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Democracy? Only When It Suits.






Democracy? Only When It Suits.

Today, George Galloway did suggest that there should be a second referendum, giving the British the opportunity to decide whether they want a “Hard” or a “Soft,” Brexit.

As do all of those whom oppose the result of the in/out version of  the ‘Brexit’ referendum, which is, after all,  quite clear and simple to understand, Galloway and the rest of those whom argue against the result of any democratic vote should it go against their personal desires, as do the Socialists whom oppose the election of Jeremy Corbyn or the SNP leaders, whom while wanting to leave one Union are seeking to impose another one onto the Scottish people,  are presenting a disastrous image of the future for the British, outside the Fabian Societies aim of a Communist Bloc across Europe.

Europe is now a rudderless ship heading for the rocks. The Globalists have set up a system which has already destroyed European Industry. It has gone and without a strong leader it is never coming back.

Free Trade is a trap to destroy the living standards of White European countries in Europe and the rest of the world, while those like Galloway talk rubbish about hard or soft ‘Brexit.’

You will notice that even ‘rebels’ like Corbyn or Galloway, never ask the question, as to why steps should be taken against the United Kingdom, to restrict trade with Europe, when the European Union, in keeping with the aims of Globalism and Free Trade, has an open door policy, for all of the slave made goods from the slave shops of China and India, where goods which were once manufactured in Europe, are now being made for the same Globalist owners of industry, in China, where they are produced for one and all previous European companies, the only difference being a different coat of paint?

The British and French people are now being told that they are ‘service economies,’ this is in keeping with the lie of ‘Man Made Global Warming,’ which demands the destruction of European Industry to reduce CO2.

The most important element of this sudden change from manufacturing to service, is the Tourist Industry, which has suddenly become a joke, there now being no such thing as a typical European Country.  

London and Paris, are like Cairo, where immigrants  are living in the middle of the remains of a once great empire.

Any White European who hopefully believes that they will be treated with respect, when they become a minority in their own country, need look no further than Sweden to see the result of trying to live alongside immigrants, Swedes are emigrating in droves to get away from the rape and plunder of Sweden.

In Palestine, the immigrant Jews, are gagging for the day when they manage to drive out the remains of the folk whose land they stole, with the connivance of the City of London.

In South Africa, the kindly Black folk, whose Black lives matter, have slaughtered 65 thousand White people and have driven hundreds of thousands more into shanty towns, where they are quietly starving to death, without so much as a mention in the controlled Western Press.

When these Tourists,  from the ‘nouveau riche‘ States of Asia, arrive in Europe, they may be quite surprised to find little difference between  Paris, Berlin or London, which are now called ‘cosmopolitan’ which is code for, ‘cleansed’ of White people.

I am not quite sure whether to make such a statement is, Heresy, Blasphemous, Racist or a prejudiced remark, whatever, it was recently claimed, that one had to drive at least fifteen miles out of London to see a White face. Have no fear, the person who made this insulting statement, was rapidly forced to recant.

There are statistics available which show that because of its tiny size, Britain now has more immigrants to the square kilometre,  than any other country in Europe.  

Sadly, this means that there will not be the slightest possibility of producing enough food, to feed such an enormous number of folk, should there be any rupture in the importation of foodstuffs from overseas.

For any responsible government to have allowed this state of affairs to arrive, is disgraceful. No country should allow a State to grow to the point, where they are unable to feed their own population. 

 White folk whom have been duped into reducing their birth-rate are now being replaced by people whom are bragging about the number of children they intend to produce as a means of further destroying their White hosts, without a word from the government, who though, apparently, short of funds, will find themselves paying for all of these children.

Here in France, sensing the strengthening of support for the Front National, President Hollande, the man whom has been funding the construction of gigantic Mosques all across France and has recently, clandestinely, shipped in 53 thousand Muslims from Mali,  whom are being housed somewhere in Paris, now claims to have suddenly noticed that France has a ‘Muslim’ problem. No shit!  

In the last Presidential election, the perceived choice was between Nicolas Sarkozy and François Hollande, both of them being Jew first and French a poor second.

In six months time the French will be faced with exactly the same choice and cynically both of these Jews are pretending to be more right-wing, in response to the progress of Marine Le Pen.

It should not be forgotten that Sarkozy threatened the French, that should they  not willingly marry dark-skinned people, to rid France of Whites, he would make a law obliging them to do so.  There are Jews, all over Europe and the USA, whom are also calling for the annihilation of the White Race. That would be us!