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The Observer: Singing From The Swamp.


The Observer: Singing From The Swamp.

“…….Mrs Clinton is a politician with the experience to tackle these matters. Mr Trump is not. He is more interested in pandering to dictators than in holding them accountable for crimes. He’s spoken in favour of torture. His approach to trade is in line with his approach to immigration – the building of walls. He has portrayed global warming as a hoax. Mrs Clinton can be trusted with the nuclear button. Mr Trump cannot. A Trump presidency would be a leap into the unknown.(another?) His bigotry, his love of weapons, his impulsiveness and his America first-ism are all dangers. His victory would likely lead to more, not less, global confrontation.

……For Europe the stakes are high. Mrs Clinton is concerned about the old continent’s prospects. Mr Trump plays on American isolationism – he supported Brexit and cares little for transatlantic security guarantees. Russian muscle-flexing means that, whoever becomes president, European nations can no longer rely on the US to do all the heavy lifting. Global governance is under increased strain. Geopolitical competition is rife. US leadership has a key role to play. Mrs Clinton helped turn the page on the disastrous George W Bush era. The diplomatic accomplishments of the past eight years should not be minimised. Neither Mr Bush nor Mr Obama could have anticipated the crises that befell them once they reached office. How a president reacts matters greatly. On this count alone Mrs Clinton deserves to be elected.” (extract from the editorial opinion of the Observer 6-11-2016)

The Observer is the Sunday morning mouthpiece of the Fabian Society. In past times it was considered to be the ‘thinking mans’ more erudite choice of Sunday morning broadsheet, which offered a more reasoned analysis of current events.

The above is little more than a report, written by a scriptwriter, under instructions to include every ridiculous, falsified claim, made against Trump, while insidiously ignoring the fact, that when Trump spoke out about the criminality of the Clinton Clan, he was speaking truthfully. She is a criminal and most of the Obama team, should be standing alongside her in the Dock.

The Observer, now finds itself, standing alongside the one hundred, top journals, which support Clinton in the coming election, none of which have made even the slightest attempt to investigate the ‘hacked eMails’ or indeed report on the tissues of lies, which have been exposed in the Congressional investigation into Clinton’s possible Treason, by means of payments deposited into the Clinton Foundation, which could have been made in return for Secret information.

Huge sums have been made to the Clinton Foundation, by Dictators in the Gulf States, the likes of Saudi Arabia and Qatar for example, a fact which does not qualify as “pandering to Dictators” the claim made against Trump, whom has had no opportunity to pander to any Dictator, having done no more than suggest it to be better to be  less belligerent with the elected President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, whom is himself guilty of no crime, having done no more than impede, Clintons desire to carry out the wishes of the City of London, in Syria.

I have made mention of the City of London, in order to explain to those week-end intellectuals, that the Observer, is now of course, part of the Manchester Guardian group, which was part of the controlled press of its day, while at the same time, pretending to support the ‘working man.’   

Unfortunately its real purpose was to propagate the propaganda of Communism, making use of the destructive methods coming from the Tavistock Institute, in Tavistock Square, where a group of ‘pretend’ victims of a ‘pretend’ attack in London, just happened to be close enough to the Square, to allow those whom quickly leapt from a bus, which was immediately blown apart, to be dressed up as victims of the pretend attack and concealed amongst the other ‘pretend’ victims. None of which, despite many eyewitnesses, was ever investigated by the Police.

That little side issue demonstrates there to be an ongoing program, with which to lull, even the ‘thinking classes’ into a dream-state. I am not too sure of the IQ of the commenter who posted this:

Electing Trump won’t shake things up. It will be a total disaster like his casinos and hotels. Trump is a charlatan and he is a clear danger to everything he doesn’t like (namely everybody). Her husband’s presidency has been, by far, the best years for the United states for the last thirty years. I am confident that she can even do better than him especially that the economy is not in a such bad shape as it was when her husband got into power (after GW Bush’s senior first war in Irak). Clinton is by far the best choice and yes the world’s best hope.

