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Privatised Warfare Takes Centre Stage.

The News Editors of the International Fake News industry, having failed miserably to explain to their readership,  how the Bush regime’s “War on Terror” would be executed and on what basis the targets would be selected and having failed in this obvious need, they then mislead their readership into accepting that an attack on Afghanistan, quickly followed by an attack on Iraq, was in some way a justifiable response to 911?

While making no apparent attempt to uncover the “real” perpetrators of that event, they are now telling us that despite this “War on Terror”, which has lead to the death of untold millions of innocent people, that there are now more “Terrorists” than ever, without informing us of the source of this information.

Do the “startling” numbers of “terrorists” include the forces fighting for Israel in Syria and Iraq, using Israeli, British, German and American armaments, figure in their calculations or are we meant to believe there to be “other terrorists” fighting in “other places?”.

What does the Media make of the idea that by allowing the “Terrorists”, whom are even now fighting and murdering in Afghanistan, against the Taliban, to carry on with attacks against the Assad regime in Syria, with air support from the NATO Forces, which has no right whatsoever to be involved in these War Crimes, which have killed hundreds of thousands of Syrians, do they expect us to believe there to be a connection between Syria and the “War on Terror”, which is now being fought for the Americans, using ISIS and Al Qaeda in both Afghanistan and Syria, even as the claims are being made about an upsurge in the number of Jihadists? Are we all Jihadists now?

Perhaps the New York Times could explain, why Israel was not the very first target, in the War on Terror, when it is borne in mind that all of the “evidence” which was diligently collected on the day of the event, evidence which included a bunch of Mossad agents, whom were arrested with a vehicle full of explosives, on its way to the George Washington Bridge, which surely suggested that Israel was deeply involved in the attack on the World Trade Centre, when no evidence was ever found linking either Afghanistan or Iraq to the event. Israel already had a film crew, in place to film the attack and the film crew, having been arrested, was released and sent back to Israel, to report their exploits on Israeli television, including the disclosure of their membership of Mossad.

Even as I write this rubbish, I find it hard to believe that the so-called “journalists” working for the man, believe a word of it. From start to finish the entire tale is quite clearly a load of tosh. With the Yankee Puppets, now imposing sanctions against the importation of oil into Syria, there can be no other explanation other than that Israel really does control the United States of America. Only Israel calls for the destruction of Syria and after Syria, Iran must be destroyed, Our Boys, must help Israel to become the only Super-Power in the region. God told us so.

French Politician, Roland Dumas, explains in simple language that the planning for the invasion of Syria, was going on in Britain, not America, at least two years before either the Arab Spring or the destruction of Libya. He stated quite clearly that Israel was calling for the change of regime in Syria. This was broadcasted on the French Media, where were the “Free Press” then or now. I have posted this clip on several occasions.

Nobody else has anything to gain from either of these atrocities apart from Israel. All of these demons, by whom we are all being lined up for slaughter, are simply standing by watching the torture of Palestine and Yemen without a care in their hearts. We should be ashamed of ourselves for accepting the idea that these people are above criticism,  these are creatures from Hell and we are all funding their killing machines.

The next step down the road to extinction, for those whom Israel fear the most, the White Christian People of the World, will be the European Union Army, which like the Russian Red Army, constructed by the Jew Trotsky, will be used to continue the cull of White Christians, which killed off sixty-five-million poor souls in Russia and twenty-million more in Germany in yet another war declared by Jews and controlled by Jews.


“We are not denying and are not afraid to confess that this war is our war and that it is waged for the liberation of Jewry… Stronger than all fronts together is our front, that of Jewry.

We are not only giving this war our financial support on which the entire war production is based, we are not only providing our full propaganda power which is the moral energy that keeps this war going.

The guarantee of victory is predominantly based on weakening the enemy forces, on destroying them in their own country, within the resistance.

And we are the Trojan horses in the enemy’s fortress. Thousands of Jews living in Europe constitute the principal factor in the destruction of our enemy. There, our front is a fact and the most valuable aid for victory.”

– Chaim Weizmann, President of the World Jewish Congress, Head of the Jewish Agency and later President of Israel, in a Speech on December 3, 1942, in New York.



It must be perfectly clear that several hundred thousand terrorists cost an awful lot of money. From where does this money originate, certainly not from Hezbollah, Syria, Libya or any other small, poverty-stricken country? All of the armaments of these “terrorists” were made in America, Europe or Israel, which would suggest that these States have played a huge part in arming those whom are doing all of the killing for them.

Israel, America, Britain and France have been involved in the total destruction of Iraq and Syria, parts of which are lusted after by Israel. Our Politicians have apparently never heard of the Greater Israel Project, which is surprising in view of the fact that the top British Banker actually owns Palestine, which was given to him by those kindly British Jews, Balfour and Halifax. The Balfour connection goes all the way back to the First Queen Elizabeth, who was the puppet of the day, who was used to kick off the annihilation of the Irish People. Nothing much changes in certain quarters.




Under Every Rock You Can Find A Scorpion.

The ‘failed’ policy of ‘Open Borders’ into Europe, having already allowed entry into most of the member States of the European Union, huge numbers of unvetted immigrants, has now been declared to have been a failure, when in fact it has been a huge success, which has allowed ‘controlled’ puppets like Angela Merkel, to do the dirty work of the Zionists, by allowing a huge number of mainly Black, fighting age men, whom are being taken out of Africa, sitting rigidly, close together, all wearing the same type of orange life-jackets, in large Zodiac type rubber boats, without water to drink or food to eat, with no toilet facility available, making it perfectly clear, that they did not leave Libya, expecting to cross the sea to Italy, sitting in a boat, which could be instantly capsised by a small wave, or by someone taking a quick crap over the side, they knew full well, that the Ferry was waiting to take them to Italy, no more than a couple of kilometres offshore. These Black men are a real and present danger to Europe. The raping has already started even the gang raping of young boys.



