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Sarkozy And Hollande, Puppets Or Clowns?

Sarkozy And Hollande, Puppets Or Clowns?


Both myself and the people, with whom I frequent, have long been persecuted by the views of those whom would have us believe, that elected politicians are little more than powerless puppets, an idea which sits well in France, where the election of one verifiable idiot after the other, as President of the Republique, was taken in a humorous manner, until the day came that the clown, Sarkozy was elected. Very few people could find the humour in that.

When Sarkozy, while under suspicion of having accepted funds towards his election expenses, from Muammar Gadaffi, decided that it was time to destroy Libya, rob the Libyan Central Bank of its gold reserves, destroy the wonderful ‘man made river’ project and split the Libyan ample oil reserves between BP and Total, the many Muslims, with whom I also keep company, felt that he had gone just a little too far.

Having got rid of Sarkozy and apparently having little basic understanding of the Democratic process, the French electorate, with a huge choice of candidates at their disposal, chose to vote for another Jew, François Hollande and what do you know, his first statement as President was to announce that he was prepared to go to war against Iran.

Having no opportunity to do so, Hollande chose to take on the men with spears and leather shields, riding camels in Africa, where the Tuareg were getting boisterous and were about to do in Mali, what Sarko had done in Libya, completely misunderstanding Western Politics, which approved and accepted the playfully brutal dictator of Mali, who knew on which side of his bread was sandy. The French duly recolonised Mali and stuck their nose into various other places in Africa while they were at it.

In a previous paragraph, I mentioned the word Jew, I could well have said Socialist, Zionist or Communist, all of which have come to mean the same thing.

However when a Socialist, Ken Livingstone, a one time Mayor of London, mentioned Hitler and Zionists in the same breath, he was forced to step down from the Socialist Party.

Livingstone’s friend, Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Socialists in the UK, dare not mention the words ‘genocide’ and Gaza in the same breath, for fear of making Jews cry. While Theresa May, can parade around Paris, with a banner in her hand marked ‘Je Suis Juif’ in support of Free Speech.

In response to complaints from the Polish government and in the face of documents released by the Russians, the Jews were obliged to reduce the number of claimed Jew deaths in the Auschwitz Work Camp, from four million to a total figure for all deaths, of one million, and yet we are all obliged to accept the original claim of six million, to avoid suggesting that the Jews were fibbing.


In view of this, would it be fair to suggest to Theresa May, that there were more Christians than Jews killed in the Charlie Hebdo attack, in memory of which she was carrying her placard or does she consider one Jew death to be of more importance than a dozen Christian deaths? Or is that too, a question too far?

Benjamin Netanyahu, when asked how Israel managed to win its wars ‘quickly’ while the rest of the world, frequently found themselves bogged down in conflicts for years. Netanyahu’s response was simply ‘because (We) Israel had America.’ A previous Prime Minister of Israel, the War Criminal Olmert, when it was put to him that his actions may upset the same America, his response was to tell the questioner not to worry about America as Israel controlled America.

All of this nonsense has one thing in common, Jews. All of the other participants in the saga, amount to nothing more than ‘gagged’ extras. Jews can make any claim they like about the rest of us, while we must never criticise their well-known propensity for lying, blood-letting or any of their other criminal activities.

So whose purpose do the Jews serve? Top alleged Jews, like John Kerry, David Cameron, Ed Miliband, Rupert Murdoch,Rothschild, Rockefeller, Kissinger, Soros, Sarkozy, Hollande, Jagger, the entire group of Jews who own Hollywood, or even the dead Elvis himself, never stand up and tell us who is actually doing the things of which Jews are ritually blamed and as to why Jews are prepared to ‘pretend’ to be in control of the Federal Reserve, the Bank of England, the European Central Bank, the Bank of Canada and many others across the entire world?

Many commentators are now ‘outing’ the folk, many of whom we have come to believe to be Jews as being part of the International Brigade of Jesuits, determined to throw us back into a Medieval form of servitude, which existed during the days when Jews were simple money-lenders, using the system usury; compound interest, to steal the property of the unwary.

Mighty efforts are being made to link all past transgressors, whom at one time or another, were called either Zionists, or Communists, or Hitler who was constantly smeared by being called a Jew, to have actually been, one and all, Knights of Malta, the secret army of the Jesuits. The Queen of England is herself a member as are all of the main players in current world leadership, including Banking, Media, Military and Industrial top men and of course many politicians.

