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The Race To Hell With No Way Back.

The cries of racism and xenophobia are now sounding extremely hollow, as it becomes clearer by the day, that Europe is being invaded by so-called refugees, most of whom are young, relatively rich and Black, almost all of them from African Countries, which are jam-packed with Western trained Private Military Combatants, whom have been allowed to stream into Europe in huge numbers, by a compliant group of traitors in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Spain and Sweden, allowing Europe to be swamped from top to bottom, with trained killers, arms for whom have already been discovered in containers in Greek and Spanish ports, which are destined to be used to kick off a Europe-wide Civil War.

Claims that Europe needs these people as nurses in hospitals, to save crumbling Health Services and to pick strawberries, is total crap. These men have no intention of carrying out Social Work, they are, as do all invaders, already raping our women, which in past times lead to lynchings, but which are now being condoned because these ignorant bastards claim to have thought raping children was OK, as it is in their neck of the jungle, next they will be telling us that to eat their victim is good for their complexion.

These people have driven the Whites out of Africa, where their cousins are currently announcing that they will soon be killing off those Whites whom remain in South Africa. The Blacks inherited fully functioning States from the White Colonialists, which have now fallen into ruin, while these same Blacks now want to live in White Countries, have you ever heard such stupidity? They kick us out, while the likes of Merkel tell us, we must swamp Europe with Blacks because we must accept “diversity” unlike liberated Africa, which is for Blacks.

There is something seriously wrong with this situation and it is about time that Whitey woke up to his precarious situation. Blacks slaughter Whites, while Whites are called Racists, I find it hard to get my head around that one. These Blacks in Africa have been fed by those with an interest in using Black terror, to do to Europe and the United States, what they did in South Africa. They have invested billions of Dollars into this scheme. They have done nothing to help the Africans, apart from give them food to eat while they shagged themselves stupid and set about filling the Earth with hungry Black mouths to feed and we Whites, whom they have been trained to hate, are expected feed them, when they have already shown that they have no respect whatsoever for us.

The Black immigrants, whom were rejected by Italy, have been given shelter in Spain, where they threw away gifts of clothes from the Red Cross, before going into town to boogie, with hundred Euro notes in their wallets and Smart-Phones in the hands. Our Politicians should be rounded up, stood against a wall and treated the way we treat traitors, whom have deliberately lowered the draw-bridge and allowed the enemy to enter Europe, they have sold us down the river. They knew exactly what they were doing.




These elected puppets, are even now, attempting to pass laws which will forbid us to so much as name, those whom would do us harm, while they are arming and funding our declared enemies, with our money. They have just laid the Middle East to waste, with a pitiless campaign of terror bombing, while “We The People” watch bastardised European Football teams take part in the World Cup. We are even being forced to deny our identity and even our sex, to suit these scum, whom are even now proposing to teach little children the ‘art of Sodomy’ in kindergarten.

The ‘Authorities’ claim it to be impossible to deport these folk, I say that if these people found their way to Europe, they can find their way back to from where they came, that is their problem. The few women with children amongst them can be flown home, the rest can be dropped off on the coast of Libya. Whatever happens they must go before Merkel and her Communist cronies allow them to bring the rest of their families to Europe, to finish us off.

It was suggested on a radio program, that in fifty years or so, there will be three billion people in Africa, with no means of support, there is no way Europe can save them all. European women are being encouraged to murder their own young, while those like Nicolas Sarkozy are proposing that the White French breed with Blacks, as if Blacks are not already overdoing it without help from Whites. Why has there been no use of the abortion strategy amongst those whom have need of it and not among the Whites whom we are daily told are incapable of breeding enough children to maintain their Race? These bastards treat us as like idiots.

Syria Warned: You ‘Will’ Obey!

Syria Warned: You Will Obey!

This afternoon, 21st September, I listened to John Kerry, the US Secretary of State, delivering a speech to the United Nations Security Council, in which, not one word of truth did he utter.

Kerry and his coalition of filth, like a pack of rats, slavering at the sight of a dead animal in a skip, are advising the people of Syria, to dump their hero Assad, otherwise they will be made to pay dearly for their obstinacy.

When Americans speak, with the full power of the banking community behind them, who are themselves sweating, like the blood suckers which they are, waiting for the control of Syrian oil to be delivered into their claws, however many lives may be lost in the process, you can be sure that the US along with NATO will do what it takes to make sure that is what happens.

