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Yet Another Worthless Anniversary For Women

When David Cameron, the self-proclaimed ‘proud’ Jew, who alongside the Jew Nicolas Sarkozy, used the excuse of a “No Fly Zone” to completely destroy Libya, having already strategically placed covert British Forces, on the ground in Libya, whom under cover of the bombing campaign captured tortured and murdered Muammar Gadaffi and members of his family, Cameron, in order to carry out this War Crime, needed the support of the British Parliament, support which was duly forthcoming.

Despite the resulting criticism of this raid on Libya and the devastation which resulted, including the murder of an American Ambassador, who having been denied military assistance from American Forces in Libya, by Hillary Clinton, was brutally tortured and killed by the “Rebel Forces” in Libya, an act which it has been alleged was allowed by Clinton, who was in the process of shipping a massive cache of arms, from Libya, to the “Rebel Forces” in Syria, an act of which the Ambassador was opposed.

When the benign attention of the British was some time later focussed on Syria, where yet another war to “corner control of the resources” had been initiated under cover of a pack of lies, by the British and French, the cold-blooded slaughter and destruction of Syria, was stalled, by the intervention of Iran, Hezbollah and Russia and Cameron was once more faced with the challenge of a Parliamentary vote in favour of, wait for it, the bombing of the very “Rebel Forces” whom had already been used to destroy Libya, “Rebels” whom had been allowed by the British to steal, and transport, oil from Syrian oil wells, to Turkey, using hundreds of road tankers supplied by the United States, oil which the “Rebels” sold to Israel, to “fund their operations in Syria”.





Having been “unable” to spot these huge convoys of tankers, on the open desert road to Turkey, which were quickly spotted and destroyed by the Russians, Cameron now cynically sought permission from the British Parliament to bomb the Daech Rebels, in Syria, permission which was duly granted by a large majority of all Parties in the House of Commons.

Cameron was of course, yet again lying through his teeth, the attacks in Syria were made, as had been the attacks in Libya, uniquely against the superstructure of Syria. Cameron has been intent on laying the entire region to waste, while back in the UK he was promoting the immigration of as many fleeing refugees, from the Middle East as could be persuaded to leave their homelands.

In view of all of the above deception, what, in the opinion of those whom celebrate the Centenary of the right of women to be elected to Parliament in the United Kingdom, has been achieved in terms of changing the belligerent attitude of the British establishment? Theresa May, the current Prime Minister, voted in favour of all of the recent British War Crimes all the way back to the destruction of Iraq, to the most recent use of British weapons to destroy Yemen, as did many other “caring” females in the House of Commons, despite the massive evidence that it was all based on rubbish and lies.

Theresa May has recently been conducting a campaign of hate, which was initiated by the Queen of Benghazi, Hillary Clinton – during her sleazy campaign against Donald Trump – against the “enemy” Russia, which dared to put a stop to the total destruction of Syria. In fact under her leadership, the British people have been deluged with outright lies about events in the Middle East, where unsupported claims of the use of Chemical Weapons have been laid against Bashar al Assad, in an attempt to justify yet another round of barbarity, alongside laughable claims of an alleged “Novichok” attack in Salisbury, not too far from the murder factory of Porton Down, where British Troops, were cynically killed during experiments to find a cure for the “Common Cold?”.

So what has changed in the United Kingdom, since the election of hundreds of women, whom have made a lot of noise about cornering the better jobs for themselves but very little in the direction of changing the behaviour of the bellicose women whom have had years of control in the Top Job, in England, Scotland and now Northern Ireland, and with what have the people actually been presented by these scurrilous self seekers? why a seamless continuation of the same old bullshit.

Are we to believe that had there been even more women in the British Parliament, during the recent debate about an illegal attack against Syria, a country which posed no threat to anyone, but which was defending itself, against an attack organised by the British amongst others, that those “missing women” unlike those whom were present in the Chamber, whom voted in favour of the attack on Syria, including Theresa May, would have changed the course of History by out voting a huge majority in favour of the attack? Dream on!

