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Propaganda Oscar Style.

Three of the contenders for this years Oscars, are films which are based on events which were not quite as they are being presented. The truth of Lincoln’s lack of concern for the well-being of Black slaves is well documented. Emancipation would these days be referred to as an unintended side effect. His real aim was control, as is the aim of most politicians.

Daniel Day-Lewis, claims to have never discovered another human being with such spiritual depth, or some such rubbish, as he had found during his research into the life of Lincoln.

Day-Lewis is apparently a method actor, which means he becomes the character whom he is portraying. During filming he insisted that the rest of the cast called him “Mr. President,” Throughout the period of the filming he remained in character, on and off the set. Boring.

I was reminded of the television film about “Steptoe and Son,”  Harry H. Corbett was another of these Method Actors, whom strutted around the BBC, talking in that strange stilted fashion of would-be posh boy Harold. When Wilfred Brambell, the old paedophile was first confronted with this, he asked Harry H. what he was doing. Harry H. explained that he needed to get in to character before filming. Wilfred responded with a sneer and said, “I just walk on to the set and start acting.”

I will be totally honest about my lack of empathy for Daniel Day-Lewis, I detest him as an actor, I have never enjoyed any of his films and just knowing that he was playing Lincoln gave me an immediate headache. I knew with exactly what we would be presented.  Sure enough in the few scenes which have appeared on TV, my worst fears were realised, all of the actors shouted their lines in that bombastic fashion, which Hollywood has led us to believe was current in the nineteenth century.  Even a great favourite of mine Tommy Lee Jones has been afflicted with the sickness. Never mind, it’s all in past, “Look away Dixieland.”

Next on the list we find that other load of old cobblers “Zero Dark Thirty,” I hope I’ve got that right, one could put those three words in any order and they would still not make any sense. This is the absolute load of Bull about the tracking down and murder of Osama Bin Laden.

There is not one word of truth or reality in this film. It is a total fabrication of an event which never took place. Even the disclosure that the film-maker, may have been given access to secrets which should never have been released to her, will not make the film script any more believable.

The suggestion in the film, that the CIA had captured people, whom under torture could reveal the whereabouts of Bin Laden, is such nonsense as to make the whole film worthy of a dozen or more “Raspberries.”

The third of my films is the Ben Affleck film “Argo.” The tale of the hostages whom were held captive by the Ayatollahs in Iran, after the “Revolution.”

There is no doubt that these hostages were being held in Iran, what is not too clear is the role of the CIA and Mossad in the caper.  This was the time of the Iran-Contra Affair,starring Oliver North.

Reagan is not telling the truth about the hostages, the CIA and others whom were intent on making sure that Jimmy Carter would not be re-elected,  requested that the Iranian’s held on to the hostages, until Carter was kicked out of office, because of his failed attempt at a rescue and his opposition to other clandestine operations. The funds for the Contras were the reason for the selling of arms to Iran, it had nothing to do with the hostages. Reagan’s apology is simply part of the cover-up.

Iran’s part in all of this remains a mystery to this day. Are they simply stooges for the CIA and Mossad after all?  That is the question which occupies my research on a daily basis. I can find no clear answer and I will not find it in “Argo.”