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Everything Becomes Evident As Time Goes By

Russia Today has been running a story about the Catholic men in Northern Ireland, who were tortured while in the custody of the British, by whom they had been illegally interned, who are taking the British Government to the International Criminal Court, to gain some sort of justice. While there was not a word on the BBC or Sky News.

These men were a part of a large group of who were arrested and Interned in Prisons such as the Maze Internment Camp and yet they were never charge with any crime.  This is the sort of behaviour which was prevalent in the British Military in Northern Ireland during the period which is referred to as “The Troubles.”

It is worth reminding ourselves as to why British Forces came to be in Northern Ireland in the first place.  You may notice a familiar scenario, which is ever-present in the affairs of the blood-thirsty British Military Machine.

After the winning of independence from the British, as with other countries such as India or Yugoslavia or indeed the entire Middle East, Ireland had to be divided, that is the way of the Jewish British Empire.

In Ulster only those adults, whom became known as the Loyalists, were given the right to vote in elections or referenda, Catholics were allowed only one vote per family, thus guaranteeing a “British” majority in any form of election?

The boundaries of the Constituencies were carefully constructed to make sure that Loyalist areas could never become contaminated with Catholics  keeping the two communities separated for the last ninety years or so.

The Catholics eventually in the Nineteen sixties started to agitate for their Human Rights, which the British resolutely refused to grant them.  Remember this is in my lifetime, the great provider of their form of “Democracy” which it is prepared to bomb Iraq,  Libya, Afghanistan or Syria to rubble to install, was refused to those on its own doorstep in Ulster.

The Catholics in Ulster, having taken their lead from the Civil Rights Marches in the United States, took to the streets in large numbers and then surprise, surprise, along came the thugs who attacked the marchers with clubs, and chains and whatever else came to hand,  behaviour which of course called for the intervention of the British to save the marchers.

That of course is what was claimed, the reality was a totally different story.  With in a very short space of time, the British were mowing down the Civil Rights Marchers on Bloody Sunday, claiming that they had been fired on first, which was a tale they stuck with for thirty years despite having no proof that any member of the march had been armed or had fired a single round  their direction.

The British then quickly set up their well-known ploy of a “Shadow Terrorist” group, with a free rein to commit whatever atrocity it chose,  all which could be laid at the door of the Irish Republican Army.   In reality nobody, without access to classified documents could ever be sure exactly how many bomb attacks in Ulster were IRA or British “False Flags.”

During the decades of the 70s, 80s, and 90s the press was full of talk about IRA terrorists and the need of draconian measures to combat them.  Every Irishman was suspect. On cross-channel ferries or on arrival at Air Termini, immigration control made special note of any Irishman entering or leaving the UK.

When quite suddenly, out of the blue, “The Good Friday Agreement,” what a surprise now where did that come from?  Well I would say straight from Chatham House, in order to prepare the UK for the “New Terrorists” the Muslims of the Middle East, who would very soon be streaming out of the Middle East where the British, along with their “Coalition of Murderers” were going to be busy installing Democracy.

Once the Muslim refugees were installed, a few fake Muslim clerics,  the likes of Anjem Choudary, strutted around mouthing rubbish which would of course serve as the cause of the “Radicalising” of young Muslim men,  who would fill the space, so recently vacated by the Irish Republican Army, and carry the can for the “New form of Terrorism” which was stalking the streets of the UK and which culminated in the “False Flag”  7-7 atrocity which was carried out by Mossad and MI6 in London.

In reality there is no such thing as International Muslim Terrorism.  All of the so-called Muslim groups, Al Nusra,  Al Qaeda, ISIL, Boko Harum are working for the man and are armed and paid by the man. All of the guns are coming from the Military Industrial Complex and they can trace the source of any weapon and if they so chose they could cut off the supply.

In Syria we are being told that ISIL is earning two million dollars a day from oil sales, so why does the US not cut the trade routes?  Turkey is apparently buying the oil but no action is taken to put a stop to the practice.

The British Government, while watching the UK sinking into Third World status, is wasting money “pretending” to fight ISIL, gagging for a chance to destroy the enemy of Israel,  Syria.

