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Has Your Inner Man Spoken To You Today?

It would appear that the perpetually fleeting moment, is all there is, everything else may have already occurred or perhaps, be about to occur, who knows?

Before I actually composed that sentence, my inner man had apparently, already composed it for me, meaning that I am in some way, simply the voice of my secret self.

Should that be so, it would appear that if we all have an inner controller, what is happening in that inner world and more importantly, how can we, in some way, counter the quite obvious control which that ‘universal’ inner world holds over this world?

That follow-up question was also composed, in advance, for me, however, I have just made certain changes, which slightly changed the sense of the response which I had already written. Was this my decision or his or more correctly ours,  who knows?

I have been aware of this phenomena for some time, as have been many other people, whom have become aware that we are actually no more than a form of transmitter for an unknown entity. The identity of that entity could well be a universal ‘spirit in the sky’ or a deliberately transmitted form of control, being used to confuse, the thought process of those whom pose a problem, for those whom seek total control of humanity, in their own selfish interest.

Whatever the reason behind this alleged control, it presents us all with a serious problem of ‘being.’ Where are we and what? As Dr Who may have asked during his everlasting life.

My inner thought, long ago suggested to me, that we are all asleep in a collective dream-state, under the control of a Captain, who holds the celestial microphone in his hand, through which his own ‘inner man’ is playing practical jokes on humanity, which must be true, according to my ‘special one,’ who is, I suppose, being controlled by his own ‘special one,’ which is a thought which only adds to the confusion.

The currently presented, sad reality, would suggest that the average European, would rather die, than stand up and speak out against the controlled invasion of White Christian Europe, by the uncontrolled birth-rate of the Muslim world, whom now have need of extra space, their own having been deliberately destroyed, by an unnecessary, onslaught of birth’s coupled with attacks by aggressive NATO forces.

These things do not happen by accident. What is being forced down the throats of the European Peoples, whom have never invaded any other country, despite what other people from Europe may have done, those whom have remained in Europe forever, cannot be blamed for the acts of others.

It is those innocent Europeans, whom now find themselves under attack, from those ‘invaders’ whom have ‘chosen’ to seek greater wealth in Europe. Whereas I am prepared to send aid to these people, I am in no way responsible for their plight. My own country is on the verge of becoming a Third World State, and yet there in no non-White Christian Country, who will feed, house and educate, huge numbers of my people, should they choose take to the rubber boats, they would be shipped to the nearest Christian Country and quickly sent back to their point of departure.

The Governments of Europe are allowing hysteria to build up against immigration from other member States of the European Union, while handing over the keys of the kingdom to Blacks from Africa, Moroccans and other Muslims, which gives an indication of the agenda to which freely elected politicians are grimly clinging, as a result of encouragement from an inner voice, I suppose.

To suggest that European governments are unable or incapable of stemming the massive influx of immigrants, particularly those from Africa, is a nonsense, these people are being ferried in and those operating the delivery system are being well paid for their trouble. There has been no significant effort, on the part of controlled politicians in Europe to stop this illegal criminal exploit, which will be disastrous for Europe. Some suggest it is already too late to undo the damage.

Just a cursory glance at the above clips reveals the same incidents being reported in different ways. The Italians suddenly morph into the Libyan Coastguard, whom bear a strong resemblance to a gang of thugs.

I could see no sign of a capsised Zodiac, all of those in the water appeared to be wearing life-jackets, there was no reason to swallow fuel or sea-water, and I do believe that Mark Stone, the man from Sky,  had told us that the petrol tank of the Zodiacs held just enough fuel for the five-mile trip out to the ferry.

The,’Coastguards’ were quite obviously there to recover the Zodiac and the life-jackets for next delivery.

This operation is so blatant, who could believe that British Security Services are not fully aware of what is going on? Do they lack an inner voice?

The Riddle Of Jeremy Corbyn.

The Riddle Of Jeremy Corbyn.

The British can sure of one thing, Jeremy Corbyn is not too concerned about what those, by whom he was elected, want or expect. He is more concerned with power, and the possibility of introducing International Socialism across the world. Make no mistake about it, this is Communism, with the so-called Elite in control.

His Shadow Finance Minister, has already floated the idea of the government, giving everybody a monthly salary, which will deliver a fairer share of the wealth to everybody. This will eventually lead on to a state where that is all you will get.

This will then become a credit which will have to have been used before the end of the month otherwise it will be wiped from your account. This will ensure that you cannot have savings. Should you transgress, your account can be blocked making your life impossible. This is the wet dream of Socialism.

Corbyn, like the rest of the Members in the House is being disingenuous, he knows full well the aims of the Fabian Society, which correspond with the philosophy of The Milner Group, which has already surreptitiously, taken control of our lives,  through the use of our money and labours. Corbyn is a farce.

What is more he is in full support of the main plank in the agenda of the Elite, the lie of man-made climate change, which will of course be solved by restrictions on the poor.

