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Lord Help Us! Millions Murdered, But It’s Still Evil, Evil, Everywhere.

David Cameron, like his idol the erstwhile Neo Thatcherite, Tony Blair, is still gagging for more human sacrifice in the name of Israel.  He has found yet another evil adversary in the Middle East. Very soon the only evil left standing will be that doyen of the connoisseurs of the genre, Israel and the pack of savages who are still seeking more and more of the land of others.

Listening to the bald-headed reporter from Sky, Kiley, giving a breakdown of the financial report of ISIL, was a hilarious experience.  He has discovered every last detail of how these folk are generating the money which has made them the most prosperous terrorist group in history. No shit Sam?

He did not of course explain how they are managing to flog their oil and to whom,  in order to generate the two million dollars a day, which he tells us they are making.  Neither did he explain how exactly they are extracting the taxes, which they have levied against the locals.  Nor indeed how the locals, who have had no work for years are managing to pay up. It was in fact just another cartload of horse-crap, which provided an excuse to blow up some Syrian infrastructure and to explain away the fact that it is money laundered  through the truly brutal Jewish regime in Saudi Arabia, where beheadings and stoning are a daily occurrence, which is paying the bills.

Cameron is attempting to place Assad in the same bracket as ISIL, without actually telling us how much of British Taxpayers money has been expended on the training and arming of this “Evil” band of scum,  which has actually provided us with all of the necessary filmed evidence of their own evil acts and of course, he presented his case, as is usual, without providing any form of evidence of the so-called evil acts of Assad.

Perhaps he could explain to us all how he justifies the deaths of civilians, during the British illegal bombardment Libya,  while at the same time calling Assad a War Criminal, because he may have killed civilians during a raid against the British asset in Syria ISIL? Will he accept his culpability, should yet more civilians lose their lives under British bombs in Iraq?

The only true answer to that question is that there is no difference, he has condemned himself as nothing more than a low-life serial War Criminal and he should be taken to The International Criminal Court and tried for his admitted War Crimes, along with Blair and the rest of New Labour.

Throughout the last three years, he, along with his murderous colleagues,  has been prepared to continue the slaughter in Syria to suit the ends of his Tribe in Israel, without the slightest regard for the sufferings of the people of Syria,   who know  full well what to expect should Assad be driven out.  Which is of course why the vast majority of the Syrian people have stood by their leader throughout the barbarous onslaught of Cameron and the Jewish Cabal.

The British Prepare To Destroy Syria.

David Cameron has announced the recall of the UK Parliament, in order to allow a vote on whether to send the RAF on a mission, which is being quite deliberately presented as an attack on ISIL, which we are being told is in control of a huge swathe of Syria, when it is quite clear to anybody with half a brain, that he is a liar and he is preparing yet another load of crap, in order to bring chaos and death to yet another secular state, which is under the leadership of a man who is guilty of no crime or mistreatment of his own people.

The group ISIL, was set up by the same Bolshevik gang, which in past times gave us Al Qaeda and all of its so-called affiliates.  There are already calls from these affiliates in Syria for the coalition of filth, to take out Assad’s fixed wing aircraft while they are at it.  This is the group of terrorists which will be put into power in Syria, once Assad is out of the picture.

The thirty-one thousand strong ISIL, will be turned loose on Syria, where they will set about the murder of all those of whom they disapprove, as they have been doing already in Syria and more recently in Iraq.  The aim of the coalition is to quite deliberately, unleash these animals on to those they claim to be saving.

The question is often asked as to whether the coalition has learned nothing from the chaos which they have already achieved in Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan, Bosnia and Iraq, well the simple answer to that question is yes they have, they have honed their system to perfection.

These War Criminals are not getting things wrong, they are not misjudging the results of their actions, they are producing exactly what they intended to achieve.  These folk who are justifying their criminality with claims of safe-guarding the folks back home, folk who are so stupid that they in the main, go along with these slaughters of the innocent.

