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Are The Jews Really Disliked For No Reason?

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One of the most difficult hurdles to overcome, when dealing with the state of affairs, by which we are controlled, is to convince the average man in the street, that there is no dignificant difference between a Mafia Don and a Banker.

Normal people believe such a claim, is used  to jokingly correlate a gangster demanding protection money and a banker robbing you with compound interest, to be no more than saying for example, that the price of petrol is “daylight robbery”. They simply cannot conceive that it is “daylight robbery” to be expected to pay back three times the value of a loan, in order to buy a home, when in fact the banker simply “forged” the money out of thin air. The world is truly controlled by racketeers.

I heard it suggested last night, on an an economics program, that the new model for multinational companies such as Apple or Amazon, was to use their huge wealth to create enormous international, online entities, which would control all of the worlds trade. Amazon has already proven disastrous for that American Institution, the Mall, many of which are closing down, as will our High Streets, should these proposed monopolies be allowed to get their way.

High Streets all across Europe are in a sorry state, mainly because people have no spare cash but also because they are being discouraged from going anywhere near a High Street because of all the obstacles, which are being introduced to restrict the ease with which one can actually drive a car in towns, which have been more or less closed to motor vehicles.

In London, I hear there is an aim to impose a toll surcharge, on older vehicles, with a special, even more expensive rate for those vehicles fuelled by “dirty” diesel, claiming that air quality will be improved by reducing a relatively benign nitrogen gas, by  increasing by at least twenty-five percent, the emmission ofa far more dangerous killer gas, Carbon Monoxide, which is emitted by the preferred, gas fuelled vehicles.

Back in the day, canals, were a wonderful asset, and yet along with the railroads, they were allowed to disintegrate to suit the Oil Barons, whom had a product to sell and whom were of course, in the main, owned by the men whom owned the Central Banking system, which itself is the most powerful weapon which has ever been allowed to fall into the grip of the World Mafia Organisation.

The European Union has declared that all Utilities must be sold into private hands and that to Nationalise anything is to be made illegal, suggesting that we the people have no right to controln or own anything, everything must be sold into the hands of the Mafia.

On top of that, never let it be forgotten that private property has already been made illegal in Agenda 21, which our politicians have signed onto, without a word to their voters. Included in the same Agenda 21 is the prohibition of private transport, so forget about electric vehicles that was all nonsense, there is not enough of the necessary resources to make all those batteries anyway .

The entire media is under the control of the same Mafia, so it is difficult to take anything which is reported as being true. That is why you have most probably never read a word about Agenda 21 in your local News outlet, while it is available in dozens of articles and video clips all over the internet, which will soon , f course be censored out of existence by those politicians whom work for you.

The most censored subjects in recent times are of course anything with a sniff of reporting  the antics of the Jews. Their alleged crimes have never been fully investigated by the mainstream media, which of course it is being “quite erroneously” suggested that they own.

While we have recently become accustomed to the claims, of this “Free Press”, concerning accusations against Donald Trump and his Russian Collusion and now Julian Assange, who has already been criticised, because along with the mainstream media, he has never released any damaging information against Israel, is being accused of the same “Russian Collusion” as was Trump himself, who despite his own experience,  has failed miserably to support Assange, against the current unsupported claims which are being used as an excuse to smear him.

Should you dare to mention or claim there to have been any sort ofJew meddling in recent events in Syria, Iraq or any other of the “wastelands” which have been created in the Middle East, you will be well aware of the yawns of others and claims of “Here we go it’s always the Jews with you, isn’t it?”, which denies any form of open discussion, mainly out of ignorance of historical realities which have been written out of our educational system by those with things to hide.


There would appear to be no problem whatsoever with unsupported claims of “Russian Collusion” by one and all or claims that any White protestor is an “Extreme Right” Klan member or a White Nationalist, White, is the only race denied the right to support its own existence, by the “alleged” Jew controlled media. 

This would be the “free media” which now wilfully lays the blame for events during World War Two, squarely at the door of those, “Fascist, Nazi, Germans” whom were lead by the “most vicious, evil character in the history of the world” and all that guff, while we are never reminded of the “real truth” that it was the Jews, whom proudly declared the war against Germany, in the month in March nineteen thirty-three, the day of Hitler’s election, which was long before he had even a moment to commit any sort of crime against Jews and in an unbelievably savage manner, the Jews were already calling for the murder of every single German, man, woman and child,

While on the other hand, the mass murder of sixty-five-million Russian Christians, was ongoing, under the control of Jews, in Ukraine, and the Baltic States, in 1933 all of which remains unreported and is of course never used to smear the Jews, whom even after the wars end in nineteen-forty-five, managed to slaughter more Germans than the total number of Jews in Europe at the time.

An unknown number of Prisoners were starved to death in the Rhine Meadows Death Camps by the Swedish Jew Eisenhower, while seven million more were sent into the hands of the fearful Jew controlled Cheka, in the Russian Gulags, a fate from which a mere five or six thousand managed to survive.