Even the Legal System has been purloined by these occult criminals, which is why we are all obliged to accept our guilt for “victimless” crimes, which is a total fraud and against the tenets of the Magna Carta. In law, ‘we’ do not exist, we are tricked into accepting the role of a ‘straw man,’ through the covert use of Mercantile Law, the Law of the Sea. We are all adrift and unable to see dry land, through the sea mist.

When one takes into account, that the Supreme Court, of the United States For America, which I believe to be the correct, legal name of the Corporation of America, has in its ranks of nine Judges, a majority of Jews while the Jews represent a miniscule part of the population.

Should these people be no more than ‘Patsies’ under the control of the same hidden hand, why would it be necessary to select only Jews for these lucrative jobs, even Jew boys like Schmidt and Zuckerberg can be turned into billionaires overnight. The Jesuits are a Catholic Order, responsible for the torture and death of untold numbers of folk in purges aimed at maintaining the superior position of Rome.

I was alongside a fellow last week-end who was talking of his education in a Jesuit College, strangely I just happened to have been educated by the henchmen of the Jesuits, the Dominican’s. Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits, is said to have been impressed by the exploits of St Dominic, whom during a period in France attempted to convert the Cathars in the Languedoc Region of France. We were having our conversation in Avignon, not too far removed from the Palais des Papes, in the cloister of a Carmelite Convent.

The French control of the Catholic Church, started at the very beginning of the 14th Century, almost a century after the Crusades against the Cathars and Gnostics kicked off and a century or so before the birth of Ignatius Loyola, by whom it would be seized and his Black Pope installed, along with a military style regime, put in place.

Throughout this period and during the previous ten centuries or more, a group of cunning families, of Spanish and Italian lineage, whom could trace their ancestors all the way back to Babylon, had already taken control of all and everybody in the known world, and they would not be satisfied until they had set up an order, similar to what had been in existence back in Medieval Times. Why would they have need to do so, were they not already in medieval times?

I have trouble with all of this sort of thing. I can grasp simple theories, along the lines of, people who make money from bombs and bullets, are going to seek ways of creating war. That goes without saying.

However if we are all under the control of beings with supposed arcane knowledge from the distant past, from the supposed first civilisation in Babylon, why are they still trying to install a New World Order? Why are things not exactly as they want them to be?

Why, if they did indeed, select and place in power, the National Socialists in Germany, what part of things were they trying to adjust? Why would there be any need if they had long-held sway over humanity?

They extend this control all the way to America, which having been discovered when Loyola was an infant, was later used as the headquarters of the New Roman Empire, in the new city on seven hills, Washington DC, which was fitted out with all of the meaningless symbols, onto which these folk grimly hang, in pretense of having mysterious connections with spirits of some sort. Just as they now leak out word that they are working with extraterrestrials. Did you notice I typed that last bit in a whisper?

So where does this leave us all? I do not believe a word of it. All these folk have is OUR money and we are allowing them to steal it in an ever-increasing number of scams. With enough money, sadly, you can buy anyone. That is their power along with the greed of those whom are prepared to serve them.

At the moment we seem to be on a roll. It may not be true, but on the other hand it could be.

We have just had “Brexit,” Cameron is gone, most of Europe is out in the streets, soon they will be calling for the wars to be stopped, allowing the repatriation of immigrants, Trump is doing well in the States, despite the bitching of both the mainstream and the alternative media, if he has them both against him they must be worried about something. Clinton is probably dead or soon will be, it is no more than a case of will she make it to the end, allowing a ‘preferred’ replacement, after her death, in the White House.

So it would appear that these mythical characters, all the way from Babylon, are not doing too well at the moment. The Jesuit Army, with its Opus dei, gang of warriors and the legions of the Knight of Malta, do not appear to be nearly as powerful as they would have us believe.

In short time I will be in Alés, not too far from Nîmes, where there was a famous group of Protestant heroes, called the Camisards, who fought for their right to worship as they pleased, while the King of France was intent on forcing them to accept Catholicism. So the Jesuits, who had apparently already taken control of the Vatican by this time, experienced a few problems in Languedoc, with the various groups whom refused to bow down to Rome. I hope and pray that they will re-discover their Religious fervor, before they are find themselves once more being forced into an unwanted sect by their Nemesis the Jesuits.