 That version of ‘the news’ is a good illustration of how the ‘News’ with which we are presented on a daily basis, is contrived to convince the hard-of-thinking of one thing, while ignoring the most important element of the tale, which is, that no Government, worthy of the name, would calmly pursue such a catastrophic policy, knowing full well that the majority of all of Europe’s Peoples, given free choice, would refuse to allow this mass immigration stupidity. So who gave these ‘servants’ the power to destroy us? Personally I would have never agreed to allow these idiots free rein, to take hold of this power, which they have grabbed out of our hands, by having misled children in school, as to how to make Democracy work for the People and not for the psychopaths. Even in school as children, we were being indoctrinated by traitors and their dupes, whom had also been educated to believe that the status quo was the right way and the only way.

Another hoary old subject, which nobody appears willing to explain in simple language, is the subject of inflation and its causes. ‘Monetizing the debt’ is a mantra which suggests the through the sale of Government Bonds, which are ‘sold’ to Central Banks, which allows those Central Banks, which are all privately owned, to ‘print money’ into the economy, which is without ‘collateral support.’ This allows our Politicians to ‘pretend’ to have created an inflationary debt, which is payable to the Private Bankers, whom created it out of thin air and in order to continue to pay this ‘debt,’ they must increase taxes, which means increasing taxes on beer and cigarettes and causing price rises on other needs by increasing Value Added Taxes.

This form of robbery, is best illustrated through the use of debt incurred by house-buyers, whom had need of a loan from these crooked bankers, whom have used crooked money, to take control of the old-fashioned Building Societies, which made loans to those buying or building their home, Societies which were obliged to loan out no more than the total of the money deposited by members of the Society.

The moment that it became possible for those earning the average wage to consider buying their own home, the price of a home escalated to ridiculous heights, which finally made it necessary for husband and wife to work, in order to pay off the debt, which could once have been paid off using one salary.

This debt was a false debt, printed by a High Street bank, out of nothing, which in simple terms is ‘printing money’ a fact which has never been outed, by those whom claim that printing money has been the cause of inflation, simply because the house price inflation had nothing to do with the money available to buy a house and everything to do with the deliberate shortage of houses to buy.

This fact is well-known to politicians, whom have conspired with Bankers, whom have cynically robbed house-buyers, through the use of excessive interest rates on those loans, interest which in most cases amounted to more than the original value of the home and which allowed the banks to milk the debtor for half of the period of the ‘Mortgage’ and should the debtor fall on hard times, they had the right to seize the home, in payment of this non-existent debt. Houses are now so expensive that to charge a high rate of interest would financially cripple even the moderately rich, which is why interest rates are so low for savers at his time.

This ‘interest’ scam has also meant that the value of a house has increased relentlessly, as it actually cost the buyer an extortionate amount of ‘stolen’ money, which he would need as a deposit to buy his next overvalued  home.

Back in 2008, when the housing debt was used as the excuse to pay untold billions of Dollars to the Bankers, which was the most colossal ‘governmental fraud’ in history, I argued that governments should have given the money to the mortgage holder, which they could have paid to the bank, which could have allowed them to remain in their homes, however the disgusting, controlled politicians, without any form of proof that there was indeed any ‘real’ debt, simply handed over our money to the criminal bankers, for whom they work.

We were all suddenly swamped with terms like ‘Derivatives’ and ‘Credit Default Swaps’ and other such rubbish, in an attempt to conceal this Grand Larceny, by inferring that ‘packages of bad debt’ had been over-sold or that insurance claims, against this debt would be overwhelming, therefore the Governments of the World must pay up. It was all a load of pap. If there had been any debt, it was no more than debt in a game of Poker, there is always someone at the table, who is holding all the money, whether that money is in bank-notes or plastic chips, it is never lost and if the ‘winner’ is found to have cheated, he could have all of his fingers broken, and all of his ‘winnings’ seized.

Only in tiny Iceland, were the Bankers made to pay for their crime, while across Europe, we were introduced to ‘austerity measures’ which was no more than a means of funding all of the illegal wars across the Middle East, by extracting funds from Social needs to pay the Banker controlled Armament Industry, billions of Dollars for the ways and means of murdering ‘their’ enemies, while already concocting the next load of crap, open door immigration, coupled with the fable of the ‘homecoming terrorist’.

In Ireland, from where the people have been forced, through poverty, to seek work abroad, the Irish are now being ordered by an unelected self congratulated sodomite Taoiseach, that they are obliged to plunge themselves into an unimaginable debt of billions of Euros, in order to allow one million Sub-Saharan Blacks, to set up home in Ireland, in free housing and with all other needs on demand, with the promise of a job, which it is already impossible to provide for those whom are already homeless and jobless in Ireland.

These things do not come out of the blue. If this is allowed, it will be the end of Ireland. In this emergency situation, what has become of the Irish Republican Army, which should they be sincere patriots and not tools of the British, should be standing in opposition to this attempt to annihilate the White Irish Cristian Community?  The other dirty little secret in Ireland is the hidden hand of those whom have special laws which apply only to them.




Why Is There No Muslim Battalion Of ISIS To Help The Palestinians? A Job Too Low Paid Perhaps?


The same Sky News ‘reporter’, Stuart Ramsay, during another interview, asked one of the men, who has been accused of being a member of a group of British Muslims, which for some reason had been nick-named the ‘Beatles’, a group which we were told had gone to Syria, to fight alongside that other famous group, which has various names, ISIS and Daech, amongst others, whether he had any apology to make to the families of those whom had lost loved ones, at the hands of Daech.

In view of the fact, that ISIS is fully funded, trained and armed by the United States, France, the United Kingdom and Israel, the question would appear to suggest there to be a difference between those, whom in Iraq, where an estimated one million people died at the hands of the Uniformed Executioners of the Allied Forces, were legally murdered, while the Daech boys, whom to suit another NATO narrative were referred to as ‘Islamic Terrorists’ in order to convince the whole wide world that Islam was a ‘Terrorist Religion’, were fanatics.


