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Official Fake News And Fake Semitism Meets Fake Racism.

Jeremy Hunt stood in front of an audience, with the presence of many international television crews and dozens of reporters whom stood listening to him as he delivered an absolute load of lies about recent and current events. He, along with the “journalists” whom were recording his words, could not have been unaware, that Crimea had “voted” to leave a Ukraine which had just suffered a coup d’etat funded with five billion American dollars, which “installed” a regime of puppets under the control of the USA, in which they refused to live, preferring instead, through a democratic vote to link up with Russia.

These top class, informed professional journalists, must also be aware that not one of the British claims about barrel bombs and chemical attacks in Syria, were ever proven to have been carried out by Bashar al Assad “against his own people” a favourite claim of the British. While they continue to prevent any questioning of the Skripals, whom they still maintain to have been poisoned by a deadly nerve gas in Salisbury, by the Russians, from which they quickly recovered,

None of these journalists will question any of these lies, which are in fact the Official Fake News of the day. This form of Black Propaganda has been the preferred weapon of the British for centuries. The propaganda against Germany was of such monumental proportions and of such depths of disgusting malice and hatred, that those involved still live in fear of the truth of those lies becoming public knowledge.

The events on 911 have now become another fear for those whom planned that event many decades before it took place. In fact the catalogue of lies behind which these animals are skulking is like a list of the top one hundred most barbaric crimes in recorded history.

While Hollywood never tires of making unsubstantiated claims about the Germans, in their “Block-Buster” films, the Russians, while celebrating the siege of Leningrad against the Germans, forget to mention the lost generation of White Russian Christians, whom were butchered, by the million, by the Jew Cheka under the orders of a Jew regime. Most of the Cheka killer were Jews of American origin.

So you see they are amongst us. I wonder how many of those killers were allowed back into the USA after they had done their job in Russia, unlike Shemima Begum, the “Muslim” girl who joined the Jew controlled ISIS, who has had her British Citizenship withdrawn. The SAS men caught planting bombs in Basra were dutifully broken out of an Iraqi gaol by British military and repatriated back to Britain, talk about equality under British Law”.The same SAS were renowned for their bomb planting capabilities in Dublin and Belfast in the 1970’s and the 1980’s.

The claims which were laid at the door of Muslims, around about five minutes after the attack on 911, were based on nothing in the way of evidence and yet, even as nobody knew how to pronounce or spell Al Qaeda nor indeed Usama or Osama bin Laden, wild claims were quickly despatched all around the world as definite proof of their guilt. It was a completely different tale when all of the evidence suddenly pointed towards Israel and certain rich Jews in the United States, was it not? Say no more that load of truth went under lock and key without so much as the slightest trace of an investigation.

Even as the British Foreign Secretary, stands in front of the Worlds Press and without a care lies through his teeth, the British people whom are currently in the process of agreeing with the withdrawal of the citizenship of Shemima Begum, because she has been “brain-washed” by ISIS and could pose a future threat, they quietly absorb the conditioning of Jeremy Hunt, who is deliberately misleading his own people while cynically and hypocritically complaining of others doing the same thing. Current events have demonstrated dramatically how little trust can be placed in the claims made against modern leaders like Gadaffi, Assad or Saddam Hussein and his weapons of mass destruction.

Just as these claims of anti-Semitism cannot be made against the “real” anti-Semitic Israeli Jews, whom are slaughtering the “Real Semitic” Peoples in Palestine, to simply call them such a thing puts those whom dare to make such an “attack” against European non-Semitic Jews, under fear of having their career destroyed. In this screwed up world the cruelty against Semites by Jews does not even count as being anti-Semitic. However in the other hand when Jeremy Corbyn claims to stand against anti-Semitism wherever it may be found, he is being truthful, because he supports the Semites in Palestine against the European non-Semitic Jews in Israel. An American non-Semitic Jew has recently suggested that the time is right to solve the problem of Gaza by driving the Semitic people out, once and for all. Not much discussion about that in the UK Parliament or the US Congress, while all of those crack reporters failed to spot this example of Jew scummery.



The time wasted on this nonsense about Jews and their oh so thin skin is incredible, the only thing which comes close to it is the cries about White Racism, which is used to beat up White men on a daily basis, with the aid of these Ashkenazi Kids whom give a helping hand and a platform to whining of women, of all’ tinges’ and Blacks from various hunting packs around inner cities, all of them intent on beating up Whitey of whom they are all jealous.

