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Truth And Lies About All And Everything

I was amused this morning to a hear a British Member of Parliament, discussing the kidnapping and possible murder of Jamal Khashoggi, in the Saudi Embassy in Turkey. He suggested that this act was abominable and it could well be considered to be “State Funded Terrorism” Duh Dun! As a confirmed supporter of Donald Trump,I believe this to be a part of Trumps destruction of Israel, which kicked off with moving of the US Embassy to Jerusalem, which sparked off world-wide criticism of Israel and sparked off the ongoing demonstrations in Gaza, which astonishes those in the West whom previously supported Israel, Saudi Arabia is controlled from  the City of London, the Riyal Family are Jews and I am quite sure that Trump and his secret band of concerned military men are fully aware of this reality.

This mornings rantings of a man from The United Kingdom, which is arming Saudi Arabia to the teeth, to slaughter the innocent in Yemen and the Israeli’s to murder and kneecap children in Gaza and mercenaries in Syria whom have tortured and murdered thousands of the innocent,  and he talks about “State Sponsored Terrorism” even as the Jews are opening yet another “Poor Jew” holocaust reminder, in London which presents carefully selected items, while completely ignoring the contributions of Jews whom told a completely different tale about the time they spent in the German Camps.

People have been educated to ignore what is staring them in the face and to accept contrived tales, which are designed to deceive them into accepting lies as truth. We are forever being told that we are all immigrants, suggesting that therefore, all immigrants should be allowed the right to keep on coming, without explaining that in the United States, when immigrants arrived during the 19th and early 20th Centuries, they were on their own and obliged to find their own accommodation and feed and clothe themselves. While even back in those dark days of slavery, the incoming Blacks were as usual, the real parasites, whom were housed and fed by the Master. While out in the real world, thousands of White immigrants had trouble providing even the most basic of needs for their families. But it was the poor Blacks whom were the victims.

When slavery was abolished and the Blacks found themselves on level terms with the Whites, they longed for a return to the days of slavery, thousands of them would have willingly continued to stay with and work for the Master, which was a far better option than the life of a Hobo, scouring the United States in search of work. The Master however now had access to as many low paid workers as he needed, during the cotton harvest, without having to provide food, clothes and shelter for all those disagreeable Blacks.

We have been fed the idea that all those ‘Poor Ol’ Joes” were given twenty lashes of the whip, every morning and thrown into vats of boiling water just for fun, both of which may well have happened, but not only to Blacks, many other people suffered the same experiences just as do many Whites whom find themselves in the clutches of Blacks, like the poor youngsters whom were raped, sodomised, tortured and murdered in The Knoxville Massacre, which received hardly a mention in the “Free Press”.

In this Jew exhibition in London, which is equipped with an interactive question and answer capability, we have an eighty year old man, who when he was five years old, spent two years in a German Camp, which he quite obviously survived, answering twenty hours of questions, which are stored in this machine, about his experience in this Camp, which will clearly not be accurate but based on the tales of the holocaust which he, as have been the rest of us, exposed to, throughout his life.











It shouldn’t hurt to mention a few crimes of the Jews, just to show a bit of balance.





So should all those immigrants whom streamed into Europe a couple of years ago, intend to take care of themselves, as did immigrants in past times, that is fine, but to have millions streaming into Europe, six-hundred-thousand, into the UK alone, in 2016, where a tiny percentage of them will earn enough to take care of their own needs, is so fing ridiculous that for any politician to tell the British and other Europeans, that to protest about this is Racist, bigoted or Fascist, surely must be the most disingenuous nonsense to spew out of the mouths of these two-faced political bastards, whom are quite clearly stupid.

During the 14th October elections in Germany, it became clear that the “new” weapon of the elite is the “Green Party” they allegedly increased their share of the vote, a feat we are assured is also happening in the United States. Just listening to these “Greens” yapping about “Global Warming” and “Renewable Energy” and “Carbon Reduction” etc is a joke. While the AfD, which is considered to be “Extreme Right” and dangerous and in the grip of a bunch of ‘mouthy’ women, whom though they make great efforts, they are hardly the first choice of the tattooed harden whom come out in support of the rarely mentioned Pergida, as any publicity is good publicity, a group which attracts the “real men” whom fear not the truth and are brave enough to spell it out.

Many Germans are finally coming to understand that they have been the victims of a campaign of lies and distortions, of unimaginable proportions. They have been accused of ‘impossible crimes’ for which a whole generation of their leaders were lynched out of hand, without need of even the tiniest scrap of evidence in support of this monstrous crime.

The Green Party was established by an extremely rich Jew named James Goldsmith, he used the term ‘Ecology’. He it was who kicked off the idea of saving the Earth though the minimising of the wealth available to the masses, only a chosen few would be allowed to retain their riches. They used the disinformation campaign of Global Warming/Climate Change and Carbon Taxes, all confusingly mixrd up with ‘pollution’ which can be dealt with, to frighten the sheep into submission. This is the method which was used to subdue the German People after the war and to rob them blind for the past seventy years. These monsters would now like to impose their will on to the rest of the world. The plans were all laid out in Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030, both of which were eagerly signed, having never even been read, by our puppet politicians.

Donald Trump has chosen to ignore the bogus claims of Global Warming and Carbon emissions and all the other rubbish which was used as a device to destroy Western Industry a feat which was achieved by the relocation of virtually the entire manufacturing base of the United States and Europe, to Asia. This reality can only be changed by re-establishing that industrial base back to where it belongs. Trump understands this situation full well and he knows that to change this actuality is imperative to reduce the quantity of the cheap stuff coming in from China, which is disinsentivising manufacturers from reopening European and American factories, which were once perfectly capable of producing the same products. Should this aim not achieved and as quickly as possible, there will be no hope, we will all be obliged to work for peanuts in the manner of the Chinese and Indian workforces. Amazon is already hiring slaves, whom can hardly feed themselves and their families on the paltry wage which they earn.

E Commerce could well prove to be the greatest weapon in the hands of the Globalists. Amazon is intent on taking control if even Pharmacies and Health Food Stores, while driving small independent family business out of existence. The will facilitate the introduction of virtual money, which will also be under the control of the Globalists, whom will have the power to “turn you off’, instantly making you a prisoner of poverty.

The Questions Dutifully Avoided By The Controlled Media.

For more than half a century we have been obliged to honour the deaths of people, whose deaths appear, according to all the available evidence, did not happen. These cynical lies kicked off when it was announced that more Jews had died in concentration camps, during World War Two, than the entire Jew population of Central Europe at the time, a claim, which also allowed the same number, of still living Jews, to claim money from Germany, as lucky survivors, after the war was over.

The media, which is wholly controlled, has been used to impress this deceitful rubbish, without any form of investigation, into the minds of children, in school classrooms, across Europe, as part of their education.

The same media, which stubbornly refuses to allow any dissenting voice, an arena, in which to present another point of view, has been using the same tactic, to cover up the reality of dozens of so-called hoaxes or false flag attacks, in recent times, which the agenda demands be accepted as reality, whether those attacks be carried out by “terrorists” whom the media has failed to “out” as being agents of NATO, fully funded by those whom control the media, or indeed so-called “mass shootings” in “gun free zone” schools and colleges, which are steadily increasing, despite a mounting dossier of ignored evidence, that the “real killers” are being shielded by those intent on disarming the American People.

Even when a blatant lie is staring you in the face, you can run into the brick wall of “media truth” which invariably supports the lie, simply because to admit to that lie would call into question a barrage of other lies, with which we have all been contaminated. I will give you a recent example. In 1986, along with millions of viewers across the world, I watched the launch of the space shuttle Challenger, which dramatically exploded in flight. Seven astronauts, tragically lost their lives, or did they?

The truth of the above video evidence, is absolutely conclusive, so why are we reduced to speculating, about the chances of six living people, including two whom claim to be twins of the dead astronauts, having the same names, a huge resemblance to the astronauts and incredibly the same birth date?

Where is the Free Press? Who organises a media, which apparently lacks any reporter, with enough curiosity to even mention, never mind report the above evidence of disinformation, coming from NASA?

I recently posted a tale about the Parklands school shooting, in which I suggested that “if” anybody had actually died during the attack, they were killed by the State Police. I asked the simple question, who had actually seen the accused boy Cruz, with a gun in his hand, in order to give a good enough description of him, to enable a cop, claiming to have heard his description on the radio to pick the boy up miles from the scene and arrest him? The obvious answer to the above is nobody had seen Cruz with a gun. He was a Patsy.I posted a small clip on youtube, to which I added part of the post, on my blog. YouTube blocked the clip, not because of the clip itself but because of the tags and description. My question still holds good, there has been no explanation offered as to who or whom supplied this description, to the Police and everybody knows that, so why has there been no outcry about this enormous deception?

The twenty-five year old son of an FBI man, is being given air-time to present a load of rubbish about filming himself, while cowering in a closet, during the attack, at a school, of which he was never a pupil, and he is being allowed to get away with it. Even while still in the closet he already knew the identity ofthe killer. 



Along with many others, I try my best to steer clear of this kind of event, having long experience of the difficulty of even asking an obvious question. The above clip about the Challenger crew and the truthfulness or otherwise of the Space Program, has been an ongoing debate for years. I asked on a few occasions, the question, “Why did none of the astronauts bother to film the rotation of the Earth?” Science has been in search of evidence of this rotation for centuries and yet several voyages to the Moon did not include orders to photograph never mind film the Earth.

One would have thought, that having failed to so do during the first moon landing, scientists would have screamed at NASA to make sure that they did so during at least one of the following five missions to the Moon. Sadly science was apparently totally uninterested. The response to my question was to be instantly labelled as a “Flatty,” by yet another group, sadly lacking in curiosity, the “Globalists”.

We are now faced with a grim reality, those by whom we have been denied the truth about all of the above and much more besides, are now clamping down on the Interweb of which they have also managed to take control. The reaction of our elected leaders has been to demonstrate, quite openly that they are one and all in the pockets of a certain group of people and that they will force whatever they are ordered too, onto their People.

In the United Kingdom, the people are desperately trying to escape from a grouping, called the European Union – which was constructed by those whom have benefitted from the inevitable end result of Capitalism, which is in fact Communism – an attempt which has been thwarted by a group of Judges, three of whom are part of a wholly owned and controlled Judicial system, along with all of the main Political Parties, in Parliament, which are working in tandem to undo the decision of the People.

Meanwhile, in the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave, the people voted, in massive numbers for their current President, Donald Trump,  ever since his election, the controlled media, both Political Parties, in Congress and the Senate, along with a wholly controlled Judicial system have united to thwart every effort, made by Donald Trump, to carry out the promises, which he made to the electorate, by whom he was elected. In view of all this, who can honestly claim there to be any such thing as Democracy?

We are living in a dream world and there are desperate attempts being made to close down our access to the truth. I chose, a long time ago, to be a provocateur. In past times it was more concerned with workers rights than with Politics, a subject to which I have never been drawn, apart from how various groups affected my personal life.

At this time, I can and often do, kick off totally intolerant reactions, from those whom claim themselves to be tolerant, every time I open my mouth. For example, have the streets of our towns and cities, become so saturated with “trans people,” that along with others, I now have to be very careful about calling a man a man in case he only looks like one, just as I am often called Madame, because of the length of my hair? In view of the  response to the views I express it would appear so.

I have only come across one example of a “tranny” who was quite obviously a bearded man dressed like a transvestite, in the garb of the least intelligent variety of womanhood, including a sixties style mini-skirt. I did not have to bother about asking him which toilet he chose because here in France toilets are all unisex.

In the company of a genuine White woman, who made the remark, that in response to a tap on her shoulder, in a bar, on turning around, she was confronted, by an enormous, ugly Black man, who frightened her. The response of others in our company, was one of surprise that she had even noticed that he was Black.

She would have been just as startled had the Ugly Black been an Ugly White but of course the reaction, had she not said he was Black, would not have been to ask his colour or Race and accepted without problem, by those believing him to be White.

I initiated an irritated response by covering my face and asking the woman who had criticised the remark of my friend, to guess what colour I was. I created another ridiculous response from another “Liberal” woman, by making a remark about the streets being thronged with immigrants, who responded in the same critical manner claiming that she had not noticed.

Good friends of mine, from past times, when I was involved in the News ‘Industry,’ even those whom regularly dreamt up misleading headlines, for an innocuous tale, simply to add spice, will not even bother to take a look at relative evidence of past claims, which were made and used in order to justify the ongoing War Crimes in the Middle East. They choose instead to swallow their own poison. This is the House of Cards problem, if the wrong card is pulled out, for example the Hitler card, the whole thing will unravel.

Full In The Hateful Heart Of London.



The first thing to remember is that there is nothing wrong with the ‘system’, the fault lies in the first place, with those whom have taken control of the system and secondly, with those whom have allowed them to get away with it.

Those whom facilitated the construction of ‘monopolies’ while pretending to have made sure that no disadvantage to the People would result, are blatant liars. They have in fact been quietly allowing, a group, which is under no form of control, which has placed itself above the Law, they in fact control the Law, to take control, even of the rain which falls from the sky, they would be the Zionist Bankers and their useful idiots,

The American people, have found it impossible to grasp the fact that they have been controlled from the City of London by Masonic Bankers, ever since the day they allowed a bunch of Freemasons’ under George Washington, to lead their ‘Revolution’.

I frequently ask American visitors to France, who or whom do they imagine, controls the Federal Reserve Bank? They have absolutely no idea and yet when it is suggested to them, that it is controlled from The City of London, they laugh out loud. They genuinely believe that they got rid of the English in 1776.

When it is explained to them, that the twenty trillion-dollar American debt, is in fact owed to the British, they assume you to be out of your mind. They can accept the idea that much of that debt is with China, without understanding that most of Chinese manufacturing is firmly in the hands of London, from where, both sides in the Chinese coup d’etat were financed.

Incredibly, the Peoples of Europe, are so innately stupid, that there is not even need to change the propaganda, which was used to convince, the whole wide world, that Hitler was a demon, allowing Gadaffi, Saddam Hussein, Bashar al Assad and Mugabe in Zimbabwe, but not of course St Nelson Mandela, to be castigated and ultimately destroyed, using exactly the same ‘evil Dictator’ rubbish as the excuse.

Russia, where the real slaughters were taking place, was left, without interference, to continue the purging of the Christians. Purges which were repeated, in China, after the Nationalists’ had been betrayed by the West.

The same freedom loving West, which allowed Russia and China to assist in the construction of the North Korean Communist State, which is now, as far as I can figure out, the only remaining vestige of overt Communism on Earth.

To suggest to these Free Americans’ that they have been living under Communist control, ever since the end of World War Two, and along with The European Union, and all of the Peoples of Europe, they are being targeted for destruction, by their freely elected executioners, they normally walk off laughing amongst themselves pointing their fore-finger at their temple.

America and Europe, have been denuded of manufacturing companies, they have all been exported towards the East, by the huge monopolies, which were allowed to take and control most of Western industry, under the excuse of Climate Change, which is a totally meaningless phrase.

All of that industry, which believe it or not, is still in the hands of those whom allowed it to go to China or elsewhere in Asia, was deliberately exported, to facilitate the destruction of Europe, by an integrated group of people, with an inbred hatred of Christians, particularly White Christians, with the intent of reducing Europe to Third World Status.

In Ireland, where there has always been strong feelings against Bolshevism or Zionism, or any other pseudonym for Jews, particularly after the Bolshevik atrocities in Russia and the starvation of hundreds of thousands of Germans at the end of the Great War, which was instigated by the Bolsheviks in the City of London, in an effort to force Germany to sign the Treaty of Versailles and the ceding of Palestine to the Jews, at the expense of the indigenous Peoples, all of which struck a chord within the Irish, whom suffered a similar fate at the hands of the Bolshevik City of London.

Great efforts were made to restrict the Jew population in Ireland, sadly, despite such efforts the Jews crept in. It was an Irish Jew from America, Robert Briscoe, who greeted President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, when he visited Ireland in 1962. Briscoe, along with the other Jew imported from the United States, Eamon De Valera, are believed to have conspired in the murder of the Irish hero, General Michael Collins. De Valera and Briscoe, both rose to high Office in Ireland.



Despite the overwhelming desire of the Irish people, to maintain Ireland as a White Catholic Country, two more Irish Jews, Peter Sutherland and Alan Shatter, along with Jew Feminist, Ronit Lentin and the Jew, Ivana Bacik have deliberately swamped Ireland with non-European immigrants firmly against the wishes of the Irish people.

Sutherland is of course part of the Zionist controlled United Nations, which is determined to swamp every European White country out of existence, while Shatter who is currently the only Jew in the Irish Government,  holds most of the important positions.

Shatter disgracefully, supported Israel’s massacre of Gaza in 2009. He describes himself as ‘Israel First.’ He opposed the ‘Freedom Ships’ which attempted to take supplies to the People of Gaza, just as the Jews in the City of London, cynically turned away vessels bringing food from the USA, for the starving Irish, during the Genocide in Ireland.

In support of immigration into Ireland, he sunk to the depths of mentioning the Holocaust. He was also involved in the sacrilege of a Holocaust museum in Dublin, where mention of ‘An Gorta Mór,‘ as a deliberate ‘Holocaust’ is unmentionable. You truly could not make up, such hypocritical crap, if you closed your eyes and tried with all your might.



Despite their small numbers, the Jews and their paid supporters, could not even leave little Ireland alone. A land which they have been savagely attacking since their Jew stooge, in the Court of the First Elizabeth, sent their marauders into Ireland to initiate an unending saga of hate. That would be the very same John Dee, who positioned the Cecil family into a place, in the Court of England, from where, several Centuries later, a member of that family, would help to write the Balfour Declaration, giving the Jews free rein to massacre yet another country.

The Barbarians Are On Their Way To Sack Europe. Are We Doomed?





As Empires start to decline, it is said that certain elements of androgyny or gender confusion or other kinds of perversions, start to appear, along with licentious sexual liberties which are a cul-de-sac and not an evolutionary advance in terms of civilisation, which will enrich the life of anybody. Who or whom, one might ask, is the above advert aimed at? One can only hope that it does not appeal to kids.

A woman, the child of Asian immigrants into the United Kingdom, who was once connected to PIE, an organisation which was in favour of reducing the age of the sexual consent of children, to a point which would legalise the disgusting activities of paedophiles, with ‘very’ young kids, despite which,  she has been  given the status of  a ‘Lady’ and a Member of the House of Lords,  has now written a book, for which she was granted free advertising space on LBC radio, a book complaining of the segregation of women in Public Life.

