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Spingola Speaks With Forked Tongue!

Yesterday evening I wasted three hours of battery power, in order to listen to Deanna Spingola, who with invited guests, was going to discuss events at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in  Connecticut, where a twenty year old youth was alleged to have shot dead twenty children and six adult staff.

A while back, I heard her discussing the same event on her show, with Michael Collins Piper, a character, whom I will state here and now has something about him which does not sit well within my nervous system.  Perhaps it is because he constantly refers to himself in the third person.

He suggested to Spingola that in his opinion, Sandy Hook was a genuine event and that the children had actually died as a result of gun fire. During this transmission, Spingola described Piper as her hero. My opinion of her changed radically on hearing this ridiculous admission.

Some time later a character called Holbeig drifted on to the scene, claiming to have had extensive experience in the system of security and other matters in the education system, which were relevant to the events at Sandy Hook, he suggested that as far as he was concerned, the events as reported in the Police report, did not make sense.

He was of course quickly invited on to the Spingola Show, where he was greeted by the “new” Spingola,  who could hardly restrain herself for an instant, in order to allow the fellow to finish a sentence.  She tore into him in a quite an embarrassing manner, dismissing out of hand all of his points of view.

On another occasion, she devoted her entire show to a dissertation on why she now believed that those people, which include me,  whom she now referred to as “hoaxers,” were behaving in a manner that was continuing the agony of the families of the dead children, the mention of which started her blubbering.

She also clinically dissected a YouTube video clip of the events at Sandy Hook, claiming it to be a propaganda piece, making use of clever editing and other tricks, which most of those whom viewed the video failed to find.

At this point I contacted her,  asking for an explanation as to her new-found position on the subject of Sandy Hook.  I asked her to explain  her new position on certain things which had little to do with  whether it a “False Flag” or not but simply out of curiosity.   For example, during the course of the day of the event, we were reminded on several occasions that there were hundreds of children still under lockdown in the school, I asked her how and when they had been evacuated and could she show me photographic evidence.  She ignored my question and simply told me to watch her post, which included the disgraced video.

So when I discovered that she was presenting a show on Sunday afternoon, with two researchers, one from the American Free Press, to which she is also a contributor, as is Michael Collins Piper, I was interested enough to listen to the entire show, which included her blubbering at any mention of the word,  “children,” in the forlorn hope that some of the troubling aspects of the Sandy Hook events might actually be cleared up.

I did somewhat timidly,  suggest to her that of all the so-called “False Flag” events, that Sandy Hook was the most obvious one of all and that from the word go, nothing added up.

She promised to include a phone in, which would give a few people the opportunity to question her new stance on the subject.

 The event turned out to be no more than a hatchet job on all of those whom had suggested that there was something not quite right about the official version of events,  never mind the “bad acting” of some of the characters in the piece, notably Gene Rosen, who told the same story in a dozen different ways, none of which were in any way believable.

They dismissed all of the claims made by online Radio hosts, like Jeff Rense and  Jim Fetzter, who was threatened with legal action by her companion from The American Free Press, I am not sure what his transgression was alleged to have been.

Somebody, somewhere, had made a claim that the Sandy Hook Elementary School had been closed down since 2007, Spingola and Friends spent a good ten minutes claiming to have found evidence that it was still open in 2009, therefore proving in some way that this implied that it was still open in 2012.

Spingola also claimed to have found evidence that Robbie Parker, the father of Emilie, was indeed a Sandy Hook resident and that she had proven that he was some sort of health worker. Well, I too discovered the same Robert Parker, however it was a much older man and he was the only Robert Parker in Newtown.

One of her chums brought up the family Posner, as an example of a family which had lost a child and were indeed prepared to discuss the subject in public, a decision  which resulted in a blistering attack from those who had seen the very same photo of his dead son, under another name, in another families photo album.

They then set about the destruction of the video, “We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook,” which I had recently posted. One of the clips in this video is the scene in front of the Fire Station, where it was made clear that there were at least a few people who were walking aimlessly round and around.

This video was described  as a very expensive piece of propaganda, without actually explaining the reason for such a project.

