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Stuxnet: The Trail Of On-Line War Games.


The Stuxnet computer virus, which was written by Mossad and the CIA and probably with some input from the UK arm of the main Global Terrorist Grouping, MI6, was designed to create disastrous problems in the computer system, which was built by Siemens in Germany and installed in the Iranian Bushehr Nuclear Plant.

The Iranians, whom despite a history of problems with the US, without a trace of irony, appear to have named the plant after the family whom have created many of those problems. Anyway, the Iranians were evidently, more than capable of dealing with the Virus and after treating it, were brave enough to launch the Power Plant with no apparent problems.

The contagion spread world-wide, infecting millions of computer controlled systems in China and other industrialised countries.

There is, according to many observers, evidence that the Fukushima catastrophic loss of control of the computer operated cooling system, was due to Stuxnet infection.

We are now in the middle of a total News blackout concerning the continuing Japanese nightmare. The remains of the reactors cannot be approached by workers because of the radio-active emissions and they are in a state of near collapse. They house hundreds of tons of spent radio-active fuel rods, which, should the buildings collapse, will start an unstoppable chain-reaction  where they fall. The pessimists are talking of the evacuation of Tokyo and maybe the entire island.

We have no way of knowing how many other disastrous events may have been caused by Stuxnet. Of what we can be sure is that this kind of computer terrorism did not start with Stuxnet.

Reports are emerging of attacks which were carried out by the Reagan regime as long ago as the 1980’s, in the infancy of computer programming.  Reagan, we are told, was obsessed with destroying The Soviet Union. Francois Mitterrand, the, President of France, revealed the contents of the so-called “Farewell Dossier” to Reagan, which contained information which had been supplied by a KGB Agent  Colonel Vladimir I. Vetrov.

The Russians were in need of computer programmes, which were essential, to control the pumping of gas from Siberia. The Russians were seeking help in Canada.

The US interceded with Canada to “doctor” the computer chips, with what would now be called virus, in order to provoke erratic behaviour, which would interfere with the smooth running of installations in which they were installed.

The object was to destroy the Soviet economy, through the destruction of its industrial base. What they in fact achieved was a series of massive explosions on the Siberian Gas Pipeline.

Colonel Vladimir I. Vetrov, appears to have suffered a catastrophic attack of madness, during which he attacked his girlfriend, he was executed in 1983, after his duplicity had come to light, by which time Mikhail Gorbachev was in charge of the Soviet economy.

Gorbachev was the man whom was selected to oversee the dismantling of the USSR. He quickly signed treaties with Reagan and started to create an atmosphere which encouraged the Soviet controlled Lech Walesa to kick off in Poland, in a “Communist Block Spring”  all of it, as with the “Arab Spring” under control.

The ideal “false flag” event to take everybody’s eye off the political ball was Chernobyl. It would be dumb to believe that the US, which had been in league with the Soviets forever, were not aware that the Iron Curtain was being raised for a new show.

The intent had always been to blend the Soviets with the West and arrangments had been made to make sure that all the wealth and resources ended up in the same hands. Yeltsin was waiting in the wings to see to that.

Reagan, had already placed coded “chips” into the computer system of the Soviets, this would imply that Chernobyl, like many other facilities would have been under the control of the US Intelligence Agencies. It would not be too great a leap to suppose that the same ghouls, whom were prepared to destroy Iranian Nuclear Power Plants and may well have caused the breakdown at Fukushima, would baulk at sabotaging Chernobyl.

Six British Soldiers Deaths Provide Propaganda Opportunity For The UK.

The Sky News presentation of the deaths of six British soldiers in Afghanistan, was an excellent lesson in the use of any crisis to further your justification for your illegal war and to present a case against your next presumed target.

Sam Kiley, whose reports never fail to give the impression that he has been briefed by MI6, while having absolutely no first hand knowledge of the attack, managed to include all of the keywords into his drivel.

To suit the occasion, it appears that it would be nigh on impossible to make a home-made bomb powerful enough to cause the damage which he had not actually seen. It would, he assured us, have come across the border from Iran. Ah yes Iran! No, hold on. Or from Hezbollah in Lebanon. Or maybe Saddam Hussein lives on.

This is in direct contradiction to the police evidence, which assured us that some young lads in the UK  could  make such  bombs, in their kitchen, which were powerful enough to destroy Tube Trains and Double-Decker buses in London to carry out the 7-7 attacks.

Kiley’s crap was followed by a statement from the Army, reminding us that these lads had died to protect UK citizens from attacks at home. Perhaps I missed the story of a terrorist attack which was carried out by the Taliban in the UK or anywhere else in Europe  or the World. He extended his condolences to the families of the soldiers. He might have added that Afghan children are being killed on a daily basis, along with their parents, in the name of protecting Brits at home.

