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This Is The Megalomania Of The Jewish/British Empire Builders Running Wild.

Here we have Victoria Nuland bragging about the amount of money which the US invested into the undermining of a Democratically elected government in Ukraine.

Rasmussen, the demented chief of NATO, knowing full well that there is an agreement with Russia that NATO will not extend into Eastern Europe, states flat-out that he believes that Ukraine will in fact become a member of NATO, should the Government of Ukraine; not the people of Ukraine, decide to do so.

Through the use of Nuland’s cash injections, the West, that is the Jews, have now installed a compliant leadership of Jews in Ukraine who are already calling for a union with NATO.

Rasmussen today claimed to have uncovered proof positive that it was in fact Russia which has been undermining the Ukrainian establishment to further Vladimir Putin’s alleged dream of reconstructing the Soviet Union, which would be in direct competition to the newly established Soviet in Brussels, into which most of the old Soviet Union has been entrapped by the Jewish Bolsheviks, who have never relinquished their control of power in Eastern Europe.  Rasmussen, needless to say did not produce his “evidence.”

Meanwhile over in the Dark Heart of Bolshevik power, London, David Cameron, a Jew, is mouthing off about Russian aggression, while at the same time considering the possibility of teaming up with Assad in Syria in order to prevent the Islamic State from doing exactly as it was intended to do, by the Western Alliance, bring chaos to the Middle East, to which he is now reacting and to which he will soon be offering the already prepared solution.

In the UK, where Muslim Terrorism has still not yet made an appearance and from where, we are being led to believe,  some five hundred young Muslim lads who slipped away to continue the Jews work in the Middle East by destroying those countries on the Jewish hit list are about to come home with mayhem in mind.  Well I do not believe a word of it. Only the BBC and Sky News are “deceived” by this sort of garbage.

Cameron, along with the rest of the puppets, would do well to give a rest to their irrational hatred of Muslims, to spend just a few minutes of their time warning us of the real dangers by which we are threatened, from the real enemies of mankind, the Jews.

Most of the intelligent members of society are now fully aware that most of the carnage of the last century was carried out at the behest of the Jews and while being guilty of some of the most horrendous massacres in history, without ever being charged with their crimes, they now have the wholehearted support of most of the Democratic West, while they continue their ritual slaughter of the people of Palestine. Even now, while exterminating the innocent, they try to present themselves as the victims.


The above is an example of the true behaviour of the Jews and the facility with which they can manipulate the US into submission. This after they had just provided the Neo-Cons with their desired “New Pearl Harbour” which was used to justify the demonisation of the Muslim people as they had once and still do, demonise the German people at every opportunity to avoid having to answer for their lies of justification concerning previous conflicts.


We are now being prodded in the direction of a Third World War. Some claim this to be the means of overcoming the results of a catastrophic world-wide financial collapse by which we are about to be engulfed. I believe this to be the final chapter in the lead-up to the installation of the New World Order, which like the final scene in the Great War, which involved an influenza pandemic, which killed an estimated fifty million people, this time around it will involve an Ebola pandemic, which it appears is being prepared right now.

Ebola, which was once spread only by bodily fluids, can now be contracted in the same manners as a common all garden influenza virus. The current Ebola virus has all of the characteristics of a laboratory manipulated virus, which, should it make an appearance in a highly populated urban area, will be catastrophic.

Russia, the largest country on earth, has already had its population culled by an estimated one-hundred million, during the era of Jewish Bolshevik control.  China,- where it is less well-known, that when in nineteen-forty-nine Chairman Mao came to power, it was not a revolution, it was just another, run of the mill,  Jewish financed coup d’etat, – has as did Russia, already suffered it obligatory Bolshevik population cull and the installation of the one child per family law.

The culling of Europe was kicked off at the same time as the Russian coup d’etat was being enacted in Russia, when the youth of Europe was sacrificed in an incomprehensible slaughter during the Great War.  The second round of the culling, World War Two, was carried out with the aid of the greatest mass murderer in history, Bolshevik Jew Joseph Stalin, who took his orders from the City of London.