Spingola herself has expressed a belief that Big Pharma has invested heavily in the “False Flag” theory,  in order to distract attention away from the fact that the killer, Adam Lanza, was using psychotropic drugs, in keeping with most of the other mass murdering youngsters in other schools.

It would however appear that the dead Lanza was found to be drug free. It has never been explained why he should have his brothers driving documents on his person, having not seen his brother for some time. That is if he is a “real” human being, unlike his image,  which resembles a caricature of a zombie.

Spingola then announced that she and her chums had decided not to allow a “phone-in” fearing that it might lead to raised voices which would be disturbing for the families of the dead children. Blubber, blubber.  And that was it.  Not one dissenting voice allowed after three hours of rubbish.

What is more we are no closer to a reasonable explanation of what actually happened at Sandy Hook.  I found the video “We Need to…..” extremely interesting, with very little which could be discredited without actually discussing things with those whom were involved in the production.

 As for the Police film of the parking lot, which was running all through the period when the children were allegedly evacuated, apparently without trace, from the school, what could she complain of in that?

So all in all my faith in yet another member of the Alternative Community has been seriously shaken.  It remains to be seen if she and her family have been threatened by some group and if so,whether she will stand up and say so, which is often the best approach.

I have decided to republish this post in view of the upsurge in interest in the tale, due to the publication of Jim Fetzer’s new book, Nobody Died at Sandy Hook, which has excited Deanna Spingola and friends into a frenzy of activity, in an effort to discredit Fetzer’s investigation.

Her latest programme on Republic Broadcasting, was a long and dreary tale of Christmas trees and that a good old boy Gene Rosen. As is usual no dissent was allowed.  I have come to the conclusion that there is far more to Spingola’s strident new attitude to Sandy Hook, she gives the impression of trying to completely discredit her earlier work, on subjects such as The Second World War and the Holocaust.

Unless she is intent on doing an about turn on that subject as well, she would be well advised to shut up, Sandy Hook is such a blatant False Flag, which included young children being left lying dead in their own blood, on the Sandy Hook school floor, while the Coroner clocked off for the night, promising impatient  journalists, that he would return in the morning to continue his inspection of the dead.  No serious researcher could possibly support such nonsense.





Disclosure Inferno.

I have spent some time recently, looking into the prospect of Extra Terrestrials walking down my garden path, some time in the near future.   However much to my disappointment, we seem to be still in the era of fuzzy photos or clever computer generated images.

Despite all of the talk of contact between men from Mars and Presidents of the USA, stretching all the way back to Truman and Eisenhower, plus a lot of loose talk about reverse engineering, which has produced anti-gravity craft, which we are told existed in Hitler’s Germany, however it is not clear whether German Scientists made the discovery, without  Extra Terrestrial aid or not.  The German information is always presented as being in some way Black,  as in Black Dossier or Black Listed Weapon Programme, suggesting some sort of cunning or evil idea,  because only US research into weapons is for the good of all.

Guests on the Rense Radio Programme, relate tales of huge craft, which float weightless, hundreds of metres above the ground, within the confines of Area 51 and other similar sites.  The construction of these craft, as is the way with these things, have been kept secret for many years, only to be “disclosed,” by insiders like Gordon Duff, a man whom knows everything, he apparently once threatened Pete Santilli.

To the average observer, the construction of Unidentified Flying Objects, as presented in modern images, has shown a quite remarkable degree of improvement and now present a complexity and sophistication, in keeping with the vehicles presented in Star Wars and other modern Science Fiction Movies.  Unlike the carelessly thrown hub-caps with which we were presented as UFO’s in past times.

This has led to the use of phrases, which could have come straight out of the mouths of McKenzie or Mr Spock, on the deck of the Starship Enterprise…………………….” What are we to make of  Mercury based plasma, pressurised at 250,000 atmospheres at a temperature of 150K , which when rotated at 50,000 rpm will reduce the weight of the craft by 89% and will greatly increase manoeuvrability at the same time,  do you think it will work Spock?

While on the one hand, the tales of the Moon Landings have been exposed as a fraud,  mainly because of the Van Allen Belt Radiation,  we are lead to believe that Gary McKinnon, a sufferer from Asperger’s Syndrome, using a dial-up internet connection, managed to “hack” into the Pentagon computers, and discovered evidence of an Interstellar Space Fleet, along with the names of the ships and the crew members.

