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Why Do We Put Up With All This Crap?



Here we are, as we have been so many times in recent years, in the middle of a “pandemic” called CoronaVirus, a drop dead version of the Winter Flu. Remember the Tamiflu scam? While some of the merchants of doom are forecasting the end of the Japanese and Chinese Industries,which will spread ruin all across the industrial world, which now, I am told now depends on “at the last minute” tooled products to complete the manufacture of European Motor Cars, which European Engineers once proudly manufactured for themselves.


The Industrialists, whom greedily sought cheaper products, through the use of Communist slave labour in China, either have had a hand in the coming “plague” like disaster, or they have all shot themselves in the foot. However one way or the other, Europe, which has allowed its industry to be deliberately decimated, along with the production of silly little items like sanitary towels for women and most of the Opium Laced MothersLittle Helpers, which have become a daily essential for millions of Europeans, not to mention simple medical needs likeAspirins.

Those whom know best, certainly chose a good moment to stack Europe to the rafters with millions of hungry immigrant mouths to feed, just as the entire world is poised for an international food famine, due to crop failures in Australia, the United States, Africa and in many places across Europe and Asia.

In the midst of this ongoing problem of starvation, “We the rich and powerful” have been busily reducing many poor countries, the likes of Afghanistan, Yemen, Palestine, Venezuela, Iran, Iraq and Syria, back into the Stone Age, unable to feed themselves but still under “sanctions” until they do as they are told.

I am ashamed to be governed by these animals, whom pump my money into “rogue states” like Israel, which is owned by the richest man in the world, who would see the whole Middle East in flames, to assist in his aim of taking control of the entire region as his Earthly Kingdom.

Those like Norman Dodd were warning us about the encroachment of Communism in the US during 1950s, while Senator McCarthy was busily digging them out as a serious threat to Democracy in the United States.

At the same time the British Communists, under the control of the Fabian Society, were busily destroying the fundamental structure of the United Kingdom, by bringing in thousands of Black and Asian immigrants, whom seventy years on, have never integrated, while at the same time British children’s education has been devalued, to suit the needs of the least capable, while ignoring those whom once formed the basis of theI industrial Revolution with their innate genius.

Having been forced to live in fear of naming those whom would destroy us, and observing “our leaders” licking the boots of a bunch of murdering scum, is there any wonder the White Christian World is falling into decay? Read this quote, made by a Jew and tell me why Germany is held responsible for World War Two, if you can:

“We are not denying and are not afraid to confess that this war is our war and that it is waged for the liberation of Jewry… Stronger than all fronts together is our front, that of Jewry.

We are not only giving this war our financial support on which the entire war production is based, we are not only providing our full propaganda power which is the moral energy that keeps this war going.

The guarantee of victory is predominantly based on weakening the enemy forces, on destroying them in their own country, within the resistance.

And we are the Trojan horses in the enemy’s fortress. Thousands of Jews living in Europe constitute the principal factor in the destruction of our enemy. There, our front is a fact and the most valuable aid for victory.”

– Chaim Weizmann, President of the World Jewish Congress, Head of the Jewish Agency and later President of Israel, in a Speech on December3, 1942, in New York.

Add to that the fact that the “propaganda” which was used is much the same as is

the propaganda used to murder Muammar Gadaffi and Saddam Hussein in and currently against Bashar al Assad in Syria and Maduro in Venezuela, with the same murderous intent, by the scum we call “Our Leaders”.

We have leaders whom are currently either in favour of the murder of young children in Gaza, by Jews, whom murder and maim them without mercy, while politicians in the British Parliament, screech out lurid attacks against Assad in Syria, in a war which was initiated by the British, whom are even now generating the propaganda to keep the war going until the Jews get what they greed after, and we are meant to accept this nonsense even as those same Jews are calling for our elimination because we have been forced to accept the blame for the past crimes of these Jews, like the Slave Trade. They now tell us that Whiteness is the embodiment of racism, so we can no longer be allowed to be White, we must be “browned ” out of existence.

I firmly believe that every last one of those students should be slung out of that college and taken to court for provoking violence against the professor, in any work situation, you would be sacked on the spot for such behaviour.

White People; Enjoy Your Last Days On Earth. There Is A Group Seriously Seeking Your Extinction. Be Warned.



More than half of the British people are totally unaware of the ongoing massacres in Yemen, from which British workers in the Weapon Shops have been earning overtime payments, making the weapons to murder and maim hundreds of thousands of the innocent, in order to put a government acceptable to the British in place in Yemen.