This was the manner in which Ramsay, the man who claimed that while walking down a street in Istanbul or somewhere, he was approached by a furtive foreigner, who pushed a USB key into his hand, while muttering something, which Ramsay would not have understood, unless he happened to have an interpreter with him at the time, a USB key which contained the names, addresses, date of birth, home telephone number, blood type, age, sex and religion of their wives and all other information, which all of those, seeking to join and kill for Daech, were obliged to fill in,  on the application form, provided by the Daech bureaucracy.

Ramsay had informed us, that Sky News had found a list of the names of every person, whom had left the United Kingdom, to join Daech, stored on this ‘dongle’. I suggested at the time that this was proof positive that Daech was a wholly controlled arm of the British covert war in the Middle East and Syria and that it had been British covert agents whom had interviewed all of these men, most probably in subverted Mosques in the UK and Europe, which were under the control of British and NATO Intelligence Forces, with the assistance of Fake Muslim preachers and that all the Ramsay ‘interviews’ were fake and pure propaganda, with attempts to align Syria with ISIS thrown in for good measure.

This situation is indicative of the use of Black Propaganda, which is used to condone the actions of one group of men, whom have been enlisted by NATO to join a legal killing machine and another group, which was enlisted by the same military machine, into a covert battalion and whom under orders from a leadership of ‘Commissars’, have been ‘encouraged’ to commit atrocities and have done so out of fear for their own wellbeing had they refused.

There is more than enough evidence, to claim there to be a ‘more than likely’ possibility, that these ‘Commissars’ are from the same group of Commissars, whom committed similar crimes, in Russia, Eastern Europe, Germany and Spain, where they were not called ISIS but Bolshevik Communists. The current attitude to evidence allows the claim to be made that the finger of guilt points to the renamed Bolsheviks, whom are now Zionists of more colloquially The New World Order.

The supporters and descendants of these Bolsheviks, whom are now installed in Israel, a greedy little State, which is desperate to steal the control of those parts of Syria where oil is to be found,  for themselves and they are being assisted in this aim by the forces of NATO and a group of deluded men, whom believe themselves to be fighting against an evil Dictator, Bashar al Assad, when they are in fact, doing the dirty work for the Greatest Mass Murderers in history, whom have wiped out more than ten million Muslims since 2001 and whom at this very moment are shooting and killing unarmed Muslims in Palestine, whose land they stole seventy years ago and yet, there are no Muslim Battalions helping those poor souls against the Israeli Bolsheviks, I wonder why that is? 

The brutal truth being that the Bolsheviks and their ‘Friends’ have managed to create a situation in the Middle East where they can sit quietly in front of their televisions, watching images of Muslims killing other Muslims and Christians, while at the same time funding the evacuation of millions of those frightened Muslims, from the Middle East to Europe and America, in fact to anywhere other than other Muslim countries, where they will be unwelcome and quite rightly so, by the inhabitants of those countries, where the Bolshevik controlled media, will brand those whom protest against this mass immigration as Racists.

The next step will be to unleash the same deliberately provoked excuse, of armed men shooting off a few rounds in the streets of Europe, which will demand the use of armoured vehicles and after that a few drone strikes, to sort out the problem, which will not work, of course, all of it in order to start  Civil Wars in the United States and Europe, followed quickly by the installation of Martial Law.

This war is essential to distract attention from the latest collapse of the Banking system, a system which only exists, thanks to the willing cooperation of traitorous politicians, by whom we have all been educated to believe that money has value and that those whom control the gold control that value, which is all a load of tosh and these liars are desperately seeking a means of making sure that we never discover the truth of this gigantic fraud. This fraud has allowed the fraudsters to steal everything of worth on earth and nobody has said a word about it.

Who Controls The Terrorist Deep State?




Who Controls The Terrorist Deep State?



There is currently a state of total confusion, which has paralysed the response of World leaders, to the various ‘Terrorist’ groups, which have, in recent times become ubiquitous, across the once ‘civilised’ world.


At the same time, it has become apparent, that there are also two distinct covert systems of control, not only for the ‘terrorists’ but also for Democratically elected Governments, which are quite clearly controlled, by what has been recently referred to as the ‘Deep State.’


While the various, what might well have once been referred to as, the NATO controlled and funded Al Qaeda and others, are now apparently,  groups which have ‘left the reservation,’ and are said to be now taking their orders from….. who or whom exactly?


There is a character who has changed his name to Al Baghdadi, he is the alleged top honcho in one such group, Daech. He is also to be frequently seen in the company of Senator John McCain. He was once held by the Americans in Guantanamo Bay from where nobody escapes. His next apparition was in Libya, where he fought alongside one of the various foreign groups, all of which had been armed by the West, against Gadaffi.


Was he or was he not already working for John McCain and is it simply the name of the group, which has now become Daech, which was originally trained in the Green Zone in Iraq, in the days when it was called ‘Blackwater,’ or are we to believe that he too has ‘left the reservation?’


A spokesman called Schindler, from the covertly controlled United Nations, during a recent interview, did calmly explain, that there are in fact several groupings, all of which are now selling stolen oil, while oil is at its lowest price for decades, in order to fund itself and to continue to fight a war on several fronts at the same time, on occasions they work for us, while on other occasions, against us.

Schindler tells us that only those groups named on a United Nations list of Terrorist Groups,  are being investigated for War Crimes, those not on these UN lists are not even investigated, which is why,I suppose, the names of these groups are forever changing.


They are fighting alongside or maybe against, the Taliban, in Afghanistan, and alongside Al Qaeda, the group said to be responsible for the most horrific terrorist attack ever,  on American soil,  in Yemen, Iraq, Libya and Syria, and yet, in keeping with the normal inability of the Deep Government in European Countries, the method of control and the supply merchants of these groups, with ‘illegal’ weapons, which include the latest American technology, is a mystery.