Recent events in the Maghreb and the Middle East, are a good example of having had a hidden Jew input, namely in the destruction of Libya and Syria. David Cameron, who was Prime Minister of Britain, has espoused the fact that his family is of Jew origin. In France the President Nicolas Sarkozy was a Jew, as was his step-father, who was also a member of the infamous Weiner family, who was also a senior member of the CIA. While it is a well-known fact that the mother of Barack Obama was also a Jew, all three of these men, controlled the illegal attacks against Libya and Syria. As soon as a lull occurred in the Libyan fighting, Rothschild rushed in the install a Central Bank and at the same time seize the Libyan gold reserves, while the oil reserves were shared between British Petroleum and the French owned Total.

So it becomes quite difficult, with the best will in the world, to find any event, which had included mass death, of one sort or another, in which there was not some sort of input from the Jew community.

Are we even now expected to ignore the quite deliberate maiming of little children in Gaza, whom have lost a leg as a result of the dum-dum illegal bullet, from a Jew sniper? Should we ignore the silence of the Jew controlled media, which never misses an opportunity to remind us of the sufferings of Jews, to the voluminous amount of hate speech from Jews, which when it is not being used against the Germans, is calling for the Genocide of White people? Should we ignore the words of the President of Israel, who claimed:

“We are not denying and are not afraid to confess that this war is our war and that it is waged for the liberation of Jewry… Stronger than all fronts together is our front, that of Jewry.

We are not only giving this war our financial support on which the entire war production is based, we are not only providing our full propaganda power which is the moral energy that keeps this war going.

The guarantee of victory is predominantly based on weakening the enemy forces, on destroying them in their own country, within the resistance.

And we are the Trojan horses in the enemy’s fortress. Thousands of Jews living in Europe constitute the principal factor in the destruction of our enemy. There, our front is a fact and the most valuable aid for victory.”

– Chaim Weizmann, President of the World Jewish Congress, Head of the Jewish Agency and later President of Israel, in a Speech on December3, 1942, in New York.

Or indeed this sort of encouragement:

“The Germans are not human beings. Henceforth the word German means to us the most terrible curse. From now on the word German will trigger your rifle. We shall not speak any more. We shall not get excited. We shall kill. If you have not killed at least one German a day, you have wasted that day… If you cannot kill your German with a bullet, kill him with your bayonet. If there is calm on your part of the front, if you are waiting for the fighting, kill a German before combat. If you leave a German alive, the German will hang a Russian and rape a Russian woman. If you kill one German, kill another – there is nothing more amusing for us than a heap of German corpses. Do not count days; do not count miles. Count only the number of Germans you have killed. Kill the German – this is your old mother’s prayer. Kill ther German – this is what your children beseech you to do. Kill the German – this is the cry of your Russian earth. Do not waver. Do not let up. Kill.”

Text is found in Jew Ilya Ehrenburg’s book Vojna (The war) (Moscow, 1942-43

The slaughter of the innocent continued long after the war when a further twenty million Germans were murdered.

1946 to 1949: The jewish controlled allies put on a show trial called the “The Nuremberg Trials” where the Germans were found guilty and the holocaust myth is created. The Germans are forced to pay for the creation of Israel.

1948: The jews started their genocide of White Britain with a boatload of Negros from the West Indies. The Zionist press claimed this was to deal with an alleged labour shortage in Britain.


<img class=”size-full wp-image-1695 alignright” title=”The Windrush arrives and the genocide of the British People starts.” src=”https://cigpapers.files.wordpress.com/2013/10/sun2.jpg?w=630&#8243; alt=”The Windrush arrives and the genocide of the British People starts.”/>

It would be quite incredible should the above all prove to be no more than lies about the Jews, so one is entitled to ask the simple question as to why the Jews in Israel, are to this day, in receipt of the total support of every Christian Nation on Earth, and are granted more than their fair share of control in the United States, Britain and France? could it be because they control those countries with a crooked money supply as some learned people suggest? And to round it all off what are we to make of the Jews  Denial of the Irish Holocaust, which was a savage act of the City of London, which is controlled by Jews?

Whatever You Do Don’t Mention Whats’s Name.






There is a group of crazies out there, which has been allowed to corner the production of the currency for the International Monetary system,  the interest gained from this crime has made them richer than any country on earth. They have stolen enough wealth from “We the People” to ensure that while they can finance an all out war, before breakfast, European youth can no longer afford to buy a home. All of this with the acquiescence of elected thieves whom we refer to as “Our Elected Leaders”,whom have sold their people along with their own souls to the most vicious killers the world has ever seen. Those killers are now turning their guns against us.




The Jew in the above clip spells it out, there will be no more White European Countries. She made no mention of Asia or Africa, only White people must be diverse. This is “Genocide” it is a blatant attempt to undermine the existence of a Race of people. Jews of course, still claim that Hitler was intent on doing exactly the same thing to them in past times, even as the Jews were themselves purging White Christians, by the million in Russia. This would suggest that the Jews, whom are still constructing memorials to themselves, do not give a shit about the well-being of anybody else. So we must take care of ourselves, and forget this crap about it being a crime if we utter the same thing about these Jews as they constantly use against us.