Across La Manche, the French champignons have been kept in the dark about their government’s involvement in the massive genocide in Rwanda in 1994 and the current involvement of France all across Africa, where alongside the Americans Africorp the French are attempting to steal the resources of Africa, a quest which is causing untold suffering and death and the creation of ever more refugees heading north to Europe.

Online, the cult of “no evidence necessary,” justice by allegation, has caused the “de-platforming of GAB, a competitor of the “elite” controlled Twitter, because someone, conveniently placed an anti-semitic GAB, on the platform and then allegedly, attacked a synagogue in Pittsburgh, killing a bunch of very old Jews; whom it is “alleged” have been dead for some time; in an “alleged” crime, of which the public are denied any evidence, proving that anything at all actually took place inside the Pittsburgh synagogue.

The one Jew from the area, a Rabbi, who had spent every Saturday morning at the synagogue for decades, did not attend on the day in question, while all of the dead are apparently from Florida, where their deaths have all been previously recorded. It was noticeable, at the scene of the crime, that no ambulances were present and that there had been a Police, anti-terrorist drill in the recent past.

Based on all this crap, I am personally denied my access to GAB, of which I have been a member and contributor to, for some time. Personally I object to find that my freedom of speech, has been interfered with, to suit an “alleged” attack against a group of people, whom have been devastating Palestine and are even now seeking an excuse to destroy Iran and Syria, while closing down, access to any media which they do not control, while those that they do, Facebook, YouTube Google and most of the Mainstream Media, bleep out any criticism of these people. It would appear that in the modern world, that only Jew ‘alleged’ Truth is permissible. My Blog has been under some sort of Google restriction for a couple of months.

As far as I can see, the world as we knew it, is being destroyed in front of our eyes. Even as I scribble this, there is a “Caravan” of thousands of migrants, whom it is “alleged” have been funded by Jew controlled organisations, to swarm into The United States, in order to carry out the declared desire of Jews, whom have been pushing the notion of destroying White Christian European controlled Nations, through the medium of mass immigration, quite openly for years. There is no secret about it. The only people whom appear to be unaware of this cold-blooded aim of a vicious group of people, many of whom are Jews, are the very people whom have been elected to take care of us.

In Europe, elected politicians, the likes of Anthony Blair and Angela Merkel, both of whom opened the floodgates of immigration into their respective countries, have been awarded the Kalergi Prize. Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, proposed the swamping of White Christian countries with Black immigrants, with whom White Christian women would be forced to accept the insemination of their womb with Black sperm, in order to create a coffee coloured future Race. For what do you suppose Blair and Merkel thought they were receiving this Kalergi Prize, if not for carrying out the aims of Kalergi?

In France, Nicolas Sarkozy, who like Angela Merkel is a Bolshevik Jew, not only expressed his aim of mixing French White Christian women with Blacks, he warned that should they refuse to do so voluntarily, he would take steps to force to them so do.

Any White Christian, who can watch the above clips without being alarmed by the content and the outright hatred for White people expressed by these “White” Jews, is already dead in the head. These people are serious and they can of course, call for the genocide of White people, while at the same time as we are not allowed to even question the claims they make about what was”allegedly” done to them.

I am thoroughly disgusted with what is being proposed by these Jews and as I look around me I can see that what they are proposing is already under way. What sort of crooked politicians are standing by watching this crap spewing out of the mouths of Jews, without so much as making a single word of criticism or even mention of it, while they are quite deliberately making everything as difficult as possible for White people, whom are the only people on earth whom can be “Hate Speeched” out of existence without a word of support from their own Governments.

Theresa May, dutifully went to Paris, after the “alleged” killing of a couple of Jews and several Christians at the Charlie Hebdo office, where while ignoring the Christian deaths completely, she chose to declare herself to be a Jew. In fact throughout the entire Charlie charade the dead White Christians were never once mentioned. Even the presence of all the politicians at the event was staged to make them appear to be leading the March for Charlie, when in fact they were not even anywhere near the real march, they were photographed and filmed elsewhere.

Jane Secker, the Sky News reporter, was quite clearly watching the “false march” and when she announced that the march had started, the “real” march had clearly not started on top,of which  Secker failed to mention,  what is quite clear in the clip, that the”false” march stopped after a few metres. She is guilty of propogating “Fake News”.

The News reports about Charlie Hebdo were not only misleading from Sky even the Yanks were doing it. Look how they have edited their clip to make it appear to have been shot in the street close to the Charlie Hebdo office when it is perfectly clear that it could not have been shot in the street which was shown from above. 











Are You Prepared To Die For Israel?