This would suggest that the Elite have a way out of here, when they have completely raped the planet in search of Gold, Silver and other forms of wealth, so why would they have need of the underground cities, which they are burrowing in places like Denver, which would appear to suggest, that when the catastrophe strikes, they are likely to be earth-bound along with the rest of us

The triangular craft which have been reported several times in recent years, as three spots of light in the night sky, would appear to be already  on the drawing boards in Area 51,  where the incredible SR 71, a craft with an amazing turn of speed and futuristic design, which apparently came and went, unseen by the general public, along with the even more incredible SR 75, also unseen by those by whom it was financed. These machines have been replaced by the even more exotic TR-3B, which may well be the craft to which Gordon Duff referred on Rense. It is reputed to have quasi-crystals, incorporated into the skin on the exterior, designed to baffle radar, sounds impressive.  This machine is powered by Magnetic Field Disrupter’s, which I understand to mean a form of blocked gravitational propulsion.

The inference would appear to be, though stated covertly, which of course gives one the impression of being in receipt of information, which is so highly secret, that those, by whom  it was revealed, would be quietly renditioned to one of the Islamic interrogation camps, in Libya or Syria, where they could be water-boarded several times a day, just to teach them a lesson, however, the enigmatic question remains unanswered, from what were these craft, reversed engineered?

Duff and other purveyors of disinformation, would have us believe that the US Government, whomsoever that may be, some would suggest it to be the Mafia, is working hand in glove with extraterrestrials, towards some unknown goal, which will presumably be to the benefit of both parties, even though the possession of such advanced technologies would suggest that whatever the delusions of the earthly elite, they are putty in the hands of the Spacemen.

Indeed, those whom are so fond of old books and the prophesies contained therein, might bear in mind that the men from heaven have invariably defeated the earth-bound savages, whose history is dedicated to the worship of these superior beings from heaven. They have usually been seized by an uncontrollable desire to burn their children or to cut the hearts out of living victims, to appease the anger of these Gods from above.

There are those whom believe that the human race has been infiltrated by a form of inter-galactic tape-worm, which has wound itself around the emotional centre of the human brain, causing many of the controlled beings to behave in a psychopathic manner,  These tape-worms are called Archons and their ultimate aim is to destroy human beings, through the use whatever means come to hand, war, famine or disease

There are certain aggressive groups of  humans, whom have attempted to condense this psychopathic infection, by the simple expedient, of reproducing uniquely with members of their own families.  This in order to maintain a position of power and wealth over the rest of humanity, whom have, for their part, been warned, down through the ages, that to reproduce with close relatives, was inclined to produce children with psychological damage. This advice has been ignored by the elite, so we can only guess at the distorted mind-set, which has emerged as a result of this practice.  In the family of Charles Darwin, a member of this elite, by ignoring this advice, they produced a procession of lunatics.

Whether any of this is true or not, we are most certainly in the grip of those whom have little or no regard for our well-being.  Wherever they are to be found, politicians present a high degree of similarity in their treatment of their electorate. This has been so, down through the ages.

Conquest and death are the aims of these folk, for whom the young are forced to sacrifice their lives, for the aggrandisement of “Kings” and “Princes,” whatever they might be. There are ancient texts, which speak of visitations by beings from the sky, whom according to some were on Earth searching for gold. These days it is being suggested that gold was necessary in order to propel their space vessels.

The current elite would appear to have a similar fascination with gold,  most of which they would appear to have spirited away. Disclosure has made little mention of gold as a means of propulsion or indeed of any other purpose other than greed.

So for what are we being prepared? Have we been infected with a truly inter-galactic disease? The Gnostics believe that we have and what is more, we can do something about it. For this reason, the Gnostics were hunted down like dogs,  by the psychopaths whom have control of The Roman Catholic Church and slaughtered, under the watchful eye of men whom are now referred to as Saints.

Little remains of the teachings of the Gnostics, however it may well be prudent to cast an eye over what does, it could well be part of the solution,  as we now have only those religions which were deemed to be harmless, though useful, to those by whom we are ruled.