Women, like Jews, can never be discussed in any serious manner. Whatever a man may secretly feel about women, it is rarely openly voiced. The acceptable version always starts with a disclaimer along the lines, “Of course I know that there are good women, so don’t get me wrong, if I appear to be generalising about them in the manner in which they constantly gripe about men.”.

Those like Jordan Peterson, suggest that life is better for children in a home with both a Father and a Mother, which is suggested to be the best option, apart that is, from when the “Father” is a brute of some kind. The “Mother” is rarely presented as being the source of any problem.

I had a friend, who was a teacher in an inner-city school in the East End of London. She was under strict instructions, that in a biology lesson, the subject of genetic inheritance should never be discussed. The reason being that certain genes were dominant, which could well cause distress amongst the thirty percent of children, in local schools, whom according to the evidence of eye and hair colour, were actually calling the wrong man Daddy.

These same women, whom given the chance, would create a joyful world built on a foundation of love and motherly care, actually create a family situation, in which ninety percent of fathers have lost all contact with their children two years after a family break-down. These thoroughly modern women, tenaciously demand the right to kill the unborn, while the survivors of this cull are reared by child-care establishments, wherein they are carefully conditioned to believe that Jews are the Chosen People etc.

While in the opening clip it was with great temerity suggested that men were smarter than women in all and everything apart from in the most important crafts in life, like the application of mascara – which in another place, another woman, suggested that make-up was an art which was used to impress other women and not men – the rush of placing women into situations where they can cause the most damage continues apace.

Not content with adopting the role of “mercy killers” women have transformed their survivors, particularly the boys into nervous little pussy-cats, whom have distanced themselves from those modern, bossy little tit less wonders in droves, in a world where a “real woman” has become a fabulous creature who will be adored for ever and ever by the lucky man who finds her.



Primary and Junior school education has long been in the grip of women and it has proven to be a total disaster for children, whom are now attempting to learn in an environment which is totally alien, where teachers can hardly communicate with the children whom speak the dozens of foreign languages of the immigrants whom now fill British and European classrooms. How many times does it need to be explained, our silence will not solve any of the problems.  By the way did anyone notice International Men’s Day flitting by?


When A Man’s Gotta Do Whatever!


While the Bundy’s and their friends are still awaiting their day in Court, in Nevada, there has been little mention made of the connection between the crime – which the Bureau of Land Management, committed against Cliven Bundy and his family, by slaughtering his cows, without mention of the humiliating ‘buggering’ by ‘screws’ from which one of the Bundy boys is suffering in a Government ‘Gulag’ – and Crooked Killary Clinton, Obama, Comey, Mueller and of course Russia, in that American joke of a ‘Free and Fair’ media.

The land in question, which the Bureau of Land Management was attempting to seize and put under Federal control, would appear to be the very land, under which the Uranium, which Crooked Killary and Friends have trafficked with Russia, is to be found. Either way, land seizure is now ubiquitous all across the Western World, that is Agenda 21.

In a similar situation in Oregon, rancher LaVoy Finicum, was murdered in cold blood, having been ambushed by Federal thugs, while on his way with a group of people, to keep an appointment with the local Sheriff.

Some of those whom were in the ambushed vehicle, including members of the Bundy family, are still being held, without charge, after being acquitted for their part in a peaceful demonstration in the Malheur Wild Life Refuge, despite being acquitted in Oregon, and they are now being held in Las Vegas, while being guilty of nothing more serious than a parking offence. Here

Thomas Lacovara, a radio host on Republic Broadcasting http://www.republicbroadcastingarchives.org/category/thomas-lacovara/ who is being held on the ridiculous charge, that he had been in a motel room, where another guest had a rifle, while he Lacovara, was forbidden to own a gun. There is no evidence that he had even noticed or touched the gun. This is the level of American justice.

Lacovara, is now being held in Vegas, where there is mounting evidence that should there have actually been any deaths, at a recent music festival and  as it is generally accepted that the selected patsy, found dead in a carefully constructed snipers nest, who was a sixty-four year-old man, whose body has never been seen,  was quite incapable of carrying out those killings,  it would be fair to suggest, judging by the police and FBI cover-up,  that the job had been in the hands of the United Forces of Mossad and the CIA.