The Communist Portuguese Jew Manuel Borusso, the one-time over-paid character who was the brunt of Nigel Farage’s acid attacks, is in London to add just a shade more fear to the fear factor. He warns about the No Deal exit, which would be the best deal for the UK which is why the controlled puppets in the UK are against it.




To suggest that future dealings with the UK would be more difficult under World Trade Rules is an empty threat, these people are attempting to make it look as if the whole of Europe will grind to a standstill because of lorries coming and going to and from the UK. This is arrant nonsense, everything will continue as before until things which may carry a tariff are sorted out, but rest assured the European Union has everything to gain from a Free Trade Agreement under which nothing would change. That is all there is to it. The real problem for Europe and the Bankers whom control it is the domino effect which will bring their European Death Dream, tumbling down.

I hope you all pay attention to the Europa: The Last Battle clips, what they present is not hyperbole it is the stated aim of those whom refer to themselves as Zionists, Communists, Bolsheviks or Jews and you really do need to take on board the list of aims which they lay out in simple language. Should we make similar claims about “them” the reaction would be completely over the top. The British Labour Party is once more under the cosh for making some innocuous remark about a Jew.

This woman explains how it is a crime to call her a traitor or a fascist and then promptly calls the demonstrators the same thing. She has yet to stop yapping about being called a Nazi which id the favourite term used against “them”.the “Extreme” Right. She is being called a traitor because she refuses to accept the decision of the people of the UK in a democratic vote, to;leave the European Union. She and her ilk have brought in help from the foetid depths of The European Union Under-World, Manuel Borusso, to spread a little fear amongst the British people, while the decision of Honda Motors to pull out of the UK is being claimed being presented as yet another casualty of Brexit.

Hiding behind all this manufactured mayhem, the Chinese, under the control of a bunch of Jew financiers are silently constructing their own style of New World Order, The Belt and Road Project.







The Robbery And Genocide Of White Christians.

There are those whom tell us that Jews have got an innate ability to benefit financially from the current, Economic system, a claim which I would like to dispute. They are no more than common thieves, whom have, through the use of brutal thuggery, managed to impose an International Extortion Racket, on to the Peoples of the World.


This would never have been possible without the connivance of the elected criminals, whom have eagerly accepted the cash payments for allowing the continuation of this racket for generations.

Even our mythical rulers, the Kings and Robber Barons have all put their weight, behind a crime, so enormous that it has been accepted as a perfectly normal state of affairs, as if it were an act of God, an idea which was reinforced by a controlled system of education, which has delivered,  a dutifully deceived population, whom have been living in a state of total slavery to the banking  system, all of their lives.

This is a manifestation of a system of education, which has quite deliberately discouraged any inquisitive questioning,  of the teachings in the classroom, in which lessons are delivered by an equally well deceived teacher, thereby closing the loop of the false education, which was no more than a brutal form of conditioning, which has become ubiquitous across the Western World.

A recent poll of Members of the British Parliament, showed quite clearly that a huge percentage of those MP’s who when asked the question, “How does the Financial system in the UK function?” had no clear idea, not even when asked to explain “What is the deficit?” I can vouch for the truthfulness of the results of this Poll, because I have yet to find any single person, in my own neck of the woods, who could deliver any response at all, to the same questions, a group which included an Accountant.

What sort of education could leave intelligent students in such a state of ignorance, about what is probably the most important information concerning how Democracy works and by who or whom it is controlled and for whose benefit?

The default position of the mass of humanity, is to jeer at anyone who dares to question the system. Ignorance is the politically preferred state of the masses, a condition which is well understood by the ‘unelected’ group which pulls the strings of Democracy, a system of control which relies on absolute mass ignorance.

In the United Kingdom, there are moves afoot to protect the people from ‘Fake News’ and it goes without saying, that they do not mean the drivel which pours into British Homes from the BBC or Sky News, all the Fake News claims will suddenly be against those, on the Interweb, whom as I do, attempt to write truthfully about events which occur all around the World, which are never presented by the “News” in an unbiased manner.

Donald Trump clearly claimed that many of the News outlets in the States were Fake and my own peek at reality on the ground and what was presented by the likes of CNN and MSNBC, confirmed his accusation. Since when the viewership on many of these liars programs,  has slumped. However, Fox News, by taking a slightly different approach, which has been ‘softer’ on Trump and has presented a more balanced view of recent events, has gained millions of new viewers. However, back in the Fake News Rooms of Sky in the United Kingdom, the very same group, which owns both Fox and Sky News, continue to denigrate Trump, to the point where a smarmy little Smart Ass was reprimanded by none other than John Bolton, for her disparaging remarks about President Trump.

Believe me, this creature has form, she once asked the wife of a mass murderer, if she thought that had she given her husband more sex, those women might still be alive?