Hitler, who had carried out no purge of any sort during his term in a Democratically elected government, was presented as the “Brutal Dictator” of his day, while the “real thing” Stalin, was part of the plot to destroy Germany and hand it back into the hands of the Bolshevik Jews, along with Eastern Europe, where the culling of unknown millions of people was carried out.

Now, sadly, it is the turn of Western Europe to be reduced to the pitiful level of life which was endured by those people, unfortunate enough to have fallen under Jewish Bolshevik control behind the “Iron Curtain.” The ball was set in motion by the greatest monetary fraud ever carried out, when we were informed that the major Financial Institutions were flat broke.  We were of course never presented with the evidence of the “debt” we were simply informed that it existed and that we were responsible for the financing of this “phantom.”

In the main all of the money which has been taken out of “our” pockets, to finance this debt, will of course have ended up in the pockets of Jewish banking houses, who will be laughing all the way to wherever filthy rich bankers go when a financial coup d’etat is celebrated.


The end result of this financial coup d’etat will be a drastic reduction in the standard of living of Europeans, to the point where they will no longer be able to finance a mortgage in order to buy a home and will thus fall into a Neo-Serfdom state, where as in the days before the introduction of the “New Scam” the Mortgage Trap, workers were obliged to live in “Tied Accommodation” which gave them a home, just so long as they were prepared to work for a pittance, for the proprietor of their home. The government of the day supports this system by ensuring that there are NEVER sufficient social housing available to rent.

Europeans are still going through the Banker imposed austerity measures, which are designed to ensure that massive numbers of workers will be made jobless and the ever compliant governments, which in the UK and France for example, are of course Jewish, will watch the youth of their respective countries, forced to accept pitifully boring jobs, on zero hour or limited hour contracts, which exempts employers from of the need paying health insurance,  holiday pay or pension contributions for their workers, while they are themselves making ever-increasing profits.  This behaviour DEPENDS on a large pool of unemployed.


The desired dream of the Bankers and other astronomically rich thieves, is a state of Serfdom, with a much reduced, easily controlled, “micro chipped” population, working alongside robots in food production and in factories producing whatever is required with 3D printers, with recycled materials.

They will of course maintain a Police Force and a standing army to make sure that any form of dissent which finds a way out of the mind controlled serfs, can be quickly and brutally dealt with. Down through history the psychopaths have always found the means of maintaining an army of brutes, with which to maintain control.

While on the one hand we are being assured that any leader who does not conform to the regulations of the preferred form of control, which is the belief in Democracy and the acceptance of all that goes with it, which includes obedience to the Rich and Powerful and their right to extort our money in the form of taxes.

On the other hand we are being assured that Dictators, most of whom have been carefully placed into power in order to provide a future excuse for an aggressive attack, which always involves the seizure of the resources of the attacked, as in Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan, are brutal, even when there is no evidence to support the claims, as in Syria at this moment, where we are assured that Bashar al Assad is a brute, yet not one shred of evidence of this brutality has been presented.

The paid Mercenaries in Syria, IS, who are now being presented as a threat to Europe and are being used as the excuse to impose restrictions which compare with Martial Law, are actually being paid to carry out False Flag chemical weapon attacks in Syria, which can be laid at the door of Assad.  When these same sort of attacks occur in the UK,  they will be called Islamic Terrorism, in justification of the clamp-down. In reality Islamic State is under the leadership of a Mossad agent, operating under the pseudonym of Al Baghdadi. This would infer that when this form of terrorism shows its face in the West, it is under Jewish control, would it not?


In Police State Britain, a family has just been hounded by the authorities and Police Force, for daring to demand a different form of treatment for their sick child, than that which is available on the NHS.

 A cancer treatment which is less brutal than the Chemotherapy and radiation bombardment which is currently accepted by British cancer patients. It is suggested that more people die shortly  after this treatment, than survive.  We are never of course allowed to view the “real” statistics.