In other words, perfectly legal killings, in furtherance of business deals and the banning of guns and involving metal detectors and other means of scanning visitors for guns, which the main funder of the Israeli Likud, ruling Party, Sheldon Adelson, has already promised to be the first to install these Scanners in his hotels and casinos, all over Vegas.

Needless to say the manufacturers of these monstrosities are Jews, who will of course seek to install these machines all across America, making billions of Dollars. What ‘s wrong with a few deaths in Vegas when we’ve slaughtered millions in the Middle East, if we can make a profit? 


The extreme force which was employed by the heavily armed Bureau of Land Management, against a group of angry cattlemen, was a sign of the extreme importance behind both incidents in Nevada and Oregon, suggesting there to be a good reason for keeping, wounded man, Ammon Bundy, who was shot during the FBI ambush and journalist, Lacovara, who has chronic health problems, in custody while they seek a means of railroading them into long terms in prison.

There is no justice in the United States, the Judiciary is controlled, from the same source that refused to indict Killary Clinton, for the treasonous undermining of Democracy, when she cheated the Bolshevik Communist, Bernie Sanders, out of the nomination, to stand as the Democratic candidate against Donald Trump.

Not to mention her connection to Gun Running in Benghazi and the responsibility for the torture and murder in a gruesome manner, of Christopher Stevens, the American Ambassador to Libya and four security men. Here

She also refused to carry out a correct investigation into the murder of one of her own staff, Seth Rich. She was furious when Rich’s own family hired their own investigative team, to look into their son’s death. Clinton preferred to dismiss his death as being nothing more than a banal mugging, when none of Rich’s belongings were actually taken. Here

White people in the States, are under daily pressure from a well organised group of insurrectionists, which is being funded by Rothschild’s preferred racketeer, George Soros, the man hailed as the destroyer of the British pound back in 1992. Here

Soros has been accused in past times of funding various colour revolutions, in Ukraine,Macedonia, Serbia and Georgia and a recent ‘purple’ attempted revolution in the United States. He was also behind the ‘Occupy’ movement and his current toy is Antifa, the bunch of thugs, which is against thuggery.

In the middle of all this, the Bundy’s and the family of the murdered LaVoy Finicum, though virtually forgotten, are continuing to hold out in protest at the destruction of the American way of life, against the likes of Soros and his Bolshevik/christian/Zionist thugs, whom seek, in a truly Bolshevik Communistic manner, to seize control of all the land still in the hands of White believers in the teachings of Jesus Christ, by whatever foul means may be necessary.

The main pre-occupation of these demons, is to disarm the American people, rendering them helpless, as were the people of Russia, China, Armenia and many of the countries, cynically handed over to the Bolshevik killers,  by the Jews from Britain and America, at the end of World War Two.

We are now in the parlous situation, which was confronted and opposed by Germany, where a real leader was prepared to stand up to the power of the British/Jew Empire, putting a hold on the Zionist dream of carrying out a similar slaughter, to that in Russia, all across the planet.

At which point the Communism in slow-motion, from the Fabian Society, in Manchester, England and their Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing, took over the reins and started sowing the seeds of despair, by setting up the Jews ‘Socialist ‘Common Market’ now a fully fledged Communist European Union.

This is the problem for those like the good-hearted Bundy’s’. They are up against a machine which can only be stopped by a huge united effort by the People. There are no good people in our governments, if there were they would already be speaking out in order to bring about change. Instead they repeat the same dreary bull-shit day after day.

In the Bundy’s case, their Lawyer was telling the Judge, that his clients should be released, after they had been acquitted in Oregon. She had no right to decide any other course of action off of the top of her head. She insisted on holding the prisoners in custody, claiming that they were wanted in Nevada for other offences. America is done for, there is no Law protecting the people, America is now a tyranny. The idea that they are taking it upon themselves to ‘free’ other countries from ‘brutal’ dictators is laughable.


Interesting Turn In The Clinton Trail Of Lies;

The Noose Tightens Around Clinton’s Neck.

Americans Cry Out For More Blood, They Refuse To Give Peace A Chance.