Once they have razed Syria to the ground and reduced it to the same state as Libya and Iraq, they will claim that all of the now “free” people of Syria will be forever grateful for their actions and they will then set about handing over that part of Syria, where the oil is of course, to the Bolshevik Jewish State of Israel, which has of course itself just levelled Gaza, schools, hospitals, power station and all,  with the blessing of the US and UK, unlike  Assad who is guilty of fighting off the “good” terrorists.    


The people of those States which are a part of this coalition of filth, whether they be in the Arab States of the Gulf or are  near neighbours of Syria in Jordan, they would do well to remember that they are working for the invaders who have already murdered hundreds of thousands of Palestinians and displaced millions, using money provided by the Bolsheviks in the US and UK, this is not a Jihad,  you are involved in  cold-blooded murder, there will be no Martyrs after attacking Syria.

Israel: Picking Off The Prisoners With Gas In Mind.


I was recently informed by a Jewishi, Yiddishi character, in a puerile response to a comment which I had made on another Blog, that the Jews afford total freedom and Democracy towards all of the Muslims in Palestine and that it is in  no way an Apartheid State.   He went on to assure me that the German people were inherently cruel and nasty, as a result of their Hun heritage.

 He did also, as do all of these frauds, suggest that I am anti-Semitic, when in fact, the indigenous people of Palestine are the Semitic people and they are being massacred by the Jewishi people from Eastern Europe, those Khazar Jewishi interlopers, without a Semitic gene in their body, who are attempting to conquer the entire Middle East, in order to construct their New World Order Capital City.

Steven Spielberg, while transforming the fictional tale of Schindler and his list, into a dramatic Fairy Tale, which included the SS sniper, whose job it was, to pick off the Yiddishi prisoners, as a form of sport, remains silent and has no comment or criticism to offer, against the spawn which vomited out of Eastern Europe and took control of the Holy Land, by force of arms, slaughtering and torturing and evicting the indigenous people, forcing them to pass the next sixty-five years in a Schindler style Camp, being picked off by Yiddishi snipers on a daily basis. He should be ashamed of himself, for failing to admit that the Khazar are the true descendants of the Mongols and Huns, not the Germans.

In case it is not clear as to why I am referring to Khazar as “Jewishi”or “Yiddishi” it is simply a gesture against Google, which constantly orders me not to use the word J** as it is now considered as a smear word.  They tell me to use the word Jewish.    Well what is Jewish? I have asked the question several times and it would appear that my readers are as much in the dark as I am.

The word Jewish is meaningless, it is,  just like the word Jew itself, a contrived word invented by the Khazar, to give the impression that they are of Palestinian origin, to justify the slaughter of the Palestinian people.

Catholics, Protestants, Muslims or Hindus, never refer to themselves as Catholicish or Hinduish, “ish” is normally tagged onto a Nationality as in Irish, it has no meaning whatsoever in terms of a religion.

Google controlled youtube has wiped one of my videos, claiming that Russia Today, a News channel which takes pride in announcing that their output is free for all to use, has taken action against me over an episode of The Truth Seeker, which was linking the Holodomor in Ukraine to Hitler and the Right Sector, as the traitorous allies of the Germans and by association as a Racist Neo/Nazi organisation.

When I suggested that they were neither but were in fact working alongside the real perpetrators of the Holodomor, the recently installed Bolshevik Jews and should be in no way compared to Hitler and the National Socialists.   Should they indeed be opponents of Russia and the Bolsheviks, what were they doing in any Government controlled by Bolshevik Jews?

I am still awaiting a response from Russia Today, however I was surprised to find that although my video has vanished from my youtube channel, the link on the post was still working. So perhaps Russia Today has relented.

In the meantime we have a downed airliner. Early this morning I heard a journalist from the Telegraph explaining that we could not trust a word coming from the ex-KGB man Putin.  He was trained to be a pathological liar. He was lying through his teeth, when he explained that he had no military in Crimea, when it was perfectly obvious that he did.

