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There Is An Urgent Need To Arm We The People!


Anyone who has noticed the Jewish penchant for the cold-blooded slaughter of the innocent, not only in Palestine but now in Ukraine, where they have recently been installed, having learned their trade by killing sixty-five million Christians in Russia and Eastern Europe, after the Wall Street financed coup d’etat, quickly followed by the one hundred million souls in China, cannot have failed to notice that all of their victims have been civilians.

Chairman Mao was actually a Jewish puppet who was used as a front man, to disguise the presence of those ubiquitous Khazar Jewish trouble makers, who are still to this day well represented in the Chinese Politburo. They are names which you have most probably never heard of, we are allowed to know only the “front men” never the real “Top Men.”

Well sadly, they are not only in China and Israel, they have now installed themselves in England, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, India and of course the United States.

Well these Khazar Jews have been working their gonads off, in an effort to transform Middle Eastern Muslims, who were quite content to live out their lives in their homelands, into the most hated race on Earth.

They then set about destroying the Muslim Middle Eastern homelands, contaminating the entire region, including that of their own civilians, in the land they stole from the Muslims, Israel, creating millions of refugees, who have been directed towards every country in the World.

These Stateless folk, now find themselves unable to integrate with the locals, because their strict adherence to their Religion and are attempting to install their medieval Sharia Law; which Western Christians have been led to believe, involves the chopping off of the hands of thieves and stoning adulteress women to death, into the corrupted countries of the Western world, where they find millions of lost souls, drunkenly committed to a hedonistic life-style.

Now we have the latest creation from the weapon shops of the ghouls, Islamic State. Like Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, a group which was set up to fight the Russians, so we were told, however they were ultimately used as the excuse to declare the War on Terror and the invasion of Afghanistan. No trace of them was ever found in that country, despite all of the Black Propaganda, which suggested that they were housed in huge underground bunkers, with state of the art communications etc.

Islamic State is a mirror image of Al Qaeda, with the addition of a wardrobe manager, trained in the workshops which gave us the “New Romantics” Look,  back in the seventies and a leader named by Jay Zee or some other Rap Man, Al Baghdadi.  They are being primed for some as yet unclear future purpose.

All of this is a total fraud, which is now being used to justify the bombing of Syria and the dismemberment of Iraq. One would do well to keep in mind the “British Strategy” which has been used down through the years, the strategy of the “Twin group.”

In Iraq, during the second Gulf War, two British SAS men were arrested by the Iraqi Police, near Basra. They were disguised as Arabs and they had bombs in their vehicle. In an attempt to avoid arrest, they shot and killed an Iraqi Policeman; does anyone know his name? They were part of the strategy of this Twin Group policy.

These “Terrorists” were incarcerated in a Police Station, while the Iraqi Police, believing the British to be honourable, announced that they were holding the men. The British response was to send Tanks and Troops, to destroy the Police Station, to “rescue” the SAS terrorists. There has been and there is still a shocking shortage of genuine Muslim terrorists, they are in general a peaceful race.

This strategy was used in Northern Ireland, where the same SAS set up IRA 2 and proceeded to carry out the most murderous attacks in Ulster, which were blamed on the IRA.  They did at times work hand in glove with the British Police, The B Specials, allowing the Bs to earn a bit of “overtime” in the evening.

The Catholics are still considered to have been responsible for most of the killings in Ulster, despite the fact that far more Catholics were killed than were Protestants, including a Solicitor Pat Finucan, who was gunned down in front of his family, during Sunday dinner, by a British Agent, who was arrested and gaoled and then released under the Amnesty, after the signing of the Good Friday Agreement.

The Good Friday Agreement was itself a sham, which was used to clear the ground, for what Blair knew to be coming down road, the War on Terror. He was desperate to avoid any confusion, when the bombs in London on 7-7, which destroyed trains and a bus. It was imperative that it be clear to one and all, that it was those pesky “Muslims” when in fact the whole world is aware that it was no such thing, it was just another caper carried out by Mossad and the SAS.

