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Equality And Justice For Bad-Mouther’s Everywhere!


It is now permissible to bad mouth Muslims and Whites, in a manner which would kick off an uproar, should the same language be used against Blacks or Jews. This is strange, in view of the tiny portion of the populations of White European countries, made up of these Blacks and Jews, yet despite which, they are responsible for an enormous amount of violence and death, out of all proportion to their numbers.

The New York and London Jews, managed to carry out a coup d’etat in Russia, in 1917,  which lead to the deaths of sixty-five million Christians and then, not satisfied with that tally, they declared the Second World War against Germany, which exterminated millions more White Christians.

Not bad for a group which makes up a mere two or three percent of the Worlds population. Should the average head count be taken, that would mean that every Jew on the planet to be personally responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Christians. However, it is acceptable for Jews and Blacks to blame ‘Whites’ while we Whites must always point out that not all Blacks or Jews are guilty.

The Blacks in the United States, while choosing to ignore their own innate violent tendencies, are screaming about White crimes against Blacks, when in fact they were rounded up in Africa, by violent Blacks and handed over to Jew slavers (note: not all Jews were slavers) whom shipped them to far-a-way lands, including a relatively low number to America, where they fell into mainly Jew hands, where should they have been badly treated, instead of blaming White men, they should first ask the Jews to explain their current colour and whatever that should turn out to be, blame these chameleon Jews and demand reparations from the guilty, not from the Whites whom in the main, could not afford to buy a slave and whom most certainly do not owe the Blacks a cent.

In the States, the Blacks represent thirteen percent of the population, perhaps a total of forty-million people. Fifty percent are women and fifty percent children, leaving around ten-million Black men, three or four percent of the population of the USA, whom are responsible for thirty-three-thousand rapes of White Women annually, while White men virtually never rape a Black woman and fifty percent of violent crimes and murders, despite which more White men are shot dead by the Police than are Black men. What a surprise? Lastly, Black hold a virtual stranglehold on Racism, should White people ever retaliate in kind, the Blacks would be sent reeling.

So who exactly is organising all of the anti-White racism and why are the murdering Jews excused from all blame?  The Jew Tim Wise, and others like him, can lay all responsibility for the past crimes of the Jews, onto the Whites, while still snivelling about some strange thing called anti-Semitism? This is so blatantly hypocritical that he support which Weiss receives from young Whites is sickening.

If the normal rules of law do not currently apply to Jews, it’s about time that they did. Wise and many other Jew hate preachers,  should be arrested and faced with their incitement to hate, in a Court of Law.

It seems to me that should you say boo to a Jew it is more than likely to create an uproar in the media, which is in the main, controlled by the Jews and who pick up on the slightest remark against themselves, while totally ignoring the enormous efforts of Jews, to provoke inter-racial hatred, not only in the USA but across the planet.

Whites and Muslims are their main targets. Why for example has there been no mention of the Jews, caught in commanding positions in the ranks of the Daech/ISIS murdering lunatics, in the mainly Jew controlled media? More importantly the British Establishment and their Yankee counterparts, are most assuredly aware of this ‘strange’ connection between Jews and ISIS and yet British Government Ministers continue to refer to Bashar al Assad as a brutal dictator, while arming those, by whom the British people are being constantly attacked. 

There is historical evidence that Jews were involved in the creation of the schisms in the Islamic faith, schisms which they are now making use of, to their own advantage, while at the same time creating ever more division across the planet. At some point, a stand against the leaders of this group, is going to be an imperative, before they kill us all.

In the above clip there are many mentions of Britain, or London, for both of which it would be better to say, the City of London, which is the headquarters of European Jewry, which is why there was so much effort made to take control of the entire Middle East, that was not in the interest of the British but in the interest of the Jews, which it still is to this day.

It follows that it would be more accurate to talk of Israel, when discussing British arm sales to Saudi Arabia. Which begs the question, that if British arms, which are being sold to Saudi Arabia, are merely passing through Saudi Arabia to ISIS and Saudi Arabia, which has never denied its support for ISIS, is working hand in glove with Israel, while the British are pretending to fight ISIS, in Syria alongside groups of terrorist indistinguishable from ISIS, all of whose injured are being treated in Israeli hospitals, are we not allowed to ask what the f**k is going on?