These remarks about Donald Trump are so tasteless as to be way beyond fair comment, which graphically illustrates, that while using Fox News as a response in the United States, to the disinformation of the rest of the Media, which is good for business, Murdoch is towing the line in the United Kingdom, which attacks Trump on a daily basis, so where does the truth lie Mr Murdoch? Certainly not in your hands.

In view of the discrepancies in the presentation of the News as it is presented in the United States and Europe, which of the versions are liable to be marked as fake? They cannot both be right. Sky News presented a deliberately edited clip of Trump, which gave the appearance that he had said something which he did not say.

I have presented the evidence of this deliberate lie on several occasions. A guest, who was being interviewed by the same creature, as were Bolton and the General, pointed out to Burley that the clip was misleading, even as she was running Trump into the ground,  despite which, the very same edited clip was used as a tag, as the next News broadcast was transmitted and has been used hundreds of times since.

It is now the “War Cry” for all of the Social Justice Warriors, who decry Donald Trump and was used as the reason for the idiot Mayor of London, to call for the banning of Trump from the United Kingdom.

Note that when Burley introduced the question to the Political Correspondent, the complete clip had just been played, which baffled the correspondent, who had been prepared to respond to the edited clip. He was reduced to blathering rubbish about Resident Muslims coming home from holiday being prevented from entering the USA , and other nonsense, when it was perfectly clear that Trumps remarks referred to the warnings that ISIS Jihadists were coming home from war, into Europe and the USA.

Throughout the ‘RussiaGate’ debate, Sky News has been convinced that the idiotic claims,  which Clinton had made,  that Russia had hacked voting machines, during the election, swinging the vote in favour of Trump, when in fact Trump had won according to another system and that the voting machines were not even online and could not have been hacked anyway. The reality  which was totally ignored by the British Media, was the fact that hundreds of the voting machines were controlled by “Honest George Soros.”

Lying behind all of this carry on, is the major panic in the hearts of the Central Banking Families, who despite the generations filled with lies and distractions about the activities of themselves and those ‘living high on the hog’, having robbed the poor and disabled of every penny they earn, through taxes and other extortions, that they can be exposed and destroyed, not through Fake News but with the Truth. Elie Wiesel, a professional survivor, suggested that “with so much invested in the holocaust, imagine the reaction against the Jews should, it turn out to be false?”,

 One aspect of the grandiose utterings about the holocaust, is the cry that “we must never allow this to happen again”, when in fact the Bolshevik Jew Red Army’ which streamed into Europe, did so with the blood of Sixty Five Million Christians dripping from their hands, as a result of the vicious slaughters, which Jews had perpetrated on the Russian Christians, which is the equivalent of ten Jew  holocausts,  which the Jew controlled Red Army did then continue to carry out all across Germany and Eastern Europe, after the War’s end.

This demonstrates that the Jews, whom claim some sort of unique victimhood, had been carrying out far bloodier ‘holocausts’ both before and after the one which involved Jews. Twenty million Germans alone were slaughtered in that Jew declared war. So in fact we did not make sure that it “never happened again” but we never hear about the others, which is, I suppose because they are of less importance as they involved White Christians.





 These are some of the Jew “survivors” from Auschwitz, looking clean and well fed and the young pregnant woman does not show signs of any ill-treatment, as they are being liberated by the Russians. They look as if they had hardly suffered at all.

Full In The Hateful Heart Of London.



The first thing to remember is that there is nothing wrong with the ‘system’, the fault lies in the first place, with those whom have taken control of the system and secondly, with those whom have allowed them to get away with it.

Those whom facilitated the construction of ‘monopolies’ while pretending to have made sure that no disadvantage to the People would result, are blatant liars. They have in fact been quietly allowing, a group, which is under no form of control, which has placed itself above the Law, they in fact control the Law, to take control, even of the rain which falls from the sky, they would be the Zionist Bankers and their useful idiots,

The American people, have found it impossible to grasp the fact that they have been controlled from the City of London by Masonic Bankers, ever since the day they allowed a bunch of Freemasons’ under George Washington, to lead their ‘Revolution’.

I frequently ask American visitors to France, who or whom do they imagine, controls the Federal Reserve Bank? They have absolutely no idea and yet when it is suggested to them, that it is controlled from The City of London, they laugh out loud. They genuinely believe that they got rid of the English in 1776.

When it is explained to them, that the twenty trillion-dollar American debt, is in fact owed to the British, they assume you to be out of your mind. They can accept the idea that much of that debt is with China, without understanding that most of Chinese manufacturing is firmly in the hands of London, from where, both sides in the Chinese coup d’etat were financed.

Incredibly, the Peoples of Europe, are so innately stupid, that there is not even need to change the propaganda, which was used to convince, the whole wide world, that Hitler was a demon, allowing Gadaffi, Saddam Hussein, Bashar al Assad and Mugabe in Zimbabwe, but not of course St Nelson Mandela, to be castigated and ultimately destroyed, using exactly the same ‘evil Dictator’ rubbish as the excuse.