The tragedy of the event, was in fact the gunning down of four young, decent, Muslim lads, who because of a simple matter of a cancelled train were not where they were supposed to be when the bombs went off. They were tracked down by Police using the coordinates of their portable phones. Let that be a warning, leave your gadgets at home.

This “Twin” has served the British since the days of the Mau-Mau in Kenya, where the British led Mau-Mau pinned the blame for their murders on to the Freedom Fighters. They also carried out the wholesale torture of prisoners, hundreds of men were castrated.

This ferocious dirty war of the British was carried out behind a barrage of propaganda from the “Free Press” as was the Red Terror which swarmed across Russia after the coup d’eta and in Ireland where the British watched five million Irish people starve to death.  Strange the number of similarities between British and Bolshevik atrocities.  It was of course the Jew, Churchill who starved an estimated twenty million to death in Bengal.

So wake-up, Islamic State is a fraud, which is why they are masked. Which is why they are only killing Muslims. Why not attack the enemy for a change? You are not too far away from Israel but you did not lift a finger to assist the “Prisoners of Gaza.” There have been no attacks against either the UK or USA, why is that I wonder?

One day, out of the blue, Little Willy Hague told us that perhaps there were British Muslims in Syria fighting for Israel against Assad. This was quickly followed up by the definitive number of four hundred. In France the suggestion was quickly confirmed at eight hundred, in fact they are now giving us a definite number for every country in Europe.

From where did they find this information? These trustworthy folk in London and Washington are now telling us that Islamic State,  has thirty-one thousand fighters on the ground in Iraq and Syria and it is going to take years to defeat them and of course, sadly, it will include the total destruction of Syria, to save the people you know.

We are even being told how much money these creatures have in the bank.  Well if they know that why are they not blocking the account.  They are also apparently selling oil on the Black Market, according to that bald piece of excrement Kiley.

They are “strangely” selling it to Assad.  What is more they are “paying” their Jihadists with the money. Next they will be telling us where we can buy one of those gorgeous black uniforms that the gals love so much.

The next step in this sad saga, will be to carry out the promised attacks on “home soil” with the object of starting a world-wide Civil War against the innocent Muslims. Whomsoever may come out on top in this slaughter, makes little difference, for White European Man, his days are numbered.

Through the use of a multitude of methods including, inflation, debt, the “pill,” abortion, mass sterilisation through water and foodstuffs, across Europe the indigenous Peoples are no longer siring enough children to maintain their population levels.

They are,  at the same time being urged to reduce the population. This is an impossibility if as we are being told it is necessary to allow massive immigration to make up for those children who have not been born in order to reduce the population.

Across Europe there is not one country giving birth to more than 1.8 children per couple, whereas Muslim families have a birthrate of over 4 children per family, it has been estimated that within forty years Muslims will be a majority across Europe, without a shot being fired, they will have defeated the civilians of Europe.

Before the Jew Winston Churchill, introduced the tactic of targeting civilians, wars were fought mainly between armies. Churchill and his homicidal chum, Bomber Harris, changed all of that. World War Two was a war of total genocide against the German people. As many as twenty-million Germans were butchered before, during and after the war.

We never hear a word about this outrage, we are lead to believe that the Russians were the main victims. Well, if you should adjout the millions of Russian Christians, murdered by Stalin, onto the German tally, it may be possible to suggest this, however it should be remembered that the culling of the Russian Christians had been going on for years in Russia, well-known by Western Politicians and it was still in progress when the Wehrmacht arrived in Ukraine.

When you consider that the Germans were in Russia fighting a war, against overwhelming odds,  they were not too concerned about slaughtering civilians,  never mind rounding up Jews, so in order to have killed the huge numbers of which they are accused,  they would had to kill a million people a month during the period in which they were in a state to kill anyone.  Work it out for yourselves, that would be quite an achievement.