The family of the child can well afford to pay for this superior treatment in the Czech Republic, but they now find themselves under arrest in Spain and their child taken out of their custody and is likely to be forced to accept a treatment for a brain tumor, which could leave him, blind, brain-damaged and in a wheel-chair for the rest of his life, that is if he even survives the treatment, which cannot be guaranteed.

The same British, French, US and EU, who so quickly accepted that the Malaysian airliner MH 17 was brought down by the Ukrainian Resistance to a Jewish takeover in Ukraine, are now silent in the face of massive evidence against the Jewish regime, which was placed in power by the Jewish regime in the US and supported by the Jewish controlled European Union, which chose to ignore evidence that the installed government was responsible for the slaughter of two hundred people, including Police, by snipers in Maidan Square in Kiev and are now silent in face of the overwhelming evidence that MH 17 was actually shot down by government fighter planes.

In the Ukraine the blatant propaganda against Russia goes on unabated, despite the availability of evidence against the regime in Kiev, which tells us straight off the beam that the Zionist Western Elite are complicit in what is happening in Ukraine and are engaged in a policy which is designed to irritate Russia into some sort of response.

As during the build-up to WW2, all of the main players are under Jewish control.  Hitler once occupied the position in which Putin now finds himself.  Putin who is a child of the KGB cannot be unaware of this. Whether he is or not, he has brought Russia into the firing line, either by accident or deliberately.  As was the case with Germany during the build-up to war, the truth does not matter one way or the other, if it has been decided that we must go to war, only WE THE PEOPLE can put a stop to it.

The West has not been involved in one single justifiable war, for the last two hundred years or more.  What we are now witnessing is the fulfilment of the desire of the  Jewish/British Empire to extend its reach across the entire planet.  This is megalomania running wild and we are done for if we do not soon wake up to reality.





The Jewish Stranglehold On Free Speech.

I am standing here writing this, while Alex Jones is yelping away on the radio. He is on his favourite subject, Hitler and the Nazis’. Fritz Springmeier is giving out some spiel about “snitches” in Germany. He has managed to totally confuse poor old Alex, by telling him that it only took fifteen German soldiers, to herd five-hundred thousand Jews in to Concentration Camps. How did they manage this remarkable feat? Well with the help of Jewish Police traitors, under the control of George Soros of course. Alex managed to steer the story on to other things.

It does not seem to matter where you look you run into the same problem, some things can be openly discussed, other things are taboo. At the moment we have the continuing tale of the Black boy whom was shot dead by a Latino security man.

On every front, the security guard is in the wrong. The Black boy has been sainted. Photographs of the guard have been scrutinised, in search of the man’s broken nose and lacerated skull. The fact that he was photographed  after he had been treated, makes no difference. This man is in fact Hitler. He is now likely to be found guilty of whatever can be laid against him, as was Gadaffi and Assad.

It now makes you into some sort of local hero to take the side of a member of a minority group. Zimmerman, well he is half white, that’s good enough, it was at least a half racist attack.

There have been a couple of other racist attacks in recent times that did not merit the same sort of coverage as the Trayvon Martin affair.

For example, two young Englishmen, whom wandered into a black neighbourhood and were ruthlessly shot and killed by a black man. This received very little coverage outside of Orlando. What’s more the colour of the assailant was not published.

A young couple whom were kidnapped, ritually raped, tortured and dismembered by a black gang, with no mention of the colour of the perpetrators.

Then there was the disturbing rape and murder of an 85-year-old Great Grand Mother and the attempted murder of her 91-year-old husband, by another black gang. Again no mention of their colour.

It is impossible to imagine the coverage that any one of these sordid tales would have received, had they been a white on black crime.

Which brings me back to Hitler. Alex Jones appears to have access to information which is totally denied to the rest of us. He has just assured me and his other listeners, that Himmler vomited when he visited Nazi death camps and that Hitler found it too upsetting and refused to visit them.

He made no mention of to which camps he referred. There is actually no evidence whatsoever that Hitler, made any mention of a death camp. There were certainly no death camps in Germany.

