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Sarkozy And Hollande, Puppets Or Clowns?

Sarkozy And Hollande, Puppets Or Clowns?


Both myself and the people, with whom I frequent, have long been persecuted by the views of those whom would have us believe, that elected politicians are little more than powerless puppets, an idea which sits well in France, where the election of one verifiable idiot after the other, as President of the Republique, was taken in a humorous manner, until the day came that the clown, Sarkozy was elected. Very few people could find the humour in that.

When Sarkozy, while under suspicion of having accepted funds towards his election expenses, from Muammar Gadaffi, decided that it was time to destroy Libya, rob the Libyan Central Bank of its gold reserves, destroy the wonderful ‘man made river’ project and split the Libyan ample oil reserves between BP and Total, the many Muslims, with whom I also keep company, felt that he had gone just a little too far.

Having got rid of Sarkozy and apparently having little basic understanding of the Democratic process, the French electorate, with a huge choice of candidates at their disposal, chose to vote for another Jew, François Hollande and what do you know, his first statement as President was to announce that he was prepared to go to war against Iran.

Having no opportunity to do so, Hollande chose to take on the men with spears and leather shields, riding camels in Africa, where the Tuareg were getting boisterous and were about to do in Mali, what Sarko had done in Libya, completely misunderstanding Western Politics, which approved and accepted the playfully brutal dictator of Mali, who knew on which side of his bread was sandy. The French duly recolonised Mali and stuck their nose into various other places in Africa while they were at it.

In a previous paragraph, I mentioned the word Jew, I could well have said Socialist, Zionist or Communist, all of which have come to mean the same thing.

However when a Socialist, Ken Livingstone, a one time Mayor of London, mentioned Hitler and Zionists in the same breath, he was forced to step down from the Socialist Party.

Livingstone’s friend, Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Socialists in the UK, dare not mention the words ‘genocide’ and Gaza in the same breath, for fear of making Jews cry. While Theresa May, can parade around Paris, with a banner in her hand marked ‘Je Suis Juif’ in support of Free Speech.

In response to complaints from the Polish government and in the face of documents released by the Russians, the Jews were obliged to reduce the number of claimed Jew deaths in the Auschwitz Work Camp, from four million to a total figure for all deaths, of one million, and yet we are all obliged to accept the original claim of six million, to avoid suggesting that the Jews were fibbing.


In view of this, would it be fair to suggest to Theresa May, that there were more Christians than Jews killed in the Charlie Hebdo attack, in memory of which she was carrying her placard or does she consider one Jew death to be of more importance than a dozen Christian deaths? Or is that too, a question too far?

Benjamin Netanyahu, when asked how Israel managed to win its wars ‘quickly’ while the rest of the world, frequently found themselves bogged down in conflicts for years. Netanyahu’s response was simply ‘because (We) Israel had America.’ A previous Prime Minister of Israel, the War Criminal Olmert, when it was put to him that his actions may upset the same America, his response was to tell the questioner not to worry about America as Israel controlled America.

All of this nonsense has one thing in common, Jews. All of the other participants in the saga, amount to nothing more than ‘gagged’ extras. Jews can make any claim they like about the rest of us, while we must never criticise their well-known propensity for lying, blood-letting or any of their other criminal activities.

So whose purpose do the Jews serve? Top alleged Jews, like John Kerry, David Cameron, Ed Miliband, Rupert Murdoch,Rothschild, Rockefeller, Kissinger, Soros, Sarkozy, Hollande, Jagger, the entire group of Jews who own Hollywood, or even the dead Elvis himself, never stand up and tell us who is actually doing the things of which Jews are ritually blamed and as to why Jews are prepared to ‘pretend’ to be in control of the Federal Reserve, the Bank of England, the European Central Bank, the Bank of Canada and many others across the entire world?

Many commentators are now ‘outing’ the folk, many of whom we have come to believe to be Jews as being part of the International Brigade of Jesuits, determined to throw us back into a Medieval form of servitude, which existed during the days when Jews were simple money-lenders, using the system usury; compound interest, to steal the property of the unwary.

Mighty efforts are being made to link all past transgressors, whom at one time or another, were called either Zionists, or Communists, or Hitler who was constantly smeared by being called a Jew, to have actually been, one and all, Knights of Malta, the secret army of the Jesuits. The Queen of England is herself a member as are all of the main players in current world leadership, including Banking, Media, Military and Industrial top men and of course many politicians.

Even the Legal System has been purloined by these occult criminals, which is why we are all obliged to accept our guilt for “victimless” crimes, which is a total fraud and against the tenets of the Magna Carta. In law, ‘we’ do not exist, we are tricked into accepting the role of a ‘straw man,’ through the covert use of Mercantile Law, the Law of the Sea. We are all adrift and unable to see dry land, through the sea mist.

When one takes into account, that the Supreme Court, of the United States For America, which I believe to be the correct, legal name of the Corporation of America, has in its ranks of nine Judges, a majority of Jews while the Jews represent a miniscule part of the population.