So in essence, Islamic State is a Bolshevik Army. There has as yet been no example of an Army which has refused to turn its guns onto its own people when the order is given. The most recent example of this was in Cairo during the US funded Arab Spring, when the youngsters, with Twitter and Facebook, believed that they had generated a truly patriotic rebellion, the guns were of course eventually turned on them, despite their misplaced belief that the Army would never do such a thing and where are they now?

If the British Muslims, had decided to take part in the Middle East war, why did they not start at home? They are not stupid, they know the truth. For them to fight Assad is so ridiculous as to be beyond belief. It suggests to me that all of the so-called Muslim Clerics, accused of “radicalising” young Muslims are either frauds or they are stupid.  Why not send the Jihadists to the City of London, the real lair of the beast?

Turkey which is controlled by Jews; even the Founder of modern Turkey Kamal Ataturk was a Jew and Erdogan the current President and ex Prime Minister is a Jew.    He has just expressed his intention of recognising the so-called Caliphate which has been setup with Jewish money across the region, by Islamic State. So is this not warning enough as to the origins of this Muslim slaughtering group?

In the London district of Woolwich, a soldier; whom was  referred to as a Little Drummer Boy but who was in fact a brutal Machine Gunner Boy in Afghanistan, was allegedly beheaded by two Black youngsters, with names almost as similar as those of Osama and Obama. The whole event was filmed on CCTV, yet the actual be-heading was not too evident.

A passerby stopped to see if she could help the victim, she reported that she could see little sign of injury, suggesting that there was no pool of blood running down the street, not to mention a dismembered head.

I would suggest that this caper was the dummy run of decapitation as a means of generating fear and loathing in the minds of those amongst us who are hard of thinking,  just to see if they could get away with it.

It should not be forgotten that this has been a Bolshevik tool since the very beginning of the invasion of Iraq, when we were told that it was the Al Qaeda leader of the day, who has since retired, who was doing the beheading.

He killed a fellow called Ken Bigley, from Liverpool. We were not however allowed to see either the film or the corpse, we were obliged to take the word of Al Qaeda and the Western Media that the event had in fact taken place.

What we are now being presented with is a series of short, heavily edited films, taken in front of a “Green Screen.” They could as well have been filmed in Hollywood or Elstree as in Iraq or Syria, wherever they were made, they are a nonsense and an excuse to continue the unending garbage which is being broadcasted about this group on all channels, including Press TV and Russia Today.

Despite having all sorts of restrictions imposed on him and unending threats from the UK and US, Assad has fought this band of scum to a standstill in Syria, so what have we to fear from this mob? Why not stop arming them and allow Assad to finish them off?  Does it really need to involve a third invasion of Iraq and the threat of drones killing civilians?

It is becoming clearer by the day, that the real purpose of setting up and paying for this bunch was to facilitate the dismemberment of Iraq and Syria and the theft of the Iraqi oilfields.

So all in all I would suggest that it is time for We the People, to demand the right to bear arms. We are now the prime targets for whomsoever our elected scum choose to unleash against us.

Whether it be Police, the Military or a terrorist group, they have all been armed to the teeth, while we are left with no means of defending ourselves against them and it is about time that we woke up to the fact that our politicians have been chosen for their proclivity to kill to order, whether it be a child sacrifice or a million with an atomic bomb, they are always there to justify the deed, however merciless the deed may be.

So be warned we are next on the list.  If the Islamic State don’t get you the Ebola will.

Obama: Bringing His Lies To The Land Of Song.

Obama, today made a speech in which he once again, mouthed a pack of unsubstantiated lies about Russia’s part in the ongoing strife in Ukraine. For him to express these sentiments when the evidence of his habitual lies is available all over the interweb, undermines whatever respect remains for his position as the “leader?” of the most powerful country on Earth.

