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The Battle For The Minds Of Our Children.

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While in the process of replying to a comment on a clip which I had posted on Bitchute, which had questioned a remark which I had made about Daech being controlled by Eric Prince, the controller of Blackwater or Academi, who is even now calling for Donald Trump to “privatise” the illegal American and NATO war in Afghanistan into his hands, I came across an Eric Dubay clip, discussing the “Flat Earth”, what else? I will come back to Blackwater later.

During the course of the discussion Eric suggested that one of the main objections to a “globe earth” was the idea that “Rail-Roads” were obliged to be laid as level as it was possible to lay them, otherwise steel wheels could not gain enough traction on steel rails, to climb even the slightest of slopes, never mind climb up the side of a globe earth, whether “gravity” existed or not.

Eric’s position sounds like “common sense” to me, apart from the question, which I have been posing for some time, which I have “proudly” referred to as “Enochered’s Law” which states that: “On a Globe Earth the only way is down”. and my question, which is not in disagreement with Eric’s position but which illustrates the frailty of the Globe Earth arguments. On a Globe Earth the train will not be climbing up the side of the Earth, because there is no “side” to a gravity controlled Globe, simply because of Enochered’s Law, which correctly points out that the train will actually be descending the slope because wherever you are, you are always on the “top” of a gravity controlled globe.

My question has simply been ignored by all of the “Globers” because it demonstrates the stupidity of the “boat disappearing over the slope” idea, which is the favourite excuse used to claim the “globeness” of the Earth. My favourite question was, “when two trains meet, one coming “down” from Cairo, which crossed paths with another coming “down” from Capetown, how would they sort themselves out? Plus on the deck of a boat about to disappear over the “slope”, those aboard would be looking “down” at the harbour even as those on the harbour waving goodbye, would be looking “down” at the boat. Confused?

Well so am I and indeed so was a Physicist, who was involved with the Cern Collider,  who I interviewed a while back and who admitted to me that the team he worked with had no idea what gravity actually was, having just explained to me that “all” of the experiments at Cern were based on gravity. When I said that in fact everything was a sort of mystery and that the scientists “knew,” little more than “If you do this, that will happen and nothing else” he agreed with me and also mourned the existence of so little evidence of the “Globe Earth”. I am sure that there is a head with a brain out there somewhere which can explain where I am going wrong.

Anyway back to Blackwater and the notion of “privatised warfare”. Warfare has always been a “private” affair, we have simply been indoctrinated to believe there to have been some difference between Blackwater and the “Royal Fusiliers” or the “Royal Air Force” which were nothing more than killing machines for the International Traders, ever since the days of the Roman Empire, which was the original puppet State, which was funded by the “Money-Lenders” from the Temple and which eventually drowned in debt as a result but not before the “Empire” had fallen victim, to amongst other depravities, those such as bestiality and the marriage of an Emperor to his horse, rampant homosexuality and paedophilia. Much as was Weimar Germany before the arrival of Adolf Hitler.

A Jew called Isaac Asimov, who was in fact a major plagiarist, wrote a trilogy of books called “Foundation” which purports to explain the ability of an “Empire” to survive, un-noticed by humanity, as it set about recovering all and everything, of importance, which it was believed to have been lost after the downfall and which could be used to build a better future.

Sadly when the “Roman Empire” did collapse, there was no “Hari Seldon” type saintly character, to quietly recover and record all of the greatest achievements of previous times which were to be stored away in an un-known “Second Foundation” from where they could be recovered for the benefit of future generations. In fact the opposite was true, all and everything of interest was destroyed and ancient books and manuscripts altered and copied, while the originals were taken under the control of those whom had brought the “Roman Empire” to its knees and the control of these documents rests with the “dark-side” to this day. There is no historical record of any such thing as a “Good Empire” the current crop amply displays this situation as the “Big Boys” arm themselves to the teeth.

I hope you take the time to watch the clip which I have posted at the top of this post, there are some very strange ideas presented towards the end, which I found found to be quite incredible, while not being too certain that they were true, no matter, it’s all good fun.

As for the current warfare in the Middle East and all across Asia in recent times, those whom believe these wars to have been anything other than “Gang Wars” are deluded. The Whole Wide World is ruled by gangs of one sort or another, with puppets sitting in the front office.