Should these people be no more than ‘Patsies’ under the control of the same hidden hand, why would it be necessary to select only Jews for these lucrative jobs, even Jew boys like Schmidt and Zuckerberg can be turned into billionaires overnight. The Jesuits are a Catholic Order, responsible for the torture and death of untold numbers of folk in purges aimed at maintaining the superior position of Rome.

I was alongside a fellow last week-end who was talking of his education in a Jesuit College, strangely I just happened to have been educated by the henchmen of the Jesuits, the Dominican’s. Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits, is said to have been impressed by the exploits of St Dominic, whom during a period in France attempted to convert the Cathars in the Languedoc Region of France. We were having our conversation in Avignon, not too far removed from the Palais des Papes, in the cloister of a Carmelite Convent.

The French control of the Catholic Church, started at the very beginning of the 14th Century, almost a century after the Crusades against the Cathars and Gnostics kicked off and a century or so before the birth of Ignatius Loyola, by whom it would be seized and his Black Pope installed, along with a military style regime, put in place.

Throughout this period and during the previous ten centuries or more, a group of cunning families, of Spanish and Italian lineage, whom could trace their ancestors all the way back to Babylon, had already taken control of all and everybody in the known world, and they would not be satisfied until they had set up an order, similar to what had been in existence back in Medieval Times. Why would they have need to do so, were they not already in medieval times?

I have trouble with all of this sort of thing. I can grasp simple theories, along the lines of, people who make money from bombs and bullets, are going to seek ways of creating war. That goes without saying.

However if we are all under the control of beings with supposed arcane knowledge from the distant past, from the supposed first civilisation in Babylon, why are they still trying to install a New World Order? Why are things not exactly as they want them to be?

Why, if they did indeed, select and place in power, the National Socialists in Germany, what part of things were they trying to adjust? Why would there be any need if they had long-held sway over humanity?

They extend this control all the way to America, which having been discovered when Loyola was an infant, was later used as the headquarters of the New Roman Empire, in the new city on seven hills, Washington DC, which was fitted out with all of the meaningless symbols, onto which these folk grimly hang, in pretense of having mysterious connections with spirits of some sort. Just as they now leak out word that they are working with extraterrestrials. Did you notice I typed that last bit in a whisper?

So where does this leave us all? I do not believe a word of it. All these folk have is OUR money and we are allowing them to steal it in an ever-increasing number of scams. With enough money, sadly, you can buy anyone. That is their power along with the greed of those whom are prepared to serve them.

At the moment we seem to be on a roll. It may not be true, but on the other hand it could be.

We have just had “Brexit,” Cameron is gone, most of Europe is out in the streets, soon they will be calling for the wars to be stopped, allowing the repatriation of immigrants, Trump is doing well in the States, despite the bitching of both the mainstream and the alternative media, if he has them both against him they must be worried about something. Clinton is probably dead or soon will be, it is no more than a case of will she make it to the end, allowing a ‘preferred’ replacement, after her death, in the White House.

So it would appear that these mythical characters, all the way from Babylon, are not doing too well at the moment. The Jesuit Army, with its Opus dei, gang of warriors and the legions of the Knight of Malta, do not appear to be nearly as powerful as they would have us believe.

In short time I will be in Alés, not too far from Nîmes, where there was a famous group of Protestant heroes, called the Camisards, who fought for their right to worship as they pleased, while the King of France was intent on forcing them to accept Catholicism. So the Jesuits, who had apparently already taken control of the Vatican by this time, experienced a few problems in Languedoc, with the various groups whom refused to bow down to Rome. I hope and pray that they will re-discover their Religious fervor, before they are find themselves once more being forced into an unwanted sect by their Nemesis the Jesuits.


David Cameron Knew Exactly What He Was Doing In Libya And In Syria. He Is Guilty.



David Cameron Knew Exactly What He Was Doing In Libya And In Syria. He Is Guilty.

A parliamentary report has found that David Cameron, along with Nicolas Sarkozy, were responsible, through a lack of foresight and planning, for the rise of terrorism in the Maghreb and ultimately across the Middle East, all based on the misconception of a threat against the Libyan people, by Muammar Gadaffi.

If that is what they are presenting as a result of their own findings, I would suggest that those whom compiled this report, go back to the drawing board because that is no more than a load of tosh, based on a need to obscure the truth.

Cameron and Sarkozy, along with MI6 agents – some of whom were actually arrested, on the ground in Libya – organised the attacks against the people of Benghazi, in order to generate this “mistake.”

I suppose the same inquiry will arrive at the same conclusion, that a lack of attention lead Cameron to the idea of arming terrorists, whom he had failed to spot in Libya, using the arms of the destroyed Gadaffi regime in Libya, to destroy Syria and take down Assad.

It was during the dispatching of these Libyan weapons to Syria, that Christopher Stevens, the US Ambassador to Libya, was captured by British financed terrorists and tortured, with cattle prods, sodomised with an iron bar, whipped and finally slowly roasted to death. Hillary Clinton, laughed when she heard that Gadaffi had suffered a similar fate.

This British Parliamentary Commission is fully aware of what was going on in the Middle East and they are now trying to give an impression of having taken prompt action, against those whom are responsible for millions of deaths and the total destruction of the region, before it becomes necessary to hold yet another Chilcot Inquiry.




