cent of the US population. Allowing them to veto disagreeable decisions.

This is a criminal misuse of Presidential power. Obama has become a manipulated Dictator. Of course let us not forget, Obama was photographed, with one of the dead children on his lap, at Sandy Hook, yet another cock-up by the “continuation editor,” similar to the Pozner photo mistake, which turned up in a similar event in Pakistan, begging the question whether both events were produced in the same film studio.

In the United Kingdom, the Press of all shades, has chosen to ignore the origins and aims of the Fabian Society, which was responsible for the construction of the Labour Party and more importantly, the forging of a ruthlessly controlled European Union, which is now in place and from which there will be no way out. A situation fully supported by the Conservative Party.

In such circumstances, the British people should not be covertly confronted with spokes-people from the Labour Party, who have the distinctly biased and undemocratic aim of forcing the UK into this International Socialist Club of Europe, whatever the people demand.

It should be remembered that it was the Labour Party which offered a referendum, only to underhandedly deny the British this possibility, in order to further the aims of Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi and the Fabian Society.

Socialist Politicians have been surreptitiously undermining the rights of the British, with the assistance of the Conservative Party, since their creation. Both Parties are controlled by the same people behind the scenes. That is why you have been allowed Democracy.

People like Cameron and his cohorts, strutting around in a dream of their own importance, believe they and those pesky Socialists, own the system and the people are obliged to vote for one or the other.

That is the propaganda which is daily forced into the minds of children at school. I was myself fed the stupidity that to vote for any other Party, in an election, was no more than a token protest and a wasted vote, that because of the way Democracy works only Socialism or Conservatism, Left or Right can win and what other choice could there possibly be that would serve the best interests of the voter?

In the States, Donald Trump would appear to be breaking the mould, while the two main Parties, which are in lock step over all and everything, have presented a sick and sorry ghoul, Hillary Clinton, a cold and vicious woman, who cackled like the hagette she is, on hearing the News that Muammar Gadaffi had been impaled, tortured and shot by a gang of savages, funded by her and her cohorts, as the left-wing choice and there are already cries of misogyny, against those whom detest this choice of a creature from hell, as if being a woman means that you can do no evil. She is guilty of dozens of crimes and she is no less guilty than is her scum of a husband. There is a man dedicated to outing her as being complicit in murder. Yet despite all of this, she is expected to be placed into the White House by the controllers. Oh by the way, she is also under investigation for treason and the death of four Americans in Libya.

We have already experienced a Black President, who has displayed himself as a liar and a War Criminal and a hypocrite of high degree, that apparently came as a surprise to everyone, he is Black after all. So is it now necessary to elect a woman, simply for being a woman, when she is already in possession of a past for which she merits a life sentence in gaol?

I have no idea what Donald Trump will do, should he be elected but take your pick of the others and you will find that they all fit into the same footprint, in the cow-pat.

Whether he has Jew Mafia connections, ties to Israel or the Vatican or the Knights of Malta or whether he was educated by the Jesuits or secretly admires Adolf Hitler, he will be no worse than the others, they are all the same.  


So it comes as a surprise to find that most of the “alternative” media, have very little of good to say about him, while the White people are entranced, as are even the legal immigrants, whom understand full well that they will be the first to suffer, should the borders of the USA be thrown open to uncontrolled immigration.

I am beginning to have serious doubts about the Alternative Media. They are presenting such strange tales these days, tales suggesting that they have access to information, which is not available to me and others like me because we are not in the loop. Allowing them to mislead me and others should we believe what they say.

On my blog, like many others, I try to present an idea of what is happening unnoticed, around us. I am not a News Site’ however I do not write off the top of my head, I check around, read various newspapers, listen to the radio, soak up as much of the “atmosphere” of events as possible and then I write my perception of these things. So I am not an expert and I do not have the time or ability to research official documents etc. However I do occasionally come across anomalies.

