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Tucker Carlson Exposes A Purveyor Of Infanticide.

This sort of conversation always reminds me of politicians, whom when asked if they have ever used illegal drugs, either say no, if they have not but tell the questioner to mind their own business if they have used certain drugs, or in Slick Willy Clinton’s case, knowing full well that others could out him if he said no, replied with his famous ‘I did not inhale.’


Sergeant Bales Was Part Of A Team.

The controlled Western media, is once again delivering a cartload of disinformation about the ritualistic slaughter of women and children in two villages in Afghanistan.

It is being described as a tragedy for the Sergeant, there is not a thought for the dead.

As usual we are being fed a croque of HS by the media. In reality, according to dozens of eye witnesses, there were at least twenty GIs involved. They shot and stabbed to death women and children, having of course, raped the women. They then burned the corpses of the women to destroy DNA evidence.

Many of the witnesses spoke of a helicopter, which brought the platoon to the villages.

We in fact, appear to be dealing with a mission. These men could never have expected to get away with an atrocity such as this. The use of a helicopter could not have been at the whim of a Staff Sergeant. He would need authorisation from an officer. There is a cover-up taking place.

Bales himself is being excused of guilt, because he had served four terms of duty in War Zones. So what? These are not timid young lads whom have been conscripted, against their will into the armed forces. These are hard men. They are no different from the Blackwater Boys, or the US Muslim Brigade, which is called Al Qaeda, they are paid to kill. Many of them kill for sport. These men torture for pay. Wake up America! You, are the problem.

They are carrying out illegal orders, in an illegal war, on a daily basis. Without this sort of pervert to do their killing, the US would be powerless. These people are the problem. It would take a lot to convince me that my thoughts should be for this group of murdering scum and not for the raped and murdered women and their children.

According to a fact-finding mission set up by the Afghan parliament, at least 20 US soldiers were involved in the massacre of 16 civilians, including nine children, on March 11 in the district of Panjwaii in the southern province of Kandahar.

After investigating the circumstances and speaking to witnesses and locals, it was concluded that the crime could not have been committed by a single soldier, the head of the mission said on March 14.

Earlier, the Afghan government also said that several US troops, not a lone soldier, killed the Afghan civilians….Press TV

Sargeant Bales


The New Disinfected Form Of Cold Blooded Killing.

The town of Newport, which lies in the borderland between England and Wales, on the Severn Estuary, which was recently in the News, when an excessive number of teenagers took their own lives, was today the venue of what was to me a new and disquieting crime.

A man was found guilty of the rape of the partner of a member of his own family. After the rape he stabbed the hapless victim in the throat. The victim was nine months pregnant, her baby was due in two weeks. The cold-blooded madman, stabbed the women directly into her womb killing the baby.

He was today, Wednesday 22nd February 2012, found guilty of the rape of the woman, her murder and the destruction of the baby. I will repeat that, found guilty of the destruction of the baby.

What is this newspeak? What is the destruction of a baby? Is a baby now a construction of some sort? Could this have something to do with abortion? Is this a way of diminishing the death of an infant in order to justify abortion? We have all heard tales of late aborted babies still living after the abortion and being left to die on draining boards in Operating Theatres.

Is there a fear that should the MURDER of this as yet unborn child be called what it is, that it would in some way cast a shadow over the legal killing of millions of babies whom are aborted every year.

In the US, since the legalizing of abortion, Fifty-One Million babies have been aborted. So many Black babies have been aborted under pressure, that the Black population of the US will soon be no more.

Obscuring reality will not change it, murder by any other name is still murder. Aborted babies are not even dignified with a funeral. They are simply left at the mercy of the “Harvesters” whom can sell bits and pieces, Stem Cells and the like, to the highest bidder.

At what point does the judging of at what age does a foetus become a baby end, if at Nine Months, this little child was simply a “Thing?” Should we be killing so many babies through the medium of abortion if there is a need to pretend that it is OK, “It may be moving and sucking its thumb but it’s not a baby yet” nonsense.

This is Eugenics in action. The next step, after the justification of Infanticide, will be the culling of the elderly. After that, probably the retarded and the cripples. Soon all babies will be born in test-tubes, that is the aim. At that point we will be told that we are to be sterilised and allowed to die off.