Cameron and his henchman at the time, Little Willy Hague, are War Criminals as is Blair and his multiple Ministers of War, all of whom, I suppose, just like Cameron, were not paying attention and just like Cameron they fed the people a pack of crap, to further their desires, which they all now try to call horrible mistakes. They should all be gaoled and not given a ‘Parliamentary’ excuse to justify their aggression and murders.

Sky News is to this day, continuing to present the illegal regime change in Libya, as a humanitarian operation, when the only excuse to attack Libya was the UN authorisation of the installation of a “No Fly Zone.”

I covered all of this back then, graphically explaining the benefits, with which the Libyan people were showered, by the Gadaffi regime, all of which Cameron and his cronies, were fully aware and chose not to mention either then or now. They got nothing wrong. Chaos was the object and chaos has been created. Gadaffi was a hero who was smeared and then murdered  by the British.



Murder and mayhem amongst British Prime Ministers, of all Parties – there being no real difference between them –  is perfectly normal, all of them operate under the control of the same hidden hand and their behaviour goes all the way back to the days of Cromwell, whom in order to repay a banking debt, started the clearances of Ireland, a little country which was long desired by the City of London.

Ever since those distant days the British and French have stolen whatever they needed from any country, which was weak enough to be robbed with impunity. That attitude persists to this day.

When Cameron and Sarkozy had Gadaffi murdered, they also destroyed the Libyan people and then calmly shared out the Libyan oil reserves between BP and Total, they then proceeded steal the country’s gold reserves and plunged a debt free State into IMF servitude.

In France, the coming Presidential Election will be once more, a choice between two War Criminals, Nicolas Sarkozy and François Hollande, both of whom are prepared to continue the seizure of African resources. Hollande’s first act as President, was to provoke a Civil War in Mali, using the turmoil in Libya as his excuse, thus enabling the controllers of France, to seize the huge new oil reserves and Uranium in Mali.

The object of this chaos, which with the help of Russia, is to completely flatten the entire Middle East, in an attempt to force those whom live there to flee to Europe, in order to facilitate the construction of Greater Israel.

Israel has been allowed to steal Palestinian land, without criticism for the past seventy years, carrying out many massacres along the way, far worse than anything which was alleged to be imminent in Libya or Syria.

Were the British, whom had calmly ‘given’ Palestine to a group of Eastern Europeans, whom had absolutely no claim whatsoever to the land, even way back then, simply not paying attention and why, one might ask, are they still refusing to do to Israel, what they did with alacrity to, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and Serbia?

The Rise And Rise Of National Socialism.




The Rise And Rise Of National Socialism.



During the last round of elections in France, two political Parties, both under the leadership of Jews, Nicolas Sarkozy and François Hollande, conspired together, to withdraw their candidates from certain areas, where a split vote, would favour the “Front.” In this manner they denied the “majority” their rightful victory, at the expense of the possible victory of their own candidate. This crime was justified as being necessary to avoid the election of any Government which threatened the status quo.

This form of the denial of Democratic Rights, is being exercised across Europe, in an effort to stop the “Demon Right,” which stands against the Jew proposed mass immigration, which is being used, with the complicity of “elected” politicians to destroy Europe.

National Pride is now a Racist term according to the Frankfurt School’s rules of Political Correctness, which should be duly exposed for what it is, Social Marxism.

In Austria an election has just delivered the Peoples choice, which saw to the selection of Norbert Hofer, as President, or almost as President. He is described as a Nationalist, an Extreme Right Winger and a threat to the future of the Jew controlled European Union. All that now stands between this man, who has already won more than fifty per-cent of the Peoples vote, is the “Postal Votes.”

I await with bated breath to see if the Postal Votes, deliver the same spread of votes as did the Ballot Box or whether there will be a disproportionate number denying Hofer his election. The World over, Postal Votes are being used as the method of last resort, to rig elections.

The Media, which in the main is controlled by Jews, has been giving blanket coverage to the possible election of a man – who is well-known for his opposition to mass immigration – through the medium of Democracy,  as a disaster, which would suggest that Democracy is limited to the deliverance of only those results which support the aims of the Shadow Government. As soon as mention of the National Socialists crops up, we need to be aware that we are on the right track.

There is nothing to fear in the “Left Wing” policies of National Socialism, which means what it says – namely the interest of the Nation State is paramount – which is now referred to as being “Extreme Right Wing” or something or other and we all know what “extreme” means do we not? Hitler, of course!

I awoke this morning to the tones of the Devils Advocate, Stuart Ramsey, reporting from Venezuela, a “rogue” State under National Socialist control, where the offending Democratically elected government, has solidly refused to allow the Venezuelan Peoples vast oil reserves to fall into the greedy hands of Rockefeller.

Chavez, the charismatic leader, who foiled an acceptable “Right Wing” Mossad/CIA coup attempt, did, as do all of those who stand up to the Zionists, died of cancer, in the middle of his struggles against the Great Beast of the North.