Should these weapons,  be already in the hands of gun-runners, they could,  very soon,  be turned on those, whom are apparently, incapable of so much as  intercepting the transporting of the stolen oil, the money gained from which, is being used to buy these weapons. How are the terrorist being paid by Israel, which it is claimed, is purchasing this stolen oil, in Dollar bills?

Surely the Intelligent boys should be checking the terrorist mailbox for donations which are being made online, or indeed any communications which pass between headquarters and the cold-blooded killers on the ‘frontline,’ to put a stop to the trading of these weapons and oil. That should be a simple task.


After all, Jihad John, was pinpointed in the middle of some bleak area of Syria and his car destroyed, killing all of those onboard, without any apparent difficulty. In the manner by which  they actually tracked down and interrupted, Osama bin Laden, who was already in Paradise with his vestal virgins and young boys, having a good time, when a Black Hawk helicopter swooped out of a Stargate and scooped him up.


Not to forget, the Enigma folk, whom knew every move the Germans would make during the Second World War, even before Hitler himself knew and doing so with rudimentary equipment.


Yet despite having ownership of the entire banking system and a virtual total control of arms manufacturing, our military intelligence men, are yet to come up with a system, to put a stop those arms falling into the ‘wrong’ hands. This is despite having records of every message which is passed on the telephone networks which they also control and the ownership of Google, YouTube and Facebook, which allows them access to every word I write. Hello there!


So is there a ‘Deep State,’ for Al Qaeda, another for Daech, Al Nusrah and Moderately Friendly, groups, or is there perhaps a ‘One World Order’ group which is controlling them all, including Democratically elected Governments, for whom all of these various groups appear to be fighting?


I refuse to accept that the fitting of a tracking device, in all military weapons, is beyond the capabilities of the Weapon Shops, a cheap chip which could provide evidence of the identity of whomsoever had paid for those weapons. This would be such a simple process, it is hard to believe that it has not already been carried out.


This would of course be bad for business, because it would quite clearly reflect badly on those whom are actually supplying the proxy terrorists, with all the means necessary to kill the innocent. Or on the other hand, these chips, much like the CCTV cameras, which are also fully controlled, would probably fail to be operating, when most needed.


Israel is already pumping oil from Iraq at two-dollars a barrel. So how many tankers of oil would be necessary to arm and feed thousands of alleged terrorist, whom are operating all across the Middle East, and how exactly are their needs being delivered?


Unfortunately, on many occasions, weapons and food, which was being dropped by parachute, from American planes,  for the ‘Friendly Terrorists’ was blown off course, only to fall into the lap of Daech.


At the moment, here in France, we are being told that should Marine Le Pen be elected as President, it will be the end of the world as we know it. If only that was true. What it is actually pointing out, is the simple fact, that everything is under the control of a hidden hand. and many people have come to understand the ulterior motives of that hidden hand.


Their tirade of lies against the Three Martyrs, Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gadaffi and Adolf Hitler, all bear an uncanny similarity to the current claims against Bashar al Assad, Marine Le Pen and Kim in Korea.


Not one of the three Martyrs was responsible for what is now taking place all across the planet. ‘We’ are responsible for all of the wars during the 20th Century, and most certainly for the continuation of what ‘we’ started way back in 1914, which is about to come to a head with a third world war, which has been in the planning for more than one hundred years.


The days when we could simply dismiss this as being ‘politics’ which is boring, have long  gone. We no longer have time to point fingers at the scum like the current bunch of Ministers of War, who will take us to doomsday, believing there will be a bolt-hole available for them. They have no thought whatsoever for the rest of us.


France will be given a chance in the coming days. The French voters have already been swamped with propaganda by a media which quite simply works for Israel, urging them to vote for the Bankers man, Macron. This should be illegal during a Democratic election


The media propaganda has been used to turn the word ‘Nationalist’ into a smear word, when in fact thousands of immigrants are fully aware that to continue, with current government policy, will be the death of France. I live and work amongst Muslims, they are not seeking to damage France, they are aware that they are being ‘used’ to create fear. Many of them tell me, without any trace of shame, that they will be supporting Le Pen.


Another misused word is ‘illegal.’ When I was a young boy illegal, was said to mean against the law. Nowadays it means a person who entered France, pitched a tent in town, started to urinate against trees, and then went off in search of their ‘Rights.’


I have failed miserably to understand, how illegals ‘des Clandéstines’ have ‘Rights.’ Le Pen could well have the same notion and demand the deportation of these illegals. Once upon a time that was normal practice.


The media has been used to turn any action against these illegals into an act of Racism, apart, of course,  from any action taken against those darned White ones from Eastern Europe, the only ones with the capacity to look after themselves.


We are being fed tales of Daech Veterans coming home to Europe, from the wars in the Middle East, where we are being told, they were fighting for Daech, that would be because they are stupid I suppose. There is not a Muslim in my circle of Muslim friends, who is not aware that Daech is an Israeli proxy army and no self-respecting Muslim would kill another Muslim for Israel. We are being indoctrinated to expect trouble in the near future.


The British will be holding a General Election in June. The aims of this election are confused. It could be to allow entry into Parliament, of a large enough group of Members against Brexit, to allow a rigged referendum at a future date, or it could be used as a means of reacting to the election of a President in France, who has been funded by the same Rothschild family, from whom Theresa May takes her orders.

That is a matter of fact, Theresa May has committed herself to support for Rothschild’s Kingdom in Israel. She will most certainly have spoken to Baron Rothschild, before daring to announce the June Election.

Both France and Britain have been given a once in a lifetime opportunity to put a stop to the war-like aims of their controlled politicians. It could well be their last chance.




