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Jews Promoting A Hatred Of Whites While Whining About Anti-Semitism.

Once upon a time, I spent many hours of my life practicing Yoga. To improve my knowledge of the philosophy of Yoga, I attended a weekly session with a tutor.

During one of these lessons, with twenty or so other students, the tutor directed us into a standing asana, during which I closed my eyes, in order to concentrate on any knots of tension in my muscles, which I could relax, in order to gain the maximum benefit from the position.

I heard a loud bang and the sound of muttering. For a minute two I remained in position with my eyes closed, listening to the babble around me. Finally out of curiosity I opened my eyes, to find myself lying flat on the floor, with several women kneeling around me.

As I opened my eyes, I had the impression of something in mid-air, flitting into my head on the floor, very much like the thing which flies into the top right hand corner of a computer screen, when you click, download, an attachment in an email.

I have never mentioned this to anybody and the whole episode is to this day a mystery to me. The Yoga master claimed I had done it deliberately, to attract attention but the women insisted that I had been out cold for two or three minutes.

That being the case, what was hanging around in mid-air, listening and hearing and for what was it waiting, to see if I lived or died perhaps? Or maybe something in me did die at that moment, to be replaced by another program. Who knows? However I was unconscious and conscious at the same time, whatever that means. At the least, it was a form of out-of-body experience, was it not?

I have no idea what happened to me that evening, however I am quite sure that many experts, with psycho in front of their title, would present their guess, as being more meaningful than any guess which mere mortals like us are likely to present.

These are the same genre of experts, whom educate us to believe that all and everything was created by a magical ‘Big Bang’ out of a load of nothing. That we, are the result of ‘Evolution’ a theory, of which they are still desperately seeking evidence. All of this nonsense is now joined by the expert opinion that there is going to be an economic collapse, because of ‘Debt.’

In Britain, the austerity measures, which the British people were assured to be necessary, in order to reduce the ‘deficit,’ have no idea whatsoever, of the meaning of the ‘deficit’. They are obliged to accept the word of experts; about the workings of the financial system and to question this explanation is tantamount to treason.

They are likely to provoke a similar response, should they suggest the Earth to be flat. Those whom adopt the attitude that the experts know best, believe the experts’ explanation of the workings of the financial system, the Big Bang and Evolution, without question, such is the depth of delusion in which we live.

My own Yoga experience has suggested to me that nothing is as it seems. We need to question everything. We can place no faith in an education which teaches as truth, what has never been proven to be true. This situation is so deep-seated, that most of humanity accept, without question that the World is a globe and yet in the 21st Century, there is still no solid proof in support of this claim. It cannot even be demonstrated that the Earth rotates, this is the measure of our ‘religious’ acceptance of our own gullibility. We believe anything they tell us.

We heretics are warned to be very careful about mentioning difficult things, like the idea of the Flat Earth, as this is likely to provoke a ‘believer’ to violence, much in the manner of those whom demonstrated against Donald Trump, even before he was elected, and continue to this day their protestations and yet they are incapable of listing the reasons as to why Trump is less capable than the idiot ‘Dubya’ Bush, the ridiculous Black, coke sniffing, homosexual, Obama, who maintained the USA in illegal wars throughout his eight years in office or the arch criminal Hillary Clinton.

Trump is not responsible for any of these wars and yet he is showing an inclination to continue them. This while the Peoples of Europe and the United States accept without question the notion that it was the Muslims whom provoked a response from NATO and the United States, by destroying the World Trade Centre, which the ‘gullible’ accepted as the excuse to destroy Afghanistan and Iraq, neither of which had anything to do with 911, and to then continue the total destruction of the Middle East, and the provoking of mass migration to Europe and the USA, of not only refugees from the Middle East but also hundreds of thousand of Blacks from sub-Saharan Africa.

The object of this is to destroy Europe and the States, that is unquestionable and is a serious problem, even for those Black Racists, whom would like to destroy ‘Old Whitey’ not in a racialist manner of course, because Blacks cannot be Racist, that is the reserve of White people, or so we have been informed by the Jews.

The Jews are making a mission out of traveling the world to denounce White People as nothing more than irredeemable Racists, without regard for their own slaughters of all other Races, without regard for their colour, including 65 million White Christians in Russia and hundreds of thousands of Muslims, in Palestine since 1948.

They are of course intent on retaining what they refer to as their own purity of Race, at all cost to others.


The Real Threat To A Peaceful Life

The Real Threat To A Peaceful Life

The learned professor in the above clip, is a foul-mouthed, piece of crap. He is himself a member of the same White Race, which he is suggesting to be unfit to continue to exist.

He is a Jew, the very mention of which, automatically suggest that I am anti-something or other. I will not use the word Semitic, because the professor is not of Semitic origin. He is of Yiddish, Eastern European origin, from one of many countries, Poland, Russia, Belarus or Hungary, for example.