The Zionists are now making use of their favourite weapon, “starvation” to force the people of Venezuela to accept the “election” of Washington’s preferred “puppet” Government, whether they like it or not.

To ensure the success of their dominance, Oil Barons have quite deliberately reduced the price of oil, depriving all of those poorer States – which rely on oil, for their life-giving income – thus allowing them to slide into abject poverty, to suit Corporate greed. They will allow as many as necessary to die, to suit Corporate aims.

Ramsey, has as usual, managed to sneak into areas, from where he can report his slanted bullshit, without a word of criticism against those whom are standing idly by watching this “managed” disaster unfold.

Ramsey was today reporting from a hospital in Caracas, where

medical supplies and food for the patients was fast running out, without a sign of a helping hand from the warmongers, who can find all the necessary means of support for their paid savages, slaughtering at will, in the Middle East, with supplies which are dropped from the air.

Ramsey’s soothing tones, whispered out, softly warning the dumbed-down viewers in the UK, that all the necessary action, against the Government in Venezuela, will be taken, to save those poor people from the “desired” results of the “Oil Price Blackmail.”

Brazil has already been saved from disaster and a CIA informer, placed into power. The remaining States in South America, will soon find themselves corralled into a Union over which they will have no control, the European Union being the preferred model.

In the meantime, despite the world being full to overflowing with humanitarians, the likes of David Cameron and François Hollande, whom between them have gutted, Libya, Syria and various African States, to “save” the suffering people, appear not to have noticed the suffering in Venezuela. That is until it suits them to notice.

In the United Kingdom, the same absent-minded Cameron is warning his people, that should they choose to leave the stranglehold of the European Union, anything that could go wrong is likely to go wrong, when what he should be saying is that he will prevent any of those calamities befalling the British should they choose to remain in the Union. He cannot of course, promise any such thing any more than he can be sure of the opposite.

While Cameron and his Jew deputy Osborne, tell any lie that comes into their heads about how dark the future will be, because there is now no other means of survival apart from within the Bolshevik Communist controlled European Union, there has been mention of an extraordinary number of immigrants into the UK in the past twelve months, despite a promise from Cameron that there would no more than a few thousand. Cameron got it wrong. So what else is he getting wrong?



For example, what was the point of encouraging the British and other White people across the world, to have fewer babies, in order to save the planet, only to now explain that Europe needs immigrants to make up for the shortage of workers, who are needed to pay the pensions of those who retire?

There was mention of the population of the UK rising sharply in the next couple of decades, from 60 million to 70 million. In the middle of this massive increase in the population, there will inevitably be a point of another moment where the children of these extra people will need their

pension, so is the UK expected to receive ever more of the surplus births from the Third World, or is there need of putting a stop to immigration and finding a means of “making do with what you’ve got?”

The Irish Jew Peter Sutherland, the United Nations immigration man, whom along with his Jew chum Shatter, managed to swamp, poverty-stricken Ireland with hundreds of thousands of immigrants, none of whom have added any benefit whatsoever to the Irish economy, despite lavish claims which deceitful politicians choose to make, in support of the importation of ever more of them.

This policy is quite obviously designed to create a Third World wilderness in Europe devoid of White people, whom are feared by the Jews. There can be no other eventuality, no country can afford to allow millions of immigrants to pour yearly into their society, without coming up against a brick wall of discontent,  when the Social Security payments dry up as they most surely will when a future recession occurs.

Even as politicians claim that the immigrants are providing skills which European schools are unable to produce, there is a surge in the production of robots, to do those nasty little jobs that folk refuse to do. So what will be left for migrant workers?

In France, where immigration has been a total disaster, there is at this moment 30 per cent unemployment. There are more than one million unemployed young men of immigrant origin, in and around Paris. They will soon be getting married and having children. Those children will be born into a society in which it is perfectly possible that their Great Grand-Parents, their Grand-Parents and their Parents, have never had a full-time job. This situation is ignored by Politicians who are working towards the complete destruction of European culture. Any government which claims it to be impossible to stop illegal immigration are liars, they don’t want to stop it.


The Taking Of Europe 123



David Cameron, the War Criminal, who single-handedly inspired the monstrous war in Syria, by funding the paid mercenaries, whom he laughingly referred to as the Free Syrian Army, in an illegal war, a war which he was quite prepared to finance up to and after the deaths of every one of those whom he claimed to be “saving,”  all the time hiding behind the pathetic excuse that it was a Civil War.

He is now blurting out like a stuffed pig, (excuse the term,) that it is all the fault of Russia and they must stop fighting against Daech, immediately, presumably to give the British time to fly their much vaunted threat to the whole wide world, out of harms way.


They have in fact been thrashed out of sight, exposing the lies of Cameron and others whom have been funding Daech from the word go, claiming that it would take at least thirty years to deal with them.

Despite the  exposure of the feebleness of Daech, which has been used as an excuse to transform Europe into a Police State, there has been not one word of criticism in the European Media, exposing the lies of Governments.

The alleged Daech attack in Paris, which was so full of holes that should any intelligent hack, fail to bring any one of the anomalies to the attention of his editor, in other circumstances, he would be sacked as being incapable of correctly carrying out his function.