She gave as a description of how little things have changed during the past hundred years, using the example of a group of Martians, whom had visited the earth one hundred years ago, and should they return today, would they find that things had changed for the better?

Her mindless response was that they would immediately notice that the women were still doing most of the washing up and looking after the children, in a position of subserviency to their husband, as if that is what Martians would be looking out for.

They could equally well have noticed straight away, that the men were still digging the roads up, emptying all the dust-bins, repairing all the motor cars, doing all the house repairs, while the women spent most of their time complaining about who was going to do the washing-up.

All of that, before pointing out, to the stupid Christian Earth man, that the result of allowing women to enter into positions of power, would appear to have led to the total destruction of the White Christian world, while the affairs of those whom have kept the women in their rightful place are on the rise. It all depends on emphasis.

Those ‘liberated’ German women, who greeted truckloads of barbarians, with flowers and Coca are already discovering, to their joy, what life is going to be like in future times, while passing their days in the company of those who do not give a toss about Christian values or indeed children’s’ legal age of consent to be ‘butt-fu**ed.




There is also another facet to the downfall of an Empire, which concerns those whom have gained the most from the past brutality, including this immigrant woman, who is attempting to ‘guide’ British women, in a direction which suits her controllers in the Fabian Society. Those  ‘men behind the curtain’, whom have used their useless pieces of paper money, to steal the bulk of the world’s wealth, in terms of gold, resources and infrastructure, a theft which will serve them well in the future, and whom have been plotting the destruction of the United Kingdom and Europe, for the past one hundred years.Europe has not fallen by accident.

The actions of these occulted people, have, during the past one hundred years, using ‘useless eaters’ from all across the White Christian World, ruthlessly destroyed the British, French, Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian and Japanese Empires. They are now attempting to start a New Order of things with them at the top of the heap, with a much reduced world population, most importantly, of those White Christians of whom they live in fear.

The slaughters, to reduce the European population of Christians, kicked off in Ireland, moved on to Russia and Armenia, then Spain and after that Germany and finally back to Russia and Eastern Europe. Now the whole of White Christian Europe is under direct attack, with millions of Black Africans, lined up at our borders, waiting for the ‘all clear’ before making the final dash to Europe.

Europe is already flat on its back, having been looted by Zionish forces. There are constant lies being propagated about the state of financial affairs all across the European Union. Britain claims to have more people in work than at any time in British history and yet they still have a ‘deficit’, which indicates that millions of those ‘in work’ are not even earning enough to be paying income tax, while millions of them are being fed by ‘food banks.’

We are forever being pointed away from the main problem, which has been ongoing for one-hundred-years. When the Russian Royal Family were murdered, the execution was carried out with the benediction of the City of London, where many of the ‘foreign’ Bolshevik bankers, whom have retained control of England for centuries, reside, out of reach of British Law.

The Bolshevik revolution reared its head in France, with the Commune, which managed to slaughter eighteen-thousand French Catholics. It then turned its attention to Russia and after that, at  the end of the Great War Germany. The Germans kicked them out and executed the revolutionary leaders. After which attempts were made to take Bolshevik control of Spain, where the Communists were once more defeated, with the help of the Germans.

That historical fact, which clearly demonstrates that it was an attempt, by the Bolsheviks, to spread their evil rule all across Europe, was described on an ‘alternative’ news program as a war against Franco, when it was perfectly clear that it was a Bolshevik attack, financed by Joe Stalin, which Lenin had been proposing for years. Spain had already been undermined by Bolsheviks, whom still bear a grudge against Spain, from where they were evicted in 1492. Catalonia was a centre of resistance against Franco. The alternative ‘news’ presenter is of Spanish Jew stock.

The British were taken down without so much as a whimper, when Cromwell beheaded the King and then invited the Zionish folk into England, as were the French, where they watched ‘their’ ruling classes being slaughtered, by guillotine,  after a Zionish inspired revolution, to make room for the soon to arrive,  Zionish ruling classes.

While Russia, the first gain for the Zionish people, is now daily being attacked by the American Zionish Press and Television News outlets, claiming Russia to be supporting the hated Donald Trump, RT is rejoicing in the position of being the top source of News on the Zionish controlled YouTube.

RT is packed with Jews, some of whom occasionally  play the part of ‘crisis actors’ on holocaust remembrance day and on other such things, while Christian presenters, failed to mention that a few days ago, they aired a film of dead people in Ukraine, which the Zionish people claimed to be Jews whom had been massacred by the Germans, which was a false claim, the people in question had been starved to death by Joe Stalin, during his build up of food stocks, in preparation for the part Russia would play in the coming war against Germany.

“Free Russia” fails to correct the falsehoods of Zionish Russia’s part in World War Two. They still allow the lies to continue about Auschwitz and many other Camps, which were very carefully destroyed, before any sort of investigation could be carried out, in search of support of claims made by the Jews without taking so much as a photograph, before the evidence was destroyed.

They constantly play down the Holodomor in Ukraine, which starved untold millions of people to death and the dislocation of millions more to Siberia. They in fact never so much as mention the sixty-five million Russian Christians whom perished under Trotsky, Lenin, Yagoda and Stalin, while insisting, along with the International Zionists, that Hitler was the problem, full in the face of a mountain of evidence which suggests that Hitler was the victim.

So can we put our faith in Putin and the new, Free Russia or is it all a game of ‘Good Cop, Bad Cop?’ One way or another, Syria like Libya and Iraq, has been destroyed to save it, this time with the help of Russia, which saved those other Zionish demons, from having to show their faces above the parapet, so where does that leave Bashar al Assad and the people of Syria?


Equality And Justice For Bad-Mouther’s Everywhere!


It is now permissible to bad mouth Muslims and Whites, in a manner which would kick off an uproar, should the same language be used against Blacks or Jews. This is strange, in view of the tiny portion of the populations of White European countries, made up of these Blacks and Jews, yet despite which, they are responsible for an enormous amount of violence and death, out of all proportion to their numbers.

The New York and London Jews, managed to carry out a coup d’etat in Russia, in 1917,  which lead to the deaths of sixty-five million Christians and then, not satisfied with that tally, they declared the Second World War against Germany, which exterminated millions more White Christians.

Not bad for a group which makes up a mere two or three percent of the Worlds population. Should the average head count be taken, that would mean that every Jew on the planet to be personally responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Christians. However, it is acceptable for Jews and Blacks to blame ‘Whites’ while we Whites must always point out that not all Blacks or Jews are guilty.

The Blacks in the United States, while choosing to ignore their own innate violent tendencies, are screaming about White crimes against Blacks, when in fact they were rounded up in Africa, by violent Blacks and handed over to Jew slavers (note: not all Jews were slavers) whom shipped them to far-a-way lands, including a relatively low number to America, where they fell into mainly Jew hands, where should they have been badly treated, instead of blaming White men, they should first ask the Jews to explain their current colour and whatever that should turn out to be, blame these chameleon Jews and demand reparations from the guilty, not from the Whites whom in the main, could not afford to buy a slave and whom most certainly do not owe the Blacks a cent.

In the States, the Blacks represent thirteen percent of the population, perhaps a total of forty-million people. Fifty percent are women and fifty percent children, leaving around ten-million Black men, three or four percent of the population of the USA, whom are responsible for thirty-three-thousand rapes of White Women annually, while White men virtually never rape a Black woman and fifty percent of violent crimes and murders, despite which more White men are shot dead by the Police than are Black men. What a surprise? Lastly, Black hold a virtual stranglehold on Racism, should White people ever retaliate in kind, the Blacks would be sent reeling.

So who exactly is organising all of the anti-White racism and why are the murdering Jews excused from all blame?  The Jew Tim Wise, and others like him, can lay all responsibility for the past crimes of the Jews, onto the Whites, while still snivelling about some strange thing called anti-Semitism? This is so blatantly hypocritical that he support which Weiss receives from young Whites is sickening.

If the normal rules of law do not currently apply to Jews, it’s about time that they did. Wise and many other Jew hate preachers,  should be arrested and faced with their incitement to hate, in a Court of Law.

It seems to me that should you say boo to a Jew it is more than likely to create an uproar in the media, which is in the main, controlled by the Jews and who pick up on the slightest remark against themselves, while totally ignoring the enormous efforts of Jews, to provoke inter-racial hatred, not only in the USA but across the planet.

Whites and Muslims are their main targets. Why for example has there been no mention of the Jews, caught in commanding positions in the ranks of the Daech/ISIS murdering lunatics, in the mainly Jew controlled media? More importantly the British Establishment and their Yankee counterparts, are most assuredly aware of this ‘strange’ connection between Jews and ISIS and yet British Government Ministers continue to refer to Bashar al Assad as a brutal dictator, while arming those, by whom the British people are being constantly attacked. 

There is historical evidence that Jews were involved in the creation of the schisms in the Islamic faith, schisms which they are now making use of, to their own advantage, while at the same time creating ever more division across the planet. At some point, a stand against the leaders of this group, is going to be an imperative, before they kill us all.

In the above clip there are many mentions of Britain, or London, for both of which it would be better to say, the City of London, which is the headquarters of European Jewry, which is why there was so much effort made to take control of the entire Middle East, that was not in the interest of the British but in the interest of the Jews, which it still is to this day.

It follows that it would be more accurate to talk of Israel, when discussing British arm sales to Saudi Arabia. Which begs the question, that if British arms, which are being sold to Saudi Arabia, are merely passing through Saudi Arabia to ISIS and Saudi Arabia, which has never denied its support for ISIS, is working hand in glove with Israel, while the British are pretending to fight ISIS, in Syria alongside groups of terrorist indistinguishable from ISIS, all of whose injured are being treated in Israeli hospitals, are we not allowed to ask what the f**k is going on?

When taking into account, there to be evidence that the Western Powers and Israel are training and arming ISIS, while the Jew controlled media, daily informs us that should a hedgehog be run over on a motor-way, by a twelve year-old child, joy-riding in his father’s car, that the death was claimed by ISIS and we are told that the child converted to Wahhabism a week ago, are we not allowed to be ever so slightly puzzled by such things and to question the truthfulness of the controlled media?

This is of course the media which has already fed us half-a-dozen, half-baked ideas about a sixty-four year old millionaire, who we are told, carried ten high-powered rifles, a pistol and various spare parts to improve the performance of all of those rifles and an automatic machine gun and a thousand rounds of ammunition, to a room on the thirty-fourth floor of a Las Vegas hotel, to take pot shots at what has been described as a Country Music Festival, which was a joke in itself, if this was country music I am Ariana Grande, a sniper who was, so we were initially told had been killed by a SWAT team, which burst into his room. This later changed to, he had already committed suicide.

Most commentators on the alternative media are wary of calling the event a hoax, because of the high number of casualties claimed, even though that has changed from two dead to sixty and the injured from fifty to five-hundred, over the course of the evening.

The media are of course in full agreement with whatever figure turns out to be the final total, despite the lack of any photographic evidence and full in the face of the reports of those on the ground, whom reported no sign of bullets or blood, apart from that of those whom were injured in the rush to leave the arena.

There are many claims that the sound of gunfire was actually coming over the sound system, giving the impression that there were shooters all around, which would support the need of all of those rifles found in the hotel room, where they were most likely planted, as were all the other odds and bobs in the millionaires car and his home. To be continued.

They Did It To Eastern Europe And Germany And They Will Do It To You Next.

What “we” did to Germany, during and after World War Two, was of such bestiality and horror, that it beggars belief, that seventy years on, the only feature of that war, a war which Germany was forced to fight, which is still discussed, is the unproven claims of crimes against Jews,  the very people whom called for the total annihilation of the German people.

This continuing propaganda is used to distract us from the savagery of their own behaviour against civilians all across the region. All of the barbarity of which they accuse the Germans should be laid, where it belongs, at their door.

General Eisenhower, the beast who would soon be the President of the United States, at the opening of the Ruhr drive declared. “Our primary purpose is the destruction of as many Germans as possible. I expect to destroy every German west of the Rhine and within that area in which we are attacking.” Eisenhower, the Swedish Jew, having raped, robbed and destroyed his way across France and Germany, then went on to starve one and a half million German Prisoners of War to death in his Rhine Meadows Death Camps.

The Jew trio of Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin, did then at Yalta, condemn millions of the people, of Eastern Europe to a life under the control of the mass murdering Jew, Joseph Stalin, under whose orders untold millions of Christians were brutally tortured and murdered.

In 1933, the declared aim of International Jewry, was the mass murder of the German people, every man, woman and child, for daring to break free from the stranglehold of the Jew controlled, international banking system.

In order to disguise this truth, a tsunami of propaganda had to be unleashed, which was directed against the German victims of those Jews, which turned reality on its head, condemning the German people to be accused and found guilty, of things, which even had they been true, were as nothing compared with what the Jews did to the Germans.

It is now common knowledge, that Jew Bankers funded a coup d’etat in Russia, followed by the incredibly brutal slaughter of sixty-five million Christians, which included the starvation of millions in Ukraine, the Holodomor.

Two decades later these same Jews were initiating a war against Germany, having already laid out their intention to wipe Germany off the face of the earth, by whatever means necessary. In the middle of this slaughter of the Germans, when they had managed to murder a mere twenty-million poor souls, the Jew Morgenthau’s Plan, to murder them all, had to be called off, due to International repulsion at what was going on. As was the City of London Jew’s attempt to starve the Irish to death, when shiploads of supplies arrived from America.

The Jews then claimed to have themselves suffered during this cold-blooded war against the Germans. No shit? Suffering which in the main was due to ‘starvation’ – which is of course the Jews own favourite weapon,- as a result of the murderous bombing of food convoys, which were bringing supplies to the Camps, attacks which were carried out by the Jews own allies and disease, mainly Typhus. Most children now believe that the war was declared to stop Hitler from killing Jews, such is the power of propaganda and the lies of those Jews.

All German cities above 50,000 population and many smaller ones were from 50 to 80 per cent destroyed. Dresden, as large as Pittsburgh, was wiped out and nearly all of its 620,000 inhabitants buried under the ruins.”

The British, whom to this day congratulate themselves for having fought the “Good War,” when in view of what they did to the German people, they should be down on their knees, begging forgiveness for having been duped into an illegal war for the Jews, they instead, to this day, vilify their victims the ‘Krauts’ mainly of course in their Jew controlled media newspapers, hiding the hate speech under the excuse of a football match.

Hamburg, with its 1,150,000 people, was blasted by huge attacks, in one of which the flames rolled a mile into the sky and roasted alive hundreds of thousands of civilians in street temperatures of a thousand degrees.”

The British still celebrate their glorious victory, without regard for the bloodshed involved, while still praising the way they coped with the minuscule bombardment of London, which they call the ‘Blitz,’ and the attack on Coventry, when Churchill left the people to die, under the bombs, when he had known the raid was coming.

So, on April 4, 1945, Kassel (a town which was bombed on dozens of occasions)surrendered, not more than 15,000 of its 250,000 still in the city and living. Thousands lay buried under the countless tons of brick and mortar and twisted steel that had been dwellings and stores and factories.

“That was a year ago and it’s no exaggeration to say that they are still dazed. Only a few have snapped out of their stupor to become real leaders. It is not uncommon to see a person burst into helpless tears, if the conversation turns to recounting the war”(unnamed journalist)

The British and their allies, are now using the same scorched earth policy, across the Middle East, where they are now employing the same terror tactics, this time crouching behind the same Commissars, now calling themselves ISIS, using the same terror tactics which served during the invasion of Germany, rape, crucifixion, torture and beheadings, which, had they been given the chance, would have massacred the German people out of existence. The aim now is in order to reduce the population of the Middle East, to satisfy the dark desires of Israel.

The same thing was done to the ethnic Germans in Eastern Europe, which created the greatest mass expulsion of people in history. This was when ‘hostilities ended’ for the rest of us maybe, but not for the Jews in Soviet Russia, whom carried on their ‘Bitter Harvest’ against White Christians, in all of the States which they had grabbed as ‘booty’ at Yalta.

So dear readers, what is going on in the Middle East today, can be traced all the way back to the shenanigans after the Great War, the Russian coup d’etat, the downfall of the Ottoman Empire, the dismantling of the Austro Hungarian Empire, and the handing over of an already populated Palestine into the hands of the Jews. The next step in this grisly history is the installation of Greater Israel and then The New World Order, which will insist on a mass genocide i.e. according to their own scribblings, they would prefer there to be no more than five-hundred-millions of us.This genocide will include the ‘good Jews’ and there are many of them, along with the rest of us. We are all in it together. 

The Bankers Need To Own It All.



I was quite upset when the boys on the alternative media went for Donald Trump’s throat, as soon as his first one hundred days had passed. They are making no allowances whatsoever for the problems he has been having with members of his own Republican Party, with the absolute tosh about Russian interference in the American election and the balderdash about Clinton’s claims that she had won the popular vote and of course with a pack of ‘Press’ hyenas, on his heels, trying to dig out or invent no matter what garbage, to smear him. He has supported all of this pressure and he can still crack a joke or two.

I found it to be quite funny when he made his first speech at the United Nations, when all of the press commentators and others suggested that he was a little bit too uncouth, to address such an array of dignitaries. There was no need to worry, the assembly is jam-packed with a bunch of low life, all of whom, have a low-level of intelligence and are where they are, to simply do as they are told. As do all member States of the United Nations, which is why Trump was the only leader who refused to sign the Paris 2030 Agenda, while everybody else sold their Peoples down the river.

When Trump was attacked for suggesting that immigrants coming into the United States, from a group of Middle Eastern States, all of which had either been destroyed or were on the list for future destruction, by the previous War Criminal Presidents of the United States, I laughed out load, it would seem, in the minds of Americans, that to kill and maim millions of Muslims, is an acceptable act, while to suggest that some of them may be on their way to America, with vengeance in mind, and therefore until steps have been taken to check them out, a temporary restriction on their entry into the USA,  would be a prudent step to take, caused everybody to go crazy.

In a recent election, Trump was obliged to endorse one of the two candidates, having promised to do so, as part of a deal,  in order to gain support for something else. In the end, Roy Moore, his preferred candidate won the vote in a landslide, while the idiot, Luther Strange, who someone else apparently, would have preferred to have won, lost out and quite rightly so, the best man won. So why is Russia Today, presenting this slightly embarrassing difficulty for Trump, who in fact, kept his word,  as yet another sign of his ham-fisted nature.