As I have just explained, History is never truthful. Just yesterday I was obliged to explain on a Bitchute clip, that the claims made by Jews about the marking of shops in Germany with the word “Juden,” was to make sure that no German bought Jew merchandise in retaliation against a Jew initiated blockade against German made goods all across the World, this whinge was made after a writer was refused an award for a book, an award which she had already won, after it was disclosed that she supported the aim of putting sanctions in place against Israel. Jews immediately complained about the “horror” of being reminded about the Germans doing it in the 1930s,  the real reason for which I am sure they are fully aware. Apart from which the Jews lake no complaint about denying the People of Gaza, all  the necessities, which are sorely needed to survive Israeli aggression.



This “truth” is clearly marked alongside the “truth” that the Jews declared war on Germany, long before anything could have taken place because of Hitler, who had so recently been elected. This is the evidence of the collusion between our elected Gang Bosses and those whom now speak for the Jews, whom continue to deceive us all with their wild claims, which even when exposed as being deceptive, are religiously repeated, year after year, while our leaders force those lies down our throats.


The sad fact of the matter is, the British Government has been controlled from the City of London for Centuries. and despite my heroic efforts the British people still fail to understand this simple situation which has been holding them in chains and robbing them,  while every now and then they send the young men to be mowed down in some useless war which is never fought for the improvement of the people but to further the control of the Pilgrim Society which is installed in “The City”. Wake up.


Learning The Lessons Of History.

We have all been fully briefed, into the belief that Hitler and the National Socialists were responsible for the Second World War, despite the fact that it had been in the planning even before the Great War was over.

The decision to call off the Great War before Germany was actually defeated, as a result of the unexpected arrival of the killer Spanish Flu, which threw a spanner into the works of the Zionists agenda, which necessitated both a German defeat and a Second War, in order to finish off the business of the Great War and the Russian coup d’etat and of course the seizure of Palestine.

“Our Elected Rulers” leading up to the Great War, could not have been unaware of all the contents of this secret agenda, like 911, it was a conspiratorial crime which obliged meticulous preparations it could not have succeeded without massive cooperation between the Jew Zionists, whom wrote the Great War agenda and those whom forced White Christians to do the fighting during it.

Are we to believe that after the Great War, for which the Germans were forced to accept complete responsibility, without any supporting evidence or proof, that our political professionals, failed to notice, at the signing of the Treaty of Versailles, which was used to completely humiliate the Germans, that those by whom the whole sordid affair was controlled, were Jews, working for the same group of rich Jews, in the City of London and New York whom had organised the entry of the Americans into the Great War, plus the coup d’etat in Russia, followed by the declaration of the war against Germany in 1933, and whom had complete control of the Nuremberg Kangaroo Court, which carried out the lynching of any German who may have been able to “give the game away?”.

All of the above, should it be true, would suggest that we are either being “democratically” ruled by severely mentally handicapped idiots or wholly complicit tools. In the United Kingdom, these same tools, are now determined, by whatever means necessary, to thwart the democratic vote of the British People, to leave the Jew controlled and funded European Union, in which they are under the heel of the jackboot, of the Goldman Sachs, secretly owned, banking cartel.

The current trap, being used as the “last resort” by the “Remainers”, is the so-called “backstop” between Ulster, the illegally annexed part of Ireland and the “covertly” controlled Republic of Ireland, where the Constitution has already been regularly ignored, to force the people of Èire, to accept all of the European Union Rules and use the fake money, against which they voted on several occasions.

The Irish Constitution stipulates that “another try” second referendum is illegal, despite which the Irish were obliged, on several occasions to go through the motions of the “rigged’ second referendum, in order to comply with EU regulations. The same thing happened in several European Member States, which were allowed a referendum on the Euro and theTreaty of Lisbon, the negative results of which were simply ignored.

The British, Dutch and French Peoples, fail to understand that the era of the old Trading Company Empires is over and that Europe is being deliberately destroyed as the Trading Companies re-establish their centres of control towards Asia.

Russia is being quietly reinforced, to take on the role of the link between the “new” Europe and Asia, as talks begin about the cutting of ties between the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, which is the current “Terror Machine”of our Rulers, and the United States of America, as preparatory leaks are made about the installation of the new, mixed race, European Army, which will take on the role of controlling the likely resistance of the remains of the European White Christian Peoples.

It is quite clear that the Peoples of Europe have absolutely no control over the behaviour of their “elected” leaders. The French fully understand that Emmanuel Macron is, as they say here in France “The Whore of the Jews”. “La Pute des Juifs”.