The Mirror for example, on its front page, the morning after the recent Paris event, explained in detail, that eye-witnesses had reported a black limousine, pulling up, outside a restaurant, a White man, wearing black clothing, muscular and his demeanor giving the impression of experience, proceeded to blast the restaurant with dozens of rounds from an automatic weapon. His companion, stepped out of the other side of the vehicle and sprayed a fusillade of shots at the surrounding area, allegedly to discourage anyone who might be filming the atrocity.

This story simply vanished into thin air. It was not alone, a similar tale was told by witnesses to the event in San Bernardino in the United States, eyewitness reported, three White men, advancing on the building, firing their guns.

Both of witness reports were ignored, having earlier been reported and published. Daech, needless to say, was found to be responsible and the alleged perpetrators were slain, in both cases, or maybe paid off for their services, who can say? Why was the Press so obliging?

I read the Press immediately after these events, because from long experience in the Newspaper world, I know that it is quite often the overnight news which gets through uncensored, simply because it is being handled by a Sub-Editor, when the Editor arrives, should the tale be false or not in line with restrictions,  an apology is made. In both of the above cases there was no apology, simply silence.

The Press is guilty. The Independent, in the UK is now closing, it has lost its readership, very soon it will be only the heavily subsidised, wholly controlled Press, which remains on the streets.

I was once involved in just such a situation. I received a call from the police explaining that there was a threat of poisonous gas affecting people in the city. I rang through to the Editor and explained the problem, and he asked me to write it and post it. I asked about the possibility that such a tale might provoke a panic. He told me not to worry. I must admit, I did go just a little bit over the top. I used the headline, Massive Cloud of Poisonous Gas Threatens the City, with a tale which had an ever so slightly alarmist tone, which I duly transmitted over the tele-printer. I was overjoyed, I was given the Lead on the front page.

Sadly, the following day, I was forced to recant, because it was the lack of clarity in the Police report, to me, which had caused the problem. My massive cloud of Poisonous Gas turned out to be no more than a gardener, who had sprinkled some sort of Cyanide crystals on to a patch of weeds to kill them, an act which was quickly followed by an April shower, which he noticed had caused the crystals to fizz, creating the slightest of possibilities of airborne Cyanide gas.

Everybody had a good laugh about that, but terrorism is not quite so funny. No Government in the world can justify using the threat of terrorism as a means of controlling their own people. In France we are now being forbidden to even question any act of the government, in these “dangerous” times. The French casually forget that they destroyed Syria and Libya and created a total nightmare in Mali. They are the terrorists, so they are in fact warning us about themselves.

Yesterday I visited my Bank. I was intent on drawing out enough cash to enable me to buy a few odds and ends on a site similar to eBay. Whenever you arrange to meet someone to finalise the transaction, the seller will never accept a cheque and without the necessary gadget they cannot accept payment by credit card.

I refuse to use a Credit Card, therefore I am in many cases obliged to use cash. For example, the filling station which I frequently use, will not accept cheques, neither will the company where I spend quite large sums of money on batteries etc for my Solar Energy, despite all of these little niggles, my Bank, under orders from François Hollande, refuses to allow me to withdraw, more than eight hundred Euros a week.

I asked the cashier what purpose such a restriction served? Without any sign of embarrassment, she explained how this measure was to make sure that nobody could use cash to buy guns and drugs. I asked her to explain to me, how, should I intend to buy drugs or guns, such a restriction would prevent me from so doing. All that would be necessary, would be to draw out the allowed sum,  weekly and save it until I had the required amount.

She was under the impression that the edict forbidding to use cash, for any transaction superior to one thousand Euros, would frighten the seller into refusing the cash. I explained to her, that nobody would refuse cash. I asked if she understood, that the gun and drug problem was in no way solved by restricting my access to cash, nor indeed did it hamper the arms and drugs trade, all they need was a crooked banking system, like the current system, which was quite prepared to accept the billions of deposits, in cash, for the drugs and arms dealers, as had HSNBC and as do all of the Central Banks, that is their purpose. She of course laughed at the very suggestion that the bankers were crooks.

The menace of Daech is a no more than a tool of the European Union, to create a Europe-wide lock-down. WE are Daech, we pose the problem to our elected leaders. The “real” Daech are fully controlled and can be simply sent home when their task has been completed and it will be claimed as a great victory, achieved through the use of Draconian measures, against us.

Just imagine, for one moment, should the desired result be achieved in the Middle East, what will that mean? We, Us, Our Boys, call them what you will. WE have completely wasted the Middle East. Everywhere you look we have bombed the shit out of it. There is nowhere left for those whom would like to return, to live, should they choose so do. It is all a waste-land.

The British and French and the USA are all blaming a couple of so-called Dictators as their excuse for this barbarity. These same leaders, now have paid agents, in the devastated region, handing out Smart-phones, with fully paid up contracts, which appear to give these refugees unlimited hours of use, booklets explaining how to find the Countries which give the best hand-outs and of course money to pay for the trip.