Russia, where the real slaughters were taking place, was left, without interference, to continue the purging of the Christians. Purges which were repeated, in China, after the Nationalists’ had been betrayed by the West.

The same freedom loving West, which allowed Russia and China to assist in the construction of the North Korean Communist State, which is now, as far as I can figure out, the only remaining vestige of overt Communism on Earth.

To suggest to these Free Americans’ that they have been living under Communist control, ever since the end of World War Two, and along with The European Union, and all of the Peoples of Europe, they are being targeted for destruction, by their freely elected executioners, they normally walk off laughing amongst themselves pointing their fore-finger at their temple.

America and Europe, have been denuded of manufacturing companies, they have all been exported towards the East, by the huge monopolies, which were allowed to take and control most of Western industry, under the excuse of Climate Change, which is a totally meaningless phrase.

All of that industry, which believe it or not, is still in the hands of those whom allowed it to go to China or elsewhere in Asia, was deliberately exported, to facilitate the destruction of Europe, by an integrated group of people, with an inbred hatred of Christians, particularly White Christians, with the intent of reducing Europe to Third World Status.

In Ireland, where there has always been strong feelings against Bolshevism or Zionism, or any other pseudonym for Jews, particularly after the Bolshevik atrocities in Russia and the starvation of hundreds of thousands of Germans at the end of the Great War, which was instigated by the Bolsheviks in the City of London, in an effort to force Germany to sign the Treaty of Versailles and the ceding of Palestine to the Jews, at the expense of the indigenous Peoples, all of which struck a chord within the Irish, whom suffered a similar fate at the hands of the Bolshevik City of London.

Great efforts were made to restrict the Jew population in Ireland, sadly, despite such efforts the Jews crept in. It was an Irish Jew from America, Robert Briscoe, who greeted President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, when he visited Ireland in 1962. Briscoe, along with the other Jew imported from the United States, Eamon De Valera, are believed to have conspired in the murder of the Irish hero, General Michael Collins. De Valera and Briscoe, both rose to high Office in Ireland.



Despite the overwhelming desire of the Irish people, to maintain Ireland as a White Catholic Country, two more Irish Jews, Peter Sutherland and Alan Shatter, along with Jew Feminist, Ronit Lentin and the Jew, Ivana Bacik have deliberately swamped Ireland with non-European immigrants firmly against the wishes of the Irish people.

Sutherland is of course part of the Zionist controlled United Nations, which is determined to swamp every European White country out of existence, while Shatter who is currently the only Jew in the Irish Government,  holds most of the important positions.

Shatter disgracefully, supported Israel’s massacre of Gaza in 2009. He describes himself as ‘Israel First.’ He opposed the ‘Freedom Ships’ which attempted to take supplies to the People of Gaza, just as the Jews in the City of London, cynically turned away vessels bringing food from the USA, for the starving Irish, during the Genocide in Ireland.

In support of immigration into Ireland, he sunk to the depths of mentioning the Holocaust. He was also involved in the sacrilege of a Holocaust museum in Dublin, where mention of ‘An Gorta Mór,‘ as a deliberate ‘Holocaust’ is unmentionable. You truly could not make up, such hypocritical crap, if you closed your eyes and tried with all your might.



Despite their small numbers, the Jews and their paid supporters, could not even leave little Ireland alone. A land which they have been savagely attacking since their Jew stooge, in the Court of the First Elizabeth, sent their marauders into Ireland to initiate an unending saga of hate. That would be the very same John Dee, who positioned the Cecil family into a place, in the Court of England, from where, several Centuries later, a member of that family, would help to write the Balfour Declaration, giving the Jews free rein to massacre yet another country.

The Barbarians Are On Their Way To Sack Europe. Are We Doomed?





As Empires start to decline, it is said that certain elements of androgyny or gender confusion or other kinds of perversions, start to appear, along with licentious sexual liberties which are a cul-de-sac and not an evolutionary advance in terms of civilisation, which will enrich the life of anybody. Who or whom, one might ask, is the above advert aimed at? One can only hope that it does not appeal to kids.

A woman, the child of Asian immigrants into the United Kingdom, who was once connected to PIE, an organisation which was in favour of reducing the age of the sexual consent of children, to a point which would legalise the disgusting activities of paedophiles, with ‘very’ young kids, despite which,  she has been  given the status of  a ‘Lady’ and a Member of the House of Lords,  has now written a book, for which she was granted free advertising space on LBC radio, a book complaining of the segregation of women in Public Life.

She gave as a description of how little things have changed during the past hundred years, using the example of a group of Martians, whom had visited the earth one hundred years ago, and should they return today, would they find that things had changed for the better?

Her mindless response was that they would immediately notice that the women were still doing most of the washing up and looking after the children, in a position of subserviency to their husband, as if that is what Martians would be looking out for.

They could equally well have noticed straight away, that the men were still digging the roads up, emptying all the dust-bins, repairing all the motor cars, doing all the house repairs, while the women spent most of their time complaining about who was going to do the washing-up.