The Alternative Media Conspiracy.

Listening to the Alternative Media online is becoming a disconcerting business. A loud-mouth has made a recent appearance,  with a style which appears to be modelled on that of Alex Jones, meaning that you do not let a guest finish a sentence, you accuse them of some offence or other which is not too clear to the average listener and then “let him go.”   to be joined by a guest from the UK, who I have only seen one time on UK TV, where he was questioned about his invitation to join the Infowars Team with the aforementioned Alex Jones, to which his response was that he had accepted the invitation like a shot.

In the meantime the reputation of Jones seems to have taken a tumble and the alacrity with which the invitation was accepted, has been swept under the carpet, For  this current show, along with the Boss Man, he now denigrates Jones, along with most of the other un-unified alternative media hosts.

The difference between the host and his guest involved the theory of Dr Judy Woods, that the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre, had been destroyed by some form of  Free Energy, in tandem with the power of a hurricane, which was behaving in a strange manner, just off the coast of New York, at the time of the attack and the belief or misleading assertion, of Steve Jones, that the towers had in fact been deliberately destroyed through the use of Thermite or thermate, take your pick.

The show host was accusing the caller of being involved in some sort of MK Ultra attack on his dearly held belief that Dr Woods was the purveyor of reality, this was based on his belief that the caller was speaking in a calm, purposeful manner, as did all of those people, like Steve Jones, whom were involved with MK Ultra. He accused the caller of deliberately dismissing Woods ideas because he was involved in some form of collusion with Steve Jones, to undermine what she was suggesting took place that fateful day. Are you still with me?

The caller was attempting to coax an answer from the host, as to why he was suggesting that he, the caller, was opposed to Dr Woods, what he got for his trouble was an earful of abuse. His attempts to explain that he in fact supported Dr Woods were completely ignored, he was now a “Shill.”

We are now being told that we cannot trust Architects and Engineers, Jim Fetzer, Steve Jones, Alex Jones, in fact the only trustworthy hosts online, at the moment, are Pete Santilli and his chum Patrick Henningson.

This morning, I tuned the wireless to Rense, his guest was Michel Chossudovsky, the subject, the manipulation of Youtube, to hide pertinent clips, such as, Russia Today’s exposé of 911, which was, of course, continuing the jaded old story that it was all a controlled demolition. To where can you turn for the truth these days?  No matter I digress.

What I had intended discussing today was the question of Press Freedom and the intention of the UK government to curtail it, because of certain misbehaviour in the recent past, which amongst other things involved the efforts of the parents of Madeleine McCann, to not only gag the Portuguese Police, whom they dismiss as inept but also the reporting in the British Press of the long list of anomalies, in the statements which they and their friends made during the days following the disappearance of their daughter.

There has been a long and depressing list of child killings in the UK, during the time since Madeleine McCanns disappearance, in one of those cases the body of the child has not yet been recovered and yet, based on the available evidence, a man has been found guilty and gaoled for the murder.

The McCanns’ however, with the aid of the alleged paedophile Gordon Brown and a cross-dresser, who assumes the name “Miranda”, when not carrying out the wishes of the British electorate, by whom he was elected to represent, though considered to be  serious suspects in the disappearance of their daughter, based on evidence, much of which was uncovered by British researchers, have never had to face any form of thorough inquest or other inquiry into the disappearance of their child and were helped out of their predicament in  Portugal by the aforementioned alleged paedophile and “Miranda”, through their high-level intervention with the Portuguese Government.

The McCanns’, whom having managed to gag the Portuguese Police Officer, who wrote a detailed account of his investigations into the disappearance of Madeleine, which reached the conclusion that she had been killed in the families apartment, either by accident or in temper, succeeded in having the book banned in the UK.

Gerry McCann, who accepts his own freedom to accuse the Portuguese Policeman of ineptitude and downright lies, about the investigation into the disappearance of his child, was today, all over the News, declaring that the British Press should be denied the right to question his account of the very same thing. In fact he demands the right to tell the Police, that there is no point in carrying out an investigation into the complete and inexplicable disappearance of Madeleine, all they need do is ask him, what happened to her. It is as if no parent has ever killed their child.

