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The Race To Hell With No Way Back.

The cries of racism and xenophobia are now sounding extremely hollow, as it becomes clearer by the day, that Europe is being invaded by so-called refugees, most of whom are young, relatively rich and Black, almost all of them from African Countries, which are jam-packed with Western trained Private Military Combatants, whom have been allowed to stream into Europe in huge numbers, by a compliant group of traitors in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Spain and Sweden, allowing Europe to be swamped from top to bottom, with trained killers, arms for whom have already been discovered in containers in Greek and Spanish ports, which are destined to be used to kick off a Europe-wide Civil War.

Claims that Europe needs these people as nurses in hospitals, to save crumbling Health Services and to pick strawberries, is total crap. These men have no intention of carrying out Social Work, they are, as do all invaders, already raping our women, which in past times lead to lynchings, but which are now being condoned because these ignorant bastards claim to have thought raping children was OK, as it is in their neck of the jungle, next they will be telling us that to eat their victim is good for their complexion.

These people have driven the Whites out of Africa, where their cousins are currently announcing that they will soon be killing off those Whites whom remain in South Africa. The Blacks inherited fully functioning States from the White Colonialists, which have now fallen into ruin, while these same Blacks now want to live in White Countries, have you ever heard such stupidity? They kick us out, while the likes of Merkel tell us, we must swamp Europe with Blacks because we must accept “diversity” unlike liberated Africa, which is for Blacks.

There is something seriously wrong with this situation and it is about time that Whitey woke up to his precarious situation. Blacks slaughter Whites, while Whites are called Racists, I find it hard to get my head around that one. These Blacks in Africa have been fed by those with an interest in using Black terror, to do to Europe and the United States, what they did in South Africa. They have invested billions of Dollars into this scheme. They have done nothing to help the Africans, apart from give them food to eat while they shagged themselves stupid and set about filling the Earth with hungry Black mouths to feed and we Whites, whom they have been trained to hate, are expected feed them, when they have already shown that they have no respect whatsoever for us.

The Black immigrants, whom were rejected by Italy, have been given shelter in Spain, where they threw away gifts of clothes from the Red Cross, before going into town to boogie, with hundred Euro notes in their wallets and Smart-Phones in the hands. Our Politicians should be rounded up, stood against a wall and treated the way we treat traitors, whom have deliberately lowered the draw-bridge and allowed the enemy to enter Europe, they have sold us down the river. They knew exactly what they were doing.




These elected puppets, are even now, attempting to pass laws which will forbid us to so much as name, those whom would do us harm, while they are arming and funding our declared enemies, with our money. They have just laid the Middle East to waste, with a pitiless campaign of terror bombing, while “We The People” watch bastardised European Football teams take part in the World Cup. We are even being forced to deny our identity and even our sex, to suit these scum, whom are even now proposing to teach little children the ‘art of Sodomy’ in kindergarten.

The ‘Authorities’ claim it to be impossible to deport these folk, I say that if these people found their way to Europe, they can find their way back to from where they came, that is their problem. The few women with children amongst them can be flown home, the rest can be dropped off on the coast of Libya. Whatever happens they must go before Merkel and her Communist cronies allow them to bring the rest of their families to Europe, to finish us off.

It was suggested on a radio program, that in fifty years or so, there will be three billion people in Africa, with no means of support, there is no way Europe can save them all. European women are being encouraged to murder their own young, while those like Nicolas Sarkozy are proposing that the White French breed with Blacks, as if Blacks are not already overdoing it without help from Whites. Why has there been no use of the abortion strategy amongst those whom have need of it and not among the Whites whom we are daily told are incapable of breeding enough children to maintain their Race? These bastards treat us as like idiots.

Here We Go Again, The Angelic West Has Unearthed Yet Another Brutal Muslim Regime.

I recently watched a film, which presented the execution of young girls, humanely of course, by a skilled killer called Pierrepoint, for no better reason than that they had served as secretaries,  in a government which had been forced to go to war, by the British and French governments.

Small details were omitted from this tale of Judicial murder, such as the fact that the men at Nuremberg, whom were also hanged by Pierrepoint, had  been tortured by having their balls crushed. Apart that is from those left to ‘dangle’ to death bu Commissars.

Those prone to cry, are advised not to watch this clip.

I can make no comment on what may or may not have been done to the young women whom were hanged, by the man whom was to later,  execute the innocent Timothy Evans and Derek Bentley, however the sole aim of hanging these German girls, had been to shut them up, out of a fear that they may have spoken out at a later date,  about the lies and deception, which had been used to choke off the evidence of those men whom were found guilty, having been brutally tortured, of a crime of which not a trace remains.

I took a quick glance at the babble online, to find out what exactly was going on in Sudan. I found it difficult to understand, mainly because it would appear that while the law does state that according to Sharia Law,  the infliction of lashes and death sentences, as punishment for certain crimes, even for women,  are still on the books, there is no evidence that this sentence is likely to be imposed, so why are the British so concerned

There is ample evidence of young mothers in England being executed for stealing bread or cloth from a market stall, in earlier times, before the British had invented aeroplanes, with which to bomb women and children to death, in order to save the woman and her child, in the ‘headlines,’  however most of this type of offence in England, attracted a sentence of deportation to Australia, in order to help in the culling of the indigenous people down under.

So what is going on?  Sudan has already been cut in half, leaving the oil reserves in the hands of the International Monetary Fund, from where it can be pumped at prices which will enrich the richest people in the world, while robbing the poorest of the poor. That of course is straight out of the British Humanitarian Gene Pool Handbook is it not?

David Cameron, the closet UK Jewish Prime Minister, claims to support the idea that there should be no such thing as religious persecution, while offering no explanation as to why he has taken ‘no action whatsoever in Myanmar,’ where Muslims are being slaughtered by those peace loving Buddhist folk or indeed why he took part in the demonisation of Islam, following the 911 “False Flag” attack in New York.

So we can draw no other conclusion, other than this Black Propaganda against Sudan, is all part of the destruction of Africa and the theft of natural resources, a game at which the British excel.

Why bless my soul,  the name of Angelina Jolie has already been introduced into this farce, while in the UK,  News outlets are asking why more can not be done to help this poor woman and her child, while as a result of British Humanitarianism in Iraq, hundreds of thousands of desperately poor women are coping with grotesquely disfigured children, as a result of that Good ‘Ol Depleted Uranium, with the use of which the British are so proudly saving the oppressed people of the world.  While laughing up their sleeves as Ukip are described as being racist. I kid you not.

All of the cold-blooded killers are standing up to decry this situation in Sudan, including the wholesale murderers, Hillary Clinton, Cameron, Miliband, Hollande et al, while even as they do so, they continue to lie about their own actions in Ukraine, which could get out of hand, taking us all into another World War.

The Jewish/British Empire, has long been on a mission to cull those races of which they have no need.  It has now become clear that European Man is on that list. We have been the number one target since the end of the Nineteenth Century and we are now an endangered species. Take a look around, the evidence is everywhere.