The above gives the impression of being a planted comment, to reinforce the editorial posture, however the entire Press and television Rolling News channels presents a similar view, when a simple investigation into Slick Willy’s term as President, will disclose that both he and Hillary spent years fighting an investigation by a certain Kenneth Starr into their criminal activities in Arkansas.

Clinton made use of an illegal airborne attack against Sudan, to take attention away from his sordid affair with Monica Lewinsky and his possible Impeachment and the allegations which were made against him by the women whom he had raped.

So the mouth-piece of the Fabian Society, is suggesting this woman, who on her own part, refused to send a force to protect the US Ambassador in Benghazi and his team, whom had found themselves caught in the middle of an arms deal, involving the sale of Gadaffi’s armaments to ‘friendly’ terrorists, which could be sent to Syria, to kick off the next stage in the plan, that of destroying Syria.

The Ambassador was brutally tortured to death, by the ‘slow roast’ method and his staff murdered. Many suggest his death was allowed, in order to shut him up before he could ‘out’ Hillary Clinton’s part in this criminal enterprise.

Should that have escaped the eagle-eyed hacks, working for the Guardian/Observer, we could go on to discuss the Clinton Foundation and the theft of the donations made by the Public, to help the stricken folk of Haiti, after a disastrous earthquake, which simply vanished, having been deposited into the ‘black-hole’ of the vaults of the Clintons’ money-laundering Foundation.

Who in their right mind could present this creepy little character as preferable to Donald Trump? Just a glance at some of the clips from Congress, into the Benghazi affair, illustrates her to be a pathological liar. On the other hand, despite the entire Media Industry’s attempts, nothing of substance has been dug up against Trump, apart from innuendo and allegations.

Trump is approaching the end of his useful life, so why not present him, for what he appears to be, instead of poisoning his well of possibilities, by encouraging exactly what has been achieved in the ‘United’ Kingdom, by presenting the ‘Brexit’ vote as a close call and should be opposed, when in reality it was a massive victory for Common Sense? It is perfectly clear that Trump has a gigantic following in the US, so why does the Press not pick up on the obvious preference of the people, instead of pushing the views those whom stand against Democracy.

I have no problem in ‘outing’ myself as a supporter of Trump. I support Nationalism and oppose the dictates of Jews, who are bombarding us all, as White people, with their desire to wipe us out as a Race. I AM WHITE AND I AM PROUD OF MY RACE, on top of that, I want action to be taken against those whom are attempting to destroy, my People through the means of mass immigration.’

For Jews, whom have bled us dry, having complained for generations, about an attempt to do the same thing to them, to be now pointing their bone in my direction, without response from the controlled Press, never mind our politicians, has enraged me to the point of questioning, not only the aims of the controllers of the mainstream media, but also the cynicism of the paid liars, who present a gullible public with a cartload of shit. The BBC and Sky News have both been caught out, on more than one occasion, filming staged events, for which the lack,of any governmental inquiry, graphically demonstrates their complicity in such lies.

I am also in favour of ‘Fair Trade’ not ‘Free Trade,’ which is nothing other than a means of destroying the Industry in White European countries, where controlled politicians are using the lie of the danger of Carbon Dioxide, as an excuse to establish all of the major European industries in Asia, while they calmly destroy Europe.

Lastly, I have nothing against those from other lands, until quite recently, I believed it to be perfectly possible to allow the ebb and flow of immigration/emigration to find its own level. However I am now convinced that we have all been duped. Millions of immigrants, not refugees, have been allowed to enter Europe since the 1990’s. You’re honest governments have been lying to you about the true numbers. In 2015 alone, three-hundred-thousand immigrants entered the United Kingdom, many of them European, which does not suit the agenda of ‘browning out’ the White British, so there has been an immediate attack made against them, without a word about the number of Muslims. I suggest the British would be well advised to allow as many Whites as possible to enter the UK and love them dearly.

In France as in the United Kingdom, we are being told there to be economic growth and the Government claims there to be five or six million unemployed. In reality,there are thirteen million folk unemployed in France. In the region of Paris alone, there are a million young Arab lads who have never found work. Despite this state of affairs, François Hollande has quietly shipped in eighty-five thousand Malians, part of the attempt to prepare Africa for the coming rape of its resources.

