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The Bolsheviks Have Unwisely Taken Themselves To The Brink.



There are those whom firmly believe that Adolf Hitler was not only a pawn of the Rothschild banking family but also a bastard child of a Rothschild. Hitlers mother was apparently a scullery maid in a Rothschild household, so she was of course inseminated by the ever willing Master Rothschild of the day, and for the rest of his life, young Adolf was carefully surveilled, in order to be used in the future, to firstly take action against the Jews in Germany, Jews whom had total control of Germany, including the banking system, most of the major industries were already in the deep pockets of the Jews, the legal system, dentistry, in fact just about everything worth owning was under the control of the Jews.

In the circumstances, the first question must be, “Why, if the Jews had grabbed control of more or less the entirety of Germany, after the Great War, a control which included total control of the Political Machine and the media, would it be necessary to destroy all of that control, simply to have to regain it all, after a violent war, which we are told lead to the deaths of six-million Jews?” All of this having been financed by the City of London and Jewish banking families in the United States, a group which actually declared war against Hitler and Germany in 1933? The answer to that long and boring  question is quite simple, they are attempting to convince us that control all and everything and that even when things go wrong, it is all part of the plan.

These event in Germany took place a long time ago, since when the bankers, have retaken that control of Germany, with the help of the Allies and they have used that control to force the German people to finance the illegal State of Israel, which is a rogue state, which has cynically set about a slaughter in Palestine, in the style of which they accused the German people of carrying out against Jews, in an attempted Genocide, of the Indigenous, Semitic People of Palestine, all of it without a trace of embarrassment.

Meanwhile, in Russia, we are told that the banking families again lost the control which they had gained after a Jew funded coup d’etat in 1917, with the assistance of 85,000 Jews whom were shipped in from America, to assist in the brutal slaughter of the Russian Christians. During the coup d’etat many observers were surprised to find that most of the “revolutionaries” spoke English together,

Russia, which like Hitler’s Germany has now managed to take control of Russia out of the grip of the Jews, and for so doing Vladimir Putin has been “deliberately” forced into the same corner as was Adolf Hitler, by his hidden Jew controllers. Yes indeed, Putin is yet another apparent Hero of the People, who has already sold his soul to the Jew Bankers. He too was faced with a situation, of an overwhelming quantity of Jew control over all and everything in Russia.  So here we go again. Putin is of course controlled by the Jews. He is already rubbing shoulders with sweep-head Netanyahu, who is funded by the Jew Mafia man, Sheldon Adelson. Jew mouthpieces are attempting to suggest that the clever Jews have never lost control of Russia, which is why Putin has made a deal with Netanyahu, allowing Israel to bomb Syria, why else would Putin make such a deal?

Putin was faced with his “appeasement moment,” a few days ago, when because of an illegal attack, which was being made against the sovereign country of Syria, by the Rogue State of Israel, a Russian aeroplane was accidentally destroyed by a missile, which had been fired, by the Syrian Forces, against the incoming Israeli fighter-jets. Putin did the ‘right thing,’ by totally ignoring the illegality of Israels action and allowed them to warn him, that they would be continuing to bomb Syria whenever it suited them to so do.

Even the United Nations, which was of course constructed by Jews for the benefit of Jews, has never taken any action against any of the Jew controlled Five Permanent Members of the United Nations, Russia, China, France, Britain or the United States all of which work under the control of a totally disproportionate number of Jews, whom also control the finances of those five States, apart, so we are told, the finances of Russia, all of which are guilty of horrendous War Crimes and yet like Israel they are allowed to get away with them.

Putin and Russia, have indeed helped the Syrian Government to defeat the Mercenaries, whom have been deployed by other Permanent Members of the United Nations, whom have been allowed to sit in the Chamber of the UN and lie through their teeth, about events all across the Middle East and Africa, where the real destroyers of the Earth, the British, French and American Forces, have taken to themselves the “Right” to destroy Sudan, Mali, Niger, South Africa, Somalia, Nigeria, Yemen, Afghanistan,  Congo, Pakistan, Libya, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yugoslavia. “We” White People are being blamed for this wholesale murder, while those whom manipulate our Politicians,  refer to themselves as our superiors and that it will be our turn next.