The same mainstream media, which steadfastly refused to investigate the obvious inconsistencies in the 911 event in New York and the matter of a small hole in the side of the Pentagon in Washington, which was initially reported as ‘without a trace of an aircraft which allegedly struck the building’, only to be swiftly edited to suit the government’s agenda, an act which itself implicates the government and the media, in the attacks, were the same media which relentlessly furthered the ‘Lone Wolf’ version of events, when President John Kennedy was assassinated, a crime for which Lee Harvey Oswald was accused, up to and including the ‘magic bullet, nonsense, have now, under orders from their monopolistic owners, created a storm of hate against Donald Trump, to the point where they are calling for his assassination, relying on their own Fake News as justification for this treason.

The new face of protest across the United States, is turned firmly against change, unlike previous generations which stood up to the warmongers, the new breed cannot bear to see their long trail of murderous, corrupt and lying elected politicians brought to book, they instead prefer to believe the words of those whom have brought the world to its knees and who would prefer the delightful wife of a rapist bastard, who is herself guilty of the horrendous death of an American Ambassador, amongst other crimes, in the White House, with her scumbag husband alongside her, to a man whom the entire people of the world with a brain in their head, are more than capable of differentiating between this man Trump whom calls for a ninety day ban on immigrants and another who cheered on the wholesale slaughter of millions of Muslims.

These juvenile crazies, instead of helping Trump to rekindle the soul of America, they choose instead to side with the true racists and bigots who destroyed the World Trade Centre for profit and then raided Afghanistan, pretending to be in search of a man whom was already dead, before the piece de resistance, Shock and Awe, rained down on Iraq, where the folk were still burying the five hundred thousand children, whom died as a result of the glorious deeds of the United States and NATO and their sanctions.

You pieces of shit, whom spray young women in the face with mace and club those with whom you disagree, with baseball bats are in good company with Hillary, she can be proud of you. You truly are the docile result of a chemical lobotomy, which has rendered your brain into soup.

So go ahead, sing out the praises of the scourge of the Muslims, with a bit of luck you can get them back into power to finish off their slaughters. Up Yours You Assholes! Watch the video and snigger this is what you are standing up for.



The Evil Empire Strikes Back.

  Queer Days In Washington         


                    The Evil Empire Strikes Back.

The response to the shock of “Brexit” in the United Kingdom and the mere possibility of a similar shock in the United States, with signs that Donald Trump, could, just possibly break the political mould, the internationally controlled mainstream media, has unleashed an unprecedented storm of attacks against Trump, while presenting nothing but warnings of doom and gloom in a future Britain, after Brexit.

The average viewer of British media, could be forgiven, should they believe, that Hillary Clinton, was under investigation, by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, simply for having used Yahoo.com, to send classified information to her staff and that it was all a lot of fuss about nothing.

There has been no discussion about the contents of eMails, which were released by WikiLeaks, which Clinton had illegally deleted, but which had already been collected by several sources, having ‘hacked’ into her mailbox. These eMails included Top Secret information, which had quite clearly fallen into enemy hands. That alone is justification to condemn Clinton to a term in prison, not a term in the White House. All of that before we even mention the catalogue of criminal activity, which implicates Barack Obama and the entire Establishment in Washington.

This exposure of the behaviour of those surrounding the Clinton’s and their Foundation, which has been used to ‘launder’ payments made to a host of top people, has created total panic in Washington, obligating the maximum of support for the Clinton campaign because should Trump win, he could blow the dome off of the Capitol. The New York police Department, is calling this the biggest case corruption in the history of the planet, it is that serious.


Even as I tap out this drivel, I can hear Sky News, admiringly talking of the magnificent efforts of Hillary and having virtually ignored the huge crowds which have been turning out daily, in support of Trump, they are showing the ‘enormous’ crowd which has turned out in New York to greet Hillary, in her home town. All of the mainstream media stubbornly refused to show the crowds at a Trump rally, that is the measure of the truth provided to the electorate during an election campaign in the Greatest Democracy on Earth.