The Middle Eastern wars must stop, they have been carried out, in our name, for the benefit of the Corporations and the Zionist Mafia in Israel, using Christian soldiers to do their dirty work. 

Your children in uniform are nothing more than a gang of thugs, whom are being used to murder and maim women and children across the planet, in illegal brutal attacks. They are not at War,they are fighting for the benefit of sick and greedy businessmen and the power-hungry. So let us hope that Donald Trump gets his chance to drain this swamp.


The Clear Intention Of The West Is To Destroy Islam.

The same group of thugs, who conspired to destroy Germany in Nineteen-thirty-nine, The United States, The United Kingdom and France, are now in the process of fighting another covert war for the Jews, whom are now, thanks to the Jewish controlled United Nations, established in Palestine.

This time around the target is The Middle East or indeed any Muslim State in the region, which may have some oil or gas reserves on their territory.

Talks are ongoing across the region between John Kerry, the Skull and Bones man and the Jewish Royal Families in the Arabian Gulf, whom euphemistically refer to themselves as ‘Friends of Syria’ while being still in the process of subduing their own people.

The subject is, as it has been for over two years, how to bring down Bashar al Assad and replace him with another puppet along the lines of those installed in Libya, Iraq and Egypt, whom will be prepared to  prostrate themselves before the throne of the Israeli Mafia.

The whole world is being alerted to the fact that lethal weapons are being placed into the hands of Al Qaeda and other so-called terrorist groups which are affiliated to them, which will eventually be turned against the West. What sort of crap is this and at who is being aimed?

There is no fear whatsoever of these weapons being turned towards those by whom they were provided, there is only one group fighting in Syria and that group is completely under the control of NATO and its allies.

As in Libya, where the same thugs were being paid to kill and rape, a few locals are dressed up a bit to provide photo opportunities for the controlled media like Sky News and the BBC, who are prepared to swear that these guys in flip-flops, shooting their guns around the side of buildings, without looking to see if there is indeed anything at which to shoot, are indeed true ‘Freedom Fighters,’ whom are of course prepared to see the total destruction of their own country, in order to put the power and corruption into their hands.

The United States is waging an undeclared war against Syria on behalf of Israel, with the connivance of France and The UK. All of these countries are under Jewish control, as they were during the war against Germany. In these situations, there must be no dissenting voice. Assad would do well to remember that he is not too far from the spot from which Christ drove the money-lenders out of the the temple, those same money lenders are now keen to set themselves up in Damascus.

All of these people, Kerry, Hague, Cameron and Hollande are psychopathic lunatics, all of whom will stand before their electorate and lie through their teeth for Israel. The people of these States are the true terrorist and have been for centuries. There has been no evidence yet produced of any truly International Muslim Terrorist Group. All of the well-known players work for the West.

The West and its killing machines, whether NATO or a clandestine bunch of crapule, are fully responsible for the slaughter which has been taking place, across the Muslim World during the past twelve years.  This has been a monumental War Crime against an innocent group of people, whom have been savaged, tortured and killed without pity, in the name of Israel, without a shred of evidence to justify the ‘crimes’ of which they have been accused. All of the evidence for 911, was undeniably pointed towards Israel.

Jews whom quite openly brag about owning virtually the entire International News Network, is ordering its lackeys, to take Press TV off of their Satellite Systems. This is the group which controls Freedom of Speech, which contaminates Hollywood films with their propaganda and through the use of money which was gained through Usury, has taken control of our Universities, from which they can withdraw funding, should the desired results not be forthcoming.

Brazil is showing the world how to take care of a government which does not take care of its people. When the day comes that the people of Europe can find the same level of motivation, things may start to change.

Until that day arrives, we in Europe will have to accept that our children are being educated to believe that the only possible Political system, must involve Political Parties, which is of course, simply the most direct route to enslavement, as all of our Political leaders have been chosen from those whom have the right degree of psychopathy or enough sordid skeletons in their closet to make them amenable to blackmail.