Should I imitate the remarks of the professor and explain, in a manner which was as deeply hateful and genocidal, against a group which has itself made a fortune from claiming, without supporting evidence, that there have in quite recent times, been attempts to do to his cowardly Jewish people, whom are even now continuing a long and brutal genocide in Palestine, I could face legal action.

To simply suggest that a member of a group, which includes many Jews, have been responsible, in Russia, China, Germany and Eastern Europe, for the wholesale slaughter of probably as many as three hundred million souls, two hundred million of them being White Christians, the normal public response goes along the lines of, “Oh really?”

Arthur Topham, in Canada, tested out this ‘Jews can say what they like, without fear of prosecution,’ attitude, by republishing a book entitled, ‘Germany Must Perish.’ by Theodore Kaufman, which was presented as being:


This dynamic volume outlines a comprehensive Jewish plan for the extinction of the German nation and the total eradication from the earth, of all her people. Also contained is the possible territorial dissection of Germany and the apportionment of her lands.

Arthur Topham simply changed the words German to Jew and Germany to Israel. For his trouble he was forced through a long and arduous Legal battle and was finally found guilty:

B.C. man Arthur Topham has been convicted of promoting hatred against Jews through his website, RadicalPress.com, which the Crown said demonized Jews and forwarded anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. CBC News.

Claims by Topham’s defence that his remarks had quite clearly been no more than satire, were dismissed.

Ignatiev, a member of the same group as was Kaufman, would appear to benefit from a more than slight lenience towards Jew expressions of Racism, a hatred, which has shown its face against all other Races, at some time or other.

At this moment I am in the crosshairs, along with White people in general and I am prepared to stand up and call for a natural justice, which applies to one and all. I am sick and tired of the utter nonsense, which is daily pushed down my throat by Jews.

Why should there be a blanket of silence about the Jew component in slavery for example? Why does the White Race not stand up and explain who actually raped Africa and who owned and crewed the bulk of the Slave ships and to whom those slaves were sold on arrival in the USA?

The same Jew influence was responsible for the coup d’etat in South Africa, where the same Jews, by ignoring it, is encouraging the genocide of the remaining Boers.

We were presented with a bogus idea of so-called ‘apartheid’ in South Africa, it was no such thing, the Blacks had no divine right to South Africa, simply because they were Black, any more than the Jews have a right to Palestine, simply by calling themselves Jews.

The Blacks smelt easy money in South Africa and they turned up in droves to collect it. They were encouraged to do so, in the same manner as they are now being paid by Jews to come to Europe, where they will be used in the same manner as in South Africa, to bring the system to its knees.

We have been deceived into believing that the Boers’ stole the land from the Blacks, they did no such thing, the land was empty and the Boers simply built their farms. The Blacks are the immigrants, just as they now are in Europe and the USA, a reality which is being hidden from us in order to provide more anti-White propaganda.

Franz Timmermans, in the above clip is, of course another Jew. It is difficult to find anyone White, of any importance, who expresses such sentiments in such a public manner.

The Last White Man to even approach a position, which could be interpreted as being in some way anti-Jew, was Ken Livingstone. When he mentioned the words Hitler and Zionist in the same sentence.

While allowing Jews to say what they like about the White people whom have been generously subsidising their theft of Palestine, in this manner, is disgusting. It goes without saying that the first speaker Coyle, looks after the Socialist Friends of Israel office. The rest of them are simple cretins.

To regress for a moment, to South Africa, a Continent which is considered Black, therefore Blacks, like Jews, claim the right to claim anything which may have been generated by their White benefactors, simply for being Black. There are Jews in Israel still living in the homes of evicted Palestinians.

The likes of Timmermans, never suggests allowing millions of Whites to move into South Africa, a country which Jews are actually attempting to reserve for the Jews and the Bolshevik African National Congress, while allowing, without intervention the continuing massacre of the Whites.

The Jews DENY, without problem or criticism the reality of the very real ‘White holocaust,’ which is taking place, at the hands of the Blacks, whom the Jews are actually robbing blind, while making no comment about the grim life in South Africa, for these Blacks, which since the overthrow of the Boers, have found themselves living in the murder and rape capital of the world. America and Europe are being coaxed along the same path.

Nicolas Sarkozy, the Jew President of France offered a solution to the Black and White problem, without a word to either Race.

This clip demonstrates that there is a concerted effort under way to wipe out the White Race. Who could believe our Politicians to be unaware of this aim? Where is the outcry? Where are the likes of Nigel Farage. Why are Jews allowed to continue to disseminate this rubbish?Jews should be held accountable under exactly the same  law as are the rest of us.

The Jews still have the status of special Jew Laws in Ireland, a country which has suffered massively at the hands of the Jews, even now the island is being swamped with immigrants eager for a life on the dole by the Jew Sutherland and his cronies. Sutherland is a Jew, why is he looking after Catholic affairs?



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