Four Rabbis were killed in Israel by Palestinian Freedom Fighters and four Embassy staff in Kabul were killed by the Taliban, which is also  in the pay of the City of London.  These two events warranted soulful commiseration in the House of Commons and cries of them being brutal terrorist attacks, this by a man who justified the Israeli slaughter in Gaza, with the cynical claim;  That as Israel is the only Democracy in the Region it can do as it likes, or some such rubbish and has apparently forgotten about the thousands of innocent people in Afghanistan who have been killed by “Drones” alone.

The same double standard applies to Iran’s Nuclear capability, for some bizarre reason, Israel has the right to demand that Iran must be forced to give up any notion it may have of becoming a Nuclear Power, while they,  of course are allowed to keep their own.

The “Coalition of Murderers” and Israel stood by watching as Pakistan and India, with help from unnamed sources became Nuclear Powers and did nothing.  Why would they allow two such unstable States as this belligerent pair to get their hands on Nuclear Weapons?  Never mind Israel which is the most vicious aggressive State on the planet.  At that we can only surmise, but when reality strikes you can bet it will be costly in terms of death and destruction.

Who the hell is Israel?  They came illegally into the Middle East with guns blazing and destroyed the stability of the entire region. They have continually stolen more and more land. They are intent on driving the Palestinians into the sea and not a word from this famous Coalition.  They are all “Friends” of these fiends.  Well do you want to be “Ruled” by any government which is prepared to support this carnage?  Or are you prepared to do something about it?

Israel should, through the use of sanctions be forced to retreat behind its legitimate borders and stay there and allow the Palestinians to bring home the families who were driven out by Jewish terrorists.

Friends of my father who served in Palestine in 1948,  never stopped talking about the atrocities committed by the Jews, not only against the Muslims but against serving British Troops, such as staking them out in the desert sun and leaving them to die and all of it accepted by the  Jewish/British Government. Just as was the brutal Jewish attack on the USS Liberty during the 1967 War.

Why are there no elected politicians in power, who are unconvinced by 911 for example,  who are prepared to stand up and say so?  Those whom question events such as these, cannot be so far off the mark as for there to be no misgivings whatsoever in the minds of at least a few of our elected leaders.

Have they all missed out on the mountain of evidence showing that FBI  instigated all of the so-called failed terrorist attempts in the US?  Did they not have the slightest doubt about the slaying of Jean Charles de Menezes?  Or the impossibility of the destruction on the Underground trains on 7-7 allegedly achieved by four young lads with weed killer and sugar rammed into a copper pipe.

How could it be possible, that so many politicians have been elected as leaders of their Countries, had they not been carefully selected and nurtured by a central control, with the aim of ensuring that no dissenting voice, such as that of Gadaffi; who was prepared to question the truth of the holocaust,  is allowed to take command and reject the control of the hidden hand in The City of London.  These folk have all been described  as Hitlers’, which is a cynical use of truth to disseminate disinformation.

These men are indeed similar to Hitler, in that they as did Hitler, had the courage to turn their backs on the criminal Central Banking system and like Hitler and Germany, they have been massacred and their Countries obliterated.  The Muslims in the spirit of Hitler are fighting for us all and we have been so dumbed down we perceive them to be our enemies.  When Islam is broken we will all suddenly realise we have been tricked, as darkness descends across the face of the Earth.

Who exactly would it have been who contacted the BBC and Sky News and requested them to make no mention of the Torture Case which was being heard in the International Criminal Court, against the British Government over their behaviour in Ireland, or was it unnecessary as both Sky and the BBC have an instinctive understanding of which parts of the News to suppress?  Did nobody in Parliament feel the need to  make mention of this event or do they still hold dearly to the fable about the British claim of fighting clean wars.

These are the real issues which should be confronted before casting a vote in the upcoming General Election in the United Kingdom.  Do not be fooled by the arrival of Ukip on to the political scene, the Liberal Democrats have been cynically destroyed and Ukip brought forward to present the gullible British with an impression of “change,” when in reality Ukip is being allowed on to the scene on the understanding that they “tow the line.”  The rats are already deserting the Tory ship and running up the Ukip gangplank, to make sure that the direction of the boat stays on the right course.