Perhaps Kiley has failed to notice that despite all the fear-mongering, there has not been a single so-called terrorist attack, from a provable Muslim source, in the UK.  The attacks, which have been carried out can be traced back to the real culprits, whom of course are crouching behind the excuse of “conspiracy theory” rubbish. No evidence as strong as the “conspiracy theory” evidence has ever been presented, while Blair at the 7-7 enquiry was given the same opportunity to incriminate Iran as was he, Kiley, when Iran has attacked no-one.

The war in Afghanistan is illegal, it has more to do with Opium than problems with terrorists. As for the dead soldiers, Kissinger called them dumb animals, to be used as cannon fodder.

Kiley is simply sign-posting Iran or Lebanon as a threat, which will be dealt with after Syria has been dealt with. Syria has already been subjected to the full force of Sky News Black Propaganda.

Kiley might like another tour of Libya, where can enjoy the results of his eagerness to have the country bombed to oblivion, he might offer his condolences to some of the widows and orphans whom gave their lives to protect BRITISH interests.

We Will Force This War Upon Hitler, If He Wants It Or Not. — Winston Churchill

The grim words in the title of this article, were spoken by Winston Churchill, before the outbreak of World War Two. He made many other comments in a similar vein.

I became aware that events leading up to the war were not as I had been taught at school, in fact I had been fed a tissue of lies. Lies which were propagated to conceal a reality which was not in the best interests of the Ruling Classes.

It can be a strange, emotional exercise, to find ones self studying the writings of Adolf Hitler. We have been conditioned against him in such a manner as to almost want to spit, after his name has left your lips.

His imagery has been placed, quite deliberately, into the hands of the extreme right-wing elements, to further demonize the man and his philosophy.

One is almost obliged to apologise in advance before even mentioning his name, such is the weight of the allegations which are levelled against him.

Having listened to a discussion on the radio, suggesting that the build up to war had been forced along by a combination of British and Polish pressure, aimed at provoking a response from Hitler and not by any idea of Empire Building on the part of Germany, I became intrigued and started to research the subject.

One soon becomes immersed in a forbidden zone of censorship and a blatant attack on the rights of freedom of thought and speech. Mainly because to investigate Hitler, leads on, inevitably, to the holocaust.

At this point I will make my position quite clear. At Christmas Time in 2008, I was shocked and deeply depressed by the Cast Lead massacre, which was carried out against the Palestinian Concentration Camp in Gaza, by the savages whom refer to themselves as the Chosen People.

I find it hard to believe that anything worse could have been inflicted on any Jew, by Hitler or anybody else.  The image of a small child’s arm bursting into flame as a temporary bandage was removed as a result of being hit by White Phosphorus still haunts me.

That said, it will be clear that I do not have a high opinion of the people of Israel, I believe there is an expression “The Pot Calling The Kettle Black”  which they should bear in mind.

I managed, with difficulty, to get hold of translations of some of Hitler’s speeches.  On western television, we are presented with the original German, as a result we understand nothing. As children we were told that we were listening to the ranting of a madman.

Not so. In fact having just witnessed the lies which were told of Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gadaffi and now Assad in Syria, the lies and deception with which we were conditioned, concerning Hitler, are extremely pertinent. All of these lies emanate from the same source, The City of London.

I have found no evidence of a desire to build an Empire or indeed to control Europe in any of Hitler’s speeches, he spoke mainly of his desire to create a strong Germany.

 “Now we are being credited with many a truly astounding war aim, especially by the English. After all, England is quite experienced in issuing proclamations of objectives in warfare as it has waged the greatest number of wars the world over.”

Hitler spoke these words in Berlin in 1940, there is not much to disagree with.

The recent release of British documents, add weight to the claim that Hitler was cornered by the British and Polish Governments into a retaliation against Poland, which in fact had launched an attack on Germany, after the slaughter of ethnic Germans in Poland, had failed to incite Hitler into an attack.

We have been put through more than sixty years of lies in order to conceal the real truth of Hitler’s destruction, the main plank in this strategy was the question of the holocaust.

There is no way out for a country which is accused of such an enormous crime. The people of Germany have been forced to shoulder this burden and the universal hatred with which it was accompanied  and yet there is not one solid piece of evidence to support these claims.

We are told by Jewish organisations, that to merely check the figures is a crime, for which we could be gaoled. We can not even ask the question, “What do you have to fear from an investigation?”

The sad reality is, that Hitler, like Gadaffi, Assad, Saddam and of course Iran were outside the debt ridden Central Banking System, which is apparently in the hands of a certain group of families. Winston Churchill expressed it thus:

“Germany’s unforgivable crime before WW2 was its attempt to loosen its economy out of the world trade system and to build up an independent exchange system from which the world-finance couldn’t profit anymore. …We butchered the wrong pig.” — Winston Churchill  (The Second World War – Bern, 1960)