Europeans have already been mislead as to the numbers of these migrants, already in Europe or are still on their way. When this invasion is complete, Europe will be on its knees., while the Middle East will be emptied, with huge numbers of folk, just like the Palestinian refugees, who were driven out by the Jews and who have been in refugee camps for the last seventy years and they have no right of return.

Would it not be possible that WE, have just carried out the same service for Israel, which has long claimed the land between the Euphrates and the Nile as their rightful homeland, by creating the current clearances of the region? When the hostilities die down, who will be left sitting pretty in the middle of the chaos, with apparently no blood on its hands and access to all of that Middle Eastern gas and oil but Israel.

It will no doubt be claimed necessary to continue, with these current Draconian measures, to deal with the possibility of covert terrorists in our midst, allowing for the continuation of the clampdown on free speech and criticism of the Government and most of all to a “cashless” society, which it will no doubt be claimed, put an end to the sale of drugs and guns.

The French Government has surreptitiously, changed the French Constitution, to allow the continued imposition of these measures of control. This was a night-time exercise when there were very few deputies in the Chamber. A Constitution safe-guards the Rights of the People, it is a despicable act to use a Constitution as a means of control.

The people should be out in the Boulevards screaming their heads off. Where are they. Why is it only slowly seeping out that immigrants in France, as in other European Countries, have been responsible for similar activities as those in Germany and Sweden? Where are the French men? Is Europe going to simply bend over and take it?

When the Middle East is finally conquered and the preferred rulers put in place, the resulting Israelisation of the region in the midst of the ruins will be “sheltered” behind a curtain of media silence, as was Eastern Europe, when it was handed over to the Bolshevik Jews after World War Two.

WE have been standing silently by, as a genocide has been taking place in Palestine, with hardly a voice raised in opposition. There are now LAWS which prevent any exposure of the crimes of Jews. How long can this be allowed to continue?

Even worse than that politicians in the United Kingdom, France and Germany, all of them Jews, are crying out for the same protection. We are almost in that position now. When the day finally comes, when we cannot criticise our elected Politicians we are truly living in a total Dictatorship and they have already shown themselves to be brutal.

Canada in now controlled by yet another Trudeau Jew, in the USA, Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is a Jew, in Australia the newly chosen Prime Minister is a Jew from Goldman Sachs. Now do you begin to get the idea as to by whom we are actually ruled? It is already a dangerous act to simply point out this reality.

We are at this moment, according to all of the pundits, heading for a banking crash, which will affect us all. There is no crisis, it is a farce. The so-called debt, has built up as a direct result of compound interest, which in order to pay, demands more money than there is in existence.

Should the banks declare themselves to be in trouble, they should be instantly Nationalised, the staff of those banks ordered to report for work as normal, be instructed to ignore any debt which has built up through illegal deals and simply arrest the owners of those banks.

That sort of response, would at a stroke ensure that no other bank would attempt to employ the same scheme. For them it is no more than the end of a game of cards, should everybody simply pick up their own money stand up and go home nobody has won or lost, it is all in the mind.

WE, should never be forced by complicit politicians to hand over our savings to a bunch of psychopaths with a fixation on money. They have already stolen most of it. The truth of the matter is that all of those Banks which are likely to fail are controlled by Jew banking families, who in turn control the politicians, so it is very unlikely that the proper action will be taken.

Did You Get Your Daily Dose Of Tosh Today? I Said Did You Get Your D…..?

There is little public understanding of exactly how we are being managed by the Media. Many years ago, Richard Crossman, a Labour Party politician, warned that colour television was the most dangerous tool to ever to fall into the hands of a renegade government.

Sadly, they all have it now. The proof of the power of this medium, is the fact that since 911, a period when Muslims were more or less living in peace. When the only form of resistance, was that stirred up by the USA in Afghanistan, where the Russians were supporting the government in Kabul, which was not to the liking of the USA, which set up Al Qaeda, trained and armed them, and sent them out to fight the Russians.

We have come a long way since then. The attack on 911, was laughably, blamed on a band of Muslims, who were quite deliberately allowed into the USA, against the advice of the American Ambassador, which introduced us to the lie of International Muslim terrorism and that phantom menace, Osama Bin Laden.

We have now passed through fifteen years of a drip, drip, drip of lies, preparing us for the brutal and illegal attacks against Muslim States, based on total rubbish, killing at least seven million Muslims in the process, all of them innocent and yet WE are apparently the ones in danger.

Despite the evidence before the eyes of the World, people can detect no connection whatsoever, between the bombing of country after country to oblivion and the sudden appearance of millions of refugees on their way to Europe.

These same deluded people are now unable to discern the danger to their own culture and well-being by allowing hundreds of thousands of young men of fighting age into their countries, they are in fact greeting them with sandwiches and coffee, even as a dozen containers have just been intercepted in Greece loaded with arms.


My low-level efforts to inform people of what is going on,  can in no way either compete with, or overcome the power of television News. So it will come as no surprise that there has been no mention made  of this cargo on the news, not that I have seen anyway, which is another form of control.

However there have been reports of attacks against women and girls in Germany during New Year celebrations,  by groups of men of immigrant origins.  The mayor of Cologne, a woman, has suggested that these women “asked for it” and should learn how to keep these men at arms length.