They should note, that in Scotland, not one word about getting Scotland out of the trap of the European Union, was made by any of the politicians, whether Scottish Nationalist, Labour, Liberal or Conservative.  So when the Scottish people realise that they have been deceived once again by the City of London and call for another referendum, in which they vote yes,  they will be quickly reassured of their acceptance into the EU and their Independence will vanish before their eyes.









Press Amnesia And Total Disdain For The Public’s Opinion Of Margaret Thatcher.

This is simply for the sheer love of this joyful tune.

The British Television News Channels, while often reporting that this politician or that Minister is completely out of touch with the feelings of the wider British Public, appear to have no concept of their own total lack of comprehension, as to the understandable hatred, in which Margaret Thatcher is held, by huge swathes of the British people.

Murnaghan on Sky, while interviewing a Labour supporter, suggested that when she had destroyed the Trade Union’s and closed down the “Rust Bucket,” ageing, British Industries, replacing manufacturing jobs with service jobs, that she had in some way bestowed on to the UK a great benefit of some sort, he displayed his complete ignorance of the advantage to the economy of a productive job compared with a service, part-time job.

When it was pointed out to Murnaghan that having closed down the British Coal Industry, the UK was now importing coal from Australia, at high prices, while the bulk of ex miners were being paid unemployment money instead of a wage, with a small amount of State subsidy, which would be far cheaper than Thatcher’s choice, which was of course insisted on by the Bilderberg members of her Cabinet, like Kenneth Clark, Murnaghan made no comment, when in anybody’s terms, coal from Australia is sheer lunacy.

Another piece of News, which has a lot to do with the lack of a Coal Industry, was a piece about “Fracking” and the desecration of the UK in search of gas, with which to run power stations, A Greenpeace spokesman, was suggesting quite rightly that “Fracking” represents a real threat to water aquifers and could provoke small earthquakes. The future, he assured us, must be based on renewable energy. He praised the opening of a new wind farm in the UK as an example of a sustainable source of electricity, unfortunately he admitted, there was no wind today. Apart, that is, from on Sky News.

The question of Ireland and Margaret Thatcher’s intransigence towards the Hunger Strikers, was justified by the claim that these were terrorists and deserved all they got, this in juxtaposition to her protégé, William Hague’s position in Syria, where the UK now finds itself in a totally hypocritical position of funding murderers to unseat a leader in another United Nation member State.

The whole question of the “Troubles,” in Ireland, is being presented to the young of the UK in a manner, which is quite clearly, in complete contradiction to the reality on the ground at the time.

The humanitarian, democratic British, refused to grant the vote to Catholic adults in Ireland, apart, from to one member of each household. In order to gain their Civil Rights, the Catholics held peaceful Civil Rights marches, They were brutally attacked by Loyalist thugs, whom were photographed carrying wooden clubs, which had six-inch nails hammered through them.

The persistence and courage of the Catholic marchers, in the face of this violence, eventually forced the British to send in the British Army to protect the Catholics. It was because of this violence against the Catholic Community and the British Army’s cold-blooded murder of Civil Rights marchers on “Bloody Sunday” plus the complete lack of action against Loyalist Terrorists, that led on to the re-emergence of the IRA.

 Margaret Thatcher’s “intransigent” attitude towards the Hunger Strikers, made no allowance for the fact that they had been under attack, that they were protecting their community,  that many more Catholics than Protestants had in fact been murdered and that the B Specials, the Ulster Police had been in collusion with the Loyalist murderers, in many cases off duty Police Officers were themselves members of the Loyalist Death Squads.

The sad reality of the Thatcher government was typified by the cloud of paedophilia, which overhung her eleven year reign as Prime Minister, including the continuing hatred of paedophile ex Prime Minister Edward Heath and her need to kick other Cabinet members upstairs, as it were. This herd of perverts in her Cabinet would have ensured her obedience to her friends in the Shadow Government, whether she liked it or not.

I think it is a fair point to suggest, that every so-called reform, which was carried out by Margaret Thatcher, whether in the financial system or in the State control of Utilities and other essential industries, have proved to be like manna from heaven for the Globalists. She has managed to create huge, uncontrolled monopolies, which now have the British people by the goolies, controlling every aspect of their lives, right down to the expensive water with which they quench their thirst.

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