So do you begin to understand that to go along with anything which dribbles out of the mouth of this ninkenpoop is almost as stupid as to go along with the mouthings of David Cameron, who today in Parliament, in front of the world called Bashar al Assad a “Brutal Dictator” with one breath, while from the other side of his mouth he explained his opposition to anti-Jewish sentiments, which are critical of Israel’s barbarism in Gaza, expressing his view that Israel is entitled to security within its own boundaries, apparently forgetting that those boundaries are ambulant.



One could be forgiven for asking why Cameron did not express the same sentiments about his kinsmen in Khazar controlled Israel, where the targets were women and children in Gaza. Or indeed how he manages to keep a straight face, when speaks about IS, a group which he knows full well  works for Israel and is controlled by a Mossad Agent. His Jewish friend on the other side of the house, Ed Milliband, the son of a Stalinist father and another Khazar Jew, echoes Cameron’s sentiments.



Milliband mentioned several groups, which have come under attack from IS but not Jews, the arch-enemy is the only group in the Middle East not to have been bothered by IS, which is only to be expected, the very group which is responsible for all of the carnage in the Middle East is the group which has suffered the least.

However the strategy is now becoming clear.  Islamic State has grabbed parts of Kurdistan, Iraq and Syria, all for which Israel is hungering.  The proposal now appears to be, to arm the PKK terrorists and the Iraqi Army and for the US to bomb Islamic State in Syria. What a surprise, so the West will finally manage to destroy completely yet another country which was functioning perfectly well before the little piggy looking chap, sitting on Cameron’s right hand side in Parliament, set about undermining that state of affairs.



And then, just when you think you’ve listened to enough garbage for one day, this ridiculous little loud-mouth pops up.  He would appear to be another of those characters who would like to drive us all back into the Dark Ages.


Israel’s fear would appear to be that NATO is in fact defunct, so it has set about generating an excuse to not only keep it alive but to inject even more of our taxes into enlarging it and taking the power of attack out of the control the member states and placing it into the hands of a mad-man like Rasmussen,  who is an agent of the Shadow Government and NATO is no more than a private army.

When the idiot in the above clip mentioned Nuremberg, and the thousands of Germans executed for War Crimes he displayed his total ignorance of history. The Germans were executed to shut them up so as not to spoil the party for the Jews and their seizure of Palestine.  These Germans could have exposed the Greatest Lie in History, had they lived. Wake up you dope! Here is a real friend of Islam;



What the Jews are after is the same old thing, yet another Christian Sacrifice to achieve Jewish aims, well why not let them do it for themselves for a change. The Christian Soldiers have done enough, the Jews have turned us all into War Criminals.  Cameron and his Jewish chum who parades around calling himself a Socialist, is in fact a Jewish Communist or indeed a Fabianist Wolf in sheep’s clothing, whatever, he is not working for those who elected him.  He is working for the same thing as was his father before him, world domination by Bolshevik Jews.

In Newport, those scum who lied us into illegal attacks against Libya and Iraq, having failed to get permission from the UN to attack Iraq and  and an acceptance of a “no fly zone” in Libya, which turned into a “bomb the shit out of the bastards” free fire attack, are now accusing Russia of an involvement in Ukraine, for no better reason than to guarantee the Jewish lust for the farmlands of Ukraine, which have already been earmarked by the IMF as part payment of the imposed usury, which has now been hung around the necks of the unsuspecting Ukrainians.

Cameron the man who is opposed to sanctions against Israel is now screeching for more stringent sanctions against Russia and the installation of yet more aggressive NATO bases around the borders of Russia, a country which certainly has more to fear from the West than we do from Russia.

While calmly watching the annexation of Palestine by the Bolshevik Jews, Cameron is aggressively demanding the integrity of  Ukraine.

Sky News and the BBC are busily searching out only those who support the government in Kiev in order to do, as in Syria and Libya, present a lop-sided view of events in Ukraine and an assurance, without a shred of evidence in support, that Russian troops are engaged in the fighting. in the manner that the SAS was fighting Gadaffi in Libya and are even now training Islamic State, while telling us that they are fighting against, Islamic State.