The list of the crimes of these people is endless and they go all the way back to the beginning of the 20th Century, during which time millions have lost their lives and yet all the commemorative museums are for those members of the group which financed the carnage, whom are themselves currently picking off people like fish in a barrel, in the stolen land of Palestine, for control of which two World Wars, costing millions of lives had to be fought, with the connivance of British French and American Politicians, whom cynically used their “enemy” the Bolshevik Communist Russian State, to do their dirty work. Work which included the Rape and murder of millions of German women and children as young as six years old. Yes indeed the “Allies” have a lot of which to be proud. They are even now choosing to ignore the behaviour of the Jews in Israel. Bravo!



The proud British, have been under the covert control of Jews ever since the days of Queen Elizabeth the First. Members of her own coterie, the likes of the Jew, Cecil Family, along with a Jew Wizard John Dee, controlled her every move. These people would one day, kick off the destruction of the British People and the other White European Peoples, with two brutal, unnecessary World Wars, during which hundreds of thousands of the White Christian youth of Europe, were slaughtered, during pointless wars in Europe, even as millions of White Christians were being wiped out in Russia and while huddling behind all the carnage, a certain Lord Balfour, a descendant of the Tudor Jew Cecil Family, was cynically writing a letter to his ‘real’ boss – without a mention to the British people –  Lord Rothschild, giving him Palestine, in return for bringing the Americans into the war against Germany.





Death Of The Cockney Sparra. Will The Liver Birds Be Next?

Even as his old firm, the BBC, is announcing the extinction of the East End Cockney, Greg Dyke is gushingly praising the election of an immigrant, as Mayor of London,  as a sign of the willingness  of the British to fully accept the integration of immigrants into British society, in defiance of the warnings of Enoch Powell. He neglected to mention that Khan was elected by immigrants, who form a majority in London. This was in fact the vindication of Enoch Powell’s warning.

Khan’s election was an example of the power of a “Racist” vote. As did I,  you may have noticed that all other candidates in the Mayoral election, apart from the Jew and the Muslim were ignored. Should George Galloway, for example have been elected, do you imagine that he would have bent over for the Jews as did Khan, who demonstrated by this act, that he has chosen to ignore the part played by Israel in the Middle Eastern slaughters and “clearances.”

Schools, across the East End, now serve mainly immigrants, the Whites have moved out in droves, claiming the collapse of their culture as the reason for their flight.

A discussion in which Dyke took part, on Sky News, while ignoring completely the fact that the East End was actually becoming a White Free Zone,  where none of the immigrant groups showed any willingness whatsoever to integrate, they unbelievably picked out the Isle of Wight as an unacceptable White sanctuary, where efforts should be made to force them to accept their share of immigrants. This is deplorable. So wake up Whitey, they’re coming to get you. There is no hiding place. London Mayor Khan’s first assignment was to bend over for Israel. WTFIGO?

Just listening to this nonsense, coming out of the mouths of allegedly intelligent people, made my teeth grate. They hysterically pointed out that Bristol had done the same thing, by electing a Black Mayor.

The Black Community in Bristol now has a Mayor, who will no doubt work in the interest of his own people, while the White Community will, as usual, provide all of the money to improve the comforts of dole mongers, whom have in fact contributed nothing of any real value to the City.

In California, millions of Mexicans are streaming across the border-line, allegedly bringing innumerable benefits along with them, who knows why they do not use these benefits for the good of Mexico?

Anyway, as in most places where immigrants arrive in uncontrolled numbers, they are destroying the host country, which is par for the course for parasites. The result of this is the flight of Whites, California will quickly become just another Mexican wasteland, should White money disappear.

The economy of the USA is already dead on its feet. It has a debt which is illegal, which is held against the people of the USA, whom have gained nothing in return, a debt which can never be repaid, which was generated through the cost of vicious wars, which served the purpose of the Mob.

The people of the USA have been pumped full of “tasty” crap food, to the point where one can only marvel at the capacity of the human body to bloat to such obscene proportions, which still allows folk, whom are quite clearly psychotically greedy, to continue to stuff their faces. These folk are beyond salvation.

The Mexicans, by whom they will be replaced, could not possibly be described as the cream of the Mexican crop, they will be the un-educated, no-hopers,  who will be used to work for a pittance. When Whitey goes, the good jobs will go with him.

White civilisation attracts millions of those seeking a better life, there are  no better options on the table, so Whites should be well cared for, however they are in the cross-hairs of the Jews, who quite rightly fear them and have been seeking a means of wiping them out for over one hundred years.