The real death camps were all in the hands of the Jews in Russia. That is where all the real slaughter took place. An estimated 85 million people were killed by the Jewish Communist regime.

The Jews whom managed to grab control of Germany, after the Second World War, set about dishing out the same treatment to the German people, 10 million Germans were killed after the war ended.

 Jewish Zionist, Theodore N. Kaufman, wrote Germany Must Perish.

TODAY’S WAR is not a war against Adolph Hitler. It is a war against uncivilized, barbarian Germans who cherish darkness. The German people may seemingly adopt the superficial mannerisms of civilized Peoples but all the while there remains ever-present within them that war-soul which drives them to kill. And no amount of conditioning or civilizing will ever be able to change this basic nature.

There remains then but one mode of ridding the world forever of Germanism – and that is to stem the source from which issue those war-lusted souls, by preventing the people of Germany from ever again reproducing their kind. This modern method is known as Eugenic Sterilization”

This type of racist, Jewish attack against Europeans, does not appear to provoke a storm of criticism and cries of deep-seated hatred of Germans and all the other nonsense, that telling the truth about the savagery of Jews unleashes.

At the moment, the Jews in the shadows, are forcing all European Countries and other countries which have been colonised by Europeans, such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the US, to accept a huge influx of immigrants.

This is taking place against a backdrop of population reduction, which has been remarkably successful within European groups, yet as fast as the population drops, it is being replenished with immigrants, whom of course, breed at a far faster rate than do the Whites.

This is leading to a build up of tension amongst the folk whom have difficulty understanding the logic of importing people into societies which do not even have enough amenities for the people whom are already there.

There does not appear to be any effort, to make countries, such as Japan, India, China, Malaya or other countries, to accept immigrants from Africa or Muslim countries, only Europeans are being forced to do this.

At the same time, there are continuing efforts being made to incite inter-race distrust and violence. Muslims have been disgracefully painted as terrorists, when there is scant evidence provided to back up the claims. While the Jews, whom have a long history of terrorism, including a cold-blooded attack against the USS Liberty, are being let off scot-free, despite mountains of evidence against them.

The attack on Trayvon Martin pales into insignificance when placed against the continuing atrocities in Palestine, yet the mainstream media, which is going out of its way to further another agenda with the continued coverage of the Martin story, ignores the inhumane attacks against women and children by Israel.

Which brings me once more to the subject of Hitler. I am assured by those whom know more than I do, that the Elite never get thing wrong. They are paying the best brains in the world, to forecast the direction of future events. They have need of 6 million dead Jews, in order to fulfil the condition that the State of Israel will not come into existence until these 6 million sacrifices can be produced.

When the Jewish community declared war on Germany, a country which they despised, just before the British forced Hitler, through the medium of an attack by Poland on Germany, into war, it was clear that Hitler would round up the Jewish enemy and do what the UK and the US had done to Germans and Japanese, put them in Prison Camps. Which is exactly what was needed.

The fate of these Jews, however, cannot be discussed. We are obliged to accept whatever the people whom had need of 6 million fatalities, in order to steal the land of another group, tell us of these events.

We are also obliged to accept whatever rubbish we are fed about Hitler. That, is of course, because the fate of the Jews depends on the belief that Hitler was the greatest monster the world has ever known.

We have all been so brain-washed by Jewish Hollywood, that it is difficult to escape a feeling of guilt, provoked just by asking a simple question, such as, why is Hitler considered to be so bad, when in fact, all of the greatest atrocities during the Second World War, were perpetrated by the British and Americans?

Oppenheimer, the Jewish brain behind the Atom Bomb, had Harry Truman, avoid the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, keeping them in pristine condition, to test the result of dropping the Atom Bombs on them.

Why are there no open discussions of these sort of subjects? What drives the Jews on and on in their quest for more? What will they gain from more slaughter in Iran? Why, if they are so superior, Gods Chosen, are they strutting around trying desperately to steal the barren patch of land which is all the Palestinians have left?

they are even now, encasing themselves with even more concrete walls, in order to keep the world out of their apartheid, racist, colony.