It should not be forgotten that we have seen all this before in Eastern Europe.  Under cover of the Second World War, the Bolshevik Jews took control of all of Eastern Europe, while telling the world that Adolf Hitler was intent on this act.  The same Bolshevik Jews are now telling us that Russia is attempting to do the same thing, while in reality, it is the same Jewish Bolshevik thugs who are busily pushing their old Bolshevik Soviet Union States,  into their new Fiefdom, the European Union, with the aid of their War Machine NATO.

Jewish controlled governments in Eastern Europe, forced their people into this cess-pit EU, in most cases despite the people’s refusal at the “democratic” ballot box.  They now have Russia isolated and at their mercy, while building up their “coalition” as they did against Hitler, in order to take down the last European State capable of resisting the march to total Bolshevik Zionist Jewish World control.

 The Russian people will not have forgotten that the Jews slaughtered at least sixty-five million Christians after the Jewish Bankers funded the coup d’etat in 1917 and they will not be blind to the fact that the Bolsheviks are back in control in Ukraine and have already started their massacres, which are of course being blamed on the victims, as in Palestine.


Listening to this nonsense about defence, it is hard to believe that “WE” are the War Mongers. The Jews in Ukraine are “peacefully” murdering their own people. The murdering Jews in Israel are simply defending themselves and ISIS is a threat, y ah-deyah-deyah-deyah……………..








The British/Jewish Establishment Has The Entire Middle East Fighting Shadows.

The British Home Secretary has just announced that the UK is locked in a deadly war against Islamic extremism,  a war  which Europe is likely to be fighting for decades to come.

This assertion is based on the one hand, on a piece of cinema, which we are being warned is an example of the cruelty of the “New Gang on the Block” Islamic State;  a group which is controlled by Mossad and trained by the SAS,    ie the phony be-heading of a very well-known? US photo/journalist, through the medium of a Swiss Army pen-knife and on the other hand to distract attention away from the real war in which we have been unknowingly  engaged for generations, that is the war against the continuing expansion of British/Jewish/Zionist world control. One can only wonder as to why the UK Home Secretary did not warn us of the unrelenting advance by those who have promised to kill us all., by whatever means come to hand.

The decapitation of a Journalist in Iraq by an alleged, though heavily disguised Islamist? comes hot on the heels of the decapitation of an Italian Journalist, by a mortar shell, deliberately launched at him by the Jewish Government in Kiev, an atrocity which was quickly followed by the dismemberment of dozens of children in Gaza, through the use of illegal weapons which were supplied by the Jewish controlled UK government and the Jewish controlled US government to the well-known Jewish killers in Tel Aviv, who are also using the excuse of this so-called Muslim terrorism to continue what they have doing to Palestine since 1948, with the aid of the Jewish/British Establishment, which stole Palestine from the Palestinians and stood by watching as the Jews eliminated them.

The “Rat Bag Ramsey” from Sky News is back with us in the Middle East feeding us his “probably true” information, from yet another of his “Trustworthy” sources, telling us of thousands and thousands of Islamic State fighters, pouring into the much desired by Israel, semi-autonomous region of Northern Iraq, where the oil reserves are to be found and where a Jewish controlled regional government is already in place, waiting for the all clear from London and Washington to declare themselves fully part of Greater Israel.

The Muslim Communities across the world are not stupid, they know full well that the Jews are behind this Black Propaganda against a people who just happen to live in an area much desired by those Jews from The Synagogue of Satan, who are attempting to present themselves as the Biblical people who have some sort of divine right to slaughter or buy whatever their greed demands.  However many innocent lives it may cost.

This  short video clip offers a warning to the Muslim Community to be extremely careful as to whom you offer your support. You are next in line for the “Christian Treatment” at the hands of these monsters.