Even as Europe is being destroyed in front of our eyes, complicit politicians in the United Kingdom, where immigration is seen as a major problem, insist on presenting this to mean immigrants from the European Union, even as White Flight is in full swing, not from French or Dutch immigrants but from Muslims, Hindus and Blacks from Somalia.

Jeremy Corbyn, irritatingly avoids facing up to the fact that his own Party is in favour of destroying White Christian Britain, through the medium of immigration, by repeatedly claiming that two million British People work in other European Countries,  so why should Britain not allow other Europeans to come to the UK, even as London which has not been swamped with Germans and is not controlled and dominated by Europeans but by Blacks and Muslims and millions of immigrants from outside of the European Communist Union, as is the rest of Europe.

Boris Johnson claims that the European Union is no more than an attempt to do what Hitler and Napoleon failed to do, without apparently noticing that it was the Bolshevik Jews, whom with the aid of Churchill a Jew, Roosevelt a Jew and Stalin yet another Jew, created the Eastern Bloc, the USSR, by handing Eastern Europe and half of Germany into the hands of the animalistic Bolsheviks in Russia.

While in Western Europe, the Bilderberg group prepared the rest of us for the chop. This is all part of a Marxist Agenda, not a German plan,  which is apparently completely unknown by our clever leaders, a plan to destroy White Christianity through a forced breeding with Black and Brown immigrants.

The Fabian Society was at the heart of this plan, New Labour continued to put it into place, they were all Fabian Society Members, as is the sly character leading the Labour Party at the moment.

Europe is being swamped by immigrants. To suggest that this is being done for the benefit  of indigenous Europeans is a joke. The only people who are hailing this to be the right thing to do are Jews. Europe is in the grip of Jew Politicians and Jew controlled Banks and big business, none of whom have questioned the apartheid policies of the racist State of Israel, where the Jews will not accept one single refugee.

Boris Johnson has once again exposed the controlled medias willingness to pick out his mention of Hitler, while at the same time ignoring that Stalin was a Jew, working to a Jew Marxist agenda, when he starved Ukrainians to death and deported the Tartars.

When they do report that sort of truth, they do, as usual turn the truth on its head,  using it as a pointed attack on Putin, a Christian. As when the winning song in Eurovision mentioned a familiar story of Jew clearances in Crimea and Ukraine of those, against whom they held a grudge. All of these “Clearances” bear a strong resemblance to each other.

The Ukraine is now back in the hands of the Jews, Poroshenko, the President is a Jew, he was chosen through the machinations of a Jew, Victoria Nuland, a deputy Secretary of State, from the USA, with cash from the Jew George Soros,  his Prime Minister was a Jew and various regional Mayors are Jews, yet these Jews, through their controlled media, forget to mention all this, thereby exonerating themselves from blame for the wholesale atrocities for which they are responsible.

Israel was constructed by the same people whom gave us the Soviet Union, just as it is the same people, who have a well known, though never mentioned, agenda to take control of the whole wide world.

We are constantly being told that this is a conspiracy theory, despite the fact that it is in writing, that the construction of Israel and the brutal clearances of Palestine, which has been achieved, was the first step in this agenda. Not in my opinion, but in the stated opinion of the likes of Polish, David(Gruen) Ben Gurion,  who changed his name  to one sounding more ‘regional” to Israel, -The realisation of the deleterious behaviour of a hidden hand, is nothing new:

“As far back as 1880 the Anglo-American occult leaders, directing the political leaders, knew about the coming World War and prepared for it. The German leaders knew nothing, and would not take warning, that is why they lost! The physical war was easily won by England, but it will be followed by a spiritual war between East and West (East – India, Russia, and German; West – Anglo-America), which will be much more dangerous for the West. For instance, India, which is half starving (according to Mrs. Besant!), will rebel and be helped by powerful spiritual forces out of her past. Germany must fulfil her mission, otherwise the European civilization will be ruined.” (Rudolph Steiner, lecture given at Stuttgart in 1918

Steiner was a leading light in the Spiritual Renaissance at the beginning of the 20th Century, but he quickly realised that it was being controlled, when he saw the desperate search being made for a “spiritual” World Leader, which produced the sweep-head Krishnamurti, whom turned down the offer, but whom made a good living out of his reputation.