Theresa May comes from the same stable, she, like Macron, worked for the Jew Family of Bankers the influential family Rothschild.

On the face of it, France appears to be lost, while the position of the British is less clear as certain members of the Conservative Party, with strong attachments to the Globalists, are talking of joining a grouping, controlled by the Bankers and their Corporations, called the Trans Pacific Partnership, after they leave the European Union. This would place the British in a completely “privatised” form of Democracy, which is destined to become a Global Government, which will be more openly “Dictatorial” than the present British or European Union systems.

We are living in dangerous times, much as in past times when nobody, so we are assured, could possibly have predicted the taking down of Russia and the massive slaughter of the White Russian Christian people, all of which was actually known by British and French politicians, whom refused to put a stop to the slaughter. The British, American and French, did themselves take part in the massive slaughter of enemy combatants, after the end of World WarTwo.

They knowingly sent the Cossacks, whom had surrendered to the British, into the hands of Stalin who they knew would execute them. Eisenhower, the Swedish Jew, starved one and a half million,”disarmed enemy combatants” to death, in open air death camps, in full view of the German people, whom were threatened that they would be shot, if they tried to pass a crust to the starving prisoners. The French murdered a further five hundred thousand Germans after using them as slaves, as a form of retribution for the war which France had actually declared. Unknown millions of German prisoners were brutally tortured to death in Russia Gulags.

All in all, should the White European Christians believe themselves to be safe from a similar fate, they need to think again, your executioners have already been brought into Europe and it is only a question of time as to when the shit will hit the fan.

I have become so jittery in recent times, that I have become paranoid about the continued support given to the claims of Global Warming, which has come to encompass any climatic event,  which are all based on guesswork, but amazingly all of which corresponds with the political endeavour to install a Carbon Tax and to put in place other extreme measures, which will reduce access to all sorts of amenities which we currently take for granted, such as no further use of private transport and all private ownership of property will be banned. Our Politicians have accepted all of these measures in our name.


The other side of the enigma of why so many intelligent people are so convinced by the idea of a Carbon Tax, with the aim of reducing behaviour of the weather, baffles me, because CO2, as I am tired of pointing out, is a “trace”gas of which there is never enough, it is most certainly not capable of affecting the climate, a cloud of steam or clouds has a greater effect on the climate than does CO2, despite which our elected idiots stubbornly refuse to face up to reality, so what do they know that they are keeping from us?


Could it be, that what I have been suggesting for many years, that an Ice Age, either mini or massive is almost upon us? This would explain the emptying of the Middle East and Parts of Africa, to release the warmer areas around the Equator available for the Elite. I hesitate to write this nonsense, despite the fact that it makes perfect sense, making the resource rich continent of Africa and the oil rich Middle East available for the Chosen Ones.






Fake News And Media Lies And Other Deceptions

Google have selected monitors, who will decide whether the search results, delivered by their own search engine, are verifiable as being accurate, misleading or outright lies, or in modern parlance, Fake News.

This has lead to questions about how can ‘accuracy’ be decided without a modicum of research, which in the case of any claim about Assad having carried out a Chemical Weapon attack, to deliberately kill his own people, would most certainly fall into the category of speculation and should not be received as being true, factual or likely to hold up in a Court of Law as relevant evidence, as it is based on unsupported hearsay, from a group of vicious, murdering terrorists.

I listened for several hours to a Radio Phone-in on Sunday morning, discussing this attack and whether Public Opinion, was in favour of the illegal attack, carried out against Syria, in response to these unsupported claims. The vast majority of callers, insisted that no response should have been made before a full investigation had been carried out. Many mentioned the unsupported claims against Saddam Hussein and Gadaffi.

Having watched several versions of the ‘News’ BBC, Sky, France 24 and Euronews, they one and all presented a view, suggesting that Assad had been proven guilty, yet when ‘truthful’ witnesses were asked for evidence they simply blustered. So in terms of Google’s new rules, all of the current mainstream media information, should be marked as being speculative. I would call it lies and disinformation.

Google is not attempting to force the MSM to tell the truth they are attempting to block anyone, me for example, from pointing out that they are blatant liars.