Do The Elite Trillionaires Avoid Sunlight In Sarcophagi Down In The Dungeon?

I was surprised to hear a report on Sky News, explaining in some detail, the efficacy of drinking the blood of children, as a means of reversing the ageing process. This was somewhat disconcerting, in view of the fact that several thousand very young children, are snatched from their parents, in several European countries, by Social Workers, whom provide the scantiest of excuses for doing so and these snatched children are presented as being available for adoption. The adopter is never identified and the natural parents are denied any contact ever again with their lost child.

The attendees at the rituals, which are carried out in the Bohemian Grove, are well known for their addiction to the sacrifice of babies, there is also a preponderance of paedophiles in the ranks of the Luciferian Elite, whom it would appear, trace their origins all the way back to Abraham, whom was encouraged by his god to slaughter his own son Isaac.

The mainstream media is more than ever swamped with tales of Vampires and Werewolves and Zombies all of whom would appear to be in favour of devouring the flesh of beautiful young girls.

In tandem with all of this ritualistic mayhem, we now have yet another bunch of men whom are paid to kill, in order to further the aims of Zion, whom have been let loose in Iraq.

Like their cohorts in Libya and Syria, they display a tendency towards various forms of execution, which include crucifixion and beheading, which does nothing to change a growing perception of the religion, of which they claim to be fighting in support, as a vicious, barbaric relic of another age.

In an odd way, the behaviour of these scum, will do nothing to further the aim of a new Caliphate in the Muslim world, it will however, produce the excuse to destroy what remains of Muslim independence in the region, just as they did to Gadaffi in Libya and are now attempting to do in Syria,  where the re-election of Assad by the people of Syria, has simply been dismissed by NATO and the West.

In Afghanistan, the arrangements for the invasion, which was necessary in order to familiarise the World with the Phantom Enemy, Al Qaeda and the invisible Osama Bin Laden, were worked out in advance with the Taliban, whom were an ally of the West, during the time in which the Russians had played the role of the enemy.

Despite the execution of millions of Muslims, by the forever pure and innocent West, the reality of International Muslim Terrorism has stubbornly refused to show itself. This has necessitated the growing use of False Flag events which can be blamed on the innocent victims, in the UK a series of sophisticated bombings, were blamed on four young Muslim lads, all of whom were killed in the City of London by the British.

In an interview on Sky News, Tony Blair continued the barrage of lies and deceit, of which he has made use, ever since his agreement with George Bush, to use the “False Flag” attack on 911 in New York as the excuse to declare open war on the Muslim World.

The British are perpetually in the position of blaming the victims for their own destruction. The Muslims friend George Galloway, was unable to distinguish the difference between a benevolent Dictator like Gadaffi and the malevolent Dictatorship, under which the British people have been forced to pass their lives, as little more than low paid slaves for generations.

Blair is suggesting that the destruction of Iraq, had no impact on current events, which is of course correct, should you choose to ignore the fact that the UK, amongst others, is paying the ubiquitous masked murderers whom are now carrying out the blood-letting in Iraq.

He also claims that the ISIS group in Iraq, whom have forced the Iraqi Army to retreat, came over the border from Syria, which means that Assad should have no remaining opposition, as Sky News has claimed there to be thousands of vicious thugs making up ISIS.

During his diatribe about Democracy and Freedom, he fails to mention Bahrain or Saudi Arabia, where the “Arab Spring” is still in full swing, without the intervention or assistance of the West, whom fully support the Jewish Royal Families in the region, as they do in that other Kingdom, Jordan, which it appears justifies the lack of Democracy for these poor souls.

This current crisis, is actually being used to lay a smoke-screen around the real event, which is the Jewish controlled Kurdish regime’s seizure of the oil fields in Northern Iraq, which it has already been suggested, that whatever the outcome of the current unrest, they will not be handing back.

It is also being used as a means of deliberately creating a non-existent Sunni-Shiite religious war, which will enable and justify the total destruction of Islam. That is the true aim of all of this violence, so that that Zion can take full control of the region along with its oil wealth.

Western politicians still maintain that the “Arab Spring” was a popular uprising against dictatorships, when in fact it was fully financed by the West, for the benefit of the West and for the impoverishment of the people, all of whom, in Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen and Palestine, have had their lives and property and freedom destroyed by Christian Soldiers, working for Zion, whom have strode across the Planet saving one and all from the very Liberty which they promise. This includes Germany, which was the last Christian Country with the Guts to take on the Hidden Evil.

