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Is A Gay Divorce The Ripping Out Of A Mans Balls Through His Wallet While Laughing?

The UK Parliament, despite opposition from bewildered Tory MPs, has voted in favour of the legal right, for two people of the same sex, to get married in Church, whether the beliefs of the religion involved accept this political interference in religious matters or not.

Very soon, the way things are going in our broken society, it will be only “Gays” whom feel the need to consecrate their choice of partner in Church. Very few of my friends “took their vows” in Church, most settled for a Registry Office ceremony, others simply lived together.

The Marriage Vows were used in past years as a means on ensuring some sort of stability in the raising of a family, the father gave an assurance that he would work, in order to pay for the upkeep of his wife and children. The wife of the partnership, would think twice about leaving her husband, however desperate the state of the marriage, because to do so would leave her penniless. Socialism put an end to all that rubbish.

The State has now taken on the role of the father, while the male of the species has been quite deliberately relegated to the role of a beer swilling non-entity. This is mainly due to the bad-mouthing of the group, whose main interest in life is to try to guess what will happen in the next episode of whichever half-dozen “soaps” they are following.

The need to marry your friend, is just one symptom of what is happening to society. Before this ridiculous idea is finally passed into law, it should be made clear to the people, the origin of the command to force this through Parliament.  David Cameron was put under such enormous pressure from someone, that he along with the rest of the Western World, forced his party to pass this Bill.

The French people have taken to the streets in their thousands in opposition to this strange piece of legislation. Demonstrations have been taking place all over the world, from New Zealand to the North Polar region.  This is not a dictate from Brussels, this comes direct from the Shadow Government. There is something more to this than meets the eye. Probably the final destruction of the family.

Only today it was announced that arrests had been made in the UK, of men whom were suspected of taking part in paedophile activities at Elm House in London, a place which was considered to be a safe haven for homosexual men, to where young boys were bussed in, to entertain Bachelor Boys, whom could well be sweating, wondering to where this might lead.

The European Union has already mooted the idea that inter-generational sex should be legalised, that is sex between adults and children. Could the decision about Gay Marriage, be a means of softening us up as it were, in readiness for the big step, which would legalise the disgusting behaviour which appears to be rife in the corridors of power?