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Still No Capacity To Process Simple Information?



Adolf Hitler, the man who threw a spanner in the works of the Jews attempt to install their foetid Communist regime all across Europe, using their wealth which was stolen from us,  to so do, is to this day, seven decades after his death, still the spiritual, stalking Nemesis of the Jews. He is the real avenging Messiah and his spirit will rise again to destroy the aims of this death cult called Zionism. Just a mention of his name is enough set Jews trembling in their boots.

Hitler was not alone in his fight against the Bolshevik Jews, he was joined by hundreds of thousands of ‘real’ Jews, Muslims, French and Irish Catholics, Hungarians and many more, even some British C of E gave him a hand.

When Hitler arrived in Ukraine, all of his fears – having heard rumours of the atrocities of the Bolshevik Jews – were confirmed by the horror of what he found them to have done to the Ukrainian people.

Of all people on earth, the Jews have no right to complain about whatever manner in which they were treated, because in comparison with what they themselves did to millions of others,  they have no right whatsoever to whine about what others did to them.

If they had any honour at all, they would be keeping their mouths shut. Sadly they never fail to profit from any situation. I recently heard a man explaining how during a visit to a Jew museum, he saw a ‘survivor’ offering to share tales of his life in a ‘death camp’ for a small sum of money, from those with the stomach to listen.

I sometimes wonder if the Jews are actually aware of their crimes against other people. I am frequently criticised for not being more specific,  in my criticism of Jew behaviour, as it does not apply to all  Jews, they are not all responsible. That may be so, however it did not stop them making ‘all’ of the Germans pay up.

In Las Vegas, which was built by and is still controlled by Jew Mafia men, there has just been an alleged mass killing. The whole thing has been so confused, concerning the number of shooters involved and from where they were shooting, the lack of blood and very little sign of ambulances taking the dead and injured to hospital, most of them apparently went on ‘pick-up’ trucks, plus several other unreported attacks all over Vegas at the same time, the Jew controlled media accepted and published the dreary old tale,  that a 64-year-old millionaire had hauled 27 heavy guns with ammunition to the 32nd floor of a Jew owned hotel, along with a ‘questionable’ gun attachment,  which could be used as an excuse to ban certain guns-surprise, surprise,- from where he shot and hit nearly six-hundred festival goers half-a-mile away and then shot himself,  or was he shot by the police whom arrived more than an hour after the shooting had started?

There has been no Jew controlled press or other media laughter raised at the crass stupidity of this tale, not even on Press TV or Russia Today, they have all dutifully reported this rubbish, which was announced long before any sort of investigation had been carried out and before even those whom were at the festival had presented their evidence.

Those whom will gain are the scumbags already waiting in the wings, like Michael Chertoff, the Jew who ran the Department of Homeland Security, and who quickly after 911, had his companies X-Ray Scanners installed in all US airports and he is now eagerly waiting to install machines which will identify us by our ‘Chip’ when it arrives and until then check our retinas and scan us for hidden metal objects. And I am told not to mention the Jews?

Chertoff has a lot to gain financially if some of these measures are adopted. Between his private consulting firm, The Chertoff Group, and seats on the boards of giant defense and security firms, he sits at the heart of the giant security nexus created in the wake of 9/11, in effect creating a shadow homeland security agency. Chertoff launched his firm just days after President Barack Obama took office, eventually recruiting at least 11 top officials from the Department of Homeland Security, as well as former CIA director General Michael Hayden and other top military brass and security officials. (huffpost)


You know what they say,  ‘qui bono’ and in this township of Jews, where the wholly owned,  media can be trusted to maintain the usual ‘Lone Gunman’ tale to the bitter end, it would not be too surprising to find a Jew waiting to cash in.

In the above clip, the alleged ‘snipers nest’ is clearly seen during a burst of gun-fire and yet no flashes are visible. Even as some people drop to the ground others remain standing and there is not a trace of blood anywhere.

People can be clearly seen leaving the event even before the gunfire starts and the Police are inciting a sense of panic by shouting at them to run, just as they did in London on Westminster Bridge and London Bridge, when they should have been going after the gunmen.

I have yet to be convinced that the gunfire was real and not simply a sound effect coming over the sound system. With that number of rounds fired from what sounds like a heavy machine gun, directly into a packed crowd of people, limbs would have been severed and anyone in the vicinity of a victim would have been running out of the arena saturated in blood and brain debris.