I was at first disinclined to search out the actual beheading of Foley, until I was surprised to find it on the Press TV channel with all of the usual warnings of graphic material and what have you, which actually showed no sign of a decapitation.  We were presented with images of a man in black, holding a knife to the neck of Foley, then a quick edit to an image of a headless dummy lying in the sand with a head balanced on its chest.

 The US Authorities quickly authenticated the beheading of Foley, so they must surely be in possession of the FULL version of the video, though this I doubt, so if they do in fact have the stomach to watch The FULL, without fainting, why not allow the rest of us to view it for ourselves, instead of boring us to death with all the bilge about tracking down the man in black through the use of his eye-balls and the page of script which any British Citizen could have read for them, terrorist or not, without too much trouble, using any one of the many instantly recognisable British accents which have cropped up in the North-West Region of the UK

This would save us from the endless commentators on TV News, yapping about how viewing the video is making us complicit in the act of terrorism, in a manner which suggests that they have actually witnessed a decapitation while the rest of us are aghast at the level of deception which is being employed to force this unproven act down our throats.

There are reports that a Seal Team made an aborted effort to release Foley from captivity, during which he was most probably killed, thus making him available as the star in a film of his own death after he was dead.

Just take a look at this video clip and decide for yourselves what you are witnessing. How could any parent talk in this manner, having just been informed that their child had been brutally murdered by a character, who had been filmed cutting off his head.  Personally I would have told the TV crews to F**k off!  One can find ones self waiting for the Olympic Games reporters favourite question, “Can you tell the viewers exactly how you felt when you were told of your son’s murder?”

It would appear that bogus decapitation has become the modus operandi of terrorists world-wide, what with the Woolwich affair, where a passer-by tried to revive a body on the ground, apparently without noticing that his head was rolling down the road.  One of the actors in this farce, had been killed on active service some time before the Woolwich attack.



A government spokesman in the UK has today announced the épuration of the internet of such graphic images and of the steps being taken as a means of preventing the dissemination of similar videos in the future. So let me get this straight: They are going to stop us from seeing images, which only they appear to have seen, because of a video clip, which  having already been censored was posted on youtube and which went viral, without showing us anything other than a rubber head placed on a dummy in the desert. So using this model they can now set about complete internet censorship?

Sky News is telling us that the Kurdish PKK which is itself a terrorist organisation, according to the US and Turkey, now has its own elite anti-terrorist group, for which they are demanding more sophisticated armaments, with which to fight the Mossad created Islamic State, you truly could not accept this nonsense as the plot for a cheap movie, yet the much vaunted, most intelligent creature on Earth, laps it all up without question.


They are also apparently prepared to accept another dose of “Poor Old Joe” over there in the States, where once again Poor Old Whitey” is carrying the can for the slavers, when the killing of a black man has once again not only caused riots in the streets but calls for trillions of dollars of reparations for all of the ills which befell black slaves in the USA.

Well I hope I can express this without being called a racist but let us not forget that for the last fifty years all “legal” means of apartheid in the US came to an end. What is left are the acts of those who for whatever reason do not like members of other Races.  That is up to them, nobody has the right to insist that you like them. Liking or disliking is a personal choice.

To my knowledge there are only two groups of people who are calling those who dislike them racist, bigots or anti-Semitic, that would be the Blacks and the Jews.  The Jews blame whoever has some money to throw into their hat for what they claim happened to them during the WW2, when most of them had not been born and the Germans who are being forced to pay them had not been born themselves.

The Black people in the US, were in the main bought and sold by Jewish Slave Traders who had bought them from Black Tribal Chiefs in Africa, however not of course any of the present day Blacks,  they are in fact the lucky ones, take a look at present day life in Africa.  How many Blacks in the US are packing their bags to go back to their homeland? How many Blacks in Africa have a Obama Phone and access to healthcare and education?  Plus how many White people are living in tents in the US? How many thousand White women are being raped every year by Black men?  How many White people have been brutally murdered this year by Black people and how many Blacks by Whites?