Just recently a bunch of White Catholic Boys, whom were, while waiting for a bus home from the “March for Life” rally, found themselves surrounded by a “professional” Red Indian Liar, beating a tambourine and a bunch of foul-mouthed Black Welfare receivers, screeching out their bile against the hand that was feeding them,  accused of racism by Sitting Bull and of insulting this Indian Brave and were duly drenched by a torrent of hate from the Jew media, until clearer heads took a closer look at all the evidence, which showed the Blacks mouthing their hate filled crap in faces of the boys, whom stood quietly watching the madness by which they were surrounded, as Sitting Bull taunted one boy by banging his tambourine right in his face.




As soon as the boys were cleared of what they were accused, no further action was taken against the Red Indian, who is now a “Native American Hero” decorated for bravery, for daringly taunting a group of White schoolboys, while the foul-mouthed Black dick-heads went home to their Welfare funded homes, stepping over White Native American Veterans whom were sleeping in the gutter on the way. That’s Life in modern America.

Meanwhile a Black Butt Stabber called Jussie Smellitt, claimed to have been attacked by two White men wearing MAGA caps, whom beat him to a pulp, and then put a noose around his neck, sprayed him with bleach and left him to die on the pavement in the 45° below freezing Chicago winter temperature. The press went ballistic, screeching out a torrent of hate against Whitey and the KKK and Nazis and Fascism and Trumps base-ball cap was a dangerous symbol for the madmen whom will destroy life as we know it and it must be banned immediately and all that guff.

Of course it turned out to be a complete load of tosh, the so-called aggressors were his two “Gay” Black Nigerian “friends” whom appeared with him in the television spectacular about gay people, whom were paid for their role in the farce. When it was exposed for the fraud which it was, television pundits expressed horror about the police being forced, by this dick-head Smellitt, to waste time investigating a false case of White racism against Blacks when they could have been investigating a real one. The truth of course being that most racist attacks in the USA are Black on White, the same figures are to be found in Europe. We await events in Chicago we can only hope that this evil little shit gets a long sentence and that he gets the Sid Vicious treatment while he’s inside.

The Acceptable Face Of Fake News?

OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD was premised on creating CIA intelligence carve-outs within major American newspapers, broadcasters, and magazine publishers to promulgate false information. In so doing, the CIA created fake news stories to cover up the agency’s overthrowing of governments in Iran, Guatemala, Syria, British Guiana, Iraq, Laos, Togo, South Vietnam, Brazil, Bolivia, Indonesia, Dominican Republic, Ghana, Cambodia, Chile, Australia, Chad, Suriname, Grenada, Fiji, Burkina Faso, Panama, Gambia, Rwanda, Haiti, Nepal, Thailand, Honduras, Paraguay, Libya, and Ukraine. The 1963 coup against President John F. Kennedy can easily be added to this list, as well as the 1972 Watergate operation involving some of the same Kennedy assassination conspirators that was designed to eventually depose President Richard Nixon.” (extract from an article by Slad)

The above clearly illustrates the depth of the penetration of the CIA, which is itself no more than a cover for the true extent of the ‘Deep Government’ which has a world-wide grip on information, through the means of a wholly controlled, International News Publishing combine and fully controlled Intelligence Agencies like MI6, through which they can call on the assistance of the Special Air Service (SAS) and Mossad, plus the French DGSE – General Directorate for External Security, Direction Generale de la Sécurité Exterieure, which like the five other major French Intelligence Agencies, was set up by decree and not through a Parliamentary vote.




This is the level of opposition, lined up against those like Donald Trump, whom naively believe they will be allowed to disturb the preferred order of International and National affairs, which are under the firm grip of an unelected but extremely rich group of megalomaniacs, whom were born without a trace of compassion for the well-being of the common herd.

These avaricious idiots, have managed to inflict a cursed regime of non-stop war, combined with a sadistic desire to massacre all of those whom may bear the genes of the Wise Men of Old, against whom they harbour a deep-seated hatred and fear, knowing that when those bearers of the magic gene, ‘wake up’ and they will, all of the lies and distortions which through the use of their wealth and subversive powers, they have managed to fool, those whom they fear, into a stupor of confusion, will be revealed.

When I was first introduced to the idea of the Magic Gene, I thought it to refer to Monks in Monasteries, high on the mountain tops, where little bells tinkled around them with the scent of Jasmine in the air.

As time has gone by, I have come to understand that my perception was misguided. I now realise that we are all, through the reality of actually ‘being here,’ connected to those ancient folk. The fact that folk-lore would have us believe them to have been White, should not be presented as a reason for denying our ancient ancestry, out of some illogical fear, which has been implanted in our minds, by those whom would do us harm. This is suggesting that through our Whiteness, we believe ourselves to be superior. Those whom would wish us harm, believe themselves to be the ‘Chosen People.’ This is oft-times referred to as hypocrisy.