The McCann’s are supporting a group called Hacked Off, in its attempt to take control of the British Press, which is called a Free Press, but which is in fact an outlet of propaganda for the Government. So it must be understood that any restrictions on reporting will not really apply to the Printed Press, which has lost most of its intelligent readership, but will instead be more concerned with those like myself, whom attempt to write the other side of the story. Hacked Off is part of an organisation called, Common Purpose, which is attempting to take control of local government, all across Europe

Common Purpose Exposed

So having got that out-of-the-way, before I forgot  all about it, I can now finish off the tale of Santilli on Rense. ‘Santilli’s next guest was a strange mix of a man, whom having claimed to be Arab, was suggesting that Israel had a right to exist, simply because they were there. They could attack Palestinians or whomsoever made trouble for them, in defence of Israel, while the Palestinians could not do the same thing in defence of their State. This he explained, was because the USA was not about to give all of the Red Man’s land back to its rightful owner, or some such rubbish.

As is usual, in this form of conversation, the talk quickly turned to Adolf Hitler, Santilli could find no words to adequately express his disgust on finding out that  Hitler had been financed by the Wall Street Millionaires and the Central Bankers.  Even should this be so and it probably is, why should that matter to him?  Germany was just another country, where investments could be made. In fact at the time, Germany was a good prospect, it was performing very well economically.

There is a habit now amongst the vast majority of brain-washed folk,  to believe that something sinister was happening to the Jews, before War was declared, quite the opposite reality, the Jews had declared war on Germany and were in the process of installing a blockade, as had been done in nineteen-nineteen, after the end of the Great War, which resulted in the starvation of nearly one million Germans.

Is Santilli in belief of some rubbish, suggesting that the alleged holocaust was being implemented in Germany at the time?  Does he believe that the Wall Street Financiers, were investing in Hitler’s regime knowing full well what was happening?  Or does he believe that Baron Rothschild woke up one morning, to the realisation that having been crying wolf, for over one hundred years about the burning of six million sacrificial Jews, that here he was, by some tragic twist of fate paying Hitler to carry it out?  Is Pete Santilli a cretin?

6 Million? | ZionCrimeFactory.com

What’s Goin’ On?

Is the above video a joke, compiled by a mischievous idiot? Or is there a real message contained in this short film. It has quite clearly been edited, to give a false interpretation of Alex Joneses remark about the “turd in the punchbowl.” I believe that Alex was saying that for a while he had believed that, about David Icke but he had changed his mind,  the end of the sentence was edited out.

Jones is once again under the spotlight, after his, “inspiring,” “commendable,” “deplorable,” “embarrassing,” or “self-defeating,” performance on CNN, with Piers Morgan.

Jeff Rense, appears unable to make up his mind about the interview, however he is clear on his opinion of Jones as a tool of the Jewish hierarchical Bronfman family, however when Gordon Duff, whom is himself  regularly criticised, agreed with his observation about Jones, was preparing to take a blast at Michel Chossudovsky, of Global Research, Rense, whom is detested all across the Alternative Media, if for nothing else, because of his serial marriages, decided to cut him off, as Chossudovsky is a regular guest on his show. Censorship?

Jones, this alleged Jewish, Knight of Malta shill, on his own show, was laying into John Stewart and Comedy Central, asking Stewart, why he did not use his real name, revealing that he too was a Jewish, Wall St., shill.

Republican Broadcasting, is a seething swamp of internal polémique. It contains the foremost bastion of truth, against the accepted tale of the holocaust and they are sure that Hitler was not a Rothschild bastard, while at the same time they now broadcast Rivero, a man of Jewish descent, with traces of the Knights Templar in his ancestry, whom continually mouths totally uninformed garbage about Hitler and the National Socialists and the Knights Templar. He also insists that a Jumbo Jet, went into that tiny hole in the Pentagon. So not much consistency there.

Republican Broadcasting has the benefit of a regular listener called Werner, from Canada, he regularly “calls in,” with cogent comments, always to the point and always interesting, however, instead of treating his calls with the respect which they deserve, he is quite often cut off in mid sentence, as if he knows nothing.

