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Jeremy Corbyn Refuses To Be Worn Down By The Attack Of The Jews.

Sixty-Six Million Innocents Perish

Jewish Freemasons Vladimir Lenin and Lev Bronstein (who deceptively called himself by the Russian surname, Leon Trotsky) and their fellow Jewish conspirators, with the financial aid of Jewish bankers (the Warburgs, Rothschilds, et al) and rabbis in the U.S. and Europe, transformed the Russian Empire into the greatest Orwellian system of monstrous genocide ever known. By the late 1930s, in a mere two decades, almost 50 million people, mostly Christians, had been brutalized and slaughtered. By the 80s, the toll, according to respected historian Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, had reached a staggering 66 million. Many perished in the communists’ ruthlessly horrific gulag concentration camps. There were over 10,000 of these devilish centres of hell on earth.

These are the words of the late great Tex Marrs: https://texemarrs.com/122011/man_who_gave_protocols.htm

Texe Marrs was discussing the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. – a link to which can be found on my homepage – While many consider these writings to be the obligatory warning of what is about to happen, which is an integral part of the strategy of those whom desire to take control of all and everything and every one, others claim them to be forgery.

However most of what was foretold in this “forgery”, has come to pass, including two World Wars. So do any of these suggestions, taken from the contents of The Protocols, ring any bells in view of the current state of the Western World?

“Best results in governing are attained by violence and terrorism, while freedom of the press, the right of association, freedom of conscience, the voting principle and many other freedoms must disappear forever from the memory of man.” extract from the Protocols.

These “protocols” first showed their face in Russia, where a concerted attack, was made by a massively cash supported group of “Zionists” a, entity which was itself a construct of a Jew called Herzl, decimated the population of Russia,  and they have now announced that they intend to do the same thing to the whole wide world.

Right now in the United States a group of rich Jews are funding the impeachment of Donald Trump, because he is intent on exposing an enormous racket, involving State aid to corrupt, controlled politicians,  in States like Ukraine, from where this “aid” has been shared out amongst a cabal of thieves, including several Jews, like the Jew Poroshenko, the Chocolate King, who was placed into power by a Jew,  Victoria Nuland.

Half of the Third World, States like Nicaragua, Chile and now Libya, Iraq, and should things go right for this cabal, Venezuela will soon be taken under “Democratic” control along with its jackpot of oil reserves, and one and all will be obliged to accept “aid” from the International Money Fund, which will be simply shared around with the “installed” compliant, “Democratic?” Regimes.

Germany was the first State to suffer at the hands of this cabal of Jews, at the Conference of Versailles, where a bunch of Jews decided that Germany had lost the Great War, after which Germany was forced to accept the poisoned chalice, of aid from a newly constructed Jew banking empire, which introduced an unsuspecting world to the reality of interest loaded loans, which are unrepayable, simply because with the interest attached to the loan it becomes greater than the money available to repay it.

These criminal schemes can only be put in place with the total complicity of elected or when necessary, selected politicians. The first step taken by Adolf Hitler was to get rid of that criminal system and he printed his own money supply without interest attached, So he was immediately destroyed. As was Gadaffi for the same reason, while Iran clings on by the skin of its teeth.

As in America, where the Jews are after Donald Trump, only this morning on Sky News, the Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom, suggested that Jeremy Corbyn was not fit to become Prime Minister of Britain. Along with the Rabbi a couple of dozen other Jews were interviewed all day long and all were asked “why did Jeremy Corbyn refuse to apologise about his anti-Semitism” despite the fact that Corbyn is sick and tired of apologising,  he is obliged to put up with this crap or all the Jews threaten that they will vote for someone else, They all claimed that he was a disgrace, that he, Jeremy Corbyn was anti-Semitic.

What, one might ask, is a Rabbi doing interfering in the political process of Britain, while remaining silent about the scourge of the Palestinian Semitic people by those Jews, whom were born without a trace of anything Semitic in their composition? This all stinks of hypocrisy and worse, an enormous lie about the origin of Ashkenazi Jews and what the hell they are doing in Palestine anyway.




Welcome To The Lair Of The Transgender Heretic And The Sis?



I thought it was about time I cut my throat by confessing as to where I stand on the trans-Gender business, so here we go. There is an all out attack against our children and with every day that passes, things are getting worse.

Our politicians are too occupied with important things like where this years dose of several hundred thousand unnecessary immigrants are going to be housed and schooled to bother about the welfare of the thousands of children, whom un-noticed by those hard working politicians, have been struck down with Autism, in ever increasing numbers, which has quite suddenly become almost a plague affecting hundreds of thousands of kids across the world.

This plague has now been joined by another plague, the symptoms of which imply there to be one-hundred possible “genders,” that is according to the British Broadcasting “Corporation.” I am fearful about holding on to the traditional opinion, full in the face of the “honest truth” broadcasted by the Beeb, and to carry on believing there to be a mere two gender possibilities, Male and Female, and that any other notion is describing a form of imbalance in an otherwise Binary possibility of masculine/feminine which Nature so cleverly provided. Anything other is due for a rapid extinction.