During the Charlie Hebdo affair, I watched a Sky News man, pointing over his shoulder, towards a pavement which ran along the side of a large boulevard, explaining that to be the spot where the Kouachi boys had shot the policeman.

This surprised me because the incident itself, had been filmed from an upstairs window, in a narrow street, with many parked vehicles. The policeman, who was allegedly a Muslim, quite clearly died without bleeding after having been shot in the head by a Kalashnikov rifle.

When the same Sky News man later reported from the spot of the shooting, the pavement was covered in a red liquid of some sort, the reporter explained, on live television, that the red liquid had been added later, to demonstrate, presumably, how the scene would have appeared should the police victim not been shot after his interview with the Vampire. Plus he was standing in the large boulevard as he reported.

These little cock-ups, demonstrate graphically the complicity of the News media in these presentations. Several British newspapers presented eyewitness accounts which did not conform with the final version. For example whatever became of the woman who just happened to pass by the Charlie Hebdo offices, at the very moment that the Kouachi brothers were scratching their heads, wondering how to open the security locked entrance and who just happened to know the code, so she opened the door and let them enter. If these things are not true, why are we never told that the journalist had simply been misled and that there was no supporting evidence for the claim.

The woman walked into the offices with two men in black wearing balaclava and carrying a Kalashnikov, to satisfy the lack of evidence of a forced entry, through an undamaged door.

With Sandy Hook, there are so many things which simply will not stand up to scrutiny, that without the total complicity of the International Jew controlled media, the whole tale would have unravelled years ago.

The supporters make things up as they go along, furthermore there is no sort of conformity between two conflicting official explanations, which can be ignored, should it be me questioning them, blood on the pavement, or indeed blood on the dance floor, depending on the crime scene.

Should the same evidence be presented in a Courtroom it would need some sort of evidential proof of the need to contaminate the scene of a crime for example or at least some sort of justification for having done so. Or the fact that relevant information had simply been ignored.


Sadly it would appear that even the Police are complicit in following a theme, rather than looking for clues. It is almost as if they know where to be and who is to blame even before the crime takes place.

Sky News recently bragged about having been handed a dossier, listing the membership of those whom fought for Daech in the Middle East. Personally, I find that suggestion to be so unlikely as to be off the planet. Stuart Ramsey, the whispering prick who helped set-up the excuse for the Uk to bomb the shit out of Syria, using the excuse of Daech, has now produced the names of all of the killers. No shit?

As a result of this “God Send” of information, Ramsey had by the next day, discovered the presence of all of the UK citizens who had gone to serve with Daech in Syria in this list. He could even tell us the name of their maternal Grand-mother and her blood type.

Instantly, we now have the arrest of a man in Belgium, against whom there is no evidence, apart from a hunch, that he had anything to do with the November 13th attack in Paris but whose photograph was plastered all over the European Press within hours of the attacks, which made him the Most Wanted Man in the World.

This man, joins a long list of those whom once arrested, are never given the opportunity to present their side of the tale. Most of them, like Lanza at Sandy Hook, commit suicide and we never see the body. Others like Osama bin Laden, whom we have never seen in real life, is thrown into the sea. Jihad John, who remained behind his mask and spoke with a distorted voice, was nevertheless tracked down in the desert and vapourised. Gunner Rigby, lay headless on the road, for some time, with people passing by taking a peek to see if they could help, not one of them noticing that he lacked a head or that he may have been a dummy. All of the suicide bombers on 911 died along with everybody else, in a group suicide, but like Lazarus, seven of them rose from the dead and were found by the BBC. The list goes on and on. How dumb are people?

I have yet to be convinced that the character arrested in Mollenbeek, in Belgium, is anything more than an excuse to claim they have received, from him, information, which will lead to the arrest and conviction of other people. This practice has lead to “Plea bargaining” which allows a lesser sentence than does a not guilty plea, which could mean Death if eventually the accused is found guilty. That is modern justice.