John Kerry was recently criticising the Iranians for having selected the candidates on the ballot papers, this, coming from a man whom recently stood against his cousin George Bush in a Presidential election in the US, where of course the number of votes count for nothing, the outcome is decided by an Electoral College, which is just another way of saying it is a rigged system. War Criminal Bush, was elected first time around despite the fact that Gore had won more votes than had he, when the result was decided by a Judge. This is the country which is forcing “Democracy,” down the throats of all and sundry.

Barak Obama, whom has brought the art of lying to a whole new level, is now looking under every stone, as did Bush, in search of evidence of non-existent Syrian chemical weapon use.

Slightly Gay, though apparently ashamed of it, Little Willy Hague, is desperately looking for a way to convince us all, that these powerful new, ‘game changing’ weapons, with which he wants to arm the thugs in Syria, will not fall into the hands of the naughty chaps, who might use them against “Us,” God forbid, knowing full well that there is no funding available for any form of real terrorism, other than that which is funded by the West. There never has been, which is why it was necessary to invent Osama Bin Laden, the phantom member of a rich Saudi Arabian family, which was a business partner of the Bush family.

The thugs whom are carrying out the War Crime against civilians in Syria, are one and all in the pay of Saudi Arabia, which has been selected as the Paymaster for this operation, in  order to give the impression that it must be a ‘good war’ if it is being funded by Muslims, well the murdering despots in Saudi Arabia are allegedly Jewish, which is why they were given the status of Royal in the first place.

Bin Laden’s money, which was apparently untraceable, was allegedly the money used to fund the 911 attacks. Bin Laden came from nowhere, was never accused of a crime due to lack of evidence. He frequently made audio tapes, which the FBI assured us were genuine. The video films however showed various Bin Laden’s’ which did not conform to the image of the pleasant-looking fellow, whom we were informed controlled the 911 attack from a luxurious, air-conditioned cave in Afghanistan, which like the man himself, proved to be a myth.

Bin Laden, we were assured was thrown into the sea without being put on trial, while those whom worked for this phantom, are still being water-boarded, in  order to get information about, Bin Laden?

The Taliban were in New York, having talks with the US Government, shortly before the 911 False Flag. They were allowed to go back to Afghanistan, which was soon to be invaded. They were given time to collect their toothbrushes and Koran, before taking off on their motor-bikes, into the sunset. They were never captured.

They have continued, for twelve years, to carry out  a war against the mightiest war machine on the planet and appear to be gaining the upper hand. When these same people were fighting the Russians, they were funded by the US, by whom have they been funded for the last twelve years?

No mystery there, they have been funded by the same folk whom have always funded both sides in wars. The Taliban are just another arm of the same Al Qaeda, which was set-up by Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski, which is now being used to murder Pakistanis in the same cavalier manner, as are Muslims across the World by US and UK assets, with the aid of Mossad. We will no doubt soon be encountering the Taliban in Bangladesh, or Kashmir, or wherever else it may suit the destroyers of civilisation.

The West is at the moment, under the full control of Israel and the Money Lenders.  While claiming to be bringing Democracy to  the Maghreb and the Middle East, they are in fact installing thugs of an unknown origin, across the region, knowing full well that the result will in fact be a form of murderous Anarchy, which will bring the entire region to its knees. This is the Muslim world’s fight for survival, Israel is busily seeking the Final Solution, which will bring them their dream of a Greater Israel, however many murders that may involve.

Little Willy Hague and his paedophile, Necrophiliac friends, the descendants of those whom destroyed Hitler and then accused him of every crime known to man as justification, now simply use key words like ‘monster,’ ‘brutal,’ or ‘savage’ or some such adjective, without any good evidence in support of their claims, against Gadaffi and Assad, they then send in the psychopathic killers, whom destroy the country, kill the leader and set up their own Mafia style Government, to the detriment of the people. There are no adequate words to describe these scum.

Back in the UK, Hague’s Posh Chums are robbing the people to enrich their  Banking friends, while at the same time claiming that they cannot use cheap money from the Bank of England to invest in the production of new jobs for the unemployed. The reality being that there are no new jobs to produce, they have all been sent overseas and they are not coming back. Any new industry the UK will soon go the same way, that is the New World Order. Slaves Rule OK!