It is daily becoming more and more evident, that we are living in the midst of an old civilisation, which was so massive as to be almost invisible to us, much of it being perceived as being part of the natural countryside.

Evidence of feats of engineering, which we are currently unable to duplicate, are presented as being perfectly possible, using a method which was known to the ape-man but which remains a mystery to us.

At the same time as we are being led to believe in the theory, that mankind has developed, through a system of evolution, combined with another theory, that of the survival of the fittest. We are told, that clever men, without proper instruments to assist them, discovered that the Earth was a sphere, which was revolving at one thousand miles an hour, while passing around the sun at sixty-five million miles per hour as the combined Solar System was itself hurtling around the Universe at a velocity of thousands of miles per second, enabling it to be back in place for Christmas, yet with all of the modern equipment available, through the evolution of Science, as with the big stones, moved by Cave-Men, we cannot yet ‘prove’ what the men whom decided our current view of reality, managed to ‘prove’ without any instruments. I can find no evidence to show the Earth is actually rotating, never mind careering around the universe with thousands of satellites grimly clinging on to it.

As has Atheism, the alleged structure and operation of the Universe, has now become a religious belief. To ask for proof of the ‘globe’ earth is to invite a tirade of vehemence. It will soon, no doubt, become a criminal offence, alongside queries about the Holocaust, which is itself a religious belief, denial of which the believers would cheerfully burn non believing heretics at the stake.

There is very little left in which we can retain a firm belief. Even the dates of historical events have been tampered with. The introduction of the Gregorian Calendar was to conceal the actual closeness of the past, to modern life and to maintain all things shrouded in darkness.

All of the current, deeply held beliefs, came through the Vatican and the Jesuits, including the Gregorian Calendar, we now actually have two Popes, The Deep Jesuit Black Pope, and the visible Jesuit White Pope, which along with various ‘Vatican controlled Dark Forces,’ would appear to have given the Deep World Government, a Full House of Cards, that is according to many sources.

All of these claims, whether they be of the movements of the Universe or indeed an aeroplane in flight, must conform to rules, which were laid down in antiquity, while the fact that reality itself refuses to conform to these rigid rules, which are still being taught, in school-rooms, as fact, is simply being ignored.

Should you choose to annoy a friend, who ‘knows’ the Earth to be a Globe, which is spinning at one thousand miles per hour, ask him to explain, based on the physics which we were all taught at school, how a rocket, which is launched vertically, towards the upper atmosphere, en route towards the Moon or whatever, which at a certain altitude changes its own attitude to horizontal, at which point it is still traveling backwards, should it now be pointing West, at one thousand miles per hour, under the control of the atmosphere, which is why we were able to witness its vertical flight, while it was from the word go was traveling towards the East at one thousand miles per hour, along with us.

We are told that it is advantageous to pass into outer space at an angle rather than at the vertical. Presumably, at some point the rocket will have been no longer forced towards the East along with the spin of planet, which means that at some point in its now horizontal forward flight, it must have come to a dead stop. As we are told happens to a fly when it comes in contact with the windscreen of a moving motor car, before moving in the opposite direction.

It seems to me, that at whatever position you happen to be, on a round globe planet, that the only way out is up, so no matter how far you fly horizontally, to go into space, you would be obliged to fly up, as in vertical, so what is the point of increasing the distance of the journey into space by flying horizontally?

We are told that an aeroplane is held in level flight by gravity, allowing a pilot to fly around the globe without having to make adjustments to his altitude correction instruments in order to remain in level flight, otherwise the plane would fly directly into space, as we are told will the rocket. So why is there a difference in the effect of gravity on an aeroplane and a rocket? Is a rocket not subject to this gravitational pull and is an aeroplane, while flying West at five hundred miles per hour, actually flying backwards at the same time. Do you get the picture? There is something seriously wrong with the presentation of school-room physics.

While living in this quagmire called life, we are being manipulated in every direction. Our young are sent to war, to save us, when it is perfectly clear that we are not in danger. While having been told that to kill is a sin, Our Boys are told that the wearing of a uniform is an adequate excuse to kill, kill, kill. While for others killing is a means of actually pleasing their God. For supporters of abortion no excuse whatsoever is required.

So is it any wonder that certain people choose to adopt the attitude, that nothing matters as long as you can get away with it? Which, I suppose is an acceptable position, while living in the jungle, while being less than beneficial whilst living in a civilised society.

During the past few days an act has been carried out in Syria, by either one or the other of the two warring factions, one of those factions gains advantage from pointing the finger at the other, which has nothing to gain from such a stupid act, so who do you think is being blamed, why the Russians and Bashar al Assad of course, the very people whom had everything to lose.