Alternative Television, such as it is, is no better. Russia Today, now broadcasts advertisements, aimed at the UK. Controversial Television seems to have completely run out of ideas. As for Press TV, well sadly, they appear to be nothing more than a tool of the West.

They are preparing the way for what appears to be Mandatory Vaccination for babies and the Smart Identity card, which is so desired by the Western Dictators. They also fully support Global Warming and Agenda 21, plus they are signed on to all of the land grabs of UNESCO.  They are also, as is Russia Today, in total favour of disarming the American people.

I have found all of this nonsense to be so disturbing that it is sowing doubts as to the truth of anything which is available on whichever News outlet.

Where, I might ask, do the people fit into this scenario? What are we to make of all of this information? At the moment we have a strange dichotomy between the Alternative Media and the Mainstream Media about the Sandy Hook shootings.

I have watched dozens of film clips and read dozens of articles, expressing an opinion of the event, which must surely have been part of the research of all other journalists’. That being so, why am I still in search of any morsel of evidence, which might convince me that the event actually happened, along with the rest of the Alternative Media, while the likes of CNN and Anderson Cooper are conducting interviews with giggling, grieving parents and not being just a little bit taken aback, at this display of apparent lack of suffering.

While reading the remarks of local people, whom were asked their opinion on the future of the school, whether it should be demolished, presumably before the interior can be shown to have suffered no damage, not one of those at the meeting, had suffered the loss of a child in the event.

There has been no explanation as to why the dead children did not figure in school photographs.  There has been no investigation into the Soto family, whom I believe were involved in another shooting event, a long way from Sandy Hook, in which one of them was “killed” and yet is apparently alive and well enough to mourn, with a smile on her face, the “death” of her sister.

With all of this available evidence to investigate, the “gun banners” are just carrying on as if we all believe the nonsense which we have been fed, which as is usual, will not stand up to scrutiny.

I cannot even bring myself to believe that Adam Lanza is a genuine person. I do not believe that his mother, whom the school nurse, with a claimed fifteen years service at the school, described as a caring person and a wonderful addition to the school staff, has ever been to Sandy Hook, she most certainly did not work at the school.

I am convinced that this charade, is going to be written into history, as was 911, as if it were true. When in reality, everything with which we have been presented, is a farce, it is simply a film of a drill, with actors from a firm which supplies actors, to lend realism to this form of drill.

Today I have been distracted, not only by this pack of lies, but also by trying to get my head around the Al Qaeda farce, where we love them in Syria and Libya. Hate them in Pakistan and Afghanistan and now we must come to terms with, hateful Al Qaeda in Mali, whom are armed with weapons donated by good Al Qaeda in Libya, whom were in turn armed by the French illegally, whom are now bombing these “rebels” whom are armed by themselves, that is by the French Connection in Libya. There must be some form of logic in all of this, even though it is not too evident.

While we are still trying to tease out the lies, which we have been told about World War Two, here they are, those whom have the power to write our history, filling our heads with more guff. Today, instead of trying to clear my head of all of this incomprehensible nonsense, I had the intention of writing about another atrocity, which has been given little exposure but it will have to wait for another day.

Alternative Media Mind Control.

Today I watched a documentary on Press TV, Programming the Nation. Here is a short clip from the film, to give you an idea of the content. It can be found on YouTube.

They addressed the issue of the repetition of words or phrases, which are alleged to encourage us to behave in a manner beneficial to the needs of Mineral Water or Cigarette manufacturers.

This notion could of course be extended to include the manipulation of voting intentions, hair style, the desire to tattoo the body and so forth.

One of the guests in the documentary, Noam Chomsky, agreed that the use of subliminal images, which had been made use of in many Hollywood films, was in fact an extremely powerful way of manipulating the perceptions of the people. He went on to explain how Hitler’s propaganda chief,  Joseph Goebbels, had been so impressed, having studied the techniques, that he implemented many in his own propaganda.

This was an important statement in terms of the subject of the film. It did not however become a subject in the film.

I will ask the questions which should have been posed to Chomsky. He gave us no reference to the source of his information, so we can not check out his assertion that Joseph Goebbels either made any study of Hollywood techniques or indeed, make use of them. So Mr. Chomsky, from where does this knowledge come?