In the United Kingdom, those whom licked the bums of Mr and Mr Obama, despite their War Crimes and their massive destruction of several countries, called for a ban to be placed on Trumps visit to the UK, because he wanted to take control of the American border with Mexico, by building a wall, against illegal immigrants, even as the people of the United Kingdom are denying entry to immigrants in the Calais ‘Jungle.’ That is the usual ‘holier than thou’ attitude of the people, whom have created more grief in the world than any other ‘Colonisers’, including causing all of the current mayhem in the Middle East.

Politicians of all Parties in the United Kingdom, in keeping with their colleagues in the United States, never make mention of their own multiple War Crimes, choosing instead to concentrate on the alleged historical claims of the crimes of Adolf Hitler, which of course, justify the ongoing slaughter of Palestinians, by ‘those whose name must never be mentioned,’ never mind making any suggestion,  that they could possibly be, just as anti-Semitic as they claim the ‘hated’ Germans to have been.

When Trump finds himself up to his neck in barbaric slaughters, on a scale similar to that of Eisenhower, Roosevelt, Bush and Bush, Truman, Clinton, Obama, Johnson and Reagan, will be time enough to criticise him, until that day arrives, why not lend a helping hand to his Nationalistic attempts to ‘make America great again, or are all sections of the media, mainstream and alternative alike, marching to a different tune?

There are suggestions being made, that it is ‘Nationalism’ which is the cause of war. Sadly that is a false claim, Bankers greed is the cause of war. Both World Wars were deliberately contrived, by those whom skulk in the dark behind controlled politicians.

In the Middle East at this moment, there are steps afoot, to carry out another Balfour Declaration moment, you will need no reminding that the Balfour Declaration was written by two English Lords, both of them with connections to what is now known as the Royal Institute of International Affairs, sound very posh, does it not?  Unfortunately it is a private organisation which works for the Queen’s Banker, Baron Rothschild, who they presented with Palestine, in return for creating, the Great War.

Baron Rothschild owns Palestine and he is keen to extend his control over the oilfields of the rest of the region. In pursuit of this aim, he has managed to create the Third World War all across the Muslim World and as is usual,  he is using Christian soldiers to carry out his dirty work. The prize which he seeks is the oil rich parts of Iraq, for his friends the Jew Kurds, over whom he has long taken control.

There are Kurds strategically placed all across the region, in a nonexistent land, referred to as Kurdistan, which is a region where they have chosen to group together. This land is shared with Syria, Iraq, Turkey and Iran, which will involve a lot of future bloodshed, in order to satisfy the greed of Baron Rothschild, as he attempts to grab it all for Israel.

The Middle East was carved up in the Treaty of Versailles, in 1919, which did the same thing to Germany, which allowed for the fabrication of the excuse for World War Two, after which the British, handed Palestine to Rothschild, with low hanging apples all around it, waiting for them to ripen and be picked. All of the mass murders and destruction which has laid the Middle East to ruin, was carried out in a manner similar to the attacks against Germany, with the ultimate aim of making it, possible for Baron Rothschild to have his way, allowing the construction of Greater Israel with Jerusalem as the Capital City.

In full view, of the whole-wide-world,  Israel has carried out a genocide against those whom stood in their way, while still opening museums, all over the White Christian World,  to their own sufferings There is even a memorial synagogue to the holocaust in Russia, where the Jews themselves carried out the bloodiest holocaust of White Christians in historical times. Christians apparently,  count for nothing.

Beware Of The Enemy Hidden In Plain Sight.


Without digging too deeply into past events, which we have come to accept as being nothing more than vague, unimportant, historical happenings, which have no particular relevance in the modern world, we can,  with some assurance assert, with supporting evidence, that during the lives of our grandparents, or in some cases great-grandparents, and ever since, there have been massive cullings of various Peoples, which we have been encouraged to completely ignore and forget.

On the other hand, for some ‘inexplicable’ reason, we have been forcefully encouraged to believe in the Jew tale of a holocaust, which is in fact a claim relying entirely on hearsay evidence, without anything solid in support of this widely held belief. The proponents of this tale are attempting to make it a criminal offence, to so much as look for the missing evidence of its happening, to so do is called anti-Semitic, a crime more serious than the murder of millions, apparently.

At the same time, the Jews whom have made this claim against the Third Reich and Germany, are eager to conceal their own dark history, which involves crimes far greater than those of Hitler and the Third Reich, crimes which were committed over a far more extended period of time, than were any of the alleged crimes of Germany, which we are told occurred while Germany was totally occupied in the fighting a war, which was actually declared by Jews and their vassal States, Great Britain and France, against Germany.

In what can only be described as a ‘strange twist of fate,’ the Jews, had themselves installed the Gulags, a system of extermination camps in Russia – which had a wholly Bolshevik/Jew controlled government – camps in which millions of people were either, worked, tortured or starved to death. On top of that, as many as fifty-million other White Christians were slaughtered by the Cheka, a veritable killing machine,  which was also under Jew Commissar control.



While these Jew atrocities in Russia, have been more or less written out of history, as have the ritual slaughters in China, which were ordered by Jew citizens of the United States, whom had trained and funded Chairman Mao and through him, took control of China and whom had Mao murder one hundred million Chinese, simply to rid China of its intelligentsia,  which gives us a total of one-hundred-and-fifty-million killings for the Jews, to which can be added twenty million German Christians, whom were brutally slaughtered, during and after World War Two  and all trace of this huge crime was also  completely written out of history, giving us a provisional score of at least one-hundred-and-seventy-million to the Jews and an alleged six-million to the Third Reich.

No contest you might exclaim, which does not explain the existence of a Museum in memory of dead Jews, in almost every Christian country on earth, while the Germans are forbidden, by their Jew controlled government from mourning their own war dead, even as the Jews continue their genocides in Palestine, with impunity.

That said, the above grim list of atrocities, should provoke concern about the current intentions of Jews and which delivers one of those situations, which demand making a choice between your liberty and your safety, particularly as those same Jews are even now calling for the destruction of the White Race.

 In most cases people choose safety over freedom, however you need to understand the threat before giving up your freedom, the Jews by whom we are controlled do not have a reputation of delivering the peace and tranquility which ‘our’ freedoms provide. They deal in death. 

I am a lover of diversity but I do not understand the claim that diversity means the mixing of the Races, a policy which, on the face of it,  denies any diversity. Those whom preach this sermon are in the main Jews, whom while pretending to be of Middle Eastern origin, from Palestine, which would make them of exactly the same Race as that of indigenous Palestinians, whom are clearly of the same race as the Sephardic Jews, whom have lived alongside them down through the centuries, however the incoming Jews are clearly of European roots, which is why they have forbidden marriage between Ashkenazi Jews and all others, in order to retain their dominance.

In South Africa, where there is indeed a form of multiculturalism, which is dominated by Jews, there are two glaring disastrous results, a form of regression amongst the Blacks, whom are presumably of the same Race, that is if Black is a Race, but not of the same tribal origin.

This regression has reduced the once thriving South Africa, into  one of the most dangerous places on earth, the politicians appear to be incapable of instilling any form of law and order, while at the same time encouraging the slaughter of the White people, whom are offered no role in multiculturalism, as they are not a ‘Race,’ recognised by Jews and have no particular culture, so they can be slaughtered like cattle and  have been driven out of their homes into shanty towns to rot and die.

In Rwanda, the Blacks were a while back, struck by a blood-lust, during which they clubbed and butchered a million people of another tribe, to death.

In Liberia, where the Blacks have had a long period of control over their own affairs, they did in recent times, go ape and on a whim set about killing tens of thousands of the various tribal groups, whom returned to Africa after being liberated from slavery in the USA, in some cases eating the dead. It has been reported that a group ate the deposed leader. They are still in a state of turmoil, with open toilets along the beaches, because they lack even simple forms of sanitation.

In Black Sudan, life has become a nightmare after Jew interference in their affairs, which encouraged a disastrous separation from Northern Sudan, delivering the local resources, of the south,  into the hands of those whom would like to control all of the worlds resources, without a care for the effects on the Peoples of the region. The Sudanese are now fleeing towards Europe, in an attempt to escape this Black nightmare.

In the United States, statistics suggest that most of the Racial violence is Black violence. There is little point in ignoring this fact, which the Jews, whom are behind the Black attacks against ‘White Supremacists,’ are suggesting is a reasonable response to past White behaviour. There is a deliberate attempt to ‘regress’ the young Black in the USA, by encouraging a ‘retaliation’ against virtually non-existent White Racism.




Black attacks against Whites, particularly against White couples, are of a level of brutality and savagery, which has never been carried out by Whites against Blacks and yet it is condoned as being the result of the way Blacks were treated in past times.

Would Blacks be prepared to accept, that should a band of White thugs, choose to inflict the same form of treatment on Black couples, claiming that it was justifiable because of Black behaviour in past times? I think not, there would be an uproar.

If there is a video compilation, similar to the above, listing similar crimes by Whites against Blacks, I would be happy to post it. There are dozens of similar examples listing Black on White attacks. There are also many Blacks like Common Sense, on youtube,  who post excellent clips, but never examples of White on Black torture and murder similar to the Black woman who tortured a twelve-year-old White boy to death with a blow-lamp.

The Blacks are prepared to allow the Jews to do the talking for them, without regard for the facility of the Jews to stab people in the back. While on the one hand they offer support to the Blacks, they are on the other hand attempting to wipe them out, with abortion and the destruction of the Black family.

Margaret Sanger was a Jew. It was the Jews whom controlled the Slave Trade and it was the Jews whom made use of the slaves and when it suited them, they then deliberately ‘liberated’ them onto the streets, where ordinary Whites were expected to look after them. The Jews now want rid of them altogether, Blacks need not worry, they are not oin their own, current world events make it evident that we are all under threat. We are heading into a World Civil War, much like the war which has been raging all across the Middle East for years, that is our future and it is not a good time to waste,  fighting against Donald Trump.

Back then everybody was on their own. There was nobody looking after anybody else. Sadly the American Blacks are now the most cosseted Blacks on the planet and yet they take no care of their blessings while are spitting on the helping hand that feeds them.

I would not recommend any of them to seek refugee status in South Africa or Liberia or indeed in any other Black State, they are far better off in White countries and they would be better employed working alongside the Whites to fight the common enemy, before they are completely eliminated.

Perhaps Blacks have failed to notice, that it is uniquely White Christian Countries, which have made them welcome and in the main have treated them very well, so why are they all ditching Christianity for Islam and not then heading off to Indonesia or Saudi Arabia in search of the Islamic dream?

Blacks are far too smart to try that one. In South Africa they have killed many other Blacks seeking shelter from the storm, while the Jews deport, even Black Jews back to from where they came. Blacks are even crowding into Ireland, where the original slaves in the United States are now expected to support Black ex-slaves, that is the level of dependency of the pathetic Black people whom have never managed to create a self-sufficient lifestyle of their own.

Ladies And Gentlemen,The Trojan Horse Is Inside The Walls

                          The Enemy Within.

Today, the BBC Radio News, continued the indoctrination of the Public, with a completely fictitious and bastardised version of events during the Second World War. Every word uttered by spokespeople, was no more than conjecture. They spoke of gassings as if they had evidence of gassings, when in fact even so-called survivors made no mention of gassings. Top man for the Jew story was Elie Wiesel, while in Auschwitz he saw no sign of gassing and in his autobiography he made no mention of a gas chamber.

This is similar to the tales we have recently been told about Litvinenko and Putin, or indeed Saddam Hussein and the babies being thrown out of incubators in Kuwait all unsubstantiated.

The only people whom have anything to gain from the perpetuation of this old tale, are those whom have profited enormously from the claims, which have, apart from anything else, condemned a whole race of people to eternal, public damnation, in the name of an event, which came and went and left no trace of its passing.

These days, similar claims are made about leaders like Gadaffi in Libya enabling David Cameron to perpetuate the lie that NATO was obliged to destroy Libya because Gadaffi was about to carry out a massacre and they were obliged to ‘save the people’ as they usually do, through the medium of slaughtering them and destroying their way of life.

During the massive NATO attack on Libya, while all of the Daech Mercenaries waited in the wings, Bomber Command took over, and destroyed everything of value in Libya. All of the News Services were on the spot to report events, one and all they chose to report rubbish about Gadaffi, while ignoring the real crimes.

Press Tv, Russia Today, CNN, Sky News and the BBC, were all there, yet not one of them spoke of the blatant, criminal, deliberate slaughter of civilians in the streets of Libya by NATO air power, to prepare the way for the masked demons on the ground, Daech.

The RAF and other flying terrorist groups, were nothing more than the ‘uniformed’ branch of the NATO terrorists, which carry out the missions which Daech is unable to perform. You might just as well have masked men in fancy black costumes in the cockpits of the fighter bombers, there is not a jot of difference between them.

Cameron, during Prime Minister’s Question Time, revealed how ten million tax payer pounds, were to be used to erect a monument dedicated to the memory of Jews and promised to record all of the utterances of living survivors, for posterity.

There must be quite a few of them about, the most recent Jew census, conducted a few years ago found that there were two million of them still alive seventy years on. That being the case imagine how many must have died during the same seventy years.

Everybody in the House was obliged to join in with the obsequious mutterings, without reference to the fact that the Jews are responsible for most of the mass murders, committed throughout the past one hundred years. No mention of the ongoing slaughters in Palestine, of course not, we must not spoil their day with a dose of nasty tasting truth.

The Jew War Criminal Cameron, went on to refer to the refugees from his illegal, brutal and savage slaughters in Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria as a bunch of migrants. Displaying his cold and totally uncaring nature for all the world to see.

On the other side of the House, Corbyn and his Fabian boys, chose to ignore Cameron’s jibe about previous Labour Party Members, all of whom Cameron supported in their War Crimes, whom have now found gainful employment with the Jew bankers, having connived with them to pay billions of British tax-payers pounds into the coffers of private banks, for no good reason, other than to line their own nest in future years.

War Criminal Tony Blair is said to be worth forty million pounds, not counting any hidden pay awards, for his treasonous betrayal of the British people and for his part in the greatest ‘heist’ in history, helping private bankers to rob the British people.

Cameron is himself, still under investigation for his part in yet another huge financial scandal, details of which have yet to be made public.

The idea that a British Government, could have been involved in a scheme to rob their own electorate, is of course one of those subjects which is pooh-poohed as being no more than a silly unsubstantiated theory. Someone has even gone to the trouble of writing a book devoted to the rubbishing the very idea that any of these “theories” could be fact, by relying on some sort of odds, as in gambling, suggesting that should a large number of people be involved in any of these charades, someone would have talked.

Well people have talked. People have stood up and shown irrefutable evidence that many of these events, such as the assassination of Kennedy, were indeed conspiracies. However what is never mentioned, is the power of the media, which is often in the hands of those whom have a vested interest in the continuation of the ‘accepted’ version of these events and the cover-up is necessary to maintain the lie.

For example, David Cameron, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, stood before Parliament, on Holocaust Remembrance day, promising to record the memories of some of those whom had been held in Auschwitz during the war and who had quite obviously survived.

The world seems to have been blessed with many thousands of survivors from Auschwitz. Cameron, I am quite sure, must be well aware of the hundreds of already filmed accounts of Auschwitz survivors, telling a completely different tale about life in the camp, as must organisations like the BBC. Why have these alternative experiences, been concealed, if not to deceive the people?

So this whole notion that should an event like the Moon Landing, be untrue, word would have filtered out because with hundreds of people involved in the event, someone would have spoken up, well dozens of people have spoken up, even the BBC itself has exposed the fraud of the Moon Landing and yet this event is still on the list of “Conspiracy Theories,” along with the Kennedy Assassination, an event of which I have my own personal doubts about, I no longer believe that Kennedy was actually killed in Dealy Plaza.

None of these things would have held up without media support. People still cling on to the idea of investigative journalism, there is no such thing. The media is wholly controlled. Should they ‘expose’ someone or something, it is because they have been given the all clear.

You need look no further than Daech, why is the ‘real’ origin of this mob of Mercenaries, not being exposed? A long time ago, what was going on was so clear, that in one of my posts, I prophesied that when it was reported that the Iraqi Army had dropped all of their weapons and ran away from Daech, that when the push-back started, Daech would be ‘forced’ to go into Syria, which would strangely, provide the necessary excuse to start the bombing. I’m not that smart and journalists are not that dumb. Daech has now popped up in Libya, where the puppet government is in trouble. So here we go again. Daech has also promised to come to Europe.

What is not in doubt is the fact that your loyal Politicians have already lowered the drawbridges and while you were stood there watching with flowers and coffee in your hands, one million or more possible Daech men have already invaded your homelands and the rape and pillage is already under way.  Look at history, as far back as Classical Grecian times, wheeling the Trojan Horse inside the ramparts was a serious error.

Even as I write this rubbish, I am listening to John Humphrey on the BBC, talking about the tragedy of the Space Shuttle disaster in 1986. This tale has already fallen into the grey area of conspiracy, because there is ample evidence that the crew are all still alive and well.

There are many thousands of people out there who doubt whether Major Tim is actually in space. I was surprised, while watching the gallant Major Tim, struggling to get out of his ‘tin can,’ accidentally dropping a spanner, which fell like a stone, in weightless space, where we had just been informed by the commentator, that there was no such thing as up or down. But I would say that wouldn’t I?

The Mass Deception Of The British And The Deepest, Darkest, Secret Of World War Two.

churchill and stalin 2

There are no folk on planet earth, whom have been more brutally and successfully, brainwashed than have been the British.


They are today re-celebrating the funeral of Winston Churchill, the most popular and greatest of all Jewish/ British politicians. These sentiments, which surge through the emotions of the remaining few Britons, whom lived through the “War Years,”  are, sadly,  all based on a tissue of lies and deceit.

The British are even now awaiting  the release of the Chilcot Inquiry report, which will deliver no more than a pack of lies, to conceal the mendacity of  those whom actually control the British Parliament, concerning the illegal attack on Iraq. The “truth” would bring the people out in the streets, or so it is claimed.

Should a similar inquiry, have been conducted into the illegal war against Germany in 1939, it would have uncovered a similar massive deception,  which resulted in an estimated 100 million casualties and the banishing of Eastern Europe into the claws of the Bolshevik Jews, by whom the Christians were systematically slaughtered, with the full knowledge of the British and whom then provided the necessary means for the slaughter of Palestine.


churchill and stalin

So having just celebrated the lies surrounding the creation of the Jewish claim to their status as The Most Pathetic Victims in History, having of course kicked off the war against Germany in 1933, the British are now paying homage to Churchill.

march-24-1933-daily-express-judea-declares-war-on-germany 1

(Take note, in the above front page from the Daily Express, that as early as 1933, just as Hitler was elected, long before there was any evidence of any National Socialist intention of a move against the Jewish Bankers, who had taken control of Germany during the Weimar Republic, in anticipation of their future intent, the Jews declared a punitive round of sanctions against the new regime.)