This is in keeping with the aims noted in the opening quote at the top of this post and who is sitting in the middle of the current mess in the Middle East? Why Israel and Mossad, the War Criminals which have everything to gain from the total destruction of the entire region.

At this moment, while the Middle East is in flames, the aggressive United States, is itself being taken down from within, by carefully placed enemies of the State, whom have been inveigled into positions of power, from where they are being allowed to destroy the White Christian people, in order to allow the massive number of immigrants, fleeing the NATO barbarity in Africa and the Middle East. into the United States, which will eventually be reduced to an over populated Third World status.

On a British Radio Station, LBC, they did yesterday, present, Jew after Jew, all of whom were allowed to preach that a British politician, should be severely punished, for telling the truth, a truth which ‘shocked’ all Jews as it was perceived as being anti-Jew.

I was stupefied to hear one of these Jews, stridently proclaiming, that for simply mentioning ‘the H word’ (Yes, that is what he said.) within range of a Jew, the politician should at least have been thrown out of the Labour Party. The radio host informed the Jew, that during a short interview, the interviewee, Ken Livingstone, had in fact mentioned Hitlers’s name twelve times, I kid you not.

The same radio host later claimed that the United Kingdom had made a serious blunder, by not sending British Forces into Syria, to unseat Assad. He was actually pushing for action to be taken, without any supporting evidence whatsoever. He openly claimed that had such action been taken before Assad took the opportunity to ‘gas his own people’ in Idlib, would have been justification enough. 

He went on to claim that the last attempt to smear Assad with such a crime, had been debunked by Carla Ponti, a UN observer who was on the spot at the time, which is a total lie, Ponti pointed the finger of blame at the terrorists. Even as I write this, the United Nations is reporting that as yet they have no proof whatsoever as to who or whom had carried out the ‘alleged’ attack.

The LBC radio host, a member of a team which I was assured by Nick Ferrari, another member of the same group, that their reports could be trusted because unlike the Alternative Media, they ‘checked their facts’ before reporting. His head-shaved chum, Iain Dale,  actually asked a caller to his program, if he ever watched RT, Russia Today, the caller said he did. The host loudly chortled and cried out, ‘That’s all we need to know’ and cut the caller off. That is illustrative of the true depth of British brain-washing.



The same Ferrari is now carrying out an interview with a man from ‘Chatham House’ the Head Office of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, in which he has adopted the position of accepting that the Assad regime and the Russians are without need of evidence, responsible for the alleged Idlib chemical attack. We have already been told that the attack could not possibly have been as a result of a cache of chemical weapons being bombed, it could only have been dropped in a bomb, as if there is a difference.

Along with the BBC, Sky News and other News outlets, LBC is pushing a tale which can only lead to disaster. NATO and Israel are perfectly capable of destroying Russia and its allies, but my god we are all going to suffer in the process.

The first Russian and Iranian salvos will destroy Israel, that is a certainty, all of the rich Jews have already set up home in Patagonia and other Southern Hemisphere ‘safe’ areas, the ‘ordinary’ Jews are going to find themselves staked out like sacrificial goats, playing the long prophesied role of the six million holocaust victims.

There is hardly a square mile of the planet, which is not in a turmoil of one sort or another. Europe is experiencing a scourge of criminality and rape, most of which is not even being reported by the trustworthy mainstream media, while Africa is a disaster zone. China and India have been stocked to the rafters with every conceivable manufacturing industry, leaving Europe almost  industry free and totally dependent on imported goods.

There are skirmishes going on in virtually every ‘Western’ country simply because the majority of the folk are against mass immigration, as would be the folk in the countries from where the immigrants are arriving, should the position be reversed. Nobody on earth wants their country to be over-run by immigrants.

The first step taken by Algeria, on achieving independence from France, was to deport those of French origin. That is ‘acceptable,’ because only Whites are being forced to accept the swamping out of existence of their Peoples.

The fact that this process is being quite openly proposed by Jews, makes it an ‘unmentionable’ subject, for fear of offending the same Jews, whom have built walls all around Israel to make sure that not one single, non-Jew can creep in looking for shelter.

While all of this nonsense is ongoing, the greatest of all threats to mankind is unfolding in Fukushima, from where a massive quantity of radio-active water is draining daily into a virtually dead Pacific Ocean, from the ruins of three Nuclear sites which were destroyed, in curious circumstances, some years ago.

We are all at risk from this spreading plume of radio-activity, whether from eating fish from the Pacific to surfing in California, or from eating broad-leaved plants which have been exposed to contaminated rainfall. As was the policy with Chernobyl, back in the 1980’s, it has been decided to cover-up the disastrous results of this disaster, to avoid panic.