Cynics, on the other hand, are suggesting that what we are witnessing is a build-up to some sort of atrocity, similar to the event in Benghazi, which was set up by the British and Mossad, to generate an excuse to destroy the offending leader of Libya,  along with hundreds of thousands of Libyans, steal their gold, destroy their infrastructure and leave the country in a shambles, allowing them to go back in and force the Libyan people to accept a puppet regime, which is what is now taking place.

One thousand crack British troops have gone back into Libya to attack the Free Libyan Army because it is not the right sort of Free Libyan Army, unlike the murderers in  Syria, where the British are also carrying out bombing attacks, in support of what can only be described as the right sort of Free Syrian Army. The British can decide this sort of thing, because the British are the right sort of scum.

We would all do well to remember that Sky News was on hand, to film the so-called atrocity in Syria, which was used as justification to destroy the country, using a proxy mercenary army.

The “News” has never even suggested that this bunch of murdering thugs, are in any way responsible for the carnage and destruction which has laid a once prosperous country to waste.

To do so might suggest that it would have been a lot better for everyone, had the British stopped paying and training the thugs.

This would of course interfere with the wickedness which is this way coming.  To suggest that our “leaders” have contrived to swamp Europe with immigrants by accident is as crass as it sounds. Nothing like this would have been allowed to happen had it not been to order.

Every country in Europe has now been dosed with young, fighting fit, immigrants and the weapons for these fighters have been intercepted, and make no mistake about it, the first shipment of this kind, is never detected, you can rest assured that thousands of tons of weapons are already here. We will of course be sitting ducks, forbidden to arm and defend ourselves.

We have been presented with false atrocities, which we have been told were carried out by Muslims and yet we have never seen one single Muslim. They have all either blown themselves to smithereens, apart that is from their identity cards, or they have been apprehended in out-of-the-way places, where they can be shot dead and taken away and probably tossed into the English Channel and that is that.

Today as the Jews regroup in Paris to remember last years “attack”  against the Jew Magazine, Charlie Hebdo,  which retains the right to mock Islam, while sacking one of its own cartoonists for mocking Jews, is hoping for the same response to the publishing of the memorial edition of the ragazine, as for last years edition, from which they earned several millions of Euros.

Even as this memorial was taking place, there was yet another attack in Paris, when a man with a wire hanging from his pocket, and screaming Allahu Akbar, was shot dead by Police.

All of this savagery and destruction has now been calmly laid at the door of the Muslims. We, the Europeans were only trying to save them. This is what has been insinuated into the minds of the deluded people of Europe and the West, through the use of repetitive phrases, from the mouths Jew politicians like Cameron and Hollande and the Jew owned media.

Cameron is incapable of opening his mouth without making reference to Assad as a brute or a butcher, as he did with Gadaffi and as was done to Saddam Hussein. He talks of Islam as a diabolical death cult, but of course he only means Daech, not other Muslims, like those blood-thirsty bastards in Saudi Arabia who have been so kindly destroying Yemen for us.

While in the United Kingdom, a state of fear has been generated, as he warns the people that the Daech boys are coming home from the war, armed and ready to kill.

The interior borders in Europe, were left unguarded, under the orders of the Jew controlled European Union, ensuring the easy distribution of the necessary arms across the entirety of the Continent, and now the people are in a state of panic, waiting for the contrived atrocities to kick off.

The people of Europe should be quivering in their boots.  There is a surfeit of evidence out there that WE are the target.

Jews all over the world are calling for the destruction of White people. Even Blacks are calling for us to be wiped out. In point of fact anybody can call for us to be eliminated without response from the intended victim.

Watch the Polish Jew Angela Merkel’s response to the German Flag in this clip. Do you think that your pet Jew cares any more for you and your people than she does for hers?



Just How Dumb Are Media People?

Imagine you had been in a coma for the past fifteen years, on awakening you would most probably be interested to know what had changed in the world, during your long sleep, would you not?

Well having struggled to come to grips with the concept of Tweeting and Facebook and I Phones and Tablettes and all that rubbish, you might well be interested to know about recent history.

Should you be informed, that the day after you had slipped into your coma, the World Trade Centre had been destroyed by a group of suicide terrorists, from Saudi Arabia, whom had hi-jacked four passenger airliners and crashed two of them into the World Trade Centre and a third into the Pentagon, while the last one crashed in Pennsylvania, on its way to the White House,  you would quite rightly be astonished and you would no doubt be curious as to what action had been taken against Saudi Arabia in retaliation for this outrage.

 I can well imagine your surprise, when it was revealed to you, that absolutely  no action had been taken against Saudi Arabia, in fact the full weight of NATO and the USA,  had been unleashed against Afghanistan. Why?  You might ask in bewilderment. Well because that is where we were told the terrorists were trained and where they lived in enormous underground bunkers with Air Conditioning and a top of the range display of computer power,  all of it under the control of an evil mastermind called Osama Bin Laden.