No member of my family has ever owned a slave, so why are these Black racists allowed to lump me into their claims of bad treatment by Whites?  They are simply racist themselves.  Even this latest event in Ferguson is not exactly what it seems.   Once again the Blacks are taking to the streets and claiming total innocence, as they did over the Trayvon Martin incident, for which a half-cast was presented as White, to suit the claims of White Mischief.

Michael Brown did apparently punch the cop who confronted him in the face, whether he did or not, it would be preferable to await positive evidence before taking to the streets, in a manner which is never made in protest of the enormous numbers of murders which are carried out in the Black Community by Blacks, along with the numerous murders of Whites by Blacks. The Jewish controlled media is in fact feeding us a totally distorted view of reality.


The first group of slaves on the sugar plantations in the West Indies were Irish.  Plus there were thousands of Irish indentured Slaves. Back home in Ireland the Irish had been under constant attack much like the people of Gaza are today.  The Jewish/British establishment in London, have been trying for over three hundred years to obliterate the Irish, yet I hear no calls for reparations.



PS. Sunday 24th August:  I woke up this morning to find that the “Security Service” has identified “Jihad John,”  the man who allegedly decapitated James Foley.

This is as impossible as was the identification of the “alleged” 7-7 bombers within minutes of the event taking place.  They were most certainly “Patsies” otherwise to track down and name a group of lads, who out of the blue decided to go to London and blow up three trains and a bus and  who left no trace whatsoever of their presence on the scene would have taken months.

We have already been fed the guff that they will be able to track down the character in black, filmed from a distance, which made it unsure that even his “known” victim, could not be definitely identified, simply by checking out his eye Iris?  I promise you that this will be accepted as adequate proof, a proof with which we will never be provided, because it will most probably be a danger to National Security to so do.







To Where Have All Of The International Muslim Terrorists Gone?

I today listened to George Galloway explaining his thoughts on Israel and the attacks on Gaza. George seems to experience great difficulty in uttering the word Jew and what is more,  he insists on blaming Israel for all of the crimes against humanity, which have been inflicted onto the indigenous people of Palestine, by a group of incomers.

George must surely, by now, be aware that the World Wars, in which the youth of Europe sacrificed their lives, were fought to further the aims of Jews, whether he finds it difficult to accept or not.

When the Jews stormed into Palestine at the end of World War Two, they were carrying out a plan which had been announced at the end of the Great War, long, long before there had been any talk of a holocaust, that is other than those numerous bogus claims which had been made by Jews down through the decades.

The Balfour Declaration, which had been written by Chatham House, where according to Galloway; “When you need an expert, you go to where the experts are to be found.”  Well whether you will find an expert there or not, you will most certainly find the Jews who are responsible for all of the misery in Palestine.

So what exactly is the champion of the Palestinians doing in the company of The Royal Institute of International Affairs, where the program of the Jews in the City of London is coordinated?

On top of that, Dr. David Duke, the man who is speaking for all of the free thinking people of the world, is for some reason splitting hairs over the actual origins of the Khazar Jews.

He would appear to be suggesting that because Jews have been traditionally related to money, gold and usury, that it follows therefore that they must all come from the same region. My reading of this is, that he is suggesting that they are all of the same brutal mentality, so they must therefore share the same origins.

Well I am sorry to contradict your reasoning Dr. Duke but whether you understand the difference or not, it is clear that all of the top men in Israel, ever since its inception, have come from Jews of Eastern European origins, Jews who do not display the slightest similarity to the indigenous people of the Middle East and who also changed their names to give them a more regional sound.

Many of these Jews are still to be found in their “homeland” as it were. The “Chocolate King” in Ukraine, along with his Prime Minister and other members of the sham government in Ukraine, have remained in that region and are part of a group which has never been involved in any way with the claims of the right to seize Palestine. They are now however intent on taking control of the remnants of the Kingdom of Khazaristan, if it did indeed exist and was not simply a figment of the imagination of Arthur Koestler as is suggested by Dr. Duke.