When taking into account, there to be evidence that the Western Powers and Israel are training and arming ISIS, while the Jew controlled media, daily informs us that should a hedgehog be run over on a motor-way, by a twelve year-old child, joy-riding in his father’s car, that the death was claimed by ISIS and we are told that the child converted to Wahhabism a week ago, are we not allowed to be ever so slightly puzzled by such things and to question the truthfulness of the controlled media?

This is of course the media which has already fed us half-a-dozen, half-baked ideas about a sixty-four year old millionaire, who we are told, carried ten high-powered rifles, a pistol and various spare parts to improve the performance of all of those rifles and an automatic machine gun and a thousand rounds of ammunition, to a room on the thirty-fourth floor of a Las Vegas hotel, to take pot shots at what has been described as a Country Music Festival, which was a joke in itself, if this was country music I am Ariana Grande, a sniper who was, so we were initially told had been killed by a SWAT team, which burst into his room. This later changed to, he had already committed suicide.

Most commentators on the alternative media are wary of calling the event a hoax, because of the high number of casualties claimed, even though that has changed from two dead to sixty and the injured from fifty to five-hundred, over the course of the evening.

The media are of course in full agreement with whatever figure turns out to be the final total, despite the lack of any photographic evidence and full in the face of the reports of those on the ground, whom reported no sign of bullets or blood, apart from that of those whom were injured in the rush to leave the arena.

There are many claims that the sound of gunfire was actually coming over the sound system, giving the impression that there were shooters all around, which would support the need of all of those rifles found in the hotel room, where they were most likely planted, as were all the other odds and bobs in the millionaires car and his home. To be continued.

Sick Of Deception? Me Too.

        Sick Of Deception? Me Too.

The idea that should I choose to live in Nigeria, for example, and on waking one morning and turning on the television,  find it to be dominated by Black people, feel justified in demanding a lucrative position on their News outlet team, simply for being White, to me, that is a total nonsense. It is no different from a Frenchman claiming Russian Television to be too Russian.

The same Liberal idiots whom are pushing multiculturalism, for Europeans, are lost when Africa is being discussed, that is of course a Black Continent, still waiting to be raped by the incoming yellow and brown hordes, whom are themselves in the pocket of the bankers.

Europe has been forced, through the tactic of outright warfare, for the benefit of Corporations and Bankers, to accept the mass exodus of Muslims from all across the Middle East, Pakistan, Afghanistan and various African Countries, including Libya.

Israel, without criticism, has announced itself to be exempt from this refugee ‘contamination’ even as their genocide against the indigenous Muslims of Palestine is picking up speed. The rest of us must accept, without complaint, the Jew organised Genocide against White Christians, which despite the fact that the Jews themselves, are broadcasting this aim far and wide, it is anti-Jew to mention it in polite, liberal company. Personally, I find Israel to be too Jew.

I must admit I also find the Jew representation in many European Governments, to be totally out-of-order and way beyond their justifiable representation, according to their percentage of the various Jew population content, of those States, that is when compared to the number of Christians in the Israeli excuse for a Government. This complaint extends to the wholesale Jew control of the legal system across the Western World.

For the life of me I cannot understand, how a group, which has been responsible for the wholesale massacre of millions of Christians, and whom are even now, urging the genocide of Black and White Christians, are allowed to get away with this expressed hatred of Whites, without any form of retaliation against, this ‘Naked Hatred,’ which is currently generating and of course funding, a possible Civil War in the United States, between Blacks and Whites, both of which groups are the declared target of the Jews, to brown out of existence, both Races.

Of what are Christian Government afraid? Are they not legally obliged to defend their various electorates? There are Jew politicians extolling the virtue of wiping out White people, do we get no support from our Politicians? Can they claim to be unaware of this Jew Hate Speech? Would it not be a good idea to tell the Jews outright that their odious attacks against Whites is unacceptable and that should it continue legal action will taken? Or why not open the door to open discussion of the carefully hidden Jew responsibility for two World Wars and their call for a third? For who or whom do our politicians actually work?

A while back a French footballer Nicolas Anelka, made a gesture, on the pitch, having scored a goal. This gesture was spotted by a Jew? For the following week or so we were swamped with Jews howling about the hurt they felt at this geste, which would of course have passed un-noticed had it not been for the eagle eye of a Jew, thus saving the Jew community from this pain.