During this war of annihilation against the German people, in the words of the Jewish President of the US  Franklin “Delano” Roosevelt,  a co-conspirator in the war against Germany, which he  had forced upon the people of the US, while hiding behind a barrage of lies, described Churchill, on many occasions as “That drunken Bum.”

The Jewish/Bolshevik approach was at a far more basic level,

“Kill, kill, you brave Red Army soldiers, kill. There is nothing in the Germans that is innocent. Obey the instructions of comrade Stalin and stamp the fascistic beast in its cave. Break with force the racial arrogance of the Germanic women. Take them as your legal loot. Kill, you brave soldiers of the Red Army, kill!” – Ilya Ehrenburg Stalin’s Jewish propagandist for genocide.

Just after the end of hostilities, that same “Drunken Bum” admitted to the new President of the US, Harry Truman, in front of whom “the buck stops” that; 

  “The war wasn’t only about abolishing fascism, but to conquer sales markets. We could have, if we had intended so, prevented this war from breaking out without doing one shot, but we didn’t want to.” – Winston Churchill to Truman (Fulton, USA March 1946)

The slaughter of  100,000,000 innocent people was a price worth paying, in order to ensure our freedom,  freedom of which the Germans were jealous, or am I confusing that with the sentiments used as jusrification of another British War?

“This war is an English war and its goal is the destruction of Germany.” – Winston Churchill (Autumn 1939 broadcast)

Strangely, the Chilcot Inquiry has just been fed the exact, same excuses as justification for the illegal war against Iraq. This is referred to as “not repeating the same mistakes.

The British people were never in any real danger of invasion by the Germans and in reality, the French people suffered more casualties from the “friendly fire” of the Americans than did the British people at the hands of the Germans.

What is more, the imposition of stringent rationing in the UK,  was yet another deception.  There may have been shortages of certain items, however the idea that British farmers could not produce, at least the bare minimum of staple foodstuffs for the British people is a lie.

There was at no time any shortage of fruit and vegetables, nor of meat and fish, in the UK and let us not forget, verdant  Ireland was just across the water.   This rationing was imposed as just another element of control in the grotesque campaign to instil an enduring hatred of the German people and an excuse for the continuation of the Jewish/British grip on World Trade, which was in danger of being usurped by the industrious Germans.

Churchill’s comment that “History would be kind to him,” was based on the fact that the victors write history.  This is why we hear very little of the War Crimes of the Allies, which surpassed anything which can be laid at the door of Hitler.

It was also a ploy to hide the names of those whom had actually taken control of the war, the real demons behind the curtain, who presented Churchill as the sole mastermind and as the “Man Who Saved the World,” ensuring that if anything went wrong, he could carry the can.

The British claims to have “won the war” is a total nonsense, there was virtually no war in Europe apart from that which arrived on D-Day.  Europe had not been laid to waste by Hitler, it was the Allies whom had seen to that.

The British claim was allowed to go uncontested so as to conceal the reality of the plot which included Russia, a plot which the British Prime Minister of the day, Neville Chamberlain refused to go along with.  He was quickly ousted from his position as Prime Minister, having been smeared as an “appeaser” and he “died” quite soon after that, so as is usual in these things, he was never allowed to contest this accusation.

It has also never been explained to the British as to how they found themselves fighting on the same side as the greatest mass murderers in history and no explanation whatsoever for the donation of most of Eastern Europe into the hands of the Jewish Bolsheviks.

Where was Churchill   while all of this was being arranged and who actually did the deal, which decided the grim future for Hungary, Czechoslovakia and other States, without any consultation whatsoever and  included in this grim deal was Poland, the very State for whose freedom the war had been fought,  was he asleep at Yalta or simply drunk?

As for  Concentration Camps, the British were still starving Irish people to death, in Concentration Camps, thirty years after the war, those whom had been rounded up for no better reason, other than for being Catholic and Irish, whom  were held and tortured, without trial, for longer periods, in  Camps, than many Jews had endured under Hitler. In the words of the great Irish comedian Frank Carson, “It’s the way you tell ’em.”

So all in all, the tripe which has been spouted, by the front-men of the Elite, whether of the Shoah or the antics of Churchill, are part of the need to continue the protracted deception of the British and European Peoples. An element which has been a continuous feature in the lives of every living European, explaining the guilt of Germany and of the innocence of those whom later facilitated and financed the continuing Genocide in Palestine, for which, in part, World War Two provide the excuse.

Where were the British, when this holocaust was being played out?  Where was the great humanitarian Churchill in 1947, so soon after he had saved Europe and the Jews?  Not a squeak from the “Drunken Bum.”

What are we to assume from this apparent acceptance of Jewish savagery?  Churchill described himself as a Zionist, so was he unaware of the aims of the Zionists, or was he no more than what he appeared to be a “Drunken Bum” or was he an insider furthering the aims of the Zionists, who were intent on retrieving control of  Germany, which had been snatched from their grasp by Hitler and were greedily, gagging to seize total control of the Oil in the Middle East?

Whatever the truth may be, one thing is certain, to this day the thugs who were responsible for the deaths of millions in Russia, Bengal, Germany, China and Japan, still live in total fear of Adolf Hitler and his “economic miracle.”

In order to nullify the efficacy of Hitler’s solution, which could do the same for the rest of the world, which is still suffering from the results of yet another Jewish banking system, controlled collapse, as was Germany, when Hitler came to power.

However in order to avoid this eventuality, Hitler’s name and the pride of the German people has been ground down incessantly, by scum, who will find no place in hell,  who know that the solution to our current parlous state is well-known and could,  rapidly be installed.

Instead, they are sadly, more concerned with provoking yet another huge war, this time using Putin as the scapegoat, after which they will recover Russia, which will basically give them control of all of the important elements on the Planet.

All of this, they will watch from their foxholes, as they jeeringly sing their favourite hymn, “Onward Christian Soldiers,” as we obediently do their dirty work.

There is one great World War Two mystery remaining,  which continually nags away in my head and that is, why did Hitler send Rudolf Hess to the UK?

There have been many attempts made to explain this conundrum,  none of them have been accepted as being the actual reason for his  flight.

I have in past posts postulated that having spotted Stalin’s troops massed on the Polish border, Hitler sent Hess to ask the British to lend a hand against this “Communist Menace” believing that aim to be of more importance than a stupid skirmish over Poland.

That was before it became clear that Stalin had already been given an assurance by the British  American and French governments,  all of them controlled by Jews,  that they would cede the control of Eastern Europe to the Jewish Bolshevik Politburo in Russia, in return for his assistance against Hitler.

We have been educated to believe that Hitler attacked Russia in a fit of insanity, when his megalomaniac tendency had got out of hand.  We have never been allowed access to the information which discloses the plot between all of the Allied powers, including Stalin’s Russia, to work together, to destroy Hitler and Germany, in order to eliminate a stumbling block to their ultimate aim, the seizure of all of Europe.

I have now come to the conclusion that Hitler, having already warned the British of the approach of the Russians, remained unaware of the intended, Jewish/British duplicity and was enticed into an agreement with the British, whereby they would come to his aid against Stalin, a promise which they had no intention of honouring, which lead to Germany standing alone against the might of the whole world.

A few weeks after the flight of Hess in a Messerschmitt  110, from which he parachuted, while over the UK,  Hitler launched Operation Barbarossa, against the Russians.  It would be stupid to claim that there had been no connection between these two events.

Should it ever be made public that Hitler’s attack against Russia had been engineered by the British, who had already made plans with Russia as to how a defeated Europe would be divided, Britain’s self satisfaction at having defeated Hitler,  and the aggrandisement of their chosen “Drunken Bum” puppet to the dizzy heights and  the accolades of “Saviour of the World”  it would leave a slightly sour taste in the mouths of the duped British public.

This was in fact the only way in which the British, whom had never fought against an equal foe in hundreds of years,  could lay claim to having beaten Hitler, when it was in fact achieved with the aid of the swarming hordes  from Siberia and the United States Air Force, which bombed the Germans into retreat, from Russia.

The very same USAF which would destroy the military of all the major Middle Eastern States in 1967 to assist the same Jewish Bolsheviks to install Greater Israel on stolen land.

It is this collusion between the Free World and the so-called evil dictatorship of Bolshevik Russia, which should be of interest to all of us,  as it very quickly led on to the Cold War, as soon as the war-time co-operation had served its purpose. So what exactly was the Cold War?






The Blind Stupidity And Gullibility Instilled By A British Education Is Remarkable.

The received pronunciation of the British upper classes and the alacrity with which it was imitated, by those poor souls referred to as upwardly mobile or indeed those of a more restricted background, should they find themselves gaining a place in the hallowed halls of Oxford University,  was cringingly  obvious to their old school chums, when they returned to their old haunts.

As to why this “what a jolly good idea old boy” form of English was ever considered worthy of imitation is as mysterious as to why British Jazz and Rock musicians found it necessary to refer to their “girl-friend” as their “Baby” and a touch of low spirits as “The Blues”    in the lyrics of their “product” however never in their daily life.

Never mind those are just two harmless expressions of the British lack of pride in themselves.  They are a race of people who have never quite managed to understand, that ever since they entered Infant School, they have been educated to believe that “Gurt big’un” or “Ar” to be a misuse of the English language, instead of celebrating these vestiges of past days, which will gradually be replaced by more current equivalents, as the users grow older, without the need of an education which dismisses those whom speak in this way as being stupid and creates a bad image of the “guilty” parents.

Sadly, that is perhaps a not too important example of the overall manipulation of the British through their educational system; which has been tightly controlled ever since the day it became compulsory.

A far more serious example is the way the British have been force-fed the obligation to accept, without question, the dictates of the Ruling Classes, who have now disguised their agents as “Democratically elected representatives of the people,” in the House of Commons.

At the moment the sad credulous British are being conditioned to believe that hundreds of young Muslim lads have left the UK, Canada, Australia and US, to join ISIS, in the fight against Bashar al Assad in Syria. Despite the fact that young Muslim lads are far too bright to do any such thing, because they fully understand that the real enemy are the British controlled and financed ISIS.

The British are obliged to claim that these young Muslims  are fighting against Assad, because the truth would involve an admission that Assad has a huge amount of support amongst “real” Muslims as distinct from the masked monsters, whom are masked to disguise their “whiteness,” a group which is now nothing more than an excuse generated by the British to manufacture a pretext for “Boots on the ground” in Syria.

Samantha Lewthwaite, who was most probably murdered long ago, like her husband, who was executed in Docklands, by UK Intelligence agents,  after he and his companions realised that they were no more than “patsies” in London during the 7-7 False Flag atrocity.  In recent times her name has been used to bolster credibility in the validity of various Muslim groups of terrorists, all of whom have been exposed as having connections to the US, UK, or Israel.

The most recent of her adventures was an affiliation with ISIS and the training of female suicide-bombers, a claim which was quickly followed by her support for the Jews in Ukraine, where she was allegedly shot by a sniper.  I will believe that when I see her body and the arrest of the murderer who killed her. She would not be doing the Jews work in Ukraine or indeed in Syria.  She was a Muslim. RIP.

More importantly, it is yet another lie to further enchain the British with even more intolerable restrictions  on their freedom of movement, including the installation of a “No-Fly” list.

When these “Phantom Young Muslims” return home from the Middle East, where in keeping with the rest of the Western financed “terrorists,” they will have been trained by the SAS in Jordan, to carry out “False Flags” for the British Government, they could well be refused entry and their passport seized, should they prove to be the “wrong kind of terrorist,” or simply stooges on their way home from a holiday, being used to justify the actions of the UK Security Forces.

Cameron, in Australia, with the stooge Abbott, announced to the Muslim Community in Australia, that like Muslims in the UK,  should they take a trip abroad they will run the risk of being refused entry back into Australia at the end of their holiday.  The UK is saying “British Citizens” who have travelled abroad which is of course “Modern English” for  “British Muslims,” a group which has been systematically demonised by the Jew Cameron and his Jewish chums Miliband and Clegg, while still referring to similar language against Khazar Jews as anti-Semitic when in fact it is the Muslims who are far more likely to be Semitic.

I have yet to be convinced that there is any such thing as a genuine group of International Islamic Terrorists.  The Muslims have been demonised, as were all of the “proposed” enemies of the City of London, down through the decades.

This has been the most sinister aspect of a “British Education,” a refusal to see beyond the deception with which they have been contaminated. All the young thugs, on release from their “Open Prison” school-room, will be well versed in the main tenets of their education.   Should there be a GCSE available for the received knowledge of  hatred against Hitler and the German people, the Emperor of Japan and the Japanese people and of course Osama Bin Laden and the Muslim people, they would gain A+ in all three.

These sad and now dumbed down pupils of a hugely successful dis-education system, no longer have the necessary intelligence to perform the technological needs of the “New Age,”  necessitating the importation of specialists from the Third World, where children are still receiving an education worthy of the name.  This situation is an absolute scandal,  which was in the planning since the days of Thatcher.

The British are now being taught, with a curriculum which in the main is teaching Theory as fact.  Youngsters now believe that a “scientific” theory, should it have a few “scientists” prepared to accept the tenets of the theory, is a fact.

They have been conditioned to the point where should anyone suggest that are other scientists with other theories on the same subject and ask do their theories not imply that they too are right?  Are both groups factually right? This type of interrogation results in either total silence or accusations of  a religiously low IQ.  Yes that is fact, it has been put about that a religious belief lowers your IQ.

Youngsters are unable to understand that they have been imbued, with beliefs which have never been confirmed. A Glaring example is a belief in Evolution.  Atheists have aligned themselves with this belief in Evolution, while at the same time condemning a belief in God. To propagate an idea,  that to claim a disbelief in God automatically bestows an elevated IQ on the non-believer is beyond belief.

Children have been conditioned to accept ridiculous notions,   which claim that despite a total lack of proof,  without a trace of intelligent assistance,   claim that a complicated construction, which could not function without the aid of at least some of the bits and pieces necessary to enable the life of  even a simple creature,  without the assistance of thought or intelligence,  developed eyes,  smell,  ears etc.

All in advance of a creature with a brain which possessed available connections to make use of all of these add-ons.  To admit that you have some trouble accepting all of this apparent nonsense is some how evidence of a deep-seated belief in God.  The two things appear to have been inextricably entwined. This is before one even dares approach the question of how procreation took place before all of these wonders could be condensed in to an egg and a sperm.

Students are even now being taught that Carbon Dioxide is a green-house gas, when all of the available evidence would suggest that the exact opposite is true,  that CO2  is one of the most important gasses for the well-being of the planet and there is no evidence of an upper limit nor of any bad effects which have been caused by elevated levels of CO2.

They have already been assured that when the Climate Research Unit was caught red-handed lying to the public about a rising mean temperature, with phrases suggesting that despite their fiddling of the figures, that temperature was still falling, was scientific-speak for it’s getting warmer,  and never demanded why government mouthpieces such as the BBC refused to discuss the subject.   They are mostly completely unaware that a journalist who asked a question of one of these liars, about their deception,  at a UN Global Warming Conference, which was taking place during an early winter blizzard,  had his microphone snatched and he was escorted from the hall at gunpoint.

The whole world has been brain-washed to accept that the Jews have a right to seize Palestine which was declared to be “A land without people, for a people without land.”  Palestine was no such thing neither were the Jews  what they claimed to be.

The President of Israel was born in Belarus and in common with the Catholics, Protestants and  Orthodox devotees that would make him a Citizen of Belarus, that is his “Land,” what makes Jews any different?  They all had a country of birth which is their Nationality. They have no justifiable right to slaughter the People of Palestine and steal their homeland. They are no more than a Post War ISIS, guilty of comparable crimes, as those with which we are now being presented as Islamic barbarity, despite the Jewish, British and UK connections.

The fact that the British educational system has steadfastly maintained the naked hatred against Germany and Japan, while condoning the barbaric suppression of the Palestinians, is ammunition enough to question the reliability and truthfulness of a British Education.

Even today, with the availability of the Inter Web, students have never been offered the truth of the Russian coup d’etat.  They are mostly unaware of the fact that it was carried out by 200 Jewish families. That all of the leadership were Jews.  That all of the main mass murderers were Jews. Lenin, Trotsky and Yagoda. Hands up all of those who are familiar with Yagoda.

The Second World War, the same thing, it was under total Jewish visible leadership and “shadow”  leadership, Churchill, Roosevelt,  Stalin and Eisenhower were all Jews and yet this was never mentioned when I was at school.

The whole history of the Great War and WW2,  to this day has never been taught in schools, which in itself is proof of the direct use of lies and deception in the class-room.   This would explain the reason for the omission of one of the most important of all subjects, that of discrimination.  In fact quite the opposite has been instilled.

Students have been obliged to accept the word of the Professor as fact, when they should never have been put under such pressure.  Students now believe that there is a moment when “The Science is Settled,” as if that simple statement bestows a form of infallibility on science. The Science is never settled and to claim such a thing when you are presenting theories as fact is nothing less than scientific blasphemy.

So to present gullible students , who have been taught little of discrimination, with the idea that they are in some way obliged to accept the validity of Evolution, as presented by the Prof. and that having done so they are obliged to deny the possibility of some form of Intelligent Design, when we are functioning in some badly understood environment, in a badly understood manner, composed of mostly a vast emptiness, which is held together by a force which we are unable to even imagine, is proof enough that the Science is indeed not settled. This closing of the minds of children is not being carried out by accident.







The Rapidly Growing Crop Of New Religions.

I had thought that the alleged genocide against the Jews was the most numerically supported and the most aggressively defended of all of the new generation of Religious beliefs.  However during the past few days I have been exploring other equally well supported examples,  all of which have more or less the same canon of beliefs and a similar level of hatred and venom in their support. It is in fact a modern form of blasphemy to utter one word of criticism against any one of them.

 My first encounter was in response to a question of evolution.  The question which enticed me into the fray was the suggestion that there was evidence that a religious belief was accompanied by a lower IQ and, the questioner asked, was this stupidity as a result of the religious education or was it genetic?

In all innocence, I asked the question as to whether a belief in the theory of evolution qualified as a religious belief, as a belief in the unprovable, whether it be of a god or a theory was much the same thing was it not?

Well apparently it was not. What’s more I was told so in no uncertain terms, with a response which even censored would be unwise present.  In my naivety I was hoping for at least a form of intellectual discussion on such a subject.  However during two days I was battered with cries of  “for the scientific community a theory is fact.” I will give you just a tiny example of the response.