Even as the ‘opposed’ decision of the British people to leave the European Union, rumbles on and on, the Jews, whom actually control the United Kingdom, are busily calling for International protection, for the War Criminals in Israel, through the forced introduction of a special dispensation for Jews, against any form of criticism and the acceptance of the right of Israel to exist, without any reference to the right of Palestine to exist, with the border’ being as it was in 1967, without the British people being given any voice in this decision, which will be taken in their name, while “British” Jews are taking to themselves the power to demand the removal of a Party Leader in the United Kingdom, with who they disagree, all of this begs the question, to who or to whom do these Jews owe their allegiance? HERE 

 Where are the calls for the International Protection for Christians, whom have been, by a massive majority, the real sufferers of genocidal attacks, for more than one hundred years, most of which have been organised by the same Jews, whom demanded that the German people, should be massacred and Germany laid to waste and whom have now called for the destruction of the Middle East, to suit their own megalomaniacal desires and they are the ones demanding protection, what kind of nonsense is this? We all need protection from them, while they cower behind the front of the Holocaust Remembrance Society or some such excuse. HERE

What sort of lunacy is persuading, allegedly intelligent politicians, to support the introduction of such a racist law, as this attempt by the Jews, to give them “special” protection from everybody else, whatever they may choose to do to others, much of it under the control of the ‘infiltrators’ sitting in the American, British and French governments?

Would it be permissible, should this vile piece of legislation actually be introduced, to criticise the Mainstream Media, which is wholly controlled by Jews or Zionists or Bolsheviks or Israelis or Neo-Cons or whatever other undercover names they have for themselves, to or are we being condemned to a totalitarian form of support for all and everything coming out of the dictates of the International Jew?

We have already as good as lost our “Right’ to free speech, which already forbids demands of the evidence in support of the claim of a Jew, while they retain the right to demand the destruction of Iran, through the use of Christian Soldiers and you can be sure, that should an attack be made against Iran, it will of course be used lend weight to the Jew argument that “White” means Racism.

The British government should be insisting that the Jews in Israel observe the rules which were laid out in the Balfour Declaration, which cynically gave Palestine to Rothschild. The Declaration was clearly addressed to Rothschild, by two of his own lackeys in Chatham House. He should be held responsible for all the ensuing massacres of the Palestinian People, as he is the “Landlord” of Palestine and he is quite clearly in breech of contract, but of course it is quite laughable to expect the British People to stand up against their very own “Wizard Behind the Curtain”, however guilty he may be. HERE


The current demand to force the whole wide world to accept the Jews “Right” to continue the theft of land,  to which they have no claim and to force us all to accept those claims to be justified, should be a signal to stand up to these folk, after all they are calling for the same fate for Britain as they have already delivered in South Africa, that of a death through the medium of mass immigration.

 The British already import half of their foodstuffs, having stood idly by, watching their farming industry being destroyed by design, to allow the importation of cheap, sterilised milk and easy to produce other foodstuffs,  which were once produced on British farms, to save themselves a few pennies, without a care for the fact they were putting their heads in a noose. It has been frequently explained, that in the modern world, the shelves of large grocery stores, which have a total control of the availability of food, are quickly emptied, should there be a heavy snowfall for example, so imagine the panic, should there be any interruption to the supply chain of the fifty percent of food which is now imported into Britain.

A power failure in London, would paralyse life in the British Capital, which would suddenly depend of generators to supply even the necessary water to survive the crisis, as Supermarket stock of bottled water was quickly exhausted. To even pay for any water would present a problem should the same event which occurred  a week ago in a town where I was working, when a simple demonstration in support of an illegal “camp” ended with the destruction of the “smart-phone” network and the portable credit  card payment machines, when demonstrators burnt the Transmitter Towers. It was two weeks before they were repaired, during which time, there was nobody annoyingly, bumping into others, as they gazed and swiped at their screens, in the streets.

 We have put ourselves at risk in many ways, by being lured into the belief that immigration was to our benefit, it is not, it is a trap and the Peoples of Europe need to mount a United Front to undo the damage done, before it is too late. There are already plans afoot to bring two-hundred-million Blacks into Europe during the next few years. Emmanuel Macron, Rothschild’s man in France,  has announced himself to be in favour of this move. Should those Blacks be distributed across the European Union, many Member States would quickly discover there to be a majority of young Black men in the age group of eighteen to thirty-five, this, after European Liberated women, have abdicated their role as the Mothers of the Nation,in favour of unbridled sexuality and drunkenness, a choice which has made room for the importation of mainly those immigrants whom will never integrate.  

Even The Mighty Roman Empire Was Brought To Its Knees By Jew Usury.



“A nation inclines to doctrines only when it is poor in personalities. But when a man of historic greatness stands at its head, one who not only wants to lead but is able to do so, the people will follow him with its whole heart, giving him its willing and obedient allegiance. Even more, it will put all of its love and their blind confidence behind him and his work.”