The inquest of this stupidity, continued to the point where Sky News sent one of their intrepid liars, to ambush the French comedian, Dieudonné, whom had invented the ‘quenelle’ and grilled him about his anti-Jew attitude.

More recently Ken Livingstone the one-time Mayor of London, was roasted for merely mentioning Zionist and Hitler in the same sentence. His attackers refused to show the same diligence in researching Livingstone’s truthful claims, in the manner in which the ‘quenelle’ hunter from Sky News searched out those of Dieudonné.

We White Christians are apparently forbidden from using the tactic of complaining against anti-Christian remarks from the Jews and there are quite obviously, more ‘Friends of Jews’ in the United Kingdom Parliament and House of Lords than there are ‘Friends of Christians.’

This is quite obviously clear evidence of collusion between Fabian Society members and the Media, to report only one side of the hate speech story. The entire Political Establishment simply cannot be unaware of the written plans of the Jew-Zionists, to destroy the Goy.

It has already become clear that the mass immigration of Muslims into Europe has been a disaster for the people of Europe but a grand success for those seeking a means of destroying Europe. The response of the people has been one of massive resistance to this agenda.

It has become ever more clear that the illegal wars, across the Middle East are a quite deliberate effort to clear the region of as many Muslims as possible, for the benefit of Israel. This has become undeniable. They are already making plans for Gaza, after the final removal of the remains of the population. All of which is supported by Democratically elected Christian politicians, whom are providing the fire-power, while the Jews, as usual, skulk in the shadows, calling on the same Goy whom they detest, to do their killing.

Get Up, Stand Up Against This Jew Hate Speech. Or Are You Ready To Die?


Why are the likes of Corbyn not sacking the Warmonger Benn, the son of a Tavistock Institute father, who made the greatest call to kill the innocent speech,  ever presented in Parliament?

Why no cries of War Criminal directed at Cameron and the remains of New Labour, in the House of Commons, could it be because they are more interested in keeping their lucrative, money for nothing jobs than in telling the truth?

These are the folk whom daily describe the British National Party and the Front Nationale, as racist and bigoted, while they assume the mantle of the ‘Peacemaker and lover of minorities,’ while for the past Century they have provoked war after war, causing upwards of One-Hundred-Million deaths. That is the grim reality of by what we are governed.

If after one hundred years of continuous slaughter, can there be any doubt left in the mind of even the most thick-headed of our brethren that our politicians are not working for us. They are even now allowing Jews to present White People as being unfit to continue to live.



Why is the Jew man, Cameron, who recently stood in front of an audience and condemned a White man, Ken Livingstone, out of hand for using the word Hitler and Zionism in the same sentence, as being anti-Semitic, which I found to be totally offensive, because I do not happen to be too enamoured by the needs of the barbaric Jews in Israel, to be forced to hold an enforced opinion, about Hitler and Germany,  or else!

When attempting to fabricate an excuse to destroy Libya and Syria, Cameron announced his intention of supplying arms and training, for those whom were fighting against the elected regimes.  Europe is now overloaded, so we are told, with those whom are returning after fighting with Daech and many other terrorists whom have entered Europe posing as refugees.

Will he now be arming those folk in order to create a Civil War, should they demonstrate a discontent with the elected governments of Europe?  Will he be prepared to arm the “people” so that they can fight back?  How can anybody place their trust in an underhanded piece of evil who can behave in such a way and be allowed to get away with it?

I would prefer Cameron to denounce Jew people like Tim Wise and Barbara Spector, or Professor Noel Ignatiev, who do not only accidentally allow a forbidden word to slip out of their mouth, but are, as does Cameron’s War Criminal chum, Nicolas Sarkozy, calling for the obliteration of White people. Does Cameron support such hate speech or not? Why no call to kick these Jew Racists out of Universities and any other position which gives them a platform for their Racist Hate.

Now is the time to take this insulting behaviour from Jews to task, instead of allowing them to carry out a bizarre  load of crap about stupidities like the Quenelle and Nicolas Anelka, which were unendingly reported in Jew controlled media.




The British, French and the USA, are slaughtering at will anyone who dares to stand in the way of the proposed World domination by a covert group of individuals. They are, through the use of the “cover” of NATO, managing to implicate other States, in their criminal acts, the famed “Coalition of Guilt,” which lends an air of respectability to their crimes.