Obviously, you are not familiar with the theories, as you keep treating the word theory as if it were nothing more than a hypothesis. Fu***ng asswipe piece of shit. 


 This fellow was soon joined by a friend whom held pretty much the same beliefs. Both insisted on referring to me as a God-fearing idiot who was too stupid to under stand the tenets of evolution.

When I pointed out that their fixation with my alleged religious beliefs was in fact a sign of their own obsession rather than of mine they went ballistic.

At which point I produced a page from Collins Thesaurus which verified quite clearly that a theory was no more than an agreement to accept a possibility. I have since heard nothing more from them.



Hot on the heels of this rubbish came the latest “Epistle” from the IPCC foretelling of Global Warming/Climate Change, which it may be noticed stems from the same roots as does evolution, that is the inbreeding group of rich idiots which included the families of Darwin, Huxley, Wedgwood-Benn and other elitists from which source came the idea of  “useless eaters” and the need to cull the population.

To my way of thinking this idea of “man-made climate change” is not simply bad science, it is outright lies.  It is no more proven than is evolution. Both are teaching us to accept unverifiable nonsense as fact.  The difference being that a belief in evolution or not is neither here nor there, however to be told that the world is warming and that we must reduce our use of coal and petrol etc when in fact all of the available evidence would suggest that we are in for a cold spell is dangerous and could well cost the lives of thousands of people.

Despite the evidence of ice-core, which give a read out of both warmer and colder periods, plus  a measure of the CO2 content and evidence that increased CO2 is present after the warmer periods,  on top of that to teach chiudren at school that CO2  is a dangerous gas is a scandal.

The IPCC chooses to ignore all of this evidence telling us that 90% of scientists support their claims, when in fact these are the same folk who were caught out fiddling the figures, to give an impression of warming, it would be apparent to anybody, apart from committed disciples, that these men are being paid to say what they are saying, there is no real attempt being made to find the truth. This is surely yet another form of Religious belief.   And how can we ever forget:



Just when I thought things could get no worse, along came the “holocaust.” In truth it was not the really for the holocaust which I was looking, that was clip to illustrate a piece I had been preparing about the treatment of the German people after the war had ended.  That subject was itself a bitter one, with little sympathy for the fate of the Germans because they had of course, carried out the “holocaust.”

That one proved to be a true war of attrition.  Most of which revolved around claims of German aggression, which had led to the outbreak of war and which denied any other version no matter how cogent and verifiable.

It soon became clear that whether they realised it or not, the aim was to do to the Germans, what was allegedly done to the Jews after the crucifixion of Christ. Most of the venom was based on the lies which were told in order to justify the sacrifice of the Third Reich at Nuremberg.

As the voracity of the evidence crumbles to dust in the face of overwhelming scientific evidence that most of the claims made by “eyewitnesses” and the Jewish hierarchy were impossible the defence of the indefensible becomes more and more strident.  At one point I was led to a video clip, which carried a warning that it would be very silly for anyone to make the type of remarks which were being made.

The most incredible thing was the similarity between the hard-core of aggressive commentators on the holocaust and the Evolution debate.  They both made use of foul language and both had a you had better take my word for it attitude.

After at least two-day struggling along with this rubbish, which has still not run its course, with dozens of people taking part, It remains to be seen whether one of the JDL boys can come up with the evidence that the Red Cross had been well aware of the genocide against the Jews but had chosen to remain silent. He has claimed to have found it in a Red Cross report which was written in 1947.  It remains to be seen whether he can deliver.  If such a document existed it would be amazing that the Jews had not got a hold of it long before now.

Making A Killing British Style.

The very notion of the British People’s belief in the idea of British  fairness and  the overall generosity and kindness of their Race, is in fact, based on a reality of savage cruelty, genocide and a total disregard for the well-being of others, plus a total inability to accept the truth of this history.

Wherever the British have been, their presence has resulted in bloodshed and destruction, mostly against primitive people like the Zulus, whom had very little in the way of modern armaments. Should the belligerent British have been stupid enough to take on Germany on their own, they would have been humiliated.

The events of World War Two and the resulting Kangaroo Court at Nuremberg, when hostilities ended,  are a perfect example of the British People’s gullibility and carefree acceptance of Establishment lies and misinformation.

They take credit for the murder of thousands of German Military and Government officials, while being prepared to gaol those whom seek the evidence of the alleged War Crimes, which was not produced by the Military Prosecutors as evidence. In a truly “Just” world, it would the British on Trial in the International Criminal Court.

The alleged evidence, which was used to incriminate the Germans,  despite being sought by many investigators, has never come to light.  The British however, still cling to a belief in the lies of German guilt, as a means of avoiding the terrible truth and the reality of the criminals for whom they vote.

If they had any understanding of what has been carried out in their name, like most psychopathic races they would simply ignore it, as do their politicians like Blair and Cameron and Churchill before them.

The aim of World War Two, was to destroy Germany and to issue a stern warning to any other State, which might be stupid enough to adopt the efficacious methods of Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini, to solve the economic problems, which had been the result of the Central Bankers system of Fractional Reserve, debt based banking and the need of a continuing availability of “new debt.”

However, even that does not tell the whole story of British duplicity. The British were the real provocateurs, of their so-called “Just War.” They cold-bloodedly ordered the Polish Government to allow the “Red Terror,” Jewish killers to attack and slaughter, ethnic Germans; whom had been deliberately isolated in a remnant of Germany, which had been ceded to Poland at the end of the Great War;  while at the same time the Jew Anthony Eden, the British Foreign Secretary,  was urging Hitler to strike back, in support of the suffering Germans in the Sudetenland, in order to generate the excuse to declare war on Germany. Which is exactly what did happen.

The Second World War, was the most costly war in history. It was financed by the Jewish Central Bankers, The loans which they made to the British Government, which carried with them Compound Interest, were spent in the weapon shops, which were owned by the same Bankers.

The British Taxpayer, spent the next sixty-five years, repaying the debt. So the Bankers made a profit from everyone. They then took the bulk of the profit generated by the Marshall Plan, for the reconstruction of Europe from the destruction for which they had already been paid. Nice little earner War, is it not? This war was the most lucrative war of all for the Bankers, who are now building up for the Third World War.

Even as I write this post, I can hear a “journalist” on Sky News, reporting from Korea, about a family, which we are being told, escaped from a North Korean  prison, which is of course referred to as a “Concentration Camp,” and how, unlike the long-suffering Jews in Camps such as Auschwitz, where the inmates were only imprisoned for three years, the North Korean Camps had been in existence for sixty years.

Well there are two thing wrong with this information, it gives the impression that Koreans are being locked up forever, with little or no evidence to support these claims, apart that is from “Eyewitness” reports, while at the same time, undermining, (in a sense) the belief of most of the British, that nobody was ever held in detention at Auschwitz, did they not step out of the cattle car, go into a room where all of their gold teeth and glasses were stolen, their head shaved and they were then pointed towards the “Shower?”

The Korean War, was yet another example of British Terrorism, which has never been fully discussed by the British Free Press. What happened in Korea was a genocide.  Thirty percent of the Korean people were slaughtered by the British, Commonwealth and US Troops.

An example of the sort of cold-blooded killing which took place, happened in a railway tunnel, into which thousands of refugees were forced. The Saintly British and US Forces, then opened up with machine guns, firing into the tunnel, from either end.  The tunnel ran deep with the blood of the victims, until not a soul was left alive.

After all these years, these tales are still being fed to gullible children  whom have also been subliminally conditioned to believe that  WW2 was actually fought to save Jews from Hitler’s death camps, when in fact not one so-called death camp has ever been produced as evidence.

So having  tortured and hanged thousands of men and women at Nuremberg, without any evidence in support of the guilty claims, they then went on to condemn the entire German Race and set about making them pay the cost of a war which was forced on to them by the British and World Jewry.

 The blockade which was used against Germany, is a favourite tool of the Jewish/British Empire, it had already been employed against Germany after the end of the Great War, killing an estimated 900,000 people, in order to force Germany to accept the iniquitous terms of the Treaty of Versailles. It has since been used against, Iraq, Iran, Spain and Gaza.

This was a deliberate act, which together with that other love of the Elite in London, the slicing of a country into slivers, which was duly inflicted on to Germany, insuring the sought after Second World War, which was the planned method of the annihilation of the German people.

The so-called German war against Poland, was over in weeks, it was in fact no more than a skirmish, the Jewish/British Empire however, however managed to transform this skirmish into the bloodiest war in history and to cover-up their own crimes, they set about demonising Hitler and the German people.

The British public have no idea about all this, all they understand is the Hollywood tales of the holocaust, which have never shown exactly how one of the alleged “Gas Chambers” was supposed to work. Mainly because they do not know. If they did know, we would have been stuffed full of examples of dying Jews ever since.

This lack of explanation speaks volumes when placed alongside recent events in a Jewish Court, when the Prosecution could produce no evidence against a 91-year-old man, who had been accused of gassing 28,000 Jews, when they were asked how the alleged gassings had been carried out. Demjanjuk was sent home to die, after having been hunted like an animal for most of his life.

 Many people still believe in the shower, as a means of disseminating the gas, which we are told killed six million Jews. That being so, how many shower heads were available in each shower? Where did the “dirty” people wait, while the “shower” was occupied? Did those whom were awaiting their turn, not notice all the dead folk being carried out of the “shower?”  I’ll stop right there, it’s clear that this is a total nonsense.

But on the other hand it was apparently a good enough reason for the British to execute thousands of those whom had defended their country against a vicious attack by the British, along with that other tool of the Empire,  the “Coalition” which is of course used as a means of sharing the guilt around.

The lies are endless, I have just heard Alex Salmond, the First Minister of Scotland, tell Dermot Murnaghan, that the Bank of England was Nationalised in 1946.  This is a total lie, it was cut in two, in  1946, the part that makes a loss was given to the people, while the profitable part was passed to two shareholders.

These two shareholders are now in receipt of the interest payments, which is the part of the British National Debt, which in David Cameron’s words, “Is the part of the debt which is always there.”

People have trouble understanding this simple sum, when a loan is accompanied by Compound Interest, there is never enough money to repay the debt. If the Bank of England had been truly Nationalised, there would be no debt of interest owed.

The money in the pockets of the British people could be issued debt free and a reasonable charge for a loan could replace  interest.  The Bank of England,  as are all of the other Central Banks private, it is owned by the Mafia.

This is of course exactly the same Mafia which ordered and financed the Second World War, from which they are to this day making a profit.

Bravo Anelka And Dieudonné

The president of the French league against racism and anti-Semitism, Alain Jakubowicz, says that the gesture signifies “the sodomisation of victims of the Holocaust”. Dieudonné has started a legal action against Mr Jakubowicz for libel.

The gesture has spread rapidly in France. Jean-Yves Camus, a French academic who studies the extreme right, says the quenelle has become a “badge of identity, especially among the young, but it is doubtful that all of them understand its true meaning”. Dieudonné, Mr Camus adds, has become the hero of a movement which sprawls across the traditional boundaries of right and left – anti-system, hungry for conspiracy theories, convinced that the world is run by Washington and Tel Aviv. Mr Camus says that the “spinal column” of the movement is the conviction that “the Jews pull all the strings”.

Jean-Yves Camus is a political analyst and an Associated Research Fellow at IRIS. Graduate of Science-Po Paris (field of study : public policy) ; Master’s degree in Political Science from Sorbonne University (Paris 1) ; DEA in Contemporary History from Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS) (field of study : ‘The French Extreme Left and Israel”).

Dieudonné has generated a huge following in France, not because he is a racist but for speaking the truth.

Both of the opinions above, are from spokesmen, whom were quoted in  “The Independent,” a UK newspaper,whatever that word has come to mean, both are Jewish, there was no form of balance offered, such as “The Opposing Point Of View.”

I find it strange, for two men, whom support those poor, persecuted souls in Palestine, where an invading force, financed by the West, has carried out a genocidal, ethnic cleansing policy, where apartheid is the order of the day, to be castigated for using a salute, which most people would have not understood and would have ignored anyway.

Those whom have attacked, Nicolas Anelka and Dieudonné, are Jews, whom have no connection whatsoever with any past crime, which they may claim to have been carried out by the German people. They will however make use of a gesture, to continue the hatred which they have generated against the Muslim Peoples, while at the same time emphasising alleged German guilt,  while using the excuse of an alleged Muslim inspired attack, against the US, which is totally unsupported by evidence, to excuse and forgive their own barbarities.

Mr Camus, in keeping with the mainstream media, makes the statement that it is claimed that, “The Jews pull all the strings,” well why did he not take the opportunity to explain how it can be, that while there are many millions of Muslims in France and very few Jews, that the two most recent Presidents have both been Jews. Perhaps he might name all of the proprietors of the Central Banks, whom are not Jews. Like the others, Mr Camus uses the phrase as a means of ridiculing the claims, but never provides evidence of any fault in the conclusions. Just as there has never been a single proof of the existence of a Muslim hand in the 911 attacks, while the evidence against Israel is overwhelming.

Dieudonné, has had his career destroyed by the Jewish hand in French politics, for speaking out against the holocaust.  He has also been vociferous in his support for Palestine.

It has long been decided that no word of reality, must ever leak out, into the ears of the People in Public, that could be a disaster for a vision of truth, which is fragile and unreliable.

In a world, from which religion is being expunged, we are expected to accept the word of liars as truth, as we once believed in the existence of a God, with which we were presented by the same liars.



I thought I might slip this interesting little clip in here, hope you don’t mind, it contains nothing at all to do with the Quenelle:


The Revolution Was Filmed.

The Revolution Was Filmed

In Nineteen-Seventeen, hiding behind the genocidal, brutal, savagery, of the Great War, what has been called a revolution, was carried out in Russia.  The Czar and his family were  slaughtered. We have been educated to believe that this revolution was carried out by a downtrodden and maltreated population. However the welfare of the people was the last thing on the mind of these revolutionaries.

The majority of the leaders of the revolution, were in fact financed by Jewish bankers and many were from the USA. It is said that two-hundred Jewish families controlled the Communist Government.

In a recent interview Vladimir Putin asserted that eighty-per-cent of the first Communist Government were Jews.


Far from ameliorating the lives of the distressed  Russian Peoples, these revolutionaries set about the culling of Christians and academics, which wiped out at least sixty-five million souls and possibly as many as one-hundred-million.

The murderous system, which was installed by Lenin and continued by Stalin, carried on into the nineteen-sixties, culminating with the revelations of Alexander Solzhenitsyn and his experiences in the Gulags.

Solzhenitsyn was celebrated as a hero and his tales, “A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich” and “The Gulag Archipelago,” sold millions of copies, until the day arrived that he mentioned that it was the Jews whom had had control of events in the USSR, at which point he vanished, without trace, from the mainstream media.

It is now abundantly clear, that the alleged leaders of the Revolution, could not have carried out such a venture, without considerable assistance and capital.

The evidence of Wall Street and Banker aid is readily available and clear, in the works of Anthony Summers and others and is generally accepted as fact.  This gives the lie to the whole history of the Cold War and explains why the British and USA sided with Stalin, in order to destroy Germany.

It also calls into question the condemnation of Adolf Hitler, as nothing more than a controlled Rothschild bastard, because of the similarity between the stated aims of Communism and National Socialism. Should Hitler have been a controlled puppet, what purpose did the war serve? Hitler and Stalin could have formed a pincer attack, allowing the taking of the entire Continent of Europe. It would also suggest that Jews themselves,  financed the claimed holocaust.

It also exposes the farce of the Arms Race with the Soviets for what it was, a cold-blooded financial fraud.

The most difficult thing to explain, is how exactly the Russian Revolution was foisted on to the people.  How could a handful of Bankers and their minions, have overcome an entire population of millions of people?

The reality is, that this revolution had been in the planning since the War of 1812, when the Czar of Russia refused to come to the aid of the British against the USA. Because of this rebuff, the hidden ruler of the UK, Baron Rothschild, issued an edict, which would one hundred years or so later, lead to the death of the Russian Royal Family.

In Russia after the Revolution, despite the presentation of the idea that in a Communist system, the people maintain control of the means of production and all of that nonsense, Rothschild set up a Central Bank,  which it is being claimed, was recently closed by Vladimir Putin.  I believe this to be a lie.

Russia has become involved with the BRICS countries, which will soon form yet another grouping along the lines of the EU, with a new Central Bank of their own, which is being set-up with the assistance of Rothschild’s  henchmen at Goldman Sachs.

Rothschild installed a Central Bank in Libya and Iraq, after these countries had been destroyed, he is keen to do the same in  Syria, while Iran, keeps silent about its own banking situation, in an attempt to portray themselves as being true to the Islamic system, which does not allow the use of Interest, neither common or compound. I have doubts about this, I have come to believe that Iran is a stooge, under the same control as is Russia.

In the United States, in nineteen-thirteen, the Federal Reserve Bank was installed.  This was the first tentative step in the second US revolution. During the following one hundred years, as in Russia, every possible step was taken, through the use of the money, which was generated by the debt based economy, which the Federal Reserve installed, including the imposition of an illegal Income Tax, every penny of which was paid to the owners of the Bank, to put in place the necessary tools to take control of the USA.

Fifty years later, the revolutionaries ran into a glitch, a President, whom along with his brother, threatened to undermine the whole basis of the plan, which included both the aim of the closure of the Federal Reserve and the destruction of the Central Intelligence Agency, both of which were and still are tools of the group whom seek to destroy the US.

As a result of John Kennedy’s intent, the hidden group of revolutionaries, were forced to show their hand, so in Dealy Plaza, Dallas, Texas, they carried out a coup d’etat, which signalled the taking down of  the United States, through the medium of the assassination of the President.

During the following fifty years, as in Russia, all of the final ingredients have been added to the mix, the complete control of information, education, the legal system, religion, morality and of course money, all of which has ended up in their hands, not to forget the main target, the Family structure and the welfare of children. The State is now Daddy.

As in Russia and China, where the same hidden hand financed yet another Communist Revolution, the first target is the Middle Classes and the reduction of the mass of the population to a subsistence level. Recent figures in the US show, that one-hundred and six-million workers are attempting to pay for themselves and for one-hundred and nine-million unemployed.

The murder of Kennedy in Dallas, demonstrated the complicity of many departments of government and security services. Any one part of the scheme, could possibly have been carried by an individual, however, the complexity of what occurred in Dallas needed total control of many things, including the control of the information which would be made public, eg. many eyewitnesses met with strange and sudden deaths,  to shut them up.