The average Joe has been duped into taking part in an election, having throughout the campaign been saturated with reports of allegations againstTrump, none of which have been found to be factual, while no mention has been made of the serious accusations against Hillary Clinton.

These allegations against Trump have been embedded into the brains of us all through the means of repetition of questions suggesting the allegations to be true,such as a question demanding of a passer-by “Do you believe that the claims of sexual abuse made against Trump will harm his campaign?” Over and over again. Yet strangely, not a word about Hillary Clinton’s connection to a huge paedophile ring in Washington and alleged photos of her in bed with her lesbian partner, Huma, along with a small child. Why no disgust and exposure of that one, if mention is to be made of allegations?

Everything that Trump has claimed about Clinton and her coterie is true and the American people are voting for an animal, should they vote for Hillary Clinton. She is a woman who is so greedy, she helped steal donations, paid into a fund to help the people of Haiti. Like God she is always in need of money.

Half of the Washington establishment, is running scared and ready to ‘bug out,’ should Clinton lose the election, to States which have no extradition treaty with the US.  This ‘bug out’ includes the Clintons and Barack Obama. The Bush family already own half of Paraguay.

It is ten o’clock in the morning here in France and far to the north, the British Establishment is attempting to undo the result of ‘Brexit.’  While to the West, in the United States,  the rigging of the election has already started, ignored by the Media, who still insist it to be no more than a ploy of Trump’s to excuse his coming defeat.

Here in France, where recent elections were rigged, to deny the Front National their rightful victory and preparations are under-way to ensure establishment victory in next years Presidential elections, in which the Front is sure to gain the majority of votes and still ‘lose.’

In the States, Clinton is promising ‘open borders,’ while in the UK the British have just voted to close the borders. In France the Front National will close the borders, in Germany, the AfD will close the borders, in Holland Geert Wilder will close the borders, in fact all across Europe there are increasingly strident calls to close all borders. So what is Clinton up to, in the USA?

One of the Sky disinformation reporters, Sam Kiley, who spends a lot of his time in Israel, this morning criticised Trumps Wall as being a waste of time, however, in keeping with the rules of the Jew controlled Sky News, he made no criticism of the wall which is currently being built-in Palestine to exclude the legitimate people of Palestine.

In Sweden, the immigrants are falling out of love with twenty hours of Winter darkness and the snow and ice and as members of the EU, they have already started to relocate further South.

In recent times I have attempted to explain, particularly to the British, French and Americans, that their sympathy for immigrants is misplaced and that because of their own lack of action against the bloodthirsty, illegal slaughter of millions of innocent people in the Middle East, which have been financed with tax-payers money, they have put our culture under threat and not from the immigrants themselves, but from those whom are profiting from a deliberately contrived crisis. Do you feel no anger when a Jew tells you the following?



Have you all come to hate yourselves so much that you are prepared to commit mass suicide? The modern slaughters, carried out by Jews, was financed by the Central Banking Families of Europe and the United States of America and resulted in the genocide of sixty-five-million Christians in Russia. These are the same people who are looking you in the eye and telling you, straight in your face, “We intend to wipe you out.” Are you dumb and stupid or what?

Believe me, Donald Trump is not putting himself through this night-mare to suit a hidden hand. He is exposing the hidden hand. Why do you suppose that a Sky reporter asked a women who had just stated there to be electoral fraud, in the USA, if she had evidence of that? Why was the allegation not good enough? Why have there been no Sky News investigation into the claims?

Barack Obama himself, urged illegal immigrants to go and vote for Hillary, he said they did not need any form of identity and they would not be traceable by the Police, after having done so. Is that not evidence enough of vote rigging. all of these clips are available to journalists, why I wonder do journalists never find their way to youtube?

It is the Mainstream Media which is working for a hidden hand, they will attempt to control your decisions to the bitter end. They even control the Pollsters. Such is the power of the Press, it would be difficult to find, in the ranks of the general public, any real understanding even of World War Two. Most people still believe Saddam Hussein really did have weapons of mass destruction and was a threat to the UK and the USA. Lord help us.

The House Of Cards Is Tumbling Down.


The House Of Cards Is Tumbling Down.