Well no, he did not.   Putin did not claim to have no military in Crimea, he had the right to garrison up to twenty-five thousand military in Crimea.  It was a substantial Naval Base.  The honest folk in the West chose to lie about this reality. They knew full well that Russia had this right, for which he paid Ukraine, One-Hundred Million Dollars a year.

When in Syria a gas attack was carried out, despite a mountain of evidence demonstrating that it had most probably been carried out by the ISIL thugs and that the last thing on earth that Assad would do, was to commit the very act which the Jew Obama had declared to be a “Red Line,” at a time when all of the Jews continued to clamour for an aerial attack to destroy the Syrian weaponry, the Western Media continued to insist that he had indeed committed the offence, which had in fact been staged by the BBC.

We are now witnessing a repeat of this nonsense in Ukraine, where there have been endless attempts to provoke Putin into an act which could be used as justification to start a war against Russia. The very people with the most to gain from such a tragedy are once again insisting that Russia, the player with the most to lose should they carry out such a pointless act, is responsible for shooting down the Malayan Airliner.

From early morning, all of the Western News outlets have been declaring it to be as plain as day that Russia must be involved in this tragedy. This claim is being made without a shred of evidence, at a time when nobody apart from the perpetrators, could possibly know that a missile had been used.  It is quite simply crap and yet they are prepared to continue with it to the bitter end.

This aircraft is exactly the same model as was MH 370 which vanished without trace a while back, at a time when it was over the ocean.  This could well be a design fault, which causes a catastrophic event, which presents itself so rapidly as to deny the crew even a moment to despatch an SOS.  On the other hand it could have been a bomb on board.

If Putin had in fact given the go-ahead to install an anti-aircraft missile system in Eastern Ukraine, to help fight off the Jewish Ukrainian Governments unrelenting savagery, against a civilian population, with an aerial bombardment, I for one would have supported his decision.

To at this moment find that all of the main Jewish controlled Governments, the US, UK and France, are  involved in illegal and genocidal attacks, all across the Middle East and Africa and now in Ukraine, while the Apartheid State of Israel is carrying out a genocide against a helpless group of people  with no place to hide, while the Jewish controlled United Nations takes no action whatsoever and there is nobody with the courage to stand up and say enough is enough, while I am personally attacked by a supporter of the filth which is responsible for all of this carnage, with practically no support whatsoever, against this form of orchestrated attack, and as do most people who approach too closely to the truth, find myself condemned as having a deep seated hatred of those haters of every race on earth other than their own.

The Jews in Israel are simply doing what Jews do.  They once again have a whiff of Gas in their nose and are planning on taking it away from the rightful owners, which is why they are systematically destroying Gaza, house by house, while denying the importation of materials to rebuild.  This way they will force the remaining people out, allowing the Bolsheviks access to the gas under the sea off Gaza.

This is all taking place while Islam is tearing itself apart.  We are supposed to believe that radical Muslim clerics are encouraging young lads to fight the Jewish/British cause against their own kind in Libya and Syria and Iraq, while ignoring the hapless Palestinians, Bahrainis and Saudi Arabians, what sort of Jihad is this?  Where is the true Jihad?  As far as I can see Islamic resistance exists in a few pockets such as Gaza, Bahrain, Syria and once more in Libya but where is the support?  Why are these brave people left to struggle alone against paid Muslim thugs.

It is daily becoming clearer that the rapid victory which was achieved by ISIS in Iraq was well planned in advance, with the Iraqi Military ordered to run for it, leaving all of their weapons to be recovered by ISIS for use in Syria, where a perfectly genuine election,  which re-elected Assad has just taken place and has been duly dismissed as theatre by those same people, with blood on their hands, having ignored a similar election in Libya, which plunged that Country into ongoing chaos.

The plane crash could not have come at a better time for the various belligerent Bolsheviks, as a means of camouflaging their various slaughters.  The Jewish Press had a field day with the dead passengers on board the downed Airliner, listing in great detail all of their occupations and hobbies and other aspects of their lives, all of which would have been more acceptable had it not coincided with the murder of babies in Gaza, who were of course merely collateral damage and unworthy of special treatment and the Genocide of more Christians by Bolsheviks in Eastern Ukraine.   All of this is fully justified by politicians belonging to a group which describes itself as being Friends of Israel.

