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The Tattooed People Continue The Torture Of Palestinians.

White Phosphorus

Not too much reported on News Channels today about the thousand or so people whom are being forced out of their homes, in the West Bank, in order to give the descendants of Yiddish Jews, all of whom apparently escaped the alleged holocaust which was carried out against them, an area in which the Israeli Defence Force can carry out manoeuvres. They have been ordered to leave their homes for a few days.

This is of course simply another means of keeping up the pressure on the Palestinians, whom are already under daily attack from the Yiddish Settlers, whom poison their wells and cut down their olive groves.

These incomers to Palestine, whom are still in the process of demanding reparations, for  property which they claim was seized by the German Army, long, long, ago, at the same time are living in homes which they have stolen from the real Palestinians. They are of course still demanding pity for an event which happened long before they were born, while inflicting a nightmare on to the Palestinians, not for two or three years but for over sixty years.

Well the world is drained of pity for these people, and so they should be. The atrocities which have been carried against the Palestinians, are not mere allegations, they are recorded on film, for all to see and they are shameful. However the tattooed ones have been vaccinated against shame and embarrassment, they are prepared to keep up the genocide until there is not a Palestinian left standing and the UN will silently watch them do it.