Assad, as was Gadaffi and Saddam Hussein, has been portrayed as an evil dictator, by the British and the world-wide Jew controlled media. There is so little evidence against him, that there has been no mention of it as a justification for the British sending in the Maniacs, to take down Assad’s Regime, all we hear are claims of him ‘deliberately’ barrel-bombing his own people, ‘after the British invasion, using the false claim of him being an evil dictator, as reason enough – we all know that evil dictators kill their own people for fun, don’t we? – all of it based unsupported lies.

There is no justification for what the British initiated in Syria, it was a cynical attempt to destroy a Regime, which refused to be forced, by Jew interests, to conform to their demands. The British had been carefully planning the taking down of Assad for two years before they sent in their Mercenaries, who had been trained in Jordan, to ‘quickly’ destroy Assad’s regime.

They had mistakenly believed their own ‘Fake News’ which declared that the people of Syria were opposed to Assad, when the opposite was the truth, just as it had been with Gadaffi in Libya, whom was brutally tortured and murdered, in order to make sure that he would be ‘unavailable’ to stand in any election, because the Libyan people would have voted en masse, in his support.

The same applies to Assad, who is a good man, a far better man than are David Cameron or Tony Blair, whom are responsible for millions of innocent deaths and have no justification for attacking any of the ‘so-called evil Dictators,’ the ‘real’ evil Dictators are ensconced in the Heart of Darkness, the City of London.

So what is ‘Fake News?’ Could it be LBC Radio, which carried out the debate on Sunday, in which the hosts were urging their callers to believe the unsupported accusations, against a man, Assad, who had no reason whatsoever to kill his own people, while those whom had made those claims had everything to gain from making them.

Or could it be the LBC presenter, whom a few minutes ago claimed that the vast majority of callers, had supported the claims against Assad, justifying the American attack, forgetting to mention that all the callers had nothing more to go on than Fake News from the MSM. All of it misleading.

I suggested to one of these ‘hosts’ that his claims had been misleading and that they did not conform to reality. This was in response to the manner in which Ken Livingstone, had been treated by this ‘host.’ His response was to repeat his disinformation, calling me an idiot Racist, warning me to never make further contact with him. No problem.

After which I saw the same character on Sky News, expressing his support for the attacks, made by the Americans, which were against International Law, and without the permission of the US Congress, as being justifiable, based on the lies and unsupported claims made against Assad.

When Hitler appealed to the Jew controlled British Government for Peace, after his treaty with Neville Chamberlain had been dismissed by the City of London, he dropped leaflets, urging peace, over London, the British called his attempt propaganda. That is the true origin of World War Two, it was a British Conspiracy, concealed by Fake News, in favour of those whom had everything to gain and everything to tell lies about.


“Step by step, I have arrived at the conviction that the aims of Communism in Europe are sinister and fatal. At the Nuremberg Trials, I, together with my Russian colleague, condemned Nazi Aggression and Terror. I believe now that Hitler and the German People did not want war. But we, {England}, declared war on Germany, intent on destroying it, in accordance with our principle of Balance of Power, and we were encouraged by the ‘Americans'{Jews} around Roosevelt. We ignored Hitler’s pleading, not to enter into war. Now we are forced to realize that Hitler was right. He offered us the co-operation of Germany: instead, since 1945, we have been facing the immense power of the Soviet Empire. I feel ashamed and humiliated to see that the aims we accused Hitler of, are being relentlessly pursued now, only under a different label.” (Ashamed and Humiliated The British Attorney General, Sir Hartle Shawcross, said in a speech at Stourbridge, March 16/84 (AP)).

Shawcross talks of Communism, which was and is controlled by Jews. In Nuremberg, the Tribunal was controlled by German Jews, whom crushed the testicles of all of the German Prisoners, in order to assist in the signing of ‘confessions.’ The Commandant of Auschwitz, Rudolph Höss, we are told, despite speaking or writing no English, did sign a confession in English, he is alleged to have admitted to having killed fifty million Jews while under torture.

So allow me to reassure my readers, we can place our trust in nothing. We have, throughout our lives been lied to on a massive scale. We are so easily fooled that our ‘leaders’ do not even bother to change their excuses. We can apparently, be convinced quite easily by the most outlandish claims with which we are presented by the MSM and our caring’ elected puppets.

The Bolshevik Communists are now installed in Europe, while Germany which has been controlled by the Bolshevik Communists, since the end of World War Two, are now in control of Europe, in a manner far and away more dangerous to our well-being than was anything proposed by Hitler. We are now being lead by the nose to hell, while the MSM soothes us to sleep.