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RIP JFK. Already Forty Eight Years.

The most unbelievable excuse, ever generated by any government, in order to cover up the assassination of a President of The United State, was compiled around the killing of Kennedy.

Such is the complexity of the events which allegedly occurred on that fateful day in Dallas in 1963, it would not surprise too many people, should it now be presented as suicide.

Kennedy had managed to offend many people during his term as President. His proclivity for sex before breakfast did not help his relationship with his wife, whom in recent times has become a suspect in the lengthy gallery of other possibilities.

I hear-by select my current favourite theory, on film and I leave you to make up your own mind. Did Jacqueline do it?  Watch her hand behind the Presidents head and the direction taken by parts of his brain, after the shot. Then watch as she hands something to the Secret Service man behind the car. Was it the gun?