Israel, a contrived State,  based on claims that a “God” of some sort, “chose” to give it to Jews, not of course the Jews whom had always abided in the region, but to a strange group of Jews from various European States and the USA, who have from day one in Palestine, murdered the indigenous folk,  both indigenous Jew and Muslim and stolen vast tracts of land, all of which was carried out without a word of criticism from the USA or European “puppet” politicians, many of whom are Jews.

We are now involved in a two pronged attack, emanating from the same region which has been tortured by Western Forces for generations and once again the main target is as uysual the indigenous folk,  whom are being driven out and are being paid to come to Europe, where compliant Jew politicians are attempting to force White Europeans to accept their own destruction, through the medium of this mass immigration.

Slumped in the middle of this chaos is Israel, the instigator of the current bloodbath and the only entity which has anything to gain from the carnage. There is nothing in it for us. We have been convinced that the problem has been caused by Islamic  Terrorism, which did not even exist when Bush kicked off his  “War on Terror.” This claim of International Terrorism provides the excuse to enlist the Christian Armies, to fight yet another Jew inspired war.

In order to pretend that Israel has a clean pair of hands, in this struggle, to fulfil what has been the dream of Israel since 1947, we find the “Royal” State of Saudi Arabia – which is a Jew State and has been so since it was installed – working with Turkey, yet another Jew controlled State, working hand in glove with the British and French, both Jew controlled, to destroy the remains of the Middle East, leaving it in the clutches of the Sabbatean’s in Turkey, with a Jew who dreams of re-constructing the Ottoman Empire, at the same time handing over to Israel the land necessary to create “Greater Israel”

In order to confuse the issue, the Wahhabi’s from Saudi Arabia, provide Daech and the blood-thirsty terrorism, which has been used to provoke the current fear of Muslims. Many of these “atrocities” appear to have been staged – and are never properly investigated – in the absence of real terror attacks. As with the 7-7  atrocity in London, where those “witnesses” whom had their lower legs and feet blown off by bombs exploding under the carriages of the tube-train, were not allowed to give evidence at the Inquest, to maintain the lie of the tale.

None of this nonsense is going to help Race Relations and what is more it is designed to create problems between the races,  and the Muslim Communities, in particular, are fast becoming the preferred target for the xenophobic, as a result of those whom take to the streets calling for Sharia Law. Needless to say they would not dare to do the same thing in Saudi Arabia or Israel.

Everything which I have scribbled above, would fall into the category of anti-Semitism, despite the fact that every word is true. For Jews to bleat about being asked to consider relocating Israel to the USA,  as anti-Semitic, while at the same time bull-dozering the homes of Palestinians and refusing to allow those, whom have been stuck in refugee camps for seventy-years,  to return home, to be farcical.

These Jews in Israel have no right, either legal or historical, to claim ownership of Israel they were in fact doing exactly what the Jews from Europe and the USA did in Russia, carried out a form of coup d’etat and then proceeded to wipe out the indigenous peoples.

Events in Russia were never allowed to be taught in Western Schools. Even as the massive slaughters of Christians was ongoing in Russia, Western Jews were already plotting with Joseph Stalin, a Jew, about his support in the upcoming Second World War, which had been in the planning since the end of the Great War.

Stalin would provide the cannon fodder to make sure that Germany would be defeated and to carry out the staging of the “holocaust” by installing so-called gas chambers, like the one at Auschwitz, which was in fact an air-raid shelter, to provide an excuse for the four million Jews who went to Israel after the war.

European People, by allowing a group of unelected and unknown Communists, to take control of their affairs, have fallen into a Jew trap. That is clear, when folk can be thrown out of a European Parliament, for simply cracking a joke about the brutal,  illegal,  State of Israel, we should all wake up.

The evidence that European Governments are wholly controlled is being demonstrated, quite clearly, for those whom did not fully understand the murderous atrocities, which were inflicted on Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Pakistan and are now threatening Libya and Syria all over again, ask yourself, where is the evidence of any form of terrorism emanating from any of these States before they were destroyed. Never mind asking the difficult question, what was the point of this wholesale destruction?

Jews world-wide are now blaming YOU for all this barbarity. You are the target for the kick-back, not by Muslims, but by the Saudi Arabian, trained and funded ISIS/Daech, who are operating under the control of National Security Forces.

Even as the Russians and Syrian are attempting to install an air of calm in Syria, to encourage refugees to return home, Cameron and his Jew buddies, are already in the process of taking advantage of this calm period, to re-arm their rebels, and are still intent on installing a “puppet” government in Syria.