Were they found and captured? I hear you ask. Well no there was no sign of them. So did they then go after Saudi Arabia?  Well no, they attacked Iraq and completely destroyed it, it is still in chaos.   But why? Well Saddam Hussein was supposed to have  Weapons of Mass Destruction and he might come and get us at any moment.  Well did he?  Well no he didn’t,   they keep getting it wrong.  What do they get wrong? Nobody knows, it’s just the way it is.

And then?  Well then,  they went after Gadaffi in Libya.  But why were they not going after the men who destroyed the World Trade Centre, did they have no leads?  Well not that you could follow up.  Why? Well because they all pointed at Israel.  Oh well! At least that clears that one up.

So did they call it a day after Libya?   Well not exactly, they started to fund mercenaries to take down your man Assad in Syria, while still ignoring Saudi Arabia,  when they went into Bahrain to stop protestors calling for Democracy and of course they are still looking the other way as Saudi Arabia destroys Yemen, with British weapons.

Where are they going to get it wrong next?  Well they have a list of where they intend to get it wrong.   Next on the list is Lebanon and after that Iran.

Did they ever catch the Mastermind Bin Laden?  Well yes, they tracked him down to Pakistan, questioned him a bit and then they threw him into the sea.  That’s a joke isn’t it?  No.

I am writing this drivel, because I am sick and tired of listening to men on the News, telling me that our governments never seem to learn from past mistakes. If you have taken the trouble to read the above nonsense, it should be perfectly clear that we are not dealing with people who are getting it wrong,  this is pure, unadulterated, savagery carried out to order.  It is not possible to murder seven million people and claim you have got things wrong, unless your aim was to slaughter an even greater number.

If there was any real justice in the world, Cameron, Holland, Sarkozy and Blair, along with all of the significant members of their administrations, should stand with the entire Jew controlled US administration, to be Tried in a Nuremberg style Tribunal and prevented from encouraging yet more butchery.

 Amongst other things, what I have written makes it as plain as day that even Justice only applies to us, the monumentally guilty simply pass laws which exonerate them from paying for their crimes.



The Brutal David Cameron, Trembles For Blood.

David Cameron, the brutal Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, today continued his foul-mouthed tirade against the elected ruler of Syria, a country which in recent times, has not declared, or fought a war against another country, it has fought only against foreign agents, working for exterior forces such as the British, in self defence.

The Brute Cameron, on the other hand, is Prime Minister of a State which has laid the World to waste and continues to so do all in the name of Trade.

In future history books, Cameron the Brute,  is likely to be referred to as the Butcher of Libya, a country to which he laid waste, in the name of “humanitarianism.”  Whatever that may be, it should however be avoided like the plague, if offered by an Englishman who sexualises pigs.

Cameron has recently ordered the brutal murder of an individual, who has entertained us with his comedy sketches, in which he pretended to behead people, who apparently cooperated with the procedure. He was pinpointed, with deadly accuracy, in the middle of a War Zone and vaporised by a youth on a game console back in the United Kingdom.   At least that is what we are expected to believe. in reality, Cameron is merely, brutally clearing the decks.

We have also in recent times been fed a load of drivel about would-be terrorists leaving the UK and finding their way, through Turkey into Syria, where they link up, without problem, with the Recruiting Sergeant of Daech.  Even families with children, some of them mere babies,  have achieved this feat.

How do you suppose they accomplished this marvel of serendipity?  You cross the border into Syria, where I suppose there are no bus’ running. So you all walk down the road, to the nearest village, you see a woman doing her washing and you ask, “Excuse me madam, but can you tell me where I can find Daech?”

“Straightd down the road luv, third house on the right, the one with only half a roof. You can’t miss it.”

“Thank you very much madam.”  No,  I don’t think so, do you? In fact should it be that easy to connect with Daech, you might wonder why the SAS did not simply follow a few of these folk.

This is all puerile rubbish. The aim was to fix firmly in the minds of the dumb, that there were indeed people in the United Kingdom, whom had been enthralled by the blatant brutality of Daech, and they will soon be coming home. So be very afraid. Lock up your children. And most of all……..OBEY!

I would love the opportunity to confront the Brutal David Cameron with the reality of his shambles, across the Middle East. He is a slime on humanity. What he did to Libya was bad enough, without mention of the barrage of lies and disinformation, behind which it was performed.

Not content with that exploit, which he carried out with the Hungarian Jew Sarkozy, who ordered the Frenchman, posing as a member of the famous Free Libyan Army, to put a bullet into the head of Gadaffi, who had already been impaled, to put him out of his misery.

The brute Cameron, then took up with the Jew, François Hollande, to aid and support the new adventure in Syria, a peaceful which has now been destroyed and still they are not satisfied.

As with their money system, where there is never enough money to repay the debts owed, there is not enough blood on the planet to satisfy the lust of these animals.

I wrote this because I have become so nauseated, listening to Cameron, every time he opens his gob about Syria, the first words out of his mouth is the brutal dictator Assad………!

As I was about to publish, there Cameron was on Russia Today, he opened his mouth and blow me down he had changed his tune, he had gone back to last months bile; The BUTCHER Assad.  That will be next. I wonder whether it was Cameron whom beheaded the  porker?