The Rothschild Family has held the British by the throat for hundreds of years. The British ‘gave’ Palestine to Rothschild. That is the origin of all of the Middle Eastern chaos. The Jews should leave Palestine,  not force others to leave.

Netanyahu the Prime Minister of Israel is a mere puppet of Rothschild. Today, Israel bombed Syria. That is an illegal act of war. It is also a war crime to drop bombs on civilian areas. Why has there been a total silence about this warlike act of Israel.  Not a word from those whom are so quick to determine the guilt of Assad, Gadaffi, Hussein and others in the blink of an eye. Will there now be a “No Fly Zone” installed over Israel perhaps, to put a stop to these illegal acts, or is there another law for Racist, Apartheid, Israel?


What is going on in the Middle East, is not a war. That has been clear from the start. The excuse for what is being variously called  a Civil War or a war against Brutal Dictators, amounts to little more than the insertion of paid mercenaries, into position in various countries, where they initiate an excuse, as in Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen and Syria,  to demolish the superstructure of those States. The Jews have done the same thing in Gaza and they are patiently waiting for the people of Gaza to emigrate, at which point they will steal Gaza.


There are no Daech in Iraq, they pulled out long ago, having provided an excuse for the destruction of Mosul. ‘Mad Dog Mattis’ did the same thing to Fallujah, which now lies in ruins. Raqqa, in Syria is getting the same sort of attention from American and British bombs, right now, providing an excuse to slice off part of Syria for those lovable ‘Friends of Israel.’


The Scottish and Irish Peoples, will never forget what the British did to them in past times and I can assure the British, that to have allowed entry into the UK, of hundreds of thousands of those whom were treated like cattle, by the British Empire, in the past, was a grave mistake. By doing so you have provided your ‘keepers’ with the excuse of possible ‘terrorism’ to keep you all in a state of lockdown forever. Bravo!









The West Hits A New Low




                 The West Hits A New Low

The mainstream media, has either fallen into the hands of criminally stupid imbeciles or they are totally complicit with the warmongers, who have need of Global War, to generate an excuse to install an even more rigid monetary system. Nothing else can explain why the Media are virtually the only intelligent people on planet earth who do not understand that NATO is fighting alongside ISIS/Daech, against Syria, which is the only independent State left standing in the Middle East, all of the others having been thrown into chaos by NATO Forces.

NATO warmongers are now so keen to destroy Syria, that the sham of ISIS has been completely exposed for what it is, a bunch of Mercenaries doing the dirty work for Israel, in furtherance of which they are now being assisted by the USA, which is bombing Syrian Forces, to clear a path for these brutes to retake ground which has been lost in recent weeks. Having had the excuse to do so, generated by the Medias blanket finger pointing at Assad, over an alleged “chemical” attack which was presented by ISIS and eagerly ‘believed’ by NATO, in a manner particularly nauseatingly by Donald Trump’s representative at The United Nations.

The internal problems of Syria could be solved at a stroke, should the Friends of Israel stop funding the Mercenaries. The huge quantity of arms, which the weapon shops of the United Kingdom, with the assistance of gun runners like Theresa May and David Cameron, both of whom are controlled by Israel, are selling to Saudi Arabia, which also works for Israel, arms which are being used to destroy Yemen and which are being passed through Libya to the ISIS/Daech Forces in Syria which have helped to maintain the high level of resistance, to peace.



The obedient media is now proposing to FIFA to declare Russia to be an unsuitable arena in which to hold the World Cup. The mass murderers, whom have spent the last one hundred years laying the planet to waste, killing hundreds of millions of innocent people and whom are in the process of taking down whatever scraps remain to destroy, are pointing fingers at Russia, which is itself on the hit-list, for showing signs of resistance to the coming nightmare, which will be inflicted by a small group of people, which will accept no resistance to their desires, using wholly controlled, White Christian people to do their dirty work, which will also assist in the annihilation of those same, ‘hated,’ White Christians.





While they are even now suggesting that should Russia be implicated in a chemical attack, which killed some children in Idlib, it would be an atrocity ‘beyond the pail,’ choosing to forget, that back in the day, when Iraq was being softened up for destruction one million people, including five-hundred-thousand children were starved to death or died from a lack of medicaments, because of a blockade, which targeted every man woman and child in Iraq. This horror was justified, in a grotesque fashion, as ‘being a price worth paying’ to get rid of Saddam Husein. These are the vampires now pointing fingers at Russia.



Madeleine Albright is a Jew, meaning she is above reproach, as have been all Jews, since they discovered the gagging power of the holocaust, which is never far from a Jews lips, to justify any of their activities, those poor people must be allowed to do what they like, as they did in Russia for example, where the Jew Bolsheviks slaughtered sixty-five million White Christians, after which they calmly ordered the complete massacre of the entire German Race.



“I participated with Herzl in the first Zionist Congress which was held in Basle in 1897. Herzl was the most prominent figure at that first Jewish World Congress. He worked to achieve an object which had been fixed beforehand. Just as Isaiah foresaw, decades before the event occurred, the victorious power of Cyrus before anyone else, so did Herzl foresee twenty years, before we experienced them, the revolutions brought about by the Great War, and he prepared us for that which was going to happen. He foresaw the splitting up of Turkey, and he foresaw that England would obtain control over Palestine. ‘We may expect important developments in the world.’ These were the words spoken by Herzl twenty years before the Great War. He added that the events would offer the Jewish people fresh opportunities.” (The Judisk Tidskrift, No. 6, Aug.-Sept., 1929, written by Dr. Ehrenpreis, Chief Rabbi of Sweden).


Having read the above, the reader can be left in no doubt as to just how important it was to destroy Germany, where Hitler was throwing a spanner in the works of the Zionists, so he was demonised and destroyed, by the Bolshevik Jews, whom had already prepared Europe for the creation of a ‘Union’ and the implementation of the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan with the Fabian Society Socialists and the Jews in the City of London.