If the British People are stupid enough to believe, that folk whom have lived their lives herding goats and other pastoral pursuits, will be able to contribute to European life, where they will be locked up all day long in a Tower Block, they must be out of their minds. These folk  loved their lives and Assad caused them no problem. Cameron is their problem.

In my writings, over the years, I have tried to explain that there are moves afoot to reduce Europe to the level of the Third World, with minimum of daily needs available for one and all and  that minimum would mean exactly what it says.

Europe now finds it more and more difficult to continue to provide previous levels of health care. Europeans are banned from suggesting that this is as a result of mass immigration. Surely it must be perfectly evident that should the numbers of White Europeans be diminishing, while an ever increasing amount is being invested in health care, it can only be as a result of a growing number of immigrants. Accident and Emergency wards are not being clogged up with old European people.

The Middle East is now suffering from the same fate as that which befell Scotland and Ireland in past times. The Scottish were driven out of the Highlands and the Irish starved to death and the survivors sold into slavery, all under the orders of the City of London. That would be the same City of London which handed the Middle East into the hands of the Jews, having made it all possible by ordering the destruction of the Ottoman Empire, releasing Palestine into its claws.

Europe is chock full of “career” politicians who have delivered us all into this morass. They agree to illegal wars as if organising a day at the seaside, without any apparent care for the results of their barbarity. They are total scum one and all.

How Much More Of This Garbage Are We Expected To Believe

I was quite amused today listening to posh boy David Cameron, deploring Jeremy Corbyn, for suggesting that it was a tragedy that Osama Bin Laden had been killed.

Perhaps Cameron is not up to speed,  concerning the  FBI position on Bin Laden, which clearly states that there was no evidence connecting Bin Laden to 911.

Just as there is no evidence connecting Bashar al Assad to chemical weapon attacks on his own people,  as is continually claimed,  by every member of Cameron’s Cabinet, as justification for financing “brutal” terrorist attacks against a State which posed no threat to the UK.  Why would Assad deliberately bomb his own people?

I would go farther and suggest that it would appear to be only gullible little posh boys whom still believe the Bush Fable about nineteen Muslim hijackers being responsible for the 911 attack, or Cameron’s claims about Assad’s use of chemical weapons, which was shown to be a lie by  Carla Ponti of the United Nations. She said quite clearly, though apparently unheard by Cameron and his cohorts that it was the  Western financed terrorist who had done so.

Does Cameron genuinely believe, that a helicopter landed in the garden, of a house in Pakistan, from which a whole load of Navy Seals burst out, forced an entry into the house, charged into a room, where some old-timer was sat watching a television documentary about 911 and they managed to take a photo of this old chap before he even had time to turn his head to see what was going on?

That they then took this old-timer away, claiming  him to be the most wanted man in the world, questioned him, without ever producing a transcript of to what he had confessed, executed and threw his corpse into the sea without so much as taking a photograph as proof of their claims, nor indeed explaining exactly of what he was accused, before they shot him and dumped him.

Well Mr Cameron, you might not want Jeremy Corbyn to run the UK for having suggested it to have been a shame that Bin Laden had not been put on trial, while you expect us to believe, that two young lads, somewhere in Syria – who were, of course, threatening to come back to the UK to kill all the infidels – were tracked down, and the information about the vehicle, in which they were travelling was passed to the Royal Air Force, along with pin-point co-ordinates for the “drone” attack, which killed these boys, without need of any proof, as to what they had actually been doing in Syria, that is if they had ever been in Syria.

You Mister Cameron, like Barack Obama before you, stand in front of your electorate and excuse yourself of what is apparently, the cold-blooded murder, of whoever was in that vehicle, without a trace of shame.

You claim, without a shred of evidence, that these boys posed  a threat to the UK. Whatever became of the much vaunted British fair play and Justice?

Perhaps it is necessary to point out to the UK Prime Minister that there are a growing number of folk whom believe it to have been a bunch of Jew Supremacists, some of whom were actually arrested, with bombs in their possession, in the act of preparing to carry out a second attack on a traffic packed New York bridge, who were responsible for 911.

These culprits were of course released without charge, otherwise the years of planning of the “New Pearl Harbour,” 911,  would have been nullified, putting on hold,  the build-up to the “justifiable” destruction and clearance of the Middle East, which had been laid out in the PNAC document.