Judging by the tone of the News this morning, the Jews in Ukraine would  appear to have got what they want, the support of the rest of the World, to continue the genocide in the East of Ukraine and the liaison with Europe, which the US and UK have been demanding.  Like the folk in Gaza, the Ukrainians are once again being slaughtered with the usual acquiescence of the West,  just so long as the culling is being carried out by Jews.



Any Load Of Old Garbage Will Convince The Herd

In this strange, modern world, we are faced with such a catalogue of nonsense, that in all honesty it would not be too remarkable should a searchlight flash into the night sky calling for the assistance of the Caped Crusader, Bat-Man, to lend a hand in dealing with the “Is They, Isn’t They, Are They Aren’t They,Gang.”

In Syria, a while back, during an insignificant demonstration against the Assad regime, a group of men opened fire on the demonstrators. The Syrian military responded to this cold-blooded attack and went after the killers.

To the hawked eyed scum in NATO, this was beyond the pale, Assad had just been stupid enough to respond to a taunt, in exactly the same manner as had  Gadaffi before him, so it was tally ho, here we go with the new style of proxy warfare, consisting of a small band of professionals from the elite forces such as the SAS,  CIA or Mossad and a cast of characters from the depths of filth, whom will kill without compunction for the Yankee Dollar, hidden behind their black masks.

Assad, against whom nothing concrete has ever been presented, which shows him to be in same league as those disciples of Satan, Bush, Obama, Blair et al., has wiped the floor with these scum-bags, as Gadaffi would have done, without the interference of the No Fly Zone.

ISIS, which was once called ISIL, now appear to have chosen the name of the mother of Horus, whom was sired by his mother’s brother Osiris, as the preferred acronym for their expedition into Iraq.

While in Syria, ISIL was armed to the teeth, by NATO, to enable the Devil’s Work against Assad, with no regard to the number of innocent sacrifices along he way, however having been whipped by Assad, when they crossed the border into Iraq they were miraculously transformed into an all-conquering group of Gladiators, taking and holding town after town, forcing the Iraqi Army to run for it very life.

Now in Iraq, while still on the same Saudi payroll, these scum are suddenly a very serious threat to Iraq, which appears likely to necessitate the dismemberment of the Country into three regions.

We are now being told that a handful of men, have managed to subdue a country, which has been inflicted with continuous, daily, terrorist attacks for years.  Attacks which have killed something in the order of one thousand people a month, while whichever group was already operating in Iraq, simply left ISIS to get on with it,  yet we are not expected to believe that they are one and the same and all working together, with the aim of fulfilling the Zionist dream of a Greater Israel.

While all of this drivel is taking place in Iraq, back in the  Ukraine, the bombs and bullets are still flying against old men and women,  whom have done no more than to stand up for their right of free choice, in the very manner which not too long ago, was encouraged by the same hypocrites whom are now calling them terrorists and whom will very soon be calling for the dismemberment of Iraq to suit their own agenda.


The very excuse which was fabricated against Gadaffi and Assad, whom were accused of brutal attacks against their own people, is now ignored by the Western warmongers, while the newly installed Jewish President of Ukraine and his Jewish Prime Minister, have just announced that they intend to steal gas from a Russian pipeline, should Russia not agree to a lower price and have just failed to meet a payment deadline for four billion dollars worth of gas which they have already received.

So having generated an excuse to destroy the State of Iraq, the ghouls calling themselves after an Egyptian Goddess, can skulk back into Syria, where they can continue the blood-letting which should eventually enable those whom are still whingeing about Crimea and Eastern Ukraine, to carve up Syria, in a manner which pleases the Zionists.

So when Obama arrives with his Drones in Iraq, I am quite sure he will decide that it is imperative to strike at ISIS in Syria, which will enable the taking out of Syrian Armoured Vehicles, which have been used to great effect against the US funded murderers whom are doing the Jews Work.