The sheer number of “Terrorist Freedom Fighters” across Islam, all of whom appear to be armed to the teeth, all of whom seem to be untraceable to the technologically sophisticated Intelligence Agencies and yet their whereabouts are  apparently well-known to any youngster in search of adventure, are costing a fortune to train and arm, which would suggest the complicity of the West and that like 911 it is funded through Saudi Arabia, which is of course the home of the Wahhabi.

The Wahhabi version of the Koran suggests that it was influenced by the authors of the Talmud as it shares pretty much the same supremacist views of “true” Islam as does the racist, hate filled Talmud view its Judaism.

A Muslim scholar recently explained to me his own belief that the Wahhabi were in fact in association with the Jesuits, a sadistic group of Religious thugs, who were responsible for the Spanish Inquisition and whom are now in league with the hierarchy in the Vatican City, The City London and Washington, to impose the New World Order on to the remnants of humanity, whom survive the coming World War Three.

The Zionists, whom are a mere offshoot of the Judaic/Wahhabi/Catholic Triumvirate of major religions whom have long had control of the vast majority of the religiously inclined population of the World, will find themselves discarded like their flaky skin, when they have served their purpose.

So in effect the current coven of Global Leaders, are very little different from the nightmare creatures from the grimoires of ancient times, who had no allegiance apart from to themselves and a mad desire to gain the power to deliver pain on to the rest of humanity.



Has There Been A Coup d’Etat In The Vatican?

Pope Francis

The new man in the Vatican will soon discover, according to many observers, that he will have his own Wizard of Oz, pulling the strings behind the curtain. Count Hans Kolvenbach—The Jesuit’s General, better known as the Black Pope, The Most Dangerous Man in the World.

This could be a significant shift in the visible power structure in the Vatican, we are after all, dealing here with the “Last Pope,” according to the prophecy of St Malachy.

Pope Francis, a Jesuit Cardinal, is the first Jesuit Pope, the Jesuits have always maintained a concealed presence as it were, they are now coming out in the open, demonstrating a “full hand” both Black and White in the Vatican.

For those whom are rumoured to control the real power of the Catholic Church, to reveal themselves in this way, as the last puppet is taking his place in the Vatican, could be the announcement of a new beginning, or indeed, the last gasp of a doomed relic of another age.

P 2 And The Speculative Society.

Dunblane Massacre: Scotland: Lord Cullen, Dunblane, Lockerbie


Another of those hoary old conspiracy chestnuts, keeps popping up and yet the implications have never been investigated. In fact they have been buried, by the very people at whom the finger points.

When Roberto Calvi, a high-ranking banker, was found hanged under Blackfriars Bridge in London, the connection was made between the Black cloak of the Dominicans, the Black Friars in question and the black hooded cloak of the Freemasons.

Calvi was some times referred to as God’s Banker, because of his association with The Vatican Bank. His ritualistic killing, which was carried out under strict adherence to Masonic symbolism, concerning tidal flow, which was provided by the ebb and flow of the Thames, uncut or unfinished pieces of stone in his pockets, which we were told at the time were to add weight, to ensure that he was heavy enough to cleanly break his neck when he came to the end of the rope. It was suggested at the time, that his pockets were stuffed with gold bars, this idea seems to have quietly died away, never to reappear.

His killing under Blackfriars Bridge could equally well be laid at the door of the “Black Pope” The Supreme Commander of that other killing machine which is known as the Jesuit Order. Between them, the Jesuits and Dominicans were responsible for a veritable reign of terror in the Middle Ages.

The Dominicans tackled the Albigensians and the Jesuits the Reformers. Neither of them have much of which to be proud. Both Orders, in more recent times have been hotbeds of homosexuality, as in pedophilia or as it is now known, intergenerational sex.

The Jesuits however, are more closely linked to the Freemasons. Adam Weishaupt, the founder of the Illuminati was a Jesuit. Calvi, was a member of a secret Masonic Lodge, named P2. The membership included High Ranking Police officers, several Generals, Judges, Politicians, Industrialists and Bankers. The membership was so exalted, it became known as a Shadow Government in Italy.