Should you Tories be unaware of this fact, Wesley Clark, himself a Jew, can be found explaining this PNAC all over the Inter-Web,

So take notice Mister Cameron, there are many of us, who have seen through the use of “phantoms” as Straw Men, who carry the blame and generate an excuse for those like you, whom never miss the opportunity to despatch paid killers in uniform to murder the innocent.

There was no Osama Bin Laden,  Mister Cameron and you did not kill two young British lads in a car in Syria, that is unless you and Obama are telling fibs about exactly how difficult it appears to have been to track down Daech Camps in Syria, while being so simple to track down two British boys, who you claim to have been with Daech.

When he was not making distorted allegations against Corbyn, Cameron was letting the world know that the good old caring Conservative Party, would put an end to discrimination against women, Blacks, Hindus, Muslims, Jews, Gays, Transgenders,  one and all in fact, except that is for the down-trodden White Male, unless he finds a place amongst the Gays or Transgenders.

Muslim youths are even lower down the list than are White males, they are, apparently, being “Radicalised” in large numbers, hundreds of them in fact, according to the police. It has been disclosed that they have been spotted by “monitors” who are now lurking around Secondary Schools, getting information from members of staff, who are also on the look-out for possible “Terrorists.”

Suspects are  being sent to “de-Radicalisation Centres” – I kid you not –  to be treated by experts. I believe the following clip will give you idea of the kind of techniques which are used.

Cameron’s Communitarian ambitions also forged ahead when he announced that the administration of schools would be taken out of the control of Local Authorities. Children, will in future,  receive their conditioning,  in line with Agenda 21/2030,  directly from the unelected  Supremacist controlled European Union.

Cameron made no mention of the Agenda 2030 Treaty which had been signed at the United Nations, which basically handed the UK, lock, stock and barrel,  into the hands of  International Jewry. It is not clear whether the TTIP treaty – which will force Europe to allow poisoned US chickens and other genetically modified foodstuffs into Europe and the UK – was signed into law at the same meeting. Whether it was or not makes little difference as We the People are not even allowed to know what it contains.


Listening to the babble on the News, which has been provoked by Russia’s intervention in Syria, with the British Minister of War, calling for action to be taken to discourage Russia from backing Bashar al Assad, who is “barrel bombing his own people…Blah! Blah! Blah.”

While other totally biased journalists, whom are on the one hand decrying the Russian attempts to take a leading role in Middle-Eastern affairs, have, on the other hand been lying through their teeth about the actions of the Supremacist Jews in Israel, whom have hundreds of Israeli terrorists hiding behind the kagools of Daech, fighting against the Assad regime in Syria,  in furtherance of their aims of building Greater Israel, with carefully selected areas of Syria and other Middle-Eastern countries.

Cameron could not care less about the number of deaths, for which he has personally been responsible, whether in Libya, Syria, Yemen, or elsewhere, whether the killing be done by British “Troops” or with British weapons in the hands of the savages in Saudi Arabia, from where the funding for Daech has been forthcoming and who almost un-noticed by the “Free Press” have been laying Yemen to waste.

In Turkey, which has been under the control of hidden Supremacist Jews, ever since Kamal Ataturk constructed modern Turkey, they are making sure that the Kurds do not set about building a homeland on territory which is reserved for Israel, the land where the oil is, of course. The number of twists and turns which are taking place in and around Syria at the moment are beyond belief.

So Mister Cameron, you are not actually presenting anything even approaching the truth. You are a very naughty Posh Boy.  So would it not be better if you stepped down now, before somebody decides that you are a brutal, evil leader and send in the Free British Army to break your balls and to lay the UK to waste?

The invention of Daech was no more than yet another means of generating hate against Muslims and justifying the installation of ever more draconian laws to control the ever more aware British people, who are no longer fooled by rich financial fraudsters.

The much vaunted Caliphate, which was to be installed by Daech, would never have even been considered, had it not been totally controlled by Supremacists from Israel, London or New York and its real purpose would have been to continue the clearances of territory, to make a space for the enlargement of Israel. However many people are forced to leave the Middle East in the process.

Make what you will of the following clip. My interest in it is the first few minutes which are devoted to what is being said about White People, by those whom would never stop complaining should they be attacked in a similar fashion. Take a good listen.