All of that, before pointing out, to the stupid Christian Earth man, that the result of allowing women to enter into positions of power, would appear to have led to the total destruction of the White Christian world, while the affairs of those whom have kept the women in their rightful place are on the rise. It all depends on emphasis.

Those ‘liberated’ German women, who greeted truckloads of barbarians, with flowers and Coca are already discovering, to their joy, what life is going to be like in future times, while passing their days in the company of those who do not give a toss about Christian values or indeed children’s’ legal age of consent to be ‘butt-fu**ed.




There is also another facet to the downfall of an Empire, which concerns those whom have gained the most from the past brutality, including this immigrant woman, who is attempting to ‘guide’ British women, in a direction which suits her controllers in the Fabian Society. Those  ‘men behind the curtain’, whom have used their useless pieces of paper money, to steal the bulk of the world’s wealth, in terms of gold, resources and infrastructure, a theft which will serve them well in the future, and whom have been plotting the destruction of the United Kingdom and Europe, for the past one hundred years.Europe has not fallen by accident.

The actions of these occulted people, have, during the past one hundred years, using ‘useless eaters’ from all across the White Christian World, ruthlessly destroyed the British, French, Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian and Japanese Empires. They are now attempting to start a New Order of things with them at the top of the heap, with a much reduced world population, most importantly, of those White Christians of whom they live in fear.

The slaughters, to reduce the European population of Christians, kicked off in Ireland, moved on to Russia and Armenia, then Spain and after that Germany and finally back to Russia and Eastern Europe. Now the whole of White Christian Europe is under direct attack, with millions of Black Africans, lined up at our borders, waiting for the ‘all clear’ before making the final dash to Europe.

Europe is already flat on its back, having been looted by Zionish forces. There are constant lies being propagated about the state of financial affairs all across the European Union. Britain claims to have more people in work than at any time in British history and yet they still have a ‘deficit’, which indicates that millions of those ‘in work’ are not even earning enough to be paying income tax, while millions of them are being fed by ‘food banks.’

We are forever being pointed away from the main problem, which has been ongoing for one-hundred-years. When the Russian Royal Family were murdered, the execution was carried out with the benediction of the City of London, where many of the ‘foreign’ Bolshevik bankers, whom have retained control of England for centuries, reside, out of reach of British Law.

The Bolshevik revolution reared its head in France, with the Commune, which managed to slaughter eighteen-thousand French Catholics. It then turned its attention to Russia and after that, at  the end of the Great War Germany. The Germans kicked them out and executed the revolutionary leaders. After which attempts were made to take Bolshevik control of Spain, where the Communists were once more defeated, with the help of the Germans.

That historical fact, which clearly demonstrates that it was an attempt, by the Bolsheviks, to spread their evil rule all across Europe, was described on an ‘alternative’ news program as a war against Franco, when it was perfectly clear that it was a Bolshevik attack, financed by Joe Stalin, which Lenin had been proposing for years. Spain had already been undermined by Bolsheviks, whom still bear a grudge against Spain, from where they were evicted in 1492. Catalonia was a centre of resistance against Franco. The alternative ‘news’ presenter is of Spanish Jew stock.

The British were taken down without so much as a whimper, when Cromwell beheaded the King and then invited the Zionish folk into England, as were the French, where they watched ‘their’ ruling classes being slaughtered, by guillotine,  after a Zionish inspired revolution, to make room for the soon to arrive,  Zionish ruling classes.

While Russia, the first gain for the Zionish people, is now daily being attacked by the American Zionish Press and Television News outlets, claiming Russia to be supporting the hated Donald Trump, RT is rejoicing in the position of being the top source of News on the Zionish controlled YouTube.

RT is packed with Jews, some of whom occasionally  play the part of ‘crisis actors’ on holocaust remembrance day and on other such things, while Christian presenters, failed to mention that a few days ago, they aired a film of dead people in Ukraine, which the Zionish people claimed to be Jews whom had been massacred by the Germans, which was a false claim, the people in question had been starved to death by Joe Stalin, during his build up of food stocks, in preparation for the part Russia would play in the coming war against Germany.

“Free Russia” fails to correct the falsehoods of Zionish Russia’s part in World War Two. They still allow the lies to continue about Auschwitz and many other Camps, which were very carefully destroyed, before any sort of investigation could be carried out, in search of support of claims made by the Jews without taking so much as a photograph, before the evidence was destroyed.

They constantly play down the Holodomor in Ukraine, which starved untold millions of people to death and the dislocation of millions more to Siberia. They in fact never so much as mention the sixty-five million Russian Christians whom perished under Trotsky, Lenin, Yagoda and Stalin, while insisting, along with the International Zionists, that Hitler was the problem, full in the face of a mountain of evidence which suggests that Hitler was the victim.