The above quote was made about a past leader but it could well have been said of Donald Trump, who with the support of the “Ordinary People” has overcome the might of the controlled media, and all of its propagandist, hate filled newspaper columns and televised”News” broadcasts, which have been leveled against him, carefully avoiding mention of his successes, in kick starting the deliberately destroyed American industrial base.


This act of Trumps is likely to provoke a brutal response from those whom are attempting to destroy the Western White Christian Community, which is currently exposing the depth of involvement, of the huge monopolistic corporations, in this drive to corner all industrial needs and all sources of information, into their own hands, in an attempt to silence those whom expose their greed and lust for total world-wide control of resources, industrial control and the control of life and death, into their hands. Strangely DonaldTrump bears the mysterious gene mentioned in the following clip, his mother was Scottish.

It is accepted by many observers, that the current total destruction of parts of the Middle East, were not carried out with the intention of saving the Peoples of those countries which have been destroyed by the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, the very name of which calls into question its very presence in the region, as no member State was genuinely threatened by any of those countries, which have been ruined, as was the once prosperous and beautiful area, which once called Yugoslavia, which has now been thrown into abject poverty and debt servitude, by these same brutal killers, with all and everything, “privatised” into the hands of those whom control NATO.

The brutal killers in Israel are once again, slaughtering the Palestinian People, without a word from “The Friends of Israel” whom just happen to be the bulk of the member states which fund the NATO killing machine, while in Mosul, these caring people, whom have been ‘saving’ the People of Iraq since the last Century, are not even prepared to lend a hand in the burying of the poor souls, whom they quite deliberately targeted in Mosul.

These acts in Yugoslavia and Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia and Syria, all under the guise of them being ‘humanitarian’ action to liberate the Peoples involved, were all based on outright lies. The aim was to destroy an entire region which they wish to transform into the central region for the “New Global” entity, which will be openly controlled by those whom currently, with the complicity of ‘elected’ politicians, covertly rule most of the Democracies, a ‘benefit’ which they pretend to have been ‘bestowing’ onto whichever State stood against them, using the might of NATO to so do.

The 20th Century allowed the open control of the United States economy, when the construction of the Federal Reserve was obtained by the Bankers, in readiness for the opening salvo, in the campaign to establish Israel, in the heart of the region which lately been laid to waste.

The Federal Reserve, provided the excuse and the means, which have been used to this day, to finance the construction of a vast, world-wide industrial monopoly, which was financed with the interest accrued by the enormous debt which followed the establishment of the Federal Reserve, using the interest payable on the “new” Dollar which had formerly been interest free, which gifted the bankers, all of the necessary wealth, to buy the Whole Wide World and to pay for the protection of their vast wealth, by American Armed Forces, just as was the old “British” Empire protected by young British men, forced to join an army, which was used in exactly the same manner as is NATO, in modern times, to protect those Trading Companies, in the Empire on which the “sun never set” and all of that tosh, leading to brutal acts, which included the genocide of five million Irish people, just across the water from England. So anyone who holds firmly to the belief that ‘they would not do it to us’ fails to understand that they will do it to anyone. The Jews have maintained a particular hatred for the People Of Ireland



“Germany is the enemy of Judaism and must be pursued with deadly hatred. The goal of Judaism of today is: a merciless campaign against all German Peoples and the complete destruction of the nation. We demand a complete blockade of trade, the importation of raw materials stopped, and retaliation towards every German, woman and child.” (Jewish professor A. Kulischer, October, 1937)

“The fight against Germany has now been waged for months by every Jewish community, on every conference, in all labor unions and by every single Jew in the world. There are reasons for the assumption that our share in this fight is of general importance. We shall start a spiritual and material war of the whole world against Germany. Germany is striving to become once again a great nation, and to recover her lost territories as well as her colonies. But our Jewish interests call for the complete destruction of Germany…” (Vladimir Jabotinsky, in Mascha Rjetsch, January, 1934)

“In no place so much as in Germany do the Jews [in finance, industries and commerce] hold such an important, almost preponderant part. Therefore it might easily be said that all the newly rich and war- profiteer, is an ancient of a thousand years…The immense majority of the influentials in Austrian Socialism were and are still Jews (1921)…finally, in a certain sense the Jews oppose themselves to non-Jews, above all in the role they play as initiators and actors in the extreme-left parties as internationalism opposed to nationalism.” (Le Probléme Juif, (1921), Georges Batault).

Like most historic Jewish military operations, the great massacres of World War II occurred, not on the battlefield, but in peaceful neighbourhood communities. This was in accordance with the dictate of the Book of Esther, which directs the Jews to massacre women and children, and to exterminate the families of those who dare to oppose them.