The wholly controlled International Media, in all of its forms, is ignoring the truth concerning Hillary Clinton. A truth, which Donald Trump is daily pumping out, to the joy of those with ears to hear but to the chagrin of the criminal cabal, which has, for generations, been allowed to literally get away with murder, in the wholly rigged system, which passes for Democracy, in the United States of America, where even the Supreme Court itself has been contaminated.

The “Alternative Media” has also been forced to join the tirade against Trump, suggesting him to be a wholly controlled Mafia asset, having been telling us for years that all of the Presidents and all of the President’s men, have been under the same control. Begging the question, ‘ Should that be so, what difference will Trumps election, make this time around, SNAFU wot?’

Amusingly, a well-known site on-line, Veterans Today, which is being run by a bunch of patriots, fully funded from their own pockets, has been spinning all sorts yarns about Trump, during the past twelve months, to the annoyance of myself and many others, whom have all posted comments, questioning their attitude to Trump, whom apart from anything else, has been wonderful to watch.

Despite all of the uproar, Clinton is guilty. Not simply for putting secret documents at risk, but for Grand Larceny and criminal fraud in the affairs of the Clinton Foundation and on top of that, her decision not to send aid to assist the besieged US Ambassador, Christopher Stevens, in Benghazi, simply because he was about to speak out about his belief in Clinton’s arms deals with terrorists.

The Brow-Ha-Ha at the moment is about Comey, the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s decision to take another look at the Clinton eMail saga. Clinton’s election team is whimpering that this is out-of-order. He had no right to do something like this, so close to an election as it might hurt Clintons’ chances. To wheel out a dozen women, to make allegations against Trump, just before the same election, was out of a call of duty I suppose.

There is evidence that the FBI staff were baffled by Comey’s decision not to indict Clinton for her original negligence, which itself justifies a term of years in prison. The fact that her eMails were indeed hacked and copies are available to one and all, is evidence enough of the seriousness of her offence, even before the real reason behind her deviousness has been exposed. She and Slick Willy do have ‘previous’ having ‘sold’ American secret Super Computers to China.

There are direct connections, on Clinton’s private eMail account, to Barack Obama, whom did, hiding behind a ‘funny name’ which demonstrates that he was aware of the existence of Clinton’s private server, which he has denied. The computer itself was the property of a paedophile, whom did, along with a Royal Prince and Slick Willy Clinton, spend time on ‘Treasure Island’ a paradise for paedophiles, where the same Slick Willy was allegedly filmed having sex with a thirteen year old child.

Hillary Clinton has suggested that she will be putting Slick Willy in control of the US economy, should she be elected. That would be the same Slick Willy, for whom she hounded those women whom had been raped by Willy, when she had managed to win a short sentence for a child rapist, whom she had defended in Court.

Is this what the American voters are seeking? Perhaps they are voting for Hillary’s membership of a secret Witches Coven in California. Maybe they adore her for her belief in late-term abortion, Obama believes that as long as the umbilical cord has not been cut, the baby has yet to be born and thus, may still be treated as prey.

Or perhaps they admire the facility with which the Clinton Foundation laundered the fund for Haiti. Or maybe the smart way Clinton managed to trick hundreds of thousands of dollars out of those banking chappies in return for a five minute speech. Never mind, despite all of that nonsense, the boys from Veteran’s Today, are determined to get her elected.

I opened up their site yesterday, to checkout, whether the Editor in Chief, whom had suggested I read a post, which would explain why the ‘boys’ were against Trump, which I had dutifully done and which had left me unimpressed and I did then leave another comment. To my surprise, I did this morning, on opening Veterans Today, discover that the comments were closed, on all of the offending contributors postings.

The stench of fear is hanging over the Establishment and when even the pillars of the alternative media are lining up to bad mouth Trump, when they should in fact, simply sit back bored, as yet another puppet is put in place, as everything would appear to be under control. So what is the problem.

Trump, despite his alleged lack of ability, has, in his charming manner, starkly exposed the weakness of the Establishment and the facility with which it can be taken down. Thanks to Trump they are already on the run. Clinton has already off-shored her cash to Qatar, where there is no extradition arrangement with the USA.