Another glaring hole in the official tale, is the ability of Lee Harvey Oswald, to fire off three shots, in a limited space of time, from a clumsy, old-fashioned rifle. Well the time between the alleged three shots, can be seen on the Zapruder film, whom like the Dancing Jews at 911, just happened to be on hand, in a place where there were, apparently no News crews, to film the event.

Even as bullets were ricochetting all around him, Zapruder did not flinch, he continued to film until the presidential car went into the under-pass.  Study of the film, which shows, even allowing for the frames which were censored,  quite clearly that there was more than the time available, between the first and the last shot, not to mention the physical impossibility of carrying out the feat in the time available, with an antique weapon. Plus the two shots in quick succession, an impossibility for Oswald.


From the time  Jim Garrison started his investigation into the killing of Kennedy and the opposition with which he was faced from the forces of government,  demonstrate quite clearly, to those whom have eyes to see, that Lee Harvey Oswald, could no more have managed to organise all of the pieces which were necessary to guarantee the success of the assassination operation, on his own.

There is mounting evidence that there was “Drill,” taking place leading up to the time of the killing. It has been suggested that Oswald was taking part in this “Drill,” as were some of the Secret Service operatives, which is the guilty secret, which many of them have carried with them for the rest of their lives.

I was listening to a radio broadcast, by a well-known alternative media spokesman, whom has written an account of the killing of Kennedy. He told a tale of a meeting he had, with a character, whom in future times, would be implicated in presenting disinformation about the Kennedy assassination.

He explained how he had mentioned to a colleague, that he had a gut feeling that there was something fishy about this fellow. His colleague advised him to keep it to himself as the man in question had a good reputation. However as time went by, the man was indeed found to be unreliable. This revolved around the Garrison investigation into the Kennedy affair and the man whom had been charged by Garrison, Clay Shaw.

The broadcaster then went on to explain his belief that you could not simply claim that every event which took place was a “False Flag.” He then expressed his belief that many children had been killed at Sandy Hook.

I was annoyed at this statement, because of all of the alleged “False Flag,” claims, Sandy Hook was the most blatantly false of them all. Without explaining any of the anomalies, in the tale, such as the absence of worried parents, looking for the four-hundred and fifty children, whom we were led to believe were inside the school, during and after the “shooting” and whom were never seen leaving. Plus the presence of many “Crisis Actors,” whom had been filmed at other events.

He then professed his belief that Israel had carried out the attack, which was executed by a team from Mossad. He claimed that had there been no children killed, the whole population of Sandy Hook would have had to be involved in the farce.

Well common sense suggests that if Israel had organised it, the entire Newtown Police Force would have had to be involved in the cover-up, not to mention the “Drill,” which accompanied the event. Which is a good reason not to kill local children, which could, in the event of a talkative Cop, lead to problems with grieving parents.

Plus of course, the alleged parents of the “dead” children were not real residents of Sandy Hook. I have carefully studied dozens of clips of Sandy Hook, and I can find no trace of the parents, whom were interviewed on television amongst those present at real meetings of Sandy Hook residents. The real residents have access to the same evidence which is available to the rest of us. The crime scene itself was in lock-down.

Anyway, I was curious about this broadcaster, so I went to his site. I must confess, that I am prone to a certain kind of prejudice, which was sparked off instantly, on seeing the photograph of the man himself, which decorated his Web-Site.

I spent an hour or two reading the writings of this character and came to the conclusion that he had missed the point somewhere along the line. So to wind up this wandering tale I will outline my own reasons for believing that it is impossible to keep on laying the blame on Israel, as does this character, as he does over 911, Kennedy, Sandy Hook, Oklahoma City and every other event in recent history.

In fact I now believe that Israel is no more than a front, with which to blame for all and everything, to shield the real guilty parties and when the time comes the Jews in  Israel will find that they will be filling a very special role in this affair, a leading role, which they are not expecting.

If we forget for the moment, the “False Flags,” which were used to generate a response from Adolf Hitler and start with Kennedy, what do we find?

This short clip demonstrates some sort of control over Kennedy’s Security team.

What is clear, however is the fate of Kennedy’s limousine. It was taken away, stripped down, every last piece of evidence destroyed, restored with new body-work etc. before being placed on display in  an assassination museum.

On 911, before the dust had settled, lorries were taking away, steaming hot debris, which included metal beams which showed evidence of having being cut at an angle, to encourage the buildings to “walk” which facilitates a controlled demolition. There were also too many drills going on at the time to relate. There is evidence that none of the alleged Suicide Bombers died,  yet we are assured that there is no need for a proper investigation. All of the usual suspects were implicated, of course.

At Sandy Hook, not one shred of evidence has yet been presented to explain events inside the school, which is now being demolished and all of the evidence with it. Then as usual, the “Lone Gunman,” whom lived  without trace, conveniently killed himself, thus negating the need of an investigation into the event.

The holocaust, allegedly carried out by the National Socialists, well we have some photographs of Jews on their way to the gas chambers and we have talk of men with masks throwing granules of something or other down on the people inside, sadly however, nobody with a camera, ever managed to arrive at one of these gas chambers to take a snap of those inside nor indeed the system which was used to take them all back out again.

After all this must have been quite tricky, as we are told that the victims were naked and forced to go into the chamber with their hands over their heads, to make room for more people. So one would imagine that there would be at least some mention of the technique involved.

In fact, the very people, whom would now dearly love to have some evidence to back up their tale, allowed all of these “Death Camps,” to be destroyed and all of the “evidence” is gone, so they are now forced to present bits of wood which they call the last remaining example of a gas chamber door, as the one and only piece of evidence in support of their claims.

London on 7-7 presented the very same scenario. A huge “Drill,” four patsies, collusion of the Security Forces, the ritual slaughter of the suspects, whom are obliged to die, to avoid the need of an inquiry. After which the evidence is hidden from the public and quickly disposed of, while of course the evidence of witnesses is ignored.

That is just a brief review of the similarity between all of these events and I think it is stretching the imagination to simply declare Mossad as the culprits in all of this.

Which is why I firmly believe that those  whom benefited from the Coup d’Etat, which took place in Dallas in nineteen-sixty-three, which was filmed by a man, a Jew, whom was paid sixteen million dollars, for a well executed film of an execution, have now been firmly entrenched across the Free West.  It could well be said that every tool of power has been passed into the hands of an elite bunch of manipulators, whom are doing as they wish, with the compliance of “Democratically” elected politicians, whom quite clearly have no power whatsoever and are simply marionettes, dancing to the tune of what is in effect “The Mob.”

Press TV Remains Out Of Step With Ahmadinijad On The Question Of Freedom Of Speech.

Here we have an example of a so-called journalist, whom states his belief in an event, for which there is no solid evidence, daring a man to disagree with his false premise.

Morgan, was sacked by the Daily Mirror Newspaper in the UK, for knowingly publishing false images of British soldiers in Iraq, he is quite obviously not a man to be swayed by evidence.

He recently adopted the same attitude with Alex Jones, not in an attempt to find solid evidence of the benefits of gun ownership and the millions of crimes which have been averted by armed citizens intervening in attacks, no, what he wanted was to force Alex Jones into answering a loaded question.

The President of Iraq, is not so stupid as to do as Alex Jones did, and allow himself to get annoyed with this form of establishment controlled media interrogation,  which is designed to generate a bad impression of the interviewees.  He remained cool and stood his ground, he asked Morgan all of the questions to which there are no answers, for example where did all of this slaughter take place?

There is no answer to such questions. Even the Jews themselves, do not know how or by what means the killings were carried out. They no longer talk of gas chambers, because none have been found. They no longer talk of diesel fumes, as they are not toxic enough.

The most recent Court case was adjourned, while they set about finding the necessary means by which the accused had killed twenty-eight-thousand Jews, as if they had not had enough time to do so during the past sixty or so years. The old man, whom had his life destroyed by accusations by the Jews, over an event of which there has never been any evidence, died while waiting for this evidence to come to light.

All of this over a war which was declared by World Jewry, on Germany in nineteen-thirty-three. There is still a stony silence from the Jews over the indiscriminate slaughter of anything up to sixty-five million Christians, which was carried out by the Jewish regime in Russia.

There is a report of a Boycott of German goods, in this edition of the UK Daily Express, which is why, in pre-war film of Germany, Jewish shops are plainly marked, Juden, so that the people can avoid buying Jewish goods, which is normal, while Jews are ordered by the Jewish elite to Boycott German goods.  This marking has been used as a proof of rabid German hatred of Jews, when it was no such thing. The proof is plainly laid out in the Express.

Morgan emphasised his belief in the holocaust, as you must when you are on a Jewish payroll. He did not however explain how it is, that people whom are in similar positions, automatically believe the unbelievable. Who on earth can believe the nonsense which we have been fed about the plane which hit the Pentagon.

The forced belief in an event, which carries the tariff of a gaol term for a disbeliever, is little different from a confession under torture.

So you see Morgan was doing exactly what the President explained to him, that he was attempting to force him into accepting that his own position was the correct one, without any proof to back it up, of course. Ahmadinejad simply asked the question, why if it is true does research create such opposition from the Jews? Why are people locked up for looking into history?

Now having listened to the President of Iran, explain to Piers Morgan, his feelings about research into the holocaust, and having listened to endless complaints on Press TV, when Ofcom and various satellite services, refused Press TV access to the airwaves, I am still waiting for a response from Press TV as to why they are systematically censoring my comments.

The comments have been invariably about Jews. I suppose you could say in one case it was to do with whom is a Jew and whom is a Zionist. I suggested that Attaturk, the founder of modern Turkey, was a Jew. That was accepted. Urdogan, whom I believe to be a Jew, was relegated to the role of a mere Zionist as was the Prime Minister of the Kurdish autonomous zone in Northern Iraq, whom is also a Jew.

Another example of  Press TV tampering with a comment, was in response to a post on Press TV, which was discussing the holocaust, or should I say a holocaust. The initial headline asked, “Did Zionists Carry Out The Holocaust?” I automatically took this to mean the holocaust, when in fact they were talking about the Khazar wiping out the Hebraic Jews in Israel. I made a comment which included the line, “As to the other holocaust, where is the evidence to be found?” This line was edited out.

This morning, in response to yet another article, boasting about Press TV’s belief in free speech and Freedom of Expression, I asked for an explanation as to why in light of this belief in the freedom of speech and once again describing themselves as the Voice of the Voiceless, they continually tampered with my comments. I attempted to point out that they had a disclaimer, which refused to take responsibility for comments, when in fact, if they tampered with my comments, they became their comments.  I am awaiting a response.

The Betrayal Of Islam.

This was after the Cast Lead attack in 2008, when the BBC refused to allow the transmission of an appeal for help.

Just as the Zionists demonised the German people, in their efforts to provoke a major war, using whatever lies were necessary to achieve their aim, which was to destroy Germany, they are now using similar lies in order to destroy the Middle East.

At the end of World War 2, the Jews took control of Germany and they have maintained that control ever since. Eastern Europe was passed into the hands of the Russian Jew,  the true demonic brute of modern times, Joseph Stalin.

Hiding behind the claims of the holocaust, which no serious researcher has in fact ever managed to track down, as some sort of recompense, for all they had suffered, they were given Palestine. Their first act was to ethnically cleanse the country of its indigenous Peoples. This was just after the alleged holocaust was said to have taken place.

We are now watching a brutal and sustained attack, against a tiny, isolated people, whom have been suffering at the hands of an unspeakable mutation of the human race, whom refer to themselves as God’s Chosen People. No God of mine would have so chosen.

While this murderous slaughter is being inflicted onto these impoverished souls, not one Government has had the courage to come to their aid. Not one. There is a lot of talk and that is all.  Where are Al Qaeda? Still working for the Yankee Dollar? Or is it for the Shekel? Whatever, it is not for justice, nor for the Prophet, apart from their own.

There is talk of the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi, in Egypt, well do not hold your breath, The Brotherhood was set up by the British in the Masonic Lodges of Cairo in the nineteen-twenties of the last century, they are working for the same people as are Al Qaeda. For example, what is so difficult about keeping open the Rafa border crossing? Only Israel wants it to remain closed.

Sadly, Morsi is a puppet. There is a notion that he made an error in accepting a loan from the IMF. That was not an error, he was obliged to take a poisoned loan. That is why he was selected, to break a fundamental obligation in the Koran to refuse the imposition of usury onto the people. He is a blasphemer.

Morsi was in talks with the Bankers in the City of London, as was Al Baredei, before and during the uprising in Egypt, which it was claimed ended Mubarak’s reign. I believe that the initial plan was to place Al Baradei into the role of President, while the Brotherhood took control of the Government. However because of resistance to Al Baradei, the plan was modified. The Army is already under the control of the Pentagon.

Alongside Morsi we have the Arab League. The Royal Families of Arabia. Whom are allegedly Jews one and all. They helped to destroy Gadaffi and are now paying to get rid of Assad, while doing nothing to assist Gaza. So they will arm mercenaries from across the world to take down Arab leaders, while doing nothing to support those whom are attacked by Jews.

What is more they are prepared to give over their facilities to enable the  supporters of Israel, in their efforts to destroy Iran. Perhaps it has not been noticed by those whom believe that the Arab Spring was a success, that despite much bloodshed and death, not one of the Kingdoms has fallen.

Turkey is obliged to make some noise, while faced with such blatant butchery, as that which is being inflicted on Gaza, however the Jew Erdogan will do nothing, Turkey is the token Muslim state in NATO and that is where Erdogan’s loyalty lies. NATO’s mission is to destroy the Islamic World. Soon we will be seeing the Muslim Brotherhood in power all across the region. Turkey is prepared to threaten an attack on Syria, to help Israel, so why not against Israel to help Palestine?

The aim of all the warfare in the Middle East, is to render the entire region uninhabitable. NATO forces have already contaminated the huge fossil underground water reserve in Libya, in order to stop the cultivation of the Sahara Desert. This was of paramount importance to the Globalists, they could not condone large-scale food cultivation which was outside of their control. That would have made their desire to have total control of food production, that much more difficult. They are of course also seeking total control of every drop of water on the planet.

They are at the moment busily spreading their Depleted Uranium across Pakistan,Afghanistan, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen and Somalia, having already contaminated Iraq, Libya and the Balkans. All of these countries are, or soon will be, experiencing catastrophic increases in deformed babies. There is also already evidence of widespread sterility amongst young people.

People in the West have come to accept that their politicians are basically criminals. They work for whomever pays the most baksheesh and care little for the good of the electorate. Muslims must rapidly come to understand that their leaders are no better. Do not be fooled by a religious posture, for example, most of the Jews in Israel are atheistic.

I am beginning to have grave doubts about the leadership in Iran. While being surrounded on all sides by the forces of NATO and while the United Nations is imposing crippling sanctions on to the people, while Israel is daily threatening an attack, in order to destroy Iran’s Nuclear facilities, they are announcing that they are about to start the wholesale vaccination of children, under the guidance of the World Health Organisation, which was set-up for the benefit of Jewish controlled drug companies, and is currently murdering African children on a grand scale. Five minutes on-line would convince even the most hardened of sceptics that vaccines do not work.

They are also, in the face of all the current evidence to the contrary, continuing to broadcast programmes suggesting  that Global Warming is a fact. Does this mean that Iran has signed on to pay Carbon Tax? Are the Ayatollahs seriously going to pay a tax to the Jewish House of Rothschild?

They have a scientific community of their own, which I presume can operate outside of the need of funds from the Central Bankers, have they asked the opinion of these impartial scientists? Mean temperatures have dropped by one degree since the nineteen nineties, this is an enormous reduction, a mini Ice Age is imminent, Carbon Dioxide is not a greenhouse gas.

These certainly are strange days in the Muslim World.

The Muslim Brotherhood? No More Muslim Than Muslim Express.

Today, Thursday 13th September, we were treated to the spectacle of the newly selected President of Egypt, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, a group which was set-up in the Masonic Lodges of Cairo, in the 1920s of the last century, in response to another genuine Muslim Political Group, which was gaining too much attention for the money-lenders in the City of London, addressing the European Parliament, which is styled on a Soviet Politburo and is controlled by a Portuguese Communist Jew, Borosso, whom is himself unelected, promising to bring Democracy and freedom to every last man woman and child in Egypt.

Borosso, whom was himself installed by exactly the same banking families, which dreamt up the Muslim Brotherhood, was explaining to Morsi, that he would now be eligible for a poisoned loan from the International Monetary Fund, which is also controlled from the City of London by these same banking families, a loan which is essential to trap Egypt into the Rothschild Compound Interest quagmire, an act which is forbidden by the Koran. Usury is illegal in Islam.

While this charade was taking place, the Sky News team of liars, was explaining how the Muslim Brotherhood, against the wishes of the West, was gaining power all across the Maghreb and the Middle East. The Sky Team appeared to be blithely unaware that like Al Qaeda, the Brotherhood has been transformed into a friend of the West and will soon, no doubt, be helping Israel to destroy any remaining obstacle to the Jewish aim of total domination of the Middle East.

Israel itself was in the News for having funded the translation of a short film, which depicted and denigrated Mohammed the Prophet, God Bless His Name and was designed to provoke a response, which resulted in the attack of the US Embassy in Benghazi in Libya, and the killing of the Ambassador and members of his staff.

This provocative clip follows hot on the heels of a Channel Four TV film, which suggested that there was no historical evidence for the setting up of the Islamic Religion in the 7th Century. Which was broadcast in keeping with the right of free speech and the right of Press Freedom.

Perhaps Channel Four would now like to cast its eye into the more recent past, in search of proof of the holocaust, which would surely be a far simpler task, even though the evidence for which, proves to be strangely elusive for the amateur researchers’ whom have been drawing a blank. Channel Four will soon discover that freedom of thought, speech and press, may well apply to Islamic matters but certainly not to Jewish issues.

The whole gamut of terrorist groups, which include Mossad, the CIA, MI6, Al Qaeda, are all privately controlled by the people whom set them up for the purpose of maintaining a perpetual state of war. None of them are answerable to the voter or to the politicians in the countries from which they operate. Like the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve, politicians pretend to appoint the Governor or Chairman or whatever, when in fact they are put in place by the bankers and they answer to the bankers, as do the terrorist Intelligence organisations.

The Muslim Brotherhood, like the traitorous sub-human animals, whom are slaughtering women and children in Syria, in an attempt to generate an excuse for a “No Fly Zone,” which will give the military arm of the Bankers, NATO, an excuse to torch the country into oblivion, are paid puppets of Israel. There will be no place in hell for scum such as this. They are blasphemers one and all.

Listen Carefully To Fox News And Other Liars, Just For Once It Could Be In Your Best Interest.