Thus it was in Dresden, a historic German cultural center, where many thousands of German women and children, refugees from Communism had gathered. They were assured by the Red Cross that they would be safe, even while the Jewish generals were preparing to murder them. The blood-maddened Jews desired not only to murder as many White civilians as possible but also to erase from history all evidence of Western civilisation  the greatest examples of White culture which had been gathered in Dresden, the irreplaceable porcelain, the priceless paintings, the baroque furniture, and the rococo mansions with their poetry carved in stone. All was laid waste in a mass bombing attack in which some 300,000 German civilians died in a city which was not even a military target! The responsibility for this horrible slaughter, in which helpless non-combatants died horribly by flame and explosion, rests with, who else, ‘the Americans.’ At the last-minute, the Soviets prudently withdrew from what was planned as a ‘joint-Allied’ venture. Today, the Soviets denounce the United States for the annihilation of Dresden. (Cinncinatus: War! War!War)

“World War II was a war to renew Jewish domination of Germany and Central Europe and for the maintenance of the power and glory of the British/Jewish Empire. The conspirators in America, England and France are responsible for the greatest tragedy the world has ever known and their names will be dishonoured and execrated in history. It never would have started had not Roosevelt and the half Jew Bullitt guaranteed to Britain and France all of America’s resources, which meant, first, repeal of our neutrality act and supplying them with munitions and bombers without stint; second, in time the extension of unlimited credit; third the use of our fleet in the Pacific to protect British, French and Dutch interests; if these did not suffice for victory, then our young men as air pilots and our fleet to be sent to Europe; and lastly, if World Jewry and the British/Jewish Empire could not win without them, millions of our lads to die in Europe’s babbles. The premeditated killing of human beings by another, save in self-defense, is murder, a crime against Christianity, morality, humanity, and civilization, and this applies with greatest guilt to the wholesale slaughter by one nation of the people of another who have not attacked or harmed them. After this illegal, secret plot was negotiated, Roosevelt, the Jews and the war-mongers of this country, of England and France sought to overthrow the Chamberlain government and to replace it with the Jews Churchill, Eden, Hore-Belisha and Duff Cooper. They plotted to get Bonnet out of the French Cabinet and to substitute the Jews Reynaud, Blum and Mandel. The ardent but unsuccessful courtship of Stalin and Soviet Russia was insisted upon by Roosevelt, World Jewry and war-mongers of America, England and France. One of the reasons for the Roosevelt/Eden plot to overthrow the Chamberlain government and remove Bonnet from the French Cabinet was because they would not agree to pay the price Stalin demanded to encircle and defeat Germany. At Roosevelt’s and the Jews’ insistence, England and France guaranteed the boundaries of Poland in order to encircle Germany and renew Jewish control. This guarantee of the boundaries of Poland was the direct cause of World War II, it knowingly necessitated it.” (War! War! War!, by Cincinnatus, pp. 188-189)

The aims of the Great War, were first and foremost to destroy the Austro Hungarian and the Ottoman Empires and to reform the Countries of the Middle East, into an irrelevant bunch of mismanaged, military free, carefully planned and easily controllable zones under the control of France and Britain. The Middle Eastern Region, played no part in the Second World War however they were unknowingly, one of the prime targets, as it had been decided that the Jews would soon be making a claim of ownership of the entire region.

The Germans fully understood this aim of world Judaism, which they considered to be a move, for the Jews to ensconce themselves, in their very own private State, which would allow them to install their International Crime Syndicate, in a place where they would not be subject to International Law, where all the “Crime Bosses” could safely operate their illegal activities, without fear of prosecution. Mafia boss, Sheldon Adelson currently funds the ruling Likud Party in Israel. Las Vegas, Adelson’s US headquarters, recently suffered a mysterious attack, in which many people claimed was not merely an attack on a country music festival, but was several attacks, which took place all over Las Vegas, which at the time I reported to be an announcement to the “Mob” that they, more vulnerable to destruction than at any time in their foul history.

In this bizarre world in which we live, Hitler is the icon of evil, used to discourage any study of his economic methods which quickly restored Germany, from being the sordid pit of filth, which it was during the Jew controlled Weimar Republic into being the white-hot heart of industrial production and prosperity. The final nail in the coffin of Hitler’s legacy is the claim that he was a Jew. This claim immediately places him in the grip of the Rothschild banking family, his mother was once a cook or something in the Rothschild household and was duly screwed by the Baron. And so all you admirers of Hitler, eat your heart out, he was a Jews. Get it!