It has already been admitted that most of the injuries suffered, were as a result of ‘fat folk’ turning an ankle as they tried to run for the first time since their childhood. I still hope and pray that this turns out to be a ‘false flag’ and that nobody died. It is not as if “Our Leaders” are not capable of doing such a thing, they have been using the same sort excuse over and over again to get their way.

This could well turn out to be a turning point, a ‘False Flag’ too far,  if not for our bought and paid for politicians, at least for the Mafia and those like Chertoff whom are little different. In Las Vegas anything is possible and there could sadly be a few ‘real’ dead people,  just to spice things up.

The alternative is the ISIS bogeyman, and we all know who finances and controls that bunch of thugs. This is the sort of carry on, by which Adolf Hitler was surrounded, throughout his term as Chancellor of Germany, which shows no sign of having been ‘dealt with’ by the destruction of Germany, yet the same gang of thugs, have been pointing the finger at one of their own victims, for seven decades,  calling him the most evil man of all time, while in reality, against them, Hitler is a cuddly bear and we are forbidden to mention any of this in polite company.

I have trawled all over the place, looking for images of the huge fleet of Ambulances which would have been necessary to deal with the enormous numbers of victims after the Las Vegas attack and surprisingly there are none, nobody filmed the fleet of ambulances. Odd n’est pas?




NATO’s Brand Of Total Terrorism Writ Large.



It has just been announced that ISIS/Daech has been defeated in the Iraqi City of Mosul. We have seen no hard evidence of this defeat, there has been no mass surrender of the defeated fighters, of which we have seen images, the only thing of which we can be sure, is that of the  latest, great success of the NATO “Scorched Earth” policy and the total destruction of yet another major city, leaving millions of people homeless, but whom we will no doubt be informed, “Are happy to be released from the grip of a Brutal Regime,” despite the ‘unavoidable’ death of most of their family members, as a result of NATO, indiscriminate, bombing, ‘to save them.’

Members of the Iraqi police forces patrol streets of the city of Fallujah on June 30, 2016 after recapturing it from Islamic State (IS) group jihadists.
Iraqi forces have retaken full control of Fallujah, a longtime jihadist bastion just 50 kilometres (30 miles) west of Baghdad, after a vast operation that was launched in May. / AFP PHOTO / AHMAD AL-RUBAYE

Most of the ‘Iraqi’ Police, in the above photo, are not Iraqi, they are Black and most probably American, from the so-called Green Zone training camp for terrorists.

NATO, which is in the main, composed of France, Britain and the United States, with a sprinkling of cohorts, exploited as a means of spreading the guilt amongst its entire membership, has been openly destroying huge parts of the Muslim world, fighting an almost invisible enemy, all across the region, since 2001, when they chose Afghanistan as the initial target, to launch an aggressive war, against the myth of Al Qaeda and International Muslim Terrorism, using the dubious excuse of an attack against America on 911, an excuse which no thinking person now accepts as having been adequately proven to have been carried out by the accused Muslim group.



This cruel and massive destruction and the murder of millions of people, has created a situation, which is likely to lead to the downfall of Europe, which is under pressure from certain elements of their ‘controlled’ governments, to do the decent thing, by allowing entry, into Europe, huge numbers of quite deliberately provoked refugees and those fleeing the ‘unforeseen’ catastrophic result of the NATO Crimes Against Humanity, and the unforgivable destruction of the homes of hundreds of millions of innocent people.





NATO is under the control of the same hidden hand which controls the United Nations, which has made no effort whatsoever to call a halt to NATO’s continuing War Crimes, just as the European Union, which is under the same control as the United Nations, has apparently seen no sign of the coming destruction of Christian Europe and is indeed attempting to force, this destruction of Europe by insisting that Members of the Union, accept massive numbers of these NATO refugees, into their midst, or face huge ‘fines’ for failing to so do.






We have been living in the middle of such a huge dose of Cock-and-Bull, since the initiation of the original, belligerent attack against Afghanistan, a State which played no role whatsoever in the “terrorist” destruction of the recently insured against a “terrorist” attack, World Trade Centre, that the fact that there is any living person, whom still believes the ridiculous tale with which we were presented, as the excuse for the total destruction of an entire region of the planet, without waking up to the reality, that “WE” are the ‘terrorists’ and “WE” have been prepared to send our children to their deaths, fighting an undeclared World War, against those vestiges of humanity, whom have been holding out against the hidden hand, which long ago took control of the Christian World and which is now eagerly seeking control of the Muslim World, is itself quite incredible.