I would imagine that should you visit your doctor, suffering from a pain in the neck, that you would be quite surprised should he start to treat you for an ear-ache, claiming that, in his opinion, your problem was one of not knowing where the ear ended and the neck began, or some such equally idiotic claim. So why when faced with a child, with no idea at all about how it would feel to be any different in his or her head, should they come to believe themselves to be of the opposite sex, than that which their body suggested, be any better equipped to know how it feels to be either sex?

None of us do,  actually understand this difference, which exists inside the unknowable minds of men and women, so to allow a child to believe that they do recognise this difference, is quite ridiculous. So to insinuate that a female child, who has come to think that they are a boy child, and that doctors or psychologists are correct and free to treat them with dangerous drugs, in a futile attempt to make them more male or female, is criminal, the first treatment should be to treat them to accept their natural state, at least until they arrive at an age where they are capable of making that choice for themselves.

What passes for a mother these days, is a criminal who is quite prepared to cut off the Penis of their boys. There is a sad case in America right now, where a little chap dresses like a girl to suit his mother, who wants to castrate him, but as a boy when he is with his father and this case, which is way beyond a cruel Female Genital Mutilation, is being Judged in Court even as the Witch Doctors are standing by ready to carry out the dirty deed.

As if Autism and Gender Confusion, were not enough, there is an alarming increase in Child-Hood Cancer. Cancer kills, while the others, Autism and Transgender, may well progress into a nightmare, which in the case of the poor trans people has lead to an upsurge in suicides, Autism however can produce geniuses and artists of talent but sadly it can also be debilitating. One way or another our Kids are Not Alright!

Nobody is being helped by the nonsense which has lead to the dismissal of a woman in a clinic, which assisted pregnant women, simply because she suggested that only women can have babies and another woman who refused to massage the balls of a man who was claiming to be a woman.

Personally speaking I have been aware of “cross-dressers” since I was a child. Back then those people were not claiming to be of the opposite sex, they simply had some kind of thrill by dressing up as the opposite sex. Now we are confronted by those whom are hoping that there will be a false sex attributed to them by an unwary prat like me, who has “himself” often been called “madam” without throwing a punch at the offender, unlike the man/woman who or whom, was offended when I addressed him/her as madam, mainly because she was a female who had appropriated the style of a man.





I hope that gives you some idea of the loathing I feel about having to even write about this garbage, which nobody should ever be pressurised into accepting. As for the teaching of this crap to children at school, while ignoring the fact that the kids are there to learn not to be indoctrinated with total crap. Alongside this tripe they are also being encouraged to believe that Carbon Dioxide is dangerous and to save the world it must be reduced, which as if by magic,  it will be, when those whom would have us believe that they have saved the Earth, claim  “neutral output” to have been achieved and believe me you will not be able to spot the difference..

There is a world-wide push to cram this Gender nonsense down our throats and there would appear to be a one-hundred-percent acceptance of it amongst our elected “leaders”, all of whom would appear to have been brainwashed in readiness for this abomination, which in the United States has now given children into the hands of another form of sickness, which is attacking our children, that of the Invasion of the Paedophile Drag Queens.

It is now they whom are being given access to kids, after school, in town libraries no less, where they can flaunt their “twerking” and “Dirty Dancing” encouraging the kids to rub their bodies against their genitals and exposing their “decorated” dick to children by spreading their legs in front of the kids, “While the Mothers Laugh and Applaud”


Women should soon be forbidden access to kids altogether. Everything women have become involved in has been destroyed one way or another and to see women sat with kids in front of this filth is disgusting. That is before mentioning that there are mothers amongst them whom have already allowed their children to be trained to striptease in front of adults, using the money they earn as if it was “clean” money. Talk about the wages of sin!

I have just scratched the surface of the modern day problems for kids. I have after all been describing the “Free West” while life for kids in Gaza is a nightmare and those caring politicians of ours, do not have the courage to speak up and do something about it, just in case they are accused of being anti something-or-other.

The Congress in the States and the Parliament in the UK are screaming out for yet more bombs and bullets to be unleashed, this time against Iran. Do the people of the Free West have any idea how many children their bombs and bullets are killing and maiming all over the world? Do they care? Have they no Soul? Where is this magic touch of the much vaunted “caring female?”. Parliament and Congress are over-loaded with them, but like Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi they seem more interested in lining their own pockets from the Ukraine Slush Fund, than worrying about some of those crimes,  like the death of five-hundred-thousand Iraqi kids whom were a “price worth paying” according to a Jew woman called Albright, but whatever you do don’t you dare say the same about the you know what.

I get accused of being intolerant and racist and a bigot and well… a Nazi and Fascist on occasions, but as far as I am concerned I am also awake and I feel as if I’m in some sort of nightmare, where I can see a load of people lined up in front of a wall with a line on men in uniform with rifles pointed, waiting for the order to fire, while the people against the wall are discussing the odds of getting out of this situation alive without taking some sort of “dangerous”action like making a run for it in all directions. That’s how stupid I think people are.They always think it wont happen to them.