Churchill, on the other hand, cannot be called a Jew, because that would implicate the Jews in the barbarity which was inflicted on the German people, under the orders of Churchill, by the Royal Air Force, which massacred millions of German civilians, so any claim of ‘his’ jew ancestry is denied, despite the fact that his grandfather’s name was Jacobson as was that of his mother, which was changed to Jerome, which sounded more American. Stalin is given the same benefit of the obfuscation of his Jew origins as was Roosevelt, whose mother’s name was Delano, a Spanish Jew family name, all of this drivel, is used to obliterate the overwhelming number of Jews whom took the world to war in nineteen-thirty-nine. Weismann, Israel’s first President, did himself clearly state that World War Two was a Jew affair and that it was financed and controlled by International Jewry?

“The people who own and manage national impact media are Jewish and, with other influential Jews, helped create a disastrous U.S. Mideast policy. All you have to do is check the real policy makers and owners and you find a much higher concentration of Jewish people than you’re going to find in the population. By national impact media I am referring tot he major news wire services, pollsters, Time and Newsweek Magazines, the New York Times, Washington Post, and the International Herald Tribune. For example, CBS’ Mr. (William) Paley’s Jewish. Mr. Julian Goodman, who runs NBC, and there’s a Leonard Goldenson at ABC. Mrs. Katherine Graham owns the Washington Post and Mr. Sulzberger the New York Times. They are all Jews!

You go down the line in that fashion…not just with ownership but go down to the managing posts and discretionary posts… and you’ll find that through their aggressiveness and their inventiveness, they now dominate the news media. Not only in the media, but in academic communities, the financial communities, in the foundations, in all sorts of highly visible and influential services that involve the public, they now have a tremendous voice.

Our policy in the Middle East in my judgement is disastrous, because it’s not even-handed. I see no reason why nearly half the foreign aid this nation has to give goes to Israel, except for the influence of this Zionist lobby. I think the power of the news media is in the hands of a few people…it’s not subject to control of the voters, it’s subject only to the whim of the board of directors.” (Former Vice President Spiro Agnew)

I believe it to be fair to say, that if the once Vice President of America understood the overwhelming power of the Jews, which was bought, through the use of ‘compound interest’ on an unnecessary debt, which was deliberately inflicted onto the Citizens of the United States, then it can be safely assumed that many others have heard and understood the same thing, Ron Paul, a Senator has often spoken of this crime against the people, which I have heard him, discuss on many occasions, and yet nothing has been done by the complicit members of the House.

“We come now to the libel involving the gold, the Jewish gold. This is obviously why the present case is being tried close to the Aurelian Steps. It is because of this particular charge that you have sought out this location, Laelius (the prosecutor), and that mob (referring to the noisy crowd of Jews whom Laelius had assembled to create a commotion at the trial). You know how large a group they (the Jews) are, and how influential they are in politics. I will lower my voice and speak just loudly enough for the jury to hear me; for there are plenty of individuals to stir up those Jews against me and against every good Roman, and I don’t intend to make it any easier for them to do this. Since gold was regularly exported each year in the name of the Jews from Italy and all our provinces to Jerusalem, Flaccus issued an edict forbidding its exportation from Asia. Who is there, gentlemen of the jury, who cannot sincerely commend this action? The exportation of gold had been forbidden by the Senate on many previous occasions, and most strictly of all during my consulship. Further, that Flaccus was opposed to this barbarous Jewish superstition was proof of his strong character that he defended the Republic by frequently denying the aggressiveness of the Jewish mobs at political gatherings was an evidence of his high sense of responsibility.”                                                                                                                   (Speech of Cicero, which is one of the few revelations of Jewish subversion which survived the burning of libraries. The great consul of Rome, Cicero, had to lower his voice to avoid stirring up the Jews. A Roman aristocrat, Flaccus, was removed from office and dragged back to Rome to face a false charge. Why? Because he had tried to enforce the Roman law banning the Jewish traffic in gold. The outcome of this trial was that Flaccus ban on the shipping of gold was removed. Thus the Jews won their objective, and Flaccus was lucky to escape with his life after he had opposed them. Harry J. Leon of the University of Texas, p. 3, Jews of Ancient Rome).

Jews Promoting A Hatred Of Whites While Whining About Anti-Semitism.

Once upon a time, I spent many hours of my life practicing Yoga. To improve my knowledge of the philosophy of Yoga, I attended a weekly session with a tutor.

During one of these lessons, with twenty or so other students, the tutor directed us into a standing asana, during which I closed my eyes, in order to concentrate on any knots of tension in my muscles, which I could relax, in order to gain the maximum benefit from the position.

