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Where Did The Six Million Come From?

I have spent the day watching and listening to such a load of drivel, twaddle, tripe or bullshit, call it whatever you like  and I was so weak and nauseous, from this protracted bombardment of Jewish propaganda, that just as I thought, surely to God things can get no worse than this, up jumped the Father of the Prince whom allegedly had sex with a child and treated us to a dose of Ermine draped Royal twaddle.

Take a look at the figures, they speak for themselves, they were compiled by the Jews, before the tale of the “six-million” was dreamt up.

Before The War    8,039,608

After The War        9,372,668




A Jewish CensusA Jewish Census 2

Holocaust Remembrance Day?

I can think of nothing to add to this short clip, other than to condemn once more those whom carried out such savagery.