The last remnants of opposition to the coming darkness, are being wiped out in front of the eyes of those whom have recently been ‘devastated’ by the News, that a TV Baking program, will no longer be available on the BBC. Nothing can be done to assist those people, they are already lost in the mist of a dream without end.

While Kerry is struggling to force Syria into the same dire straits as are Iraq, Libya and all of the other hero states, who dared to say no to the City of London, he is blaming Assad, whom has been condemned to be demonised as were all of the other dead heroes, without a question as to how the United States, just happened to be on hand,  to save all of these Countries, from their evil Dictators, by destroying them, without a trace of Assad in the vicinity?

Corbyn in the United Kingdom, is a life-long Communist, He would like to take the Labour Party back to its roots. He does not intend to explain to those whom may be inclined to believe that Socialism, involved doing what was best for the working class folk whom did most of the work. Sadly the Labour Party has never stood for any such thing.

Strangely, David Miliband, a Jew from a Bolshevik Stalinist household, brother of Ed and almost a nephew of Jeremy Corbyn, on whose knee he spent many happy hours, Corbyn being a close friend of the Communist Ralph Miliband, the father of the household, is now denouncing both his brother and ‘uncle’ as having destroyed the Labour Party. This destruction was not at all the fault of himself and War Criminal Tony Blair. What a ridiculous idea!


The Socialist Party was set up in a manner which would slowly imprison those same workers into the trap of Marxist Communist Socialism.

We all grew listening to those famous phrases, ‘Property is Theft’ and ‘All Industry must be in the Hands of the Workers’ without a clue as to the real meaning behind such ideas.

By now we should all have seen enough evidence in Russia and China, to have fully understood where these ideas would ultimately lead us.

Property is Theft, for example, would oblige all workers to live in government-owned housing. No ownership of housing would be allowed.

Only those workers, necessary to grow the GMO foodstuffs, would be allowed access to the country side, for any reason, other than to take a stroll.

In order to protect ‘Nature,’ a government Pass will be necessary,even for this little adventure in the open air,  as very soon the countryside will be closed off and ‘rewilded,’ with savage animals, where you, as a mere human being, will not be allowed to enter, in case you upset in any way, these animals.

The idea makes many folk laugh, in much the way my garagist laughed this afternoon when I explained to him that very soon the Police will be able to interrogate the computer, built into his car? I did not have the courage to inform him, that before too long he may no longer be allowed private transport. All of these thing are ‘Socialist’ ideas.

The object is to force everybody to be dependent on the Government. The Government will of course be no more than a bunch of flunkies for the Corporations, which are themselves, ‘flunkies’ for the Bankers, whom are, I am told, merely the fall guys for the Occult Nobility, which I am assured are living in luxury in Venice.

None of this matters, what matters is the fact that you the people, have chosen to allow agents, with a hidden agenda,  like Fabian Man, Jeremy Corbyn, to slink into positions where they can be relied on to deliver the NWO goods.

From day one on my blog, I have been stressing the reality, of the promises made by the United Nations, that everybody in the world should have access to the minimum of health care, the meaning of which was hidden in plain sight.

‘Everybody’ includes all of you, who now have ‘good’ or at least, reasonable health care, which is gradually, through the complicity of politicians, being run into the ground, making it available to be cheaply ‘privatised’ into the hands of the Corporations.

The destruction of Europe into giant regions, each with its own mayor, who will be under the control of a United Nations group of International City or regional Mayors, with the aim of destroying the local and Sovereign democracies across Europe and ultimately the world.

Alongside this, there is the continuing effort to get rid of ‘cash,’ that is an imperative for any group which desires total control. Most people are already in debt. The young, no longer have the dream of owning their own home, many of them already have the albatross of a student loan on their shoulders.

There has been a deliberate effort to maintain a shortage of housing. In a long period of low wage inflation and with almost zero commodity inflation, with many youngsters working for peanuts, now being told that there will soon be a fifty year house buying mortgage available, to pay for the ridiculously over-valued hovels, which may still be within their reach, which means, that their ‘own home’ will be no more than a trap, for which they will be obliged pay ‘rent’ to the bankers, probably three times the original value of the hovel, while at the same time being forced to pay ever-increasing, local and national charges, for the right to live in the house,  which will be sold when they can no longer re-pay the debt, and the value of your home will ultimately be used, not for your children but to pay for a place in a ‘private’ Old Folks Home, in which you will die as soon as all your cash is in their pockets.