So can we put our faith in Putin and the new, Free Russia or is it all a game of ‘Good Cop, Bad Cop?’ One way or another, Syria like Libya and Iraq, has been destroyed to save it, this time with the help of Russia, which saved those other Zionish demons, from having to show their faces above the parapet, so where does that leave Bashar al Assad and the people of Syria?


Fake News Man Seeks ‘Truthful’ Support From The Merchants of Fake News.


Should a journalist do, as did Kevin McGuire, an associate editor? of the Daily Mirror, on a British Radio program, call a member and by inference, the entire Ukip political party, a pack of liars, having used his position as a member of the ‘Fake News Community’ to sow the seeds of hate against Ukip, one would imagine that he would at least be asked to justify his claim.

Unfortunately he was not,  as he was speaking on LBC, a rabidly anti Trump and Ukip, purveyor of disinformation, whom steadfastly continue to present as ‘truth’ even those exposed ‘fake’ tales, which were used against Ukip in the ‘Brexit’ Referendum.

McGuire, as have his compatriots in the USA, has continued his resistance to a Democratic decision of the People, as does the entire British Press, Radio and Television media, by continually ‘talking down’ the Brexit decision. I have just heard a host on LBC, ask the question, ‘What does it matter if we tell the truth or not?’

LBC went on to hold a discussion, with a group of journalists, whom were totally opposed to Trump, they were claiming that to deny what the media reports, is a conspiracy theory. They have presented a photograph which appeared in the Guardian, which allegedly proved that Trump’s claim of massive crowds at his inauguration was a lie, without showing the evidence, as if an unverified photo, was proof enough of something. It has yet to be shown that the two photos of Trumps inauguration were taken at a comparative moment. It was a ‘fake’ discussion.

Below is a short video claiming the CNN photo to be fake and after that, a photo from Getty Images, of the event. Then the proof of yet another batch of lies from O’Brien, about the Muslims cheering as the Towers Came Down on 911 and the handicapped reporter claims. All of which took me about ten minutes to track down and upload. Are there no rules about the extent of the lies which can be freely broadcasted by LBC and do they never research their subjects?













There is a far more serious situation building up, particularly in the United Kingdom, which those like McGuire and LBC, refuse to address. They are constantly referring to Ukip, using the ‘fake’ image of Hitler, which the British Press, quite deliberately disseminated, when it was necessary to justify the unnecessary war against Germany, by shifting the left-wing National Socialists to the ‘extreme right,’ which signals to the sheeple in the UK,  that a vote for Ukip, will mean a gas chamber will coming soon to a town near you. This is a totally misleading approach which cannot be justified.

Trump has promised to build a wall on the Mexican border, to prevent the invasion of the United States, by the overflow of the uncontrolled birth-rate in Mexico. What on earth is wrong with that? There are already millions of illegal Mexican immigrants in the United States.

Illegal means, forbidden by law or unconstitutional, take your pick. Whatever those Mexican people may be doing in the United States, they are Mexican and it is the duty of the Mexican government to look after their welfare and should these illegals be in need, the USA should demand cash from Mexico to look after those needs.

To allow millions of Mexicans, to create the very same problem, in the States, which they have already created in Mexico, is a stupidity. There is not even a ‘cap’ placed on the number of children for whom they may legally receive benefits.

There are thousands of British people, whom have chosen to retire in France. Their pension is paid from the UK. Imagine the uproar, should these White British people, choose to do exactly what the recent immigrants are doing, by demanding food, shelter, health care and a pension from the French government.

Another ‘fake’ by lying tale, which has never been discussed by any ‘free’ journalist, working in the UK, is that of the British genocide against the Irish. They continue the outright lie, that five million Irish people, starved to death as a direct result of a potato blight, denying the reality that unknown numbers were transported to far away lands as ‘slaves’ or indeed ‘indentured servant’ a term which is a euphemism for slaves.

The British, at all of their various social levels, continually blame the slaughter on the potato blight, as if nothing else would grow in Ireland. When in reality the British continually stole millions of tons of Irish produce, at gunpoint, as the Irish were dying of starvation in front of them and as did the Bolshevik Jews in Ukraine, they shot children attempting to steal some wheat to eat.

As justification for this Holocaust, the absent British Landlords calculated that to provide the Irish peasants – whom were allowed just enough land to grow potatoes and carrots to keep them alive- enough land to grow wheat and other grains to replace the failing potato crop, would require more land than was available in Ireland. The idea of feeding the Irish with the food which was being exported to England, was never even considered.

Their calculation explained to the profit conscious gentry, that it was cheaper to export the Irish people, rather than feed them, because of the restriction placed on production, by the available land necessary to so do.

The British would refer to what I have just expressed as ‘fake news’ because unlike the Jews, whom have constructed, even in Ireland, a ‘holocaust’ museum, to bolster their own claims, can you imagine that, in a country where it is illegal to deny the claims of the Jews and where the Irish Holocaust is itself denied?

The same Jews whom had already taken control of England, from where they despatched Cromwell’s New Model Army, which they had funded to murder the King of England, into Ireland to continue the land theft and repression of the Irish people, still maintained control during the Irish Holocaust.