The Jesuit Order, have long been believed to be the powerhouse behind the conspiracy to set up a One World Government and that it is they whom have control over such bodies as the Mafia, CFR and the moneylenders and  the infamous Think Tank, The Club of Rome, which brought us such wonders as the Man Made Global Warming Scam.



In the UK another secret Masonic Lodge was catapulted into the public arena, after the slaughter of a group of schoolchildren in a small town in Scotland, called Dunblane. The membership of this lodge, the Speculative Society, included a well-known group of paedophiles. It also shared with P2 a membership list as long as your arm of Politicians, Policemen, members of the Judiciary, apparently even the Judge whom had the responsibility of running the enquiry into the deaths of the children whom were massacred, members of the Blair Government, leading members of the European Commission and even the Head of NATO, Lord George Robertson.

This, Lodge,  like P2, could be fairly described as a Shadow Government. In fact the membership was so illustrious, that the results of the enquiry into the deaths of the children had a one hundred year secrecy order slapped on it, to hide the names of the paedophiles whom were involved in the abuse of the young boys from the school.

Even Prince Andrew, so recently removed from one of his official posts, because of his association with an alleged paedophile, had connections with the school.

Dunblane was no ordinary school, despite the Enid Blyton image, employed at the time of the massacre. This was no village school, where children of the village were murdered, had it been, there would have been an outcry at the cover-up.

Dunblane’s Queen Victoria School, was a form of Military Academy, which was run on the lines of the Borstal Boys Prison, in the film “Scum.” Young children were ritually abused, on a grand scale. They were “loaned out” to various local groups of Freemasons, returning with horrifying accounts of their experiences. All of these events were related to the authorities but no action was taken. The ritualistic abuse took place even at night in the dormitories, where the older boys abused the youngsters.

The school was mainly run by Military Men, whom instilled a doctrine of “Take it and keep your mouth shut” into the mentality of the young boys in their care. The parents of the boys, were Military people, worrying about promotion and their pensions, while at the same time believing their boys education, which allegedly cost more than an education at Eton, to be worth their children suffering a bit.

Part of the high cost of the education, involved “Junior Uniforms” with red jackets and hunting kilts, which the boys were obliged to wear when “loaned out.” There is evidence that the boys whom were murdered, were the boys whom took part in the Freemasons Balls.

Like the script from a Hammer film, when the enquiry took place, it was being run by the very people, who had most probably been taking part in the events themselves. They would of course grant themselves immunity from prosecution and go straight back to telling us how to run our lives. 

Many of these people are still employed to run our Courts, Police, Government and the European Union. We are surrounded by filth. We are being trained to worry about the paedophile living down the road, when in fact the main danger is the sick establishment, which is allowed to act as it chooses.

Children in care have always been the most vulnerable, sadly it is quite clear that there is nowhere to turn for help and guidance, both Church and State are deeply involved in these dark practices. Thousands of children are being taken from their parents every year. They are, so we are told being adopted, in fact they just vanish and there is no check on their well-being or location. The natural parents are given no access to their child.

It is well-known in the US that these children  are being sold to the highest bidder. They are being snatched because they conform to the desires of a prospective purchaser.

see  Epic BBC Drama The Paedophile Follies

Top Cops On Paedophile Lists: Why Are They Investigating Themselves?


Glenn Harrison was a housemaster at Queen Victoria School in Dunblane when he became concerned about a group of powerful individuals having access to his pupils.

He made a report to the old Central Scotland Police but officers responded by breaking down the door to his flat and removing computer discs, papers and other evidence.

Mr Harrison was then escorted from the school, which has Prince Philip as its patron, and questioned by detectives in a local police station.

After the disturbing incident in December 1991, he moved to Unst in the Shetland Isles and continued his successful career as a school teacher.

Despite the support of his MP, Jim Wallace, now Lord Wallace of Tankerness, Mr Harrison never received an explanation for the way he was treated.

He lodged further complaints in the wake of the Dunblane Massacre in 1996 and again in 2005, before launching a final quest for answers earlier this year.

Now the Police Investigations & Review Commissioner (PIRC) has written to Mr Harrison to confirm that his complaints have never been properly dealt with.

The letter states: “In your letter to Police Scotland on 6 September 2014, you raised the following complaints about the police:

“1) that, in December 1991, officers removed items from your flat without a warrant (and, in doing so, may have been attempting to destroy evidence related to your allegations about a possible paedophile ring);