“The Communist desire to ‘liberate enslaved nations’ will come as a surprise to the enslaved nations of Eastern Europe, and the goal of maintaining ‘integrity of their territories’ rings strangely in view of the Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia, Afghanistan, and other oppressed nations. Like other announced goals of World War II, the Atlantic Chapter and the Four Freedoms, Stalin’s program achieved only one goal, ‘the destruction of the Hitlerite regime,’ the only government in the world which had opposed the spread of Communist aggression with its military forces. The ‘abolition of racial exclusiveness,’ which has (also) been official U.S. Government policy since 1945, was, quite simply, the Jewish Marxist goal of planned genocide of the White Race, because the White Race remained the only possible opposition to the total domination of the world by international Jewish Marxism. No African or Asiatic nation has ever mounted a successful counter-revolution against a Communist regime, nor have they ever desired to. (Eustace Mullins)

We are now in the twenty-first century, at the tail-end of one-hundred years of slaughter, which the perpetrators are impressing on us,  was actually as a result of those like Hitler, who was part of the ‘opposition’ for a mere six-years. Unbelievable, the number of things that he managed to achieve in such a short space of time.


After the fall of Hitler, the greatest brutal dictator of them all,  we have been presented with mere tiddlers, who have carried the Grand Tradition of playing the Fall Guy, for the connivence of the worlds manipulators, into the modern world, while the real murderers still manage to get themselves, not only off the hook, but to the safety of higher ground, where to so much as to speak out against their crimes, is becoming an illegal act.

Should the day ever come, when sadistic murdering politicians were put on trial, there would be very few of them left standing. The likes of Blair, Cameron, Clinton, Bush and Obama, would not be strutting around earning huge sums of money for spouting garbage at rich mens dinner parties.





One of the men in the above photo, is a Member of the British Parliament. He is insisting that Britain should operate an ‘open door’ policy for immgrants, simply because, he assures us, that European countries can not survive without immigrants. I bet you can not guess which of those men is suggesting such nonsense.

The White Fight-Back Against Criminal Minorities.


The White Fight-Back Against Criminal Minorities.


There is a lot of loose talk floating around about this thing called ‘racism.’ Apparently only White people are considered guilty of this difficult to define, attitude or behaviour.

As is the way with these things, everybody and their dog, believe that they know what this term, racism means and they waste no opportunity to reinforce some ludicrous, puerile position, which they choose to hold, on any subject such as immigration or even on homosexuality, with the use of this cry of ‘racist.’

Al Jazeera, recently aired a discussion about the sudden increase in attacks made against certain people in the United Kingdom. All three of the invited guest speakers, were involved in immigrant groupings, which were in favour of ‘forcing’ White Europeans, to accept a huge influx of immigrants, with whom they ‘must’ integrate.

There was no hint of resistance to such a huge surge in immigration, from folk of an Islamic or Jew background, all of the so-called racist resistance was laid against the White Indigenous People of the United Kingdom and Europe.

In France, there are seventy-five-thousand rapes of White French women annually and the identity, color or religion of the rapist is never disclosed.

In the United Kingdom, there have been thousands of children raped and abused by gangs of men, all of them Muslims and immigrants into the United Kingdom. Despite hundreds of appeals to the British Police, by the victims of these horrendous crimes, no action was taken.

Do these figures of attacks against women and children, carried out by Muslims qualify as ‘Racism?’ If so why do official statistics present uniquely attacks made by Whites against other people, while concealing the truth of the real tale of Racism, of which White people, men, women and children are the real victims?

In Germany, where the police in Cologne assiduously concealed reports of hundreds of sexual attacks and rapes, carried out in public, by those whom are always presented as being of great economic value to Europe, Black and Brown Muslims, in order to hide the true extent of immigrant criminality from the general public.

While Merkel and her duplicitous government are concentrating attention on old Whitey and the blossoming political opposition in Pergida or AfD, who are attempting to deal with the problem and not ignore it.

In the United States, tens of thousands of White women are raped by Black men, while it is so difficult to find enough Black women raped by White men to make it possible to mark the number on a graph.

The same statistics turn up in the Murder file. Blacks are responsible for most of the murders in the USA despite being a tiny percentage of the population. It is of course ‘Racist’ to quote these figures and Blacks claim that the Police choose to ignore, the multiple murders for which White Supremacist are never prosecuted.

As in Europe all the cries of ‘Racism’ come from the Blacks and other immigrants. Even as these Blacks whimper about how hard their lives are, hundreds of thousands of Blacks, direct from Africa, without the benefit of a free trip on a slave ship, are arriving inEurope and the USA, to take advantage of what ‘Poor Ol’ Joe’ has been handed on a plate, by Whitey, for most of their unemployed lives.

The so-called ‘Slavery Survivors’ in America,  are now outnumbered by the incoming parasites from Africa, whom are streaming illegally into the States through Mexico, hoping to benefit from the Obama Bonanza, which has been inflicted onto the backs of the already indebted American Peoples.

Blair, Cameron and Merkel, have quite deliberately swamped Europe with immigrants. The tale of ‘Free Movement’ was a deliberate ruse to create an easy passage for the swarms of people who are now arriving every day.

Muammar Gadaffi pointed this out years ago, that he had kept the immigrants bottled up, should he fall, he claimed, Europe would be destroyed within a few decades by uncontrollable immigration. Gadaffi was spot on, do you believe that it was all un-noticed by our European ‘puppets?’

The old saying that there are none so blind as those whom refuse to see, is perfectly true. We are all living in the middle of a nightmare. A nightmare into which we have been quite deliberately plunged.

What is going on in the United Kingdom, when in the 21st Century, groups of vicious, nasty, greasy brutes, mostly called Mohammed, from Pakistan, can strut around the street of England plying young children with alcohol and drugs and forcing them to carry out obscene sexual acts, with impunity? While the police dutifully ignore the behaviour of these scum.