Reports from Syria, where the elected government is fighting an armed attack, by terrorists, whom are being funded by Israel, US, UK, France, Saudi Arabia and other traitorous Muslim States, are suggesting that the “Rebels” are too lightly armed to take on the might of the Assad Army. They are recommending that more arms should be shipped to the “Rebels” as soon as possible, in order to change the balance of power.

US residents should perhaps read my opening paragraph a few times until they fully grasp the level of hypocrisy involved in this suggestion. The US is at the moment under the control of the most vicious, bloodthirsty, pack of rabid dogs, which has ever had control of the so-called “Land of the Free.” These controlled agents,  are forcing the exact opposite down the throats of the American electorate.

News outlets, Fox for US audiences and Sky for the UK and of course the BBC, for the rest of the world, are for home consumption, telling us that a UN Treaty will soon give the Federal Government in the US, the right to seize the arms of all US citizens. These are the folk whom gave us the carnage at Waco, under the pretence of a possible armed attack by members of a religious group. They had no compunction whatsoever about roasting women and children to death, in order to seize their weapons.

It is extremely difficult for the average US Citizen to understand that the rubbish which we are fed about Assad in Syria, is exactly that, rubbish. The World is being taken apart. The US is already on the skids. Syria is just another link in this chain of events. The only truth in all of this is the fact that the people, all over the World, have need of more arms, to hold the advance of the Zionist desire for total control, at bay.

All members of the G20, had been warned as long ago as 2004, that the banking fraud was on its way. Gordon Brown, in the UK was fully aware of the severity of the coming “Bank Robbery,” in response he simply stood by, waiting for his cue to “Save the World” by telling us that we must pass all of our remaining cash to the Bankers.

This stupidity is still being employed, despite all of the experiences in the past, which have demonstrated that austerity fails. Governments are not carrying out these measures, believing that it is the right thing to do, they are deliberately destroying their own countries economies.

I have repeatedly asked the question, “What was the point of Gordon Brown closing down a perfectly good steel plant in the North of England and using UK tax payers money, to install it in India, in the name of Carbon emissions, which do not apply to India or China?”  This is crap, he knew what he was doing. He was deliberately destroying the UK’s industrial base. Carbon emissions are an excuse, which is being instilled into the minds of children at school, to disguise the impoverishment of Western States.

The so-called “Debt” is no more than an excuse to rob us all. Germany is being fleeced. German capital is being used to bail out failing economies, which are gaining nothing more than an ever-growing debt of interest from the transaction. If Greece cannot afford to repay the current debt, from where will they find the means to repay an even greater debt?

The unelected European Commission was well aware that countries such as Greece and Portugal were ineligible for entry into the Eurozone. Nobody got it wrong, nobody was fooled, it was all carried out or allowed in order to produce a catastrophic debt.  The whole object was to take away our sovereign rights.

The Peoples of Greece, Spain and Italy are taking to the streets. As usual their governments have all of the fire-power. They have come to understand, that a debt which is quite obviously a banking debt is being blamed on the people. If it is all the fault of the people, why is it that the Banks need bailing out?

Whom amongst us can believe that the UN is not perfectly well aware of the events which are taking place in  Syria? It is as plain as the nose on Punch’s face that Al Qaeda is being paid by UN member states to destroy another UN member. They are in league with the Zionist plan. The UN is part of the problem, not the solution.

Is it possible that the folk whom can concoct treaties of thousands of pages, such as Agenda 21, tying us all to ferocious rules, which will destroy all of our lives, leaving no loop-holes or ways out, cannot write a simple Resolution imposing a “No Fly Zone” which is not riddled with ambiguities which allow the execution of NATO war crimes against civilians?

The American people can be sure that when they are allowed to see the UN Treaty which will allow Obama or Romney to seize their weapons, it will prove to be perfectly clear, leaving no room for doubt.  You should not forget that when the Marines knock on your door, you will be on your own. Are you prepared to refuse their orders to give up your guns?

All of the events which are taking place at the moment, mirror what was done to Germany and Japan, in order to instigate the Second World War. The British took care of the German end of the deal while Roosevelt  provoked Japan.

Germany for its part would have been stupid to have taken on a war with “The World,” Hitler was not stupid. He was provoked by Poland, just as Assad is being provoked at the moment. When he was finally attacked by Poland, the British advised him to retaliate, in order to protect the ethnic Germans in Danzig. When Hitler acted, the British immediately declared war on Germany, using the flimsiest of excuses. The same excuse is used time after time, the brain-dead public never questions anything.

The Jews had already declared a war with Germany in nineteen-thirty-three. The Jews called for a Final Solution to wipe all Germans off the face of the earth. Churchill in his own writings, admitted to forcing the war on to Hitler,”If he wanted it or not.” No mention of these things are ever made, in order to maintain the illusion of the alleged barbarity of Hitler.

The US has been marked for destruction. There can be no doubt about this. Just as in the last great depression, the aim is to steal everything. When the remains of the US people come out of the end of this shake-down, they will find that the UN has not only taken their guns but also their homes and land rights. They will not be allowed to drive cars and will find themselves trapped in Cities, while the country-side is  reserved for animals and the rich.

The Federal government will soon start to provoke the Militias into taking some sort of action against the Dictatorial State, which will provide an excuse to call in NATO troops or Al Qaeda, to take care of the “Rebels.” The idea that some outside force should be prepared to provide more destructive weapons, in order to create a more equal combat, will be given short shrift by the criminals in Washington.

At the moment we are being bombarded with lies about Hitler and the National Socialists. This is no accident. No chink must be opened, which might provide an insight into Hitler’s real achievements. Should just one lie be exposed for what it is, it would turn a spotlight onto  all of the other claims, most of which have been made by Jewish interests.

The same thing is true of 911. Every detail of the Bush/Cheney version of events has to be believed, however ridiculous they may be. This dubious belief in the unbelievable, reveals quite clearly, those whom can be trusted, from those with another agenda.

The champion of the Muslim cause in the UK, George Galloway, whom one might imagine would have some reservations about the 911 atrocity, as it hangs the blame on a group of Muslims, whom were brought into the US and lodged with FBI men and some on Military Bases, to fill the role of known “Patsies,” accepts not only the entire story but is prepared to claim that there is no evidence that secret documents were destroyed in WT7, in order to cover up government corruption, while at the same time accepting the guilt of Muslims without the need of evidence.

His attitude to the 7-7 “False Flag,” in London is based on the same routine. Attackers whom were well-known to the Security Service, as they must be, otherwise how could they be located, even before the police had had a chance to search for DNA or other signs of whom had carried out the attacks?

Why is Galloway, whom should be campaigning for a proper enquiry into 7-7, be so eager to accept Police and Security Service claims, which condemns the families of four decent young Muslims lads, to the infamy of blame for a crime which showed all of the signs of a Mossad controlled operation, as did the 911 attack.

Another character whom constantly pours out the drivel about Hitler, is Mike Rivero. I have heard the garbage which this man claims as truth, so many times that I have given up believing anything he says. His favourite is the nonsense about Hitler dressing people up in Polish Army uniforms, in order to generate a “False Flag” excuse to invade Poland. For this to be true, we have to declare Winston Churchill a liar and ignore the attacks against Ethnic Germans in Danzig, which was the real “False Flag,” under the control of the City of London, to provoke Germany into war.

The whole of the Hitler scenario has to hold together in order to justify an acceptance of the holocaust. As with the other events, hard evidence of this atrocity is thin on the ground. Even the Jews themselves no longer talk of Gas Chambers, as not one single example has ever been produced. The entire claim is based solely on the word of the Jews, while all of the evidence on the ground points in another direction, which is why there is a stranglehold on discussion and a gaol sentence for those whom choose to deny that it happened.

To have subjected the German people to the scorn and hatred of the civilised world, through claims that a German government rounded up six million Jews and gassed them to death, in concentration camps, without overwhelming evidence of the truth of this claim is so disgusting and inhuman, that one can only marvel at the diabolical ability of the folk who make these claims.

What is even more incredible is the inability if the alternative community, to spot the similarity between claims which are currently being made against Saddam Hussein, Gadaffi, Assad and any other leader whom will not conform to NATO demands and the claims which were made against Hitler.

Hitler is the big one. Hitler and the holocaust. In order to force acceptance of claims made about both, we have had our right to free thought and free speech suspended.

In reality there is no real threat from the Muslim World, all the terrorism is carried out by the elected governments of the “Free West” and they care little whom they slaughter in order to enforce more and more control on to us all in the name safety from attack. The Democratic West has laid the world to waste for centuries. We have never had the chance to progress in a civilised manner, we have been held in a constant state fear and war to suit a bunch of inbred psychopaths.

These madmen are even now genetically modifying Influenza Virus, in order to create the most contagious and fatal strain possible. What need does the world have for such a creation?  There can be only one possible reason, the desire to cull as much of the human herd as possible in as short a space of time as possible.  This corresponds to the stated desires of the Elite Shadow Government.

So in fact Fox News and the others are speaking as much for us, the blessed citizens of the democratic West, as for the people of Syria. We should all have guns, why are we expected to stand defenceless, face to face with police and military men, whom have access to a whole array of arms with which to control the public. These arms are only necessary because the government thinks it has the right to choose for us and that we must accept their dictates, or else. This is not freedom or democracy.

I’m Hitler! No Your Not I Am! No It’s Me, I’m Hitler! Will The Real Hitler Please Stand Up.

They seek him here, they seek him there, they seek old Hitler everywhere. Is he in Heaven or is he in Hell, that old elusive scounderel.

The Norwegians hanged Vidkud Quisling, because he was considered a traitor for supporting Adolf Hitler. As had the German Royal Family in England and as had the Dutch and Danish Royal Families. German Prince Bernhardt of the Netherlands was an SS Officer. He went on to found the Bilderberg group, which was set up, along with the European Union, by Bankers and Industrialists whom had been deeply involved with National Socialist Germany.

The people whom hanged Quisling, are now members of NATO, a terrorist organisation and the private army of the City of London.

The folk whom set-up NATO, also constructed the Middle East, after the end of World War One. They are responsible for Kingdoms, which is another word for Dictatorship and the simple “Dictatorships.” This was done with an eye to the future, which is now here, which means that all of those Kingdoms, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the oil rich ones, can be left undisturbed by the NATO controlled Al Qaeda in the Persian Gulf and can continue to kill their own people without criticism.

Gadaffi, well he is of course Hitler. As with his namesake, he is responsible for a fraction of the deaths in Libya of which he is accused, compared to those which were caused by the intervention of the people whom gave us Dresden.

The Western Free Uncontrolled Media, inexplicably failed to mention that Gadaffi had treated his people very well. They upheld the NATO sponsored propaganda, leading to a false impression of life in Libya. The people of Libya will never again live in the same comfort. The West is already looting the country. Gadaffi was savagely murdered before he could talk.

Saddam Hussein,well I suppose he has just a slight edge on his claim to be Hitler, having, like Hitler invaded a part of Iraq which had been annexed into one of those small Kingdoms by the Zionists. Saddam invaded after receiving the nudge, nudge, wink, wink, from the US. Bad Move. Just like Adolf, whom having hit back, after an attack by Poland, found himself at war with the whole wide-world. Iraq, was like Germany, bombed to a pulp, cut in pieces and forced to live, much like the Irish, under a SAS bombing campaign, which took the lives of an unknown number of civilians. Saddam was quickly hanged before he could talk.

Africa can lay claim to several Hitler’s, but for the sake of time and space and Global Warming, we will stick with just one. Robert Mugabe, in Zimbabwe. He it was whom managed to shake the hand of Jew Jack Straw, whom later claimed not to have noticed that it was Mugabe, in the dim light.

Mugabe, like his errant fellow Dictators, Saddam and Gadaffi, is well liked by his people. The people of course do not count for much, only rich people count. Mugabe wanted to get rid of the Colonial power from his country. He could see no reason to leave all of the arable land in the hands of English people, whom had stolen it at gunpoint for Cecil Rhodes, during his quest to control all of Africa and its resources for himself and his chums in Chatham House.

Sky News and the BBC have maintained a constant stream of abuse and lies against Mugabe for decades, simply because he chose to Nationalise the farmland, to make sure that Zimbabwe’s food would not be spirited away to the highest bidder on the futures markets, which would lead to shortages in Zimbabwe. Globalisation and Free Trade allows Grand Larceny and forbids the storing of foodstuffs for your own people.

There are many more examples of Hitler’s all across the Balkans and many more whom have already fallen in the Soviet Block. In fact the tag of Hitler is attached to anyone whom is about to die at the hands of NATO.

A murdered man, Bill Cooper, once said, “Believe nothing they tell you if you cannot prove it for yourself.” or something along those lines. However even in the Truth Movement certain barriers have been erected. For example, Saddam is almost universally condemned, as is Mugabe. Gadaffi is given a little leeway but not much. Milosevic was murdered before he could speak. However, even 911 Truth will not touch Hitler. He is Verboten! He it was whom committed the holocaust.  Whom amongst us is brave enough to believe that the SS was conceived as an Siegfriedien League of Chivalry, presenting all that was best in German culture?

The 911 Truthers believe, that as was stated in the PNAC document, a Pearl Harbour type event was needed to justify the destruction of seven countries, which included Libya and Syria. The Jews had need of a similar event in order to seize Palestine. It must be remembered they did not arrive on the shores of Palestine, tired and skinny from their experiences in Labour Camps,they came in guns blazing. The slaughter started even before the gang-plank touched the quay-side.

In a Court of Law, because justice depends on truth, should you be caught in a lie, you are guilty of Perjury and little faith can be placed in your testimony. When I started to look into the holocaust, the first step was to find out where the killings took place. I looked at the list of sites which had been prepared by the Jews themselves. Top of the list was Auschwitz, where four million were gassed and incinerated. This was a lie. A straightforward lie. There were no incinerators at Auschwitz during the war. What was called a gas chamber was a bomb shelter. There was in fact no way that under those circumstances, four million people could have been murdered leaving absolutely no trace.

The four million total was reduced to one million, which is recorded on a plaque at the factory entrance. The totals of deaths, which were said to have occurred at all of the other camps have been reduced in the same manner. This leaves a huge discrepancy in the number of deaths which have been laid at Hitler’s door and the actual number of Jewish deaths. There can be only one answer to this riddle, if Hitler did not kill them, some other, unknown force must have been responsible. 911 is said to have been an inside job, could it be that the holocaust was also an inside job? Does anybody know where Cheney and Rumsfeld were in the 1940s?

So You Think You Know About Hitler? Well Think Again.


“Hitler will have no war, but he will be forced into it, not this year but later…” (The Jewish Emil Ludwig, Les Annales, June, 1934)

I have found myself involved in several heated discussions in the recent past, simply for questioning the achievements of Adolf Hitler. The campaign against the man is out of all proportion with the reality.

I watched just a few minutes of Holocaust Remembrance Day on Jewish News. Listening to the hypocritical rubbish coming from the mouths, of spokes-people became intolerable. They are still talking of the greatest crime in History and we must never forget the millions of Jews whom died.

When they wheeled out the only remaining example of a Gas Chamber door, I almost gagged. These, after all, are the people whom brought us “Cast Lead” whom threw hand grenades into wells in Palestine, to silence the people whom they had thrown down.

These truly are the people referred to below:

This movement among the Jews is not new. From the days of Spartacus — Weishaupt to those of Karl Marx, and down to Trotsky (Russia), Bela Kun (Hungary), Rosa Luxembourg (Germany), and Emma Goldman (United States), this world-wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence, and impossible equality, has been steadily growing. It played, as a modern writer, Mrs. Webster, has so ably shown, a definitely recognizable part in the tragedy of the French Revolution. It has been the mainspring of every subversive movement during the Nineteenth Century; and now at last this band of extraordinary personalities from the underworld of the great cities of Europe and America have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads and have become practically the undisputed masters of that enormous empire…

There is no need to exaggerate the part played in the creation of Bolshevism and an the actual bringing about of the Russian Revolution by these international and for the most part atheistical Jews. It is certainly a very great one; it probably outweighs all others. With the notable exception of Lenin, the majority of the leading figures are Jews. Moreover, the principal inspiration and driving power comes from the Jewish leaders.”

These words were spoken by that British “Hero” Winston Churchill, whom was a Jew, but preferred to describe himself as a Zionist. I disagree with his assertion that Lenin was not a Jew, I believe he was.

The Jew’s domination in the state seems so assured that now not only can he call himself a Jew again, but he ruthlessly admits his ultimate national and political designs. A section of his race openly owns itself to be a foreign people, yet even here they lie. For while the Zionists try to make the rest of the world believe that the national consciousness of the Jew finds its satisfaction in the creation of a Palestinian state, the Jews again slyly dupe the dumb Goyim. It doesn’t even enter their heads to build up a Jewish state in Palestine for the purpose of living there; all they want is a central organization for their international world swindle, endowed with its own sovereign rights and removed from the intervention of other states: a haven for convicted scoundrels and a university for budding crooks.” (A. Hitler, English translation by Ralph Manheim, Mein Kampf, Houghton Mifflin, Boston, New York, (1971), pp. 324-325.)

I think we can fairly say that Hitler knew what he was talking about. Every word could be applied by any free thinking modern commentator speaking on the subject of the modern-day Zionist Cabal. In fact Hitler’s words are in keeping with those of Churchill.

Ahmed Ahmadinejad, speaking to an International group of Muslims, said virtually the same thing when describing the actions of the Zionist controlled NATO forces attempting to destroy the Muslim World.

 The League of Nations, was created to make sure that the Zionist Bankers, would receive every Sheckle of the money which they had invested in all sides fighting in The Great War. Hidden behind the war In Europe, they were also financing the overthrow and murder of the Russian Czar and his family and taking control of Russia.

Enmeshed in the middle of all of this chaotic carry on, was Germany. The War which was provoked by the shooting of  Archduke Ferdinand in Sarajevo in 1914,the assassination was carried out by the Black Hand Gang,a branch of the  British Secret Service. The object was force Germany into a war which could be used as an excuse to destroy the German Industrial Machine, which was becoming a threat to British domination.

It eventually turned into the general genocide of the flower of European youth. The massacres were of an immensity and cruelty never before seen in warfare.

When this war of attrition which was deliberately waged by the British, finally came to an end Germany was held to be responsible for the carnage.  The Treaty of Versailles decided that the German Nation would be carved up, which is the policy which continues to this day. It was also decided that Germany would have to pay massive reparations. They were ordered to make deep cuts in social spending, that is, austerity measures, in order to free up more money which could be passed to the Bankers.