When the taking down of Europe starts in earnest, we will be the ones driven from our homes, as the military destroy everything in sight to get those dratted terrorists, whom have been crucifying and murdering us, using weapons which they receive out of the blue, while we will be totally defenceless against them.

The number of terrorists on the ground will make no difference to the outcome of hostilities, we will have destroyed our own homeland for them, using Our Boys’ to carry out the heavy lifting.

When that sad day arrives, to where will we flee? Where are we going to be given shelter and food to eat, with hospitals to treat our wounds and an education system for our children? We will be quite rightly told that we are getting no more than we deserve. The world is already being trained to hate White people. We applauded ourselves, when Germany was desecrated, for having broken the rules. We have since been educated to believe that it was because Hitler and the Nazis were brutal Dictators, when in fact the opposite was true. Hitler and the German people, fought The Mob and The Mob won, with our help of course. Germany has been kept under lock and key ever since, while all mention of that truth has been condemned as Hate Speech.

South Africa is the model of what will be done to Europe in the coming years. The Boers, whom treated the Black immigrants in a reasonable manner, when it is considered that a minority of Whites was expected to provide all of the needs of millions of Black immigrants, have been driven out of their homes, to make way for Black occupants, a fact which is already a reality in parts of Europe today, they are not allowed to work, unless there is no available Black to do the job, and it is rumored that the militant Blacks have been armed and are waiting for the order, to wipe out all of the remaining White people.

The Boers have been smeared for decades for resisting a Bolshevik Communist inspired invasion of South Africa by Blacks from any region of Africa, to deliberately provoke a catastrophic situation, which was presented by the Bolshevik Media, as brutal treatment of Blacks by the Whites. Rock’n’Roll played its part in the condemning of the ‘apartheid’ White government, while singing the praises of the likes of the Bolshevik Communist Terrorist, Nelson Mandela, who was filmed chanting ‘Kill the Boers’ in public.

Our lying politicians are constantly telling us that immigrants are a necessary part of our economies, adding more wealth than they receive in Government support, this is a blatant lie, the majority of immigrants contribute nothing to the economy they are a drain on resources, which are topped up by borrowings from the Central Bankers. 83 percent of immigration into Germany are still receiving hand-outs. Massive numbers of immigrants will never work.

The odd voices in the wilderness, whom dare to speak the truth are referred to as bigots or racists, while there are now plans afoot to unleash yet another ‘Chemical Weapon’ attack, which will be blamed on the Assad regime, which will allow a continuation of the carpet bombing, which has been taking place for months, under the guise of fighting ISIS.



The total destruction of Syria, a destruction which includes some of the most precious remains of past civilisations and some of the most beautiful towns and cities on earth, was actually carried out in the name of greed and is beyond the tag of War Crime, it is a pure Genocidal slaughter, similar to the Genocide in Iraq and that which is ongoing in Yemen, yet the European Peoples are even now, prepared to obediently accept, the alleged necessity of such criminality by their elected leaders. What will it take to prompt the average European to open their eyes to their own reality and to the treatment of the indigenous people of Palestine by the marauding Jews?

Cameron’s Sweet And Sour Recipe For Syrian Refugees..

Despite being responsible for the greatest mass movement of people, since his fellow Zionist, Winston Churchill, was brought to the fore, to force Hitler and Germany into an illegal war, David Cameron steadfastly refuses to face up to his responsibility for the cold-blooded slaughter of innocent people in Libya and Syria and his continued support for previous War Crimes, which were initiated,  by the British Socialist’s?  under the leadership of the controlled, alleged perverts,  Gordon Brown and Tony Blair, which deliberately laid  the foundations of the current enormous refugee problem.

As the current leader of the UK and yet another War Criminal, David Cameron, is still urging the brain-dead Members of the British Houses of Parliament, to vote for the much-loved method of total destruction, through the medium of a “No Fly Zone,”of what remains of the once prosperous, well-educated, country of Syria.

