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Russia And China Are Coming Out Of The Darkside

I still retain a slight hope that Donald Trump is giving Israel enough rope to hang itself. There has never been a time, when Israel has stood as naked and exposed for what it really represents, than since the day Trump announced that he intended to move the American Embassy to Jerusalem.

It has now become clear that Israel is a State of Mad Dogs, passing their days inside a ball of hatred for all and everyone. Nobody is safe from their savagery. The world has yet to discover exactly what they did to German prisoners at Nuremberg and the tortures which they inflicted onto the general population, as they swarmed into Germany, intent on carrying out as bloody and painful a genocide as possible, all of which has been kept under a blanket of secrecy.

Stalin had been tasked with doing to Germany exactly what had been done to Russia after the coup d’etat. Morgenthau had proposed the elimination of at least thirty million Germans after the end of the war. He finally had to settle for a total of ten million.

The City of London, instructed Britain’s favourite son, the Jew born Winston Churchill, to fire bomb every German city, inflicting the maximum number of civilian casualties, Churchill did his level best and more, in his usual psychopathic manner.

The Jews whom ordered, funded and controlled World War Two, carried out most of the War Crimes and in collusion with their allies, they decided that only the Germans could be charged with such Crimes. The Jews suffered along with the rest of the European civilian population, however at the end of hostilities, out of a population of seven-million Jews, in Central and Eastern Europe, six-million survived to claim reparations as holocaust survivors.

These survivors managed to escape from Europe, leaving the horrors behind them and headed for the safety of Palestine where they arrived, with guns blazing, to quickly drive a few hundred thousand of those pesky Goy Palestinians, most of them Semitic people, out of their ancestral homes and into refugee camps, where they simply refuse to sit still and accept the divine right, of those Jews to steal their homes and land.

This has lead to a huge demonstration, during the past few weeks, leading to those poor victims of World War Two, having to wildly lash out once more with guns blazing and gas canisters full of illegal substances, to slaughter these Semitic folk, whom dared to claim victimhood, when in a land now owned by the most pitiful bunch of victims ever known to man.

It must never be forgotten that these psychopaths have Atomic Bombs, with which they have promised to kill us all, if there should be any risk of them losing everything which they have stolen, including all those survivors from Eastern Europe, pretending to be ‘real’ Jews, as an excuse to demand a ransom from those Germans, whom are controlled by Jews these days, so they will even pay the descendants of Jew family dogs and cats, without question.

So Mister Trump, was this dose of truth about the cynics in Israel, just another ‘deal’ or could you simply not see this bad news coming? This will most surely put a brake on the idea of another loose cannon attack against Iran.  And thanks to you Mr Trump, maybe the Christian Russians and Chinese Nationalists will be venerated as peacemakers, thanks to your smart move, which gave us all that raw footage of Israeli barbarism in Gaza. Perhaps you might also have a word with the State Governors whom are making it illegal to criticise these cold-blooded Israeli killers, surely you will not allow such a travesty as that Mister President?

The Israeli’s Are Gutless In Gaza.

The Khazar Jews in Israel, are once again attacking the unarmed, hungry children of Gaza, whom are still forced to live in the rubble of the homes, which were destroyed by the Satanic, child sacrificing, US supported, Yiddish disease which has infected the Middle East, during the last cold-blooded attack which Israel called, Cast Lead.

William Hague, the slightly gay, slightly bald, Foreign Secretary of the UK, in the face of the slaughter which is imminent in Gaza, is still desperately trying to take down Assad’s government in Syria, to suit the needs of Israel, he has not shown the slightest interest in the installation of a “No Fly Zone” over Israel, in order to save the lives of women and children in the Jewish Concentration Camp of Gaza.

One can only wonder what pressure is being used against Hague, in order to generate this apparently blind acceptance of the War Crimes of the illegal State of Israel.

In view of the current scandal concerning the high level of paedophilia within the United Kingdom, which goes all the way to the top of the dung heap, could be the reason why the present government is prepared to accept any barbarity, in order to avoid further exposures of their own brutal treatment of children.

The fact that all of the filth, which involves at least three former Prime Ministers of the UK and many members of their administrations, made its appearance at the moment when a push is being made to force a war against Iran, the taking down of the Assad regime and the further destruction of Gaza, should at least raise the question of exactly how much British Policy is decided by blackmail.

The Metropolitan Police in the UK are in possession of a report, Operation Ore, which was an investigation into child abuse and the disappearance of vulnerable children.

A few easy targets were outed as a result of the report and then the lid was clamped down and the report was never released. This is common practice in the UK. I would suggest that it is common practice because MI6 is controlled by the same hand as is the CIA and Mossad. While top Police Officers are now members of an International Association of High Ranking Policemen, which is under the control of the UN, which is itself a private organisation.

The incomprehensible support for the atrocities of Israel, not only against Palestine but also its attack against Iraq’s Nuclear Power Station and the destruction of Lebanon, which included the scattering of millions of bomblets, which are still killing and maiming children whom come across them, plus its current demand for an attack on Iran, can only be explained through the use of some form of blackmail.

Listening to William Hague expressing his undying support for Israel, was almost as embarrassing as were his claims of heterosexuality after being caught out spending the night with his chauffeur.

The US Presidential candidates were screaming their love of Israel and what they would do for Israel should they be elected on every possible occasion. Why?

In anybody’s terms Israel is a pariah state. They are conducting a genocide against Palestine. It is taking place in full view of the world. Where are the peacemakers? Where is the (Jewish controlled) United Nations. Are all of these scum, going sit back and watch the slaughter take place while doing nothing to stop it?