All of that is part of the occult history of the English people, whom are seriously blind to the reality of their past crimes against humanity.

However I digressed from my support for Trump and Brexit, to suggest that the important thing in my support for the people of Ireland, is the British calculation of the amount of land necessary to feed the British and Irish people, at a time when there would have been more land available for agriculture and far fewer people to feed.

Bearing that in mind, why having managed to reduce the White Christian population of The British Isles, to maintain a sustainable level of food production, with regard to the land available, is the Jew controlled government in The City of London, propagating daily, rhetoric suggesting that Britain should open its doors to allow an unsustainable level of immigration, even as they are attempting to declench an international war, which has already destroyed the land available to millions of Muslims in the Middle East?

While Africa is already starving and there is already the threat of ‘Water Wars’ which have been engineered through the medium of allowing control of resources, into the hands of those whom do not have our best interest in mind, water which will soon, like the food from Ireland, be sold into the hands of the highest bidder. The evil destruction of Gadaffi’s Man Made River project, by NATO, has purposely, aggravated the problem of water and food production for Africa.

In California, where there has been the worst drought in living memory, despite stringent restrictions on the use of water, Nestlé’s were allowed to continue to pump billions of gallons of fresh drinking water to bottle and sell.

That is an illustration of the grim near future for us all. We have already been warned that very soon we will be forced to justify our right to remain alive. The ‘Death Panel’ is already on the books. The moment we are unable to pay for what we consume, we are done for, there will be no place on earth for ‘useless eaters.’


This Once Great Country And Other Fairy Tales.

The British Coalition Government, finds itself with a desperate choice, whether to make sure that hospital patients, whom are dying of starvation and dehydration, by the thousand, in National Health Service Hospitals, are fed and their thirst quenched, or to take care of the needs of the bankers, whom are demanding that Social spending be cut, to make more money available for the Military, in order to crush the remnants of resistance to their megalomania.

It would be a shame for the Democratically elected Government, to spend a part of the peoples own money on them and to suggest to the bankers, whom are worth trillions of Pounds, that they might think about financing their own wars for a change. Of course, should they choose to fight a totally “private war” the reality of the use of “government’s” as a smokescreen to what has actually been going on for centuries, would be exposed to the voter, as if that would make any difference, the voter would simply shrug his shoulders and go back to his pint of beer.

As I write, the British Emissary, from the Jewish bankers in London, Wild Willy Hague, is meeting with the Jewish controlled French Government in Mali, to make sure that all of the rich resources of that country, are seized and passed into the hands of the Central Banks and multinational mining companies.

I always worry for Wild Willy’s well-being, when he makes these little voyages into the domain of the real men, he must know that he stands the risk of a slightly sharp object being inserted into his slightly gay bum. On the other hand I suppose that at least it would give Hilary something to chuckle about.

The British and French have already raped Africa, from top to bottom, in the Nineteenth Century, murdering millions of Africans in the process and of course, as is the Jewish way, cut the Continent to shreds, making sure that several incompatible tribes were trapped together, within borders which were designed to create hostility.

The Jews even sold the people into slavery, by the million, before realising that  there was more money to be made, by paying them to work and then taking the money in return for shelter and food.

Now, in the “Modern World,” those British slaves, whom believe themselves to be free, are still being robbed by the same families, whom are the richest people in the world, for whom the world is not enough, whom are still taking the food out of the mouths of the hungry, to finance yet more blood sacrifices across Africa and the Middle East.

The Great British Empire, was never any such thing, the Empire was Jewish, the British were simply the cannon fodder. All through the years of Empire, the people of Britain were living in squalor. They saw not one penny of the riches of Empire. They had been herded into Mill Towns, where they were totally dependent on factory bosses for their lodgings and food.

People were being hanged for shop lifting. Deported to Australia for trivial crimes, where they were locked up in the most barbaric prisons on planet earth.

However, despite the way in which they were treated at home, the British Dragoons found enough energy, to slaughter five million Irish people, in an attempt to further the City of London’s aim of Ethnically Cleansing Ireland. They carried on with this agenda, after the end of the Great War, by sending in the Black and Tans, whom were the shell-shocked nut cases from the trenches of Flanders, with instructions to terrorise the Irish people. Ah yes, those were indeed the lazy hazy days of Empire.   See  The Famine That Never Was

The British are now finding themselves back out in the streets, sleeping in shop doorways in cardboard boxes, while ignoring the cost of all of those bankers wars, with that trade mark stiff upper lip, these lugubrious Brits, in a show of national masochism, are praising their torturer and urging them to steal even more of their  Social Security handouts, to make sure that the streets of the UK are kept safe from all of those nasty Taliban.

It is an easy step to believe that these docile people, are asleep and wandering around in a dreaming suburb, where the sun is always shining, where a good old British Bobby, will make sure that everything is in order, waiting for a quarter to seven in the evening, for “The Archers, an everyday story of country folk.”