This policy left little or no funds which could be invested in the reconstruction of the German Industrial Base. More or less what is happening in Europe today. It should be remembered that exactly the same Bankers are being paid by most European Countries at the moment.

This policy was put in place at the behest of the City of London, in order to destroy the threat of German high quality products with which the British could not compete. So to pretend that the bankers in the City of London are unaware of the results of strict austerity measures is a nonsense. What is happening now in Europe is deliberate.

When Hitler came to power, he had to cope with inflation which was completely out of control and a broken industrial base. He had to weed out certain elements in the Political Opposition in order to take full control of the financial recovery and the rebuilding of the Engineering Industries.

Within five years he had worked a miracle. He was twice named as “Man of the Year” in Time Magazine, the British Royal Family, including the King was enamoured with him, and he had transformed Germany into the richest country in Europe, while the rest of the world was still struggling with the continuing Depression.

However, along the way he had already been infiltrated by forming an alliance with the Zionists. It is not too clear whether it was this element which encouraged him to take control of the Central Bank, in order to issue his own currency and thus avoid the extortionate interest which was customary. Abraham Lincoln had the same problem, he too was destroyed.

Hitler may well have been trapped by the bankers whom have been coping with the problem of maintaining control of the banking system since the days of Napoleon. Whatever the reason, the British were already preparing for war.

When Germany was sliced up after the Great War, a large number of ethnic Germans were left isolated in Poland. The British ordered the Poles to terrorise these people.

Anthony Eden put Hitler under continuous pressure to take action in defence of his countrymen in Poland, Hitler refused. Finally it was Poland which launched an attack on German Military positions. Hitler retaliated. The rest is history, even though it has been falsified, in order to make Hitler responsible.

Having forced the Germans into a second War within a generation, the British, as with the Great War, prolonged hostilities, in order to barbarically flatten every City in Germany. Slaughtering millions of civilians in the process. These savage attacks included the attack on Dresden which is recorded as the most murderous attack in the history of warfare.

Hitler who had been in an alliance with Stalin’s Russia, suddenly concentrated a  large part of his forces in an all out war against the forces of his old ally. This has always been presented as a fatal mistake on Hitler’s part due to a psychopathic, uncontrollable, megalomaniac’s desire to conquer the world.

It was no such thing. It was Operation Barbarossa, designed to stop a Russian invasion of Western Europe. Hitler had become aware of a huge build-up of the Russian Army, on the borders of Europe, with the obvious intention of mounting an attack.

What Hitler did not realise was that this was all part of the programme of the City of London. He sent Hess off to Britain, to find out why the  British had not responded to his warnings and sent the British Army to help him repulse the Russians. When Hess did not return Hitler realised that he was on his own.

Germany, on its own, took on the might of the Zionist Russian Red Army. With incredible courage. The German Army, against all odds, despite shortages of equipment and decent clothing to protect them from the harsh Russian winter, stalled the Russian advance into Europe. Hitler was in fact a hero, he saved us from the Zionist Megalomaniacs desire to conquer Europe.

General George Patton, the legendary US Military man, like Hitler saw what the Russians were doing, he urged an all out attack to thwart their invasion. Several failed attempts were made on his life, until he was finally silenced in a minor collision between two vehicles.

Hitler and the German Army, despite their heroism, simply delayed the seizure of the Eastern European countries and of course the once more divided Germany. This was all arranged at Yalta, by the “Western Leaders” Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin, Zionist Jews one and all.

Stalin was given control of Eastern Europe and East Germany including half of Berlin, which was divided in order to create a flash point, which resulted in the Berlin Wall, symbolic of the division between Communism and the “Free West.”

After the ritual slaughter of the remaining members Hitler’s Regime at Nuremberg, the City of London engineered the installation of a Zionist controlled government in West Germany, which in fact gave them virtually full control of Europe. They have long controlled the UK and France. Within a short time they had set-up the initial phase of what was to become the European Union, with its Dictatorial unelected Commission, giving them full control.

This is what we were told was the dream of Adolf Hitler. The whole of Europe was plunged into a bitter and destructive war,  to resist this form of take-over and yet here we are living in a Dictatorship.

Another Zionist Jew, Gorbachev, was given the job of realigning the Communist USSR with the rest of the Western World. Along with Boris Yeltsin, he set about presenting “The Downfall of Communism.”

Yeltsin, was given the responsibility of handing over all of the major State Industries into the hands of Rothschild’s pet Oligarchs. Gorbachev melted away into a plum job with the United Nations, where I believe he is in charge of the realigning of religion into the new “Earth” religion which is even now being force-fed to our children.

So where does this leave our perceptions of Adolf Hitler, whom was the only man with the courage to stand against this Zionist machine?

Hitler was a National Socialist, which means that the State and industry work in tandem for the benefit of the State and the people.  He based his monetary system on the value of an hour of work. This is as it should be. There is no intrinsic value in money itself, it is only a container of the value of the work which it represents.

He operated his Banking System free of interest. A simple one-off charge was made on a loan. This was the normal system until the Central Bankers took control with their Usury. The general population has been brain-washed into believing that this is obligatory, they cannot conceive of a system that does not rob them.

Hitler and his ideas had to be demonized to the point where no public discussion of what could be called “The Better Side of Hitler” was admissible. Like Gadaffi, no “Better Side’ was permitted. Hitler was condemned, as was the rest of his administration and the people of Germany, as the perpetrators of the most heinous crime in the history of the World.

The evidence of this crime, could only be discovered by Jewish investigators. The Red Cross and the US Intelligence services could find no evidence of it. US documents state that having investigated the claims, they could find no evidence of a deliberate attempt to mass kill Jews or anybody else, no Gypsies, Cripples, Homosexuals. The Red Cross using the numbers of surviving Jews, calculated 180,000 Jewish deaths.

Before the outbreak of war there were 15,000,000 Jews in Western Europe, in 1951 there were 15,450,000. That is despite the huge number whom had left before the war.

Yet despite all of this, our intrepid Jewish investigators, managed to uncover that ,not only had there been mass killings, they found that the number, as if by magic, coincided with a figure of 6,000,000, which they had been claiming was the number of deaths suffered by Jews on several occasions in the past, which had been shown to be false.

Now, at last, after the false alerts, the prophecy had come true and the Germans had done it. But wait. 4,000,000 of these deaths took place at a factory in Auschwitz, in Poland. These people were gassed and incinerated on arrival in cattle trucks. However there were no gas chambers and indeed no incinerators at Auschwitz. Our intrepid investigators were obliged to reduce the number down to 1.200,000, having”miscalculated” by 3,000,000, it is not clear how the re-calculation was carried out, no matter.

However on Jewish Television, on Holocaust Remembrance Day the Rabbi’s were still talking of 6,000,000 and not the new figure of 3,000,000, I do not know why.

Anyway that is Hitler’s Crime. What is more, we are obliged by law to believe it. We can question nothing, despite the glaring anomalies in the figures, all of which have been reduced in recent times as apparent deceptions come to light.

Belief in the veracity of this crime is paramount. Without it the Zionist German Government could not justify massive payments to Israel, which itself was set-up using the holocaust as justification. So one can understand the importance in the almost religious belief in the event.

That is not its only purpose. Fascism, which is just another political system, is now synonymous with Nazi. It has been passed into the hands of Neo-Nazi’s, they are of course nothing more than jack-booted bully boys. Which is probably  correct.

This is to avoid any discussion of the system which was used by Hitler and the Nazi’s to achieve an economic miracle in Germany. A Fascist is now denigrated as someone whom wants to kill Jews, torture people, send immigrants back where they came from and have a desire to conquer the world. Most of these things could be charged against NATO by simply changing the word Jew for Muslim.

The BBC is even now applauding the great success of the destruction of Libya, while the country itself is descending into a hell of factional fighting, as the West pumps out the oil. Gadaffi used the same system as did Hitler and achieved the same miracle in Libya. His achievement has also been smothered out by invented atrocities which never happened.

Hitler transformed Germany in five years. We could achieve the same thing across Europe now. In Davos the criminals are meeting to decide how to keep their gravy train rolling, while the Continent is in turmoil. They all know what the problems is and they are determined that the people of the world will not be allowed to discover it for themselves.

In Brussels the EU is preparing another batch of lies to force on to the statute books of Europe, while a general strike is taking place in Belgium. Yet another country which is in two parts, with two languages.

However he has been painted, Adolf Hitler is still the most intriguing character of the Twentieth Century. I can find little difference between what we are told is the truth of Hitler and the government which has control of Israel.  Except that many of the claims against Hitler are false, unlike the crimes of Israel.

He was also a more acceptable leader than Khazar Jew, Joe Stalin. Roosevelt another Khazar Jew, deliberately allowed hundreds of American Servicemen to be needlessly killed at Pearl Harbour, having provoked Japan into an attack in the same manner as Khazar Jew Churchill, had provoked Germany. Eisenhower, yet another Khazar Jew, oversaw the open air concentration camps which were used to starve to death more than 1,000,000 German POW after the war ended. He also handed unknown thousands into the hands of Uncle Joe, never to be seen or heard of again.

In view of all this it is hardly surprising that the folk whom would have us spit on Hitler, just happen to be Khazar Jews or their Zionist collaborators.

However hard it may be to accept, Hitler, the man accused of bringing about the deaths of millions of people, did in fact kill far fewer than the powers which have now become NATO.  Germany and the German people were the real victims of the War, losing in excess of 10,000,000 of its people. After the war had ended another 10,000,000 Germans died through illness or starvation. All of this is kept hidden, in order to present a lie as the real victim.

A constant warning is given after a discussion of Hitler and the Nazi Government, that we must be careful because it can happen again. In reality, it is happening all the time and we are doing it. We are so dumb, we still believe that when we torture and kill it is somehow for the good. We, the cannon fodder for the Zionists have been doing what we did to Hitler and Germany, for generations, to many other countries, and we are responsible for the painful deaths of far more people than Hitler ever was.

The Atrocity Of The Year.

The vicious attack, which was carried out against the people of Libya, was not simply an attack against a group of innocent people, it was a mindless attack on the planet itself.

The act of contaminating, with Depleted Uranium, the huge, prehistoric aquifer, beneath the Sahara Desert, is itself a Crime Against Humanity.

This was no arbitrary act, this was a deliberate attack against the people of Africa. There was no way that the “Free West” was about to allow Gadaffi to feed Africa. Africa is nothing more than a treasure-house of resources, ripe for the plunder.

Africa is being wiped out, one way or another it is being destroyed. Through the use of vaccines and disease.  Starvation and endless war. The means are of little importance. Africa must be brought under the control of the Banking Elite.

The Peoples of Europe, whom allow their money to be used by the Shadow Government, to destroy Countries such as Libya and soon Syria, deserve what is in store them. They are not only too stupid to understand the criminality of the attack against Libya, which was presented as “humanitarian” they are also too stupid to understand what is being done to their own freedom.

London experienced a riot of sorts in August 2011. Hundreds of police were in place to take control of the situation, however, they did nothing.  The Sky News reporter whom was on the spot, saw the lines of police vehicles, parked out of sight, in the streets close to the riots, and he said so, on the live broadcast that is, however on later reports no mention was made of this.

Londoners are still whinging about the damage. Family businesses, which had been handed down through the generations had been torched. Is that right? Just imagine what would have happened, had the rioters turned up with sophisticated fighter-bombers and “not so Smart bombs” as did “Our Bomber Boys” when they not only destroyed long-standing family businesses in Libya but killed the family in the process.

Imagine the chat over a pint, at half-time in the match, had they pulled “Sir, Sir, Can I Lick Your Boots Sir” Boris Johnson, The Mayor of London, out of his posh town house, tortured him a little and then finished him off with a bayonet up his posh arse. What a chat that would be.

The British have meted out this sort of treatment for centuries. They are proud of their exploits. They cry out nostalgically for the days when “This country was great.” They are the true savages of this world, not the likes of Gadaffi and his family.

The British people, whom would no doubt be offended should they read a report such as this, because despite their own bloody history and their lack of knowledge of historical reality, they no doubt felt proud, when that sadistic little Zionist William Hague, told them that they had “Humanitarianism” in their genes, as he sent the bombers off to slaughter Libyan women and children.

The folk, to whom Hague has sworn allegiance, the mad dogs in Israel, have announced their intention, in matter of fact terms, to carry out yet another murderous attack against the caged people of Gaza. They intend to make it more effective than the Cast Lead attacks in 2008.  These people are murdering scum. We are witnessing a true Holocaust.

This attack will be given the support of the British People, through the acceptance of all three political parties in the UK.

What the Jews are doing in Palestine is way in excess of anything which is being done elsewhere in the Middle East by  so-called Dictators. This attack, against an unarmed, defenceless people, is being announced, even as the British and their chums are trying to drum up an excuse to attack Syria, to suit Israel.

In six months time, the Zion Olympics will take place in London.  I believe that 2012 will be a significant year for the UK.  Their elected rulers have overseen the complete destruction of UK industry.

The country has been running on credit for years. Now that the debt has been exposed, there is nothing that the Politicians can do which will turn the economy around. They are in fact trying to make things worse, while claiming to be intent on saving the economy, by paying what little remains in the pockets of the UK people into the coffers of the Central Bankers.

This act of paying an illegal debt to the bankers, exposes the UK Government for what it is, powerless and traitorous. They have no more respect for the British Peoples than they do for the Brown and Black folk elsewhere. When the time comes, they will send you all off to the slaughter. That is what war is all about, it is a simply a process by which to commit genocide.

The same people have been funding both sides in every war for generations. Take another look at the Great War, The War To End Wars, they could have just as well have sent “Squaddies” around the villages of Europe and shot all the young men, “humanely” rather than put them through the nightmare of the Trenches.

The two “World Wars” were contrived by the bankers, neither were necessary, just as the on-coming Third World War is being contrived, in front of our eyes.

What is Going on at Press TV?

Firstly, I must hold up my hand and admit that I have become totally disillusioned with George Galloway. My disillusion is now spreading to Press TV, which is giving Galloway a platform to disseminate what can only be described as British propaganda.

During a recent tirade against Gadaffi, he dismissed a callers claims that Gadaffi had done a lot for the people of Libya. The caller explained that Gadaffi paid the account for students education abroad, which could be as much as 100,000 dollars. Galloway responded by dismissing this gesture, by explaining to the caller that Gadaffi had done no such thing, that the money belonged to the people.

Perhaps he could explain what the British Government had done with the British people’s money, leaving students in the UK with thousands of pounds of debt before they even entered the work-force.

Perhaps he could explain how it could be that the British were being forced into austerity measures, while Libya had been functioning perfectly well before the French and British set-up an attack, after sending hired killers into Benghazi to provide the excuse.

He also, in response to another call, claimed that the best thing about the form of Democracy which existed in the West, was the possibility of voting the Government out of office.

This one simple claim, shouts out loud, Galloway’s cynical support for Establishment inspired lies and misinformation. Perhaps he would like to explain what the UK Labour Party did with the promise of a vote on the Lisbon Treaty?

He may also like to explain how I might vote out of office the Commission of the European Union, which has Dictatorial powers. The same applies to the United Nations. I was given no vote on the set-up of this Dictatorship. However Rockefeller had a quite a lot to say on construction of this organisation. George however will not discuss this as he claims not to know whether Rockefeller is Jewish or not, so we wont go there in case it might fall into the anti-Semitism court.

The truth is as Galloway well knows, there is no Democracy in the West. Elections are rigged. All three main Political Parties in the UK are indistinguishable from each other. They all lie to get elected, only to continue the policies of the previous administration to the letter.

Galloway shouted in  anger when Gadaffi was presented as a reasonable leader, saying that he refused to accept that Gadaffi was any sort of Socialist. Personally, I am pleased that this is so. The majority of people have been led to believe that Socialism is in the interest of the working man, this is just another Political lie. Socialism is just a form of Communism, which is 100% in favour of the Elite. The only thing that Socialism or Communism has achieved for the people is mass slaughter.

I could carry on in the same vein for hours. I have noted dozens of snippets of Galloway, not only on Press TV but also on his Talk Sport Radio Call In programme. He is adroit at presenting the establishment view, in  a way that is not to be found even on the BBC or Sky News.

In his most recent broadcast on Press TV, he discussed the Norwegian attack. He rightly accused the press of claiming at first that it was a group connected to Al Qaeda which had carried out the attack, without explaining that this was improbable,as Al Qaeda was currently working for the British and French in Libya, where four of the “Rebel” leaders are working out of the CIA headquarters in Virginia.

He went on to emphasise the cardinal points of the released tale, that it was a lone gunman, ignoring reports on CNN, ABC and France 24 that eyewitnesses had seen two shooters. They all gave the same description of the second man. Tall, dark-haired with typical Norwegian features.

He also failed to mention that the police, in their press briefing, in English, explained that they arrived on the island at 5.28 in the afternoon and at 5.30 they arrested the gunman. They simply called out his name, which must have been delivered to them by divine providence, the man put down his gun and walked over to the police to be arrested.

Galloway then announced that the man was an extreme right-wing lunatic who was in touch with other right-wing lunatics across Europe, giving a necessary helping hand to the Elite in their desire to now set-up White Al Qaeda, in order to make us all potential terrorists, thus allowing a further step in the direction of total dictatorship.

There will of course be no need of a proper investigation of events, as the man has admitted his guilt. He will now be hidden from view until his next appearance in Court, allowing ample time for the case against him to be built up, connecting him to as many dissident groups as possible.

Galloway is now assisting in the demonizing of white people, to suit the Elitist agenda, in exactly the same way as he apparently thought that Muslim people had been unfairly treated after 911 and 7-7.

Galloway is a professional politician. He understands how the system works. He knows full well we have been fed lies and deceit since kindergarten.

I can see clearly where Galloway is coming from, the only thing which is unclear is the real position of Press TV in all of this nonsense. They have some sharp reporters working for them, why have they not been unleashed on Galloway? Or perhaps Press TV has an agenda of its own. We must wait and see.

They are constantly pushing the disgraced “Global Warming” agenda, in exactly the same manner as Sky News. All the evidence suggests that we are in fact heading into a mini Ice Age. One might expect a News Service which was truly free and independent might give an airing to the views of the thousands who have stood up in condemnation of Man Made Global Warming, through the use of Documentaries presenting the truth and exposing the lies of the IPCC.

Today in the South of France, at eight o’clock in the morning, my hands were white with the cold, while people in the street were muffled up in winter clothing. It has been much the same story all through ‘Summer’, is this Global Warming?” Will paying a tax to Rothschild change this? I think not.