A Muslim speaking in support of continued immigration in to the UK, when asked if he found the behaviour of Muslims in the UK to be acceptable, he replied that the United Kingdom had aways been like this.

Well let me assure this creep, that there has never, to my knowledge, ever been a report of dozens of White Christian men, running wild, attacking and raping women and girls and young boys in the streets of England, as is now being carried out across Europe by Muslims. These attacks include the raping of a ten-year old child in a swimming pool toilet, by a Muslim freak, who was experiencing a ‘sexual emergency.’ The child needed emergency surgery, to repair his interior.

In France the prisons are loaded to the rafters with Muslim criminals, many of them multi-rapists. In Cairo, during the so-called Arab Spring, an American Journalist was gang raped even as she reported events. Wherever you check out Muslims their behaviour is the same. To them it is normal life, which is why they hide their own women in Burqas.

That being so why are the criminally stupid politicians in Europe and the United States, shipping in Muslims by the thousand, after having expended so much cash pummeling them to pulp across the Middle East? Whatever their ultimate aim may be, it will not be good for you, take my word for it.

Now back to Racism. I will now present my misgivings about allowing increasing numbers of immigrants into Europe. First and foremost, they are not good for the economy should they simply turn up, without a home waiting for them, without a job and without qualifications. How can it be good for an economy, which will be obliged to maintain these incomers and their extended family?

There is no work in Europe. We are lied to by our governments on a daily basis. In France, the government claims there to be five million unemployed. Unofficial figures suggest there to be thirteen million unemployed. Christmas business in France this year, has been a disaster. I went to town today, the last full week-end before Christmas and it was extremely quiet. Radio reporters made a tour of the Christmas Markets in Nîmes, Montpellier and Avignon and the traders complained of a disaster.

This, as our politicians tell us that there is boom taking place. The evidence of this lie is all around us. There can be no boom without industry. Our industry is in China. Factories that once employed Europeans are now employing Chinese and Indian labour over there, our craven politicians having used the excuse of a Carbon Dioxide threat as the reason to relocate Industry to those countries, which they had magically decided, should not be bound by the rules of Carbon reduction.

What does it take to make people understand that they are being taken for a ride? In the most cynical move of all, our governments actually financed the cost of relocating ‘our’ industry overseas as part of their efforts to save us from Global Warming. This hurts my head, where were the Trade Unions while this was happening? What do you imagine was the hidden reason for completely destroying the European Industrial base, without a whimper from the Trades Unions?

Corporation do not give a shit about helping the Third World, they are totally selfish. Would it not be a more understandable reason, to suggest that Europe is going to be destroyed and the family jewels have been moved to safety, from where they can benefit from the reconstruction which will follow the carnage in Europe?

Where now are all the folk with half a working brain. Europe is being transformed into poverty. The young can no longer afford to own a home. Six Hundred Thousand immigrants arrived in the United Kingdom in 2015, into a country which is apparently unable to adequately house those already in need of a home. These are the acts of a government intent on destroying their own people.

European Politicians are wholly controlled and when given the opportunity they will send in the bombers to destroy Yugoslavia, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq and anywhere else they are ordered to bomb and when they contrive a war, probably with the connivance of Russia, they will be well under cover when the bombs start to drop on us.

We are living in a hiatus, they are waiting for a war. That is why there has been no effort made to reconstruct European Industry, they are all fidgeting around waiting for the end.

Much the same atmosphere existed in past times, in the inter-war years, it was called the ‘Phony War.’ Britain had already decided to destroy Germany in the early 1930’s and they finally managed to construct their excuse, when Hitler was persuaded to go into the Sudetenland to save the lives of thousands of ethnic Germans,  whom were being massacred by Jew terrorists. They had already signed a treaty with France to defend the Polish against German attack.

When the Russians entered Poland a couple of weeks after Hitler and kicked off the purges, the British and French ignored them, as they would, as they had already promised the Bolshevik Jews Eastern Europe as ‘booty’ for helping to massacre the Germans.

That is the measure of the depth of depravity of the British. They did the same thing in the Middle East and are even now using their own set-up as an excuse to depopulate the entire region. Lord save us from the British.


British Collusion With Terrorists.

Have we all forgotten this statement of Wesley Clark, where he laid out, in graphic terms the intentions of NATO?  It was taken as some sort of comedy sketch by the audience, sadly there is nothing funny whatsoever about the results of this declared policy.

Ban Ki Moon, the controlled front-man at the United Nations, today, instead of condemning the cold-blooded policies of NATO and Israel, suggested that the EU should beef up its humanitarian efforts, by accepting ever more of the fleeing refugees from the reality of these deliberately contrived wars.

He should of course be ordering the cutting off of all armaments and funds from Daech and other groups, which are being used by NATO, to fight this war of attrition against Assad in Syria, which would quite quickly allow the repatriation of many refugees, to their homes in Syria, instead of covertly paying the travelling expenses of these wretched people into Europe.

Moon is suggesting that the problem is Europe and its lack of sympathy for these teeming hordes of folk fleeing from Western aggression in Africa and the Middle East, instead of facing reality and naming the guilty.

Moon also suggested that the unrest in the Middle East is now becoming a threat to Europe, well isn’t that exactly what they want?  They have already primed us to beware of home-coming terrorists who have been trained as Urban Terrorists.

 Personally, I have never been convinced that there has been any large group of European Muslims, whom have taken up arms in support of Daech.  They are not stupid, they can see what is going on. They know in their hearts that Daech is on the side of Israel, where they have been treated, in Israeli hospitals for their injuries and then sent back to the front-line to murder Muslims.

I watched the likes of Stuart Ramsey on Sky News, quite deliberately building up the excuse to unleash hell in Syria.  He completely ignored the result of elections in Syria, which quite clearly demonstrated that Assad was the preferred choice of the Syrian people. They were not interested in the selected puppets of Israel and NATO, a group which did not even reside in Syria but were simply waiting for the Syrians to turn against Assad, which they never did, so outside forces were used to make them change their minds.