The Carbon Tax, which Corbyn supports, will do nothing whatsoever to change the weather, it is no more than yet another means of degrading first world life, down to the level of the third world, instead of improving life for those, whom have never ever made the slightest attempt to do it for themselves.

As a politician, Corbyn should be fully aware of exactly what politicians are voting for in documents like Agenda 21 and 2030, however he has yet to explain whether he intends to support a document, which will forbid human beings access to the open country-side. Banish private transport apart from bicycles and make the ownership of your own home illegal.

You will not be allowed to raise your standard of living above that of the controlled norm. Childbirth will depend on Government permission. Accidental pregnancy will involve a mandatory abortion. All of these monstrosities are being planned for your future, after the end of the fast approaching Dark Age.

Any one who has spent a few minutes reading history, both ancient and modern, will appreciate that what I am suggesting has already been a reality, for most people since the dawn of time.

There have always been those whom believe that they were born to lead and all that bull-crap. This has lead to war and mayhem, from which the people have gained nothing. They have allowed themselves to be used in order to agrandir the lives of a bunch of fakes, who have no more than an illusion of power.

Corbyn has accidentally disclosed the absolute lack of importance in the role played by elected Politicians. He recently had a revolt by ‘senior’ members of the Labour Party. These are the mainly brainless idiots, who occupy the Front Bench in Parliament and a place in the Shadow Cabinet.

When they resigned and tried to get rid of him, Corbyn did quite simply choose equally capable idiots from the Back Benches to fill the roles of the ‘senior’ prats, most of whom, when they did have this ‘power’ took the UK into illegal wars and were so stupid that they did not spot the collapse which was on its way in 2008 and in response to which, Gordon Brown broke the Bank of England to pay the debts of gamblers in the banking system and did then introduce austerity. Well done.

The Conservative Party, with their Front Bench intact, promised to sort out the mysterious ‘deficit’ in short order. They failed to do so and installed ever more severe forms of austerity, all of which was to suppress the fact that Britain was on its knees, and everybody must be stripped of their wealth, never again to be able to afford a house and totally dependent on the State.

There has been a conspiracy to export British Industry to the Far East and China, to make sure that when the reality of the true, engineered, situation in Europe was exposed, there would be little left to suffer from the collapse of the European economy.

Where were the Fabian Socialists, while that was going on, I wonder? Perhaps they were doing what they have always done, deliberately provoking those wars, which distracted attention from the cold, hard events on the ground.

Now that the collapse has arrived, so-called alternative substitutes like Corbyn, are being presented as the solution to the problem, by slyly introducing the British to the naked theft of their few remaining liberties, into the hands of same gang which has been destroying the lives of the working man, since the days leading up to the Industrial Revolution.

As were all previous revolutions, the Industrial one was a rich mans’ revolution, which stripped the workers of their remaining rights and which drove the British out of the villages and into those Dark Satanic Mills, in which they were worked to death.

Only to watch the rich close down, those mills as the Industry was moved to Asia, where the cheap labour was to be found.

The chosen solution, to this sudden surfeit of workers in the UK, was two World Wars, which pitilessly slaughtered millions of young men, the finest in Europe. So we have come full circle and once again we are being manipulated by the rich.



This time around the rich intend to destroy our very civilisation, once again through the medium of cold-blooded warfare, hiding behind which they will once more destroy European Industry, which can later be re-started with an obedient Migrant population in place.  Migrants whom have been driven from their own warm and cosy lands, into the Arctic and the coming mini-Ice-Age, by the very people, whose ancestral lands will soon ‘belong’ to the incomers. This is sheer madness.

The Neo-Industrialists in India and China, are already greedily marking out Africa, where the resources are to be found, for the same Bankers whom once raped and robbed Africa and turned China into an Opium Den and India into a land of cotton and cheap clothes.

While at the same time, the bankers are paying the fighting age population of Africa to come to Europe and having been bussed into Libya, they are being picked up in the Mediterranean Sea and brought into Europe to destroy it.

Be sure, the immigration explosion into Europe is a war. This current war was declared in 2001 after a mysterious attack in New York, which was so complicated as to have been way beyond the capabilities of those whom were the ‘chosen’ guilty perpetrators, against whom there has never been one shred of evidence produced, proving that they did indeed commit the attacks.

Using this event as the excuse, Western Forces, under NATO and the controlled Arab States, under the Arab League, have set about the massacre of the Middle East.

The British, are even now, supplying the weapons which Saudi Arabia is using to destroy Yemen, having done the same thing in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, while the brain-dead British are unable to see the connection between the behaviour of their politicians and the coming Civil War.

The brutality of the British, has been diabolical and shows in clear images, the depths of depravity, to which, British and European Politicians, many of them Jews, are prepared to sink.

They are obsessed with violence and pain. Even mass executions demand a bit of torture prior to death.

Never forget, these people in ‘power’ recently told us that they had captured Osama bin Laden, in Pakistan, he was the most wanted man in the world, they killed him and tossed his body into the sea, and everybody believed them. If you can believe that you can be made to believe anything.