Jeremy Corbyn, a declared pacifist, has never denounced the UK’s participation in the payment of Daech or Al Nusra or any of the other tools of NATO, helping out in the overthrow of yet another Secular Middle Eastern State.

His contribution to the debate is to howl out in favour of the UK allowing enough so-called refugees to enter annually into the UK, to fill a town, the size of Newcastle.

This, dear reader, is all part of the scheme to bring us all down to the same level, where we will have ,’the minimum’ of everything, just like the rest of the Third World. The lack of cash, will ensure that you cannot live without your electronic device to pay for your food and other costs of living, a device which can be blocked quite easily, should you transgress.

We are almost there. The destruction of the Middle East is a huge part of this desire of the Bankers and Corporations, who will be quite prepared to kill us all when the time comes.

The day the SHTF, will allow us three days before the gangs start prowling around for food and water. Why do you think, millions of homeless migrants are already sleeping in the streets of the great cities of Europe? What do you suppose they will be doing when the Law breaks down?

I have watched dozens of clips on YouTube, with religious zealots bawling out to Muslims, how they should destroy Europe by weight of numbers and by shagging all those loose White women who are dying for sex with an alpha male.

I am at a loss as to why these ‘brave Mullahs’ are not pointing their forces towards Israel? What is the point of encouraging Muslims to leave their homelands, where they can still peacefully abide, in a political system which will allow them to own their own little house, however humble?

I have come to the conclusion that huge efforts are being made to instill fear into the hearts of Europeans, well we are not yet dead.

The Jews are in panic, because they are daily being outed, for their lies and deceptions, going all the way back to the early 20th Century. There is panic in Israel and so there should be.


Most of those whom have been paid by Mossad and others to come to Europe, can be dealt with. The streets of Paris are packed with rough sleeping, Black adult men, whom have no right or need to be in France. They should be sent back to from where they came. Europe is full.

White European people, whom are being presented as guilty, mainly from the mouths of Jews, are finally finding the courage to speak out in support of their Race.

Sadly, all of the political processes, are still in the hands of corrupt politicians, who control the system and the results of any referendum or election.

The massive demonstrations against the invasion of Iraq, which was fully supported by Parliament, despite the obvious objection by the voters, graphically displays where their true loyalties lie.

Since then the British Government, has continued its slaughters, because both of the main Parties were working to to the same hidden agenda.

Part of that speaking out will involve, ridding our Governments of those whom refer to themselves as Friends of Israel. I am quite sure that Netanyahu can provide them with a comfortable home, in their cherished land, without the need of too much contact with those from whom the British stole Palestine for those same Jews.

There is an eerie similarity between the claims of the current US government and the lies and damned lies which were used to hang innocent soldiers and female secretaries at the Nuremberg Tribunal, after the Bolsheviks had raped their way across Germany, having been urged to do so by a Jew, Ilya Ehrenburg, knowing full well that the three Masters of War, Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin, would offer them forgiveness for their transgressions.

Having decided that only the Germans could be charged with War Crimes, International Jewry and their stooges, set about their sadistic revenge on Germany, just as they are now doing under the guise of Daech in Syria and Iraq.

The atrocities against German peasants by the Bolshevik Commissars, the eye gouging, the crucifixion of the raped women on barn doors and the murder of all males, young and old alike, in an effort to wipe out as many Germans as possible, was quite simply barbaric and is of course not taught in our schools, to hide the identity of the guilty.

The British assisted in this bloody project by handing over the Cossacks to Stalin whom promptly murdered them.

The British, French and other European people, who have laid waste to the Middle East, are in no position to complain at the backlash, which has been shipped into Europe as a proxy army, which will even the score.

Even though the History of the Arab World is little better than that of the British/Jewish Colonisers and thieves, it is in London, where the nest of vipers has been allowed to flourish, having cheaply bought the support of a long line of British Politicians, queuing up for a few shekels.

If the British people, ever came out of their never-ending dream state and just for a moment came to fully understand, the amount of pain and misery, which they have inflicted on those unfortunate enough to have fallen under their control, and the amount of latent hatred for them in the hearts of millions of those whom have been robbed and slaughtered in the name of The City of London, Peoples which includes their closest neighbours in Scotland and Ireland, they might just understand the disgust in the faces of Muslims, parading through the streets of Britain, warning them of what the future has in store for them.

The British now have a toxic mix of all their victims, Black, White, Brown and Mulatto,in their midst, who will take a bloody vengeance when their time comes, and no warning is loud enough to pull your hazy eyes away from your HD Plasma TV.  I wish you the best of luck.