This is the same routine which was employed in Libya, where was no mass rejection of Muammar Gadaffi.  Throughout the war against Gadaffi, not one voice was heard on either Sky or the BBC, from the Gadaffi side of the issue, it was a totally loaded form  of reportage which completely ignored the fact that the United Nations own figures showed quite clearly, that Libya was the most blessed country in Africa, in terms of housing, education, health care, employment and all life prospects. Take a look at what British Humanitarianism achieved, having murdered Gadaffi and his family and then simply walking away.

We are now being presented with appalling numbers of deaths amongst the folk driven out of their homes by the British and their chums, while the British/Jew press is even now covering up the true death toll of their illegal, murderous campaigns in the Middle East, which is now said to have risen to at least SEVEN MILLION poor souls whom have been sacrificed in a Middle Eastern Holocaust.

So to hear Ban Ki Moon blathering on about being horrified by the deaths of a few more innocents, fleeing from these illegal wars and that the solution is for Europe to make it easier for more of these folk, whom are unwanted by Israel in the Middle East, to set up home with us instead of with them.

While the Middle East is being torched, using the differences between Sunni and Shiite, with Christians being killed by both sides, as the excuse or indeed the reason for this conflict, Europe is being told that there will be no problem created by allowing all of these groups to set up home in our midst, while at the same time NATO is making it perfectly clear that they are making use of this animosity to drive these people from their homelands into ours.

In future years this murderous campaign will be added to the long list of British victories over the heathens, in far off places and the bringing of civilisation to un-civilised people, a civilisation which in some strange manner always includes the massacre of indigenous people and the theft of their resources.

This is what is referred to, by the British People, as their wonderful past, a past which has and continues, to lay the world to waste.

The same Sky News, which is owned by a Jew, which generated an excuse, which would convince the British of the sympathetic desire of their government to help Syria, having just witnessed the fashion in which Libya was affected by this kind of assistance, not to mention Iraq or Afghanistan, then generated a reason as to why the British voter could never change their government, by informing them, in the run-up to the recent election, that only Miliband or Cameron could win. I kid you not. That is British Democracy or is that a shared Dictatorship?

The Peoples of Europe now find themselves in the strange position where to mention the number of immigrants pouring into Europe is racist or Fascist, yet to mention the fact that it is as a result of a deliberate attempt to destroy any State which is opposed to the desires of Israel, as laid out by Wesley Clark, to be no more than a Conspiracy Theory, which Cameron in the UK and Hollande in France, are attempting to make illegal or anti-Jew, while they, continually refer to Muslims as being diabolical savages, with the after-thought of  ‘not all Muslims’  added, after the damage has been done. So why is there no crime of anti-Muslim?

Russia, which has been presented as some sort of counter-weight to the oppressive behaviour of NATO does nothing.  They have sent no forces to assist Assad, whom they claim to support, in his efforts to defeat ISIS.

They continue to accept the notion that only NATO, whether with or without the support of any other Nation apart from that of the US, France or the UK, can attack, at will, any perceived enemy, while Russia, apparently cannot. What is stopping Russia from taking on Daech? Could it be because they know full well that Daech means USA?

Or perhaps could it be more to do with the fact that the Prime Minister of Russia, a job which is inter-changeable with that of President, is a Jew. Would it surprise anyone to find that like the British in India and other places, that having taken a country ‘by the hair of their heads’ the Bolshevik Jews never let go.

Is it possible that Putin carefully replaced the Jew Medvedev, as President of Russia,  to disguise the fact that Russia was covertly in favour of Western behaviour in the Middle East, without attracting cries of being pro-Israel?

Putin has made no mention of the fact that Ukraine is now under the control of Jews, both the President and Prime Minister are Jews,  He continually refers to the extreme right-wing, so-called Neo-Nazis but never to the Bolshevik Jews, whom massacred the Ukrainians.

He never mentions the reality of Russia, where fifteen oligarchs control most of the resources, twelve of whom are Jews, they were of course funded by the Rothschild family, which has controlled Russia ever since the Bolshevik coup d’etat.

All of this, on top of the fact that the BRICS are a doubtful grouping, which includes the totally Jew controlled South Africa, for some strange reason, a country where there is already a White Genocide taking place, unmentioned by the Jew controlled media and India which has never shaken off the shackles of the City of London and where Rothschild, yes him again, is being allowed to snap up the millions of acres of land, which are coming on to the market, because of the suicide of thousands of farmers, whom have been cheated out of their livelihoods through the failure of Monsanto seeds.

So all in all it would be prudent not to take your eye off of Russia.  In the name of Bolshevism they have already slaughtered countless millions of Christians in Armenia, Russia, Germany and in all of those States behind the ‘Iron Curtain’ which were casually passed into the hands of Joseph Stalin, a well-known mass murderer, by Churchill and Roosevelt, both of whom, despite denials, were indeed of Jew families., as are David Cameron and François Hollande.  Obama is apparently of a Jew mother but of having converted to Islam.

So Europe needs to be aware that the current influx of Muslims into every country in Europe, could be no more than cover for ‘False Flag’ attacks, which could be used to spark off Civil Wars in Europe, in exactly the same manner in which they have been generated in other places. Wake Up!

In Egypt, there are calls to release Al Jazeera journalists, whom have been accused and gaoled for anti-Egyptian activities, well I would like to call for the gaoling of those journalists, whom are working to the detriment of those whom they claim to serve. Sky News and the BBC are chock full of Intelligence Agents.

Strangely, another toy of the British, the Irish Republican Army, is being resurrected, having been shut down to clear the way for the Muslims. This is cause for concern, as it could be used to muddy the waters, WTSHTF, recreating the old enmity between the two sides of Christianity, which could also be used as an excuse to attack Muslim communities.  Nothing should be ignored.