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Another Low Level Paedophile Stands Exposed.

How can we ever forget the glory days of  It’s a Knockout, when Stuart Hall and his gritty chum Eddie”Up and Under,” Waring were the commentators?

Stuart Hall was the drinking companion of George Best, probably the best footballer the world has ever seen.  In all fairness Stuart Hall was excellent at his job, as he was in later life as a Match Commentator.

This makes it all the more painful to see him arrested in his dotage, for allegedly abusing young children, especially so soon after Lord McAlpine was left, uninvestigated, after he too had been implicated, by the Police themselves in paedophile activities. Lord McAlpine, a rich man, received one hundred and eighty-five thousand pounds of licence-payers money, from the BBC, while the child whom was most certainly abused by someone, was left with nothing.

Such is the way the law operates in the UK. Low-level offenders are picked out and used to screen the real problem, most of which takes place in Masonic Lodges and involves the likes of  high level politicians whom are never brought to Court and whom are left free to carry on as before, while attempting to change the law to make their obscene behaviour legal.