So here we have Chomsky, whom is a Jew, delivering a dose of Jewish propaganda, against Hitler and the Nazis’. This has been going on since nineteen thirty-three. It has become so deeply embedded into our psyche, that the film-maker did not even notice it, while Chomsky knew what he was doing.

Later in the day, Press TV was discussing the latest savage attack on Gaza, by Chomsky’s kinsmen, the Khazar Jews in Israel. One of the guests, an American Blogger, Stephen Lendman, was expressing his disgust at the behaviour of Israel and how the people of Gaza are trapped, with no way out, while the world looks the other way. It is in fact he said, just as it had been for the Jews in Europe, when they were being slaughtered by the Germans and even Roosevelt refused them entry into the US.

I tried to ask Lendman the same question as I would have liked to pose to Chomsky; From where did you discover this information?  However his Blog does not allow comments. I would suggest that it comes from the same source as does Chomsky’s, that is, out of the mind of a Jew in Hollywood, whom was building up the holocaust story.

Mike Rivero, even as I write is back onto his favourite subject, he is discussing the German’s war against the Jews, he is on the Warsaw Ghetto myth, where the Germans were bombarding the Jews, like fish in a barrel as the Jews are now doing against the Palestinians in Gaza.

I could carry on in the same vein all night long. Alex Jones, Jim Marrs, Jeff Rense and Rivero, all continue the same repetitive mantra against Hitler.

Rense, just yesterday, was ranting against Bloggers, that means me. Well I can stand criticism, I do not mind at all, as long as it is correct and justified. Rense however, labelled us all as dangerous. We had no training in journalism and we simply made up any old rubbish, off the top of our heads and presented it as truth. He however, was a professional, trained Journalist, as was his guest, Gordon Duff, whom writes for Veterans Today.

Duff was complaining about the various versions of events at the Benghazi Consulate, where the Ambassador and his aides were murdered. There are many versions of this tale, both in mainstream Newspapers and online. Webster Tarpley has given his version of events, as has the character Piecenik, on the Alex Jones Show. I have myself posted my opinion on the tale. Duff told us that we were all wrong,  he then set about relating the true version of events.

His first criticism was directed at those, whom like me, had been assured by many sources that there had been drones overhead throughout the attack, passing real-time images of the attack to the Pentagon.  This was rubbish and that even had there been drones overhead, there was no way in which they could have communicated images to anyone. There was no equipment which was capable of this operation.

I found this just a little surprising. I wondered what was the point of an unmanned aircraft flying around, with missiles strapped underneath, capable of taking out a car, driving in a crowded City Street, if the youngster on his Play Station could not see the target, but never mind. Rense and Duff apparently found nothing strange in this idea.

Part of Rense’s show, includes the man who listens to things played backwards, in order to find the true, though subconscious, meaning in the recorded words, not to mention the people whom record the sounds of voices on Historic battle fields, which always sound like white noise.

Anyway, I thought that my job was to present a view of events which was ignored by all of those professional Journalists, whom are more worried about their mortgages than the need to ask the right question of a politician. They also appear to believe whatever nonsense with which they are presented, without the need for subliminal images. For example, they all appeared to believe the rubbish with which the Blair Government presented to them, concerning the 7-7 attacks in London and 911 in New York, however improbable it sounded.

So all in all, it would appear that certain things are believed, even by those whom have come to believe that not one word from government can be trusted. Which would appear to mean, that one way or another the idea of subliminal suggestion, which has itself been carefully loaded into our brains, works.

Which would appear to suggest that we can no longer trust anything. My own personal realisation, that things which I had believed all of my life, were false and  deceitful, occurred on the day that I saw Israel dropping White Phosphorus on to children. I saw that, Live,  on television. After that I believed nothing which had been dripped into my sub-conscious about Adolf Hitler and the National Socialists, by Jewish controlled Hollywood.

The majority of  Online Radio Hosts do not appear to have had too much of an awakening and many appear to be more in the game of  attracting advertising than in educating themselves to the real, massive deceit which is still being reinforced, when it could be hiding the solution to all our current problems. We need to take another look at Hitler.