I heard a loud bang and the sound of muttering. For a minute two I remained in position with my eyes closed, listening to the babble around me. Finally out of curiosity I opened my eyes, to find myself lying flat on the floor, with several women kneeling around me.

As I opened my eyes, I had the impression of something in mid-air, flitting into my head on the floor, very much like the thing which flies into the top right hand corner of a computer screen, when you click, download, an attachment in an email.

I have never mentioned this to anybody and the whole episode is to this day a mystery to me. The Yoga master claimed I had done it deliberately, to attract attention but the women insisted that I had been out cold for two or three minutes.

That being the case, what was hanging around in mid-air, listening and hearing and for what was it waiting, to see if I lived or died perhaps? Or maybe something in me did die at that moment, to be replaced by another program. Who knows? However I was unconscious and conscious at the same time, whatever that means. At the least, it was a form of out-of-body experience, was it not?

I have no idea what happened to me that evening, however I am quite sure that many experts, with psycho in front of their title, would present their guess, as being more meaningful than any guess which mere mortals like us are likely to present.

These are the same genre of experts, whom educate us to believe that all and everything was created by a magical ‘Big Bang’ out of a load of nothing. That we, are the result of ‘Evolution’ a theory, of which they are still desperately seeking evidence. All of this nonsense is now joined by the expert opinion that there is going to be an economic collapse, because of ‘Debt.’

In Britain, the austerity measures, which the British people were assured to be necessary, in order to reduce the ‘deficit,’ have no idea whatsoever, of the meaning of the ‘deficit’. They are obliged to accept the word of experts; about the workings of the financial system and to question this explanation is tantamount to treason.

They are likely to provoke a similar response, should they suggest the Earth to be flat. Those whom adopt the attitude that the experts know best, believe the experts’ explanation of the workings of the financial system, the Big Bang and Evolution, without question, such is the depth of delusion in which we live.

My own Yoga experience has suggested to me that nothing is as it seems. We need to question everything. We can place no faith in an education which teaches as truth, what has never been proven to be true. This situation is so deep-seated, that most of humanity accept, without question that the World is a globe and yet in the 21st Century, there is still no solid proof in support of this claim. It cannot even be demonstrated that the Earth rotates, this is the measure of our ‘religious’ acceptance of our own gullibility. We believe anything they tell us.

We heretics are warned to be very careful about mentioning difficult things, like the idea of the Flat Earth, as this is likely to provoke a ‘believer’ to violence, much in the manner of those whom demonstrated against Donald Trump, even before he was elected, and continue to this day their protestations and yet they are incapable of listing the reasons as to why Trump is less capable than the idiot ‘Dubya’ Bush, the ridiculous Black, coke sniffing, homosexual, Obama, who maintained the USA in illegal wars throughout his eight years in office or the arch criminal Hillary Clinton.

Trump is not responsible for any of these wars and yet he is showing an inclination to continue them. This while the Peoples of Europe and the United States accept without question the notion that it was the Muslims whom provoked a response from NATO and the United States, by destroying the World Trade Centre, which the ‘gullible’ accepted as the excuse to destroy Afghanistan and Iraq, neither of which had anything to do with 911, and to then continue the total destruction of the Middle East, and the provoking of mass migration to Europe and the USA, of not only refugees from the Middle East but also hundreds of thousand of Blacks from sub-Saharan Africa.

The object of this is to destroy Europe and the States, that is unquestionable and is a serious problem, even for those Black Racists, whom would like to destroy ‘Old Whitey’ not in a racialist manner of course, because Blacks cannot be Racist, that is the reserve of White people, or so we have been informed by the Jews.

The Jews are making a mission out of traveling the world to denounce White People as nothing more than irredeemable Racists, without regard for their own slaughters of all other Races, without regard for their colour, including 65 million White Christians in Russia and hundreds of thousands of Muslims, in Palestine since 1948.

They are of course intent on retaining what they refer to as their own purity of Race, at all cost to others.

The Real Threat To A Peaceful Life

The Real Threat To A Peaceful Life

The learned professor in the above clip, is a foul-mouthed, piece of crap. He is himself a member of the same White Race, which he is suggesting to be unfit to continue to exist.

He is a Jew, the very mention of which, automatically suggest that I am anti-something or other. I will not use the word Semitic, because the professor is not of Semitic origin. He is of Yiddish, Eastern European origin, from one of many countries, Poland, Russia, Belarus or Hungary, for example.

Should I imitate the remarks of the professor and explain, in a manner which was as deeply hateful and genocidal, against a group which has itself made a fortune from claiming, without supporting evidence, that there have in quite recent times, been attempts to do to his cowardly Jewish people, whom are even now continuing a long and brutal genocide in Palestine, I could face legal action.

