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We Are Now Way Beyond The Tipping Point.



I would like to offer Peter Gabriel, the man who gave us “Biko”, the opportunity to explain why he remains silent, about the Bolshevik Communist purges, which are taking place in South Africa. Purges which are being carried out by the “Black Communist Cheka”, without a word of dismay or criticism from the mouths of those “sympathetic” Rock’n’Rollers, whom were so quick to spread the disinformation about the Communist Bolshevik Jew take-over, which “liberated” South Africa, by those whom so willingly preached the Gospel of Lies and Hate, of the murdering piece of “millionaire” scum Nelson Mandela and his accursed wife, ‘Necklace Winnie’ Mandela.. The behaviour of this Black Cheka is an exact copy of the savagery of the Cheka in Russia and the Red Army in Germany and Eastern Europe and in Spain during the attempted Bolshevik coup d’etat in that country.

I hope the Blacks are happy with what they have helped to achieve, that is, what some call the most murderous, racist country in Africa, where rape, robbery, torture and cannibalism are a daily feature of the new-found freedoms of these lovely, cuddly, Black Bolsheviks, whom are eagerly awaiting their opportunity to slaughter the remaining vestiges of the White Christian people, whom built South Africa from an empty wilderness.

While Mandela and his team of Bolsheviks financed “Black Freedom Fighters” whom were busily stealing South Africa from those White Boers whom had built it out of nothing, in an empty region of a huge Continent, those by whom they were being paid, were busily carrying out the same caper in Palestine, a country in which they were slaughtering the indigenous people and driving them into refugee camps, which is exactly what the Black Bolsheviks are doing to the White people in South Africa, while like those people whom invaded and stole Palestine, they believe their own lies about their ‘right’ to steal this land in which they are mere immigrants. The Gulags in Russia served the same purpose and they are now, some say,  being prepared in the United States.


The familiar result of a Bolshevik Revolution or coup d’etat, as it should quite properly be called, is evident all across Eastern Europe, which was ‘given’ to the Russian Bolsheviks after World War Two. The entire region remained a bunch of failed States, a situation which the Peoples of the region believed would be resolved by joining the European Union. Unfortunately, they failed to notice that it too was under Bolshevik control and it too quickly failed as has that other Bolshevik controlled Empire, the United States, where the mass immigration which will eventually do to the United States, exactly what has happened in South Africa.

China has already been culled, of some say one-hundred-million people, while others suggest many more than that were slaughtered. The Bolsheviks now have total control of China and they have installed all of the industrial base of the Christian World, in China and they have created Free Trade agreements, allowing the importation of slave made products, back into those countries from which the industry was stolen. After all the Industrial Revolution did not take place in China. The following clip is an example of the current situation in China.

Chinese Jews are now eagerly changing the “one child” per family policy, in order to provide the necessary labour force to undertake the “re-populating” of Africa, after the coming catastrophe, which will decimate the Black People. The Chinese will very quickly transform Africa into a paradise. The surviving Blacks will be sent to Europe to eat the remaining White people, or something like that.



Despite all of the events which have taken place all across the world, at the hands of those whom have been handed control of the Money Supply of the world, which with the help of greedy politicians, they have bought all and everything  my warnings are still considered to be a form of hyperbole. The world is in ruins and yet people are more worried about saying “boo” to a Jew, than they are about the deliberate massacre of the People of Palestine by Jews.There are dozens of clips online of Jews calling for the complete annihilation of the “racist” White people and still no White feathers are being ruffled. What is it going to take to convince people of the dangers we face?



Another Man Bites The Dust To Suit A Drunk.


Everything with which we are being presented as News, is a farce. On the BBC we have supercilious Jews, whining about anti-Semitism being a disease which has to be wiped out, while they themselves are doing their level best to fulfil this aim in Palestine, against the ‘real’ Semitic, indigenous people of the region.

These non-Semitic Jews have been cruelly ‘knee-capping’ young Palestinian men, and cold-bloodedly murdering others, without a qualm and most certainly without any stern response from those folk back in the UK, whom are wriggling around in shame, having been accused of being anti-Semitic, while the Jew ‘knee-cappers’ could not give a shit about ‘their’ actions against Semites. This is the World Through the Looking Glass.

A sniggering Radio presenter, James Whale and his Jew sidekick “Ash” have been suspended by “TalkRadio” for demanding a response from a “journalist” who claimed that she had been “Orally Raped” in a taxicab. I laughed along with Whale, as he muttered “orally raped” to himself, in response to those words, no doubt along with others, wondering of what on earth, she was complaining. Dare I say that this was as close as this women could get to the claim that she was now a part of the MeToo brigade and the ongoing battle against men.

She had nothing in support of her claims, all of which were ignored by the Police at the time of her complaint, because she gave them nothing to go on, as they say. Unperturbed she is now determined to take it out on Whale, claiming him to have used every misogynistic trick in the book to belittle her claims.

I have watched the clip of the interview several times and as far as I can see the only possible complaint she could make, was the mere flicker of a smile which appeared on Whales’s face, when he heard the words “orally raped” which would have been missed by those whom listen to the radio, which would have been the vast majority of the audience. However it has all now become National News in the United Kingdom, where ” real men’ are now sadly in short supply. The woman’s claim that CCTV film is deleted after thirty days, begs the question as to why it took her thirty days to report the incident to the Police?

The Journalist claimed, that whatever had taken place in the taxi, had not harmed her relationship because she had an “understanding” partner. She made no mention of the sex of that partner, who could therefore, have been a women, in order to avoid all of those nasty remarks, misogynistic men could have made about her wanting a bit of “the real thing” on the sly. We all know what men are like. Better to have kept her gob shut about the whole thing, one might suggest.

This allegation has lead to the suspension of a highly opinionated character, who holds all sorts of annoying points of view, with which he daily doses his listeners, including his one-hundred percent dislike of Trump and his total opposition to Brexit. He presents total rubbish about the possible effects of Brexit on the UK economy, for which he should have been banished a long time ago. To be now suspended for the flicker of a smile, in response to an inane term, which was carefully used to infer that a  “male advance” is in some way a serious form of “rape” and it is totally crass to suggest otherwise.

The journalist should have been forced  to explain, in greater detail, the exact nature of this alleged  ‘attack’, before the detestable Whale and his Jew sidekick, joined the long list of those victims, of these scandalous,  misandristic,  attacks against men, from the mouths of women, many of whom have been forced to find a “trans” to accompany them on a night out, because “real men” no longer  find the company of modern women to be in the slightest bit fulfilling. If this victim was “drunk” as she claims to have been, she can expect to be treated in an “un-acceptable” manner by another drunk.

When the footballer, Ched Evans was gaoled for having non-compliant sex with a drunken girl, who had herself made no complaint, she was in the company of Evans and his chum, to satisfy her own sexual needs, the misandrous brigade had a field day, when in fact the drunken girl was as guilty as Evans who was also drunk at the time but of course, even though had he not been drunk, he would never have kept the company of such a slut, he was found guilty, while for some strange reason the other two got away with it.

Nichi Hodgson the journalist in question, is renowned for her sexuality, she is obsessed with sex of one sort or another, according to google, including sado-masochism, she would appear to be well versed in dealing with uppity men, an art which she developed after having “Pegged” her first man. I shudder to think what that may have involved.