Baron Rothschild has already invested a fortune in Kazakhstan, where he has seen to the construction of his brand new Capital in Astana. Kazakhstan was of course controlled by the same Jewish group which helped to bring us the Bolshevik Jew coup d’etat in Russia and is still to this day controlled by Jews.

So it becomes more and more difficult to believe anything with which we have been presented by these brutes, who cheer the murder of children in Gaza and are openly calling for an outright slaughter of them all, which will solve all of their problems. All of which has been reported without criticism by the media which is under their control, while at the same time George Galloway is hauled in by the British Police, for questioning, concerning a statement which he made calling for a boycott of Israeli products. A similar call was made in Norway, which resulted in the slaughter of dozens of youngsters at a Summer Camp, by Anders Breivik.

I was astonished when I heard on the News, that NATO would consider it to be an invasion, should Russia attempt to take food aid to the beleaguered folk in the East of Ukraine, while at the same time Obama and Cameron are being praised for doing the same thing for Iraqis, forced from their homes by Islamic State, a group which has been financed by the City of London, with printed money from the Federal Reserve, laundered through the Jewish “Royals” in Saudi Arabia.

Obama is now “bombing” Islamic State, who are busily taking control of the very regions in Iraq and Syria, which have long been nominated as part of Greater Israel. This while fellow Muslims are being massacred in Palestine, by Israel, which is wholly financed by US tax payers Dollars, without a single Islamic hand being offered in support. Egypt is maintaining the closure of the Rafah crossing at the behest of Israel. So much for Islamic solidarity.

There should now be calls for a new Nuremberg, bringing all of the living War Criminals in Israel to justice. That they have been allowed to get away with their murder and mayhem for over sixty years, while all of the other so-called “Rogue States” have been carpet bombed to dust and rubble, by the “Humanitarians” is unforgivable.

All of this being justified by an alleged event, in which none of the Jewish killers who stormed into Palestine were involved, just as were none of the Germans who were hanged at Nuremberg, whose deaths were based on the word of Jews, without a shred of evidence in support of their claims.

It is interesting to note, that not one of the main players in World War 2, Eisenhower, Churchill, De Gaulle made any mention of a genocide against the Jews. They most certainly heard all of the claims which were made by the Jews, but probably thought that they would never get away with such a fantasy. They of course reckoned without the power of Hollywood and the new gadget called Television.

What we do know for sure, is that WE are the true criminals. WE are international terrorism. WE have caused more grief and suffering in this world than have all of the other historical criminals combined.

The West is supplying the guns and bombs which are being used to kill women and children in Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Gaza, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

Western bombs have already contaminated the entire Middle East, which has led to the birth of thousands of genetically damaged children, created millions of refugees, who have been deliberately allowed to re-establish themselves in the middle of the people who destroyed their homelands, in order to create the recipe for civil conflict, which will lead to continued blood-letting, which one might be forgiven for believing is the only thing these “Western” filth understand.

I have become so cynical, that on reading an account of the American doctor, who we were told had contracted the Ebola virus, while working with the sick in Africa and who was inexplicably repatriated to the US, despite the risks of spreading the virus; he was explaining how even though he knew that great care should be taken not to risk taking the disease from one person to another, he spoke of holding the hands of those dying from Ebola and how he could remember a strange feeling of peace when he was found to have contracted the disease himself. Then, miraculously, when treated with a new “wonder” drug, within minutes he was on his feet and asking for a coffee or some such thing.

My cynical reaction was one of, how handy, so they had a drug just waiting for an outbreak of Ebola. A drug which was not announced until the Ebola Virus had gone viral, as you might say. How long will it be before they announce a vaccine? Or maybe the “wonder” drug will be the first drug to ever cure a virus.