To simply suggest that a member of a group, which includes many Jews, have been responsible, in Russia, China, Germany and Eastern Europe, for the wholesale slaughter of probably as many as three hundred million souls, two hundred million of them being White Christians, the normal public response goes along the lines of, “Oh really?”

Arthur Topham, in Canada, tested out this ‘Jews can say what they like, without fear of prosecution,’ attitude, by republishing a book entitled, ‘Germany Must Perish.’ by Theodore Kaufman, which was presented as being:


This dynamic volume outlines a comprehensive Jewish plan for the extinction of the German nation and the total eradication from the earth, of all her people. Also contained is the possible territorial dissection of Germany and the apportionment of her lands.

Arthur Topham simply changed the words German to Jew and Germany to Israel. For his trouble he was forced through a long and arduous Legal battle and was finally found guilty:

B.C. man Arthur Topham has been convicted of promoting hatred against Jews through his website, RadicalPress.com, which the Crown said demonized Jews and forwarded anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. CBC News.

Claims by Topham’s defence that his remarks had quite clearly been no more than satire, were dismissed.

Ignatiev, a member of the same group as was Kaufman, would appear to benefit from a more than slight lenience towards Jew expressions of Racism, a hatred, which has shown its face against all other Races, at some time or other.

At this moment I am in the crosshairs, along with White people in general and I am prepared to stand up and call for a natural justice, which applies to one and all. I am sick and tired of the utter nonsense, which is daily pushed down my throat by Jews.

Why should there be a blanket of silence about the Jew component in slavery for example? Why does the White Race not stand up and explain who actually raped Africa and who owned and crewed the bulk of the Slave ships and to whom those slaves were sold on arrival in the USA?

The same Jew influence was responsible for the coup d’etat in South Africa, where the same Jews, by ignoring it, is encouraging the genocide of the remaining Boers.

We were presented with a bogus idea of so-called ‘apartheid’ in South Africa, it was no such thing, the Blacks had no divine right to South Africa, simply because they were Black, any more than the Jews have a right to Palestine, simply by calling themselves Jews.

The Blacks smelt easy money in South Africa and they turned up in droves to collect it. They were encouraged to do so, in the same manner as they are now being paid by Jews to come to Europe, where they will be used in the same manner as in South Africa, to bring the system to its knees.

We have been deceived into believing that the Boers’ stole the land from the Blacks, they did no such thing, the land was empty and the Boers simply built their farms. The Blacks are the immigrants, just as they now are in Europe and the USA, a reality which is being hidden from us in order to provide more anti-White propaganda.

Franz Timmermans, in the above clip is, of course another Jew. It is difficult to find anyone White, of any importance, who expresses such sentiments in such a public manner.

The Last White Man to even approach a position, which could be interpreted as being in some way anti-Jew, was Ken Livingstone. When he mentioned the words Hitler and Zionist in the same sentence.

While allowing Jews to say what they like about the White people whom have been generously subsidising their theft of Palestine, in this manner, is disgusting. It goes without saying that the first speaker Coyle, looks after the Socialist Friends of Israel office. The rest of them are simple cretins.

To regress for a moment, to South Africa, a Continent which is considered Black, therefore Blacks, like Jews, claim the right to claim anything which may have been generated by their White benefactors, simply for being Black. There are Jews in Israel still living in the homes of evicted Palestinians.

The likes of Timmermans, never suggests allowing millions of Whites to move into South Africa, a country which Jews are actually attempting to reserve for the Jews and the Bolshevik African National Congress, while allowing, without intervention the continuing massacre of the Whites.

The Jews DENY, without problem or criticism the reality of the very real ‘White holocaust,’ which is taking place, at the hands of the Blacks, whom the Jews are actually robbing blind, while making no comment about the grim life in South Africa, for these Blacks, which since the overthrow of the Boers, have found themselves living in the murder and rape capital of the world. America and Europe are being coaxed along the same path.

Nicolas Sarkozy, the Jew President of France offered a solution to the Black and White problem, without a word to either Race.

This clip demonstrates that there is a concerted effort under way to wipe out the White Race. Who could believe our Politicians to be unaware of this aim? Where is the outcry? Where are the likes of Nigel Farage. Why are Jews allowed to continue to disseminate this rubbish?Jews should be held accountable under exactly the same  law as are the rest of us.

The Jews still have the status of special Jew Laws in Ireland, a country which has suffered massively at the hands of the Jews, even now the island is being swamped with immigrants eager for a life on the dole by the Jew Sutherland and his cronies. Sutherland is a Jew, why is he looking after Catholic affairs?



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