He refuses to accept the fact that this time he has lost. Despite all of his howls of evil and brutal and cruel, against Bashar al Assad, he has, even with the total support of the Jew controlled media, failed to force the people of Syria to turn against Assad.  They are in fact, even more proud of his leadership and in any free election Assad would gain far more than the miserable twenty-four per-cent of the vote, which put the Jew controlled Tory Party into power in the UK.

Cameron, along with his chums, is now pretending to fight against his own people, ISIS/Daech, while at the same time bombing as much of the super-structure of Syria as he can, under the pretext of attacking his own Dogs of War.

He is also demanding the right to target and murder British Citizens, in the manner of that other savage Barack Obama, who murdered an unknown version of the chameleon like Osama Bin Laden, and threw his body into the sea, never having produced the slightest piece of evidence that it was indeed “the” Bin Laden.

Cameron, with the aid of a cold-blooded, uniformed Royal Air Force murderer, closeted somewhere in the UK, with no need of a Spitfire or Hurricane, lanced a missile from a drone, killing the occupants of a vehicle and claimed them to be British members of Daech, without any explanation as to how he had verified his claims, or if indeed there had been any outcry from MI6 or the SAS, about such an outrageous attack against members of the UK forces.

Another member of the famed carpet bombers of German civilians, in the Royal Air Force, when asked if he would obey an order to shoot down an airliner, packed with passengers, replied that it would be his “duty” to do so. God Save The Queen.

Which of course brings me to the hot topic of the day in the UK, namely Jeremy Corbyn’s failure to move his lips during the so-called “Battle of Britain” remembrance celebrations, while the National Anthem was being sung.

The British people, despite the mountain of evidence available to even the most casual of researcher, explaining in minute detail, that the British have never been in any danger of invasion, during the last two Centuries and that during the same period, THEY have been responsible for all of the massive slaughters, which took place in Europe and the Middle East, still stand idly by as Cameron,  calls for more killing in Syria, which is driving evermore people to take to flimsy craft, to escape his murderous acts and is calling for action against the “people smugglers” as if they and not he are responsible for the refugee crisis.

There is ample evidence that the massive wave of folk heading towards Europe was rigged and financed by a hidden hand.  From where could these hundreds of thousands of suffering souls, living in devastated States like Libya, Iraq and Syria have found the huge sums necessary to pay for the boat trip to Europe?


The real aim of this campaign is to destroy the Muslims and to clear huge tracts of the region for the Israeli Zionist Jews. That has been their aim from the word go. Cameron’s claims to have been horrified at the sight of a dead child on a Turkish beach, is in total contrast to his lack of concern for the thousands of children, massacred by his friends in Israel, the blood-thirsty IDF, in Gaza and Palestine, from where huge numbers of people have already been driven out and never allowed to return.

During his visit to Lebanon, he apparently failed to notice the thousands of Palestinian refugees, who have spent the last seventy years in squalor, thanks to the British decision to sell their home-land to Rothschild.

 The Zionist State (Harbinger of WWIII)


Cameron is now claiming that the UK has donated more money to help the refugees from Syria, than has any other country, which is akin to claiming that having cut their throats he is giving them a sticking plaster, out of compassion for them, while the British people are fed crap about Corbyn’s miss-matching suit, or his failure to give all of the top jobs in his Shadow Cabinet to women, which women? well pull a name out of thin air, and if it’s a woman, she’ll do, or why he chose not to sing the national anthem. Not a word about his attitude to  current British slaughters or other serious subjects. Talk about dead as a Dodo.

Just a little word of reality for the British. For the first time in hundreds of years, though you may not have noticed,  you have actually been invaded and you have been conditioned into being too frightened to speak out about it. There is nothing to be ashamed of in speaking up for your Race. Why not Stand Up If You’re Proud To Be White? It does not make you Racist.

History has not stopped, if you allow too many members of a different tribe to enter your shelter, you are building up trouble for the future and when you can not trust the loyalty of  your leaders you have no hope.

I can assure the British people that ALL of the professional politicians whom sit in Parliament are suspect. There should be no such thing as a professional politician, they are too easily blackmailed or bought.  Fabianist Corbyn is no different. You can be sure that he too has a hidden agenda.

The Conservative Party are the 21st Century Communists.  The Labour/Socialist Party have passed their sell-by date and will never be allowed to “do the right thing” in any future administration. Europe has been handed over to the Mafia and anyone who gets in their way will be wiped-out.